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ivokssiretart: ping12:03
siretartah hi ivoks!12:03
siretartfinally :)12:03
dholbachhi ivoks12:03
ajmitchhi ivoks12:04
ivokshi all12:04
ivokssiretart: i have seen typo12:04
ivoksbut i don't understand why should it be 0ubuntu112:04
ivoksthis package is used by quite of people...12:04
siretartivoks: you mean IWCONFIG instead of ICONFIG? ;)12:04
siretartivoks: I put this comment in revu12:05
ajmitchivoks: it has to be lower than anything that might go into debian12:05
ivoksajmitch: it is12:05
ivokssame thing when debian is -112:05
siretartivoks: the thing is, that if wifi-radar -1 gets into breezy, we can sync it from debian. we cannot if its 1ubuntu1 or higher12:05
ajmitchivoks: but you said you didn't understand why it should be -0ubuntu1 :)12:05
ivoksajmitch: yes, cause now it's 0ubuntu412:06
ajmitchivoks: right, I don't see a problem with that12:06
ivokssiretart: it's 0ubuntu4 :)12:06
dholbachautomagical removal of packages is AWESOME12:06
siretartivoks: we agreed on this procedure some time ago. it is to make live for the archive scripts easier,12:06
siretartivoks: ah, hm. ic12:06
ajmitchimho, as along as it is 0ubuntuX, it is fine12:06
ivoksdoh... soo too much fuss for nothing :)12:07
siretartdholbach: how do you think about this? can we have a 0ubunut4 as initial revision in the archive?12:07
ivokswhy not?12:07
dholbachnot nice12:07
dholbachbut ok12:07
ajmitchdholbach: fine by me - it happens at times in debian12:07
comadrejacould you help me a bit ? I'm taking a look at alexandria, because of these unmetdep12:07
comadrejaand it depends on lib<somthing>-ruby > 0.1212:08
comadrejaavailable only is...0.11.0-1ubuntu112:08
comadrejaso, I have to change that 0.12.0 for 0.11.0-1ubuntu1 ?12:09
comadrejaor 0.11.0-1 ?12:09
ivoksW: wifi-radar; Maintainer script prerm uses debhelper, but does not use #DEBHELPER#.12:09
ivoksrm is debhelper? :)12:09
siretartivoks: see debhelper(7)12:09
comadrejasiretart : ?12:10
ivokscomadreja: i'm sure there is a reason why it depends on .1212:11
comadrejathen how is that fixed ?12:11
comadrejaupgrading lib*-ruby ?12:12
comadrejabut that has to be done by the maintainer, right ?12:12
ivoks_debuggerand breezy is frozen12:13
comadrejaso, what should I do regarding that ?12:13
ivoks_debuggerif that lib is from main, then you are out of luck :(12:13
comadrejauniverse, one, but there are four12:13
siretartcomadreja: sorry, I will have a closer look later (maybe even tomorrow) at alexandria. I noted it on my list12:14
ivoks_debuggerok, i found few very nasty bugs in hoary installer12:14
ivoks_debuggeri gaved hoary to a frined of mine to install it12:14
dholbachgood night12:15
comadrejasiretart,ivoks : thanks12:15
comadrejadholbach : nite12:15
=== ajmitch ought to do some work today :)
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ogracould some java guru please make freemind compile with gcj ? kthnxbye12:25
jbaileyogra: Call me in a week.12:25
ograjbailey, you think you can ?? o_O12:26
jbaileyogra: Wrestling with eclipse first. =)12:26
siretartjbailey: was my subversion patch to sourcepackage helpful?12:26
ograAWESOME !! i didnt think it was possible12:26
jbaileyogra: I haven't asserted that anything's possible or impossible.12:26
ajmitchhi jeff :)12:26
jbaileyG'm Andrew12:26
jbaileysiretart: Lemme look at that now.  A nice easy patch to something sounds lovely to look at.12:27
ograjbailey, but demoting your time to it makes it a bit more possible for me to include it in the edubuntu default install ;)12:27
jbaileyogra: Dude, you're being evil. =)12:27
ajmitchlooks like planet ubuntu became planet riddell today12:27
=== \sh is correcting the list of dholbach
siretart\sh: which list?12:27
jbaileyogra: You know that if you need it for edubuntu that I'll give it more time. =)12:27
ograjbailey, i dont *need* it, but its obviously the best tool for the job12:28
jbaileysiretart: This is bug 6096, right?12:28
jbaileyI don't see a patch on it.12:29
jbaileyOr do you means the one Wolfgang?12:29
siretartjbailey: I hoped that debzilla will import my comment from the debian bts12:29
jbaileyWas it bug 271125 ?12:29
siretartjbailey: I sent the patch to debian bts with CC: to you, wait I'll look up the bug#12:29
jbaileysubject "patch for sourcepackage"12:30
jbaileyI have it in my email.12:30
jbaileyErr. includes patches to g++-4.0?12:30
=== jbailey phears.
siretartfor compiling with g++-4.012:31
siretartno patching of it. sorry for my bad english :(12:31
jbaileyNo worries.  =)12:31
\shenglish? patch is not english ,-)12:31
\shand ok..one more build then gf ,-)12:32
jbaileysiretart: Tell you what.  I have to work on the Java Packaging Policy tomorrow anyway.  I'll make sure this is all setup tocomply and get this done.  Will you poke me if I don't mention it? =)12:33
ajmitchyay, finally new gnue prereleases :)12:33
siretartjbailey: Perfect! will do :)12:33
\shcxx trans12:34
ajmitch\sh: hmm?12:35
jbaileygnue?  Wow.  Haven't thought about that in ages. =)12:35
ajmitch\sh: yeah, sorry about that one :)12:35
\shajmitch: depends on libsigcc++2.012:35
\shajmitch: depends on libsigcc++2.0c2 ,-)12:35
ajmitch\sh: and the problem is?12:36
\shshout i upload it as build1 or rename it.12:36
ajmitchjbailey: yeah, I thought they'd stopped working on it for awhile :)12:36
ajmitch\sh: rename it12:37
\shlooks like12:37
ajmitchjbailey: well I might have to do some debian work for a change then ;)12:37
jbaileyajmitch: Just upload the Ubuntu version to Debian. =)12:38
ajmitchjbailey: but I'd have to get a UVF exception for breezy :)12:40
ajmitcheasier to build them on the sid chroot, commit the changes to the bazaar archive I setup for them12:40
siretartok, I'm for for bed then.12:41
siretartcu tomorrow, gn8 folks!12:41
ajmitchnight siretart12:41
sistpotygn8 siretart12:41
jbaileyajmitch: You've caught the bazaar bug? =)12:42
\shyeah...gn8 to you all :)12:42
sistpotygn8 \sh12:42
\shogra: thx 4 upload  :) cu tomorrow :)12:42
\shsistpoty: sleep well12:42
jbaileyajmitch: Nightly bzr snapshots now at deb http://people.ubuntu.com/~jbailey/snapshot/bzr ./12:42
ogra\sh_away, night12:42
ajmitchjbailey: yay!12:43
sistpotygn8 all12:44
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ajmitchthis place is always so quiet once the europeans depart :)12:49
comadrejaajmitch : some of us are still here :)12:56
comadrejabtw, I need some help maybe one of you could do it12:57
comadrejado you know if those packages are hoary ? or breezy ?12:57
ajmitchwe don't work on hoary anymore for things like that12:57
comadrejadoes amsynth fail for you ?12:58
comadrejait works here12:58
ajmitchcomadreja: as the note at the top says, it was done an an adm6412:58
ajmitchand some packages need fixed for that platform12:59
comadrejaI see01:00
comadrejaI'll try another, everyone I've tried failed for some other reason or worked01:00
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Riddellajmitch: that'll be the return of kdedevelopers.org then, tsk01:05
ajmitchRiddell: it disappeared?01:05
Riddellajmitch: malitiously cracked while all the developers were at the KDevelop conference01:05
Riddellplanet.kde.org is very broken, ach weel01:06
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diamondnite folks01:12
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Mezmysql-query-browser needs an update from debian01:44
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-80-126.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchMez: needs in what way?01:54
