stubcarlos: updated, and data migration script running12:17
kiko-fudITS WORKING!12:27
kiko-fudyarrr stub12:28
Nafallowhy can't I add my GPG key to launchpad?12:40
kiko-fudNafallo, what's the issue?12:41
kiko-fudyou /can/12:41
Nafallo" Sorry, a system error occurred" <-- :-P12:41
kiko-fudNafallo, file a bug, nag cprov and nag me if that doesn't work12:41
Nafallotrying to add: CC52241EFEA132F4B34AD7CC2DDA825B509CBA7112:41
kiko-fudcprov, ping?12:42
cprovkiko-fud: pong, I'm aware12:43
Nafallocprov: known problem? seems to be #116312:43
cprovNafallo: probably not, I'm investigating, did you do it recently ? 12:44
Nafallocprov: yepp. 00:40 or something :-)12:44
Nafalloehm... 22:40 UTC ;-)12:44
cprovNafallo: much better in UTC ;)12:46
=== cprov [~cprov@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
Nafallocprov: wb :-)12:47
NafalloI'm happy to do almost any bugtests you ask me to do :-)12:48
NafalloI can't reopen the bug either ;-)12:51
kiko-fudwe can12:51
cprovkiko-fud: Nafallo: calm down, It could no be the same bug, so wait !12:52
Nafallocprov: oki. but then again, that bug just says we get the "sorry" message ;-).12:53
cprovNafallo: did you get "System Error" ?12:54
Nafallocprov: yes12:55
=== cprov looking
Nafallothe page that asks you to add a bug etcetera.12:56
cprovNafallo: dude, this is a name Christian Bjlevik01:01
Nafallocprov: yea. I know my name :-)01:02
Nafallodon't tell me that's the error? ;-)01:03
cprovNafallo: yes it is ... how is your name in LP ?01:03
Nafallocprov: works good everywhere :-)01:03
cprovNafallo: GPGME doesn't accept UNICODE, so we need it in ASCII, not a big issue, but an anoying one01:05
Nafallocprov: something you can convert server-side? :-)01:06
cprovNafallo: we will fix it in LP, it's a known bug 01:07
Nafallocprov: oki :-)01:08
Nafallothat package shall be fixed to. atleast for breezy.01:08
cprovNafallo: thank you for your valuable feedback ... keep trying01:08
cprovNafallo: Pyme needs some love ;)01:09
Nafallocprov: oki. thanks to you and kiko-fud to :-)01:09
Nafallocprov: is that from a package currently in breezy?01:12
cprovNafallo: yes, python2.4-pyme01:13
Nafallohmm, can't find it on my amd64 or on packages.ubuntu.com :-/01:16
cprovNafallo: just to confirm the bug, try to import you key again in launchpad, I'm following the errors01:17
Nafallobang :-)01:18
Nafallogot it?01:20
cprovNafallo: no, it's masked by another unicode error in zope, don't worry it needs some investigation to resolve it properly 01:22
cprovNafallo: if it won't ask too much, could you try the process again ? :-P01:28
Nafalloyepp :-)01:29
Nafallogot it? :-)01:29
cprovNafallo: yes, now i got01:29
cprovNafallo: so, you won a bug watch, 1496 ... kick me if I don't give it correct priority, ok ?01:38
Nafallocprov: sure :-)01:38
Nafallocprov: what's CPG? ;-)01:39
cprovNafallo: dude .. typing & walking sucks .. GPG01:39
NafalloI don't have permission to access that page :-/01:49
cprovNafallo: you are not part of the translation team, I guess ... ask the specialists daf or carlos01:58
Nafallocprov: I am :-).01:58
Nafallocprov: that's why it is very odd ;-)01:58
Burgundaviais there any reason why read-only access to that page is being blocked, aside from the preformance issues?01:59
cprovNafallo: uhmm .. bad bad ... speaking about me then, poor cprov isn't 01:59
NafalloI will probably bug carlos until the CC-meeting beguns ;-)02:00
