tvoRiddell: you there?12:22
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karthik085Riddell: Hey02:16
karthik085Riddell: I tested KCall. If you are not away, message em and I will tell you my results on Hoary and Breezy02:19
Riddellkarthik085: hi02:20
Riddellkarthik085: what's the results?02:21
karthik085Riddell: There was  a new release 0.5.2 released 3-4 days back. KCall needed Qt 3.3 or above and g++. Connection to the server is not working properlyl. UI needs major changes. I dialed few numbes. But, it did not ring. Also, few installation problems, which I reported to the authors of KCall. It is not stable. More testing is needed. This was tested on Hoary. With respect to breezy, I could...02:25
karthik085...not get Qt 3.3 working.02:25
Riddellkarthik085: what wasn't working about qt 3 on breezy?02:26
karthik085For, som reason, KCall is trying to detect qt. It says some header files needed. After installing those, still, KCall was not configured properly.02:27
Riddellkarthik085: so sounds like it's not worth packaging KCall yet02:29
Riddella shame, decent voip would be cool02:29
karthik085Not so soon. But, recently, this project is going major improvement and being funded by Google' Summer of Code. I contacted the authors regarding the future releases andfeatures. They have not got back to me yet. But, few forums suggest the next few releases will have major improvements02:30
karthik085For example, http://www.planetsoc.com/node/9902:31
Riddellcool, we'll keep an eye on it02:32
karthik085I am hoping for a good release by the end of the summer. So, we can build a package and put in Breezy02:32
karthik085Ok, till then. I will try fixing bugs of ruby programs.02:34
Riddellkarthik085: did you test if the kde ruby bindings in breezy worked at all?02:34
karthik085I have not got much far. I will work on it this week02:35
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karthik085Riddell: Later02:41
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Riddellmorning tvo 12:41
tvoRiddell:  hi12:41
tvoRiddell: did you already checkout the newest kio-locate?12:44
Riddelltvo: I admit I havn't yet, I can bump it up my todo list for today12:46
tvoRiddell: that would be nice, any comments / bug reports are welcome12:47
tvoRiddell: what do you think about this beta release? since it's already on kde-apps maybe I should email armin and ask if he'd like to update it?12:52
tvoseems a bit confusing/redundant if the same program is listed twice12:53
Riddelltvo: has the author got back to you?12:54
tvoRiddell: yes, i've already sent him 2 e-mails and got reply on both12:55
tvobtw, armin == armin straub == original author12:55
tvoRiddell: i did not yet sent anything about the release though12:56
Riddelltvo: depends how quickly you want to get your work out there, either you can wait for him to publish or you can make an entry on kde-apps saying "this is a fork, I hope to get changed sent back soon"12:56
tvoRiddell: both times he replied within 24 hours, so it could be doable12:57
tvothough i don't know how much time he has to update the entry on kde-apps12:58
tvoRiddell: IMHO the best solution is: i send him a mail today to see if he's willing to update the entry on kde-apps. if it's ok i'll sent him the packages when i'm done including a changelog01:01
Riddelltvo: sounds good but be polite about it, saying "I made some changes please make a release" may not be the best thing to say to an author, he presumably has his own schedule01:03
tvoRiddell: i understand, i'll just ask him what he thinks about it then01:04
Riddelltvo: did you see that kat is being integrated into krusaider?  if you fancy investigating whether doing something similar with konqueror and file open dialogue would make sense that would be cool01:05
tvoRiddell: I read a bit about it I think.01:06
tvoRiddell: kioslaves can already be used from a file open dialog btw01:07
tvoRiddell: i'm not sure if there already was a kat kioslave, but locate:blah works in standard kde open dialogs01:07
Riddellyeah but typing locate:foo isn't obvious to the user, there should be an easier way to get at it01:08