ajmitchMez: it needs merged, by the look of things01:54
ajmitchlast debian upload was 3 weeks ago01:55
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Mezyeah ajmitch, I was looking through what we backported :D01:58
Mezand it needs merging down01:58
Mezas we backported from debian not breezy01:58
Mezfluxbox needs a manual merge too01:58
ajmitchwe'll get round to it asap :)01:59
Mezyeah, I mean I'll prob rebuild them once I've finished this list :D01:59
=== ajmitch needs to fix his merge script to use unstable's sources as of UVF
Mezseeing as they work perfectly well in backports01:59
Mezltsp too02:00
=== ajmitch will bbl, time for lunch :)
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Mezwhere did unrar go in breezy?02:08
schweebchris@schweeb-x41:~$ apt-cache search unrar02:09
schweebunrar-free - Unarchiver for .rar files02:09
schweebunrar-nonfree - Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version)02:09
Mezfirefox needs to provide dummy's for mozilla-firefox if backporting02:12
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pagefaultwow mountain dew with caffeine is so much better02:33
schweebpagefault: caffeine is the only reason you drink mt dew02:34
pagefaulthere you couldn't get caffeine in mountain dew until this year02:34
pagefaultwe have a silly law that says drinks can't contain caffeine unless it's cola coloured otherwise it has to be a 'health energy drink'02:35
schweebyea, canoodia?02:35
pagefaultso they released some new mountain dew 'health' drink but it's just moutain dew with caffeine02:35
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schweebno reason to be there, unless you want to drink at 19 :P02:35
schweeb(legally that is)02:36
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comadrejaawake ? anybody ?04:05
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siretarthi ivoks08:43
siretartivoks: are there any question left about wifi-radar? it went rather quick, yesterday..08:44
siretartdid I scare him?08:46
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\shmorning guys09:32
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siretarthi \sh09:38
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\shmorning siretart09:57
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zanagawho should i bug to get beagle as a package to malone and to get a bug re-assigned to that package?10:24
Amaranthzanaga: file a bug against malone to get beagle added10:25
zanagaoh neat, there are layout changes in launchpad ;)10:26
comadrejaI need a motu to review clanlib10:30
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SloMo_Mez: pong ;)10:42
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Mezslomo: you need to make it to next CC meeting :D10:43
Mezbackports on the agenda10:43
SloMo_Mez: hehe ok, when is it?10:43
MezTue 19 July 14:00 UTC Community Council10:44
Mezthey're diuscussing the backports team10:44
SloMo_hmm,  i'll try... i have a lecture until 14:00 UTC but i'll leave it a bit earlier ;)10:46
AmaranthSloMo_: I'll hopefully have a string freeze coming up soon on Smeg, btw.10:48
SloMo_Amaranth: fine :) can you notify me then? btw, where can i get your latest sources?10:50
Amaranthyou can't get them anywhere right now10:50
pefIf the orig tarball of a program is named weirdly (like foo-222-b) or isn't correct (no directory inside or only a foo, no foo-xx) what should I do ?10:53
SloMo_ok... well, i have to leave now... will be back in ~3 hours :) bye bye10:54
Amaranthpef: Fix it, I guess.10:56
pefAmaranth: yes, but how ?10:56
AmaranthUm, retar it.10:56
pefAmaranth: and just mention I have done this to debian.readme ?10:58
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AmaranthI dunno how you're supposed to do it, I'm just telling you what I'd do.10:58
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-motu:ogra] : Ubuntu Masters of the Universe: Ubuntu Universe Repository Maintainers | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUTodo | please file universe bugs in https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/distros/ubuntu/+bugs | package for reviewing (NEW or updated)? go here: http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/ | Whoever should speculate about our first priority: REVIEWING | hey, its bugday join #ubuntu-bugs !
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=== Lathiat ponders petting openssi packages in ubuntu
Mezwhats the difference between using libgtkhtml3.8-dev and libgtkhtml-dev for a build-Depends ?11:37
TreenaksLathiat: openssi? a free clone of irssi?11:37
LathiatTreenaks: clustering stuff11:37
TreenaksLathiat: (which is already free)11:37
LathiatTreenaks: like mosix except11:37
LathiatTreenaks: it all comes up as one virtual machine11:38
Lathiatrather than individual machiens running tasks11:38
TreenaksLathiat: ooh, cool11:38
Lathiatrequire magic is in sarge11:38
=== Lathiat looks at libgtkhtml-dev
Lathiatit seems a little old11:38
comadrejaI need a motu to review clanlib11:43
comadrejait's the library that breaks race11:43
comadrejathat is in the unmetdeps page11:44
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ivoksoh, my, my...11:46
ivoksagain changes in ligl-dev :(11:46
Lathiatlibgl ?11:47
Lathiatim waiting a bit11:47
Lathiatbefore i fix bzflag11:47
Lathiatdaniels thinks after this upload it should be good11:47
Lathiatwe had a discussion yesterday in -devel11:47
ivokslet's see11:47
ivoksi was too busy these days to check lists.. :(11:47
Lathiatas in irc11:47
ivoksah, irc...11:47
ivokstoo busy too :(11:48
ivoksRemoving capplets... doesn't sound good :(11:48
ivoksnope :(11:50
ivoks bzflag: Depends: xlibmesa-glu but it is not going to be installed11:50
Lathiatwell, i've got the new 2.0 packages11:50
Lathiatbut it ftbfs due to dep issues11:51
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Mezhmm, jsut as an FYI: mysql-query-browser needs merging from debian (and some wub)12:24
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siretartLathiat: you discussed the libgl situation with daniels yesterday?12:55
Lathiatsiretart: well, someone else did while i was there12:56
siretartLathiat: if you have an overview, would you mind to set up a summary page about what dependencies for gl apps are recommended?12:57
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siretartLathiat: if you don't have time, I will do my best this evening..01:33
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havocjbailey: morning01:42
jbaileyHeya havoc01:43
havocI have to convince some debian people to possibly use ubuntu01:44
havocnot quite sure how yet01:44
havocnot sure that I know enough about ubuntu to offer a compelling objective argument yet01:44
ograubuntu _is_ debian, just more userfriendly and ahead of time in some places.... you have a guaranteed release schedule and 18months of guaranteed support...01:46
havocsupport from coninical?01:47
havoc(did I spell that right?)01:47
\shpaid support from canonical01:47
\shcommunity support from users01:47
havoc"user friendly" in what way(s)?01:48
havoc(vs. debian)01:48
pefsiretart: ping01:48
ograbetter commandline disintegration01:48
siretartpef: pong01:48
\shput cd in, install, be happy that way of "user friendly"01:48
\shmost of the things are working out of the box...especially on laptops :)01:49
pefsiretart: first, hello :) and can you explain me where I can be informated of the libaa transition you mentionned here http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/details.py?upid=118 ?01:49