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=== cprov goes home
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BjornThi spiv 08:36
spivI'm about to disappear to do a little bit of shopping.08:39
BjornTok, i was just wondering how's it going with the distinct/order by fix?08:40
=== morgs|away [~morgan@wblv-146-245-52.telkomadsl.co.za] has left #launchpad []
=== morgs|away [~morgan@wblv-146-245-52.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #launchpad
spivBjornT: Back.10:05
spivBjornT: Hmm, I can't seem to reproduce "queries like 'SELECT DISTINCT ... FROM POTemplate, ProductSeries ... ORDER BY datecreated' fail, since datecreated exists in both tables"10:05
spivBjornT: afaict the order by produced by my branch always generates "ORDER BY Tablename.columnname" rather than "ORDER BY columnname".10:07
BjornTspiv: hmm, i'll try again. maybe i did something wrong10:08
BjornTspiv: btw, i found another problem with sqlobject. BugMessage.selectOneBy doesn't work. BugMessage.selectOne does work, though, so it's not a big problem10:09
spivBjornT: Interesting.  In what way doesn't it work?10:10
BjornTspiv: well look at _SO_columnClause (dbconnection.py, line 496). soClass._SO_columnDict[key] .dbName fails with a KeyError: 'message'10:15
spivHow odd.10:18
carlos spiv did you see my email about the librarian problems I'm having that prevents me to merge into rocketfuel?10:20
spivcarlos: I did... is this related to the fixes pending in my librarian-cleanups branch?10:20
carlosspiv, I get the same problem with your fixes10:21
carlosI merged your branch into that one10:21
carlosand then I twisted2.0 start working10:21
carlosbut getting the same problem pqm has10:22
=== morgs gets a failure from pqm in test_zopeless_reconnect.txt... Huh?
spivBjornT: Does selectBy fail too?10:26
spivBjornT: What are you passing to selectOne/selectOneBy?10:26
spivBjornT: it works for me here:10:29
spiv>>> BugMessage.selectOneBy(bugID=1, messageID=3)10:29
spiv<BugMessage at 0x-4934e6b4>10:29
spivHmm, it seems SQLObject still needs ID on foreign keys, despite, what the changelog said on the version I merged from :(10:30
BjornTspiv: ok. i passed bug=bug_one, message=message_three10:30
BjornTi guess it's not worth trying to get that to work10:32
spivIt ought to :/10:32
spivI guess it's time to merge the latest from upstream again...10:32
BjornTyeah it would be nice10:35
spivcarlos: Hmm, poimport.txt is using the database with using e.g. LaunchpadTestSetup...10:38
spivmorgs: Try again?  There's a race in that test that needs fixing.10:44
carlosspiv, is it a problem or a question? :-)10:44
morgsspiv: thx10:45
spivcarlos: Speculation about the problem :)10:46
spivI think without LaunchpadFunctionalTestSetup or similar, the transaction bits for SQLObject aren't fully hooked up.10:46
carlosspiv, https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/fileKZpLKP.html10:47
carlosthat's what the test is using10:47
dafI bet that's it10:49
daftry changing it to use FunctionalTestSetup10:49
spivcarlos: It does?  I don't see where it uses those in poimport.txt in your LaunchpadPoImportFeedback branch?10:49
dafspiv: the test runner calls those implicitly for that test10:49
dafthere's a mapping lower down in the file10:50
=== spiv discovers a weird instrumental (synth-organ!) cover of Paranoid Android in his music collection...
