kikobradb, well, it currently tracebacks, and that's pretty bad12:05
bradbkiko: right, i'll file a bug on that. thanks for pointing it out.12:06
bradbsalgado: i'll file a bug on that too. i believe that param used to be used before the search page was deanorakified somewhat.12:06
salgadobradb, no need. I already fixed12:07
bradbsalgado: awesome! thanks. :)12:07
salgadoand I'm going to add code that uses it and is tested.12:07
bradbgreat, much appreciated12:08
=== bradb awes at the amount of bugmail dilys is not generating right now. daf! help!
salgadobradb, is there any page in malone which shows the bugs I reported?12:10
bradbsalgado: just the one you created12:10
bradbi haven't really looked at that page though12:10
bradb(i say "you created" because it's a FOAF link, but maybe someone else created it, dunno)12:10
salgadoyep, I understood it that way12:11
dafSteveA: pong again12:12
dafbradb: no, she doesn't grok the new bugmail format12:12
dafbradb: http://muse.19inch.net/~daf/arch/daf@muse.19inch.net--2005/dilys--devel--012:13
bradbis that your way of saying she'll be broken for a while yet?12:13
dafwell, maybe I can fix her tomorrow12:14
dafbut don't count on it12:14
kikobradb, tell me, where can I find out all the magical slots in an editform?12:14
bradbkiko: which editform?12:14
bradbkiko: in a nutshell, look in bugtask.zcml, for each of the "browser:editform" directives there are two attributes you'll probably be interested in:12:15
bradb1. for="..." -- the iface for which this is an edit form12:15
kikookay, it's in zope12:16
bradb2. fields="... ... ..." the fields of that iface that are available in the form.12:16
=== daf -> bed
bradblifeless: hi. might you have a moment to cherrypick an important patch into prod?12:17
=== kiko hacks!
kikobradb, do you know if the label zcml attribute allows doing ${bug/id}?12:19
bradbkiko: i don't believe it does allow dynamic content.12:19
bradbkiko: fwiw, i tried changing the titles too. i've already nagged SteveA about that.12:20
kikoI've fixed that12:20
kikojust use the headings slow12:20
kikoit's not too hard12:20
=== kiko tries to confuse bradb
bradbkiko: how do you i18n that?12:20
kikoin the template?12:20
bradbkiko: and will maintainers expect that? i expect pagetitles.py.12:21
kikonot titles, I'm talking headers12:21
bradboh, ok, gotcha12:21
sabdflmpt: how difficult is it to sort a table when clicking the table header?12:22
kikosabdfl, what do you mean by "difficult"?12:22
sabdflkiko: as in, is it something we can easily add to a table?12:23
kikoyou need to submit a get variable, pick that up, reissue the query, display the results, store the last sort in a variable.12:23
sabdflno, it's possible to do it all in JS12:23
kikoyou mean client-side sorting12:23
kikowell, that won't take into account differences between display and storage 12:23
bradbhow does that work with paging?12:23
kikoI don't know if that is a showstopper or not12:23
sabdfli'm thinking of places where we don't use paging12:24
sabdfllike the lists of languages with translation12:24
kikobradb, christian.reis@canonical.com--lozenge/launchpad--devel--0 is ready for you12:25
kikoit fixes about 10 bugs12:25
kikoand does some UI fixage with it12:25
kikoadd tests please12:25
bradbkiko: do all of them need tests?12:25
kiko-afknah, just one or two12:26
bradbheh, ok12:26
kiko-afkyou'll see the code changes12:26
kiko-afkthey are the ones that need testing 12:26
bradbkiko-afk: ok if i look at it tomorrow then?12:27
kiko-afksabdfl, it's some tricky JS to sort, but there may be some ready-made stuff we can just plug it in12:27
kiko-afkbradb, of course12:27
=== asgeirf [~asgeirf@nat-pool-brisbane.redhat.com] has joined #launchpad
bradbkiko-afk: thanks12:27
bradblifeless: when will the day come that i'm going to be able to ask baz to tell me all of my branches which have patches missing from rf, and which patches those are? i'm currently actively working on six different branches, and have occassionally found myself simply losing track (before i was forced into tracking this info in a text file.)12:33
bradb(er, make that seven; i'm branching again to do a sampledata change on the sixth branch i'm working on)12:34
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Fix BugTaskSet.search() (just one argument that was not consistent with the column name it should be matched) and add code that uses the fixed part to make sure it's tested. (patch-2088: guilherme.salgado@canonical.com)01:07
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  fix presentation details for coc pages, pagetest added. (patch-2089: celso.providelo@canonical.com)01:39
=== zer [~hor@p5480A425.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has left #launchpad []
kiko-afksabdfl, http://www.kryogenix.org/code/browser/sorttable/01:44
kiko-afkthat's a quite nice implementation we could borrow01:47
=== kiko-afk tries to integrate
kiko-afksabdfl, it works already :-)01:52
kiko-afkman that was pretty easy01:52
kiko-afk@@ -5,6 +5,10 @@01:52
kiko-afk <body>01:52
kiko-afk+<metal:head fill-slot="head_epilogue">01:52
kiko-afk+    <script type="text/javascript" src="/@@/sorttable.js"></script>01:53
kiko-afk <metal:leftportlets fill-slot="portlets_one">01:53
kiko-afk   <div tal:replace="structure context/@@+portlet-about" />01:53
kiko-afk </metal:leftportlets>01:53
kiko-afk@@ -22,7 +26,7 @@01:53
kiko-afk     Select a template name to begin translating immediately!01:53
kiko-afk   </p>01:53
kiko-afk-  <table class="listing" width="100%">01:53
kiko-afk+  <table class="listing" width="100%" id="translationstatuses">01:53
kiko-afk     <thead>01:53
kiko-afk       <th>Source</th>01:53
kiko-afk       <th>Template Name</th>01:53
=== kiko-afk floods with joy
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-80-126.onocable.ono.com] has joined #launchpad
kiko-afksabdfl, r=sabdfl? :-)01:53
mptDid you hack sorttable.js to look for translationstatuses?01:54
kiko-afkno hacking involved01:54
mptIt looks for any table with an id?01:54
kiko-afkI'll post the diff and file to launchpad-list01:54
kiko-afkI think so01:54
kiko-afkyou be the judge in 2m01:54
mptWhat's the license?01:54
mptah, cool, we can use it while still being non-Free, and relicense it however01:55
cprovnight guys01:56
mptkiko-afk: So you should have class="listing sortable", right?01:56
kiko-afkmail sent01:57
kiko-afkoh, I didn't change the class -- it still works :)01:57
kiko-afkit actually /does/ support dates01:59
kiko-afkmpt, send me your passport number02:02
mptthat sorting won't work for any list of more than 20 bugs02:28
jameshmpt: were you working on Facet code for any of the other LP objects than IProduct?03:30
mptjamesh: no03:30
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mptoh, the sorting doesn't need to work for bugs, duh03:46
jameshstub: ping?03:50
stubjamesh: pong03:52
jameshstub: with one of the branches I've got in review at the moment, the issue of the Person.timezone default value came up03:54
jameshstub: would setting the default for that column to the string 'UTC' be a problem, or would you prefer to have it NULL when it hasn't been explicitly set?03:54
stubI have no preference one way or the other. Do whatever makes the code most readable.03:55
jameshokay.  That'd be to set the column to 'UTC' then.03:55
jameshso "baz build-config" has a --update flag now04:54
jameshshould make using configs less painful04:54
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Remove obsolete code from the librarian, expand zopeless transaction tests a little, remove redundant begin from Librarian test tearDown.  r=SteveA. (patch-2090: andrew.bennetts@canonical.com)06:19
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  fix product links in portal when used on product page (patch-2091: james.henstridge@canonical.com)06:45
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--production--1.25: Cherry pick patch-2074 into production (patch-2: celso.providelo@canonical.com, rocketfuel@canonical.com)07:10
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=== mpt [~mpt@203-167-186-120.dsl.clear.net.nz] has joined #launchpad
stublifeless: pqm has hung08:35
BjornThi stub 08:53
BjornTwhat's the ETA for turning on the email interface?08:54
stubLaunchpad needs an update before we can do that, hopefully I can get onto it today after I finished this review.08:58
BjornTcool, thanks08:58
stubBjornT: There is no way to configure it at the moment without manually hacking script.zcml, because scripts don't process .zcml overrides08:58
jameshmpt: I was working on some facet menus for people and projects, and had a question.09:03
jameshmpt: there currently isn't a URL for "bugs associated with this project", so do you think the link should be disabled, or point at "/malone", or not appear?09:04
BjornTstub: well, can't you put it in package-includes? it's nothing that gets overridden09:05
mptjamesh: Ideally disabled, but I don't think the menus system supports that at the moment09:05
mptjamesh: So point it to /malone, and report a bug that /projects/whatever/+bugs should exist09:05
jameshmpt: it was about 5 lines to add support for disabled facet menu links09:05
jameshmpt: I've got it disabled in my branch currently.09:05
mptSo it appears as plain text, not linked, right?09:06
jameshsame colour as the other non-highlighted links but no underline09:07
jameshit'd be trivial to set the colour different, of course.09:07
mptok, I might twiddle that style later09:07
stubBjornT: I guess, but it will be blown away each rollout.09:07
BjornTstub: oh, ok09:07
BjornTspiv: ping09:10
spivBjornT: pong09:11
sabdflhi all09:11
SteveAjamesh: how did you add disabled facet menu links?  i'm doing some work on that at the moment.09:12