havocso better installer, better "out-of-the-box" hardware support, better UI (Gnome/KDE) packaging?01:49
ograhavoc, also we ship stuff debian will never be able to ship... firmware in the restricted modules etc01:49
havocogra: ah, ok, so definitely better hardware support01:50
siretartpef: we decided yesterday that we will do the libaa -> aalib transition, will give an update (in form of an wikipage) this evening when I get home01:50
ograi wouldnt say better to any software, since all components are the original debian ones... but configured more userfriendly01:50
siretartthere aren't that many packages affected (39 packaged I heared yesterday)01:50
=== DanielN is now known as DanielN`aw
AndyFitzogra, may I email you a cleaner icon tarball?01:50
\shhavoc: and...Ubuntu has the MOTUs. We're the funny guys, with the funny name, and funny faces, doing funny things like helping people to package new soft...and we have our Ubuntu NUN01:50
ograAndyFitz, YES !01:50
=== DanielN`aw is now known as DanielN
pefsiretart: ok, I hope I can help you :)01:51
ograhavoc, our installer is nearly identical with the debian installer... they just use different defaults01:51
\shogra: sturmkind has a nice idea to help us recruiting MOTUs :)01:51
havocogra: ok01:52
ograhavoc, thats goes for most of the software...01:52
ogra\sh, great01:52
havocogra: *I* am already using it, I just need to be able to convince some others :)01:52
havocI think the release schedule and the non-free hardware support will be the most compelling points01:53
\shogra: u remember this US poster with the guy how said: "We Need You" for the US Army? I think we can release for breezy a poster with a badger on it, and point towards the people and write on it: "MOTU wants YOU"01:53
ograhavoc, setting up a clean (with only one DE and good configured) debian desktop system takes me 4h at least, setting up a ubuntu box with the same target takes me less ten 30mins01:53
=== Mez wants to be a MOTU
=== Mez dances
ogra\sh, wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTURecruitment (my first MOTU wikipage ever) ;)01:54
havocogra: yeah, only took *me* (my first time) ~20min to get the base of my server installed01:54
\shogra: put a badger on it ,-)01:54
ogra\sh, and whats for breezy+1 ?01:56
ogranote that breezy gets uninteresting for us once its released01:56
ogra(except MOTUSecurity indeed)01:56
havocI wonder just how well ubuntu would work on my sony vaio laptop01:58
ograhow old ?02:00
ograit works fine on my PCG-F70702:00
ograbut thats 5 years old02:00
havocit's a 505 series02:01
havocnever been able to get *all* the hardware working properly under linux02:02
comadrejaI need a motu to review clanlib02:04
comadrejait's the library that breaks race02:04
comadrejathat is in the unmetdeps page02:04
\shogra: codename for breezy +1? then we replace the badger with animal of breezy +1 ,-)02:05
ogra\sh, no codename yet02:05
=== havoc will be setting up 2 1.2TB netatalk ubuntu machines later this week
\shis my name in?02:05
Treenaks\sh: Super Stephan ?02:06
ograshiny \sh ?02:07
comadreja \sh yes, name is libclanlib2c202:07
\shno..in clanlib02:07
\shcomadreja: what's breaking?02:07
AndyFitzogra,  all sent02:08
ograAndyFitz, already here :)02:08
\shand I have to fix ajmitchs mistakes ,-)02:08
siretart\sh: I read somewhere it could be Perky Penguin02:08
comadreja\sh it didn't install the libraries actualy02:08
siretartbut I also like 'Angry Aakward' ;)02:08
AndyFitzsecond email sent just for fun. ;)02:08
=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
comadreja\sh just the docs, for libclan2-*02:09
\shcomadreja: hmmm...give me 10 minutes...02:09
comadreja\sh sure02:09
=== jamessan|work [~jamessan@c-24-218-220-129.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ograsiretart, it wont be perky and it wont be angry :)02:09
\shLovely Backslash02:10
=== SloMoSnail [~slomo@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ograbreezy+1 will be the first with long term support, i think the name will reflect that...02:11
\shHowling Wolf ?02:11
\shwow...pbuilder on my xfs fs is quite fast02:12
ogra\sh, dont run out of diskspace ;) xfs gets a mess then02:13
\shogra: hmmm..right02:15
\shbut I hope someone sponsors me a 160GB internal 2.5" hd for the laptop here *eg*02:16
ogra\sh, rather take a HW RAID ;) with 2x 160GB ad striping02:17
ograbut i guess your case is to small for two HDs02:17
comadreja\sh btw, the package race, was broken because of the libclanlib stuff02:17
comadrejanow it recompiles and installs perfectly02:17
comadrejashould I upload race too ?02:17
\shcomadreja: libclanlib was transitioned02:18
comadrejanotice, that I haven't changed a line02:18
\shcomadreja: what was the problem with "race" then...errormsg?02:18
comadrejabroken depends02:19
comadrejaunmet depends02:19
comadrejaI mean, it wouldn't install02:19
ograso you just need to trigger a rebuild02:20
comadrejahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UniverseUnmetDeps I found out it here02:20
\shcomadreja: u mean apt-get install race is not installable, cause it has old dependencies02:20
\shthats why those apps are on this page ,-)02:20
comadrejabut with the updated libclanlib package02:20
comadrejasure :D02:20
comadrejaI was working on that :)02:21
comadrejathat's why I checked the package02:21
comadrejahow do I trigger a rebuild ?02:21
\shso libclanlib wasn't breaking...only the binary deps were wrong of race..02:21
\shcomadreja: upload rights?02:21
ograyou just upload the unchanged package with a new version that containd -buildX02:21
comadrejayes, libclanlib was broken02:22
ogra(if it has no -ubuntuX revision)02:22
\shcomadreja: ok...now why was libclanlib broken?02:22
\shwasn't it compiling?02:22
comadrejayes, it compiled, but the packages it generated wouldn't include the libraries02:22
=== diarrhoe [~Cauchy@p54BD08CE.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Verlassend"]
comadrejaso afterwards race wouldn't compile02:23
comadrejado you have libclanlib installed ?02:23
=== AndyFitz [~andy@220-245-97-227-qld-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has left #ubuntu-motu []
\shcomadreja: no...i'm using pbuilder :)02:24
comadrejaif so, do a dpkg L libclan2-sound02:24
comadrejathen try to build race02:24
comadrejaI'll show you, I was working yesterday like 3 hours until I figured out the problem02:25
comadrejahey ogra: what's up02:26
ograhmm, i dont see a issue with clanlib here... seems fine02:26
\shit's ok for me as well02:27
\shpbuilder doesn't complain about deps or broken stuff here02:27
ogracomadreja, IZ BOOG DAY !02:27
comadrejalook at the packages libclan2-sound libclan2-*02:27
ograyes, whats wrong with them ?02:27
comadrejathe contents, look at them02:27
comadrejathey don't cointain the .so02:27
comadrejathey just create the dangling links02:28
comadrejabuild process for race will fail at the end, at linking time02:29
comadrejabuild-deps are ok02:29
\shdebian/rules is completly fcked02:30
\shit's wrong from the beginning to the end02:30
comadrejaok, I didn't touch debian rules02:30
\shAJ!!! ;-)02:31
comadrejaI just made it include the libraries02:31
comadrejathere was a naming proble02:31
comadrejathe .install files were called like libclan2c2-sound.install02:31
\shthis is correct02:31
comadrejaand they had to be libclan2.install02:31
\shbut in has to be in the rules as well...02:31