dafwho by?10:51
spivI've absolutely no idea.10:51
spiv"Artist: Unknown"10:51
spiv"Title: seminar5" "Album: seminar".  Other tracks have illuminating names like "seminar2".10:52
spivI think I got this from my sister.  I'll have to ask here about it when she gets back from Belfast...10:52
spivOh, it's using Zopeless setup?  Then using import transaction; transaction.commit() won't work.10:54
spivUse LaunchpadZopelessTestSetup.txn.commit() instead.10:54
spivThat's one of the significant differences with "zopeless", it doesn't (yet) integrate with that.10:55
dafusing LaunchpadFunctionalTestSetup would also work, yes?10:56
spivI think so, yeah.10:56
dafany reason for using one over the other?10:58
carlosspiv, yes, that's new from my branch10:58
carlosspiv, it's inside the .py script that launches that test10:58
dafcarlos: try changing it!10:58
=== carlos just read the possible solution ;-)
=== carlos tries it
=== SnakeBite [~SnakeBite@] has joined #launchpad
dafcarlos: try it with --test=poimport first11:04
daf(rather than running the whole suite)11:04
carlosdaf, doing that already, don't worry :-)11:04
=== otep [~otep@AP-] has joined #launchpad
=== daf wonders why he can't edit https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/products/rosetta/+bugs/214
dafhuh, I can now11:06
carlosdaf, https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/21411:07
carlostry from there :-)11:07
=== aatim [~aatim@] has joined #launchpad
dafcarlos: what's the status of #1036?11:09
Nafallocarlos: why don't I have permission to see that page?11:10
carlosdaf, the migration script should be changed to reduce its memory usage, but the bug is already fixed11:11
dafcarlos: cool, I'll close it11:11
carlosNafallo, because we had to disable Rosetta because performance issues, it should be fixed as soon as our db master appears11:12
dafcarlos: does poimport.txt pass now?11:12
carlosdaf, no, but it's not related anymore to librarian, at least not with that error...11:12
Nafallocarlos: oki :-)11:12
dafthat's good11:12
dafcarlos: we're waiting for stub to do a production update?11:12
carlosdaf, well, it should pass the tests ;-)11:12
carlosdaf, no, he did it already11:13
Nafallocarlos: you haven't reached him yet? I know you tried all yesterday ;-)11:13
carlosbut seems like he forgot to remove the restrictions lifeless added on Friday11:13
Nafallos/all/all\ of/11:13
carlosNafallo, I did but went to sleep before he finished the update so I was not able to check that all worked11:13
Nafallocarlos: aha. he should have used me as guineapig then ;-)11:14
Nafallohmm, guineapig is probably not the word I was after.11:14
dafcarlos: can you do those pending plural forms tasks today?11:15
Nafallotester more likely ;-)11:15
dafcarlos: also, maybe you can do https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/680?11:15
carlosdaf, I will look into them, yes11:16
carlosNafallo, ;-)11:16
dafcarlos: thanks11:16
BjornTspiv: please run this test with your distinct/orderby branch:11:19
BjornT>>> from canonical.launchpad.interfaces import IProductSet11:19
BjornT>>> list(getUtility(IProductSet).get(1).translatable_series)11:19
BjornT[] 11:19
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [r=BjornT]  Fix Bug 1394: +source form to add RCS information is broken without sourcepackages (patch-2116: morgan.collett@canonical.com)11:23
carlosspiv, I committed by mistake your branch inside mine....11:26
carlosspiv, I'm going to revert it, but I'm not sure if that would cause a problem with patchlogs....11:26
=== aatim_ [~aatim@] has joined #launchpad
carlosdaf, https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/214 is not yet fixed, it's pending on data migration....11:29
=== carlos needs a bazaar guru :-(
dafthe bug is that you get a system error11:31
dafyou won't get a system error any more11:31
dafso the bug is fixed11:32
Kinnisoncarlos: what are you trying to achieve with baz?11:34
carlosKinnison, I committed a branch merge  by error11:35
carlosI need to remove it without preventing that the other branch is merged into rocketfuel in the future11:35
dafbaz replay --reverse11:36
dafI think this may be in the HackingFAQ11:36
Kinnisoncarlos: which rocketfuel patch is it in?11:36
carlosnot yet in rocketfuel11:36
carlosbut it's in a branch I'm going to merge into rocketfuel11:36
carlosdaf, really? 11:36
=== carlos checks
dafcarlos: any idea if https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/908 is fixed?11:36
dafyou don't want to do the sync-tree thing though11:37
carlosdaf, not sure about that bug11:37
dafotherwise it will prevent spiv from merging his branch11:38
carlosdaf, that's exactly what I want to avoid11:39
carlosdaf, that does not work11:40
carlosit's the same i got with patch -p1 -R11:40
carlosdaf, tree-id says its reverted to previous patchset11:41
carlosso, baz update will reapply the patchset11:41
dafdon't revert your branch11:41
dafrevert spiv's11:41
carlos :-P11:41
carlosmy god this is hell....11:58
=== carlos looks for the panic button
Nafallocarlos: say hello to satan from me. I know him :-).11:58
carlosNafallo, :-)11:59
=== carlos decides to wait for lifeless
dafwhat were you trying?11:59
carlosdaf, the problem is that spiv's branch has rocketfuel merges12:03