BjornTspiv: i have some problems with sqlobject. i'd like to select distinct bugtasks, while ordering them on some external table column like Bug.id. but it doesn't work since Bug.id isn't in the SELECT list.09:12
jameshSteveA: just added a "linked" argument to the Link() constructor, and edited the page template to not generate an <a> tage for items with linked=False09:13
SteveAjamesh: i am introducing an explicit default state for the linked and selected properties, so that the menus system can know if a link is explicitly linked or unlinked, or just not yet set up09:13
SteveAjamesh: setting linked to False in the link constructor works kind of by accident :-)09:13
spivBjornT: Hmm.09:13
SteveAi want to make it work on purpose09:14
BjornTspiv: it works if i don't set distinct=True09:14
SteveAi have an addition to facet menus that makes it easy to include menus from higher-up facet menus09:14
SteveAjamesh, mpt: do you think we need a 'disabled' property in links?09:14
SteveAat the moment, with james' addition, the linked property is used in two cases09:15
mptSteveA: Since most things won't have their own calendars, yes.09:15
SteveA 1. when you're on the same page as a menu link would link to09:15
SteveA 2. when the thing the link points to is unavailable09:15
SteveAwould you want to visually distinguish between these?09:15
jameshSteveA: my code is at james.henstridge@canonical.com--2004/launchpad--facets--009:16
SteveAthanks james09:16
jameshSteveA: it also adds a calendar facet09:16
spivBjornT: I think I know how to fix this.09:16
mptSteveA: Definitely. Otherwise on a few pages it would appear as if there were two active facets.09:16
jameshdo you want me to put it up for review, or do you want to handle this?09:16
BjornTspiv: cool. how? :)09:17
SteveAjamesh: add it to my review queue.  i'll either merge it as is, or merge it into my menus branch.09:17
spivBjornT: by explicitly distincting on only columns from the relevant table.09:17
SteveAspiv: did you make sqlobject make transactions obsolete on commit now?09:18
spivBjornT: Or rather, by explicitly doing DISTINCT ON (Foo.id) rather than just DISTINCT.09:18
spivSteveA: It's just been submitted to pqm.09:18
SteveAmpt: not so... one would be selected and unlinked, the other would be unselected and unlinked.09:19
SteveAmpt: but, maybe you want to make it more specific09:19
SteveAum, explicit09:19
mpto i c09:19
SteveAspiv: cool.  once that's in, i'll try removing some of my sqlos hacks.09:19
mptSteveA: All other things being equal, I'd prefer whatever approach didn't produce ambiguous combinations of properties09:20
SteveAmpt: fair enough.  i'll think about this a bit.09:21
SteveAmpt: can you give names to the different kinds of links we have?09:21
SteveAthen, i could make an API specifically for displaying them09:22
SteveAfor example09:22
SteveA - disabled links09:22
SteveA - current link (which might be linked or unlinked, depending on the current page)09:22
SteveA - available non-current link09:22
SteveAin fact, those may be the only three you care about09:23
mptthat's pretty much it09:23
jameshon my branch those are represented as (1) selected=False, linked=False, (2) selected=True and linked=True or False, (3) selected=False, linked=True09:23
spivBjornT: Hmm, actually, I think I need to fix it differently.  Anyway, I'll work on it :)09:24
SteveAso, we can just add a wrapper around an ILink before it gets to the page template09:24
SteveAthat processes these combinations of properties into something convenient for the template to use09:25
SteveAfor example:  tal:condition="link/type-is/disabled"09:25
SteveA tal:condition="link/type/is-disabled" maybe09:25
SteveAsomething like this would make the page template sections to display links very easy to read and write09:26
BjornTspiv: really? it seemed to work with having all order-by columns and all select columns in a distint on(...).09:26
BjornTspiv: thanks for doing it, let me know how it goes :)09:26
spivBjornT: Oh, good.  I'm still fiddling with making a proper sqlobject test case for it, once I have that I can stop guessing ;)09:27
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BjornTSteveA: i've removed the database imports, that you told me to fix yesterday. do you want to take a quick look at it?09:48
SteveAsure, be glad to09:48
spivBjornT: Actually, I'm confused.09:52
spivBjornT: If you want to order bugtasks by Bug.id, isn't that the same as ordering them by BugTask.bug?09:52
BjornTspiv: ok, bad example :) let's say that i want to order by SourcePackageName.name instead09:53
spivOk, that's less crazy ;)09:54
BjornTSteveA: ok, sent you the diff by mail09:55
SteveABjornT: I wonder about the bugtaskdelta09:57
SteveAwhat if it worked like this:09:57
SteveA delta = IDelta(some_bug_task)09:57
SteveA delta.setDifference(... various kw args)09:57
SteveAjust an idea, don't know if it is better or not09:57
SteveAis there any test for BugDelta and BugTaskDelta?09:59
SteveAit would be good to have a test that just imports the classes, and instantiates them, as a minimum09:59
SteveAother than these comments, it looks good09:59
BjornTSteveA: there are some tests in bugnotification-email.txt. your suggestion is an improvment, but it's not something i want to spend time on doing right now.10:03
SteveAokay.  will you file a bug for doing it?10:04
=== lifeless [~robertc@dsl-] has joined #launchpad
BjornTSteveA: ok, i'll file a bug about it10:17
spivBjornT: andrew.bennetts@canonical.com/sqlobject--distinct-orderby-other-fix--0 should fix distinct for your case.  Want to try it out?10:48
BjornTspiv: thanks. sure, i'll try it out10:49
=== rob^ [~rob@rob-ubuntu.student.supporter.pdpc] has joined #launchpad
rob^hi, I have forgoten my password for the Ubuntu wiki, attempting to recover it asks me to use Launchpad to do so, however it doesn't change the wiki password only Launchpads10:53
rob^any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?10:53
spivrob^: The ubuntu wiki uses the launchpad user database.10:55
rob^yes thats what I thought10:55
spivrob^: So you should be able to use your launchpad login and password.10:56
rob^ok that works, but why did I sign up with a different username initially?10:57
rob^and its linked the accounts?10:58
spivWhen the Ubuntu wiki was originally using Moin, it had its own user database and wasn't linked to anything.  We moved the content over to zwiki on www.ubuntu.com, which used launchpad logins, and more recently we moved the content back to moin, but still using the launchpad user database... so unless you signed up to edit the wiki before the original move to zwiki, the username shouldn't have changed.11:02
spivWell, bugs do happen :)11:04
rob^yeah :)11:04
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mptSteveA/sabdfl: To what sort of places will the Rosetta 1.0 announcement be distributed?11:09
sabdflmpt: as widely as possible11:10
sabdflhopefully /.11:10
SteveAvarious blogs, i expect11:10
mptI'll put in a paragraph about what Rosetta actually is, then ;-)11:10
sabdflmpt: guuuuurd thinkin'!11:11
mptWhen is the launchpad.ubuntu.com --> launchpad.net switchover scheduled?11:13
=== spiv [~andrew@fuchsia.puzzling.org] has joined #launchpad
BjornTspiv: your fix almost work. please add a test where you're ordering descending, and make it pass as well11:32
spivAh, good point :)11:32
stubmpt: As soon as I can get some elmo time.11:36
mptbecause if Rosetta 1.0 is released and everything's still pointing at launchpad.ubuntu.com, that could be a lot of Googlejuice down the drain11:37
stubIndeed - we should not make announcements until it is sorted11:39
Burgundaviampt, you going to fix that cert issue as well?11:47
stubWhich one? I don't think there is a single valid certificate on *any* of our systems ;)11:50
stubIts been on the todo list for ages - hopefully we get a real one now we have a final domain.11:51
Burgundaviayes, that one11:52
jameshcould file a bug in malone to get an Ubuntu CA cert added to the mozilla-firefox package11:55
jameshthat'd fix it11:55
Burgundaviathat is a hack11:55
Burgundaviaand non-ubuntu people are going to be using rosetta11:56
jameshas opposed to all the other CA certs preloaded in Firefox?11:56
Burgundaviabut the 2nd point still stands11:58
SteveAjamesh: and then, you'd mark it as a security vulnerability so that it gets to existing browsers as a security update ;-)12:08
SteveAi don't think that'll fly with the distro folks12:08
KinnisonIt's not like it's that expensive for a certificate12:09
KinnisonPepperfish buy theirs in 2 year chunks for 89 US$12:10
stubBefore anyone submits a bug, clear it with Mark. He might be restricted from reentering the certificate market (and this might be considered just that)12:10
stubWe already are supposed to have real certificates - approved and everything. Just it never actually happened.12:11
mptBurgundavia: A couple of years ago I reported a bug that Mozilla should be shipped with no CA certs by default :-)12:23
SteveAwhat was the answer to that?12:24
mptI was wrong12:24
mptAs long as SSL works the way it does, you have to trust your browser vendor to trust CAs to trust organizations12:24
mptIt's very awkward and not very trust-*worthy*, but nuking the list wouldn't fix anything12:25
mpt(or rather, you have to (1) trust your browser vendor to (2) trust CAs to (3) trust organizations to (4) trust the competence+honesty of their Webmasters)12:26
JanCif verisign is still giving certs like they did 4-5 years ago, anybody can get a cert for about every domain name...12:37
JanCso I don't trust certs except for self-signed certs that I can check with the site author  :-P12:38
