siretartit does12:02
siretartbut you have to look at details.py at the most current upload12:03
siretart(watch the upid parameter in the url)12:03
ajmitchsiretart: it's not his fault, I see the same thing if I go to http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/details.py?upid=11412:03
siretartdamn you are right!12:03
uniqtold you :)12:04
ajmitchbecause the latest upload is 11712:04
siretarthow can this happen?12:04
ajmitchwhich is what is seen from the main page12:04
siretartar, mom12:04
ajmitchbut if you keep looking at the 114 page, then you'll get new uploads show there :)12:04
ajmitchsigh, >1000 unread on debian-devel12:05
siretartyou all confuse me :)12:05
=== ajmitch doesn't have the time to burn for that
ajmitchsiretart: that's what we're here for ;)12:05
siretartthe main page shows only upload 117, and the linked debdiff is somehow 'correct', is it?12:05
ajmitchsiretart: yes12:05
siretartthen there is no bug at all, is there?12:06
=== ajmitch feels like doing some debian work at some point
siretartajmitch: apropos debian, when do you think gravity will upload xorg to unstable?12:06
siretartI'm a bit concerned about opengl build dependency issues12:07
ajmitchsiretart: not sure, I think he was talking about after the c++ transition in debian12:07
ajmitchto avoid having 2 big breakages at once12:07
uniqsiretart: there is a bug if you reload the upid=114 page, do you expect people to start all over again from the main page when a package is updated?12:07
siretartajmitch: well, the transition will last months! I cannot imagine he wants to wait that long..12:07
siretartuniq: no, but I expect people to klick on the 'latest' upload before pressing 'debdiff'12:08
siretartuniq: I know its a bit confusing, I try to get a more intutive ui for revu212:09
ajmitchsiretart: no it won't12:09
ajmitchyou underestimate the power of >1000 DDs :)12:09
ajmitchpeople don't like a broken sid, so there are going to be NMU policies for outstanding packages12:10
uniqsiretart: ok. :)12:10
ajmitchI'd say that a *lot* more people use sid than breezy12:11
siretartfor sure, yes12:11
=== jaldhar [~jaldhar@pc-n2.wlan.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchI've got to spend more time than I have been on debian12:12
ajmitchI want to see etch rock, just like I want to see breezy & its successors rock ;)12:13
siretart.oO( sometimes it has advantages having few packages to maintain [2 for me atm]  :)12:14
ajmitchI've just got 10 in debian, but that's really just 2 upstream projects12:14
=== siretart is sure that etch will rock
=== Mez [~mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchespecially if we try & get as much of our work back into etch as is possible12:18
siretartgn8 folks. (falling from chair)12:23
slomogn8 siretart12:24
dholbachbye siretart12:24
ajmitchnight siretart12:27
uniqgnite siretart.12:29
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-69-8.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
uniqanyone up for looking at kio-apt? i would really appreciate it. - http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/details.py?upid=11712:31
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dholbachgood night everybody01:25
=== skora [~skora@69-173-194-127.clvdoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== terrex se va a mimir, tamn
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danielsyo guys03:56
danielswhat's the process to go through to get a new package into universe?03:56
danielsi'd like to see xvattr from marillat imported, since it's bloody useful03:56
Amaranthput it in revu?03:57
Amaranthi mean, after you've made/ported the package03:57
danielsthe packaging is already done03:57
danielsam I allowed to just directly nominate stuff in UniverseCandidates?03:58
tsengdaniels: the usual process is to upload to Revu and get three MOTUs to sign off03:59
danielsoh, rad03:59
danielsmissed that part of the topic, sorry04:00
tsengits like mentors.debian on speed04:00
=== |QuaD-_ is waiting for 3 MOTU's to sign off on gaim assistant :)
Amaranthdaniels: while you're here: E: /var/cache/apt/archives/xcursor-themes_1.0.0-1_all.deb:  trying to overwrite `/etc/X11/cursors/core.theme', which is also in package xlibs-data04:08
danielsAmaranth: interesting; that should be conflicting04:08
danielswhoops!  i'm shit04:08
danielsAmaranth: good catch, thanks04:08
Amaranththey should be?04:08
Amaranthi thought xcursor-themes was split off from xlibs-data04:09
danielsfix uploaded04:09
danielsyeah, it is04:09
danielsbut it needs to conflict/replace the old version04:09
Amaranthtime to see if X works04:10
Amaranthbrb then, need to restart04:11
=== schweeb sets tseng on fire
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pepsixhowdy hi :D05:42
pepsixi was wondering why gradio gets installed into /usr/X11R605:42
ajmitchbecause it hasn't been fixed & noone has yet filed a bug on malone to tell us of the problem05:49
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pepsixajmitch, i see06:26
pepsixshall i file a bug?06:27
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robitaillequestion: I just noticed that wxpython isn't in Breezy, but was in Hoary.  is that a temporary problem or a permanent feature?09:38
Burgundaviawxwidgets is having some issues in general, I have noticed09:38
=== JRe [~jre@adsl-169-178.36-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
JanCrobitaille : wxpython 2.4 is in breezy AFAIK09:46
JanCwxPython 2.5/2.6 isn't yet09:46
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robitailleBurgundavia: 2.6 is coming soon?  It seems iPodder (which works fine in Hoary) doesn't in Breezy.  Looking at its release note, it appears the requirement is for wxpython2.509:54
Burgundavialike I said before the netsplit, 2.5 had some license issues09:54
Burgundaviathat 2.6 clears up09:54
=== ogra [~ogra@p5089E384.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
robitailleBurgundavia:  but do you know if that "soon" for an incoming 2.6 is in the Breezy time frame or not?10:01