carlosand I'm getting a big mix of things12:03
carloswith replay --reverse12:04
KinnisonYou need to just reverse spiv's non-merge patches I guess12:04
dafmm, that might help12:06
dafbaz logs -res andrew.bennetts@c.c/launchpad--librarian-cleanups--012:07
carlosas I said, I think I will wait for lifeless so I'm 100% sure I'm not breaking my tree and I don't ban spiv's branch in the future12:07
dafbaz logs -rs andrew.bennetts@c.c/launchpad--librarian-cleanups--012:07
dafwhere's your sense of adventure?12:08
daflifeless might have already gone to bed12:08
morgsdaf, carlos - he's in brazil12:09
dafoh, right12:09
dafso he should be around in an hour or two12:09
=== Kinnison has lost track of the number of times he has (extremely carefully) had to undo history in his baz archive
carlosdaf, I know, that's why I'm deciding to wait for him ;-)12:10
=== Kinnison is glad he doesn't have an auto-mirror hook
carlosKinnison, the mirror is lacking this revision12:10
carlosKinnison, but I doubt is safe that I just rm the patchlog..12:11
Kinnisonnever just rm patchlogs12:11
Kinnisonwhat is your branch?12:11
=== Kinnison gets that
Kinnisonand the branch you're trying to undo is andrew.bennetts@c.c/launchpad--librarian-cleanups--0 ?12:13
carlosKinnison, but as it's not mirrored, you should not have that branch12:14
carlospatch-25 is the "broken" one12:14
carlospatch-24 should be the one you have12:15
dafyou could try reverting patch-25 in your branch12:15
dafand then doing sync-tree12:15
carlosdaf, are you 100% sure?12:18
Kinnisoncarlos: why is patch-25 not mirrored?12:19
carlosbecause I was able to stop it before the mirror were done12:20
KinnisonOkay, hang on12:20
KinnisonYou want to: 1. revert patch-2512:20
Kinnison2. noone but youhas it12:20
Kinnison3. it has not been merged into anything else12:20
Kinnisonis that true?12:20
dafit will be in his revision library12:20
Kinnisondaf: revlib and arch-cache can be cleaned12:21
dafthat's icky12:21
dafyou want a patch-26 that has patch-25 reverted12:21
=== Kinnison hides his "remove head revision" script
dafcarlos: is patch-25 *only* the merge from spiv?12:21
carlosdaf, and a local change I did by mistake but that is ok to lose it 12:22
carloskiko-fud, yes, that's true12:23
dafok, so, I suggest you do12:23
Kinnisoncarlos: in that case, baz replay --reverse patch-2512:23
Kinnisoncarlos: baz sync-tree12:23
dafwhat Kinnison said12:23
dafthen baz commit12:23
carlosdaf, but if I just revert patch-25 in patch-26, spiv's changes will be undo when he merge from rocketfuel. That's why I have a problem12:24
=== carlos tries
dafno, I think there will be no problem with Rocketfuel12:24
dafKinnison: what do you reckon?12:24
carlosdaf, with Kinnison solution I suppose it's ok, but if I reverte patch-25 with a normal commit, there will be problems when spiv wants to merge his changes12:25
dafyou're only undoing changes on your branch12:25
dafnot undoing changes anywhere else12:25
morgsI think it will be OK... if you baz diff against rocketfuel after you've done it, spiv's stuff won't appear at all, which means when you merge to RF, spiv's stuff won't be part of the patch12:25
=== Kinnison 's solution will mean that merging into RF won't introduce spiv's patches at all
Kinnisonthusly it'll all be safe12:27
carlosmorgs, but my tree would have spiv's patchlogs so those changes will not be applied, not sure if I'm explaining myself.....12:27
Kinnisoncarlos: Your tree doesn't have them at the head12:27
carlosanyway, Kinnison solution sounds safe12:27
Kinnisoncarlos: so it's quite safe12:27
carlosso I'm doing that12:27
dafKinnison: baz revert will revert spiv's patch logs also12:27
Kinnisondaf: exactly12:27
dafthat was meant to be directed at carlos12:27
Kinnisoncarlos: If you want to test it, do what I said, commit, then get a RF checkout, merge in your branch and then merge in spiv's branch to satisfy yourself that the latter will work12:28
=== Kinnison often simulates a PQM merge to check for himself what'll happen
dafor check out spiv's branch and merge your branch into it12:28
dafif you're worried about that12:28
carlosas I said, the --replay and sync-tree should be enough12:29
Kinnisonreplay --reverse12:29
carlosKinnison, yeah, it's done. Thank you12:31
Kinnisondaf: Why is it that dilys doesn't report bugs here any more12:33
dafI reckon baz logs -fr andrew.bennetts@c.c/launchpad--librarian-cleanups--0 | xargs -i baz replay --reverse '{}' would have worked also12:33
dafKinnison: because the bug mail format has changed and I haven't fixed dilys yet12:33
=== Kinnison spanks daf into fixing dilys
Kinnisoncan't have her making puppies12:33
KinnisonTo "fix" a dog is to get it neutered12:34
KinnisonSorry, I'm clearly on surreal non-humour mode today12:34
dafdon't call dilys a dog12:34
dafshe might stop reporting your merges12:34
=== Kinnison sniggers
=== Kinnison thought dilys was named after your dog
KinnisonSee, clearly I'm broken today12:35
=== Kinnison recommends the application of beer in 1h time
dafno more broken than I12:35
dafyour prescription sounds promising12:37
dafhmm, I shall have to render myself suitable for appearance in public12:39
=== Kinnison hands daf a few strategically shaped nurbs for rendering
=== carlos tries again to merge poimport changes...