mptRight, and Verisign is in the default CA list for major browsers, which prompted my bug report12:38
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cprovmorning guys01:15
KinnisonHi cprov01:15
cprovhi there 01:16
stubspiv: http://librarian.ubuntu.com is supposed to be the librarian, isn't it?01:19
spiviirc, yes.01:19
=== stub sighs
cprovstub: didn't you cherry pick the RF-2089, fix for CoC pages, into production ?01:22
stubcprov: I did01:22
jameshcprov: it is second in the pqm queue01:23
stubI rolled out a branch instead of the rocketfuel one because pqm is blocked01:23
cprovstub: jamesh : ohh ok ... thank you for instance01:23
jameshcprov: ssh into chinstrap and run "lynx http://localhost:8000"01:24
=== cprov is anxious
stubspiv: Don't worry. User error.01:26
cprovjamesh: absolutely cool ... also including some missed "-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----", which produce fun anyway ;) external access restricted to pass or certificates ETA ?01:27
jameshcprov: I think that's just the head of the message sent to PQM (which is a just a PGP blob).  lifeless would know.01:28
stubBjornT: email gateway is cronned up and running. It produced no output when I ran it, which I suspect means it is either working correctly or very broken.01:29
lifelesscprov: thanks :)01:29
KinnisonDo we not get dilys reporting baz bugs here any more?01:29
lifelesscprov: yes, thats the first line of the saved message, I have not (yet) made the lines() method determine gpg wrapping vs commands.01:30
lifelessstub: pqm is unblocked01:30
stublifeless: You can kill that current pqm job to speed things up - a later merge will take it01:30
lifelessstub: ok01:30
cprovjamesh: yeah, it doesn't hurt and it is the only effort I can see to have RT PQM feedback  01:30
=== cprov congrats lifeless
lifelessif anyone wants to hack on the twisted ui, its just arch_pqm/ui/twisted.py01:31
lifelessstill in the review queue IIRC ;001:31
BjornTstub: it should mean that it works. i'll try it out01:31
cprovlifeless: I'll look but I can't garantee any it'll be fast, If you don't mind ...01:33
stubBjornT: It is running every three minutes01:33
lifelesscprov: ;)01:34
lifelesscprov: it was a quick hack I could do that wasn't reinventing the wheel nor spamming everyone.01:34
lifelesscprov: I'm going to put it up on pqm.ubuntu.com when I finally track elmo down.01:35
cprovlifeless: fantastic, It has been my dream since the very begining, pqm will rock  soon.01:36
lifelessprobably the biggest thing would be a patch to the main script to timeout and reap all its children with increasing severity after X minutes with no output01:37
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Kinnisonstub: Can you see what's up with the pg backups on mawson, it's all stuck solid right now01:40
cprovlifeless: althrough it's not as selective as we expected, but I suspect it solves most of pqm human interation needs01:40
KinnisonAnyone here know what I need to put in my .vimrc to make it break hardlinks by default?01:42
spivset backupcopy=breakhardlink,auto01:45
Kinnisonand 'vi foo.c' will use .vimrc, it's not mad or anything?01:45
stubKinnison: Bounced it all01:47
Kinnisonstub: thanks01:48
Kinnisoncprov: did that fix it?01:48
spivKinnison: I believe so, but my fingers are trained to always type "vim" :)01:48
Kinnisonspiv: *grin*01:49
=== Kinnison 's fingers normally go to the emacs desktop and use that, but I was doing a bunch of one line fixes
=== Kinnison submits a merge of some trivial packaging fixes and goes to lunch
cprovKinnison: stub: mawson pg* are fixed ? what did go wrong ?01:50
lifelessKinnison: fl-cow 01:51
lifelessKinnison: please.01:51
stubDunno. I just bounced it. mawson has locked before with no logs or hints, but I havn't seen it happen elsewhere and am not particularly bothered.01:51
lifelessKinnison: as various $tools are NOT LINKSAFE01:51
lifelessKinnison: link, for instance, AUTOCONF.01:51
spivlifeless: like bicyclerepair? ;)01:52
lifelessspiv: dunno, probably not.01:52
lifelessspiv: file a bug ;-001:52
Kinnisonlifeless: fl-cow?01:54
lifelessKinnison: yes01:54
Kinnisonwhat's that?01:54
lifelessLD_PRELOAD library to break links in a subtree automatically.01:54
lifelessits in debian. should be in breezy01:55
Kinnisonlunch for now... my adventures with 'baz diff --link' will be suspended until I have time to investigate that01:55
BjornTstub: it doesn't seem to work. do you see some error messages somewhere? if not, i'll make it more noisy, so it's easier to see what's going on.01:55
lifelessKinnison: its easy ;001:57
stubBjornT: No output. Subscribe to the topic I've just set up in launchpad-error-reports@, or monitor the list archive. But it needs noise ;) I suggest using canonical.launchpad.scripts.logger_options and canonical.launchpad.scripts.logger so it is easy to switch on or off01:58
stub(actually - I think I already changed that in my cronscripts branch up for review....01:59
stubBjornT: So feel free to review stuart.bishop@canonical.com/launchpad--cronscripts--0 and merge it into your branch, which might make both our lives easier ;)02:00
BjornTstub: ok, i'll take a look at it :)02:01
BjornTalthough, first it's time for some lunch...02:04
cprovstub: btw, was the permission to create DB for the user launchpad in DF removed ?02:09
stubI don't remember02:10
cprovstub: could repair it to me ?02:12
=== debonzi [~debonzi@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
stubcprov: I've granted access to create databases to the 'cprov' PostgreSQL user.02:13
cprovstub: better, thanks02:13
=== carlos -> lunch
cprovstub: oops -> permission denied to copy database "launchpad_dogfood", ehe only create isn't enough I want real data for tests, could you arrange it too ?02:15
stubcprov: You can't copy that database because it is inuse anyway...02:16
stubI'm creating a dupe02:17
cprovstub: err, fine ;)02:18
sabdflSteveA: is it possible to define a view on a request?02:22
sabdflcarlos: any excitement or response to the announcement?02:22
SteveAsabdfl: basically, yes.  it is a little bit odd though.  what do you want it for?02:23
sabdflthe portlets for the browser languages, and country languages02:23
sabdflcurrently, each place that wants those needs some crappy View class bits02:24
SteveAso you want to say request/@@some_portlet02:24
sabdflbe cleaner to go <div tal:replace="structure request/@@+portlet-countrylangs" />02:24
SteveAso, the information for them comes only from the request?02:25
sabdflwith a little help, yes02:25
SteveAtechnically speaking, these are "resources" not "pages"02:25
SteveAjust like an image or a style sheet02:25
SteveAbut, i think it would be as easy to define a view02:25
sabdflbut, it's a view on a context object, just the context is the request :-)02:25
SteveAbecause that's what people maintaining the portlets would expect02:25
SteveAviews depend on two things:02:26
SteveA  the context02:26
SteveA  the request02:26
SteveAso, registering this as a view on the request, you're making it depend on02:26
SteveA  the request02:26
SteveA  the request02:26
SteveAworkable, but a bit odd02:26
SteveAyou could register them for Interface02:26
SteveAand then ignore the context02:26
sabdfli suppose it could be registered for any context02:26
sabdfland then i could still have a view class?02:27
sabdflof course02:27
sabdfli'll try that02:27
stubcprov: There is now a launchpad_dogfood_dupe database, and you should be able to duplicate it for your tests02:27
sabdflwhere would you want to see the zcml, view class?02:27
SteveAi think the most easy to understand is registering them for zope.interfaces.Interface02:27
SteveAthey are to do with displaying countries / languages02:27
SteveAso with those02:27
SteveAmpt: ping02:28
SteveAmpt: i've just finished the initial linkification stuff.  i think one part of your linkification example has revealed a bug in the general DPoT code.02:29
SteveAbut i need some help seeing if it is so.02:29
=== salgado [~salgado@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
lifelessoh, the baz branch name is now missing from product series02:34
lifelessSteveA: zope3 runs out of memory : https://macquarie.warthogs.hbd.com/roomba/status/zope-zope3/events/61/log02:36
lifelessSteveA: I'll need to track down why, but it takes several days to get there, so it will be  along sidereal time02:37
SteveAah, you mean that importing zope3 runs out of memory02:37
lifelessSteveA: yes02:38
kiko-zzzSteveA, what do I need to do to make a js file accessible via /@@/foo.js?02:38
SteveAfor a second i thought you meant that some zope3 process was running out of memory02:38
SteveAkiko-zzz: wake up02:38
SteveAkiko-zzz: you register it as a resource02:38
lifelessddaa: ping02:38
SteveAin some zcml.  i wonder where the rest are registered...02:38
kikoI can't find where launchpad.js is registered...02:38
ddaalifeless: pouet02:39
kikofound it02:39
lifelessddaa: could you look at https://macquarie.warthogs.hbd.com/hoover/status/evolution-evolution-data-server-main/events/84/log as you know the incremental chatter stuff02:39
lifelessddaa: we have a request from upstream02:39
SteveAlifeless: does the importer handle the svn:externals stuff that zope3 users?02:39
SteveAum, uses02:39
ddaaMh... looks like there's one more loop that lacks chatter...02:40
ddaalifeless: Tomorrow is a national holiday02:40
ddaalifeless: and friday I'll be mostly busy packing up for barzil02:40
ddaa(taking off on friday night)02:41
lifelessddaa: right.02:41
lifelessddaa: if you can, please. I'll set an expectation of not-immediately though.02:41
ddaaSince pybaz archivelocation is not yet quite complete, but could probably be completed before barzil if I can single-mindedly focus on it02:41
