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=== lamont__ larts daniels
lamont__xresprobe on ia64/hoary is busticated - X asked me a question.12:09
=== Arrogance [~aks@ottawa-hs-206-191-39-38.d-ip.magma.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamont__oo.o even runs... woot12:22
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lamont__hrm... ia64 hotplug seems to not like the hoary-security kernel very much12:50
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truluxmako: ping01:33
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danielsoh my god02:28
danielsxkeyboard-config has its own XML parser in Perl02:28
danielsthanks guys02:28
wasabiWe totally need an ubuntu-crack mailinglist.02:28
danielswe needed another one of those02:28
wasabiWhere people can just post "Cool Shit."02:28
wasabi"omg wobbly windows, w00t", etc.02:29
wasabiBasically I find searching for crack to be frought with frustration.02:30
danielsyet you have to have XML::Parser installed ANYWAY because of intltool02:30
danielsso much hate02:30
=== _xhaker [~xhaker@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsalso, they hardcode prefix=/usr into their configure.in, and it also has this gem:02:32
daniels  --enable-xkbcomp-symlink      create xkbcomp symlink to $(xkb_base)../../../bin/xkbcomp02:32
danielsit creates that symlink no matter what you do, and that breaks horribly when xkb_base isn't /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb02:32
danielsbut it's OK02:32
danielsi didn't care about having anything actually work anyway02:32
=== daniels ruminates on --enable-xkbcomp-symlink=no.
schweebdaniels: nice philosophy02:33
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=== daniels removes xlibs, giggles.
=== luis_ [~louie@c-66-31-46-131.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
luis_daniels: ?02:49
=== mae [~mae@dpc674653178.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsluis_: YES, MASTER02:50
danielsluis_: (be warned, rhythmbox shuffle put on some mind-blowing drum n bass way too early in the morning, so I'm kind of in a stupid mood)02:50
danielsalso I'm kind of high on removing shit from xorg02:50
luis_current libxv dev packages don't seem to have .h files- known?02:51
danielsxbase-clients?  NOT ANY MORE02:51
danielsluis_: yeah, waiting on some NEW action02:51
danielsi think02:51
luis_OK, cool02:51
luis_just wanted to make sure it was knonw02:51
=== luis_ has a gstreamer build that is FREAKING OUT, MAN
danielsdaniels@brainfreeze:~/canonical/xorg/monolith/xorg-6.8.2/debian% (dpkg-deb -c ~/canonical/xorg/proto/x11proto-video/x11proto-video-dev_2.2+cvs.20050712-1_all.deb && dpkg-deb -c ~/canonical/xorg/lib/libxv/libxv-dev_2.2.0+cvs.20050712-1_amd64.deb) | grep usr/include/X11/extensions02:52
danielsdrwxr-xr-x root/root         0 2005-07-12 11:30:29 ./usr/include/X11/extensions/02:52
daniels-rw-r--r-- root/root      5478 2005-07-12 11:30:28 ./usr/include/X11/extensions/vldXvMC.h02:52
daniels-rw-r--r-- root/root      3123 2005-07-12 11:30:28 ./usr/include/X11/extensions/Xv.h02:52
daniels-rw-r--r-- root/root      3730 2005-07-12 11:30:28 ./usr/include/X11/extensions/XvMC.h02:52
daniels-rw-r--r-- root/root      4981 2005-07-12 11:30:28 ./usr/include/X11/extensions/XvMCproto.h02:52
daniels-rw-r--r-- root/root     13225 2005-07-12 11:30:28 ./usr/include/X11/extensions/Xvproto.h02:52
danielsdrwxr-xr-x root/root         0 2005-07-12 11:35:02 ./usr/include/X11/extensions/02:52
daniels-rw-r--r-- root/root     10301 2005-07-12 11:35:02 ./usr/include/X11/extensions/Xvlib.h02:52
danielsso when you get those two, you should be sweet02:52
daniels(and libxvmc-dev 1.something+cvs.20050712-1 has XvMClib.h)02:52
=== robitaille [~daniel@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
luis_cool thanks02:54
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Amaranth"If I get one more email/bug report/flame from some idiot about how libaspell15c2 has broke their KDE or some shit because it conflicts with libaspell15, I might have to break more than just their KDE."03:24
=== stub [~stub@203-217-37-199.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
RiddellAmaranth: what's the problem?  is some part of KDE using a pre c++ transition libapsell?03:26
AmaranthRiddell: No, it's a Debian developer. :)03:26
Amaranthjust thought it'd get a chuckle seeing how ubuntu just went through all that03:27
Riddellaah, yes, fun stuff03:27
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danielsKeybuk: dude!03:44
danielsKeybuk: you told me dpkg had support for migrating conffiles :(03:45
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poningruI had a question03:57
poningruwhy dont dpkg have double click install feature?03:57
poningruI asked before but didnt get an answer03:57
Amaranthponingru: afaik it's just a mime issue03:58
crimsundpkg doesn't, but Kynaptic and Synaptic do03:58
poningrucrimsun: what do you mean?04:01
poningrufor that wouldnt you need synaptic to run always?04:02
poningrualso Amaranth why not just fix that then?04:02
crimsunponingru: I don't have context of your original question, so I have to address it in this vacuum.04:02
poningru why dont dpkg have double click install feature?04:02
poningruthats my original question04:02
crimsundpkg is a command line application. It would be rather disastrous to make it have a double-click install feature.04:03
AmaranthHe wants double-click install, which imo is a security risk.04:03
=== ahuman01 [~ahuman01@pool-151-197-40-157.phil.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsthis is probably not a #ubuntu-devel question04:03
poningrujust ask for passsword 04:04
poningruwhere should I move it to?04:04
poningruand will you guys follow?04:04
poningrucrimsun: I am talking about .deb files04:05
poningruI think04:05
crimsunmove this to #ubuntu, please04:05
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calcdaniels: is xserver-xorg going to move the remaining files out of /usr/X11R6/bin ?05:24
danielscalc: when it gets modularised, yes05:24
calcoh ok05:24
calcso is the entire /usr/X11R6 going away after modularization or just most of it?05:25
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cartmanis there a problem with archives, xorg pack. still not moved to archives though it compiled fine for amd64 in last 3 uploads06:20
danielsit's stuck in NEW06:20
cartmandaniels: sorry, that means? :/06:20
danielsthere are new binary packages which weren't in previous uploads06:21
danielsthey need manual approval06:21
cartmanah :/06:21
cartmanI seem to miss XWrapper here and startx doesn't work once again, thought new upload would fix it06:21
cartmandaniels: thanks for info06:21
=== lakin [~lakin@dsl-hill-66-18-228-60-cgy.nucleus.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionedaniels: is the new X sitting in NEW?06:31
danielsfabbione: binary NEW, yeah06:34
danielsand there are a bajillion source packages in source NEW06:34
fabbioneno wonder06:37
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fabbionejbailey: ping?06:43
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Amaranthuh oh07:01
Amaranthtime for the backports guys to do stupid things with firefox and users to complain :/07:01
Amaranthno offense to any backports guys who might be here07:01
=== pitti [~pitti@a130-233-4-163.debconf5.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiHi guys07:15
fabbionehi pitti07:15
pittiHi fabbione, how's life?07:16
fabbionepitti: tired... i didn't sleep well in the last days. it's just too warm07:16
pittifabbione: hehe, it's +30C here in the north...07:16
fabbioneyeah same here + or -07:17
fabbionehow is debconf going?07:17
pittifabbione: pretty great, and pretty relaxed; much hacking, talking, and a full day trip to an island today07:20
fabbioneah nice07:20
fabbionehave fun07:20
pittithanks :-)07:20
=== pitti hands fabbione an ice cube to prevent his melting
fabbionepitti: do you know if elmo is coming around?07:21
pittifabbione: he's here07:21
pittifabbione: shall I poke him about anything?07:21
pittifabbione: well, he's still asleep, though :-)07:22
infinitypitti : I don't suppose you could beg him to un-VAC for a few minutes to NEW all of the pending X stuff?07:22
fabbionepitti: well if possible i need the new glibc on breezy chroot on concordia. they should be ale to fix the problem i have building the kernel07:22
fabbionethat too :)07:23
pittiinfinity: Kamion isn't available either?07:23
fabbionepitti: Kamion won'07:23
fabbionepitti: Kamion won't be around for another bunch of hours07:23
infinitypitti : Kamion will be around at some point, I assu,e but not yet.07:23
infinityI'll bug him, though, if elmo can't get to it.07:23
pittialright, if I see him before we meet to start the trip, I ask him07:23
infinityfabbione's chroot request still stands though, since we only have one sysadmin right now.07:23
pittidoes thom still have root?07:24
fabbionepitti: can't you leave me a paper message right in front of his nose?07:24
fabbionepitti: thom is at debconf as much as you are i think07:24
infinitypitti : If he does, he's not supposed to use it.07:24
infinitypitti : So, in effect, he doesn't.07:24
fabbioneinotify is upstream!07:33
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maehow is breezy coming08:01
=== aigarius [~aigarius@a130-233-4-123.debconf5.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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Keybukdaniels: "migrating conffiles" ?  are they going south for the winter ?08:14
danielsKeybuk: moving from xlibs -> xlibs-data08:15
danielsmoving from xlibs -> xkeyboard-config08:15
Keybukyes ?  that's why dpkg doesn't remove conffiles08:15
Keybukxkeyboard-config ... Replaces: xlibs08:15
danielswhich helpfully prompts me for every single conffile08:15
danielsi'd like it to not prompt unless it's actually been changed08:15
Keybukif you changed them, yes08:15
Keybukit's a bit broken, of course08:16
danielsi hacked around it by just nuking it in preinst/postinst in any case08:16
danielshah :P08:16
danielsand keeping the xlibs package around08:16
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fabbionehmmm we are missing slang2 source from ubuntu08:41
=== Gman_ is now known as GmanAFK
=== pitti [~pitti@a130-233-5-92.debconf5.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittifabbione: still no sign of elmo, sorry08:49
fabbionepitti: ok thanks08:50
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jsgotangco #ubuntu-mot09:16
jsgotangcoj  #ubuntu-motu09:16
=== Treenaks gives jsgotangco a /
jsgotangcoyaahh sorry09:16
jsgotangcoi just finished rebuilding my laptop tee hee09:17
Treenaksjsgotangco: rebuilding hardware-wise or software-wise?09:17
jsgotangcoim forced to dual-boot on this laptop due to my client running oracle09:18
Treenaksjsgotangco: dual-boot? what's wrong with an oracle-supported chroot (redhat or something I guess)09:20
jsgotangcoTreenaks, the client software (JInitiator) only runs on IE and Netscape atm09:21
jsgotangcoseeding the data requires me to have JInitiator09:21
jsgotangcotee hee09:21
jsgotangcoi should get an extra laptop just for that jeez09:21
Treenaksjsgotangco: vmware/qemu + windows then?09:21
jsgotangcoi would have gone that route if my machine was good09:22
jsgotangcoim saving for a new one though09:22
danielsfabbione: any chance we could get the trackpoint patch merged, but not autodetecting -- so you need to specify a boot option?09:27
danielsi'm really missing it09:27
Treenaksdaniels: only weenies use mice & their substitutes09:28
fabbionedaniels: it's upstream already.. what do we need more?09:28
TreenaksReal Men use the keyboard09:28
fabbioneanyway i am off to bed. i am not feeling good today09:28
=== Panzerboy [~NoName@panzerboy.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsfabbione: oh, is it?09:30
danielsfabbione: g'night dude, feel better09:30
=== jsgotangco switches to his kb-based wm
=== ivoks [~ivoks@backup.grad.hr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== bradb-afk [~bradb@modemcable082.64-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsbah.  both of productplacement and intuneandontime are too long.09:36
Treenaksdaniels: ?09:37
=== mae [~mae@dpc674653178.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsTreenaks: machine names09:39
Treenaksdaniels: ah09:40
Treenaksthose can be too long?09:40
danielshaving to type ssh intuneandontime can be a pain in the arse09:40
danielsbrainfreeze is about as long as I'd like to get09:40
danielsi settled on ephemera (contraction of excessiveephemera)09:40
Lathiatdaniels: thats what ssh tab completion is for09:40
=== chmj [~chmj@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dilingerdaniels: heh, dj shadow?09:47
danielsdilinger: sensing a pattern? :)09:49
danielsdilinger: i'm a bit of a shadow fanboy09:49
dilingeri stumbled upon entroducing's deluxe edition a few weeks ago09:49
dilingergood stuff09:49
danielsyeah, the mix from oxford is just too awesome09:50
Amaranthinotify merged into linus's kernel!09:50