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pefI want to package a library, in the source I have the library and binaries using this library. Should I built multiples packages, like libfoo-bin, libfoo-dev, libfoo for example ?10:22
\shsure...something like this...or "foo" "libfoo" and "libfoo-dev"10:25
pefok, another question : all the packages in breezy will have a backport for hoary ?10:28
Burgundaviapef, if a backport request is put in and it is sane10:29
pefok, thank you :)10:30
\shogra: scott didn't reply10:33
ogra\sh, scott ?10:33
\shsure scott ritchie10:34
ograah, ok10:34
\shbut anyways...10:34
ajmitchhi ogra, \sh10:35
\shwhen I build his packages, put some replaces, conflicts and provides etc. in it, to match the debian binary package names...we should get a clean package10:35
\shhey aj10:36
ajmitchogra: so we should start asking elmo for syncs to unstable then? :)10:36
ograajmitch, yes, but note we have UVF for universe too10:37
ajmitchogra: yes, I know10:37
ograso it will always get checked through somemain guy10:37
Burgundaviaogra, see that gnome power 0.1.0 has hit10:39
pefif I have errors like "E: Broken packages" when I tried to install packages, should I made a bug report ?10:39
ajmitchogra: well doko is the debian comaintainer of this package (python-imaging), but he uploaded to sid about the same time that UVF hit10:39
ograBurgundavia, yes, till examining it... i doubt we need it... we already have pmi10:39
ajmitchjust a minor release10:39
ograajmitch, sync it :)10:40
Burgundaviaogra, don't know whether it will be mature enough for breezy, but it seems like the way forward10:40
ajmitchogra: ok, will ask elmo10:40
ograBurgundavia, it has to be mature enough.... the question is with which version we'll go.... the current one needs loads of integration work... the next one should do better since hughsie now works very closely to us10:41
sivangany idea when PHP5 packages will be ready?10:42
Treenakssivang: when you make them :P10:42
sivangTreenaks: hehe10:42
sivangTreenaks: Well, I understood it's better to wait for the debian maintainer to do them10:43
Treenakssivang: maybe you can help?10:43
sivangTreenaks: how?10:44
Treenakssivang: I don't know, ask him :)10:44
sivangTreenaks: he's around here any time?10:45
ajmitchsivang: sure, the php4 maintainer is infinity10:45
sivangah! I had no idea10:45
ajmitchand I see dilinger is listed as a co-maintainer10:45
pefdo you think it may be usefull to make ubuntu package of marillat repository ?10:52
Burgundaviapef, that kind of stuff cannot be in the ubuntu repos10:52
Burgundaviaand the backports people have a repo of it10:52
pefBurgundavia: because of legal issues ?10:52
=== Mez [~mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sivangguys, what would be the right way to work with pbuilder? do changes out of the chroot to the package, then just use it for building?10:53
Burgundaviapef, most of the stuff in marilliat is copyright or patent landmines10:53
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-69-8.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pefohh ok10:57
Burgundavialike w32codecs is completely illegal10:58
Burgundaviaboth in the copyright and patent snese10:58
ograsivang, get the source with apt-get, make changes, docuent them with dch -i, build the source package with fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage -S, then runn sudo pbuilder build ../foo.dsc11:02
\sh30 packages can't be downloaded...*raisemybrow*11:02
Treenaks\sh: apt-get update11:02
\shtreen: no jigdo11:02
Treenaks\sh: mmmmh11:02
\shtrying to get a iso image ,-)11:02
Treenaksrsync :)11:03
sivangogra: but after I built it with dpkg-buildpackage, or debuild for that matter, why do I need pbuilder? To make sure it builds in a clean chroot?11:03
ograto make sure it builds on the buildd, yes... it checks the build-deps etc11:04
sivangogra: ah cool, so it's mostly a tool to make sure something will buildd :-)11:04
Treenakssivang: you only build the source (tar.gz/diff/dsc) with dpkg-buildpacke11:05
ograsivang, yes and to give you a package thats built like on the buildd to test it11:05
Treenakssivang: you make the binaries with pbuilder11:05
\shsivang: it's a tool to see if it's build on your arch and it's another question if it's build on the buildd for other archs and also including your tested one ,-)11:05
sivang\sh: that's for sure :-) Guess I better be having my targetted arch near me11:11
=== jbailey__ [~jbailey@modemcable139.249-203-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shok..installing daily breezy inside vmware11:32
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=== pef [~loic@erodia.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pefIs it possible to add a package entry to malone ? libsdl1.2-dev isn't included in package list11:58
Amaranthfile a bug11:58
pefok, thanks11:58
ograpef, main packages are not in malone11:59
ograpef, bugzilla.ubuntu.com is the right place11:59
Amaranthoh, duh12:00
Amaranthdidn't look at the package name :P12:00
pefI'm sure it is possible to add a package name12:01
ogranope, only for the launcpad guys12:01
Amaranthanyone not running breezy, you're missing out on http://dev.realistanew.com/shiny2.png12:02
ograit would produce havoc if everybody could add packages as he likes12:02
LathiatAmaranth: rocks doesnt it12:02
LathiatAmaranth: whats that icon next to yoru clock12:02
Lathiatjust a weird icon theme12:03
Amaranthi've got andy's new theme12:03
Lathiatalso since when is the application icon canonicals logo12:03
ograAmaranth, i'm just packaging it ;)12:03
Amaranthi did that12:03
Lathiatit should be that12:03
Amaranthyes it should12:03
ograLathiat, it will12:03
Lathiatogra: cool12:03
Lathiatbut we're not going to have a stupid sidebar right12:03
Lathiatdown the menu12:03
ograits planned to go with Andys theme, he already has the icon ready12:03
LathiatAmaranth: well some othe rdistros patche dthe application menu12:04
Lathiatto have a sidebar that says12:04
Amaranthmake it a gconf option12:04
Lathiator whatever12:04
Lathiatlike windows does12:04
ograLathiat, only if we find a decent photo of you to put it there ;)12:04
Lathiatogra: ;p12:04
Amaranthogra: If you're packaging humility, please symlink gnome-fs-ftp.png to gnome-fs-ssh.png12:05
