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dokohope you don't fail on other things than sleeping ;)02:03
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jbaileylamont__: Have I fixed all of the packages on the annoying-you list?08:51
jbaileyISTR iptables (fabio got that one) iputils, and strace.08:54
jbaileyhfsplus I did already08:55
lamont__if you're really bored, moz-thunderbutt is failing with /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lssl308:57
lamont__limiting mail to "incomplete type", I have:08:58
lamont__      144 Log for failed build of deco_3.9-1 (dist=breezy)08:58
lamont__     1250 Log for failed build of honeyd_1.0a-rc2-1 (dist=breezy)08:58
lamont__      222 Log for failed build of iputils_3:20020927-2 (dist=breezy)08:58
lamont__     1608 Log for failed build of iterm_0.5-3.1ubuntu1 (dist=breezy)08:58
lamont__      450 Log for failed build of kdrill_6.4-2 (dist=breezy)08:58
lamont__      434 Log for failed build of pyspeex_0.2-1ubuntu1 (dist=breezy)08:58
lamont__      857 Log for failed build of sam_4.3-18 (dist=breezy)08:58
lamont__      256 Log for failed build of strace_4.5.12-1 (dist=breezy)08:58
lamont__     6334 Log for failed build of ultrapossum-slapd_0.0.4+2.2.20sb3-1 (dist=bree08:58
lamont__      219 Log for failed build of umsdos_1.13-2.1 (dist=breezy)08:58
lamont__      525 Log for failed build of wacom-tools_0.6.6-8 (dist=breezy)08:58
lamont__     1431 Log for failed build of xcruise_0.30-4ubuntu1 (dist=breezy)08:58
lamont__     1435 Log for failed build of xmailbox_2.5-9 (dist=breezy)08:58
lamont__but several of those are universe08:59
jbaileyI'm not bored so much as trying to make sure that I'm not forgetting things.09:01
jbaileyAre those failing on hppa, or also likely to fail on a released arch during a rebuild?09:02
lamont__those are at least hppa, quite possibly other architectures09:09
lamont__I haven't tried rebuilding all of them....09:09
jbaileydeco builds on ppc09:10
jbaileyhoneyd builds on ppc09:11
lamont__oh, and universe--> don't really care09:12
jbaileyIterm.c:35:28: error: X11/IntrinsicP.h: No such file or directory09:13
lamont__tty.c: In function `TtySet':09:13
lamont__tty.c:147: error: `TIOCGLTC' undeclared (first use in this function)09:13
lamont__iz deco/hppa09:13
lamont__tty.c:148: error: `newchars' has an incomplete type09:14
jbaileyTIOCGLTC isn't defined in the asm* for parisc09:15
jbaileyHmm, not for ia32 either, but is for alpha, ppc, ppc64, sparc and sparc64.09:15
jbaileylamont__: Is universe required for releasing?09:17
lamont__not precisly\09:17
jbaileyYour build env appears to be confused:09:19
jbailey#ifdef TIOCSLTC09:19
jbailey        ioctl (CHANNEL, TIOCGLTC, (char *) &oldchars);09:19
jbaileyYou should never get as far as seeing it undeclared.09:20
jbailey(That's 146, 147)09:20
jbaileyNo, I'm blind.09:20
jbaileyIn any event, the right solution for you for deco is to figure out why HAVE_TERMIO_H isn't set.09:21
jbaileykdrill is also X breakage09:22
jbaileypyspeex is a missing build-dep09:23
jbaileyWe're not really going to force a rebuild on universe and pitch FTBFSs are we?09:23
jbaileyThere's no way the MOTUs will get all of these done.09:23
jbaileysam is X header breakage.09:24
jbaileyumdos is lkh brekage, but since it was removed from the kernel, do we care?09:25
lamont__we are going to do a breezy-autotest and file ftbfs bugs on everything... what happens from there is an mdz question, not me09:25
jbaileywacom-tools builds fine here.09:29
jbaileyThe others I'll assume are X failures.09:29
jbaileyI'll declare the LaMont box to be empty now and move on09:30
lamont__jbailey: works for me, for now09:48
jbaileyWhy do I imagine you saying that in the same tone as "We'll get you next time, Gadget!"09:49
jbaileyFor Hoary, do we now set the distro to "hoary-updates" ?09:52
lamont__if it qualifies for hoary-updates09:53
lamont__same logic applies for -security and -backports...09:53
lamont__if it qualifies for any of the 3, then you use that.09:53
lamont__uploads to 'hoary' will be rejected by katie09:53
jbaileyCool, thanks.09:58
=== jbailey starts the test builds for one last pass and uploads glibc to hoary-updates
lamont__jbailey: 2.3.5? :-)10:27
jbaileyOf course.  You know the backports people did it wrong.  If you're going to break the system, FINISH THE JOB DAMMIT10:27
dokolamont: are you caballero's buildd admin?10:43
lamont__ya, even10:45
dokothen please fix it ...10:49
dokogcc-4.0 doesn't find the sources for the build10:49
dokostrange ...10:49
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