Lathiatoh nice09:50
zygawill firefox 1.0.5 be included in hoary or will the changes be ported back to 1.0.2?09:55
Amaranththat second one09:55
Amaranththe security fixes will be backported09:56
Amaranthany other changes won't be09:56
mdzthough perhaps firefox 1.0.5 will land in the newly established hoary-backports?09:57
Amaranthdoes that actually exist yet?09:57
\shsince when09:59
Amaranthdid i miss another meeting or something?09:59
Amaranthi mean, i've missed a month of meetings...09:59
=== mirak [~c0553202@ip-42.net-81-220-108.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mirak I want to use gcc3.4.4 instead of gcc3.4.3 to build a cross compiler with toolchain-source. Is it possible ?10:02
Amaranthhey, hoary-backports already has things in it10:07
Amaranthdpkg and dselect??10:07
mirakwhat ?10:08
mirakin fact I changed the symbolic links10:08
=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mirakbut I got compile error at some point10:09
Amaranthmirak: Oh, I have no idea about that stuff.10:09
mirakthere is almost no docs about this10:09
=== lifeless [~robertc@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tsumedoes anyone know why ubuntu's kernel takes _SO_ long to load compared to fedora's?10:13
\shanybody can have a look, why the binary packages of gfccore_2.3.1-2ubuntu1 are not in the archives? :) it's builded already...sources are on the servers10:13
=== AndyFitz [~andy@220-245-97-227-qld-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Treenaks\sh: how long ago?10:15
KamionAmaranth: they were a test10:16
Kamion\sh: they're in NEW10:16
AmaranthKamion: ah10:16
Kamiondaniels: any particular order all this X stuff in NEW needs to be done?10:16
AmaranthKamion: what's with ~hoary1?10:16
KamionAmaranth: elmo's test10:16
KamionAmaranth: I imagine/hope that'll be nuked before it goes public10:16
Amaranthexcept i just announced it to the world...10:17
Kamionfool :)10:17
Kamiondon't announce things just because there's some stuff visible in the archive ...10:18
Kamionit's being worked on10:18
Amaranthi did for hoary-updates too :P10:18
=== Valandil [~chrys@dsl-084-056-117-036.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Valandil [~chrys@dsl-084-056-117-036.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
infinityKamion : daniels just headed off to come hang out with me.10:21
infinityKamion : Just NEW the whole lot (please), and if his build-deps are wrong, I'll smack him around later (or upload fixes)10:21
Kamionhmm, I wish I knew how to NEW stuff straight into universe10:21
=== Kamion does it the awkward way
Amaranthdoesn't it just fall into universe if it's not in a certain seed?10:22
=== SloMoSnail [~slomo@vpn-imt20.uni-paderborn.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KamionAmaranth: not when I process NEW - haven't figured out why10:23
KamionAmaranth: also the relationship between seeds and main/universe is only semi-automatic10:24
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-3-79.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionhmm, is this really the first time an hppa kernel has made it into the archive?10:24
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-3-79.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzAmaranth: ;-)10:26
mdzdpkg was the test case which was run through the system10:26
=== chmj [~chmj@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamioninfinity,daniels: all these bazillion xserver-xorg-* were run past elmo, weren't they?10:30
=== mdeboer [~maarten@mtg62.upf.es] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamiondaniels: do all of xserver-xorg-* *really* need to Conflicts xserver-xorg (<< split) as well as Replaces?10:35
=== robtaylor_ [~robtaylor@a130-233-4-225.debconf5.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamiondaniels: seems to me that'll make upgrades a pig for no really good reason - Replaces alone would be fine?10:35
infinityReplaces alone would almost certainly be fine.  I'll smack him when I see him in 1.5 hours.10:36
infinity(He's stuck on busses/trains for a while)10:36
Kamionsure, I'm expecting stuff to queue up :)10:36
=== SloMo_ [~slomo@vpn-imt21.uni-paderborn.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamiondaniels: DUDE10:37
=== Mez [~Mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Kamion only noticed after NEWing, sadly
=== mdz moans
infinityShall I halt it at the buildds?10:38
TreenaksWhy do you notice this while I hear REMs "It's the end of the world as we know it"10:38
Kamioninfinity: might be a good idea10:38
=== Amaranth remembers to not get -35
infinityKamion : Source package?10:39
Kamioninfinity: xorg10:39
infinityOh, yay.10:39
infinityOh, wait.  I can't halt it.  You were NEWing binaries.10:40
infinityFor some reason, I thought you were NEWing source.10:40
infinityIt's alreayd beyond my control.10:40
infinityalready, too.10:40
Kamionso I was10:40
KamionI'll fetch source and fix10:41
infinityOr just kiss breezy goodbye for a while. :)10:41
MezKamion, are you breaking things again ?10:41
=== Valandil [~chrys@dsl-084-056-117-036.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KamionMez: no10:44
Mezlol - good :D10:44
Amaranthwhen you NEW binaries doesn't that mean they've built and are just waiting to get copied to the mirrors?10:47
TreenaksMez: he's unbreaking it10:48
TreenaksMez: I hope10:48
KamionAmaranth: binaries end up in the NEW queue when no binaries of that name have been in the archive before10:48
Amaranthi mean after you've accepted them though10:49
KamionAmaranth: yes10:49
Kamiond'oh, daniels tried to use the [arch...]  syntax in xserver-xorg's Depends - that only works in Build-Depends10:50
infinityThat would explain the problem..10:51
infinityGet to replace it in debian/rules with an arch-dep:substvars, I guess.10:52
Kamionyeah, doing that10:53
infinityWant to beg mdz to un-ACCEPT the binaries, and I can fix it properly later?10:53
infinityOr, you can do it now. :)10:53
infinityI'm off in 5 mins to go smack daniel on your behalf.10:53
infinityAnything you'd like me to convey?10:53
KamionUNACCEPT is just bad - I'll fix it and shove through an extra cron.daily10:54
Mezsiretart, ping10:55
=== JaneW [~JaneW@wbs-146-164-08.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mezinfinity - you still here?10:57
=== spacey [~spacey@flits101-191.flits.rug.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Safari_Al [~tr@ppp241-209.lns2.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mezinfinity, or lamont, ping11:00
bob2it might be better to just ask your question11:02
bob2and perhaps someone else can answer11:03
Kamionfor x in `ls debian/scripts/vars.* | sed 's/.*vars\.//'`; do echo $x; ARCH=$x perl -ne 'print qq{XSERVER_XORG_SPECIAL_DEPENDS="}; chomp; @drivers = split /, /; for my $driverline (@drivers) { $driverline =~ /(.*?) \[(.*)\] / or exit 1; $driver = $1; %arches = map { $_ => 1 } split / /, $2; print "$driver, " if $arches{$ENV{ARCH}} } print qq{"\n}' ../drivers | sed 's/, "/"/' >> debian/scripts/vars.$x; done11:03
Kamionyou know I'm sure there was a more elegant way to do that11:03
=== Amaranth found a problem with changing the foot icon next to the applications menu
Mezbob2, I was poking them because I need them to take some stuff OUT of the backports repository :D11:03
Amaranthit changes the System->About GNOME icon too11:03
TreenaksAmaranth: make them reference different files11:04
AmaranthTreenaks: Not my place.11:04
TreenaksAmaranth: in my SuSE install they're distinct11:04
AmaranthTreenaks: Plus I don't even know where to look.11:04
=== Lathiat stares at his kernel compile
Lathiatits in net/core11:05
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-28-136.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Lathiatafter a good 6 hours at least11:05
Amaranthare you on a 486?11:05
Lathiat133mhz mips 11:05
Lathiatw/ 2M/s disk i/o11:05
TreenaksLathiat: wooo11:05
=== GmanAFK is now known as Gman_
Lathiati think the disk i/o should be faster11:07
Lathiatbut my internal scsi bus is lacking a temrinator11:07
AmaranthMez: You mean the dpkg stuff that's in there>11:07
Lathiatbecause i dont have one11:07
Mezyeah Amaranth 11:07
AmaranthThat was just a test.11:07
Amaranthbtw, if breezy can look like http://www.realistanew.com/desktop.png out of the box we can get a lot more users :D11:08
=== Valandil [~chrys@dsl-084-056-088-252.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
LathiatAmaranth: whats "remote storage"11:08
Lathiatjust a mount?11:08
bob2Lathiat: indy?11:08
Lathiatbob2: yep11:08
Lathiatbob2: r440011:09
bob2ah, mine has a 4600sc or something11:09
bob2I should power it up sometime11:09
Lathiathttp://bur.st/~lathiat/network.jpg <-- doesnt it just look sexy?11:09
Mezyeah Amaranth I know it was a test, but it needs to be taken out :D11:09
Lathiatbob2: want to get my indycam going11:09
Lathiatit detects in debians 2.4.27 but the image comes up all black11:09
AmaranthLathiat: Gateway Multimedia Keyboard?11:10
bob2Amaranth: or by being awesome, it can attract non-14-year-olds ;)11:10
LathiatAmaranth: not gateway, its "Genius"11:10
LathiatAmaranth: you can send me that picture ;p11:10
Amaranthbob2: Dude, that's Cristina Scabbia. She sings better than she looks. :)11:10
=== astro76 [~james@astro76.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bob2never heard of her11:11
Treenaksbob2: you attact 14-year-olds?!? WTF?11:11
Amaranthbob2: Lacuna Coil11:11
MezAmaranth, I've met her :D11:12
AmaranthMez: Die.11:12
Mezlol :D11:13
Mezand nightwish :D11:13
Mezand am meeting sonata arctica and epica in the next 11 days11:13
Seveasnightwish is awesome11:13
TreenaksMez: I know some people who would like to meet epica11:13
LathiatAmaranth: http://bur.st/~lathiat/park21024x768.jpg11:13
AmaranthLathiat: meh11:14
MezTreenaks :D well I have Access All Areas for thirteenth day festival11:14
Lathiatpff, meh11:14
AmaranthMez: I'm going to find you, steal your pass, and beat you just for fun.11:15
TreenaksMez: nice11:15
=== Mez tries and finds his old suicidegirls wallpaper
MezAmaranth, are you coming 13th day ?11:15
AmaranthLathiat: linda park from star trek?11:15
LathiatAmaranth: yes11:15
=== Amaranth _is_ a geek
Mezweoulda been cool if you were :D and woulda been able to get your key signed for ya :P11:17
Mezcome on, linda park *IS* hot11:17
TreenaksMez: agreed11:17
TreenaksMez: but does she sign keys?11:17
=== Lathiat laughs
LathiatAmaranth: sok, you should use this: http://bur.st/~lathiat/bg.jpg11:18
AmaranthLathiat: dude, that's just weird11:18
MezTreenaks, in the future, I'm sure they have subdermal ID devices, so they dont need keys :D11:19
TreenaksMez: still11:19
=== Mez turns safesearch off and sees what it returns
Treenaksgeek pickup lines.. "Would you sign my key?"11:19
MezI need to get my gf to get a key so she can have it signed11:19
LathiatAmaranth: hahaha11:19
TreenaksMez: that redirects to some php11:19
Mezdoes it?11:20
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=== AndyFitz [~andy@220-245-97-227-qld-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== TheMuso [~luke@dsl-202-173-132-131.nsw.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Lathiatrefer checking11:20
AmaranthMez: faked11:20
Lathiatthe problem i have11:20
Lathiatis i have widescreen11:20
=== Treenaks shakes his fist at the referer check
Lathiatand nautilus wont do a "full screen aspect scaled"11:20
Lathiatso i have to manually edit bg images11:20
Amaranthi didn't get any referer check11:20
TreenaksLathiat: yes it will11:20
Lathiatwhich is such effort11:20
LathiatTreenaks: no it doesn11:21
LathiatTreenaks: how?11:21
TreenaksLathiat: yes it does11:21
Lathiatwhich option11:21
TreenaksLathiat: scaled11:21
Lathiatthat leaves bars down the side11:21
TreenaksLathiat: which is scaled + aspect ratio maintained11:21
Lathiati said11:21
bob2so, how about that local ubuntu development team?11:21
Lathiat*full screen*11:21
Lathiatstretches it out11:21
Lathiatand crops some of the edge off11:22
TreenaksLathiat: stretch?11:22
LathiatTreenaks: that doesnt keep aspect11:22
Lathiati tried to figure out how to patch it and failed11:22
TreenaksLathiat: hm ok11:22
=== mdz [~mdz@pc-n253.wlan.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
MezAmaranth I know it's faked11:23
=== ivoks [~ivoks@backup.grad.hr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mezaw poop! I just realsie din my disk crash -= I lost all my pr0n - noo11:25
Lathiatat least its easy to do in the gimp11:26
Lathiati resize to 1680 wide11:26
Lathiatand then use the canvas size thign to crop it11:26
Lathiatand i can move where it crops it11:26
Lathiatwhich is cool11:26
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:ogra] : Ubuntu Development | #ubuntu for support and general discussion | #ubuntu-motu for getting involved in development | http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DeveloperResources | If you have unexpectedly lost editbugs privileges, talk to mdz/ogra/kiko | Colony CD 2 released | dont forget the bugday today !