\shpkg_base is wrong02:31
\shclanlib is renamed...cause of cxx trans02:32
\shso libclan2c2-sound is correct..02:32
comadrejaoh, I see02:32
\shbut in the rules file there is libclan2-sound02:32
comadrejathen remove my package :D02:32
\shpkg_base is libclan2 and not libclan2c202:32
ograshlib depends are broken02:32
comadrejaI'll fix it and upload again02:32
\shwhere do u upload?02:33
\shof forget revu for this stuff02:33
\shprovide debdiff patches :)02:34
\shdon't do this with revu02:34
\shput the corrected debdiff to this entry, reopen it02:34
\shso I will recompile the stuff with your changes :) thx man :)02:35
siretart\sh: we should really try to define some sort of revu usage policy, which defines what upload should go to revu and what fixes should better be provided as debdiffs02:35
comadrejaok, no prob... :)02:35
ograsiretart, everything thats not transition related can go to revu02:35
ograelse you will spam revu with useless stuff...02:35
\shsiretart: this is the problem...revu should really a review tool...02:36
\shthe transition stuff should go to bugzilla, cause there r already entries for it (good for debian as well)...and we can work with the debdiffs much faster...02:36
siretartthis brings me more ideas for revu2. some kind of 'categorizing' or 'labeling' feature..02:36
comadrejasorry about that02:37
\shcomadreja: there is no sorry...you were right :) nobody told you :) so we have to be sorry :)02:38
SloMoSnailwhat about a package which just needed a gcc 4.0 compile patch? should this go to revu?02:39
siretartSloMoSnail: this is transition related. g++ transition is handled via bugzilla.ubuntu.com02:39
siretartplus wiki02:40
\shSloMoSnail: acutally it would be nice to have a bugzilla entry with debdiff patches..(where your gcc4 patch is included)02:40
\shsummary: CXX Transition: <sourcepackagename>02:40
\sh(renaming is not nescessary anymore, it was only for libs)02:41
comadrejawhere are the docs on the renamed libraries ?02:41
\shcomadreja: build-depends should point always to the lib<foo>-dev package02:42
comadrejathere, in that page, it says that both packages are called libclan2-02:43
\shcomadreja: now we have chaos02:44
comadrejaso I call them libclan2c2-*02:44
\shdon't do it..02:45
\shok...here's the plan02:46
\shrename the libclan2c2-*.install files to libclan2-*.install02:46
\shbut not the libclanlib2c2.install, cause this is correct.02:46
comadrejathat's already done in the revu package02:46
comadrejathat's correct02:46
SloMoSnailsiretart: it's an universe package... really to bugzilla.ubuntu.com or to launchpad?02:46
\shcomadreja: ok...nice...do u know how to work with debdiff?02:47
\shcomadreja: ok...02:47
\shthe last version in the ubuntu archives is clanlib_0.6.5-1-2.2ubuntu2.dsc02:47
\shthe next version of yours will be clanlib_0.6.5-1-2.2ubuntu3.dsc02:47
\shnow do this:02:47
\shdebdiff clanlib_0.6.5-1-2.2ubuntu2.dsc clanlib_0.6.5-1-2.2ubuntu3.dsc > clanlib.diff02:47
\shand send it to the bugentry i gave u earlier02:48
\shhttps://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=11093 <- clanlib cxx trans bugentry :) at your service...02:49
\shbrb smoking02:49
ogra\sh, no need to redress for us :)02:50
=== bddebian [~bddebian@user216-178-65-218.netcarrier.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianGuten Tag02:51
ograbddebian, german class today ? :)02:52
bddebianClass?  I have no class. ;-)02:52
ograunclassified bddebian :)02:52
Treenaksclassless object?02:53
siretartSloMoSnail: we opened for every cxx transition a bug in bugzilla, even for universe packages02:53
bddebianTreenaks: That is probably closer. :-)02:53
SloMoSnailsiretart: here it is: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/attachment.cgi?id=298902:54
SloMoSnailsiretart: everything correct?02:54
siretartSloMoSnail: looks ok02:55
SloMoSnailit was on UniverseUnmetDeps... shall i remove it from there and add it somewhere else?02:56
comadrejaok, done03:07
=== Seveaz [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
comadreja\sh : I can't reopen the bug03:12
comadreja\sh : but I've sent the diff03:12
\shcomadreja: I reopened it :)03:19
=== hawk_78 [~hawk@host58-59.pool8251.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu-motu ["So]
\shcomadreja: r u member already?03:22
comadreja\sh: nopes, I applied03:28
comadrejalatest xserver-xorg is broken :/03:29
ogracomadreja, dont miss next tuesday then :)03:29
comadrejathanks ogra :D03:29
Amaranthcomadreja: sort of03:30
Lathiatcomadreja: install xserver-xorg-input-kbd xerver-xorg-input-mouse xserver-xorg-input-<your display driver> and edit xorg.conf and change Driver "keyboard" to Driver "kbd"03:30
AmaranthLathiat: xserver-xorg-driver-<your display driver>03:30
Amaranththe monitor isn't input :P03:30
\shhmmm...fglrx is working ?? ,-)03:30
=== ivoks [~ivoks@lns01-0956.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Amaranth\sh: with -36?03:31
\shAmaranth: with 2.6.12-3 ,-)03:31
Amaranthoh, i was talking about X03:31
LathiatAmaranth: sure it is03:31
ivoksit's great when you boot your system, and see nv - module not found :)03:31
Lathiatits input when i smack it off the desk out the window03:31
\shAmaranth: yeah me too ;) fglrx kernel module is not working with 2.6.12-303:31
comadrejathere was a missing link, will that solve it ?03:31
Lathiatcomadreja: its not a link, its misssing package03:31
comadrejaoh, cool, thanks03:31
Lathiatjust install what i said :)03:32
Amaranth-37 was building to fix the lack of basic drivers and it got all screwed up03:32
Lathiatand amaranths correction to my stupidity03:32
ivoksAmaranth: X are totally broken :)03:32
Amaranth-38 should fix all that and fix the Driver 'kbd' thing too i hope03:32
Amaranthnah, X is working fine here03:32
Amaranthit's just gone fully modular03:32
ivoksi don't know03:32
ivoksi don't have nv module anymore :)03:33
\shcomadreja: I included one statement more in the changelog...(under your name) and will upload it with your data03:33
ivoksyou are kidding me, right?03:33
\sh  * debian/*.install: renamed to correct packagenames03:33
comadrejaThe following packages will be REMOVED:03:33
comadreja  ubuntu-desktop x-window-system-core xorg-driver-synaptics xserver-xorg03:33
comadrejaThe following packages will be REMOVED:03:34
comadreja  ubuntu-desktop x-window-system-core xorg-driver-synaptics xserver-xorg03:34
comadrejaThe following packages will be REMOVED:03:34
comadreja  ubuntu-desktop x-window-system-core xorg-driver-synaptics xserver-xorg03:34
comadrejaThe following packages will be REMOVED:03:34
comadreja  ubuntu-desktop x-window-system-core xorg-driver-synaptics xserver-xorg03:34
Amaranthok, stop03:34
comadrejaThe following packages will be REMOVED:03:34
comadreja  ubuntu-desktop x-window-system-core xorg-driver-synaptics xserver-xorg03:34
comadrejaThe following packages will be REMOVED:03:34
comadreja  ubuntu-desktop x-window-system-core xorg-driver-synaptics xserver-xorg03:34
comadrejasorry !!!!03:34
comadrejamy mouse03:34
\shcomadreja: now u r famous :)03:35
ivokscomadreja: use ctrl c, ctrl v03:35
\shcomadreja: no...03:35
Amaranthxorg-driver-synaptics is xserver-xorg-driver-synaptics now, isn't it?03:35
comadrejaok, it will remove ubuntu-desktop ?03:35
Amaranthubuntu-desktop is a metapackage03:35
Amaranthso is xserver-xorg and x-window-system-core03:35
comadrejaE: Couldn't find package xserver-xorg-driver-synaptics03:36
ograAmaranth, dunno, (synaptics) i think daniels shuffles the words daily .... probably he's waiting for bets on the next change03:36