ograhmm, thats Andys job...12:06
Lathiati dont like th evolume icon12:06
=== Amaranth loves it
Amaranththe stock icons are cool too12:06
Lathiative yet to find an icon theme i like12:07
Lathiatother than gnome12:07
Lathiatwhatever fedora uses is... livable12:07
Amaranthfedora uses bluecurve12:07
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AmaranthHostingGeek: I have a feeling you're up to no good with the 'Mircosoft' nick.12:55
HostingGeekAmaranth: no...12:55
HostingGeekMir and Co Software12:56
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ivokssiretart: ping01:24
Mezsame for me :d01:24
Amaranthdoes anyone know whether or not livejournals have RSS feeds01:33
Mithrandirthey do, just add /data/rss to the end01:34
siretartMez: next time, better make your backups on something more reliable, like CD-r or DVD-RAM01:37
Mezlol :D I'm going to :D01:38
Mezgotta get kgpg recognising my keystore first thgouh01:39
=== rob^ [~rob@rob-ubuntu.student.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Mezyeah :D01:50
=== DanielN`aw [~daniel@80-218-240-48.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Mezsiretart: what email do I send it to?01:52
siretartMez: thats documented on the REVU wiki page ;) - siretart@tauware.de01:55
Mezsiretart, can I not just link you my webpage ?01:55
siretartI cannot do it right now, please send me an email I won't forget it when I find some time01:56
Mezyeah, that depends on me reme3mbering when I set up my email client again01:57
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Hieronymusik denk dat ik dat nickserv script m'n wachtwoord nog moet vertellen..02:45
ograHieronymus, really ?02:45
Hieronymuswrong channel02:45
ograi guessed that02:46
schweebI think I killed tseng02:56
schweebI set him on fire last night, and he hasn't spoken since02:56
\shbad boy ... what you gonna do...without tseng...no mono debs anymore...02:57
schweebpfft, tseng is overrated :P02:58
ograhe's probably still busy with burning02:58
Mezwho's tseng setting fire to ?02:58
schweeb22:14  * schweeb sets tseng on fire02:58
=== Mez creates a tgz of his whole system and burns to CD
schweebI so wanna just go back to bed right now02:59
schweebbut I have to work02:59
MezI gotta go job centre in a mo02:59
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chrissturmguys, anyone working on fixing pgadmin3?03:00
schweebis there a bug filed on it?03:00
Mezaw no! I gotta reset up my pbuilds!03:01
chrissturmschweeb, dunno, i just tried to build it myself, but it failed with a strange error03:01
schweebalright, I've exceeded my talk minutes for the morning03:01
schweebtime to head to work03:01
schweeblater dudes03:01
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pefcould someone have a look to http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/details.py?upid=118 please , thanks !03:55
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ivokssiretart: ping04:38
pefif I find only a .deb for a program, but no package sources, must I building a new package ? (for ubuntu)04:48
Panzerboy!forums alsaconf04:48
\shpef: apt-cache showsrc <package> ?04:48
ograpef, ask the guy who built the deb first04:48
pef\sh: not an official one04:48
Panzerboysorry, wrong channel :)04:49
pefogra: already done :)04:49
\shpef: so ogras statement is uberruling04:50
ivoksi'll hurt siretart :)04:50
pef\sh: so with only a .deb I can't do anything I presume ?04:51
pefI find some applications with only an unofficial .deb file, can I make a ubuntu version, so it will be imported into debian official tree ?04:53
\shpef: ask the maintainer...debian packages are individual..so there's always a maintainer04:54
pef\sh: and if the maintainer doesn't want/doesn't have time to produce an official package ? What should I do if I want to make an ubuntu version ?04:55
\shpef: assk him to take over his work, file an ITP or RFP at bugs.debian.org04:56
\shprepare a package for ubuntu anyways, and put it on MOTUToReview or UniverseCandidates04:57
pefok, thank you04:58
JRepef: what package it is?04:59
pefJRe: http://miniracer.sourceforge.net/#dload for example, i've contacted the author04:59
JRepef: hehe cool game :)05:00
pefyep :)05:00
=== lamont__ [~lamont@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Amaranthmost of the time they'll have a debian dir in CVS if they are making debs05:05
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siretartdamn. missed ivoks again :)05:17
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pefI need a sympatic motu :) http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/details.py?upid=11106:04
comadrejaif you find one, let him know about this http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/details.py?upid=10106:06
pefcomadreja: I already find 2 , I just need the last one ;)06:07
comadrejamine is an update, I only need one too :)06:07
siretartcomadreja: I just made an comment to your upload, but I don't have time to make a post to ubuntu-devel about the aalib-> libaa transition06:10
siretartcomadreja: this is indeed a problem which needs to be decided. If you have time, could you perhaps prepare a wiki package with pro and cons, pointers to past discussions about libaa transition? we will need that discussion anyway, I think06:11
comadrejacool siretart06:14
siretartI don't know if thats that cool, but I think its a necessary evil :(06:15
comadrejasiretart : but how is kismet related to libaa ?06:15
siretartcomadreja: ah, you wasn't talking about libsdl? then forget my comment ;)06:16
comadrejasiretart : :) right away06:16
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pefsiretart: it's me for the libsdl upload ;)06:25
siretartpef: ok, then you know what to do ;)06:26
pefsiretart: yes, waiting the decision06:27
siretartI'd rather kick of that discussion myself, but I06:27
siretartbut I'm too busy right now :(06:27
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chrissturmhow do i search if there is a package in debian for something?06:50
=== chrissturm needs wxgtk 2.6
jamessan|work"apt-cache search" is usually a good way06:51
siretartchrissturm: use packages.debian.org06:51
