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\shmorning pef09:39
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pefJRe: hi ;)10:14
JRepef: hi :)10:15
JRepef: how are you?10:15
pefJRe: fine and you ?10:17
JRepef: fine too ;)10:17
JRepef: i am packaging kat0.6.0beta110:17
JRe;) ;) ;)10:17
pefJRe: no longer libxrender.la issue ?10:20
JRepef: kat is not katapult10:20
pefI have a problem I don't know how to handle :/10:21
pefI'm packaging k9copy, which needs a specific vamps version provided by the author of k9copy10:22
JRewhat is a vamps ?10:22
pefa command line tools to work on mpeg strams10:23
JReso you have to first package the command line tool10:24
JReand after k9copy, is it that?10:24
pefwrong way :)10:25
pefk9copy needs the modified version of vamps10:25
\shxrender issues should be fixed10:25
\shxbase-clients is next ,-)10:25
pefRiddell: ping11:11
Riddellpef: hi11:11
pefRiddell: hi :)11:11
pefRiddell: building kdepim stops with /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXfixes, maybe missing dependency ?11:12
pefRiddell: #12799, if you can have a look ;)11:13
\shRiddell: did u say yesterday, everything what is not build-depending on kdebase can be compiled?11:17
Riddell\sh: actually first thing is to sort out amd6411:20
Riddellanyone got an amd64 going spare :)11:20
\shRiddell: mithrandir has ravel ,-)11:21
\shis amd buildd working again???11:21
\shwoot...it's alive11:22
Riddellit's alive and arts hasn't built :(11:22
Riddellwhich means qt probably needs stricter build-deps somewhere11:24
\shlemme check11:25
\shok..tightend the build-deps for xrender and xcursor11:28
\shbut he pulls in Setting up libxrender-dev (0.9.0-1) ...11:30
\shSetting up libxcursor-dev (1.1.4-0ubuntu3) ...11:30
\shin the amd64 buildd...hmmm11:30
\shand this is correct from the build-deps u gave for arts11:31
Riddellare those the latest versions of libxrender and libxcursor?11:32
\shyes..but xorg is quite -3611:32
Riddellxcursor (1.1.4-0ubuntu4) * Make the xrender build-dep versioned, to rid us of libXrender.la.11:33
\shhmm...so it wasn't in the archive 11:34
\shso kicxcursor_1.1.4-0ubuntu4_20050719-0615-amd64-successful.gz11:34
\shthere it is11:34
\shanother kick should be ok...11:35
\shand the time fits ,-) arts was ready before xcursor11:36
pefRiddell: needs to add libxfixes-dev to kdepim build-depends, no ?11:55
Riddellpef: looks like it, will do that too12:01
pefRiddell: should I fill a bug on malone ?12:04
Riddellpef: bugzilla I think if you want12:06
pefRiddell: when should I use malone or bugzilla ?12:06
JRepef: good question :)12:06
pefJRe: ;)12:07
Riddellpef: malone for universe, bugzilla for main12:08
Riddellas far as I know anyway12:08
pefthanks :)12:08
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\shRiddell: I think we kick back arts to the amd64 buildd01:14
Mezhmmles 01:14
\shlooks like it was compiled at the wrong time01:15
MezThe following packages have unmet dependencies:01:15
Mez  xbase-clients: Depends: xdpyinfo but it is not installable01:15
MezPackage xdpyinfo is not available, but is referred to by another package.01:15
MezThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or01:15
Mezis only available from another source01:15
MezE: Package xdpyinfo has no installation candidate01:15
\shmez: at least u hit breezy xorg break01:16
\shcome in and sit down :)01:16
Mezso when's the planned fix/01:16
Riddell\sh: yeah, I'm playing with some other qt patches but I'll upload it soon01:16
Mezcause I'm trying to fix kdepim01:16
\shRiddell: lamont can kick them back...no upload needed01:17
\shactually we need a complete rebuild of everything ,-)01:17
\shto see what is breaking 01:17
RiddellI should add tighter dependencies on qt I think01:17
\sh.oO(after daniels is send back by god and give us a real Xorg to work with)01:17
Mezso... er...01:18
Mezwhy is xorg broken?01:18
RiddellMez: daniels stopped xbase-clients from compiling temporarily01:19
Riddellso it's just an empty package01:19
Mezwhyyyy .?01:19
=== Mez bashes head
Riddelldunno, it's a temporary step until all the xbase-clients are split into their own packages01:21