comadrejaI'll pin 6.8.2-33 until he decides :D03:37
Amaranthok, i guess you don't get a mouse then :D03:37
Amaranth-35 is the first with a modular xserver-xorg03:37
Amaranthand you shouldn't even have seen that03:37
\shogra: my tip is: he is playing the "Gaensebluemchenspiel" ,-) It Works, It Works Not, It Works, ...03:37
Amaranthit was replaced with -36 before it finished03:37
ivokslol xserver-org-input-kbd :)03:42
Amaranthyes, that is needed03:43
Amaranth-38 is coming, will fix all this03:43
Amaranthit'll depend on that, i guess03:43
ivoksX are totally modular now :)03:44
ivoksand it's kbd now, not keyboard anymore...03:44
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=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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=== trulux [~lorenzo@67.Red-80-25-56.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartis it possible to use tomboy in kde? (a collegue in my room asks me)04:31
tsengit works with anything that uses the notification standard04:31
Amaranthno, since it's a panel applet04:31
Amaranthunless there is some other way to start it04:31
tsengit can run as a tray icon04:31
Amaranthit can?04:31
tsengtomboy --tray-icon, suprisingly04:31
Amaranthoh, hehe04:31
siretarttseng: thanks, works great, he's happy now :)04:34
=== AstralJava [~jaska@cm-062-241-217-117.lohjanpuhelin.fi] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pefI have to copy to /usr/share/foo a multiples directories with multiples sub-directories (tcl/tk program) must I copy each one with install in the install target ? (which is very long, and like I see in amsn source package) or there is a clever way ?04:47
=== JRe [~jre@adsl-169-178.36-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shok...preparing to go home...cu later guys04:52
comadreja/ws 304:57
pefxlibmesa-glu transition breaks a lot of packages :/05:03
Lathiatim going to work on that when daniels tells me its stable05:04
pefLathiat: I have seen several games broken, should I file a bug report for each one ?05:06
Lathiatbecause its a mass thing05:06
Lathiatprobably best just to deal with them05:06
Lathiatrather than file lot sof bug reports05:06
pefLathiat: have you a wiki page or something like this where I can report the broken packages I've already seen ?05:08
Lathiatpef: nope but an apt-cache rdepends should tell us them all05:09
Lathiatpef: feel free to just tell me tho and i'll make sure they show up05:09
Lathiatpef: what packages have you found05:10
pefsiretart: can you please notice me when you have created the wiki page about libaa transition ?05:14
=== poningru [~poningru@pool-71-101-70-231.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartpef: will do05:53
Lathiatsiretart: im interested in joining the motugames team05:54
Lathiatsiretart: how do i apply? :)05:54
pefsiretart: thanks :)05:54
siretartLathiat: woah. Thanks a lot for MOTUGLUTransition! :)05:54
Lathiatsiretart: now it stime to start working on it ;p05:55
Lathiatclanlib needs love too05:55
Lathiat i saw someone mention it earlier05:55
siretartLathiat: hehe. Be welcomed to MOTUGames! :)05:55
Lathiathas someone handled that?05:55
Lathiatcool ;p05:55
Lathiatthat said05:55
Lathiatim not a member or anything yet05:55
siretartI read earlier comadreja and \sh talking about clanlib05:55
pefLathiat: you speak about the 0.7 version of clanlib ?05:55
Lathiatpef: i dunno just a bunch of thigns are uninstallable05:56
siretartmit sure about the results05:56
\shsiretart: yepp...should be fixed05:56
Lathiatnfi what the problem is05:56
Lathiati suspect cxx transition related stuff05:56
siretart\sh: woah. thats fast! :)05:56
Lathiatso hopefully i can do some work on this glu stuff and get to be a member, etc and become a motu, thats my plan anyway :)05:56
Lathiati'll hack through those packages over the next few days, anyone else who wants to help is welcome05:56
Lathiatsiretart: should i upload them to revu?05:57
\shsiretart: said my ex-wife all the time ,-)05:57
siretartLathiat: hm. We agreed earlier that transition stuff should not go to revu but be provided as debdiff patches05:58
Lathiatsiretart: right05:59
Lathiatoops i messed that page up05:59
siretartLathiat: so it's same work. place your debdiff patches to some webspace, and I'll happily review them (and upload them in your name)05:59
Lathiatsiretart: righto06:00
Lathiatnow the only issue is06:00
Lathiatlibglu1-xorg-dev is th enew canonical package06:01
Lathiatbut xlibmesa-glu-dev still works06:01
Lathiatso for most packages, a rebuild would suffice06:01
Lathiatbut updating to libglu1-xorg-dev wouldnt hurt06:01
Lathiatwhat would be preferred06:01
siretartLathiat: If I understood #ubuntu-devel correctly, build depending on a virtual package cause work for the buildd admins06:03
Lathiatcome again?06:03
Lathiatso i should make it libglu1-xorg-dev?06:03
siretartLathiat: and just image if a debian user (or a user from a debian derived distribution) wants to build the sourcepackage. he will thank you :)06:04
Lathiatsiretart: thank me if i do what? ;p06:04
=== Lathiat is confused
siretartsorry. me is at work, and multitasking is hard :p06:05
siretartLathiat: he will thank you for not to tight build dependencies06:06
siretartnot too tight, even06:06
=== Lathiat blah
Lathiatim stupid06:07
Lathiatit all makes no sense ;p06:07
siretartLathiat: has the libgl renamed, too? (in addition to the libglu transition?) how about glut?06:07
Lathiatsiretart: no libgl is fine06:07
Lathiatno idea ablut glut06:07
siretartwill be fine, too, i think..06:07
Lathiatyeh its ifine06:08
siretartI heard that glut isn't that used in these days of sdl anymore06:08
Lathiatits used by a few things06:08
Lathiatnot alot06:08
Lathiatsiretart: so06:09
Lathiatto qual my confusion06:09
Lathiatwhat should i do06:09
Lathiatb-d on xlibmesa-glu-dev or libglu1-xorg-dev06:09
siretartLathiat: do you have some webspace where you can put the debdiffs?06:09
Lathiatsiretart: yep06:09
siretartgreat. I'd suggest linking from the wiki page, so I can pick them up06:10
siretarthm. for the dependencies06:10
Lathiatdaniels said "sure"06:10
Lathiatbut i dunno if that means anything06:10
siretartI'm not really 100% sure about the build dependencies06:12
siretartLathiat: I'd like to look at my breezy chroot and reinvistigate the packages and the provides of them06:13
siretartbut only in a few hours when I get home06:13
Lathiati just tried battle of wesnoth06:14
Lathiatthat is totally cool06:14
Lathiatsiretart: because i wont be around06:14
siretartLathiat: I think that the alternatives in the build dependencies are required, and the first one must not be a virtual package06:14
Lathiatbasically xlibmesa-glu-dev will work06:15
siretartsame for package dependencies06:15
Lathiatlibxorg1-glu-dev is what it really is06:15
Lathiatso say06:15
Lathiatlibxorg1-glu-dev | xlibmesa-glu-dev ?06:15
=== Treenaks [~martijn@messy.foodfight.org] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartLathiat: you tried in pbuilder right? sbuild has another dependency resolution algorithm :/06:15
Lathiatnah not yet06:15
Lathiatim just going on what daniels said so far06:15
siretartI'd like to investigate the situation at home myself and will ask then an xorg guru for confirmation06:16
=== Mez [~Mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shah mez..missing link to backports :)06:25
Mezsup \sh?06:29
=== siretart is off home. cu later!
