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jbaileylamont:   * Do not include linux/socket.h in configure.  There are05:43
jbailey    no parts in here that we use. (Closes# One of LaMont's rants)05:43
lamonthrm.. gotta work on that keyboarding hand-position05:43
fabbionelamont: i suspect the hppa patch needs an update...05:44
fabbionedo you pull it in directly from cvs or do you apply extra love on top of it?05:44
lamontthe only extra love is to remove the Makefile patch05:45
fabbioneok.. that's easy enough :)05:45
fabbionehttp://cvs.parisc-linux.org/ ??05:47
lamontyou gonna do it, or you want me to>?05:47
fabbionei can't remember the full url...05:47
fabbionei can do it...05:47
lamontcvs.parisc-linux.org/download/linux-2.6 ???05:47
fabbionethere we go :)05:47
lamontyeah - that's it./05:48
fabbione2.6.12-pa2 looks like a good candidate :)05:48
lamontnote that -pa0 is always a 'we merged it but haven't booted it yet' tag.05:48
lamont-pa1 is the first one that boots.05:48
lamontfor 2.6.12, you want -pa205:48
fabbioneexactly what i said :)05:48
fabbionei wonder what's the status with C++ apps in universe05:51
fabbionethey are stalling a lot of other stuff for me05:51
fabbionejbailey: did you have any time to look at that FTBFS i did send you?05:52
fabbionewith the duplicate _LINK_ thingy?05:52
fabbioneit's stalling quite a bunch of packages in main atm05:52
lamontfabbione: I just added a check to my upload process so that I don't upload anything that Depends libstdc++5 :-)05:53
fabbionelamont: eheheh05:53
fabbionedo i need something like that?05:53
jbaileyfabbione: Remind me which package that was?05:54
jbaileyRception de: 2 http://archive.ubuntu.com breezy/main iptables 1.3.1-2 (tar) [1283kB] 05:54
jbailey1284ko rceptionns en 4s (310ko/s)05:54
jbaileydpkg-source: error: unrecognised file suffix `.tar'05:54
fabbionejbailey: there are 2 or 3.. but i did send you only one email05:54
fabbioneok.. forwarded another one :)05:55
fabbionejbailey: iptables seems to be native package05:55
fabbioneif so you can't have the deb version -205:55
fabbioneit needs to be changed05:55
jbaileyStupid rule.05:55
fabbioneyes i agree05:56
jbaileyI use - versions in all of my native packages for a reason.05:56
jbaileyiptables is about to be a good example of one.05:56
fabbionelamont: did you hear anything about breezy-auto-rebuild-test?05:58
fabbioneif they keep postponing it, the MOTU's will NEVER manage to upload 500 pkgs in time05:58
lamontfabbione: have heard nothing new05:59
lamontit's ready to go on my end05:59
jbaileyI love figuring out new build systems.06:00
jbaileyAnyone here hacked the iptables package before willing to help me shave 30 minutes off of learning this thing?06:01
fabbionejbailey: i did twice.. after that i did run away screaming...06:01
fabbioneif you can give me 10 minutes i will help you06:02
fabbionegotta wake up my wife06:02
jbaileySure, or I'll ask you in the morning.06:02
fabbioneor you can tell me what to look for and i can hack on it ;)06:02
jbaileyfabbione: Find all instances of #include <linux/config.h> and prune.  Find out what defines they're looking for and hardcode them in a local <config.h> or something.06:03
jbailey"config.h" rather.06:03
jbaileyiputils includes custom versions of glibc headers.06:12
fabbionejbailey: sounds simple enough06:13
jbaileyOh well, bed time.06:18
jbaileySee you in a few hours.06:18
fabbionejbailey: good night06:20
fabbionejbailey: i don't think removing linux/config.h is exactly an option for iptables :)06:22
fabbionegrep "<linux/config.h>" * -r | wc -l06:23
fabbioneit has a full local copy of kernel-headers in the package06:23
fabbioneuhuh the fix seems to be MUCH easier :)06:28
fabbionelibipq/libipq.c:376: error: 'union <anonymous>' has no member named 'vwmark'06:33
fabbionethe iptables maintainer should burn in hell07:00
Lathiatrusty? ;p07:01
fabbionehe applies patches that require kernel patching07:01
fabbioneotherwise they are completely pointless07:01
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fabbionelamont: are you still around?07:56
fabbionelamont: i need ccache and distcc on the hppa chroots....07:57
fabbionelamont: and idiot-tg3 iodine-tg3 are still there or they have been removed?07:58
fabbionei was told i could use them as distcc clients07:58
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fabbionehey mjg59 01:25
fabbionemjg59: patch applied...01:25
mjg59No problem01:25
mjg59Now I just need to sort out the SATA resume stuff...01:26
mjg59fabbione: What exactly did Jeff Garzik say about the sata suspend/resume patch?02:01
fabbionethat it breaks at least scsi 02:04
fabbionethat means a lot of stuff02:04
fabbioneand it was "experimental"02:04
mjg59I'm struggling to see how it breaks the SCSI layer02:06
mjg59Though it certainly doesn't provide suspend/resume support for SCSI02:06
fabbionei dunno.. he says that it breaks hard.. 02:07
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=== infinity now has a laptop with SATA, so would like to get in on this whole SATA resume business..
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=== jbailey hands some hay to Chuck
zulhealthcare it is fun..08:56
jbaileyYou live in Ontario, I don't think you have that anymore.09:06
zulyeah we do its called pay as you go09:09
lamont__zul: healthcare is more fun when you're the one _doing_.09:09
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dilingerso, uh10:53
dilingeranyone know where linus' git tree went?10:53
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