AmaranthMez: When I did the Great Setting Purge of May (rm -rf ~/.*) I lost all my pr0n (was in ~/.pr0n) :/11:27
=== Lathiat smirks
MezAmaranth, I did something similar to that :D11:27
Mezbut... I did rm -rf /bin 11:28
Mezinstead of rm -rf /*.bin11:28
Lathiatyou keep your pr0n in /bin/pr0n ?11:28
Lathiati guess you needed /bin/pornview11:28
MezI just deleted something I shouldnt have by accident11:28
TreenaksLathiat: /srv/ftp/pr0n/ of course11:28
MezTreenaks : is that publically accessible ?:P11:28
Lathiatwho uses /srv11:29
Lathiatthats like11:29
TreenaksMez: of course not11:29
Lathiatagainst the LSB or something11:29
MezTreenaks, damn11:29
TreenaksLathiat: /srv is the new coolness11:29
TreenaksLathiat: it's not against LSB..11:29
Lathiatisnt that a djb thing11:29
Lathiati hate djb with a passion11:29
Lathiatonly because he writes about things he has no idea about11:29
Lathiatlike his ipv6 rant11:29
=== Lathiat grumbles
TreenaksLathiat: http://www.pathname.com/fhs/pub/fhs-2.3.html#SRVDATAFORSERVICESPROVIDEDBYSYSTEM11:30
LathiatTreenaks: bah11:30
Lathiati retract my comment11:30
Lathiati have a /srv11:31
Lathiati didnt know that11:31
Lathiatso i should have /srv/www not /var/www ?11:31
TreenaksLathiat: the apache packages don't know about that11:31
TreenaksLathiat: but I imagine it would be eventually, yes11:31
Lathiati know11:31
Lathiatbut i should, in theory right11:31
TreenaksLathiat: /srv/www/vhost1 /srv/www/vhost2 or something11:32
Kamionit's up to the local admin to configure stuff in /srv11:32
TreenaksI think this was introduced around the same time as /media/11:32
Lathiat /media is cool11:32
ivokshi all11:32
Lathiatlargely cus gamin doesnt eat file handles11:33
Kamionmany people do things like /srv/$HOSTNAME11:33
TreenaksKamion: yes, but stuff like apache's suexec don't cope with it yet11:33
LathiatKamion: yeh i noticed fd.o do that11:33
Amaranthhey, i have a /srv11:33
=== Valandil [~chrys@dsl-084-056-088-252.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ivokswe all do :)11:33
ivokswhat is /srv for? :)11:33
Amaranthi don't want a /srv!11:34
Amaranthget rid of it!11:34
TreenaksAmaranth: you know how rmdir works, right/11:34
ivoksKamion: i noticed few bugs in installer (they are reported on bugzilla), so i'll be here for some time, if you need additional info11:34
Lathiatim sure the next incarnation of base-common or whatever it is will pu tit back ;p11:34
AmaranthTreenaks: That'll do evil things.11:34
JaneW***Nag Alert***11:34
ograJaneW, ?11:35
JaneWCould all those responsible to deliver Breezy Goals please...11:35
JaneWPlease head over to: 11:35
JaneWhttp://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDownUnder/BreezyGoals 11:35
JaneW1. Make sure your status indicator is up to date.11:35
JaneW2. Add a line or 2 to the notes section of your BreezyGoal to ensure11:35
JaneWthat it's reflecting the current activity on that goal, so that we all11:35
JaneWknow where it stands, and 11:35
JaneW3. Please prefix your comment with the date, so we can easily see when11:35
JaneWlast a goal was updated. 11:35
=== hawk_78 [~hawk@host58-59.pool8251.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
LathiatWhat is this some kind of organized organization?11:35
Kamionivoks: at least two of them are duplicates I'm afraid11:35
JaneWAs you should know the code freeze for the Breezy Release is on11:36
JaneW11 August 2005 - that's less than one month from now.11:36
KamionJaneW: code freeze != feature freeze11:36
JaneWLathiat: that's the end goal yes11:36
ivoksKamion: that's great then.. sorry, i checked for reported... :(11:36
Mezwhats the difference between using libgtkhtml3.8-dev and libgtkhtml-dev for a build-Depends ?11:36
JaneWKamion: oops, so is it Feature Freeze....?11:36
ograLathiat, we try to :)11:36
LathiatJaneW, ogra: :)11:37
KamionJaneW: yes11:37
diarrhoewill smart-batteries be supported in breezy?11:38
JaneWKamion: sorry my mistake...11:38
JaneWLathiat: although once achieved we may spontaneously combust...11:38
seb128Mez: libgtkhtml-dev is a GNOME 1 lib11:38
seb128Mez: libgtkhtml3.8-dev is the current version11:38
Mezso I should use 3.8-dev ?11:39
Mezah ok11:39
\shKamion: u said the package (gfccore) is in the NEW queue? can u move it from the new queue? cause it's a g++ lib which I renamed11:39
Kamion\sh: when I have time11:39
\shKamion: thx11:39
=== Mez changes build-deps to libgtkhtml3.2-dev | libgtkhtml3.8-dev (cause then it'll backport!)
Kamion\sh: it's like the most recent thing in the NEW queue, other stuff has higher priority11:39
Lathiattheres 3.6 too11:40
seb128Mez: don't do this11:40
seb128Mez: why 3.2 ?11:40
Mez3.2 = last version in hoary11:40
Mez3.2 is not in breezy11:41
seb128Mez: no way11:41
Mezand 3.8 is not in hoary11:41
seb128Mez: 3.6 for hoary11:41
Mezsorry: using 3.2 as that was the original depends :D11:41
MezI can just put it as 3.6| 3.811:42
Mezor just 3.611:42
Kamionnewest first11:42
Mezah :D11:42
Mezyes :D11:42
Mezthe debian package askes for 3.2 :D11:42
Kamionand you should be changing build-depends where appropriate for backporting11:42
Mezyes I know :D11:43
seb128Mez: I'm against putting | .. | ... just for backports11:43
Mezthat's why I am11:43
Kamionno, you're not, you're putting the backport build-depends in the main package11:43
MezKamion, as mz said to...11:43
Mezbecause we dont have upload access...11:43
ograKamion, could you look at #12642 ? i guess there is a reason anacron gets stopped at 11 and started at 89...11:44
Kamionwhich means that if both -dev package happen to be in breezy then the result of building the package in breezy is at best indeterminate11:44
Kamionogra: sorry, flat-out here11:44
Mezwe've just got to chang eit in breezy so it builds from scratch11:44
KamionMez: boggle11:44
Kamionmdz: could you please clarify?11:44
Mezand Kamion hence why I did 3.2|3.8 3.2 is not in breezy, 3.8 is not in hoary11:44
seb128Mez: don't change an official package for backports11:44
KamionMez: that MUST be the other way round11:44
seb128Mez: just 3.811:44
Mezyeah, I meant the other way round11:45
LathiatMez: 3.6 is in hoary, for a start11:45
Kamionmdz: surely backports folks will be getting upload access11:45
LathiatMez: so at the very least, 3.8 | 3.611:45
seb1283.8 and that's it11:45
LathiatMez: But seb128 is saying, you shouldnt change it, and put 3.6 in if you upload a backport11:45
LathiatMez: and leave the main one as 3.8 ONLY11:45
Mezwe're not uploading backports though11:45
seb128or we start putting | for Debian too, and for hoary, and for backports, and for ...11:45
LathiatMez: exactly, but if you, or someone does, they can modify it themselves11:46
ograKamion, a i understood it, backports are done automatically from the next dev version and the backports guys have to trigger a build11:46
bob2is backport main upload access distinct to main upload access?11:46
ograKamion, so fixing stuff to compile on a older vrsion is up to MOTU or main devs11:46
Kamionogra: meh, ok, that's going to be ... uh, interesting11:46
ograKamion, i probably understood it wrong, lets wait for mdz's word :)11:47
MezLathiat I was told that noone would have upload access - it's be built automatically from breezy - and if it didn't build from scratch, we had to change it to build from scratch by changing breezy11:48
Mezogra: nope, its up to the backporters to fix it tow ork on an oolder versin11:48
KamionI see11:48
seb128backport gtkhtml3.8 so11:48
ograMez, thats not how i understood your log....11:48
Mezaw poop11:49
seb128but don't mess the Build-Depends for all the other packages11:49
Mezogra, can you send me a copy abck ? and I'll post it11:49
Mezlol ..11:49
Kamionbackporting libraries doesn't seem like a great idea11:49
seb128Kamion: messing main packages and creating sync work from Debian for this neither11:50
Mezthis thing actualyl asks for libgtkhtml-3.1 in the ./configure11:50
Kamionbut I have sympathy for seb128's viewpoint, build-depends are primarily for the distribution to which the package was uploaded11:50
Mezso it seems like that's going to have to be chnaged11:50
LathiatMez: its usually a >= thing11:50
MezI understand seb's POV too11:50
MezLathiat - yeah :D but in this it's bitching for the certain version11:50
ograMez, sent11:50
=== Mez goes and fiddles
Kamionmy preferred option would be for backporters to be able to override just the build-depends, or something similar11:51
Xofclhs null11:52
Xofoops, sorry11:52
Mezone sec, lemme get that log and post it somewhere11:52
ogramy preferred option would be that backporters have to go at least through the MOTU process to make sure they know what they are doing11:52
Kamionmdz: are we putting hppa kernel udebs in main or universe?11:52
Mezogra: we DONT have direct upload to backports11:53
Mezhence if WE want to make changes we do need to go though MOTU11:53
ograMez, i know...11:53
ograMez, yes, and i'd like you to do them yourelf ;)11:53
ograso you should be a MOTU :)11:54
=== `anthony [~anthony@220-253-14-6.VIC.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograMez, but i dont need to tell you this, youre already on your way :)11:54
Mezthat's the log11:55
Mezaw poosticks11:56
=== Gman_ is now known as GmanAFK
Amaranthway to not escape < and >11:57
MezJul 08 10:48:26 <mdz>for cases where the package doesnt build out of the box on hoary, you will need to make changes in breezy11:57
rob^has offical backports been confirmed for Breezy yet?11:58
MezAmaranth, fixed :D I thought TextPatter would do it11:58
Mezrob^, I'm sure that when developemnt on breezy+1 starts, we'll start backports for breezy11:58
rob^Mez, but will it be on an offical Ubuntu server or like it is now?11:59
ograrob^, the question is how official they get :)11:59
=== dr88dr88 [~gerrit@h174040.upc-h.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mezrob^,  it's moving onto an official server now (and we'll be uilding as soon as elmo wakes up)11:59
ograrob^, they are on a official server then, but i doubt they will be officially supported in any kind11:59
=== davyd looks where he can aquire an AMD64 image from
ogradavyd, cdimag.ubuntu.com ?12:00
rob^ok, when will a list of packages be available (obviously not for a while)?12:00
ogradavyd, cdimage.ubuntu.com 12:00
davydogra: trying to find a more local copy12:00
Lathiatdavyd: mirror.pacific.net.au12:00
davydLathiat: any more local still?12:00
Lathiatdavyd: its still waix12:00
davydLathiat: does UWA have images?12:01
Lathiatdavyd: not afaik12:01
Lathiatthey only mirror the archive12:01
davydhmm, seems not12:01
Mezogra: I doubt they'll ever be officially supported12:01
ograMez, yes, thats what i said12:02
Nafallodavyd: apt-get install jigit? :-)12:02
bob2Mez: dude, w32codecs in multiverse is insane12:03
bob2Mez: what do you think the chances of getting permissions to distribute them from MS, AOL, Real and every other .DLL copyright holder is?12:04
davydNafallo: nah, I've found one close enough, now it just seems that my homedir isn't mounted on the machine I'm trying to suck it do12:04
Amaranththose things go into 'hoary-extras'12:04
Treenaksbob2: if you don't try...12:04
Amaranthwhich will use the hosts they have now12:04
Amaranthaccording to jdong12:04
Lathiatdavyd: see, you should have a cd burner in your laptop ;)12:04
bob2I don't think any one in the world has permission to distribute it12:04
=== Kamion uploads xorg -37
davydLathiat: I do, but I want to suck it down, and then walk there and burn it12:04
davydnot have to sit there for hours12:04
AmaranthKamion: yay!12:05
Lathiatjust suck it to martello12:05
Lathiatit'l only takes 5 minutes anyway12:05
davydLathiat: I want to put it on /away12:05
rob^bob2, thats the problem with have with the docs at the moment, which is why I wanted to know where backports is heading12:05
Lathiatmirror.pacific flies12:05
TreenaksLathiat: I got a dual-layer DVD writer in my laptop.. never use it12:05
Lathiatdavyd: move it when you get there?12:05
davydLathiat: yeah, sure12:05
LathiatTreenaks: i have one too, and i use it daily12:05
davydLathiat: why abuse the network?12:05
Lathiatwell, once every 2 or 3 days at least12:05
TreenaksLathiat: what do you burn?12:05
davydif I don't have a homedir on the workstations, it's not much use anyway12:05
LathiatTreenaks: lots of things12:06
Lathiatdepending on the time12:06
ograbob2, sure MS has12:06
Mezwhats the & code for a | ?12:06
Lathiatvarious os cds, backup cds, archiving files, testing ubuntu install cds on other machines12:06
bob2ogra: MS gave you permission to freely distribute their .DLLs?12:06
Lathiatdavyd: dude its like 100mbit, its hardly abusive12:06
ogra<bob2> I don't think any one in the world has permission to distribute it12:07
ograthey have :)12:07
davydLathiat: loving remember the network of ye ole' time12:07
bob2ogra: no, they don't have permission to distribute the Real codecs12:07
=== davyd gives up