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jintyhoi, anyone around to port python-sqlobject to python2.4? right now it is uninstallable. Should be trivial.07:08
jintyI could do a patch if necessary07:09
ograjinty, do it :)07:11
jintycool, thanks:)07:13
\shjinty: no u should do it :)07:16
comadrejahey, why could this happen ?07:18
comadrejajorge@patrogli:~/prog/ubuntu/drqueue$ debdiff drqueue_0.60.0-1build1.dsc drqueue_0.61.4-1.dsc07:18
comadrejadiff: /tmp/BzMO741oRS//home/jorge/prog/ubuntu/drqueue/drqueue_0.60.0-1build1.diff.gz: No such file or directory07:18
comadrejadiff: /tmp/GMoTPIqQL7//home/jorge/prog/ubuntu/drqueue/drqueue_0.61.4-1.diff.gz: No such file or directory07:18
\shnew upstream07:28
\shfor that u do a source upload :)07:29
comadrejawell, I was just fixing something for the debian maintainer07:30
comadrejaalso included new upstream07:30
comadrejabut I'll send him the debdiff07:30
comadrejaif I make it work :D07:30
\shno...send him the .orig.tar.gz and dsc07:31
\shand only the resulting diff.gz07:31
\shnot the debdiff07:31
comadrejaok, cool07:31
comadrejaI'll do07:31
comadrejathanks :)07:31
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=== seth_k [~seth@24-117-104-21.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartLathiat: ping08:06
Lathiatsiretart: pong08:06
siretartLathiat: I updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUGLUTransition - please review08:07
Lathiatsiretart: looks good08:08
siretartLathiat: Now I see that you already contacted daniels.08:09
siretartthe builddepends seem to look fine. so I'd say. Let's start :)08:09
=== ogra [~ogra@p5089C71E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretarthi ogra08:09
siretartLathiat: btw, I added MOTUGLUTransition and your name to MOTUGames ;)08:10
Lathiatmy pbuilder wont create for hoary or breezy08:10
Lathiatsiretart: cool :)08:10
comadrejaLathiat : my pbuilder neither, I filed a bug08:11
Lathiatthat makes things annoying08:11
Lathiatcant test this crap08:11
=== Lathiat grumbles
Lathiatwho wants to upload their base.tgz? :)08:11
Lathiati.e. who is on a phat pipe ;p08:11
=== siretart only has a rather small upstream pipe..
siretartcan you create a sarge pbuilder even?08:12
Lathiatdidnt try08:12
siretartperhaps you can upgrade from sarge to breezy. for a pbuilder chroot, it should be fine08:12
Lathiathow can i like08:12
Lathiatapt-get build-dep for a package not in my package lists08:12
Lathiator cant i?08:12
comadrejaI think you can install a package not in yoru package list with aptitude08:13
comadrejathen you could build-dep, right ?08:13
Lathiatyeh but the problem is08:13
Lathiati need to build it first :P08:13
=== Lathiat just attempts to manually resolve it
seth_kI'll upload my base.tgz if you like, should only take about 45 minutes08:13
Lathiatseth_k: thatd be nice08:13
jamessan|workLathiat: you can use dpkg-checkbuilddeps to what build dependencies you're missing08:13
seth_kokay, here it goes :)08:13
siretartLathiat: run /usr/lib/pbuilder/pbuilder-satisfydepends when you are inside your sourcepackage08:14
Lathiatyeh but that gives me | thingies08:14
Lathiatand apt-get install wont take that :)08:14
Lathiatsiretart: ahah08:14
siretartas root, works only if the pbuilder package is installed08:14
Lathiatyep, thanks08:14
seth_kstill want that base Lathiat?08:14
Lathiatseth_k: yes please08:14
seth_kok :) 34:48 remaining08:15
Lathiatmy custom totem packages are hurting things08:15
=== Lathiat fixes
Lathiat1.1.3 is sexy08:15
LathiatThe following packages have unmet dependencies:08:15
Lathiat  libsdl1.2-dev: Depends: aalib1-dev but it is not installable08:15
=== Lathiat sighs
Lathiatcant build bzflag now because of that08:15
=== Lathiat hurts things
=== siretart looks into aalib
=== tritium [~tritium@12-208-96-155.client.insightBB.com] has left #ubuntu-motu []
seth_kis http://packages.debian.org/screem a good candidate for MOTUToSync? 12.1-1ubuntu3 in Breezy08:16
siretartLathiat: aalib was renamed to libaa08:16
Lathiatsiretart: right08:16
Lathiatsiretart: and sdl needs love08:16
Lathiati dont see a libaa tho08:17
=== Lathiat apt-get updates
Lathiatthis is goign to break half of these games08:18
=== Lathiat wonders how to identify non-dsl but glu using games
siretartabout 39 packages I heard08:18
=== mitsuhiko [~mitsuhiko@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Lathiatapt-cache rdepends libsdl1.2debian|wc -l = 227 :)08:19
Lathiatso indirectly, alot more :)08:19
=== Lathiat generates a list
siretartLathiat: have you already read this: http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2005/07/msg00295.html08:22
=== jinty [~jinty@a130-233-5-251.debconf5.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Lathiat updates the page
siretartdamn. debian still hasn't updated libsdl1.2 :/08:24
siretartLathiat: comadreja could it be that you both suffer because of this bug: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=31556108:25
Lathiatupdated MOTUGLUTransition, marked packages that wont build until libsdl is fixed08:27
Lathiatso people can not bother with them for the minute08:27
siretarthm. libsdl needs merging anyway.. lets see08:28
Lathiatxmakemol doesnt seem to actually depend on xlibmesa-glu08:28
siretartand after all. libsdl is in main. hooray :)08:28
Lathiatoh, xmakemol-gl does08:29
=== blueyed [~daniel@i528C3C29.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
jintyinteresting a python 2.4 sqlobject source package is in the archive, but no binary packages...08:32
siretartjinty: perhaps they FTBFS?08:33
=== ivoks [~ivoks@lns01-0882.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== herve [~hcauwelie@ip-3.net-81-220-179.nice.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianHeya herve08:37
Lathiative tried to fill out what packages need other help as much as possible08:39
hervethose of you who got their X broken, raise your hand ;-)08:39
Lathiatdo you need to know the fix?08:39
Lathiat-39 is in the buildds atm08:39
hervefound, hence I'm here :-)08:39
=== SloMoSnail [~slomo@p5487B9AE.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
hervethe good of xorg being modularized08:41
herveis that daniels spends less time testing and buildds compiling the fixes!08:41
Lathiatwell, its still in one big source package08:42
Lathiati don't envy his job 1 bit08:42
siretartLathiat: this aalib/sdllib is going to be harder than I thought. I'm filing an bugzille report atm08:42
Lathiatsiretart: ok08:42
Lathiatwell, im not goign to work on this stuff till tomorrow08:42
Lathiatwhen i do, i'll do the one that dont require other love first08:42
Lathiatthen i'll try fix the ones that do08:43
Lathiatalot of its leftover cxx transition stuff08:43
seth_kblah, the Xorg stuff is breaking all my builds08:51
=== seth_k goes hunting after libXrender.la
herveseth_k, libxrender-dev ;-)08:52
seth_koh, I know it's SUPPOSED to be there08:52
seth_kmethinks this package just looks for it in the wrong path08:52
seth_kLathiat: http://sethkinast.com/ubuntu/breezy/ :)08:53
Lathiatthanks seth_k :)08:53
siretartLathiat: bug filed, it is #1267308:54