ddaathere's a choice to be made there02:42
ddaaYour choice.02:42
lifelesslocation first02:42
ddaaOkay. The chatter thing is probably not very complicated. Will probably be easy to figure out early next week.02:43
ddaa(maybe do it before if I need a diversion, but the expectations are set)02:43
ddaabtw, what are the news out there?02:44
ddaaI have had my head dug into pybaz for a few days, so there might be something worth telling me about.02:45
ddaaapparently not :)02:46
carlossabdfl, only the request from Quim02:47
lifelesstom has released an arch 2.0 prototype02:47
=== ddaa goes back at flushing email through the eyeballs bus
ddaalifeless: hu?02:47
lifelessI'm optimising the heck outta the baz 1.5 tree structure02:47
ddaabaz cool... I really can't wait for the new inventory stuff to shut off those launchpad whiners ;)02:48
jameshthen we'll just whine about the size of the metadata being carried around in the tree :)02:49
ddaarevc... bah... I think I lost all interest in tomlord's doings. And TBH I do not have much residual interest left in other RCS issue. Maybe it's just a phase, but they way things are evolving is a bit depressing.02:50
lifelessjamesh: if I patch branch to do good headers, do you want to find the regressions it triggers;002:50
lifelessjamesh: it is on the queu.02:50
jamesh"do good headers"?02:51
ddaastop the metadata bulk from growing insanely02:51
lifelessjamesh: the metadata problem is O(n^2) growth 02:51
jameshso it wouldn't list the entire patch history in base-0 revisions?02:51
jameshwhat sort of trees would be good to test that sort of thing?02:52
ddaathe first candidate for regressions in log-for-merge02:52
ddaalast time I looked at that code it was amazingly brain-damaged02:52
SteveAkiko: what should "bug 12345" link to if there is no bug 12345 ?02:53
ddaapacking up a number of undocumented, and unenforced, expectations.02:53
jameshddaa: I was thinking more along the lines of interoperability -- e.g. if I used a baz that didn't create such large metadata, would other people be able to use my branches?02:54
ddaareading tla source code was a bit like ready a holy book, clues scattered all around, contradictory clues, etc.02:54
lifelessis there a 'merge products' feature planned ?02:55
lifeless(sound-juicer and sj are the same thing)02:55
lifelessjamesh: launchpad ;002:55
ddaajamesh: that's certainly going to break compatibility with some third-party tools, and some ancillary tools like log-for-merge (which affects "commit -s" ouput), but that should have no effect on core compatibility.02:55
lifelessjamesh: it should list just the new patch being added. Which is a trivial change I can do tonight.02:55
lifelessjamesh: the problem is the tools that depend on it : 'merge', 'log-for-merge'. 'merges'. Et al.02:56
ddaaoh right... "merges" is full of that evil crap02:56
ddaait should probably be modified in a incompatible way to stop being autistically namespace oriented.02:57
ddaaI'm pretty sure the star-merge code does not depend on it.02:57
ddaaAnd I'd expect the mesh-merge code does not either. Does it, lifeless?02:57
lifelessmesh merge depends on it02:58
lifelessin that it does magic to remove the extra headers.02:58
ddaawell, should be a easy fix: "remove evil workaround"02:58
lifelessddaa: except where we still need it. New logs would have a magic flag, and you need to conditional on it in a bunch of places.02:59
lifelessThats shotgun surgery so you probably want to add a nice clean interface to get what people want and conditionalise in there02:59
kikosalgado, jamesh, SteveA, BjornT, spiv, stub: #canonical-meeting!03:02
ddaamh... there does not seem be a canned name for that transformation in the Refactoring book...03:02
lifelessddaa: see page 8003:04
lifelessor the smells list at the back03:04
lifelessfor libarch it would be extract class + move method03:05
ddaayeah, I know Shotgun Surgery. I was talking about the transformation. Yeah, I guess extract class + move method is right. But at a glance it did look like that was covering the "remove duplication" aspect.03:07
lifelessright, thats how you fix shotgun surgery03:10
lifelessyou remove duplication ;003:10
=== _Raptor_ [~KillerApp@dsl-253-122.monet.no] has joined #launchpad
ddaarandom thought03:20
ddaathe current pattern i'm using for create_master and create_mirror looks like:03:21
ddaaparams = arch.ArchiveLocationParams()03:21
ddaamaster.create_master(archive, params)03:21
ddaa(that's for an unsigned archive w/o listings)03:21
ddaaokay, that's fine because the common case is that you want make it explicit that you _really_ do not mean to have any option.03:22
ddaaBut there are other cases, for example mirror, which could use (in the future) something like this Parameter Object pattern for --no-cached and --cached-tags options (because they are mutually exclusive, they are a not a good fit for keyword arguments).03:23
ddaaSo, one option is to expect an optional parameter object.03:23
ddaaBut I just thought of an interesting idiom with Method Objects and properties03:23
ddaaone could do:03:23
=== lifeless braces
=== ploum [~Lionel@] has joined #launchpad
ddaamethod = master.mirror(target, limit) # in the no-option case03:24
ploumI tried to merge two accounts03:24
ploumbut not it seems that my personnal page is broken :-(03:24
ddaamaster.mirror(target, limit) # no options03:25
ddaaor: method = master.mirror ; method.no_cached() ; method(target, limit)03:25
lifelessploum: are you lionel ?03:25
ddaawhere the "master.mirror" would be a property that creates a method object.03:26
lifelessddaa: eww03:26
ddaais than insane crack?03:26
lifelessddaa: yes yes yes03:26
ddaa* is that03:26
lifelessddaa: there is a much cleaner way if you want that sort of complexity - Builder.03:26
lifelessddaa: or.03:26
lifelessmirrorer = master.getMirrorer(target)03:27
ddaalifeless: okay, so you want on optional parameter object? "params = arch.MirrorParams() ; params.no_cached() ; master.mirror(target, params)"03:27
ddaaYeah... close to what I was thinking, but I was thinking of providing a seamless syntax for the common case.03:28
lifelessdon't confuse people03:28
lifelesschoose a clean way of doing it and do that.03:28
lifelesscommon case:03:28
ploumlifeless, I am03:28
lifelessploum: ok, there are some errors I can see.03:28
lifelesscprov: are you the /person person ?03:29
lifelessploum: I don't know if its a bug, or something to do with your account. Lets see if we can find someone to help ;003:29
salgadoploum, this is a known problem (https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/1356). sorry for the trouble03:29
salgadoit's going to be fixed soon and your page will be back working.03:30
ploumsalgado, lifeless : thank you a lot !03:30
ploumI don't mind for the trouble03:30
salgadobtw, this failure proves that the merge succeeded, at least03:30
ploumI just want to report the bug :-)03:30
ploumindeed, it seems that it succeeded03:31
ddaalifeless: thinking of it, I think the builder pattern is what we want here. Clean extension point for verbose iter_ variants, single point sanity checking for master and target (good for our mirror-each-revision loop).03:33
lifelessddaa: do you see the difference I'm making - that its always the same, theres always a method object.03:33
lifelessddaa: :)03:33
lifelessddaa: builder is suprisingly common once grokked.03:33
ddaaone important practical difference is where the target argument goes...03:33
lifelessddaa: true. Theres a smalltalk idiom that I think you would like. each parameterisation method on the MethodObject returns self.03:34
ddaayeah, I noticed that in your code.03:34
ddaaBut that's not the python way of doing things.03:34
lifelessddaa: so you could do: master.getMirrorer().no_cached().verbose().mirror()03:34
ddaaI can imagine that could be the way in other language, but that just make pythonistas go "eeeeew!"03:35
lifelessddaa: I don't think its unpythonic, but its certainly not in common use in the std lib.03:35
spivThe pstats module in the stdlib does that.03:35
ddaawell... that makes me go "eeeew!"03:35
lifelessspiv: :-)03:35
SteveAkinda fails the LoD too03:35
lifelessLoD ?03:35
spivDeferreds in Twisted also do that for adding callbacks.03:35
ddaaI love the "side effect gives no value" rule. It's actually a common rule in Scheme.03:35
kikocarlos, daf: ping?03:36
ddaaspiv: duh! What's the point of doing that to a deferred, most of the time you just want to addCallback, addErrback, addBoth, or addCallbacks, to add just one level.03:36
SteveAlaw of demeter03:36
spivddaa: That's quite often exactly what you want.03:37
spivddaa: In particular, d.addCallback(func).addErrback(log.err) is a pretty common thing to want.03:37
lifelessSteveA: doesn't fail LoD then.03:37
carloskiko, pong03:38
spivBut yeah, it's easy to get confused about the subtle difference between "d.addCallback(foo).addErrback(bar)" and "d.addCallbacks(foo, bar)".03:38
kikocarlos, can you help me understand why pofile.*Count takes an optional argument which is unused?03:38
ddaaspiv: you twisted guys have an interesting notion of error handling03:38
lifelessspiv: thats more a deferred model issue ;003:38
carloskiko, let me read the code...03:39
ddaaspiv: read me, I think that's a bad way of doing error handling.03:39
carloskiko, oh, ok, because it comes from RosettaStats that is also implemented by POTemplate.*Count03:39
spivddaa: In what particular way is that bad?03:39
carloskiko, and it makes no sense to specify the language in a POFile as you already know it03:40
ddaaDoes not play way well with subsequent addition of callabacks.03:40
SteveAcarlos: an api like getStatsFor(country) that returns an IRosettaStats would be better in that case03:40