tvoRiddell: true, I just checked, anything which doesn't start with / or ~ in open dialog seems to bring you to your home directory01:12
tvoi could change that to a search using the default search engine i think01:13
tvoor add a separate "file open dialog" default search engine01:13
tvoadding a separate search box to a file open dialog seems a bit overkill IMHO01:14
pefRiddell: hi01:16
Riddelltvo: yeah, the file open dialogue is cluttered as it is01:16
Riddellafternoon pef 01:16
pefRiddell: for ksystemlog I will have package sources this evening01:17
Riddellpef: groovy01:17
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pefI have a question, too01:17
Riddellpef: mmm?01:18
Riddellafternoon OculusAquilae 01:18
pefIf a makefile doesn't have an install target, what's the best thing to do ? making a patch to add it, or using the install target of rules to hack ?01:18
=== Mez watches riddell command his minions
RiddellMez: oy, stop slacking and get back to making kubuntu great :)01:19
=== Mez is helping with bugday atm
Riddellpef: why would a makefile not have an install target?01:19
RiddellMez: fix kubuntu bugs :)01:19
OculusAquilaehi 01:19
pefRiddell: his author doesn't wrote one :) I have the cas with a little program I want to package01:20
Riddellpef: so it's a hand made Makefile?01:20
Riddellnot autotools?01:20
pefhand made01:20
Riddellpef: ah right, well I'd just put it in debian/rules unless it's very complex01:21
pefRiddell: just have to install 2 binaries01:22
MezRiddell: would do if I knew how01:23
RiddellMez: how do you help with bugday?01:23
MezI'm just trying to confirm bugs :D01:24
Mezthats all (or assign them to right package)01:24
pefRiddell: should I report all broken packages issues I have when trying to install packages ?01:24
Mezpef :D yeah :D then I can fix them (I can do packaging fixes:P01:25
Riddellpef: yep01:25
Riddellpef: got any KDE problems?01:25
pefnot very kde specific01:26
Riddellphew :)01:27
Mezwhats the prob pef?01:28
pefMez: I'm filling a bug report01:28
MezRiddell about that patch you were on about for kdebase?01:28
Mezwhat exactly doe sit do?01:28
pefRiddell: when did the decision about libaa migration will be taken ? 01:28
RiddellMez: updates hal for 0.501:29
Riddellpef: which decision?01:29
pefRiddell: http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/details.py?upid=118 please read the second comment01:30
Mezriddell, so they'll cause problems with hoarty hal?01:30
Mezhoary *01:31
RiddellMez: it won't compile01:31
RiddellMez: but other stuff like new X build-depends means thing won't compile on hoary01:32
Mezthat's gonn aheva to be a manual onet then01:32
Mezso how'd you get it to compile on hoary ?01:32
Riddellremove the patch.  remove the X build depends01:32
Mez(how did you)01:33
Mezfair enough01:33
Mezthere's gonn ahave to be amanual build for that :D01:33
Mezso I think 3.4.2 to abckports may be an issue too01:33
pefMez: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/141801:34
Riddellpef, Mez: uniq fixed that http://frode.kde.no/ubuntu/breezy/ggz-kde-client/01:35
RiddellI think01:35
MezRiddell, It's just a {$shlibs:Depends}01:36
Mezit just needs to change from kdelibs4 to kdelibs4c201:37
=== Riddell adds to his TODO list
Mezjust add a build1 on the end and upload01:38
OculusAquilaehi, sorry that i couldnt return yesterday01:38
RiddellOculusAquilae: are you wanting a task?01:41
OculusAquilaeRiddell: yes01:42
Mezoh, Riddell for pef's bug: http://packages.ubuntu.com/breezy/libs/libqt3-mt instead of libqt3c102-mt :D01:42
RiddellOculusAquilae: there's a nifty app katapult which is a program launcher in breezy.  I want it in the default install for breezy01:43
RiddellOculusAquilae: unfortunatly it takes up room in the system tray which is untidy.  if you could patch it so it doesn't show in the system tray that would be cool01:43
RiddellOculusAquilae: interested?01:44
pefthere is no automatic way to find inexistant (due to package migration) dependencies  on all packages ?01:44
peflike this bug ?01:44
MezRiddell - I've set that bug PendingUpload01:45
Mezpef :D thats why we have the transition01:45
OculusAquilaeRiddell: yes01:45
Riddellpef: http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/testing/breezy_probs.html01:46