Lathiatseth_k: 8 minutes to go :P08:54
seth_kLathiat, make sure and run a sudo pbuilder update on that, not sure if I uploaded before I updated or vice-versa08:54
\shsorry...i'm not able to work today anything...:( i just had a bad experience just now...my mood is blue08:55
siretart\sh_away: :(08:56
ivoksnaive package :)09:00
siretartivoks: your current wifi-radar is native. if you don't have time right now, I can prepare an upload for you09:00
siretartnot naive, native!09:00
ivoksi know, it was a joke :)09:01
siretartah. ok09:01
ivoksok, i don't understand this..09:01
ivoksnative means that it isn't in debian?09:01
siretartnative means, there is no .diff.gz. everything is in tar.gz09:02
siretartit is introduced for packages with no real upstream and are written exclusivly for debian09:02
herveit means debian work and upstream work are the same09:02
hervebecause the package/software is designed for debian09:02
Lathiatseth_k: remind me where that file goes?09:02
Lathiat is it just /var/cache/pbuilder ?09:03
ivoksman, siretart... it would be best if we never meet :)09:03
Lathiatah, got it09:03
ivoksi know it would be a problem, but, quoting:09:03
seth_k /var/cache/pbuilder, yep09:03
ivoks and, please do sourceful only uploads with orig tar.gz (dpkg-buildpackage -S -sa)09:03
ivoksend qoute :)09:03
ivokssiretart: it isn't a problem, i'll upload new one09:04
ivokssiretart: with same revision09:04
siretartsorry for the trouble. my english sucks :(09:04
siretartivoks: :)09:04
Lathiatseth_k: thanks, working a treat09:06
seth_kLathiat: yay, glad I could help you09:06
seth_kback to libXrender09:06
seth_kwhich sucks09:06
ivoksok, i need some help09:09
ivokshow should i upload with dput?09:09
bddebianDon't we all :-)09:09
Lathiativoks: with great difficulty09:09
ivoksif i try to upload .changes09:09
ivoksit tries to upload .deb09:09
ivoksand we don't want that, right?09:09
ivoksor we do?09:09
Lathiatman dput09:09
Lathiatsee if theres a source option09:09
ograivoks, you need to upload _source.changes09:10
ivoksand i create that with dpkg-buildpackage -S -sa09:10
ivoksso that's bad either, siretart says :)09:10
ogra-sa only if you want to include orig.tar.gz09:10
ograi.e. for a new upstream version09:11
ograelse -S is enough09:11
siretartfor revu, its better to include orig.tar.gz for having the complete sourcepackage available09:11
ivoksok, i did that09:11
ivoksbut siretart said " native package :("09:11
ivoksso, i'm lost now..09:11
siretartivoks: does your *_source.changes refer to a .diff.gz file?09:12
ivoksonly .dsc and .tar.gz09:13
siretartivoks: place the orig.tar.gz in that directory09:13
ivoksah... that's the problem...09:13
siretartmake sure there is a "_" instead of a '-' in front of the version number09:13
siretartand retry09:13
ivoksnow it's ok..09:15
ivoksi downloaded new upstream, forgot to prepare .orig.tar.gz09:15
ivokssorry guys09:15
siretartnew upstream version?09:15
siretartivoks: while you are at it..09:16
siretartivoks: just a though, I think it would be reasonable for upstream consumption to split the madwifi patch into 2 patches09:16
ivoksi wanted to ask you, what problems does dhcp fun creates?09:16
ivokssiretart: upstream allready has patches09:16
siretartone for the madwifi fix, and one for the locale fix09:16
siretartivoks: ah, even better! :)09:17
ivoksChecksum doesn't match for /home/ivoks/dcc/wifi-radar_1.9.4-0ubuntu3.dsc09:17
ivoksoh, my god...09:17
siretartivoks: the dhcp fun prohibits that the user can set his wifi device to anything else than eth109:17
ivokssiretart: it doesn't09:17
ivokssiretart: program reads wifi-radar.conf09:17
ivoksand replaces INTERFACE with what's in that file09:18
siretartivoks: the program yes, but not the part labeled with 'dhcp fun'09:18
ivokssiretart: it's irrelevant09:18
ivokssiretart: i have eth209:18
ivoksand it works without problems09:18
=== SloMoSnail [~slomo@p5487B9AE.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartivoks: sorry, the latest version I got from you got iwlist from ath0 (from config file), but started dhclient with -q eth109:19
=== dredg [~niall@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartI had to fix it in /usr/sbin/wifi-radar09:19
ivoksok, this is funny09:19
ivoksi8600 dhclient: eth1: unknown hardware address type 2409:19
ivoksi8600 dhclient: DHCPDISCOVER on eth2 to
ivoksyou have a point here..09:19
ivokslet's take a look09:20
siretartivoks: look at line 4909:20
siretartivoks: it unconditionally runs at startup before the configfile is read09:20
siretartthe for loop that is09:20
ivoksok, that could be fixed09:21
ivoksgreping interface from wifi-radar.conf09:21
siretartivoks: what if wifi-radar.conf does not exist yet? I think that look should 'just' be run later, after reading the config file09:22
ivoks.conf is created with postinst09:22
siretartand perhaps be put in an method of its own09:22
siretartivoks: but could be deleted be the user09:23
ivokssiretart: then wifi-radar wouldn't even start09:23
siretartivoks: if no config file exists, wifi-radar will create one for me09:23
ivokshe likes you :)09:23
ivoksif he only knew how you are bugging me... :))09:24
ivoksbut you got a point here..09:24
=== siretart is sorry for bugging you
ivoksi should drop that patch09:24
ivoksand use dhclient09:24
ivokscause it comes with ubuntu09:24
ivokscould this wait for september?09:25
ivoksi'm going in dubrovnik this weekend and i'm planin not to work there :)09:25
siretartI'll try to improve that patch09:26
siretartI'd suggest upload it to revu without the patch, and I'll see if I can improve it09:26
ivoksaccutally, i was thinking of learning python while on sea side09:27
ivokseven writing my own pygtk program09:27
ivoksdon't laugh...09:28
ivoksi allredy have buttons "backup" and "cancel" :)09:28
dredgpython is shockingly easy to pick up09:28
ivoksi even have file chooser to choose file for backup :)09:28
ivoksdredg: yes, it is09:28
ivoksok, siretart i'll upload ubuntu409:29
ivoksand we will see about ubuntu509:29
ivokshell, i wont upload anything now :)09:29
siretartivoks: if you upload a new upstream revision, you could restart at -0ubuntu109:30
ivokssiretart: i did :)09:30
seth_kokay, so I get a /usr/lib/libXrender.a but no libXrender.la. Any ideas?09:30
=== thesaltydog [~fabio@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivoksbye all09:32
ivokssee you tomorrow09:32
ivoksthanks for help about package09:32
=== lamont [~lamont@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pefI'm writing a manpage for a program I'm packaging, but english is not my native language, someone can check it for language correction ? http://dl.erodia.net/ubuntu/coccinella.1.html thanks !09:45
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-184-135-68.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dredgpef: it reads ok. there are a couple of sentences that i don't like, but i can't think of a better way of wording them09:48
pefdredg: that's hard to tell a lot of things in a small manuel :)09:51