spivddaa: Oh, right.  Yeah, log.err is an "end-user" errback :)03:40
kikocarlos, sounds horrible03:41
ddaaspiv: end-user errback should be model feature.03:41
ddaabut I'm not sure how you can make that fit in the deferred model.03:41
carlosSteveA, hmm, yeah, it sounds better03:41
carloskiko, do you agree with that other solution?03:41
ddaaSince unhandled failures are collected at GC :(03:41
ddaaand because you want to be able to delay failure collection for "defer.fail(reason)" idioms"03:42
spivddaa: Right.  Deferreds ideally wouldn't exist at all, but given the language limitations they're about the best you can do.03:42
carlosstub, did you merge your cronscripts changes? I don't see any change with latest merge from rocketfuel03:42
SteveAi saw some interesting presentations at EP about async programming using yield03:43
stubIt hasn't been reviewed03:43
lifelesserm, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.03:43
ddaaspiv: btw, it looks like Python is about to grow a ".throw()" method on generators, which could be useful to twisted.03:43
SteveApython 2.5 is going to have a new form of yield that looks like:  foo = yield03:43
kikocarlos, yeah03:43
kikoit's much nicer03:44
ddaaspiv: pep342, I just read about that. I assume you guys are following it closely. Aren't you?03:44
carloskiko, could you open a bug report about that issue?03:44
spivddaa: I try to.  python-dev is pretty hectic at times.03:44
kikocarlos, sure.03:44
carloskiko, thanks03:44
SteveAkiko:  what?03:44
kiko<SteveA> python 2.5 is going to have a new form of yield that looks like:  foo = yield03:45
jameshI take it that is for feeding a value back into the generator03:45
SteveAyes.  basically telling it to resume, and giving it back some value03:46
BjornTkiko: what's currently blocking BBA from being approved?03:46
kikoBjornT, me looking at it, I guess03:47
SteveAjamesh: approved your pygettextpo merge03:48
ddaaWow, that sounds like something that would allow actually making async code that does not requires turning ones brain inside out to read.03:48
BjornTkiko: can you take a look at it soon, then?03:48
kikoBjornT, yes.03:48
salgadospiv, is there any reason for not running the sqlobject tests inside "make check_merge"?03:48
BjornTkiko: thanks03:48
SteveAddaa: the latest twisted stuff has a hack to allow this kind of thing today03:48
SteveAi saw it demoed at EP03:48
spivsalgado: Not at all, so long as they pass ;)03:48
ddaaSteveA: yes, I've been looking a lot at the twisted2 api recently. But it's still a hack, it's ugly, difficult to grok, verbose... well twisted...03:49
jameshSteveA: thanks03:49
kikocarlos, can you pick up a patch I have that implements sorting, check it out and merge it? rs=sabdfl03:49
ddaaSteveA: language support would significantly raise the cost of this pattern so it could be useful even in simple cases.03:50
ddaa* significantly lower the cost03:50
kikoSteveA, mpt: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/1420 shows me that DPoT isn't playing nice with my source code :-(03:50
SteveAyeah, that's the idea03:50
salgadospiv, right now they won't pass. but I'm planning to make it. would you review it for me as soon as it's ready?03:50
kikocould we make it so that lines prefixed with spaces are <pre>-formatted?03:50
kikodisplaying paragraphs of text03:50
sabdflkiko: variable with fonts will make code snippets hard03:51
=== ddaa goes out to run
sabdflwidth, even03:51
kikosabdfl, right03:51
spivsalgado: Sure.03:51
SteveAi thought that dpot was supposed to be rendered with a fixed-width font03:51
SteveAusing styles etc.03:52
kikothat's not what I'm seeing03:52
kikoanyway we can sort it out in the week03:52
jameshthe return statements on that page don't seem to be inside a <div> or <p>03:52
jameshor use &nbsp;'s at the beginning of the lines03:52
SteveAyeah, i've found a bug in dpot03:52
SteveAthere's a test for linkification that has revealed a bug in the algorithm03:53
SteveAi'm looking into it03:53
salgadospiv, there's one thing I need to ask you. what's our policy for getting stuff from upstream into our branch? can I just apply part of the changes needed or do you want me to get the whole changeset? (in case I need only a small part of a changeset)03:53
SteveAspiv: note, i ripped the locking out of the cacheing in our sqlobject03:53
salgados/part of the changes/the part of the changeset/03:53
spivsalgado: Well, we want to be able to follow upstream with minimal effort.03:54
spivsalgado: And any divergence has a small cost to that... but backports don't hurt too much, so it's probably ok.03:54
carloskiko, your lock solution rock03:58
kikocarlos, wooo!03:59
kikoI didn't know it would work!03:59
carlosSteveA, I added a glock.py file that improves the cronscripts lock solution and use it as a module. It's LGPL, I suppose it's not a big issue, right?03:59
spivSteveA: Because we don't need it for our one-connection-per-thread case, and it was causing weird deadlocks?04:00
carlosit's at lib/canonical/launchpad/scripts/glock.py and will deprecate lib/canonical/launchpad/scripts/lockfile.py04:00
SteveAspiv: yes04:00
SteveAcarlos: put it in lib/contrib in its own module04:01
kikosabdfl, prepared to be surprised?04:12
Kinnisonstub: ping?04:13
stubKinnison: pong04:14
Kinnisonstub: mawson's pgsql is still all grungy04:14
Kinnisonstub: how do I stop the dogfood launchpad, librarian etc?04:14
stubsudo to the launchpad user and kill the processes. It is old code that is still just run under screen.04:15
Kinnisonwhose screen is running it?04:16
stubKinnison: Mine generally. If we update the code we can background it properly (well... nohuped...)04:17
Kinnisonstub: Right04:17
KinnisonStub: We intend to take dogfood right to the head of the devel branch04:18
salgadobradb, have you received a bugmail with my comment on https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/1375 ?04:18
stubKinnison: You want to handle it, or do you want me to do the drop?04:18
bradbsalgado: yes, got it no04:19
=== Kinnison and cprov should get used to handling it because we might need to update it quite regularly
cprovKinnison: indeed04:19
KinnisonWhat I need to know is how to update the database correctly04:19
salgadobradb, with the comment or with the change I did (assigning it to myself)? I'm asking because I didn't got the bugmail with the comment04:20
bradbsalgado: i got both04:20
stubKinnison: Checkout the Makefile.staging in dists--devel--0. It has targets to do everything you want and more.04:20
bradbsalgado: i just deleted it though, but it also went to the lp list, IIRC04:20
Kinnisonstub: Hmm, okay ta04:21
salgadobradb, yes, I was expecting to see it in the lp list. but I haven't04:22
Kinnisonstub: has makefile.dogfood been updated?04:22
bradbdid anyone else get bugmail for 1375?04:22
stubKinnison:Basically just upgrade.py -d launchpad_staging; fti.py -d launchpad_staging; securtity.py -d launchpad_staging.04:23
Kinnisonstub: so if I get a fully updated code drop onto mawson in the right place and then do 'make -f Makefile.dogfood dbupgrade' then it should do the right thing?04:23
stubKinnison: I think it was mostly done for automatic updates, but might not be finished.04:23
stubKinnison: If it has problems, it will be because of permissions. Hang - I'll check.04:24
carloskiko, ping04:25
stubKinnison: Permissions should be fine - the launchpad user has permission to connect as user PostgreSQL to the launchpad_dogfood database04:26
stubKinnison: So python update.py -d launchpad_dogfood -U postgres; python fti.py -d launchpad_dogfood -U postgres; python security.py -d launchpad_dogfood -U postgres04:27
stubKinnison: Oh... I changed the baseline recently. There will be a number of database patches to run manually in the database/schema/archive directory04:28
stubKinnison: So first you will need to copy database/schema/archive/patch-17-* to database/schema04:29
stubKinnison: That should take care of it all, and normally this would not be needed except I've let it lag too far behind production/staging04:29
=== Kinnison is going to try
=== cprov listen scaried
=== Kinnison grins
stubIts *easy* - staging does it by itself every day ;)04:31
Kinnisonnot from this far back it doesn't :-)04:32
morgsbradb: nope, nobody (well, I can only speak for myself but I didn't get it...)04:32
=== Kinnison tars up the launchpad tree before he fiddles
=== bradb shrugs, not much I can now that it's deleted (don't recall the recipient address list), but will keep an eye out if somebody mentions a problem like this again
stubKinnison: If you somehow manage to totally root it (should be difficult since upgrade.py is transactional), I made a snapshot of the database earlier for debonzi ;)04:36
Kinnisonstub: okies04:37
SteveAjamesh: why does no diff appear for james.henstridge@canonical.com--2004/launchpad-CalendarSubscriptionSet-fix--0  on the pending-reviews page?04:39
kikoSteveA, the branch name was broken04:39
kikoit is double-dashes04:39
SteveAso it is04:39
Kinnisonstub: did you really type in your password each time you wanted to update dogfood's launchpad?04:41
Kinnisonstub: or is there some trick I'm missing for forwarding my SSH agent through sudo?04:41
stubKinnison: I use ssh-agent. Elmo is due to give us a final solution, but for the time being it is ssh-agent or setting up keys to your chinstrap account.04:41
cprovstub: ehe I guess the snapshop was for me ;)04:42
stubKinnison: I add my ssh key to launchpad's authorized_keys04:42
Kinnisonstub: aaaah04:42
=== Kinnison will do that
stubKinnison: It annoys elmo, but it has to be done ;)04:42
=== Kinnison updates the codebase