Treenaksbob2: MS has permission to distribute MS codecs. Real for Real codecs, etc.12:07
Lathiatdavyd: could goto ucc and suck it into your laptop and go back home :)12:07
ograbob2, real is in w32codecs ?12:07
davydI may as well go there and suck it onto my laptop12:07
Burgundaviaogra, yes12:07
Burgundaviaogra, and apple stuff12:07
davydLathiat: yeah12:07
bob2ogra: yes12:08
ograthat happens if you never use illegal stuf...tsk...12:08
Lathiati just spent 7 hours building this kernel12:08
davydalthough, it's wet, I didn't want to take my laptop to UCC...12:08
bob2Treenaks: right, my point is no one has permission to distributed the aggregate12:08
Lathiatonly to hav eit fail at the end with an undefined reference to 'release_task'12:08
davydLathiat: dude, cross compiler12:08
Lathiatwhen linking the kernel12:08
=== Lathiat shoots the kernel
Lathiatdavyd: find me breezy compatible packages12:08
Burgundaviabut the cleanroom patent-infringing only stuff should be find12:08
LathiatBurgundavia: 'cleanroom' ?12:08
Treenaksbob2: true.. but then we could split the .deb into parts & ask the vendors to distribute it12:09
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davydLathiat: remind me later on and I'll find them for you12:09
Treenaksbob2: or ask them for permission separately12:09
BurgundaviaLathiat, stuff that was reverse-engineered and not "acquired"12:09
Treenaksbob2: which I think nobody has even tried yet12:09
davydI did have them12:09
bob2Treenaks: sure, that's worth a try12:09
Burgundaviareal and apple will probably say no12:09
LathiatBurgundavia: which is none of w32codecs12:09
davydonly gcc-3.4 though12:09
bob2but it annoys me when people think it's cool to bliethly distribute it12:09
BurgundaviaLathiat, I was thinking of libdvd and the gstreamer stuff12:10
TreenaksBurgundavia: Real might say yes -> RealPlayer is shipped with the free SuSE ISOs as well12:10
LathiatBurgundavia: right, ffmpeg, etc12:10
BurgundaviaTreenaks, they might say yes to realplayer, but not to just the codecs12:10
LathiatTreenaks: isnt that helix which is free anyway?12:10
TreenaksLathiat: yes, it is12:10
BurgundaviaLathiat, not the real codec12:10
tsenghelix doesnt support anything more than we already do12:10
TreenaksBurgundavia: SuSE distributes the codecs too, and Sun Java, and lots of stuff like that12:10
BurgundaviaTreenaks, what I am saying is that they are distributing realplayer with codecs, not just codecs for another player (thus real looses all their branding)12:11
TreenaksBurgundavia: oh true, but the codecs are .so files12:11
TreenaksBurgundavia: so it's not hard to "patch them in"..12:11
bob2so, instead of speculating on irc, go email them!12:12
Lathiatbut that might bnto be allowed....12:12
Lathiattheyre license may only permit redistribution in whole form12:12
Burgundaviabetter to support the reverse engineering efforts I think12:12
Lathiat thats grey in some place stoo12:13
Lathiatdepend son the country12:13
Burgundaviabut w32codecs is black12:13
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davydmm, 1 MB/s12:25
davydit's a nice speed12:25
Lathiati've sucked over like 10M before12:25
davydI blame manbo ;)12:26
JanCApple will never give permission for all the quicktime codecs, as many of those codecs aren't owned by them12:29
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Kamiondaniels: the epoch-matching in libxrender seems a bit redundant given that the version you uploaded is lower than that in Debian anyway?12:47
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seb128any reason to not assign kubuntu bugs to the kubuntu-bugs list or something?12:51
seb128keeping them assigned to debzilla create a lot of noise on the "unassigned bugs"12:51
Riddellseb128: generally I think they're assigned to me with kubuntu-bugs as QA12:52
Kamionthey generally are already12:52
Riddellseb128: assigning to kubuntu-bugs is also fine if bugzilla can do that12:52
Kamionassuming the submitter selected the option to file them on Kubuntu, as opposed to Ubuntu with a KDE package12:52
seb128Riddell: not by default, there is a bunch of kdelibs bug assigned to debzilla12:52
Kamionseb128: "default" not meaningful12:52
seb128Riddell: yep, what do you prefer? I'm going to change the default for some stuff12:52
Kamionas I say there are two possible ways one can file bugs on kdelibs ...12:52
seb128Kamion: hum? any case it should be assigned to somebody and not debzilla12:53
Riddellseb128: assigning to kubuntu-bugs gives it a community feel12:53
ograKamion, in any case kubuntu should care for the kdelibs bugs, no matter how they got filed12:53
seb128Riddell: k, I'll change for that 12:53
RiddellI need to have a major kubuntu-bugs cleanup12:53
ograRiddell, ITS BUG DAY !! do it now :)12:54
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Riddellogra: it is?  well it's on the end of my todo list, I'll see if I get down to it12:55
=== ogra wonders if he should send the bugday announcements to kubuntu lists too... i was assuming kubuntu devs read ubuntu-devel
Riddellogra: sending to kubuntu-devel too would be good actually, I'm not always up to date on ubuntu-devel12:57
ograRiddell, ok, will do for the next one....12:57
mirakI have some problems with toolchain01:00
mirakanyone use it here ?01:00
Kamionno, no developers use the toolchain ever ;-)01:04
Treenakssed + awk are excellent compilers ;)01:04
Treenaks(hm.. would that be possible? a C-compiler written in awk..)01:05
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mirakI just want to cross compile01:08
=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mirakthere is very few understandable docs01:09
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JanCTreenaks : I only know about a C-compiler written in python  :)01:35
TreenaksJanC: I know of a webserver in postscript01:36
TreenaksJanC: (inetd-based)01:36
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jbaileyfabbione: pong01:41
fabbionehi jbailey01:45
=== fabbione starts to feel a bit better
fabbionejbailey: the last glibc upload will fix that ld.so problem?01:45
fabbione(on amd64 i mean)01:46
jbaileyNo - I still cannot reproduce it.01:46
jbaileyThat last upload was the fix a hang in mysql (and other threaded apps) in hoary01:46
fabbionejbailey: i can reproduce it constantly on concordia chroot01:47
fabbioneand you can also see it on some build logs...01:47
fabbionelike ocfs2-tools01:47
fabbionejust installing some pkgs can cause the error01:47
jbaileyRight, but I don't have the rights to install packages on any amd64 box.01:47
jbaileyAnd the kernel build didn't fail for me.01:47
fabbionetry to rebuild until it shows up ?01:48
fabbioneit comes to me at least once a build...01:48
jbaileyThe best I was able to do was to have mv segfault on my  irreproducably.01:48
fabbioneok i guess i need to start building in verbose01:48
fabbioneanyway i have a more interesting problem for you01:49
fabbionei did try the following installation on a laptop01:49
fabbionewith hda (internal hd) with only /boot and swap01:49
fabbionethe rest on an lvm volume on an external (usb) device01:49
fabbionethe installation is perfect...01:49
fabbionethe problem is the first reboot01:50
fabbioneinitrd contains all the correct modules to get sda up (usb disk)01:50
fabbionebut the pivot_root is called way too fast01:50
fabbionebefore the device is scanned and initialized by the kernel01:50
fabbionehow can i introduce an arbitrary delay there?01:50
fabbionebetween loadmodules and "pivot_root"01:51
Mezlol - fabbione I had the same propbelm01:51
Mezcause the USB disk counts as a SATA drive, then it causes problems with pivot_root as it doesn't seem to like SATA drives01:52
fabbioneit's not SATA01:52
fabbioneit's pure SCSI over USB01:52
jbaileyfabbione: Is there any reasonable way to just detect that the drive isn't ready but will be shortly so I can sleep automatically?01:52
jbaileyfabbione: Given all the efforts to reduce boot time, I'd hate to introduce an arbitrary sleep 1 everywhere.01:52
Mezfabbione, well, it clases it as SATA (or is it SCSI) becaus eit's USB01:52
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Mezjbailey, doesnt one distro have a seven second boot?01:53
RiddellKamion: how can I find out why all the KDE packages are listed on breezy_probs.html ?01:53
fabbionejbailey: if you can first tell how to insert the sleep i can first check that the initrd is good 100% :)01:53
jbaileyMez: No idea.  I don't actually care about bootspeed outside of embedded devices.01:53
jbaileyAnd in those cases, 7 seconds seems like a really long time. =)01:54
fabbionejbailey: at that stage i am not sure what facilities you have to check what's going on.. SCSI devices might take an arbitatry amount of time to settle01:54
Mezlol @ jbailey01:54
fabbioneMez: it's SCSI <- over USB-01:54
jbaileyfabbione: If it's SCSI, there should be a way of asking the bus if the devices are in the ready state.01:54
fabbionejbailey: well the SCSI layer is an emulation ...01:54
fabbioneit could easily be a real ATA device on the other end01:55
Mezfabbione, that's it... yeah - I had the same problem... device not found or some poo like that01:55
jbaileyfabbione: Sure, but I imagine that the worst you get is a false positive - so no worse than we have now.01:56
jbaileyA false negative would be the only concern.01:56
jbaileyCausing the system to just hang there waiting for drives.01:56
fabbionejbailey: yup.. ok.. how can i add that sleep now? ;)01:56
fabbionei just want to see it working01:56
jbaileyfabbione: Patience, my smurf.01:56
jbaileyfabbione: Are you sure the mount succeeds?01:56
fabbionejbailey: yes master01:57
fabbionejbailey: what mount?01:57
jbaileyISTM that you'd want the sleep before the mount, not the pivot_root01:57
jbaileymounting the root01:57
fabbionewell i need to sleep before the call to vgchange -a y01:57
fabbionebecause otherwise the vg isn't initialized properly01:58
jbaileyfeh, lvm. =)01:58
fabbioneand that would make the / device not available01:58
jbailey(I did get my laptop installed with lvm yesterday.  New installer option makes that very nice)01:58
fabbione(did you like it? ;))01:58
jbaileyNot so far, but that's mostly because I was finishing the debootstrap by hand to work around an installer bug, and gnome won't install because some things need syncrhonising. =)01:59
jbaileyNothing to do with lvm, though, just the annoyance of having my laptop in a less than useful state.01:59
fabbioneno i mean.. if you liked the autopartitioning with lvm :)01:59
fabbionei had to workaround this installation too.. with shadowconf on inside the target chroot02:00
fabbioneand it's there where i am "stocked" atm...02:00
=== Mez has no idea what lvm is
Mezbut when I tried it ... it managed to get me stuck on the partitioner02:00
Mez(and lvm reported that there was nothing on my hard disks)02:00
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jbaileyMez: Sounds like my first attempt.  Are you on ppc?02:01
Mezand I cant be arsed witha  reinstall now02:01
Mez(even though I do have a complete backup of my systenm02:01
jbaileyfabbione: Is the vgchange the first access to the drive with lvm on it?02:02
fabbionejbailey: i think so yes..02:03
fabbionei am considering to make vgchange a dash script with sleep in and wrap the call to the real vgchange02:03
fabbionesince the call to vgchange happens in script02:03
Mezjbailey - Am on k7 :D02:03
fabbioneand i have no idea who/what executes it02:04
jbaileyfabbione: You need to edit /usr/sbin/mkinitrd then and insert the sleeps before each instance of vgchance.  There are two sections in there, one for lvm and one for device mapper.02:04
KamionRiddell: apt-get install them in a clean chroot02:04
jbaileyThe lvm stuff is all detected and dynamically generated for the lvm, so it doesn't cleanly exist in its own script.02:04
KamionRiddell: you don't need to wait for them to install all the way - it'll throw an error immediately on breakage02:05
KamionRiddell: oh, and make sure the chroot's sources.list does not include universe or multiverse02:05
RiddellKamion: ah, universe might be the issue.  will investigate. thanks02:07
fabbionejbailey: can't i just edit inside the initrd? or do i really need to regenerate?02:07
fabbionejbailey: in the initrd there is only one call to vgchange.. in /script02:07
fabbionebut who does execute that file?02:08
fabbioneand with what shell?02:08
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jbaileyfabbione: The shell inside the initrd is dash unless you've enabled busybox.02:11
jbaileyfabbione: Sure, you can edit inside the initrd if you want.  I just find it easier to edit mkinitrd and friends and apt-get --reinstall the kernel.  Less to think about, and no fussing with loop devices, etc.02:11
fabbionejbailey: well for me it's not an option to reinstall the kernel from d-i all the time :)02:12
fabbionejbailey: /script: line 12: sleep command not found02:12