\shquestions over questions...please switch on your irssi next week to see how Mez bashed his head ,-)01:21
=== Mez sighs
\shmez: problem is really: we have to w8 for daniels...really..I can't type any umlauts, at signs, can't use my alt-gr and some other keys...01:38
\shright now i'm feeling just like sitting in a timemachine back to 199401:39
pef\sh: problem with dead keys ?01:43
pef\sh: same problem with french accents, please have a look at bugzilla #1279901:50
JRe\sh: lol01:51
Mezyeah - I just saw tha pef01:57
\shpef: I'm w8ing :)02:00
\shnodeadkeys? ,-)02:04
\shbut I'm talking about serious problems like alt-gr+q for an at sign02:04
\shor ctrl+alt+f1 for switching to console02:04
pef\sh: xbk issue, no ?02:14
\shpef: yes.02:14
pef\sh: have you xkb related errors in xorg.log ?02:14
\shpef: back to plain xkb ... no german layout bla02:15
\sh'm waiting for daniels fix...02:15
pef\sh: same problem, have you tried to install xkeyboard-config ?02:15
pefI _had_ the same problem :)02:15
\shshermann@shermann-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get -s install xkeyboard-config02:16
\shshermann@shermann-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get -s install xkeyboard-config02:17
\shThe following packages will be REMOVED: akregator amarok amarok-arts amarok-engines amarok-gstreamer amarok-xine ark artsbuilder dcoprss gdm gksu gnome-applets gnome-applets-data gnome-control-center gnome-netstatus-applet gnome-panel02:17
\shand this is only one line of packages 02:17
\shThe following packages will be upgraded: xkeyboard-config02:18
pef\sh: rdepends on this package returns me only 4 packages, strange...02:18
\shfor me as well02:20
\shReverse Depends: edubuntu-desktop xserver-xorg-core ubuntu-desktop02:20
\shanyways...lets try :)02:20
\shI have some time *adventure02:21
\shif I'm not responding anymore...then I have a problem :)02:21
pef\sh: don't forget your irssi copy :)02:22
\shi think my memory will be removed as well02:22
pefit took me a moment with xlibs debs to get my x working again :/02:23
pefhave to go out02:26
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Riddellcommunity council in a bit, anything we need brought up?02:31
\shwhen is CC?02:32
Riddell"fix X" doesn't count :)02:32
Riddell1.5 hours02:32
\shactually I broke my X again ,902:32
Riddell14:00 yes02:33
\shdoes anybody has a xbase-clients -39?02:33
\shaeh xlibs02:34
Riddellbottom of http://dev.kubuntu.org.uk/~jr/tmp/02:35
\shno..i need at least -3902:36
\sheverything else is not compatible with xkeyboard-config02:36
Riddelloh, dunno.  british keyboards still work02:37
Riddellwell, until I want to write a pound sign02:37
\shI can't write a at sign..and this is really important :)02:37
Riddellyou could use british keyboard layout02:37
\shright now I fcked everything02:38
\shjust close again to install hoary ,-)02:38
MezRiddell: why is there an ubuntu gnome team, but not an ubuntu KDE team?02:45
RiddellMez: because you havn't put your name on https://wiki.ubuntu.com//MOTUKDE ?02:48
MezI'm not a MOTU02:49
Mezand I was on about like - core team02:49
Mezbtu wait  you're the only full upload Kubuntu dev arent you?02:50
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insanekanehello all02:50
insanekaneRiddell: any progress on using Qt-embedded in the installer ?02:50
Riddellinsanekane: debian-installer is text only02:51
insanekanehmm ... amu said there was going to be some effort in the direction of a GUI installer 02:51
\shok...reinstall time *grmpf02:52
Riddellnot sure the progress on that, ubuntu-express is in the archives02:52
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insanekanehmm its quite funny ... ubuntu-express02:57
insanekaneRiddell: im making some wizards to go with the media:/ renaming script ... hope to submit it soon02:58
insanekaneuntil then ... ciao02:58
Riddellinsanekane: media renaming script?02:58
insanekaneyeah ..02:59
Riddellinsanekane: what does that do?02:59
insanekanedunno if you have followed the discussion on the devel mailing list02:59
Riddellwhich devel mailing list?02:59