KinnisonIs anyone else here having trouble landing simple changes to rocketfuel?04:43
=== Kinnison is getting tonnes of errors
Kinnisonand I'm trying to land trivial changes to three files not touched by the test suite04:44
sivangstub: I saw some of my suggestion got a page on the launchpad wiki :-)04:44
sivangstub: recall our talks of the issue tracker that'll bridge between the "moy mouse don't work" and how devs see the issues reported?04:45
sivangstub: (the "trasnlation layer" from the user --> developer)04:45
sivangspecifically referring, to https://wiki.launchpad.canonical.com/MaloneSupportIntegration 04:46
sivangKinnison: hi there! :-)04:46
Kinnisonhi sivang04:46
carlosKinnison, I'm getting a bunch of errors with code unrelated to my changes, does it counts?04:46
stubHeh.... don't blame me. That is Brad's page ;)04:47
Kinnisoncarlos: probably04:48
sivangstub: hehe, well nice to know I wasn't the only one to think of it, that way it means it has some sort of feasability 04:48
sivangbtw, does the existance of this wiki mean anybody can take a part in Launchpad's development now?04:50
sivang(the launchpad wiki)04:50
carlosKinnison, hmm, seems like it's getting better here so it's unrealted with your problem...04:50
=== mdke [~matt@mdke.user] has joined #launchpad
Kinnisonstub: why did you go from 17 to 25 on the db numbering scheme?04:51
stubKinnison: Because I can't count?04:51
mdkeis anyone around who knows anything about the authentication for ubuntu.com, specifically the wiki?04:52
stubKinnison: I sync up with the launchpad release, currently 1.2504:52
=== carlos -> out
carlosmdke, spiv is who did it04:52
Kinnisonstub: aah04:52
Kinnisonstub: The upgrade fails04:52
=== Kinnison nopastes the error, one sec
=== stub guesses dodgy Rosetta data
mdkecarlos, thanks04:53
Kinnisonstub: https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/fileLX7dBP.html04:53
Kinnisonstub: know how to fix that?04:55
=== stub is looking
mdkecarlos, what is spiv's timezone?04:57
Nafallomdke: CTCP TIME reply from spiv: Thu Jul 14 00:58:03 200504:58
mdkethanks :)04:59
stubKinnison: ok - give it another run (might want to use the --partial flag too, so it commits after each successful patch which will speed things up if this happens again)04:59
mdkeanyone else know anything about how the wiki authentication works?04:59
stubmdke: We are running a hacked moin that talks to our authentication server, so logins are shared between the wikis, the Plone sites and Launchpad.05:01
mdkestub, i am interested in finding out how to hack moin in this way...05:01
SteveAmdke: hacking moin to talk to launchpad, or hacking moin to talk to some other authentication system?05:02
stubmdke: I believe you start with a good, stiff drink. It isn't plugin friendly. More info than that you have to talk to spiv - nobody else wanted to touch it ;)05:02
mdkeSteveA, another one05:02
mdkestub, hmm :-(05:02
mdkeSteveA, specifically a forum database05:02
=== mdke gets the drink
Kinnisonstub: it is using --partial05:03
stubmdke: spiv might be able to release his work (make that a 'will' if moin is GPL)05:03
SteveAmdke: send a mail to spiv asking about it.  andrew at canonical.com05:03
bradbmpt: around?05:03
mdkestub, moin is gpl i think05:04
mdkeSteveA, will do thanks :D05:04
BjornTstub: i've reviewed your branch now, and i think i know why the email script wasn't working. it's using the wrong lockfile...05:04
stubBjornT: I fixed that.05:04
SteveAyeah, it is gpl05:04
=== stub wonders where the patch got with pqm
=== Kinnison assumes patch 23 is a complex one
SteveAmdke: can you also cc me ?  steve@canonical.com05:05
mdkeSteveA, certainly05:05
Kinnisonaah no, simple, just touches posubmission05:05
=== SteveA --> stroll outside
BjornTstub: hmm, ok. it seems like it worked once at least, though. it processed a mail brad sent a while ago.05:09
bradbSteveA: any news on page titles? that be a subtle-but-sweet improvement for Malone usability05:09
bradbmpt seems to have dropped a slight bombshell on the malone menus implementation by pointing out that the "Show Reports" menu option should show the, ahem, "Advanced Search" page. :)05:10
bradbthough Advanced Search will be fairly critical for 1.0, i don't think sabdfl is sold on it yet05:11
stubKinnison: Touches it a few million times though ;)05:14
Kinnisonstub: aye05:14
=== lamont is now known as lamont-away
Kinnisonstub: *pout* it's _still_ running patch 2305:26
=== debonzi [~debonzi@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
stubKinnison: it will get there ;) I can make it chew up more memory, but it will involve cancelling that update. Probably better to just leave it (don't think the extra RAM allocation will help the writes much anyway)05:28
stubKinnison: Oh... actually, there is something I can tweak.05:28
Kinnisondebonzi, stub: Talk to me about gina on production05:32
stubKinnison: If you are happy with the data on staging, we can switch it on as soon as someone reviews the branch and it gets merged to Rocketfuel05:35
stubKinnison: Which I doubt will happen until I'm in Brazil05:36
Kinnisonstub: blergh, right05:37
=== Kinnison is happy with staging's data
Kinnisonwe need to get it going on production ASAP05:37
Kinnisonwhose review queue is the branch in?05:37
debonziKinnison, I tried to get an rs=kiko.. but I didn't receive it yet :(05:37
debonziKinnison, will ping him about it again05:38
Kinnisonan r=<foo> will do05:38
Kinnisonbut get it reviewed and in ASAP05:38
kikoyeah, I'd rather it got reviewed05:39
stubIt won't be running until I'm in Brazil then, and I have no idea what the schedule will be like there.05:40
bradbkiko: i just added sample data for a distro release task05:40
bradbkiko: 5 modified files...05:40
bradbbut simple, straightforward, couple-line test fixes. are you willing to rs this?05:40
Kinnisonstub: right, how do I start launchpad in a sane way now?05:40
bradb(the most significant non-triviality was adding three lines to bugtask.zcml to define canonical URLs for bug tasks.)05:41
stubKinnison: make start LPCONFIG=dogfood (assuming there is a dogfood config...)05:41
bradbs/for bug tasks/for distrorelease bug tasks/05:41
kikobradb, sure, mail me05:42
KeybukKinnison: how often is gina running breezy into dogfood now?05:42
=== debonzi _< Lunch
KinnisonKeybuk: Not sure, if debonzi doesn't know either, I'd say "not at all currently"05:43
KeybukKinnison: debonzi said "lunch"05:43
=== debonzi is not running gina on dogfood
Keybukcan we run that daily, or even more-than-daily ?05:44
Keybukso it has the latest, shiniest, breezy information05:44
KinnisonOnce dogfood is up and going yes05:44
Kinnisonit's currently down and crying05:44
debonziKinnison, do you want me to set gina up when dogfood is ready?05:45
Kinnisondebonzi: I'd appreciate that, yes05:46
Kinnisondebonzi: I'll tell you once it's ready05:46
debonziKinnison, cool.. 05:46
=== debonzi -> Realy lunch
KinnisonKeybuk: dogfood can't start05:50
stubKinnison: The config file is missing the trebuchet section05:52
Keybukstub: didn't you merge that in from default yet?05:53
stubDogfood hasn't been updated for ages05:53
KinnisonKeybuk: is the default trebuchet config okay for dogfood?05:54
Keybukdefaults are ok everywhere05:55
bradbbad paste == rm'd file in working tree05:59
bradbi have it mirrored already, i'm just trying to think of how to cvs -q up it...06:00
KinnisonKeybuk: right, I think dogfood is up06:00
Kinnisondebonzi: Please import breezy and then start regular updates06:03
bradbkiko: in the meantime, i mailed you the patch06:05
bradbkiko-fud: do you have a chance now to review that patch? it's virtually [trivial] 06:21
stubIs it my imagination, or is PQM not merging anything or sending responses?06:27
bradbit seems unlikely that it's your imagination06:29
salgadostub, I guess the problem is with responses only06:29
bradbsabdfl: what if we called it IBugTask.reportedin?06:41
sabdflbradb: super06:41
bradbright, ok, filing the bug now to be sure we get to it06:42
sabdflBjornT: what branch are you currently mreging in?06:44
sabdflanybody know what branch stub is merging in, too?06:44
sabdflBjornT: you reviewed it06:45
sabdfli'd like to merge and test so I know if my merge will be OK06:45
=== Kinnison 's brain finally melts and pools on the floor
Kinnisonmore dogfood in the morning methinks06:47
BjornTsabdfl: i'm merging bjorn.tillenius@canonical.com/launchpad--fix-database-imports--006:53
BjornTsabdfl: stub's should be stuart.bishop@canonical.com/launchpad--cronscripts--0, then. (even though it's in need-reply status...)06:54
sabdflthanks bjornt06:55
=== BjornT heads out for a walk to get some fresh air
=== kiko-fud submits merge for table sorting!
kiko-fudlifeless, did the magic pqm-viewer go live?07:04
ddaassh chinstrap lynx --dump http://localhost:8000/07:05
ddaakiko-fud: your patch is second on the queue07:05
kiko-fudthanks ddaa 07:05
BjornTanyone else seen failures from pqm, where the librarian couldn't be set up?07:10
BjornTOSError: [Errno 17]  File exists: '/var/tmp/fatsam.test'07:10
SteveAkill all librarians07:11
SteveArm -r /var/tmp/fatsam.test07:11
BjornTwho can do that on chinstrap?07:13
SteveAvarious people who aren't here07:14
SteveAyou can submit a merge with some extra code that does the 'rm -r' ;-)07:15
SteveAthus, getting the pqm user to do it by proxy07:15
SteveAactually, it's a reasonable thing to rm before a test run07:15
kiko-fudyou are such an evil man07:15
BjornTok, i'll wait until tomorrow and hopes that someone has fixed it until then, this merge isn't that important07:17
SteveAthere is a bug in the librarian setup07:18
SteveAif /var/tmp/fatsam.test is there, it all falls apart07:18
=== BjornT tries once again to head out for a walk...