=== carlos -> out, see you later.
=== daf fumbles for his control mesh
Kinnisoneww, not in public12:42
=== Mez [~Mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #launchpad
=== Kinnison will be back after lunch
Nafallohi kiko! :-)01:04
kikohey there01:04
kikothe only way of getting any work done is to arrive an hour early!01:05
kikono sigh of the sab01:05
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Fix Bug 1309: +source does not show svn details on load, mouse action required (patch-2117: morgan.collett@canonical.com)01:05
morgsdaf, remember the changes you made for the DatabaseImportFascist, and the pagetests (or lack thereof)? Turns out there's no pagetest for project/+new, and that got broken :(01:07
dafwhat was it you added a page test for? projects/+new-product?01:08
dilysNew Malone bug 1499 filed on Bazaar by Daniel Silverstone: baz log panics outside of a working tree01:09
=== kiko [~kiko@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
morgsdaf: yes, somehow I missed the project/+new...01:12
dafhmm, I wonder why I thought that had tests01:13
morgsso projects/+new gives: ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass canonical.launchpad.interfaces.project.IProject>, '')01:14
dafperhaps IProject is not registered as a utility01:14
dafyep, you need to add a <securedutility> to lib/canonical/launchpad/zcml/project.zcml01:15
dafer, no01:15
dafignore that01:15
daf(you have a securedutility for IProjectSet already)01:16
dafI imagine the code is calling getUtility(IProject) where it should be calling getUtility(IProjectSet)01:17
morgsAah, I'll check that quickly01:17
dafhmm, I can't find the code01:17
dafah, this branch is stale01:18
dafthat's why01:18
morgsIt does call IProject, I'll fix it01:18
dafI'm sure you'll be adding a test also ;)01:18
=== daf -> lunch
kikohey ho01:27
BjornTkiko: so, you don't seem to have anything to complain about BBA. does that mean i can consider it approved? ;)01:28
kikosorry man, it was kind of crazy these last weeks, getting all the sprint sorted out01:30
kikoyours wasn t the only review I dropped01:30
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [r=SteveA]  menus for Rosetta (patch-2118: daf@canonical.com)01:32
BjornTkiko: so, what's the (*real*) ETA for getting it reviewed?01:33
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dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.5: new build (patch-49)02:14
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.5: don't "panic" when doing "baz log" outside a tree, added -d option to log (patch-38: Matthieu.Moy@imag.fr)02:15
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Fix Bug 1482: System error while creating a new project (patch-2119: morgan.collett@canonical.com)02:44
Nafallocarlos: ping02:45
carlosNafallo, pong02:47
carloslifeless, something is missing from the cherrypick that stub did yesterday. Is stub around? or could you take a look?02:47
Nafallocarlos: would "I took the silence for a yes" as me as coordinator suffice for ubuntu swedish translators? I don't get response from more than one guy, and he seems to like the idea with me as coordinator :-).02:48
carlosNafallo, sure, as long as you have clear that that position will not be for ever, it will depend on the quality of your work. If you "break" Swedish translations someone else could take from you the coordinator role02:51
Nafallocarlos: ofcourse. it's not like this action can't be undone. I mostly want to relieve you from being admin when I aswell could handle it :-)02:53
carlosNafallo, I will give you admin rights now.02:53
spivBjornT: andrew.bennetts@canonical.com/sqlobject--distinct-orderby-other-fix--0--patch-4 should fix your latest distinct problem.02:54
Nafallocarlos: nice. thank you :-).02:55
Nafallocarlos: people are probably away from their broadband connections at universitys or something now that it's summer :-).02:55
carlosNafallo, could you tell me your launchpad login?02:55
Nafallocarlos: nafallo@magicalforest.se02:55
carlosNafallo, and your name?02:56
carlosI don't see your account02:56
BjornTspiv: thanks. i'll try it out.02:56
Nafallocarlos: Christian Bjlevik02:56
carlosok, found ;-)02:56
carlosNafallo, you are an admin now for that team02:57
carlosfeel free to approve / reject people that is pending to approval02:57
Nafallocarlos: thanx :-)02:57
=== BjornT -> lunch
carlosNafallo, np02:58
