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oz_hi all - I'm trying to work out which packages I need to do some java-gnome dev. Do I really need gcc 4 with libgtk2-java?03:23
jbaileyoz_: The VM we use by default is gij, which is a component of gcc.03:23
jbaileygcj (used to make native versions of Java packages) might bring in gcc.03:24
jbaileyecj (the best .class -> .java compiler we have) shouldn't, though.03:24
oz_does the sun jvm work ok?03:25
jbaileyNo idea.  Not on my system, which is a powerpc.03:25
jbaileyIt generally ought to, though.03:25
jbaileyYou might find your best luck with the blackdown jvm, which I think is in multiverse now.03:25
oz_is there a way to avoid installing gcc 4.  synaptic want's to uninstall gcc 3.x  which I think will cause pain...  03:30
oz_do I just have to build from sources?03:30
jbaileyWhat release of Ubuntu are you using?03:32
jbaileyWhich piece of gcc-3 is it trying to uninstall?03:32
jbailey(And blackdown wasn't in the April release, I remember now)03:33
wasabiHow did blackdown get in multiverse?03:38
wasabiCanonical accepted the license? hah.03:38
jbaileywasabi: I think it's in.  sabdfl didn't seem concerned about the problematic clause.03:49
wasabiMine as well bundle Sun's then03:52
wasabiTHey are the same.03:52
wasabi                Sun Microsystems, Inc.03:53
wasabi             Binary Code License Agreement03:53
wasabi                     for the03:53
wasabi                 VERSION 1.4.2_X03:53
wasabiSame exacty license.03:53
wasabiBlackdown doesn't really serve much of a useful purpose anymore. I think the original idea was to be THE Linux port, but as Sun did it themselves...03:53
wasabiPretty much it just introduces an entire new class of crashes heh03:53
jbaileyWell, also given that blackdown is pretty slow about producing new ports.03:54
wasabiWell, if he doesn't have a problem with that, he won't have a problem with Suns.03:54
jbaileyTell you what - I don't really want to think about it. =)03:54
jbaileyThe whole thing gives me the heeby-jeebies.03:54
=== jbailey prays for alexandria or whatever it's called.
wasabiWhat is that?03:55
jbaileyApache's VM03:55
jbaileyThat's the one.03:55
wasabiUnless they get a code confusion they are in the same boat as us.03:55
wasabiIn fact they'll probably just end up contributing to Classpath03:55
jbaileyRight, I think that's the idea.03:56
jbaileyAnd that the result can get certified.03:56
jbaileyIt's the certified result that's the important part.03:56
wasabiHmm. WHere did you read this about the sabfdl?03:56
jbaileyIt was a conversation in a /msg between he and I.03:56
wasabiiii) you do not distribute03:56
wasabiadditional software intended to replace any component(s) of the03:56
wasabiSoftware (unless otherwise specified in the applicable README03:56
jbaileyAnd he's also spoken to elmo about it.03:56
jbaileyHis view was something like none of the Free VMs are intended to replace.03:57
jbaileySuppliment, sure, sit along side.03:57
wasabiHaha tell that to the people who wrote them.03:57
jbaileyAnd also that the non-Free VM could conflict against the Free VMs so that they just were never installed side by each.03:57
wasabiWell, I'm just worried about this one. I'd like to have a public discussion about it.03:58
jbaileyLike I said, I just want to step away from it slowly.  I'd be happiest if a lawyer said 'yeah, sure', but if it makes it in, then it also made it past elmo, who's more paranoid than I.03:58
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wasabijbailey, if I wanted to get some talk about this going, how would I?04:37
wasabiI suspect the tech board or something04:37
jbaileyIncluding the Sun JVM rather than the blackdown one?04:42
wasabiI'd just like to know how the license was "rationalized.04:44
wasabiI'm curious.04:44
wasabiSince no other distributer ever has come to that conclusion. hehe.04:45
jbaileyIs it actually in the archive now?04:45
wasabiI don't see it.04:45
jbaileyThen probably there was another round of nervousness.04:45
oz_wasabi: have a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-8651.html04:48
wasabiHeh, why?04:49
wasabiThat's almost a year old.04:49
oz_I don't think the licence has changed since then04:50
wasabiIt hasn't. But that's not related to the current convo about the sabfdl.04:50
oz_6 Months old04:50
jbaileywasabi: Unfortnuetaly, the conversation is in the logs I lost when I wiped my homedir back in February.04:52
wasabiThese people are just ignoring the license in backports.04:53
wasabiWhat tools.04:53
wasabiThey didn't even read it.04:53
wasabiOr read it and dismissed it.04:53
wasabiI guess it's not exactly my business... it just bugs me.04:55
wasabiI'd rather they go through the same hell we do so they'll promote free java. ;004:55
oz_I don't suppose anyone could help out with a "ListenerDelegate.create failure" using glade and sun 1.5 jdk?05:31
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oz_Can you guys suggest which gcj version to install? gcj- 3.3.x, 3.4.x or 4.0?05:57
oz_do you know what version of java it supports (roughly)05:58
wasabiThat's not a very good question.05:58
wasabiMostly because it really doesn't.05:59
wasabiI'm sure there are missing pieces from java 105:59
wasabiSwing barely works, but sort of.05:59
oz_yeah - I kinda gathered that..05:59
wasabiBut it does run Eclipse.05:59
wasabiSo it has that amount of API coverage.05:59
oz_I'm just trying to get some gnome understanding - so i'm building the latest java-gnome java-gtk etc.06:00
oz_I was just interested in whether it had support for generics enhanced for loops etc .etc06:01
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oz_sorry to be a pain - I'm trying to build libgtk-java-2.6.2 from source _but_.. 08:03
oz_I get an error: checking for gtk+-2.0 >= 2.6.0... Package gtk+-2.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path.08:03
oz_Do you guys know what it's looking for?08:04
wasabilibgtk something08:15
oz_hrmm... i was hoping that wasn't it: another 16 packages and a 55 MB download08:17
oz_I can't believe how difficult and frustrating this has all been. But hey - thanks for the help and info.08:20
oz_thanks guys - later08:26
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