lamont__fabbione: or are you here?01:18
=== lamont__ wonders how hard it might be to build a 2.6.12 kernel for ia64 using gcc-3.3
lamont__since the ones in the archive all seem to machine check01:19
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chmjfabbione: ping 11:49
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fabbionehi zul02:47
zulhow goes it fabbione 02:54
fabbionenot too good.. but i am surviving02:56
fabbionei didn't felt very well today02:56
fabbioneyou? did you start at the new job?02:57
zulyep am at work right now03:01
zulalot of reading to do03:01
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chmjhey chuck 03:33
zulhey chmj 03:46
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zularrrrgh....my kingdom for grep -r 03:56
Mithrandirjust use grep -r?03:56
Mithrandirbuild gnu coreutils, then03:58
Mithrandiror use find -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep $foo03:58
zulits more fun to complain though ;)03:59
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zuljbailey: so are you coming to ols?04:57
jbaileyzul: Yup04:57
jbaileyzul: Are you going / is your new job downtown?04:58
lamontfabbione: so how dependent is 2.6.12 on gcc-3.4, really?05:06
lamontthat is, if I forced it to use gcc-3.3, would it be a usable kernel?05:06
fabbionelamont: yes it would... but i am pondering to switch to gcc-4.0 with this upload...05:07
fabbionedo you have a recent gcc-4.0 on hppa?05:07
lamontyou see, first I need _X_05:07
fabbionethis/next... as soon as amd64 is unfucked05:07
lamontso pls don't switch hppa to 4.0... 05:08
fabbionewell i am not going to upload today or tomorrow05:08
lamontlikewise, the ia64 kernels all machine check _very_ early... I'm suspecting something about 3.405:08
fabbionehave been sick all day05:08
lamontand any gcc-4.0 that is not at least current today is majorly b0rked on hppa. that much is known05:08
fabbionei am not sure i understand what you mean for ia6405:09
lamontmachine-check == HPMC (hppa land), hardware induced fatal error05:09
fabbioneah ok05:09
lamont--> kernel is tickling the hardware in ways that are not legal05:09
fabbioneok i get it05:10
lamontia64 literature calls them "MCA"s05:10
lamontso I figured I'd build 2.6.12 kernel with 3.3 and see if that even booted.    Then comes binary-search fun.05:10
fabbionewell if that works for ia64 and hppa.. it's ok with me05:11
fabbionelamont: if you could actually check how many pkgs still B-D on gcc-3.305:12
fabbionewe can consider reverting the gcc-3.4 thing from the kernel completly05:12
fabbioneand stay with gcc-3.3 on all arches05:12
fabbionei doubt we will manage to drop gcc-3.3 from breezy anyway05:12
fabbionelamont: anyway i am heading off line05:16
fabbioneyou have full power on the devel branch :)05:16
fabbioneso go ahead as you prefer05:16
lamontfabbione: grep gcc-3.3 /var/lib/apt/lists/.._dists_breezy_main_source_Sources | wc -l05:17
=== lamont -> work
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JaneWogra: ping (2nd try)05:35
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zul|workingfabbione: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_id=7717644&forum_id=3893806:19
zul|workingoh yay the cba is done06:47
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dilingerfabbione: what's ubuntu planning on doing if 2.6.13 is released within a week or two?10:31
jbaileydilinger: Last I spoke to him, ignoring it.10:32
jbaileyWe're passed UVF now.10:32
=== jbailey hates the English language
dilingeraie, goddamned mosquitos10:33
dilingerjbailey: heh, ok10:34
jbaileyUVF has passed. =)10:34
jbaileyThere we go. =)10:34

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