siretartok, ivoks still not here. and I gotta go06:52
siretartif ivoks returns (perhaps in 10 mins) tell him I'll really try to attend the TB Meeting tonight.06:52
siretartcu all!06:52
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chrissturmhmm, i would like to make packages for wxwindows 2.6, but when i uupdate -u ../wxGTK-2.6.1.tar.bz2 in the /wxwindows2.4- directory i get uupdate: "a native Debian package cannot take upstream updates" whats the reason for this? how can i make a wxgtk-2.6 package from a wxgtk-2.4 package?07:28
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ograchrissturm, they get synced from debian, no need to make new ones07:29
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chrissturmogra: there was a wx...2.5 package in ubuntu, but now there's only 2.407:30
ograchrissturm, yes, we were waiting for 2.6 to apear in debian, which happened today07:31
chrissturmah, great07:31
chrissturmogra, can you explain what the error message means anyway?07:31
ograyou cant work with the bz2 right out the box... dpkg needs a orig.tar.gz ....07:32
chrissturmok, i thought man uupdate mentioned that it supports bz2.07:33
chrissturmbut thanks, i will just wait then07:33
ograyou can easily do it with cdbs afaik, but wxgtk is a beast it will take a lot of time to get the package right and you needa big disk...07:35
chrissturmtoo much for me as a .deb beginner then :)07:39
ograyes, its nothing for beginners :)07:39
chrissturmi think ghc (haskell compiler) also needs a .deb pro07:40
ogra\sh, djvulibre builds this time :)07:41
slomochrissturm: is ghc broken atm?07:42
chrissturmslomo, yep, ghc607:43
=== chrissturm doesnt care much about haskell, but darcs would be fine :)
chrissturmfunny that darcs is written in haskell07:43
slomochrissturm: what exactly?07:43
=== chrissturm waits for someone to code a rcs in smalltalk
chrissturmslomo, it doesnt build because of the cxx transition07:44
slomochrissturm: hm, maybe i'll look at it this weekend but don't expect too much as i'm also a beginner ;)07:46
chrissturmslomo: ghc6 depends on ghc6, and on some other packages that also depend on ghc607:46
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slomochrissturm: wtf... it depends on itself? ok, nothing for me ;)07:50
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FiretechI'm trying to make a package here, and it requires an xserver to connect to to work, how should I specify that in the dependencies?08:24
Lathiatthats evil08:25
Lathiatand that wont work on a buildd08:25
LathiatFiretech: what is it?08:25
FiretechGNU sourceinstall08:26
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Lathiatwhat does it want an x server for?08:26
FiretechI run it in a chroot, without X installed, and get this:08:26
Firetechinvalid command name "font"08:27
Firetech    while executing08:27
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Firetech"font create font_button -family Helvetica -size 10 -weight normal"08:27
Firetech    (procedure "init_fonts" line 2)08:27
Firetech    invoked from within08:27
Firetech    (file "/usr/bin/sourceinstall" line 3148)08:27
Lathiatthat doesnt necesarily mean you need an X server08:27
=== Lathiat looks
dholbach_http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UniverseUnmetDeps   <-  this should be funny :))08:27
jbaileyogra: What?!?  Did I see you *recommend* cdbs earlier?08:28
Firetechbut if i prefix the command with DISPLAY=:0 (thus connect it to the xserver outside the chroot) it works fine08:28
=== dholbach_ hugs jbailey for CDBS-ness :)
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
ograjbailey, for bz2 based beasts ;)08:28
FiretechLathiat: do you want to test the package I've made?08:30
tsengschweeb: some of us have real jobs08:32
tsengschweeb: not pushing tapes around08:32
dholbachhow are you guys?08:34
tsenghi dholbach08:34
havocjbailey: hiya08:35
jbaileyhavoc: hello08:35
havocchillywilly got me using ubuntu now08:36
jbaileyCool. =)08:36
havocso I'm lurking here to see how things are done ;)08:36
jbaileyNice.  =)  The MOTUs are the backbone of much of what's cool about Ubuntu.08:37
havocyeah, I'm also on #ubuntu-devel08:37
jbaileyIf you have time to help, it would probably be *very* welcome.08:37
havocI avoid the main "user" channels08:37
havocI prever the developer channels to see how the beast is put together and maintainde08:38
havoce.g. I've *been* using mandrake for years, and have been on #mandrake-cooker for years08:38
havocthinking of moving *all* my stuff to ubuntu though08:38
havocat least all the stuff *I* maintain08:39
jbaileyI didn't know mandrake had much in the way of community development.08:39
Mezhehe havoc-  I just did that08:39
havocjbailey: yeah, they do08:39
Mezcause Windows Recovery Console wiped my Partition table08:39
havocMez: :(08:39
jbaileyFunny, I wiped Windows off my laptop about 2 hours ago.08:39
havocI'm working on a report for a "linux office" right now for a consulting firm08:40
havocprobably going to recomend ubuntu08:40
havocthey are debian people right now, so it shouldn't be difficult08:40
havocmost of the report is about translating the way office workers work in Windows to linux though08:41
havocnot really distro-specific08:41
havocthat and various stages of licensing08:41
havoc"fun" stuff :(08:41
havocbut I'm really liking ubuntu so far08:41
havocthe thing that I really like is the backports repository08:42
havocas I understand it, that is where I'd get apps as they are released by their developers08:42
havocyes?  No?08:42
Lathiathavoc: No, they are applications backported from the development version to the current stable version08:42
Lathiathavoc: that are unfortunately broken in too many cases08:42
Lathiatdepends what you want08:43
FiretechLathiat: I've used backports and backports-staging for quite some time, and it never has been broken.08:43
havocwhat I want is a way to get apps like mysql/apache/postfix/etc.. as they are released without waiting for the next release of ubuntu08:43
LathiatFiretech: depends what you use...08:44
Lathiathavoc: release are only 6 months apart08:44
