lamont__doko: I'll take a look and see what I can do12:04
desrtfabbione; do you still need access to gorecki?07:21
fabbionedesrt: nope.. thanks :)07:21
=== desrt resumes the crashing :)
fabbionedesrt: i am confident you did try the new headers.. didn't you?07:22
desrtfabbione; actually, no07:23
desrtfabbione; i've been avoiding too much kernel hacking so that i didn't accidentally crash the box when you needed to use it :)07:23
fabbioneoh 07:23
fabbionethanks :)07:23
fabbionewell crash it and let me know :)07:23
desrtk.  lemme check07:23
fabbionei need to go offline soon for approx 20 minutes07:24
desrt  MODPOST07:24
desrtmodpost: /home/desrt/coconet/coconet.o no symtab?07:24
desrt /bin/sh: line 1: 14814 Aborted                 scripts/mod/modpost -m -a -i /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.12-3-powerpc64-smp/Module.symvers /home/desrt/coconet/coconet.o /home/desrt/coconet/large-page.o07:25
desrtvery possibly my fault :)07:25
fabbionei saw that too07:25
fabbionebut given that all the rest compiles...07:25
fabbionei sort of assumed it was a specific coconet problem07:26
desrtlet me check07:26
desrtno.  it's a -headers problem, i think07:26
desrti'll try and find out more about it while you're offline07:27
fabbionei don't think it is07:27
desrt(compiles just fine against the full kernel source 2.6.12 with ubuntu patches)07:27
fabbioneok... leave my account around..07:27
fabbionei will look at it later07:27
fabbionedesrt: did you actually upgrade the kernel and headers to the latest version or are you just using the one i hacked locally?07:28
desrtwhatever is currently in /usr/src/linux-kernel-headers07:29
fabbionecurrently as in?07:29
fabbionecurrently can be that you dist-upgraded the box 2 minutes ago07:29
fabbioneor currently is what i left there a few days back :P07:29
desrti just did dist-upgrade now.. the only difference was a new yaboot07:29
fabbioneyeah the yaboot we fixed together 07:29
desrtnod.  i'm only running ubuntu-base... so not many updates07:30
fabbioneok gimme a bit and i will come back07:30
desrtok.. i've found the problem.. and it's one of those big sort of problems that won't easily go away07:43
fabbionedesrt: re07:43
desrt/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.12-3-powerpc64-smp/scripts is a symlink to linux-headers-2.6.12-3/scripts07:43
desrtie: all the various different arch versions share the same scripts/ directory07:44
fabbionethat's right...07:44
desrtthe modpost script has a compile-time flag for 32bit or 64bit mode07:44
desrtif you run the 32bit version on a 64bit .o file you get the "missing symtab" error07:44
desrtit gets its settings from elfconfig.h07:44
desrtwhich contains this: #define KERNEL_ELFCLASS ELFCLASS3207:45
desrtyou'll basically need 2 versions of the modpost script... one for 32bit kernels and one for 64bit07:45
fabbionewe need a completely different approach here :/07:47
fabbioneok.. i got the problem thanks...07:47
desrtthanks again for all your work on this :)07:47
fabbionethis is going to be a real problem07:48
desrtbtw: there is a working version of the kernel source in /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.12 that you can use for comparison07:48
fabbionenah i got it thanks07:48
desrtif you compile coconet the top line in the Makefile is LINUX=/path/to/source07:48
fabbionethis is going to cost me an extra amount of painful work07:48
desrtanything i can do to help?07:49
fabbionedesrt: not really.. this needs to be fixed in the source package...07:49
desrt(just think -- you're solving the problem for biarch amd64 too) :)07:49
fabbionewhen we build the kernel on the buildd's07:49
fabbionethat's the real problem07:49
fabbionedesrt: nope.. ppc64 is a "special case" all over the Makefiles07:49
fabbionebecause it's the only one that's cross compiled07:50
danielsgod I hate building the monolith07:50
danielseven with it not building anything in programs/ except for the server and most of lib/07:50
danielshate hate hate07:50
fabbionedon't worry.. the machine i use to build is fast :)07:50