insanekanegives sane names to the devices in media:/ ioslave02:59
insanekanesane names = Windows A1, Linux B2 etc02:59
JReinsanekane: it would be nice to contact kevin ottens for that!03:00
JReinsanekane: it's him who has developped the media kioslave03:00
insanekaneJRe: for what ? Qt-embedded in the installer ?03:00
JReinsanekane: for media names03:00
insanekaneJRe: well, i have talked to the person who developed it (didn't know his name) on #kde-devel ... but he is not interested in such things i believe ... atleast not now03:00
JReinsanekane: ervin ?03:01
insanekaneyeahthats him03:01
insanekaneerwin i think03:01
JReinsanekane: if ervin told you that he would make something don't worry! but to be sure of the state of his work, you should post a bug report on http://nugs.kde.org03:03
JReinsanekane: i know that ATM is heavily working on system:/03:04
insanekanehmm ..03:10
insanekaneso am i03:10
insanekaneJRe: he didnt say he would make something ... but he said it was out of the scope of media:/03:11
JReinsanekane: ok! so it's because of HAL ?03:12
insanekaneJRe: anyway, i am making only some simple pyqt wizards for new internet connection, media:/ renaming, K-Menu complexizer, etc03:12
insanekaneJRe: no, i solved the problem using HAL03:12
insanekaneso, my wizards are for silly things like that ... i will contribute it, but i doubt it will reach the quality expected03:13
insanekaneanyway, i have to go, ciao03:13
JRe insanekane: a piu tardi ;)03:13
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insanekane\sh: hello :)03:40
insanekane\sh: how are you ?03:40
\shjust reinstalled hoary after destroying breezies X completly03:40
\shdoesn't matter03:41
pef\sh: sh 0 - xorg 1 ;)03:42
\sh\sh 0 - xorg 5 03:43
insanekaneRiddell: still no reply from Martin Pitt on the pmount question ... wonder is he is too busy/unavailable for general queries03:44
\shno I'm staying with hoary until I see an announcement of daniels *grmpf*03:44
Mezinsanekane, he's just emkailed the dev list about dropping mozilla to universe03:46
insanekaneMez: is that kubuntu-dev ? or ubuntu-dev ?03:46
insanekanehmm ... am not subscribed to that ..03:47
insanekaneMez: maybe my question was stupid03:50
insanekaneMez: do you know where hal gets the hard disk information from ?03:54
Mezno idea03:56
sebasinsanekane: Probably somewhere in /proc/, /proc/scsi/scsi and /proc/ide/hda/model for example.03:59
seth_kCC meeting starting now04:02
Riddellinsanekane: he does say he's busy, what's the question04:04
Riddellinsanekane: /sys I'd imagine04:04
insanekaneRiddell: the question is ... why the extra security for mounting harddisks ?04:12
insanekaneRiddell: the same security should be applicable to USB pen drives also right ?04:13
insanekaneRiddell: because of this pmount problem, the media:/ ioslave is unable to mount harddisks04:17
insanekanesebas, Riddell : the properly i am interested in is "volume.partition.msdos_part_table_type" ?04:22
insanekaneRiddell: but it is available only if HAL doesn't drop priveleges ... i wonder why it is a privileged information (and how to change it not to be so)04:23
sebasinsanekane: What's in there? 04:26
sebasWe're reading that sort of information directly from /proc in guidance04:26
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insanekanesebas: it returns stuff like 0x83 (== ext3), 0x82 (== swap) for each partition ..04:39
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fromozeHi, I'd like to make a question I've see many times on #kubuntu-es: Why there's not i18n package for amarok? 05:52
Riddellfromoze: because langpacks and KDE are a bit broken in hoary05:54
fromozeit'll be on breezy?05:54
Riddellfromoze: when main packages are uploaded any language files generated get sucked out and into rosetta05:55
Riddellfromoze: then another script takes the lanuguage packs for ubuntu and puts them in the ubuntu language packages05:55
Riddellwhich means KDE ones get a bit lost05:55
fromozeI see... 05:55
Riddellfromoze: jolly well better be sorted out for breezy05:55
fromozeWell, thanks, now I can defend the miss package ;)05:56
fromozeAnd I'll say people to help in Rosetta... 05:57