Riddellbut that's main only01:46
RiddellOculusAquilae: do you have breezy or a breezy chroot?  if so apt-get source katapult01:46
RiddellOculusAquilae: I'm after a patch in debian/patches which makes the systray applet conditional on a KConfig option01:47
Riddellthen we'll set the KConfig option to off in kubuntu-default-settings01:47
MezRiddell, when was that last updated?01:47
Riddell"Generated: Wed Jul 13 11:18:04 UTC 2005"01:47
OculusAquilaeRiddell: I'll try to download01:47
pefRiddell: for each transition problem is it correct to fil a bug ? (then correct it of course)01:53
Riddellpef: sure01:53
pefRiddell: ok, nice, I'm just afraid to file useless reports01:54
Riddellif you don't file reports we won't get the satisfaction of being able to close it01:55
Mezpoop - that's a LOT of Kubuntu stuff02:02
RiddellMez: I presume there's a perfectly rational explanation, something low level not installing02:04
Riddellno idea what though02:04
OculusAquilaeRiddell: I'll try to download the "katapult" source, but i didn't get it. is it realistic, that it isn't on the german servers, yet.02:06
RiddellOculusAquilae: should be there, in universe, breezy02:07
JReOculusAquilae: if you work on Katapult try to contact upstream too02:08
JReOculusAquilae: i have trouble contacting him :(02:08
OculusAquilaei think it works now02:09
OculusAquilaeyes it works02:10
MezJRe, upstream is ignorming me too02:14
JReMez: mmm we have to think what we can do about the future of katapult. I can't imagine let's this application abandoned02:15
JReMez: it rocks to much to let it die!02:15
Mezyeah :D02:18
=== Mez cnat live without it now
Riddellset up a fork somewhere to do further development02:18
JReRiddell: i am thinking about that02:19
JReRiddell: but it's a pain that the original author don't give his benediction02:19
Riddellcall it kubuntupult :)02:19
JReRiddell: :)02:19
RiddellI did get a reply from the author ages ago, maybe he's fed up with people asking him to keep development02:20
Mezwell lets ask if we can fork it02:20
Mezanyone wanna set up a SF project?02:20
JReMez: yes good idea02:20
Mezwhy doesnt Ubuntu have something like alioth ?02:21
RiddellMez: well it has the arch supermirror02:21
Mezthat'd be cool :D02:21
JReMez: it's call KDE SVN ;)02:21
Riddellkdenonbeta is handy too02:21
MezJRe... but i doubt katapult would go into KDE Svn ?02:21
JReMez: even on playgournd or beta?02:21
Riddellanything can go in kdenonbeta02:22
=== Mez has no idea to do that though
Mezshall I just set up a SF project?02:22
JReMez: you have a SVN access ?02:22
MezSVN access to kDE? no :P02:23
MezRiddell does :P02:23
JReMez: you're interestingin working on katapult?02:23
Mezyeah :D02:24
JReMez: cool i am interrested too ;)02:24
Mezwell - you on SF?02:24
JReMez: i have no problem to put it on SF but on KDE's SVN we will have better test and better translation02:25
JReMez: although we can make little development on a SF page02:25
Mezhow do we get it on KDEs SVN though?02:25
JReMez: sending page, contribute code02:26
Mezkatapult = ! on KDE svn is it ?02:26
JReMez: i don't think that katapult is aloready on the KDE svn02:28
Mezso how do we get it onto the SVN ?:P02:29
=== Mez has a read through the GPL
JReRiddell: who it's necessary to ask before commiting anything in kdeonbeta ?02:30
JReMez: you can ask a SVN access saying it's to develop kubuntupult ;)02:32
Mezwe can call it katapult still thoguh02:34
JReMez: i think it would be better but if we fork it's better to change the name02:34
MezI've sent a request into SF02:36
JReMez: Since original Katapult project is already on SF02:37
JReMez: i don't think they'll accept :)02:37
Mezis it?02:37
JReMez: yeah02:37
JReMez: if only the author added us to the developpers02:38
JReRiddell: you have a SVN server isnt it ?02:39
RiddellI don't no02:39
OculusAquilaei have a (virtual) server too, so i could set up svn too, but I don't know how this will work :-)02:40
JReMez: ATM we can subscribe in Berlios02:40
JReMez: or ask for a SVN access02:40
MezI think berlios would be better02:42
JReMez: ok02:42
JRetvo: you are also interested in the Katapult project ?02:43