Lathiathavoc: for server stuff ike that, thats not an issue08:44
Lathiatfor most people anyway08:44
havocI'm not talking security related stuff, as I'm sure that's already handled08:46
Lathiatnot in backports08:46
havocno, I mean officially08:46
Lathiatbut if you install backports stuff you wont get them08:47
sladen*cough* use the multiverse *cough*08:47
sladengah, scrollback08:47
havocsladen: I'm still investigating/learning :)08:47
tsengsladen: here, have some context clues08:47
sladentseng: :-0)08:47
havocLathiat: so say a new version of postgresql is released between releases of ubuntu and I just *have* to have it right away, would I be able to get it without building from source?08:48
Lathiathavoc: no, but if you *really* need it you could build a package yourself08:49
tsengpostgres? not a chance08:49
havocLathiat: ok08:49
Lathiathavoc: that situation is unlikely however08:49
tsengsoftware in main is not to be screwed with08:49
tsengupon pain of death08:49
havocI assume he meant build my own package locally08:50
=== Lathiat umbles
Lathiaterr, mumbles08:50
=== tseng feigns impartialness
=== havoc is impartial
havocwell, 'lazy' anyway08:51
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tsengFrom:   "linuxfanatic1024" <dlist@ubuntuforums.org>08:55
tsengPardon me for asking this, but why do we need .NET for Linux development08:55
tsenganyway? Isn't that an M$ only thing?08:55
tsengi *was* falling asleep08:56
chrissturmtseng: do you know this ide: http://www.omnicore.com/xdevelop.htm looks very nice08:57
Lathiati tried it out08:57
Lathiatit... works08:57
Lathiatcool that it supports mono08:57
Lathiatand has all the magic, context help etc08:57
Lathiatbut i just cant stand ides like that08:58
chrissturmit seems to be the most complete refactoring ide for .net and mono08:58
Lathiataltho context help is nice08:58
tsengwe are shipping monodevelop08:58
Lathiatiirc xdevleop is non-free anyway08:58
Lathiati think you get a 30 day trial or something08:58
chrissturmtseng, i know, but x-develop is much more advanced08:58
Lathiatadvancaed is subjective08:58
chrissturmof course08:59
tsengmonodevelop doesnt start at $30008:59
Lathiatbuilding kernels on 133mhz mips with 2M/s disk io isnt fun08:59
chrissturmi am doing a lot of java development08:59
Lathiatin case anyone was wandering08:59
Lathiatchrissturm: eclipse!08:59
Lathiatat least its free, anyway09:00
chrissturmi could use eclipse which is free09:00
tsengchrissturm: if you want to use it, be our guest :)09:00
tsengi have about . this much interest09:00
chrissturmbut i use IDEA which costs 599usd09:00
Lathiattseng: that much? wow09:00
tsengLathiat: enlarged to show texture09:00
Lathiat... 23 minutes in i just hit mm/09:01
Lathiatall thsi just to get my indycam working :P09:02
Lathiatproduces pure black images on 2.4.2709:02
Lathiattrying 2.6.1209:02
tsengthe last shot i saw from one "working" was all green09:02
tsengim not sure what the attraction is09:02
Lathiattseng: because i have one09:03
tsengthrow it out :)09:03
slomowhat has to be done when a package in the archive has broken (binary) dependencies which could be solved just by a rebuild? add build1 to the version or something else?09:03
Lathiatincrement the debian version?09:04
Lathiati.e. 2.3-1ubuntu1 -> 2.3-1ubuntu2 :: not that i know09:04
dholbachdoko added "build1" to the simple c++ rebuilds09:05
dholbachi'm not sure when to use it and when to do something else09:05
tsengogra knows09:05
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dholbachi guess it makes sense, when there is no ubuntu revision yet09:05
ograbuild1 is right09:06
slomoogra: ok, thanks :)09:06
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Lathiatnight all09:07
dholbachbut assume this case: 5.4-2 (debian version), we add a fix -> 5.4-2ubuntu1 -> now it has to be rebuilt for another reason - why add build1? if we sync 5.4-3 from debian, there have merges to be done anyway09:07
dholbachnight lamont09:07
dholbachnight Lathiat09:07
dholbachperhaps to indicate that it was rebuilt09:07
dholbach... *shrug*09:08
lamont__afternoon dholbach  :-)09:09
ogradholbach, your first guess was right09:09
chrissturmdholbach: if its ubuntu once it stays ubuntu09:09
ograyou dont add bildX to ubuntuX versions09:10
dholbachso everybody knows now09:10
ogradholbach, why havent you been at the distro team meeting in udu? :)09:10
Mezogra, wanna talk tonight about backports?09:10
dholbachogra: i'm not sure, what i did then09:11
dholbachsomething important obviously09:11
ograMez, i'm a bit busy today...09:11
ograMez, oh, you mean at the TB meeting ?09:12
ograsure, why not09:12
tseng(we already had a backports meeting?)09:12
tsengit was my understanding we are still waiting for certain people to come through with things they said they would do09:13
ogratseng, yes, but the infrastructure is in place now and we'll need a policy09:13
tsengwe discussed a policy09:13
tsengit was not documented as we agreed on09:13
slomoMez: i've created the backports wikipage on saturday... is everything ok this way?09:13
tsengsame as no one filled out the agenda for the first meeting09:14
tsenguntil i forced MOTUs to do it on the day of09:14
Mezslomo :D looks cool :d09:15
Mezogra, yeah :D09:15
Meztseng: we need to sort out how it's going to go about :d we've got the sbuild's in place09:16
Mezbut we need to know whether we do direct uploads, or whther theres somethign we poke and it auto-backports09:16
Mezmdz said something we poke, adn then we fix thigns in breezy if they dont automatically do it, which I agree..09:17
=== ogra goes to mow the lawn.... afk for 30min
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Mezbut... so far just the sbuilds are in place and I know nothing more than that09:17
Mezthere's rules on WHAT to backport but not HOW09:17
tsengthat sounds like a question for mdz to me09:17
BurgundaviaI think we were wating for jdong to get his key signed, afaicr09:18
Mezyeah, but - it should still go through tech board aswell :d09:18
dholbachthere seems to be some stuff missing on CxxLibraryList09:18
MezBurgundavia, if there's no direct upload, we don't need that09:18