carlosbradb, morning03:10
=== SteveA [~steve@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
bradbhey carlos 03:19
BjornTspiv: so, now it fails when orderby is used together with union (since you have to use 'foo' rather than 'Table.foo'). i might be able to work around it, though, if it's too much trouble to fix it.03:26
kikobradb, yo?03:53
kikobradb, when you fixed the focus issue on +filebug, how did you do it?03:54
kikoyou hacked it in, I see03:54
bradbkiko: in ZCML, extra="tabindex=1" (our CSS uses "tabindex=1" to do some magic)03:54
bradbno hack, just mysterious z3 junk03:55
bradbit might have to be rolled back for 1.0 AFAICS, because getting it working with the tab ordering of the other fields appears to be a monumental effort03:55
kikowhat about the javascript03:56
dafurgh, headache03:56
bradbkiko: can't use the .js hack because bug-add.pt is used for various bug-filing forms, not all of which have title as their first field03:57
kikoand tabindex=1 gives it focus or?03:57
bradbyes, we have .js in one of our CSS files that uses tabindex to autofocus, also taking into consideration (by the looks of it, anyway), doing proper focussing on error fields if forms are filled out incorrectly (that doesn't seem to work though, but i haven't look a lot into it.)03:58
bradbit's possible that tabindex=1 Just Works when .js is disabled as well, but i haven't tested it, so i don't know for sure03:59
kikowow, js in a css file? :)04:04
bradber, sorry, it's in launchpad.js04:06
bradbSteveA: any news on the page title situation?04:13
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-73-155.onocable.ono.com] has joined #launchpad
carloskiko, please, could you tell stub that Rosetta is still disabled?04:22
=== sabdfl [~mark@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
carloskiko, thanks04:25
=== Keybuk [~scott@syndicate.netsplit.com] has joined #launchpad
=== stub [~stub@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
kiko<carlos> kiko, please, could you tell stub that Rosetta is still disabled?04:25
carlosstub, hi04:26
carlosstub, production has disabled pomsgset usage and the problematic url is still under launchpad.Admin permission.04:27
bradbSteveA: around for a menu question?04:27
carlosstub, did you have any problem yesterday?04:27
bradbdaf: got a sec for a menu question?04:27
KinnisonKeybuk: What do you think about that version numbering stuff I mailed you yesterday?04:28
=== terrex_ [~terrex@84-122-73-155.onocable.ono.com] has joined #launchpad
KeybukKinnison: those version numbers are invalid04:31
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  fix some small CSS validity problems (patch-2120: james.henstridge@canonical.com)04:31
dafbradb: shoot04:32
bradbdaf: ok, so I have an interface IFoo04:32
bradbthree pages hanging off it: A, B, and C04:32
bradbeasy enough04:32
bradbthere's one more page, D.04:32
bradbit isn't actually directly linked to from any of the menu items (only A, B, and C are), *but*, I want tab C to be selected when you're looking at page D.04:33
bradbISTM that the menu system just does some magic and knows when you're looking at page A, and selects the tab for A, etc. any idea how to select a certain tab when you're looking at a page that isn't linked to from any of the menu options?04:34
dafwhat are the relative URLs of C and D?04:34
bradb+advanced and +results04:35
KinnisonKeybuk: but they're in the archive :-(04:35
dafI don't think the current API provides for that04:35
dafpresumably +results is the page you get when you submit a query to +advanced04:35
KeybukKinnison: that's nice04:35
Keybukthey shouldn't be <g>04:35
dafany reason they can't have the same URL?04:35
bradbdaf: yes, because query results are not the advanced search form04:36
Keybukcatch a version error, and just treat it as a string04:36
bradbA and C lead to D04:36
Keybukbecause it's an illegal version, there's no way to compare it04:36
bradbA being the simple search form04:36
Keybukso you can't do sorting, but that shouldn't matter04:36
bradbdaf: don't get me wrong, i could do some fancy ZPT to wedge this into the lp menu system but i was hoping that the menu system might help me out in this regard.04:37
=== Mez [~Mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has left #launchpad ["Leaving"]
KinnisonKeybuk: fair enough04:37
=== bradb files a bug