SteveAalso, the test runner can leave that directory, and maybe a librarian, sitting around07:19
SteveAan atexit hook could clean these up07:19
debonziKinnison, yep.. how much time more will you be online?07:20
bradbkiko-fud: might you have a moment to take a quick look at that patch?07:33
kiko-fudbradb, I already replied and r+ed it07:33
kiko-fudabout 4h ago07:33
bradb4h ago? heh07:34
bradbi don't see the reply, but if you say it's r'ed well, hey, that's good enough for me07:34
kiko-fudyou wrote to launchpad-reviews only unfortuantely07:35
kiko-fudnext time write to me CC: launchpad-reviews07:35
kiko-fudand stop this reply-to-list thing07:35
kiko-fudyou'll get direct replies07:35
bradbDate: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 12:04:29 -040007:35
bradbFrom: Brad Bollenbach <bradb@bbnet.ca>07:35
bradbTo: Christian Robottom Reis <kiko@async.com.br>07:35
bradbCc: launchpad-reviews@lists.canonical.com07:35
bradbSubject: REVIEW REQUEST: Canonical URLs for IDistroReleaseBugTask07:35
kiko-fudmaybe it's that list-reply thing that's going on07:36
bradbi always reply-to-list, because it annoys the heck out of me when other people *don't* do that!07:36
bradbbut, i don't see how that mattered here, because i didn't reply to anything. mais en tous cas...07:37
kiko-fudI think for some reason I'm getting this horrible reply-to-list header07:37
kiko-fudand I hate reply-to-list-only07:37
carloskiko-fud, I have a pending review to be done that is a bit urgent07:38
carloskiko-fud, any chance to get some priority there?07:38
kiko-fudbut I suck at reviews!07:38
kiko-fudnag a reviewer, carlos -- yes07:39
carloskiko-fud, I'm not asking that you review it07:39
carlosbut if you can point to anyone ;-)07:39
carlosif you can do it, is ok07:39
kiko-fudBjornT, salgado or SteveA 07:39
carlosI thought you coordinate them, that's all O:-)07:39
kiko-fudI actually do, but ...07:40
carlosBjornT, salgado, SteveA: Any chance to get a review from you? it should be easy as it's not a new feature but bug fixing + tests07:40
carloskiko-fud, btw, I have a friend from Spain that moves to Sao Pablo to work there, I think he will be there a year or so07:42
kiko-fudthat's cool07:42
=== bradb submits merge request to pqm, sprinkles holy water on head for good measure
salgadocarlos, I think I can look at it. where's the branch/diff?07:42
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.5: new build (patch-39)07:43
bradbgotta run out for about 30-45 mins. back in a bit and will look at your branch too kiko-fud while i'm bazzing.07:43
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.5: Display revision information before uploading changeset for archive-mirror (patch-31: Matthieu.Moy@imag.fr)07:43
carlossalgado, carlos.perello@canonical.com--2004/launchpad--LaunchpadPoImportFeedback--007:44
carlosbut give me some extra minutes, I'm finishing a bug fix I found while testing it with real data07:44
salgadocarlos, what bug is that you found?07:45
carlossalgado, a string substitution that expects an integer and seems to get a non integer value07:46
carlossalgado, it should be trivial to fix, it's the test what will be bigger07:46
=== SteveA_ [~steve@adsl-213-190-44-43.takas.lt] has joined #launchpad
salgadocarlos, hmmm. I hope you're adding some sampledata to test this case too. ;)07:47
carlosI'm trying to detect the sample data that raises the bug as I don't see anything looking at the code07:47
carlossalgado, when you look at the diff you will see that all bugs I'm fixing have sample data and tests07:47
carlossalgado, so yes, I'm trying to find the data that raises it to add it to our tests07:48
salgadocarlos, great. :)07:48
=== kiko-fud submits merge again
SteveA_kiko-fud: remember what bjorn was talking about earlier?  fatsam directories and all that?07:51
SteveA_i think pqm might be stuffed for running launchpad testes07:51
SteveA_um, tests07:51
kiko-fudI'm getting local librarian failures when running them07:52
kiko-fuddunno if that's a known issue or no07:52
SteveA_could well be a librarian process lying around07:52
=== salgado sees that all bugs related to adding gpg keys are fixed and decides it's time to try adding his key again
SteveA_and its /var/tmp/fatsam.test directory still being there07:53
carloskiko-fud, are you using twistd 2?07:53
kiko-fudhow do I know? :)07:53
carlosI applied a fix from daf, although it still fails from time to time07:54
carloskiko-fud, if it's hoary it's not 2.007:54
carloscarlos@gollum:~$ twistd2.4 --version07:54
carlostwistd (the Twisted daemon) 2.0.107:54
kiko-fudit's hoary07:56
ddaamh... chicken and egg...07:59
ddaaI need bound namespace objects to test mirroring07:59
ddaabut I need mirroring to test bound namespace objects...08:00
SteveA_do you need all of both?08:01
carloskiko-fud, then it's not the same problem08:02
=== SteveA_ finds bug in DPoT!
jblackHi. Would anybody happen to know what a kochi is, as pertains to ttf? (as in ttf-kochi)08:14
carlossalgado, go ahead with the review, the bug seems to be inside the mail template that the script sends so it should be fixed without changing python code08:15
SteveA_it's a standard style family of japanese fonts 08:15
jblackAnything more than that? I need to make a paragraph worth of description.08:16
SteveA_i read an article on japanese font families once08:16
jblack"ttf-kochi is a true type font for japanese characters. As many people know, japenese is one of those weird languages where instead of doing from left to right it goes from up to down. I hear sushi is good, but I think it sux. kthx, bye"08:17
jblackbtw, thanks stevea08:18
=== mdke [~matt@mdke.user] has left #launchpad []
ddaajblack: if you want my opinion, I think "Kochi is a standard style family of japanese fonts." is perfectly all right.08:19
ddaaThere are quite a few boring products in launchpad that have similar one-line descriptions.08:19
ddaaThe suggested summaries in the comments are, in my opinion, quite completely over the top of what can be reasonably expected from us.08:20
SteveA_jblack: checking my info...08:20
jblackSteveA_: Its ok. I'm just having fun. 08:20
SteveA_ ttf-kochi-gothic is high quality, Japanese gothic TrueType font.08:21
SteveA_ It does not include naga10 font, so it's DFSG-free.08:21
SteveA_ .08:21
SteveA_ The family of ttf-kochi-* is very smooth and beautiful compared with08:21
SteveA_ current free Japanese TrueType fonts. It has bitmap hinting information,08:21
SteveA_ so it's beautiful and not jagged to display on the CRT.08:21
SteveA_ This font is suitable for both printing and displaying Japanese08:21
SteveA_ characters.08:21
SteveA_i suppose you asked apt already?08:21
=== jblack turns pink
jblackI normally check apt straight off, but coming from ubuntu-sounds, and my general familiarity with the usual ttf fonts, I kind of missed that step08:22
bradbanyone know when pqm is expected to start working again? (no point even /asking/ if it's broken right now.)08:41
jblackhow long has it been broken that you know of? Does lifeless know? 08:44
bradbjblack: for what percentage of today has it been broken? hm, i dunno, anyone else?08:45
bradblifeless won't be able to know until he wakes up (or somebody wakes him up), I suppose08:46
jblackI can go grab a phone card and call him if you're blocked08:46
bradbwhen pqm's dead, we're all blocked ;)08:49
bradbSteveA_, kiko-fud: what's the status of pqm?08:49
jblackOk. I"ll get ahold of him. 08:52
bradbjblack: you might want to wait a sec08:52
bradbjust to see if kiko-fud or SteveA_ have an update on the status08:52
bradbbut i do appreciate your willingness to help us out08:53
bradbor salgado, do you know what pqm's status is?08:55
=== bradb notes that ML traffic appears to be lagging somewhat today too
salgadobradb, SteveA_ said something about a stale file (that can also be removed by stuffing some extra commands in the merge-request mail)08:57
bradbsalgado: that rm -r stuff? :)08:57
salgadoI guess so08:58
salgadowill pqm execute any command you send him by mail?08:58
jblackNot as a general rule. 08:59
jblackIt can be hacked up to do most anything with some effort though... 08:59
Kinnisondebonzi: I'll be here on and off for the next few hours, but I'm working on personal stuff so I'm not going to be desperately responsive09:03
bradbKinnison, the consumate hacker09:04
=== Kinnison nods
debonziKinnison, yep.. no problem .... are you the launchpad_dogfood master at this time?09:05
Kinnisondebonzi: essentially yes09:05
debonziKinnison, cool :)09:06
=== bradb heads out on the terrace
bradbhm, there seem to be a group of schoolchildren loudly applauding at all passers-by on bicycle09:16
salgadofrom baz diff -H09:26
salgado-q, --quiet            Suppress progress information09:26
salgadobut then, if you pass in -q you'll see that it really will suppress the whole output09:27
bradbincluding the diff?09:27
bradbsalgado: are you sure you diffed against the right thing?09:27
carlosSteveA_, I suppose that it's ok if a migration script uses database objects directly, right?09:27
bradbsalgado: i.e. do you see output doing the exact same command without the -q?09:28
salgadobradb, yes. I tested without -q09:28
carlosSteveA_, the code will be executed once09:28
=== SnakeBite [~SnakeBite@] has joined #launchpad
=== lamont [~lamont@] has joined #launchpad
=== carlos -> dinner
bradbSteveA_: would it be fair to say that 'raise FooError("bar")' is the preferred way to raise an exception?10:09
bradbinstead of, say, raise FooError, "bar"10:09
salgadobradb, SteveA_ once said that the former is the only right way to do it, IIRC10:27
jblackI'd like to put it on record that whatever I did in the last lifetime to get imports in this lifetime... I've learned my lesson, I'm very sorry, and I'll never do it again. :) 10:38
SteveA_carlos: yes, it is okay for a migration script to do whatever it needs to do10:42
bradbsalgado: that's what i thought10:42
SteveA_bradb: preferred over   raise FooError, "bar"10:42
bradbsalgado: is IPerson.browsername suitable for the title attribute of an <a>?10:42
salgadobradb, I can't see why it wouldn't be10:44
SteveA_to get pqm running, if the problem is what bjornt noted, there would need to be a merge that adds a 'rm -r /var/tmp/fatsam.test' or some equivalent.10:44
SteveA_i don't know the details of the librarian test set-up, so it is a better idea to send the significant parts of your pqm rejection messages to the list, so that stub or lifeless can fix it properly10:44
SteveA_kiko-fud: there's no blu-tak kind of stuff in lithuania either.10:48