apokryphosHi guys, trying to make a package. Reading the notes, "Packages not in debian yet should start with revision -0ubuntu1"... should they really *start*, with that?09:18
tsengMez: uh09:18
tsengMez: we definately do.09:18
chrissturmapokryphos, nope, end09:18
Meztseng: why? if all he does is say "backport this"09:19
Mezrahter than actually MAKING the backport09:19
apokryphoschrissturm: Thanks. Also, where (of all places), should the extra -0ubuntu1 be specified?09:19
tsengi cant imagine anyone getting access to any part of ubuntu infrastrcture w/o having a strongly signed key09:19
Mezthen he doesnt necessarily need one09:19
tsengproof of identity09:19
apokryphoschrissturm: suffice it to say, I'm new to this.09:19
Meztseng - he can do a public notary for that09:19
Mez+ until this morning, I had a signed key.09:20
=== Mez is an idiot
tsengI really dont see anyone influencing the archives, automated or not, with no keys09:21
tsengbut lets just leave that as speculation09:21
apokryphosAnyone else? Where should the extra -0ubuntu1 be specified? Just in the debian/changelog?09:24
dholbachapokryphos: yes09:24
\sh*yawn* evening09:25
dholbachwe really should add  -Werror  by default09:26
\shjust in time :)09:26
comadreja\sh : I saw in some irc logs on google that you had a problem with pbuilder09:27
\shcomadreja: not anymore :) pbuilder and I are good friends in the meantime ;)09:28
comadreja\sh : some error on update-notifier that doesn't let you create the base09:28
comadreja\sh : great, how did you solve it, I'm having it now09:28
\shi removed it in /etc/pbuilder/apt.conf/....09:28
comadrejaremoved what ?09:28
\shu copy /etc/apt to /etc/pbuilder/apt.conf/09:29
\shand in apt.conf.d/ there is a 99update-notifier09:29
\shrm 99update-notifier09:29
comadrejaoh, cool :D09:29
comadrejathanks a million :)09:30
\shbut important notice09:30
\shnever try to build a pbuilder right now with breezy...it doesn't work09:30
\shcreate a pbuilder for hoary and update it to breezy as on the PbuilderHowto explained09:30
comadrejaoh, yes, that I know09:31
comadrejabut it did even fail with hoary09:31
\shnot for me anymore..i'm running 2 pbuilders right now, one hoary and one breezy..and I just some examples from pbuilder homepage..09:32
\shthey're helping a lot09:32
comadrejayou could wirte a howto on the wiki09:32
\shogra: ping btw09:32
\shcomadreja: I would like..in the moment I'm lacking of time :( I need to write my howto to the end for building packages from scratch :( I need free time ..09:33
comadreja\sh: that would help a lot of people, including me09:33
\shcomadreja: i know :)09:33
\shand I would like to take the pain from everybody09:34
comadrejathat's really nice of you09:38
\shcomadreja: it's difficult right now for me, to find the right time schedule...I want to get rid of all this cxx trans crap..and we need to rebuild 515 apps at least for the cxx trans...I need to right docs..I want to get in touch with ogra and power manager and I need to get my fingers on a kde interface for updatemanager09:40
=== GazerWork [~gazer@mail.aktiv-assekuranz.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
comadreja\sh: that's a lot of work... I could help with the cxx thans09:42
\shcomadreja: apt-cache rdepends libstdc++509:43
\shcheck the apps and take some from universe09:44
comadrejathanks, that also should be documented on the wiki09:44
comadrejabecause I'm finding quite09:44
comadrejaquite difficult to gather the appropriate information09:45
dholbach\sh: some could be on UniverseUnmetDeps as well09:45
dholbach\sh: i found a lib which wasn't on CxxLibraryList yet09:45
\shdholbach: yeah09:45
dholbach\sh: and i'm sure, we'll find some others as well09:45
\shwe have a bloody load of work...and it would be nice, to get all 20 motus09:45
dholbachfor reviewing as well09:46
\shdholbach: we find them in main, we find them everywhere09:46
dholbachwe're drowning in work :)09:46
\shdholbach: split work sometimes :) is the best09:46
dholbachbut we'll make it09:46
\shactually...now we have a mistress ,-) she'll whip us to hell if we don't make it ,-)09:46
dholbachi hope that helps09:47
dholbachi'll do my part and get my thesis done :-)09:47
\shheard u r from september on in berlin?09:47
=== Burgundavia [~corey@S0106000000cc07fc.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachYES! :-D09:48
\shthe first 2 weeks of september i don't know what I should do...and Treenaks wants to visit berlin...so09:48
Treenaks\sh: yes, exactly :)09:49
\shand no: I DON'T WANT TO WORK ,-)09:49
\shlifting glasses of beer, ok, but less hacking on a keyboard09:49
\shI really need some releave09:49
dholbachmy place will be a complete mess, but i won't say no to some beer :)09:50
\shdholbach: that's a word...and my place is also a mess..so don't clean up the mess *lol*09:50
dholbacheverything still in boxes, ...09:50
dholbachcome on guys, everybody picks 2 packages from UniverseUnmetDeps09:50
dholbachthen 2 new ones09:50
dholbachmost of them are easy stuff09:51
comadrejaI'll take two, recommendations ?09:51
dholbachmake them build and installable09:51
Treenaks\sh, dholbach, ogra: we need to coordinate about this a bit more :)09:51
dholbachpick any :)09:51
\shwhat's this?09:52
comadrejasomething easy ...09:52
\shit's a mess09:52
\shthere is a mess on the wiki pae09:52
comadrejafirst two ?09:52
\shah come on...easy crap09:53
dholbachcomadreja: ace will be a pain, ask \sh09:53
\shdon't take ace09:53
\shace will be fixed by debian upstream09:53
=== punkrockguy318 [~lukas@pcp0011681726pcs.brdgtn01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbach\sh: there are ~400 packages, please don't make it a LOOOONG table :)09:53
\shno wais09:53
\shI'll delete them _one ... by .... one_09:53
comadrejathen, not ace09:54
comadrejaac12 ?09:54
\shcomadreja: whatever u like I'm starting in the middle09:54
\shand when we're finished with the meeting, we're done, ok?09:54
comadrejaI start at the beginning :)09:54
\shat least I will get a complain from elmo, why again I'm poking the buildd ,-09:55
dholbachi take gnucash09:56
=== Treenaks hands dholbach the rusty spoon
dholbachTreenaks: what do you want me to do with it?09:56