JReMez: do you send a mail to the author also ?02:49
JReMez: cool ;)02:50
tvoJRe: I still have to look at it, if helping Katapult could make KubuntuFileSearch more integrated than yes :)02:52
=== Mez registers a project on berlios
Meztvo: if you can write a plugin, it can work withit02:53
JRetvo: a good thing could be a plugin to use kio locate in katapult02:53
tvoJRe: ah, ok. I definitely need to look at it *soon*02:54
JRetvo: :)02:55
tvosince I don't even have a clue of what katapult is, how it looks and what it does ;)02:55
Mezactually, to be fair, katapult would be good if it used kio-locate :D02:55
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JRetvo: it launch item based on a real time text query02:55
JRetvo: like you write "am"02:56
JRetvo: and it proposes you to launch amarok02:56
Mezsort of like google suggests :D02:56
OculusAquilaedoes it locate files too ?02:56
JRetvo: it's pluggin based so it's possible to analyse other things rather than kde apps, like bookmarks, ...02:56
JReOculusAquilae: at this time yes02:57
MezJRe, it does?02:57
JReOculusAquilae: there is a plugin to watch the files within a directory02:57
JReOculusAquilae: but it's the worse plugin (exemple of bug: does not analyse directories in the directory)02:58
MezOculusAquilae, katapult pretty much sucks02:58
tvoJRe: is it in kubuntu repository?02:58
JRetvo: yeah02:58
MezBUT, the possibilites = UBER02:58
JReMez: mmm i think that Katapult is already pretty usable02:59
OculusAquilaetvo: its in breezy02:59
JReMez: but it need improvements like multiple proposals instead of single proposal02:59
OculusAquilaeits interesting, but i don't see the sense for fast typers like me :-)02:59
tvohmm, so I should upgrade to breezy to look at it? :p02:59
JRetvo: mmm no02:59
JReyou can just take the source package02:59
JRedpkg-source -x *dsc03:00
JRecd package-dir03:00
JRedpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot03:00
Meztvo: lemme upload the hoary .deb03:01
tvoJRe: suppose there's a certain dir in which i'd execute those cmnds03:01
JRetvo yeah put the *dsc, *orig.gz and *diff.gz files in the same dir (eg: katapult)03:02
Meztvo - just download the .deb I'm uploading and dspkg-i it03:02
Mezdpkg -i *03:02
JReMez: sudo dpkg -i *03:02
JReMez: :)03:02
tvoJRe: :D03:03
JReMez: wow that's fast!03:03
MezI'd already done it just needed to upload :D03:03
Mezthe .deb's 141 Kb03:04
JReMez: ha ok i thinked you rebuilt it and uploaded in that short time ;)03:04
=== tvo is installing it noe
JRetvo: when it's installed: ALT + Space to put the query analyser to the front03:04
JReand enter a misc text03:05
JReenterwhen you agree with the proposal03:05
Mez JRe thing is with me it auto-launches if it detects something03:05
MezI tried typing hceese03:05
Mezcheese *03:05
Mezand it launched change password03:05
JReMez: yeah right but you can disactive that in the options03:06
JReMez: you can even set a timout time03:06
Mezyeah i know03:06
Meztis cool :d03:06
tvoheh also the fading is cool ;)03:07
Mezyeah, and it's skinnable too :D03:07
OculusAquilaebut it doesn't support xorg-extensions does it?03:07
JReMez: yes ;) if we make a good job may be one day we have an entry in kde-look :)03:07
tvowhat kind of things does it find now? bookmarks and programs?03:08
MezOculusAquilae, ???03:08
JRebookmarks programs and can wtach directories03:08
JReOculusAquilae: ??03:08
OculusAquilaeMez JRe: transperency and so on03:08
MezOculusAquilae, it has it's own transparency03:08
tvoJRe, OculusAquilae, you mean with composite extension?03:09
Mezdunno it that works through xorg-extensions03:09
OculusAquilaetvo yes :-)03:09
JReOculusAquilae: dunnow03:09
OculusAquilaebecause if i move windows under it, the transperency doesn't change i mean the background, but if it supports the xorg transperency it would work03:10
JReOculusAquilae: yes youre right03:10
MezOculusAquilae, but if it loses focus it dissapears03:10
JReMez: yes right03:11
OculusAquilaebut this chat windows changes, without katapult loosing focus03:11
Meztalk a bit03:11
JReyou're turn now ;)03:12
Mezok, so it doesnt work like that03:12
Mezthat can be changed :D03:12