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alleeRiddell: bit OT: your kolab blog confuses me: '..not providing RPMs as their Debian packages could have..'.  Sounds like debs are available but I could not find them :(06:50
Riddellallee: they provide RPM packages for debian06:51
alleeRiddell: 'k those I used ;)   but it's a mess (almost 1 GB of additional software :(  )06:52
alleebut 'everyone' seems to be afraid to debianize them ;)06:52
Riddellbecause they use their own little file heirarchy06:53
Riddelland don't use the existing apache or imap server 06:53
alleeI hope to find the time to check their install script to get rigt at least of 'standard' pkgs that are not don't need customized config files06:54
alleeapache and imap are especially problematic.  They need special conf setup to play wel together.  I don't see an06:55
alleeeasy way to get this properly into debian pkgs system.06:55
Riddelljust have a Include kolab.conf in httpd.conf ?06:57
alleeI've not look into the config changes yet. After bootstrapping kolab2, find /kolabl -mtime -1 listed more than a dozend of modified config files.06:59
Riddellwell they used the autopkg stuff to avoid caring about anyone's packaging system07:09
Riddellso it's presumably not designed for it :(07:09
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alleeyep.  But no word prominently placed word about security (updates).  That scares me.07:13
Riddellhmm, yes07:13
alleeBetter a bit harder install and instead easy (security) updates ;)07:14
Riddellwell I don't think their installation is any easier than having an apt archive, it's just easier from their view as programmers and packagers07:15
Riddellcommercial software that's the problem, it's designed for their customers not for random debian users07:15
alleenot the software is commercial but the support.  Having huge ammount of software help to sell support ;)07:18
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fromozeHi, may be I must do it may it's done. Are there any web where're linked kubuntu apps on rosetta? 09:25
fromozeI'll like to help a little more on translations; but I'm going to disappear for some weeks (finally the hollydays are coming). Is Rosetta a good way to do it?09:29
sebasfromoze: You could better ask the local KDE teams for that, only they if Rosetta is a good point to start *in your language*.09:30
fromozeBecause new people on #kubuntu-es wants to help and I'm thinking to push them to help in translations, but I'd like to know if the rosettas is a good option.09:30
sebasWhat's your mother tongue?09:30
fromozegallician ;)09:30
fromozemy second is better: spanish 09:31
sebasAh, are you already involved with kdehispano.org ?09:32
sebasWell, that's a good place to start. The locatlization / translation stuff is done per language.09:33
sebasOn that webpage you can find the people / lists to contact, just say that you'd like to help translating and someone will probably pick you up.09:34
alleefromoze: a general link for everyone interested in KDE translations: http://i18n.kde.org/teams09:39
fromozeExcuses, allee and sebas, I'd a phone call. I'll try to get into a localteam, but bettet after hollydays. I was interested on rosetta to push newbies in, but I understand isn't a really good way to help to kubuntu.10:03
sebasfromoze: Ok, welcome (in advance) to KDE :)10:05
fromozesebas: I won't go so far sebas, welcome me better when I show you some translations done ;)10:06
sebasOk :)10:06
sebasYou're not visiting aKademy?10:06
fromozedon't remember me that... I can't :(10:07
sebasAh, bummer.10:08
fromozeI've exams in september, 1,3 and 510:08
fromozeIs a really bad luck strike; normally I've exams later. If they started 5 I'll try to be on Malaga for the first days.10:09
fromozeIs known where is the 2006 akademy? or is biannual?10:10
fromozeMay be is better to try to go to an akademy in a foreinger country and travel a little ;)10:11
fromozePleased to met you, see you later; dinner time :)10:16
sebasIt's annual, bon appetit!10:16
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