Treenaksdholbach: oh, just look at the gnucash source.. you'll figure it out09:57
dholbachyeah, i patched it one time :)09:57
\shdholbach is my man :)09:58
=== jaldhar [~jaldhar@pc-n2.wlan.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu-motu
comadrejadamn, now pbuilder fails to update10:03
comadrejaErrors were encountered while processing:10:03
comadreja dhcp3-client10:03
comadreja ubuntu-minimal10:03
comadreja ubuntu-base10:03
\shdholbach: we can discuss it here on -motu10:04
\shdholbach: I just talked with ogra about wine.10:05
\shand pointed out that mark wants to have winehq packages from scott...and mark is ++ with it10:05
=== diamond [~diamond@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
diamondlo folks10:06
dholbachhi diamond10:06
diamonddholbach: hey10:06
\shso...what are we doing? i want to have scotts packages as well...I just mailed him, he doesn't replyed. anyways..should we take them?10:06
dholbachwhoever gets them in, has to take care of them10:07
dholbachmaintain them10:07
dholbachlook after them10:07
\shdholbach: I want to have scott for it...but I think he's not reachable10:07
dholbachthat's a problem10:07
ogradholbach, we have to have the winehq packages in breezy... no choice, sabdfls word10:07
\shdholbach: but Idon't mind to take them on my back10:08
dholbachthey won't work on my hardware, so i can't maintain them10:08
ogra\sh, i merged your djvu changes into dokos upload... currently testbuilding...10:08
\shogra: i thought doko uploaded ,-)10:09
diamondogra: ah, the man himself!10:09
diamondogra: i have some time, just about to start poking gksudo10:09
dholbachwhat about another review day in 2 weeks?10:10
ogra\sh, doko only looked at malone10:10
ogra\sh, eh didnt fix the ftbfs10:10
\shogra: I included the ***** bugzilla entry10:10
ograi know10:10
\shogra: which one?10:10
ogradoko was blind10:10
ograof djvu10:11
\shmy patch?10:11
\shwhat else? it worked on i38610:11
ograjust building it10:11
dholbachwhat is going on with libaa*?10:11
\shi hate this 32bit 64bit bla thing10:11
dholbachsomebody said something about a transition?10:11
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\shogra: can u provide me with some amd64 build logs from your pbuilder please?10:11
\shI have to poke mithrandir to exachange my ssh key10:12
ograits nearly done with the build...10:12
\shstop it , restart and &> |mailto sh@sourcecode.de10:12
ogralet me finish this build first, i want to have it uploaded10:13
dholbachHA! 1ST PACKAGE DONE! :)))10:13
\shogra: ok...do me a favor...upload the ftbfs package..so I can have a look at it on lamonts build logs..forppc etc.10:13
ogra\sh, the ftbfs is the current one in the archive10:14
\shargl...and gnomemm needs some hate...why do i have always gnome c++ stuff?10:14
\shogra: without my patch?10:14
ogradoko only changed the missing c2 bit10:14
\shbut my patch fixed at least one ftbfs10:14
=== sistpoty [~stefan@DSL01.] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ograit built fine here... i'll upload it10:15
dholbachhey sistpoty :)10:15
\shah thank u10:15
\shwelcome sistopy10:15
sistpotyhi dholbach10:15
sistpotyhi \sh10:15
sistpotyhi all ;)10:16
\shwhen can we see u as a motu?10:16
ogra\sh, so you still need a buildlog ?10:16
sistpoty\sh: well... i've set myself on the member-page... so I think maybe soon :)10:16
\shogra: forget it :)10:17
=== ogra stops pbuilder
\shif it's compiled at amd64 everything else is not bugging me right now10:17
=== goedson [~goedson@BHE040233.res-com.wayinternet.com.br] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Leaving"]
ogra\sh, know the newest joke ?10:18
\shogra: I'm pregnant?10:18
\shish will fire me?10:18
\shyes :)10:18
ogra\sh, we'll need a new djvulibre upstream version anyway, for the next evince ;)10:18
\shu r always a friend ;)10:18
ograseb128 is just waiting for the next debian package10:19
\shsistpoty: I would like to see u in our team...:)10:19
sistpotythanks, \sh10:19
\shbut for main is uvf10:19
\shhard one10:19
=== diamond bangs head off bugzilla
diamondcan anyone tell me how to file a 'wish-list' bug?10:21
diamondcan't see anything10:21
Burgundaviaseverity: enhancment10:21
diamondBurgundavia: ah hah. right, thanks.10:21
comadrejafor aboot which kernel headers should I use ?10:22
comadreja2.6.12-3 ?10:22
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-80-126.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sistpotybtw.: can anybody sync java-package from debian? current version in breezy is not working (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=313555)10:24
siretarthi folks10:25
sistpotyhi siretart10:25
dholbachsistpoty: could you talk to doko about that? he's the java coordinator10:25
siretartdid the tb meeting already begin?10:26
sistpotydholbach: ok, where do I find him?10:26
\shwrong time again on wiki page10:26
siretartwrong time? when is it then?10:26
siretartsistpoty: he is often around in this channel, and also in #ubuntu-devel10:27
sistpotyok, I'll try to meet him ;)10:27
dholbachsistpoty: i thought he was in #u-meeting10:27
=== sistpoty is soo blind ;)
dholbachsistpoty: don't worry10:28
\shsiretart: 22utc10:29
siretart22utc? uff. thats late..10:29
siretartneed to get up early.. .(10:30
\shsiretart: not only u10:30
=== Mez [~Mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shsiretart: and right now, my new girl will like it *grmpf*10:31
siretart\sh: oh. Well, I'm right now at my gf ;)10:31
\shsiretart: tell her, she's not the only one10:32
\shhmm..the music: huew lewis: stuck with you ,->10:32
\shgnomemm done10:33
\shfirst one10:33
\shI'M done at the end of the meeting told ya ,-)10:35
comadrejawhat happens to libgmp3 ?10:35
comadrejadoesn't exist ?10:35
ajmitchrenamed to libgmp3c2, I think10:35
dholbachthe packages on the list are '''sourec packages'''10:36
dholbachsource even10:36
\shtry to b-d to the dev packages10:36
siretartdholbach: I tried to recompile kaffe, which depends on libgmp3. even after recompile ${shlibs} is still at libgmp3 instead of libgmp3c2. what I am doing wrong?10:37
dholbachbroken shlibs of libgmp3?10:37
=== uniq is looking for motus to advocate the upload of kio-apt.