JReOculusAquilae: thanks for your bug report :)03:13
Mezlol @ JRe  :D03:13
Mezanyways :D I gotta go pick up my gf from the train station03:13
Mezso I'll talk later and sutff03:13
OculusAquilaedo we have now a patch that katapult doesn't show up in the systray?03:16
JReOculusAquilae: no03:17
JReOculusAquilae: but it can be the first thing we do on the fork of katapult03:18
Riddellit should be configurable, default on but kubuntu-default turns it off03:18
JRehow discovered another bug: typing text* + enter leads to a crash03:18
Riddellthen there should be a way to get to the configuration stuff through the main katapult screen03:18
JReRiddell: yes!03:19
Riddellit shouldn't launch programs without you pressing entre03:19
tvoRiddell, JRe, maybe when typing katapult in katapult, currently it launches another instance of itself03:19
JReRiddell: yes i don't like this too 03:19
JRetvo: yes it's funny i have already tried 03:20
OculusAquilaei' also interested in helping you making it working the way Riddell thinks :-)03:20
JReoooo text? + enter leads to a crash too03:20
JReOculusAquilae: nice!03:20
JRetvo: it would definitively better to detect if another instance is running!03:22
JRetvo: thanks you too for the bug report ;)03:23
tvoJRe: np03:23
OculusAquilaei'll come back in the evening cu03:48
tvoJRe: another bug (probably you knew it already): if I type in a program which actually exists, but is not in it's database, it crashes04:00
JRetvo: ow! i didn't know04:00
tvohmm doesn't happen always04:01
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tvo3/4 times04:02
tvotried with nvidia-settings, the other time it didn't crash but didn't run anything either04:02
JRetvo: which programs for instance?04:03
JRetvo: ls leads to a crash too04:04
JRe tvo:also chmod04:04
JRetvo: you're now the bug slayer of katapult :)04:04
tvoJRe: it's a cool proggie anyways, it has already replaced my *large* quicklauncher ;)04:05
JRetvo: ;) yes i find it very useful too04:06
Riddellthey love us http://www.ubuntu.com/04:12
tvoRiddell: I got a reply from armin (he's really fast): he chose option 1, that is I sent him the files asap and he updates his website the entry on kde-apps04:31
Riddelltvo: cool04:35
Riddelltvo: would be better if he had a CVS/Subversion server or something though04:36
tvohmm yes, though the code is already on arch/baz supermirror now, so he could check that out04:36
tvoRiddell: oh and btw, he used a local SVN repo, that doesn't help me though04:38
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tvoRiddell: I hope you did not yet baz get kio-locate. Just discovered I forgot to baz add a file before committing yesterday05:04
tvoso patch-11 won't compile, but i've fixed it now i hope05:05
=== tvo is checking it now
tvoRiddell: it's ok now05:09
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OculusAquilaeif I want to compile katapult, why does configure not find libXext on hoary?06:21
OculusAquilaeperhaps somebody had the problem too06:21
OculusAquilaethe problem is: I have it installed :-). I mean libXext06:22
MezOculusAquilae, libXext-dev :D06:24
OculusAquilaelibxext-dev too :-)06:25
OculusAquilaei mean it is installed too06:25
Riddelldoes kwin-baghira and kdeartwork-style work for people (able to select it in widget style)?06:41
OculusAquilaeok, i've a solution for my problem06:45
RiddellOculusAquilae: how did you fix it?06:46
OculusAquilaeadded breezy source repositorys and made apt-get build-deb06:46
OculusAquilaei know, ugly solution06:46
OculusAquilaebut it works 06:47
Riddellyou should try a breezy chroot06:47
OculusAquilaei have a breezy install, but it doesn't work06:47
OculusAquilaeproblems with x06:47
OculusAquilaei'll try it soon06:47
Riddellah yes, X is a problem06:48
OculusAquilaeand without X, no katapult :-)06:48
Riddelltrue true06:49
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OculusAquilaewhere can i find the katapult config file ? :-)08:34
RiddellOculusAquilae: ~/.kde/share/config/katapultrc08:38
Riddellyou have to change a setting for it to appear08:38
Riddelland we can put one in /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde-profile/default/share/config/katapultrc08:38