fabbioneit means that it's not executed with dash02:12
fabbione(i didn't change the default shell)02:12
jbaileysleep isn't a built-in with dash, I don' think.02:13
jbaileyit's usually /bin/sleep02:13
fabbioneoh right...02:13
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jbaileyI'm surprsied it's not in there, though./02:13
fabbioneimpressive.. sleep is linked with more stuff than ls02:14
fabbioneor almost :)02:14
jbaileyEh?  Why does sleep need -lm ?02:14
fabbionedon't look at me that way.. i didn't write it :)02:15
Kamionsubsecond sleeps02:20
fabbionejbailey: do i need to add more libs for libm ?02:20
fabbioneKamion: sleep never accepted less than a sec sleep...02:21
fabbioneKamion: probably for keeping track of secs?02:21
Kamion       Pause for NUMBER seconds.  SUFFIX may be s for seconds (the default),02:21
Kamion       m for minutes, h for hours or d for days.  Unlike most  implemen02:21
Kamion       tations  that require NUMBER be an integer, here NUMBER may be an arbi02:21
Kamion       trary floating point number.02:21
Kamionsee the last sentence02:21
Kamion$ time -p sleep 0.102:22
Kamionreal 0.1002:22
jbaileyfabbione: I don't think we copy libm to the initrd right now.02:22
fabbioneno we don't..02:22
jbaileyldd is recursive, so it'll show all the libraries you need (assuming nothing is dlopen'd)02:22
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fabbionejbailey: i added libm and for the sake sleep 20 || dash02:24
fabbioneso in the worst i get to a shell02:24
Amaranthif xserver-xorg is a dummy package that can be removed x-window-system-core shouldn't depend on it02:24
Amaranthoh, i guess i should file a bug report or something02:25
jbaileyAmaranth: =)02:25
Kamionit's much simpler for x-w-s-c to depend on that rather than keeping track of all the driver deps02:25
Kamionx-window-system-core is also a dummy package ...02:26
Amaranthit's so nice being able to only install the ati driver02:26
Amaranthi'd better get vesa too though in case i switch cards02:27
fabbionejbailey: AHHHH i think i got it... it's missing librt too, but other than that.. now i noticed that it's missing the usb module for the host controller...02:27
Amaranthwow, you have to be careful upgrading to -36, it doesn't even install the mouse and keyboard input drivers by default02:28
jbaileyThe dependancy on -lm is spurious.02:30
KamionAmaranth: yes, as I said above02:31
Kamionxorg -37 is accepted for i386 and powerpc02:31
jbaileyIt needs -lrt for clock_gettime, though.02:31
Amaranthso is the end goal having d-i figure out what xorg packages to install?02:33
KamionAmaranth: I sincerely hope not02:33
Kamionhello, madness02:33
Amaranthwell, not d-i itself02:33
seb128Kamion: are gnome-control-center 1:2.11.5-0ubuntu3 and totem 1.1.2-0ubuntu5 waiting on new processing?02:33
seb128Kamion: I've changed the binary packages02:34
Kamionseb128: I already did gnome-control-center02:34
Kamionseb128: totem is in NEW02:34
seb128can you accept it?02:34
seb128I've splitted libtotem-plparser to a new package02:34
seb128so rhythmbox can Depends on the lib instead of totem02:34
fabbioneseb128: hey dude.. got my mail?02:35
seb128fabbione: yeah, is that a "can you patch now", or "or patch for the next upload in a few days" ?02:35
fabbioneseb128: "next upload" is fine..02:35
Kamionseb128: you only need a Replaces on totem-{gstreamer,xine}, not both Conflicts and Replaces02:35
seb128fabbione: k, cool02:35
fabbioneseb128: thanks a lot02:36
seb128Kamion: does the Conflicts hurts? It prevents downgrade breaks02:36
Kamionseb128: that dpkg bug has been fixed, you can stop working around it02:36
Kamionseb128: the Conflicts makes upgrades painful02:37
Kamionseb128: also I think the version on the Replaces is wrong - shouldn't it be << ubuntu5?02:37
seb128Should I fix it now and reupload or for next upload ?02:37
Kamionnext upload's fine02:37
Kamionalthough given the Replaces bug you might want that to be quite soon ;)02:37
seb128can you reject this one, so I reupload with this fix ?02:38
seb128or I just upload a new version02:38
Kamionoh, too late, I just accepted it02:39
seb128np, I'll upload a new one now02:39
jbaileyHmm.  sleep and tail both include -lm unnecessary.  Looks like historical magic.02:39
fabbionejbailey: ok i got it.. and i found another bug too02:40
=== jbailey emails upstream.
fabbionejbailey: i will let you know quite soon about the sleep, but it might not be required at all02:41
fabbionethe 2 bugs are: missing USB host controller module02:41
fabbioneand the otherone is/was the missing ide-* modules from being loaded02:42
fabbionethe main issue is that / lives on a USB/SCSI disk.. but /boot is on an ide disk02:42
jbaileyAh.  Yeah, that won't work for you.02:42
fabbioneso initramfs and/or mkinitrd logic needs to take that into account...02:42
fabbioneor at least should :)02:42
Kamioninfinity: what happens if I REJECT binaries? I assume the reject message only goes to you ...02:42
Kamioninfinity: do you routinely forward them to the maintainer, or is it just a black hole?02:43
jbaileyThe mkinitramfs does because it just walks all of the drivers in the system.02:43
jbaileyWhen detecting  what you think the 'root' is, the decision heuristic gets confused at multiple choice. =)02:43
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fabbionejbailey: yeps.. the sleep is required to give time to the device to settle down and devfs to create the devices...02:52
fabbionegiven the sleep it boots perfectly02:53
jbaileySo is the issue scanning the SCSI bus, or the USB bus?02:53
Amaranthis -37 fixing 'keyboard' vs 'kbd'?02:54
Amaranthxorg i mean02:54
KamionI wasn't aware of that issue02:54
Amaranthi just found out what it was02:54
Kamionthe changelog says exactly what I fixed02:54
Amaranthi had to edit xorg.conf and change the driver to 'kbd'02:54
Amaranthi ran dpkg-reconfigure a couple times, it always set the driver as 'keyboard'02:55
Kamionmake sure a bug's filed, please02:55
fabbioneKamion: is there any problem with -changes mailing list?02:56
fabbionei didn't get a single change since midnight02:56
fabbioneor around that time02:56
infinityKamion : It's not terribly common for binaries to get rejected after the source is accepted, really..02:57
infinityKamion : Except in odd cases like this, I gues. :)02:57
infinityKamion : In this case, I'd definitely pass the message on, but in most cases, I'd assume a REJECT would come with an IRC conversartion or email to the rejectee.02:58
fabbioneinfinity: can we build -37 or should we skip?02:58
infinityfabbione : If you built -36, build -37.  If you still have -35 installed for your arch, you can probably expect a -38 reasonably soon.02:59
Amaranthwhoops, i left it assigned to daniels 02:59
Kamioninfinity: in this case, a manual reject because the binary is broken, but I couldn't see that until getting the binaries in NEW02:59
Kamionfabbione: don't know - I've not seen much either03:00
=== shackan [shackan@host37-93.pool8259.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneKamion: ok thanks03:02
fabbioneinfinity: -35 has been rejected... but i will have it for a little while in my local cache03:02
fabbionebut it was rejected this morning03:02
fabbioneso it's not anywhere really...03:03
fabbioneinfinity:  i guess i will wait -38 directly03:03
infinity-37 will be rejected anyway.03:04
infinitykatie just tossed it on the floor.03:04
Kamionfabbione: -35 was auto-rejected because there was newer source in the archive03:05
infinityKamion : Did you inadvertently manage to turn some binary packages back on or something?03:05
=== robtaylor_ [~robtaylor@a130-233-4-225.debconf5.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamioninfinity: huh? -37's in accepted03:05
infinityKamion : THe -37 uploads are all being reject/unaccepted.03:05
infinityKamion : Oh, wait.  It's daniels' fault.03:06
Kamioninfinity: oh, I NEWed a batch of binaries which xorg is still building03:06
infinityYes, that would be the problem.03:06
infinityHe shoud have turned those off in his most recent xorg upload. :)03:06
Kamiononly ia64 got rejected03:06
infinity(though, if xorg had beat those to the archive, it would be okay)03:06
Kamionwell, it was a question of NEW queue handling order03:06
infinityia64 was rejected, powerpc was unaccepted.03:06
Kamionmeh, hate unaccepts03:07
Kamionthey're still in queue/accepted/, evil confusion03:07
infinityYes, I don't think automatic unaccept actually works.03:07
KamionI imagine they'll stay there until elmo cleans them up03:07
infinityI've got 3 emails claiming that powerpc was unaccepted.03:07
infinityMake that 4.  Just got another.03:07
Kamionyou'll probably get a mail once every half-hour ...03:07
infinityThat would make sense, yes.03:07
KamionI am not hard enough to move stuff around in the queue by hand03:08
infinityThe simplest solution is a new xorg, probably.03:08
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Kamioninfinity: is daniels at your place, then?03:08
infinitydaniels will be home soon.  But maybe I should just build a -38 that turns those packages off.03:08
infinityNo, he's on his way home after an evening of drunke debauchery.03:08
Kamionyou'll probably keep getting mails anyway, I think unaccepts stay around forever or something03:09
=== bddebian needs more days of drunken debauchery
infinityAhh, the "do you forward shit to maintainers" email was in relation to the xvinfo REJECT?03:09
KamionI mailed daniels separately03:09
infinityGiven that REJECT mails are delightfully light on information (I don't see the .changes or anything), I'd have to do some digging to find the person responsible.  Probably easier for you.03:10
infinityBut, I don't much care who does the job.  Just let me know in the reject mails.  I do read them.03:11
infinitySo, as you did (Mail sent to maintainer), or the opposite (Too lazy to mail the maintainer, do some work you slackass buildd maintainer), either works for me.03:11
Kamionit's a bit of a fundamental problem with this source-only-uploads business, really - have to reject every single buildd upload separately because I didn't get to find out until all of them started building03:12
=== Lathiat uh
danielsKamion: i'm told I should probably buy you a drink at some stage03:12
LathiatWhy doesn't something pull in things like oh sya, xserver-xorg-input-kbd03:13
infinityAnd I tend to read REJECT mails because in Debian, REJECT mails sent to a buildd almost always mean "DAK BROKE, HELP!"03:13
AmaranthLathiat: We've said that a million times.03:13
KamionLathiat: it will, see above conversation for what's going wrong03:13
AmaranthLathiat: Make sure you get your display driver and the mouse driver too. :)03:13
Kamiondaniels: I'll settle for knowing what we need to do to turn off the binaries that are making xorg be unaccepted :)03:13
danielsit's all part of the Great Leap Forward to modularisation03:13
LathiatAmaranth: dont need display driver but mouse yeh, got that03:14
danielsKamion: to what the what?03:14
infinitydaniels : THere's still breakage.  For starters, xorg is still producing binaries that are now built from other sources.  A -38 that turns those packages off (I can forward you the REJET mail for a nice list) would be nice.03:14
Kamionoh, if you're sober enough to do it, so much the better03:14
Lathiatkbd was just an example :)03:14
danielsKamion: let me catch up on scrollback03:14
danielsinfinity: oh, that.  yeah, my uploads were sort of assuming xorg would get built by anything else.  gnar.03:14
Kamiondaniels: I NEWed a bunch of modularised X libraries and stuff; xorg's still building them though, so it's getting rejected/unaccepted/depending03:14
infinitydaniels : Stuff cleared NEW in a suboptimal manner.  No big deal.03:14
AmaranthLathiat: And if X won't start edit xorg.conf and change Driver 'keyboard' to Driver 'kbd'03:15
LathiatAmaranth: yep did that03:15
Lathiatwork snow03:15
Kamionlibxi-dev libxi6 libxi6-dbg libxinerama-dev libxinerama1 libxinerama1-dbg libxres-dev libxres1 libxres1-dbg libxss-dev libxss1 libxss1-dbg03:16
Kamion^-- list of packages03:16
Lathiathas nautilus lost a pmount change03:16
Lathiatwhen i hit mount volume it complains about /dev/sda1 not being in /etc/fstab03:16
danielsKamion: if the newest xorg int he archive is still -34, we're probably on a winner there03:18
danielsKamion: is that the status?03:19
danielsgive me five minutes to feed and dry the dog, get a drink, and download my mail03:19
=== hawk_78 [~hawk@host58-59.pool8251.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu-devel ["So]
infinitydaniels : No, the newest in the archive is the hideously-broken -36.03:21
infinitydaniels : -37 was Kamion's upload to fix the xserver-xorg dependency issues.  But it's being REJECTed due to the "still building binaries that now come from elsewhere with higher version numbers" issue.03:22
danielsoh, right.03:22
=== daniels scratches head.