\shcheck libgmp310:38
\shget the source10:38
\shand check shlibs10:39
\sh(inside or outside rules)10:39
=== mez_ [~Mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartI'm not at home, so I cannot check gmp right now. will do tomorrow evening10:41
Burgundaviatseng, can we pull in beagle .12?10:41
Burgundaviatseng, I am just being purely selfish and annoying. I suspect that .12 fixes the bloody blam memory issue10:42
tsengit fixes alot of issues10:42
tsengbut its not just beagle, it pulls in new gmime and gsf iirc10:43
tsengor is it gmime and evo-sharp10:43
tsengim not in a big hurry.10:43
Burgundaviaok, I will stop bugging you10:43
tsengsortof demotivated by mono upstream10:44
\shghemical finished10:44
\shno..gimageview ;)10:44
\shghemical as well...doko did10:45
Mezslomo, ping10:48
dholbachsiretart: it's build<n> not built<n> :)10:49
siretartdholbach: damn. franconian desease... :/10:49
=== \sh is going to sleep until 24:00 ;-)
\shgirl is w8ing10:49
Mezdholbach, I said that too :D hehe :D10:49
Mezbut doesnt built<n> supercede build<N>10:50
Mezsiretart :D gotit?10:54
siretartMez: I sent it for you10:55
dholbachplease make sure, the stuff is installable after you rebuilt it (every single binary package), kthxbye :)10:57
siretartdholbach: I tested it via a pbuilder hook, I will need to recheck that hook now that it obviously doesn't work :/10:58
dholbachsiretart: i meant everybody in here, not just you :)10:59
\shgkrelldnet_0.14.2-1build1_source.changes uploaded10:59
Mezsiretart - what?11:00
siretartMez: your key. to the keyserver11:00
=== Mez looks at gaim-assistant and feels a bit weird that noone'll go near it
Mezoh, I jsut did aswell siretart11:00
siretartno problem11:01
=== sistpoty2 [~stefan@DSL01.] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== siretart follows \sh's example ;)
\shI just can't get enough ... from my girl :)11:10
comadrejaI'm fixing gcl, but the fix involves changing code from original... should I continue ? I have already fixed some11:11
\shcomadreja: patchwork :)11:11
\shdiff -ue11:11
dholbachthat needs to be put in debian/patches11:12
\sh+ mkdir debian/patches + vi rules11:12
dholbachthe use of dpatch or cdbs-edit-patch is highly recommended11:12
\shcomadreja: easy one :)11:12
=== \sh is doing everything by hand *eg*
comadrejathanks, is there any howto about that ?11:12
\shdpatch don't use it...simple-patch-kit from cdbs is ok11:13
\shor if it's only a single patch11:13
dholbach\sh: only if debian/rules is using cdbs already11:13
\shdo it by hand...easier to read11:13
\shdholbach: sometimes they're using also cdbs simple patch even for debhelper stuff11:13
\shI don'tlike it11:14
\shfor i in debian/patches/* is easier11:14
\shdholbach: actually....there is no rule who to patch upstream source the right way...we should declare it and define it the right way11:17
dholbachyou can't define it, that only causes flamewars11:18
comadrejaI get this:11:18
comadrejamake: *** No rule to make target `unpatch'.  Stop.11:18
dholbachbut patches directly in the source are crack11:18
dholbachcomadreja: changed debian/rules accordingly?11:18
comadrejahmmm, nopes, followed the howto :)11:18
dholbachit should talk about debian/rules :)11:19
pefbye !11:19
comadrejayep, but after the edit-patch :D11:19
comadrejaI did :)11:19
dholbachbye pef11:19
comadrejawould it be ok if I get latest upstream ? seems to have most of them solved11:21
\shogra: u rock11:21
\shcomadreja: uvf11:21
\shcomadreja: only with ack from kamion11:21
\shogra: latest upload :)11:22
ogradjvu ?11:22
\shand fixed fixed for bugz and malone11:22
ograah, yes, it built11:22
\shI know :)11:22
\shI'm good ;-)11:22
ograyoure the greatest :)11:22
\shu r my xscreensaver god...that was the first one.u showed me11:23
\shhe played with utf8 in our cantine at these days..11:23
\shogra: really...some people are missing u ... don't u wanna come back?11:24
ograhehe, never11:24
ograhow isthe new boss btw ?11:25
\shogra: oh he has a good "leumund"11:25
\shlooks like he kicks old f*ckers out11:25
ogragreat :)11:25
\shhe's indian uk ,)11:25
\shor uk indian..whatever11:26
\shand he is engineer :)11:26
ograheh, guenther too11:26
\shguenther liks only his blackberry11:26
ograblack i think11:26
\shthis nifts toy11:26
=== Valandil [~chrys@dsl-084-056-097-195.arcor-ip.net] has left #ubuntu-motu []
=== sistpoty2 [~stefan@DSL01.] has joined #ubuntu-motu
comadrejaonce I used dpatch, it seems that debuild doesn't patch the sources for building, is that right ?11:34
dholbachit should11:36
=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachyou can additionally have a look at /usr/share/doc/dpatch/examples11:36
=== seth_k [~seth@24-117-104-21.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Hieronym1s [~Hieronymu@cp413115-a.tilbu1.nb.home.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shok..not there..11:44
ajmitchuh oh, dholbach has started on the unmet deps page :)11:45
\shajmitch: we 're in11:47
ajmitchyeah, I noticed a lot of wiki activity there11:47
ajmitchI'm getting behind11:47
=== pagefault [Eric@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shajmitch: again? ,-)11:53
ajmitch\sh: :-P11:53
\shajmitch: but this time..u take your stuff, and I won't do anything ,-)11:53
ajmitchwhy are gcc-3.3, 3.4, 4.0 on that list of unmet deps?11:54
dholbachsome of their binary packages can't be installed due to unmet dependencies (at least on amd64)11:55
comadrejacould you tell me about a package that uses dpatch ? I'm unable to make this apply the patch and I'd like to see some working code11:55
ajmitchdholbach: and they're in universe?11:55
dholbachsome of them are in main11:55
dholbachbut that's all on the top of the page :)11:56
ajmitchdholbach: that's like expecting me to read the fine print :)11:56
dholbachyeah :)11:56

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