OculusAquilaeah, my patch works :-)08:40
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pefRiddell: ping09:47
Riddellpef: toot09:48
pefRiddell: I'm writing a manpage, but english is not my native language, could you check it for language correction ?09:49
pefRiddell: http://dl.erodia.net/ubuntu/coccinella.1.html09:49
froudpref: do you have the it in docbook xml09:49
froudpef: if this has no command line options why do you want to supply a manpage. Is it not better for us to add it to our docteam svn under kde and make docbook xml and package it09:54
Riddell"To draw on the shared window you have various tools, from line to square or pencil." -> "There are various tools available for drawing in the shared window such as line, square or pencil."09:55
RiddellI would change "Its system of extensions..." to "Plugins available include audio, video and text to speech."09:57
froudRiddell: why make manpages for tools with no command line syntax?09:57
Riddell"each with its specific feature" -> "each with their own specific features"09:58
Riddellfroud: man pages can be a handy way for advanced users to find out what a program does.  why make a manpage for a tool with command line options that are explained in --help?09:58
froudlogic does not compute09:59
froudyou can see the description of the package using apt10:00
Riddellfair point10:00
froudmanpages are good for command line tools10:01
froudbut tool with gui are likely to be accessed as such10:01
froudif it helps I can create the docs for it10:02
froudand pef can package them with the app10:02
pefRiddell: thanks for the corrections10:05
peffroud: what have I to do now ? removing the manpage before submiting to revu ?10:07
froudwell you can still ship a manpage if you want10:08
Riddellpef: my preference would be to keep it.  froud's obviously is not to bother.  you have to make up your own mind :)10:08
froudRiddell: no that is not the case10:08
froudI just said why have a manpage for a gui app10:08
froudmanpage = manual page10:09
froudnot description page10:09
froudpef has a description page10:09
froudI thought I may be able to help pef create a user manual10:09
seth_kI'm trying to package kmobiletools, but it keeps whining about having no libXrender.la in /usr/lib/. libxrender-dev only provides libXrender.a, not .la. Any thoughts?10:10
pefmmm amsn has a manpage too10:12
pefand no command line options10:13
frouddoes that make it right :-) look its your choice. I just mentioned that I think it odd10:13
Riddellseth_k: libxrender-dev has /usr/lib/libXrender.la10:13
seth_kRiddell: that's odd, because it isn't showing up on my system when I grab that package, nor in pbuilder when it installs it to satisfy the build-deps10:14
Riddellseth_k: which version?  I have libxrender-dev_0.9.0-0ubuntu5_i386.deb10:15
Riddelland dpkg --contents shows it's there10:15
froudwell good night10:16
=== froud [~sean@ndn-165-134-250.telkomadsl.co.za] has left #kubuntu-devel ["Konversation]
seth_k9.0-1 here, and dpkg --contents shows it nowhere to be found :(10:17
seth_koh bah:   * In accordance with all other X libraries, stop shipping Libtool .la file.10:17
seth_kokay, question is now: what do I use in its place?10:18
Riddellseth_k: weird10:21
Riddellseth_k: try asking daniekls10:21
seth_kyep, that was my next recourse10:22
seth_kthanks anyway Riddell 10:22
seth_kat least i know now i am not just crazy10:25
Riddellhe may well tell you kmobiletools is being crazy10:26
seth_kbut he may know how to fix the craziness10:27
seth_khope springs eternal10:27
OculusAquilaegood night10:41
Mezhmm, Riddell, katapult is a really cleanly written app :D shouldn't take much to path it up :D11:50
MezI've registered kubuntupuly :D11:50
Riddellquite a mouthful11:51
RiddellMez: registered with whom?11:51
Mezberlios :D11:51
Mezkubuntupult *11:51
Mezshowrt for kubuntu Katapult :D11:51
RiddellMez: is the registration done?  I don't know how long these things take11:52
MezIt takesd a whle - I'll poke you when it's done11:53
Meztime to go now :D11:53
Mezmy gf wants me11:53
RiddellI'll bet she does11:53
Mezto come and cuddle and watch TV11:54

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