danielswonder how that will play with some Conflicts/Replaces03:23
infinityOh, also, check backscroll.03:23
infinityKamion complained about your conflict/replace usage.03:23
infinityStuff doing both when all you really needed was "Replaces".03:23
infinity(And using both just makes the package management system's brain hurt, trying to order things Just Right, do multiple installation passes, etc)03:24
infinityNote that Keybuk fixed the dpkg bug that led to C/R being used where just R should have been appropriate, so there's no excuse anymore.03:25
danielsyeah, just saw that, and for xvinfo, too03:28
=== ivoks [~ivoks@lns01-0956.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== fabbione goes back to bed
danielstest build whirring now03:33
Amaranthhmm, those should go faster now, right? :)03:33
danielsyeah, down to 30min flat03:36
danielsdid I ever mention that dpkg is shit at migrating conffiles between packages?03:36
ivoksok, maybe it was mentioned, but... xvinfo package?03:37
ivoksxbase-clients depends on it, and there is no xvinfo package...03:37
sabdflhey guys, anybody feeling artistically inspired?03:37
sabdfli'm looking for some nice images for the front page of the website03:38
Amaranthwe have artists?03:38
ivokssabdfl: ubuntu.com?03:38
seb128Kamion: I've uploaded a new evolution-data-server with some soname changes, can you get it out of new with the new libcamel1.2-6 libegroupwise1.2-8 to main?03:38
mdzogra,Kamion: what's the question?03:38
sabdflivoks: yup03:38
ograsabdfl, run a contest03:38
sabdflivoks: banners to link to Kubuntu, and Edubuntu03:38
sabdflwant to slip them above the circle-of-friends image, same width03:38
Treenakssabdfl: hackergotchis?03:39
Treenaksoh wait03:39
sabdflTreenaks: more like banners... have one that says "Partner projects:"03:39
sabdflthen one for kubuntu03:39
sabdflthen one for edubuntu03:39
ogramdz, how will beackports be handled exactly.... from a technical POV03:39
sabdflwith their logo's03:39
ivokswell, everybody could do something03:39
danielsivoks: i know, I've seen it03:39
ograsabdfl, the edubuntu logo needs adjustment before we use it widely... 03:40
ivoksdaniels: ok, i was pretty sure you did... anyway, thanks03:40
mdzogra: the backports team will select packages from breezy to be copied into hoary-backports and built03:40
Kamionseb128: when it arrives, sure03:40
mdzogra: they will send those selections to elmo03:40
sabdflogra: we can fix it when we have finalised it, but it would be good to get it on our front page, even as a draft logo03:40
ograsabdfl, e and d need to be closer together... i thin silbs mentioned it in the first review03:40
mdzogra: and he will effect the changes in katie03:40
seb128Kamion: k, I've already get the ACCEPTED mail from the upload queue03:40
Kamionmdz: I can't say I'm entirely convinced by the "backport with no changes" plan - I'd kind of prefer them to be able to override build-dependencies somehow03:41
ogramdz, but they wont do uploads etc03:41
danielsKamion: can I upload the same version, or do I need to rev it higher?03:41
Kamiondaniels: need to rev to -3803:41
Kamiondaniels: I'll mail you the diff if you need it03:41
danielsKamion: er, xvinfo, sorry03:41
ogramdz, so if a backporter wants to change stuff, he should be MOTU ?03:41
Amaranthok, before you do that03:41
seb128mdz: so they have to mess with Build-Depends on main packages to backport them?03:41
danielsKamion: i already have a xorg build spinning with your changes incorporated03:41
Kamionseb128: yeah, but it doesn't appear in NEW until the binaries upload03:41
seb128Kamion: k03:41
Kamiondaniels: oh, right - you need to upload -2 for that because source for -1 is already in the archive03:41
mdzKamion: my feelings are: 1) many packages will build unchanged, and 2) where possible, we should prefer to preserve hoary-buildability in breezy rather than forking the package03:41
Amaranthdaniels: is Driver 'keyboard' changed to Driver 'kbd' in this one? :)03:41
mdzseb128: see above03:42
Kamionmdz: I'm mostly concerned by the approaches people will need to take to do 2)03:42
ogramdz, the control files will get huge over time then03:42
ogramdz,  a lot of | in there...03:42
seb128mdz: hum, yeah ... I'm not really happy with that, that create sync work from Debian and wrong Build-Depends for the current distro03:42
Kamionmdz: and that some of those approaches will adversely affect determinisism of builds in breezy03:42
Kamioner, determinism03:42
seb128mdz: wrong Build-Depends beein extra | | | ... not required03:43
mdzseb128: additional != wrong03:43
mdzKamion: the buildds are quite deterministic about how they handle |03:43
mdzogra: I think 'huge' is an exaggeration03:44
seb128yeah, still creating the sync work, I would prefer to give this work to people doing the backports :p03:44
ogramdz, i tend to that, yes :)03:44
danielsKamion: 'kay03:44
danielsKamion: but not the .orig03:44
mdzseb128: let's try this first, and if it doesn't work well, we'll reconsider the options03:44
ogramdz, but we should limit the number of backported versions thn... i wouldnt like to have to regard backports to warty in breezy+1003:45
mdzI really don't think the changes will be that extreme03:45
\shwho is responsible now for backports?03:45
mdzogra: I don't expect we will do backports for more than one release at a time03:45
ogra\sh, qgood question03:45
ogramdz, ok03:45
mdz\sh: the same people who have been doing it already03:45
\shmdz: jdong?03:45
ogramdz, jdong hanst been around for some weeks now03:46
ograhasnt even03:46
seb128mdz: some GNOME libs have changed their soname, and they need to " | previous-version" on all the packages using them by example ... but let's try03:46
=== ivoks [~ivoks@lns01-0956.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsAmaranth: err ... yeah, might as well03:46
danielsAmaranth: keyboard should still be there though03:46
danielsoh, bloody hell automake is braindead sometimes03:47
=== _Legion_ [~adebarbar@labi.fi.uba.ar] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sgran [~steve@a130-233-4-209.debconf5.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielssometimes it's useful03:48
danielssometimes it impedes progress, and radiates hate03:48
=== _Legion_ [~adebarbar@labi.fi.uba.ar] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Abandonando"]
mdzogra: Mez, who you were talking to earlier, is one of the backports folks03:48
ogramdz, i know... and he's going for MOTU, but jdong seems not very responsive at all... and he somewhat took the lead03:49
ograso i would xpect some more interaction03:50
danielssometimes automake's braindeadness is matched only by my own03:51
ogramdz, curretnly Mez is more backports guy in ubuntu for me then jdong.... 03:51
ografrom a dev POV 03:51
mdzogra: perhaps he's away from home or busy03:53
ograhmm, yes...03:53
=== spotter [~spotter@user-0ccembr.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
spotteranyone know what package has the xorg keyboard drive?R03:53
danielsspotter: s/keyboard/kbd/ while I figure it out03:54
danielsKamion: more sensible xvinfo headed your way03:54
spotterthat did it03:54
Kamiondaniels: thanks03:55
=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== alejandro [~alejandro@alejandro.developer.kde] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsKamion: the strange thing about -36 is that I let xserver-xorg choke on the great stream of modularisation love by not forcing people to install modules, but left xlibs-dev where it stood03:57
mdzogra,Kamion: how close are we to having edubuntu seeds and CD images?03:59
ogramdz, i'm still waiting for some license decisions... i'll do it soon03:59
ogra(this week, to probaly have a colony3 with edubuntu-meta packages)04:00
=== mirak [~c0553202@ip-42.net-81-220-108.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzogra: license decisions on what?04:01
ogramdz, squeak04:01
mdzogra: that shouldn't block seeds or CD images04:02
mirakthere is a problem with toolchain, to compile a cross gcc, I have this problem, either on powerpc or i386 !04:02
mdzwe can always add packages later04:02
Kamionogra: as I said before, it will be separate CD images, not part of the regular Ubuntu CD images, and I will not block Colony 3 on it04:02
ograKamion, thus "probably"04:02
sabdflRiddell, ogra: heads up, links to kubuntu and edubuntu from www.ubuntu.com04:02
Kamionnor do I intend to multiply the load of doing Colony releases up further04:02
ograKamion, i want the edubuntu-desktop -server -whateverelse packages in ubuntu 04:03
Kamionyes, but not in the Ubuntu CD images04:03
ograsabdfl, yay04:03
Kamioncertainly they must be in Ubuntu main04:03
Riddellsabdfl: images are missing04:04
sabdflRiddell: ?04:05
sabdfllooks fine for me?04:05
Riddellsabdfl: I think the permissions are set wrong on the images04:06
sabdflRiddell: ah, good catch04:06
sabdfli'm logged in04:06
Riddellif I go to http://www.ubuntulinux.org/kubuntulogo.png is asks me to log in04:06
Kamionmdz,ogra: I've just done cdimage support for edubuntu - ready to build CDs as soon as seeds are up04:07
=== aigarius [~aigarius@a130-233-4-123.debconf5.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sabdflRiddell: now?04:07
Treenakskubuntu is for gearheads? *ducks*04:07
ograKamion, thanks04:07
Treenakssabdfl: looks ok now04:07
sabdflthanks guys04:08
Treenakssabdfl: but the images are browser-scaled-ugly04:08
sabdflTreenaks: yes, i just did a qnd hack, my image-fu is not great04:08
sabdflcontributions welcome04:08
LathiatTreenaks: haha04:08
Riddellsabdfl: groovy, works now04:08
Lathiatthe edubuntu logo is cute04:09
=== Kamping_Kaiser [~kaiser@ppp208-157.lns1.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Lathiatbut yeh it needs some love04:09
ograthey are awful scaled...04:09
ograsabdfl, wait a sec, i have a small one here....04:09
Riddellwebbrowsers arn't very good at scaling images04:10
=== pitti [~pitti@a130-233-5-91.debconf5.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograRiddell, thats why you scale them before :)04:11
=== swarm [~swarm@host2-125.pool80181.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti waves
Treenakshey, teh p1tt104:11
RiddellTreenaks: do I want to know what a gearhead is?04:12
pitti'evening Mr. Tr33n4ks :-)04:12
TreenaksRiddell: you might want to04:12
Kamping_Kaiserhi all04:12
bddebianHello Kamping_Kaiser04:12
mdzKamion: great, thanks04:12
Lathiatpitti: are large usb drives supposed to not be mounting?04:12
Kamping_Kaiseris it possible to pretty up the Ubuntu boot to more like knoppix? i just had someone ask me04:12
Kamping_Kaiserwith the penguins etc04:13
mjg59Kamping_Kaiser: That is the aim04:13
TreenaksRiddell: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=gearhead04:13
Lathiatpitti: my 200G doesnt automount but it appears in computer, but if i hit mount volume it complains about /dev/sda1 not being in fstab (no pmount love?) -- my say 128M memory card in a usbh reader does automount tho04:13
Kamping_Kaisermjg59: ok.04:13
mjg59Kamping_Kaiser: see http://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/USplash04:13
pittiLathiat: they are supposed to just work04:14
lifelesspitti: btw I filed that bug on my CF card in bugzilla04:14
pittiLathiat: can you /msg me the output of "pmount -d /dev/sda1"?04:15
=== daniels winces, aims -38 at jackass and fires.