kikothanks SteveA_ 10:53
carlosSteveA_, ok10:57
SteveA_salgado: i just reviewed daniel.debonzi@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--1 with debonzi11:01
salgadoSteveA_, thanks for noticing. I was going to review it after carlos' branch11:02
SteveA_salgado: maybe you can do steve.alexander@canonical.com--z8/launchpad--trivial--011:03
SteveA_it is a DPoT fix, and linkifying too11:03
SteveA_i'm going to sleep.  see you tomorrow.11:03
kikothat would be beautiful11:03
salgadoSteveA_, I'll try to get on it today. otherwise I'll review it tomorrow11:04
SteveA_gotta have it rolled out tomorrow11:04
SteveA_if you can't do it, i'll ask bjorn tomorrow am11:05
SteveA_it is a small patch11:05
=== SteveA_ --> zzzzz
kikowhy is PQM always giving me pain11:08
salgadocause otherwise you won't have anything to complain. :P11:10
kikoI have LOTS to complain about11:10
salgadocarlos, kiko, contrib/glock.py we want to merge with as few modifications as possible or should we make it consistent with the launchpad codebase?11:14
kikozero-modifications if possible11:16
ddaaSteveA_: I have a Method Object pattern, which style seems more pythonic to you: "location.Mirrorer().mirror()" or "location.make_mirrorer().mirror()"?11:17
ddaabah... zaway..11:18
bradbkiko: sent a review of your branch11:19
kikothe latter is pretty weird11:19
kikobradb, how does it look?11:19
kikoI fixed a broken pagetest11:20
bradbkiko: overall really nice. i appreciate the precise detail you pay the UI elements, wording, linkification, etc.11:20
bradbpqm gives me pain too. i shudder to think about the number of manhours it swallows each and every day.11:22
kikojesus h. christ11:23
kikothanks for the review, well thought-out comments11:23
kikoman, sabdfl's code for that url method is hideous :-)11:23
kikohe must have been half-asleep11:23
kikobradb, it's probably pretty easy to fix bug 1365, isn't it?11:25
carlossalgado, It's an external module, so we should not touch it at all11:25
carlosunless it has a bug, of course11:26
salgadoyes. I asked just to make sure11:26
carlosI forgot to warn you about that file, sorry11:26
salgadodon't worry11:27
bradbkiko: probably pretty simple. i'd jump into it right now, but i've already got 7 different branches active atm. :/ i'd have merged a few in and gotten them out of my way already if pqm worked.11:28
carlosbradb, lifeless should appear soon11:29
bradbi'm willing to transition to a system that uses pigeons to deliver my patches to a secretary in the london office, who then manually types in my changes11:30
bradbso, launchpad@ traffic is lagging way behind too eh?11:31
bradbi haven't seen my HEADS UP mail hit the list yet11:31
lifelesspqm is up11:34
kikopqm is crapping out11:34
lifelesskiko: no, its not 'live' because I can't find elmo11:34
lifelesskiko: lock file is not held, theres no active pqm runner process11:34
=== kiko cries
salgadoisn't the problem that twistd pqm is running?11:35
lifelesskiko: its running your job at the moment11:35
lifelesssalgado: huh ? no.11:35
lifelesssalgado: that twisted bot does not take out a lock.11:37
lifelesssalgado: it neither hinders nor helps the pqm engine11:37
kikosomething isn't running because it gives me 100 test failures11:37
lifelesskiko: postgresql ?11:37
salgadolifeless, well, I was told the problem was because something was trying to remove the /var/tmp/fatsam/ directory11:38
lifelesskiko: you gotta understand, PQM is _real_ simple at the heart of it. The _only_ thing that runs persistently is .. nothing.11:38
lifelesssalgado: that sounds like something related to gina or a buildd.11:38
salgadoOSError: [Errno 17]  File exists: '/var/tmp/fatsam.test'11:38
kiko    OSError: [Errno 17]  File exists: '/var/tmp/fatsam.test'  11:38
kiko    IOError: [Errno socket error]  (111, 'Connection refused')11:38
salgadothis fatsam directory is held by librarian, IIRC11:38
lifelesssalgado: right, its a launchpad test bug, not the pqm status thing11:38
lifelessok, I've just rmrfed that dir.11:39
lifelesskiko: can you file a bug please on launchpad - 'existing /var/tmp/fatsam.test breaks the test suite'11:40
lifelesskiko: might want to point out the silliness of using a hardcoded directory at the same time11:40
salgadolifeless, is diff -q supressing everything, including the diff, intentional? (even if the docs don't say so)11:42
lifelesssalgado: baz version ?11:43
salgadoBazaar version 1.5~200507091049 and Bazaar version 1.4.211:43
lifelesshmm, it was somewhat of an issue, thought it was fixed :\11:44
salgadoI filled a bug on it. https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/143011:45
salgadokiko, bradb, let's say I'm looking at a bug and one of its tasks was reported in bazaar. I think it would be handy to have a link to see all bugs in bazaar11:46
salgadonot yet sure if it would be better in the bug or the bugtask page11:47
kikoit's not very difficult to actually do this11:48
kikoif you are looking at the task11:48
kikoclick on the product name11:48
kikothen click on "more malone bugs"11:48
salgadoyes, but if I'm looking at the bug, then I'm 3 clicks away11:48
lifelesskiko: do you want me to file that bug ?11:48
kikohow many clicks away would you like to be?11:48
kikolifeless, I've done it already11:48
salgadoI'd like to be one. :)11:49
lifelesskiko: oh, is dilys just slow ?11:49
kikoI seem slow but I get there11:49
bradbsalgado: i agree. i was just thinking the same thing earlier today (no joke)11:49
kikodilys ignores the new format11:49
lifelesskiko: ..AH..11:49
kikosalgado, one-click. hmm. would be tough. two-clicks we can manage.11:49
bradbkiko: maybe this is another hint that the context-sensitive page should be the first thing one sees when one clicks on a bug?11:50
kikoit would still be 2 clicks away11:50
kikoI'm okay with putting the "latest bugs filed on product X" portlet on the task page11:50
kikowould that make you both happier?11:51
kiko(we have portlets, why not go crazy :-( )11:51
bradbi previously put the status portlet on that page, actually11:51
bradber, *stats*11:51
bradbbut yeah, recent bugs, hmm...11:51
bradbwhat about in an actions portlet?11:52
kikoI hate those 11:52
kikobut more importantly11:52
kikowhich actions portlet? they are shared between bug and task currently, no?11:52
kikooh, worse11:52
kikothere is none :)11:52
bradbkiko: here's the thing: when you're viewing a task, you can't click to go to the edit screen.11:53
bradbwhich was the first hint that we probably need an actions portlet on the task page11:53
bradbto toggle between view and edit11:53
kikoif you're logged in you can't actually go to the view page11:53
kikois that a problem?11:53
bradbif we had that, it may become an obvious place to put the link to the "More Foo Bugs"11:53
bradbkiko: in practice, i watched a user experience the problem by getting all the way to the task page before realizing "oh, crap, i'm not logged in"11:54
bradbeven if they login to that page, they're still only viewing.11:54
kikoyeah, that's arguably a bug11:55
kikoI noticed it the other day while testing that page11:55
bradbbtw, i *hate* actions portlets too, but i think sabdfl has declared that we're standardizing them, until we have a menu system sufficient enough for the actions to be migrated into real menus (the lp menu thing is a step in the right direction)11:55
bradband, with that in mind, i've watched how users become quickly accustomed to looking in the top right corner when they want to do "something"11:56
bradbkiko: are you suggesting that the view page show always redirect a logged-in user to the +edit page?11:57
bradb(what if they can't edit the page?)11:57
kikoI'm not suggesting anything, just thinking11:57
bradbkiko: could such an actions portlet, if it existed, also be the entry point to the reassignment workflow?11:59
=== sabdfl [~mark@pc-n253.wlan.inet.fi] has joined #launchpad
sabdflhey guys11:59
bradbhey sabdfl 12:00
sabdfllifeless: odd failure to merge with 1.4, trying now with 1.512:00
lifelesssabdfl: !!version_end ?12:00
kikobradb, you are trying to make me cry now12:00
lifelesssabdfl: use --star-merge. its a bug that I need to look at.,12:00
lifelesssabdfl: I don't know the cause yet :[12:00
sabdflstar merge seems to be failing too12:00
sabdfli'm pretty sure there are new commits to rf12:01
lifelesssabdfl: oh, thats unpleasant, and unusual.12:01
bradbkiko: i prefer to call it "brainstorming" :)12:01
sabdfland it's saying skipping empty delta12:01
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [rs=sabdfl]  Change the column sorting Javascript code in Launchpad, and activate column sorting for the distibution release language status summary. (patch-2092: christian.reis@canonical.com)12:01
lifelesssabdfl: 'baz missing -s rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0'12:01
kikoCommand was successful.12:01
bradbwow, that seems to indicate pqm is working again12:01
kikosabdfl, that one was for you12:02
lifelessbradb: yes, there is a bug in the librarian test suite.12:02
lifelessbradb: I had to delete its stale working dir :[12:02
sabdfllifeless: trying to merge RF into mark.shuttleworth@canonical.com/launchpad--ui-cleanup--0--patch-1712:02
lifelesssabdfl: sure - what does the command I posted output ?12:02
kikoman that message was horrible12:02
sabdfllifeless: 12:04
sabdflslinky% baz missing -s rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--012:04
sabdfl    [rs=sabdfl]  Change the column sorting Javascript code in Launchpad, and activate column sorting for the distibution release language status summary.12:04
lifelesssabdfl: right, thats the only missing patch, and it just landed. star merge was working ok.12:04
lifelessbut the message sucks.12:04
=== lifeless files a bug
=== lifeless channels dilys
lifelesssabdfl: star-merge will work fine for you now.12:07
lifelesssabdfl: there was a problem with merging overnight, the librarian had left behind a stale working dir, which broke the test suite for subsequent runs. We've filed a bug on it and removed the current working dir, so those planned merges are now good to go.12:08
lifelesssabdfl: got a second to talk PQM ?12:08
lifelesskiko: any chance of someone meeting me at the airport ?12:10
lifelesskiko: my portugeuse is non-existant :[12:11
kikolifeless, everybody (but sabdfl) will be picked up at the airport, haven't you been reading the sprint page?12:12
sabdfllifeless: ok, thanks12:13
lifelesskiko: semi regularly l)12:13
lifelesssabdfl: busy there ?12:14

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