Keybuk_or_ stick a 0 on the front of it, and compare it that way04:38
KinnisonSo an upstream version of 0F4.2.1 is allowed where F4.2.1 isn't?04:43
dafbradb: so yes, the menu system decides which tab is selected by looking at the request URL and comparing it to the URLs of each of the links in the facet menu04:43
bradbdaf: right04:44
=== jordi [~jordi@115.Red-213-96-69.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
=== terrex_ is now known as terrex
jordifor some reason I dropped off the channel04:47
bradbdaf: i noticed yesterday that there appears to be a way to override link.selected, but that doesn't appear to apply to the problem i'm having04:47
carlosjordi, looser!04:47
carlosjordi, so, are you starting today?04:47
dafcarlos: "loser"!04:47
jordidaf: thanks daf.04:48
daf("looser" == "more loose")04:48
carlosdaf, it's jordi, he needs to 'o'04:48
jordiI would have been a bit more harsh to correct that :)04:48
carlosin fact 'it' is Jordi :-P04:48
jordicarlos: apparently not.04:48
jordiNext week, according to claire.04:48
dafjordi will be joining us on Monday04:48
=== jordi dances.
carlosdaf, oh, I thought you said today ... 04:48
dafI did04:49
dafI was wrong04:49
carlosok ;-)04:49
dafI'm going to go and lie down for a bit to see if that improves matters04:49
jordidaf: it was going to be today :)04:49
kikojordi, are you coming?04:53
jordino :(04:54
jordiNo pop the trunk for me04:54
jordikiko: I am working hard in bringing the kiko-speech to Debian04:54
jordipop-the-trunk is quite extended now.04:55
jordiDO IT needs more work04:55
jordigoogle pop the trunk :P04:55
stubcarlos: Try now05:03
=== carlos tries
bradbmpt: ping05:06
carloshmm it's still a bit slow, but it's better than what we had05:07
carlosstub, thank you05:08
carlosNafallo, Rosetta should be ok now05:08
Nafallocarlos: kewl! I check it after CC-meeting :-)05:08
stubcarlos: Only 6700 of the 28000 pofiles have been updated yet. It will take another day or two to complete the migration (the migation script could be more efficient, but I think I should just continue the existing run and not worry about fixing it)05:13
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  fix validity errors in launchpad.css (patch-2121: mpt@canonical.com)05:16
carlosstub, is the same problem we have with the other script?05:23
carloslifeless, I agree ;-)05:50
carlosspiv, still around?05:55
=== kolcvk [~assew@server.off.lv] has joined #launchpad
=== Virtuall [~virtuall@] has joined #launchpad
kolcvkhello , i've started to translate gstreamer but it says that i'm not an official translator ...06:07
Virtuallhow didn't I imagine that...06:07
Virtuallhow can we with kolcvk become official latvian translators?06:07
Virtuallok :)06:11
carlosVirtuall, kolcvk is it for Ubuntu ?06:14
carlosVirtuall, kolcvk from which URL are you translating?06:14
carloskolcvk, I think we don't have yet a latvian translation team...06:14
=== carlos checks
kolcvkcan we be the LV translation team ?06:15
carloswe create it per translators request06:15
kolcvkso can you make us OFFICIAL lv translation team ?06:16
Virtuallyou have the request06:16
Virtuallkolcvk, relax about that word06:16
carlosVirtuall, did you sent the request already?06:16
kolcvkwe are easier to translate (faster) if we are ..06:17
carlosI have some requests in my queue, but I don't remember if latvian is one of them06:17
kolcvkno we did'nt sent06:17
Virtuallwhere should we send it?!06:17
kolcvkare request accepted on irc?06:17
kolcvkrequests *06:17
carlosplease send a request to rosetta@ubuntu.com06:18
carloskolcvk, yes, but I could forget it ;-)06:18
carlosas I'm a bit busy atm and will do it later today06:18
carlosis better if you send it by email so I don't forget it06:18
kolcvkdo you have some form or something ?06:18
kolcvkor it is freeform06:18
carloskolcvk, just send me an email with this conversation and that's enough06:19
kolcvkMessage was sent06:22
carloskolcvk, cool06:23
kolcvkwill i get some answer(email) when you will add me ?06:24
=== Mez [~Mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #launchpad
carlosI send a confirmation email, yes06:25
mptbradb-lunch: PONG06:50
mpter, pong06:50
bradbmpt: it's in your Inbox07:13
bradbsalgado: Any love on the one-bugmail-per-recipient review?07:13
mptbradb: Ok, you are 94th in the queue. Your call is important to us.07:14
=== bradb dares mpt to read mail non-sequentially!