=== jsgotangco [~jgotangco@info1-51.info.com.ph] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograARGH, my gimp is broken04:16
lifelesspitti: do I need to get you more info ?04:17
mdzogra: what is the ETA for the edubuntu seeds?04:17
pittilifeless: I didn't look at bz in that week04:17
ogramdz, is friday ok with you ? 04:17
lifelesspitti: ok, well please let me know what I can do ;004:18
=== {Seb} [~{Seb}@i-195-137-120-148.freedom2surf.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittilifeless: I don't know whether I will find time during the debconf week, but I'll do a huge bug triage at next Monday anyway :-)04:19
{Seb}looks like X is broken again04:19
lifelesspitti: ok. 04:19
Amaranth{Seb}: Not broken, just in need of extra packages04:19
daniels{Seb}: yeah dude, known issue04:19
Amaranth{Seb}: If you're talking about -36, that is.04:19
{Seb}i want to use ubuntu04:20
{Seb}i want to like ubuntu04:20
{Seb}but i keep installing it and getting screwed04:20
=== trulux [~lorenzo@67.Red-80-25-56.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
daniels{Seb}: if you are not comfortable with fixing broken systems, breezy is not for you04:20
jsgotangcothen don't use an unstable version04:20
jsgotangcoits not supposed to be used by everyone anyways04:20
{Seb}i might see if i can get Mono 1.1.8 source installed on Ubuntu Hoary04:21
ograsabdfl, scaled to 300px www.grawert.net/edubuntu_logo.png04:22
jsgotangcooohh right...i need an edubuntu logo as well04:23
=== jsgotangco keeps this
Amaranth{Seb}: What xorg driver do you use?04:23
Kamping_Kaiserwhat happened to X?04:23
Amaranthinstall xserver-xorg-input-kbd, xserver-xorg-input-mouse, and xserver-xorg-driver-ati04:23
Amaranththen edit xorg.conf and change Driver 'keyboard' to Driver 'kbd'04:23
Amaranthand X works again04:23
AmaranthKamping_Kaiser: xserver went modular04:24
{Seb}from Colony 2?04:24
Kamping_KaiserAmaranth: oh, at last ;)04:24
Amaranthcolony 2?04:24
=== Kamping_Kaiser shuts up... i dont code
Amaranthi'm talking about latest and greatest04:24
{Seb}i install colony 2 - X works04:24
{Seb}i run upgrade and X breaks04:24
Amaranthok, this is how to make X unbreak04:25
{Seb}so it has become modular since X2?04:25
Amaranthit just changed today04:25
{Seb}i'm doing a fresh install04:25
{Seb}what should i do when upgrading to the newest X?04:25
{Seb}what you said?04:25
Amaranthinstall xserver-xorg-input-kbd, xserver-xorg-input-mouse, and xserver-xorg-driver-ati04:25
Amaranththen edit xorg.conf and change Driver 'keyboard' to Driver 'kbd'04:25
infinityWhere did my amd64 buildds go?04:26
Amaranthand X works again04:26
{Seb}will do04:26
infinitypitti : Is elmo around?04:26
{Seb}thanks Amarnath04:26
{Seb}will be back soon04:26
pittiinfinity: he didn't join us at the trip, I i04:26
pittiinfinity: ... didn't see him today yet04:26
Kamion{Seb}: it's being fixed, go have a coffee :-)04:26
Kamioneasier to wait an hour or two than to work around it ...04:27
infinitypitti : All three amd64 buildds seem to have gone *splat*.04:27
infinitypitti : Can you say "yay"?04:27
infinitysabdfl : ping.04:27
Kamionsigh, firefox ate my laptop. again.04:28
Amaranthall at once?04:28
=== Amaranth blames xorg
{Seb}Kamion: how long till the fix?04:29
AmaranthKamion: Easier to wait an hour or two than to edit one line and install 3 packages? :)04:29
Kamion{Seb}: it's building04:30
Kamping_Kaisernice work04:30
ogrameh, "save as..." doesnt work in any app for me...04:31
KamionAmaranth: the problem with workarounds is that you have to go and un-workaround them later. After you edit xorg.conf by hand, automatic xorg.conf updating won't happen any more until you follow the runes at the top of the file.04:31
{Seb}Kamion: if i make Amaranth's suggestion now and then upgrade to the new stuff, will everything be ok?04:31
Kamion{Seb}: see above.04:31
ograbddebian, yes, especially in firefox thats fun... i cant download with it....04:32
{Seb}also, why does /usr/bin/X11 get filled up with loads of stuff when i upgrade to X?04:32
{Seb}but sometimes, there is nothing there and I have to make symbolic links for X and Xorg04:32
{Seb}i.e. ../../X11R6/bin/X --> /usr/bin/X11/X04:33
{Seb}i.e. ../../X11R6/bin/Xorg --> /usr/bin/X11/Xorg04:33
{Seb}but sometimes /usr/bin/X11 is filled with loads and loads of stuff - mainly unrelated to X04:33
Kamion/usr/bin/X11 is a symlink to /usr/bin nowadays04:33
Amaranththat'd be why04:34
bddebianogra: Need me to fix that for ya? ;-P04:34
ograbddebian, go ahead :)04:34
ograits bugday !04:34
{Seb}ok - i will be back in a bit04:34
{Seb}thanks guys04:34
{Seb}i just won't upgrade X!04:34
ograsabdfl, and the same for kubuntu www.grawert.net/kubuntulogo.png04:35
{Seb}Kamion: will it be in the repos. tonight then?04:35
{Seb}or just ready?04:35
bddebianIt's bugday again??04:35
ograbddebian, its wednesday04:36
=== eruin [~eruin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
eruinwoops, what changed in X today?04:36
Amarantheruin: It went modular04:36
danielsKamion: to be fair, the rune is just the single dpkg-reconfigure04:36
bddebianIt really is too bad that I'm worthless.. :'-(04:36
Amarantheruin: wait awhile or check out the xserver-xorg-* packages04:36
Kamionseb128: evolution-data-server done04:36
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:daniels] : Ubuntu Development | #ubuntu for support and general discussion | #ubuntu-motu for getting involved in development | http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DeveloperResources | If you have unexpectedly lost editbugs privileges, talk to mdz/ogra/kiko | Colony CD 2 released | dont forget the bugday today ! | yes, X is broken. a fix has already been uploaded.
seb128Kamion: thanks04:37
{Seb}will Xorg go up to -37 when it is done?04:37
eruinAmaranth: aah, yeh, I skimmed through the changelog and saw that... I thought the nasty stuff was over, actually ;)04:37
Amaranth{Seb}: -3804:37
{Seb}kk - i will be watching ;-)04:37
Amaranth-37 was DOA04:37
pittilifeless: "Error: invalid file system name 'auto'" -> that's fixed in Breezy04:38
daniels-37 was doa through no fault of kamion's, it must be said04:38
=== Amaranth looks at daniels
Amaranthwho cares, as long as it gets fixed04:38
=== mxpxpod [~BryanForb@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
{Seb}37 seems to be good04:39
Amaranthit got unaccepted04:39
=== thierry [~thierry@modemcable094.69-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== razor23 [~morph@p213.54.136.253.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamion{Seb}: it didn't make it through the archive for various complicated reasons04:39
danielsAmaranth: yeah, Kamion fixed one of my screw-ups and I took care of the rest04:40
=== JaneW [~JaneW@wbs-146-133-140.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsalthough this was a complete rush upload to take care of the problems04:40
danielsso, uhm, xlibs might be fun04:40
=== AstralJava [~jaska@cm-062-241-217-117.lohjanpuhelin.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lamont looks around for some tomatoes
Amaranthhttps://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=12664 can be closed?04:41
Amaranthhehe, ivoks replied to the bug04:41
Amaranthivoks: Kamion told me to file that :)04:41
danielsif you're upgrading to -38, you probably (really) want to put xlibs on hold04:42
=== ahuman01 [~ahuman01@pool-151-197-40-157.phil.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Amaranthi'll stick with -36 then04:42
infinitydaniels : What have you done to xlibs?04:42
=== wasabi_ [~wasabi@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
eruinshouldnt xserver-xorg-input-kbd be all thats needed for the keyboard module?04:43
Lathiateruin: yeh but you need to s/keyboard/kbd in xorg.conf04:43
=== hughsie [~hughsie@dial81-131-235-13.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
eruinsometimes I think I should stay off my computer after coming home from work... thanks04:43
Lathiatnah, its just cus it got broken good04:43
Lathiatit'l be fixed soon04:43
lamontdaniels: I was asked yesterday when l-r-m will become current again...  seems it has xorg breakage....04:44
lamont /usr/include/X11 !-> /usr/X11R6/include/X1104:44
danielsoh, I see04:45
danielsremove_conffile_prepare doesn't actually work04:45
danielsinfinity: programs/xkbcomp not getting built -> no XKB data04:46
=== Kamping_Kaiser [~kaiser@ppp208-157.lns1.adl2.internode.on.net] has left #ubuntu-devel []
ivoksAmaranth: let me check what was that about04:49
ivoksAmaranth: this is pendingupload, right?04:49
=== lakin [~lakin@dsl-hill-66-18-228-60-cgy.nucleus.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Amaranthivoks: yes04:51
hughsieogra: ping?04:51
ograhughsie, give me 10min04:51
hughsieogra: k04:52
Kamioninfinity: could you dep-wait debian-installer on udev-udeb (>= 0.060-1ubuntu2), please?04:59
LathiatHas anyone noticed spurious icon sizes in the file chooser05:01
Lathiatsay a .py file has a 48x icon05:01
Lathiator have i just got somethign weird going on here?05:01
Lathiatalso the gaim icon looks really crap, like a real small one scaled up05:01
=== carstenh [~carstenh@mkfw.fh-trier.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
infinityKamion : It's currently dep-wait on libiw27; is that still valid as well?05:06
infinityKamion : Erm, wait, no it can't be, libiw28 is in breezy now, right?05:07
Kamionnope, that should be taken ofg05:07
infinityI seem to recall doing that merge myself.05:07
KamionI fixed that earlier today05:07
=== alejandro [~alejandro@alejandro.developer.kde] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Lathiatxorg people: so what before depended on xlibmesa-glu, what should it be now?05:07
danielslibglu1-xorg | libglu1c205:08
=== {Seb} [~{Seb}@i-195-137-120-148.freedom2surf.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
{Seb}hi all05:08
Lathiatand for dev packages?05:08
{Seb}speaking from ubuntu now05:08
{Seb}Kamion: how is it going?05:08
danielsLathiat: xlibmesa-glu-dev will continue to work, but libglu1-xorg-dev is the new canonical name05:09
Lathiatso i should change them if i have the chance?05:09
infinityKamion : All fixed up.05:10
Kamioninfinity: great, thanks05:11
{Seb}Kamion: can you say when -38 is ready?05:12
Lathiat{Seb}: Just wait or subscribe to the changes mailing list05:12
daniels{Seb}: it's already been uploaded, just give it two hours or something and try then.  no-one knows exactly when.05:13
danielsalthough -38 is broken too05:13
{Seb}is it?05:13
danielsand I'm looking at a -39 build while trying not to faceplant into the keyboard05:13
danielsyes, it is05:13
danielsxlibs won't upgrade05:13
ogra{Seb}, subscribe to breezy-changes to see it coming into the build process, look at http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/ to see it coming out :)05:13
ogra{Seb}, if it built it will show up in the archive soon05:14
Lathiatdaniels: does xlibmesa-gl have any problems?05:14
Lathiatdaniels: or 'better' changes ?05:14
Lathiatdaniels: same thing as glu?05:15
Lathiathrm *tries to understand the relationship*05:15
=== OculusAquilae [~bastian@p548D1CF1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== martink [~martin@p54B381A1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lakin [~lakin@dsl-hill-66-18-228-60-cgy.nucleus.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsLathiat: no, xlibmesa-gl is fine05:19
ograhughsie, re05:21
=== rjo [~jordens@rjo.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Simira [~rpGirl@a130-233-5-53.debconf5.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
hughsieogra, cool.05:21
hughsieogra: hold fire on the PowerManager thing05:24
hughsiei'm talking to davidz about getting it into HAL properly05:24
mdkelists are down again?05:24
ograhughsie, hmm, but that means we wont see it n breezy....05:24
hughsieogra, hence the PowerManager bodge if you need it..05:25
ograhughsie, hal wont see huge version jumps anymore i think05:25
hughsieit's in today's cvs, in a raw state05:26
ograyep, i saw that...05:26
ograbut i dobt pitti will grab CVS for the release.... 05:27
mirakwhat is the glibc version in ubuntu05:27
ogra(pitti is our hal maintainer)05:27
hughsieogra: agreed.05:27
tsengmirak: packages.ubuntu.com05:27
hughsieogra: the powermanager thing should be good for you guys05:27
mdkeguys? anyone getting mail from the lists?05:28
ograhughsie, yes...05:28
ogramdke, hmm, none the last hours...05:28
mdkeguess they have gone phut again05:28
hughsieogra: what if the action support wasin 0.5.4 of HAL?05:29
jbaileymirak: 2.3.2 snapshot from Sep 200305:29
ograthat coud be feasable, but still depends on pittis decision if he upgrades or not...05:29
hughsieogra: let me get more details from davidz05:30
ograhughsie, we are in upstream version freeze,so new upstream versions are considered very carefully and looked over twice05:30
seb128Kamion, mdz: Debian has just got wxwidgets2.6, are we getting it now or that's for n+1?05:30
hughsieogra: cool. you tell me what works for you guys best, and i'll do my best05:30
ograseb128, NOW !! please ...05:30
Amaranthusers will like, scream and stuff if we don't get it05:31
seb128but that's upstream freeze ....05:31
tsengAmaranth: people use that?05:31
Amaranthtseng: Well, vlc looks like ass with GTK1. :P05:31
mdkeeven worse than scream... they backport05:31
Amaranthmdke: true05:32
ograhughsie, if it will be in the next hal version, a backport would be cool, if its included upstream and pitti thinks its non intrusive and safe, we *could* get it in05:32
hughsieogra: i wouldn't use the word safe...it's a bit raw at the oment05:32
ograhughsie, whil powermanager would get dropped in the next release in favor of that... so my personal preferred solution would be to go with the backport05:33
hughsiepowermanager is only a temp bodge (although this morning i thought it was less temporary!!)05:33
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=== poningru [~poningru@pool-71-101-70-231.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograhughsie, if davidz is fine with a backport i'd prefer it... but i have to talk to pitti about his plans with hal05:34
jbaileyKamion: ping?05:35
Kamionjbailey: pong05:35
hughsieogra: okay, thats cool. pitti's decision really. it's p-m or the upstream HAL05:35
jbaileyKamion: 3c509 is the old ISA card, isn't t?05:35
seb128there is a new 0.5.3 hal today05:35
Kamionjbailey: believe so05:35
Mithrandirjbailey: yes, it is05:35
=== jbailey squirms.