desrtdaniels; Xc?07:50
danielsdesrt: yeah07:50
desrti really like the fd.o broken-out-everything approach with pkgconfig help07:51
fabbionemy back is hurting a lot07:51
fabbionecrap i must have slept really bad this night07:51
desrtclearly an indication that you require a mid-morning nap :)07:52
fabbionedesrt: i am not just tired.. my back is really hurting a lot07:52
danielsdesrt: you're telling me07:54
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mirakI am trying to cross compile04:14
mirakmy two architectures are ppc and i38604:14
mirakI tried the howto04:14
mirakbut it both fail when I try to build gcci386 for ppc and gcc-ppc for i38604:15
jbaileyWhich howto?04:16
jbaileyIf it was anything other than http://kegel.com/crosstool/ you'd probably do better to start for there.04:16
mirakjbailey /usr/share/doc/toolchain/howto04:49
mirakI use this how to04:49
mirakI already followed the http://kegel.com/crosstool/ 04:50
miraksome month ago but it failed as well04:50
mirakI use tpkg-make04:50
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karimhow important are the glibc version and kernel version for cross compiling07:04
karimjbailey: hey07:05
jbaileyThe versions shouldn't really matter.  Cross compiling on older stuff might be a bit more finicky but not much.07:05
jbaileyYou generally want to make sure your libraries that you're using for cross compiling are the same or older than the ones you'll be executing with.07:05
jbaileyOtherwise you risk symbol mismatches and stuff.07:05
karimhere is what I want to do07:08
karimI want to set up a cross compile gcc 07:08
karimto use with distcc07:08
karimmy goal is to use this ubuntu i386 box to help this poor ppc G307:08
karimso I don't think I need all the gdb and stuff to do that07:09
karimjbailey: I don't understand why toolchain tpkg-make script fails 07:09
karimit's a pity because it's very handy07:09
jbaileyI haven't used that script, so I don't know.07:10
jbaileyI have some vague dreams of making it so that building cross compilers from the standard toolchain packages is trivial, but I haven't taken them past the dream stage.07:10
karimwell it IS trivial07:17
karimbut the compile fail07:17
karima problem with some files missing it seems07:17
jbaileyIIRC, signal.h means you don't have glibc headers in place.07:31
zul|workingsomeone should start an arm port..07:41
jbaileyPlanning on it.07:45
=== jbailey needs to get around to writing up the buntu spec.
zul|workingwasnt there a paper at debconf for porting debian to another arch?07:57
jbaileyDunno.  I've done it twice, so wouldn't need much of a paper.07:57
karimjbailey: how do I put them in place ?08:12
jbaileykarim: It depends where you've configured gcc to look for them.09:06
jbaileyI tend to use --with-sysroot09:06
karimhem I am trying to use distcc09:09
karimI can remotely connect and compile09:09
karimbut I don't know how to tell distccd to use the ppc gcc cross compiler09:09
jbaileyDunno.  I've read about doing that but have never done so.09:13
jbaileyI thought about doing that for the Debian hurd-i386 buildd. =)09:13
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jbaileyHave a huge ccache tied in with distcc and cross compilers.09:14
jbaileyMake the hurd the fastest compile farm in Debian. =)09:14
jbaileyOf course, doko might kill me for thinking that thought out loud. =)09:14
dokoso you did fix the biarch i386 builds?09:15
jbaileykarim: Or he'll play dirty. =)09:15
karimwhat ?09:16
karimI give up09:25
karimif I compile for ppc on the i386 I can execute the binary on the ppc host09:42
karimso cross compile work09:42
karimbut however distcc fail09:42
=== lamont [~lamont@] has joined #ubuntu-toolchain
karimit produce a little binary09:42
karimthat can't be executed09:43
dokolamont, lamont-away: 4.0 did fail on the ia64 and hppa unstable buildds10:02
jbaileyEh?  What's different than in breezy?10:19
dokonothing is different. the ia64 buildd looks seriously broken10:23

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