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=== TMM [~hp@c51471f2c.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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=== Amaranth [~amaranth@ip68-225-172-54.om.om.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
seth_kdredg: want me to diff out my suggested grammar changes?10:07
dredgseth_k: hmm?10:07
seth_ker sorry, it's pef that is doing it. My bad10:07
dredgah :)10:07
seth_kyou responded to him and I keyed off that10:07
pefseth_k: I've received corrections from Riddell, I think it's ok, but I will upload the new version to get your advices :)10:08
seth_koh okay, no worries :)10:08
pefseth_k: http://dl.erodia.net/ubuntu/coccinella.1.html10:11
=== antoranz [~antoranz@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
antoranzHi everyboy!10:12
antoranzIs there anybody awake here? I want to get some help with squid+multipath routing10:12
seth_kIts system of extensions allows coccinella to be easily extended, for now you have => coccinella's system of extensions allows it to be easily extended. Currently it supports10:13
seth_kThis manual page documents briefly the coccinella command. => This manual page briefly documents the coccinella program.10:13
seth_kThe peer-to-peer mode allows client to connect => The peer-to-peer mode allows clients to connect10:14
seth_kOther than that it looks good, your english is very good :)10:15
pefseth_k: thanks ;)10:15
siretartantoranz: this channel is rather abount maintaining the universe component of ubuntu. I wouldn't expect user help here. better try #ubuntu or the ubuntu-users mailing list10:16
antoranzoh oh.... I see10:17
antoranzok, man... thanks!10:17
siretartand for me, honestly, I used squid, but never heard about multipath routing10:17
antoranzreally? It's when you are using a single route.... but made of more than one path10:18
antoranzit's a iproute2 feature10:18
dredguse a proper routing protocol :)10:18
antoranzI'm all ears. ;)10:19
siretartantoranz: I so your problem has probably nothing to do with squid itself.. i see.10:19
siretartantoranz: I'd suggest setting up routes with ip route add ... (look up documentation) or setting up something like routed or zebra or anythink like that10:20
antoranzoh... I have already set the multipath route.. that's not the problem. ;)10:20
antoranzthe problem is that after I set the multipath route, squid doesn't want to work anymore10:21
siretarthm. perhaps try #squid?10:21
siretartif that channel exist10:21
dredgantoranz: ask diamond when he's around next10:21
antoranz:D let me take a look. ;)10:21
dredghe does insane things with 2 internet links10:21
dredgsquid is involved i think10:21
dredgthough he might have replaced it with apache's mod_proxy10:22
antoranzThere's n squid channel!10:22
siretarthey, you're lucky :)10:22
dredgpersonally i'd just use ospf10:22
dredgbut that's just me :)10:22
antoranzok.... let me write it down so I can check documentation10:22
antoranzzebra routed, right?10:23
dredgit's in quagga, yes10:23
siretartquagga was the successor, thanks!10:23
dredgthough i usually use a bunch of ciscos10:23
dredgzebra is still being maintained10:24
antoranzwell... The problem is that the linux box is directly connected to three internet connections10:24
dredgquagga is better i'm told :) i have to say that or i'll get beaten up by paul :)10:25
siretartpaul? sladen?10:26
dredgpaul jakma10:26
dredgquagga developer10:26
siretartah. i see10:26
dredgi think he forked it originally actually.10:27
dredgbut he's fairly insane10:27
siretartI heard so10:28
antoranzmy god.. they're all asleep at the squid forum10:29
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=== blueyed_ [~daniel@iD4CC181C.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
antoranzand so are you10:30
antoranzwell.. thanks for your help anyway! :)10:30
antoranztake care!10:30
siretartbye antoranz10:30
antoranzBuy! :)10:30
siretartwhat? ;)10:31
bddebianAm I missing what a backport is?  It was my understanding that a backport was a package that was built on say Breezy, then "backported" back to say Hoary??10:34
siretartbddebian: in principle yes, although there are many special cases involved there10:34
bddebianHmm, OK10:35
siretartdoes anyone know about wxwidgets2.4 breackage in breezy?10:41
=== jaldhar_debconf is now known as jaldhar
jintysiretart: re sqlobject - thanks, I'll figure it out when I have some time10:43
=== mae [~mae@dpc674653178.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== ivoks [~ivoks@lns01-0882.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pefdoes dh_make handle bzip2 ? I have bzip2 installed and he tells me "Source file is a bz2 but bzip2 or gzip not available at /usr/bin/dh_make line 409, <STDIN> line 2."11:17
pefoh, I've found a bug :D11:23
JanC<siretart> does anyone know about wxwidgets2.4 breackage in breezy?11:34
JanCnot that I know of11:34
JanCaudacity & poEdit seem to run fine ?11:34
siretartJanC: amule does not built anymore11:35
JanC& wxPython2.4 example apps seem to run okay too11:35
siretartJanC: http://paste.debian.net/117011:35
siretartI'm not sure if thats related to wxwidgets anyway, was rather a random guess11:36
JanCah build problems  :)11:36
=== sistpoty [~stefan@DSL01.] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretarthi sistpoty11:36
sistpotyhi siretart11:36
JanCto me it looks like the problem is in amule but I have no experience with C++ or g++ output...11:39
JanCit seems to use gtk2 ?11:39
siretartforget it, CValueMap is indeed some internal class of amule11:40
siretartso most probably not wxwidgets related11:40
JanCwxgtk2.4 uses gtk1, and it also references some gtk2 stuff ?11:41
siretartI maintain a wxpython game using wxgtk2.4 and having a gtk2 look11:41
JanCwxgtk2.4 can be built against gtk2 I guess, but the libraries in ubuntu are gtk111:42
sistpotywhat r u talking about?11:43
sistpotytrying to fix amule?11:43
siretartsistpoty: yes, I'm on it11:43
siretartsistpoty: but it comes to an really ugly linker error: http://paste.debian.net/117011:44
=== tritium [~tritium@12-208-96-155.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Lathiatnice error11:45
sistpotyhm... this is the copy-c'tor of CValueMap?11:45
sistpotylooks nasty!11:45
siretartsistpoty: yes. CValuemal is declared in src/ETSpecialTags.h11:45
sistpotyhm... i'll take a look ;)11:46
siretartwithout copy c'tor, but c++ should provide a default one11:46
sistpotysiretart: yes, it should... let's hope this is no gcc bug ;)11:46
siretartI don't think so11:47
sistpotyphew... i need a faster machine... it compiles and compiles :/11:57
=== Amaranth [amaranth@ip68-225-172-54.om.om.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sistpotyhi ajmitch11:58
siretartsistpoty: yeah, It took a fair amount of time here as well11:58
pefsiretart: why don't you have submit your pong2 packages to revu ? (http://tauware.de/content/view/20/52/)11:59
siretartpef: they are already in debian and ubuntu ;)11:59
pefsiretart: mmm I need sleeping :] 12:00
siretartsorry, need sleep12:03
siretartgn8 folks!12:03
ajmitchnight siretart12:04
sistpotygn8 siretart12:04
SloMoSnailgn8 siretart12:05
pefgn8 siretart12:07
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