=== icaro [~icaro@adsl-ull-25-20.44-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
hughsieogra: i'll keep you informed with whats happending with hal05:36
jbaileyCan't we just send people a nice cheap PCI ethernet card?  It might be cheaper than sending them the breezy CD through shipit...05:36
=== zul is now known as zul|working
ograhughsie, great... note that i'm subscribed to the list ;)05:36
hughsieogra: no worries then :-)05:36
Kamionjbailey: hmm, I think I'm going to need to backport the udev-udeb fixes from 0.062-1 - is that going to be OK?05:36
Mithrandirjbailey: the right response to "I have a problem with $ISA_NIC" is "here's a nickel.  Buy yourself something less bad"05:36
seb128ogra: have you ever mailed the guy who made the anjuta2 packages?05:36
ograseb128, we talk about backportig a feature from CVS 05:36
jbaileyKamion: backport to Hoary?05:36
jbaileyOh, from unstable.05:37
=== jbailey actually looks at the version.
Kamionjbailey: unstable->breezy05:37
ograseb128, wasnt he in -motu ? i thought they are in revu already....05:38
seb128ogra: that was a mail on ubuntu-devel with 0 reply, I'm not on motu 05:38
jbaileyKamion: I don't see a problem, which fixes are you bringing in?05:38
ograseb128, looking ....05:38
ograseb128, i've seen him in -motu and i know he was told to put it in revu for a review.... i'll mail him05:39
Kamionjbailey: the fix to use a second optimised build, and presumably your fix to lndir.sh05:39
ogra(its not in revu=05:39
jbaileyKamion: That's unclear, sorry.  I don't see a problem with you backporting bits.  For curiousity, what are you bringing in. =)05:39
seb128ogra: k, thanks05:39
Kamionjbailey: I need to build udev-udeb without selinux, you see ...05:39
jbaileyKamion: My fix to lndir.sh should already be in our 0.060, I had to do it in order to build the udeb at all (And the only fix I think in his version is a bashism I did by accident)05:40
Kamionah, ok05:40
Lathiatwhats wiki for those code blocks05:41
Kamionthere's a debian/rules tweak or three, though05:41
KamionLathiat: {{{ ... }}}05:41
Lathiatthats what i thought05:41
Lathiatare they no longer put in a nice little bordered section?05:41
Lathiator doe sit need to be more than 1 line05:42
Kamionjbailey: the issue I saw was that build-tree/udev-udeb/ doesn't seem to be getting built usefully; i.e. no build-tree/udev-udeb/udev05:42
jbaileyKamion: Ah, okay.  Are you already buried in the code?  If not, I can dig in there as I've seen it recently.05:43
Lathiatah, yes05:43
Lathiatneeds to be more than 1 line05:43
Lathiator at lesat have the }}} on the next line05:43
Kamionjbailey: relatively buried, but I don't know it well so more eyes wouldn't hurt05:44
=== jbailey checks to made sure 0.060-1ubuntu1 is still the most recent
Kamionjbailey: actually, never mind, I see the problem05:44
jbaileyOh, weird.05:45
=== jbailey wonders if he made that typo.
Kamionit seems to have been from Debian05:47
jbaileycool, thanks.05:48
=== mxpxpod [~BryanForb@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionthere, fixed05:51
bddebianwb \sh05:53
=== daniels dputs xorg 6.8.2-39 and xkeybaord-config 0.5-1, goes to bed.
danielsyour /etc/X11/xkb/xkbcomp symlink will disappear if you upgrade to xkeyboard-config.  for the meantime, just add it by hand if you care about XKB.05:54
mdkethat file was missing when I upgraded xorg recently in gentoo _stable_05:59
mdkedamn cowboys05:59
Lathiatdaniels: still around?06:02
danielsLathiat: no06:04
=== pitti [~pitti@a130-233-5-62.debconf5.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Lathiatdaniels: will shlibs:Depends handle the right depends?06:05
Lathiatok thanks06:05
eruinLathiat: I've seen the weird filechooser sizes too06:07
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lamont-awaydaniels: pretty soon you're going to run out of fingers on your family's hands, yes?06:24
lamont-awayhrmpf.  no fun to troll him when he's sleeping06:25
=== razor23 [~morph@p213.54.136.253.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Lathiatanyone got a hack so that when using pbuilder it will dump the resultant .debs in the current directory06:35
Amaranthwhy do you need that?06:36
Lathiatcus im sick of sifting through the result directory :)06:36
winkleBUILDRESULT=$PWD maybe?06:37
Lathiathm thats an idea06:38
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cartman(yes/no question) X.org on breezy is broken?07:59
Treenaksa lot.08:00
cartmanok :)08:01
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lamont-awayKamion: you around?08:31
=== blueyed [~daniel@i528C3C29.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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eruinxorg isnt really that broken08:37
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infinitydaniels : There's an x11proto-resource release sitting on your hard drive somewhere that you forgot to upload, isn't there?08:42
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mdkecan someone try to connect to http://lists.ubuntu.com pls? I can't connect 09:08
bddebianmdke: I can't hit it09:08
mdkei'm always worried about my nameserver :)09:08
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thierrybug day today!? can I help?09:10
bddebianYeah, squash some bugs :-)09:12
=== hughsie [~hughsie@host213-122-44-80.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
hughsieogra: ping?09:13
=== Simira [~rpGirl@a130-233-5-53.debconf5.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograhughsie, 09:13
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-28-136.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
hughsieBeen talking to davidz09:14
=== doko [~doko@a130-233-5-210.debconf5.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
hughsiethe HAL thing could be a little way off release quality, certainly not in the next 3 months timeframe09:14
thierrybddebian : yeah but you could say what is the mean task?? LIke confirming bugs, stack traces ect..09:14
ograhughsie, ok, so we'll go with the daemon ...09:15
bddebianthierry: Well I couldn't, because I don't know anything.  I'm just here to entertain ogra. :-)09:15
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hughsieogra: i thought you would say that09:15
hughsiewhens the next version of ubuntu? (silly question mode off)09:15
bddebianOh shoot, wrong channel09:15
thierryogra : what is going on with bug day? Can I help?09:16
ogracode freeze is on augus 11th .... release some time in oct09:16
ograaugust even 09:16
hughsieogra: okay, the daemon might be pushing it even then?09:16
ograthierry, sure, look at the buglists in the topic of #ubuntu-bugs 09:16
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thierryogra : http://tinyurl.com/c7gafa doesn't work (in the #ubuntu-bugs topic)09:18
ograhughsie, we'll get it sorted... worst case i can go with the pmi calls directly if necessary... 09:18
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hughsieCool, what about mjg59 - has he acked anyhting?09:19
=== dredg [~niall@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograhughsie, yes the bug url is broken09:20
ograhughsie, wasnt for you09:20
ograhughsie, i havent met him yet09:21
hughsieokay, no problems09:21
hughsiei've uploaded the new site too (if you need to explain to anyone) gnome-power-sf.net09:21
ograhughsie, great, thanks :)09:24
ograthierry, link ficed09:24
ografixed even09:24
thierryogra : k thanks09:26
hughsieogra: cheers, off to call g/f09:29
ograhughsie, bye and thanks :)09:30
hughsieogra: thank me when GNOME works like my g/f says it should. :-)09:30
ograhehe, improve it ;)09:31
ograi bet she's worth the extra work ;)09:31
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thierryubuntu bug 1813 really should be solved before breezy : it's simple and would clear a lot of things to new users with the sudo command09:45
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ivoksfabbione: ping10:04
fabbioneivoks: i am heading off line in 2 seconds10:04
ivoksfabbione: one q... is breezy kernel compiled with debuging?10:05
fabbioneivoks: no.10:05
ivoksok, thanks10:05
fabbionedebugging make the linux-image ~ 150MB10:05
fabbioneso it's not an option10:05
fabbioneand the initrd ~40MB (if you are lucky)10:06
=== Amaranth [~amaranth@ip68-225-172-54.om.om.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ivoksdmesg has strange output here, so i was wondering...10:06
ivoksi don't understand this numbers in [ ] 10:06
fabbionethese are timestamps10:06
ivoksi tought, maybe some kind of debug...10:06
ivoksor that10:06
fabbioneit is useful for debugging yes.. but it's the full debug10:07
ivokstimestamps are not in default kernel, or?10:07
ivoks2 seconds :)10:07
fabbioneit's a config option10:07
fabbioneyeah i need to go or my wife will kill me10:07
ajfno longer is dmesg | grep ^hd10:07
fabbionei haven't been feeling too good today and she is worried10:08
ivoksfabbione: get some rest and go to your wife10:08
=== fabbione &
=== ubuntu [~ubuntu@modemcable094.69-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ubuntucolony 2 cd doesn<t have the ubuntu cursors, is it normal^10:08
ubuntuok so its not a bug to report^10:10
ivoksallready reported10:12
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ubuntuthanks ivoks10:19
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siretartdoes anyone know about wxwidgets2.4 breackage in breezy?10:41
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subjectdeniedhi, is lists.ubuntu.com down at the moment?11:05
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kikoyo smurfix?11:09
smurfixkiko: ?11:10
kikoI was wondering11:10
kikocould you be troubled to file a bug on signing the CoC using detached signatures so I don't loose that suggestion?11:10
smurfixYou mean as a separate bug? https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/286 already has it, IMHO keeping the discussion together makes sense11:12
=== apokryphos [~dw@host-84-9-34-80.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
kikosmurfix, the problem is that 286 is now "fixed".11:17
smurfixah, OK11:17
smurfixwill do11:17
kikosmurfix, I think a separate bug -- you can refer to the old bug when filing it -- would be ideal for me bringing up the discussion11:17
kikothanks, I really appreciate it.11:17
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jpsorry <-12:02
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