bradbfilter on subjects that include "mpt"07:14
SteveAbradb: help me out.  i'm really busy with specs and discussions.  i'll only be able to look at your menus issue if you make it really easy for me.07:17
SteveAbradb: add to the bug exactly how i can see the issue.  make it clear.07:17
salgadobradb, not yet. I'll try to look at it today07:21
bradbsalgado: cool, thanks07:21
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--production--1.25: Cherry pick patch-2082 (patch-5: morgan.collett@canonical.com, rocketfuel@canonical.com)07:22
SteveAdaf: ping07:29
bradbSteveA: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/products/launchpad/+bugs/1507/+edit -- does this clarify the problem?07:31
SteveAwhy +edit?07:31
dafSteveA: pong07:31
bradbSteveA: remove +edit, if you want07:31
SteveAdaf: you filed a menus bug before debconf07:32
SteveAi looked into it, and i cannot see what the problem you are reporting is07:32
bradbmpt: the questions i had were more on the subject of where things link to. where do the following link to:07:32
SteveAyou did not state 1. what happens 2. what should happen but does not 3. why07:32
bradb  1. "Bugs", "Report a Bug" and "Show Reports" when viewing the bug07:32
bradb    page (i.e. context-insensitive.)?07:32
bradb  2. "Bugs", "Report a Bug" and "Show Reports" when viewing the07:32
bradb     /malone page?07:32
SteveAdaf: please look into this, and get back to me about it07:32
dafSteveA: reply sent to the bug -- please let me know if this clarifies matters07:37
SteveAbradb: okay, i understand what you want for bug 150707:40
=== daf assigns 1303 to Steve
bradbSteveA: ok, great07:41
SteveAdaf: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/130307:42
bradbSteveA: not sure if you saw it, but: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/products/launchpad/+bugs/1509 was another fairly important menu bug, IMHO07:42
SteveAgive examples of the urls07:42
SteveAdaf: please tell brad about the debug menus view07:44
dafbradb: there's a magic URL you can append to any context object07:44
dafbradb: it displays information about the state of the menus system which is often very useful in debugging problems with the menu system07:45
dafjust tack +debug-menus onto the end and paste the results into bug reports07:45
bradbcool, SteveA is that documented anywhere in the tree?07:46
dafSteveA: I've added some more information to 130307:47
bradbSteveA: would it help if i posted the debug output into 1509?07:49
SteveAso, i have to look at 1507, 1303, 1509, 124007:50
SteveAbradb: yes07:50
bradbSteveA: I've added the debug output to 1509.07:52
mptbradb: Did you paste that stuff above before or after you saw my reply?07:53
mptI'm not sure whether it's a reiteration or a response07:53
bradbhaven't checked my mail since07:54
=== bradb checks
bradbmpt: hm dude07:58
bradbmpt: /malone/+advanced eh? :P07:58
bradbmpt: we don't have a page called /malone/+advanced and, AFAIK, sabdfl doesn't want a /malone/+advanced for 1.0. so what do we do?08:00
=== debian_ [logichackd@hlfxns0146w-142167165044.ns.aliant.net] has joined #launchpad
mptbradb: Make it unavailable, then08:02
bradbanother thing i was wondering: why does "Report a Bug" go to the package filebug page? isn't that going to repeatedly trip-up our users who are gracious enough to file Launchpad/Malone/Rosetta bugs?08:04
carlosdaf, https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/errors/showEntry.html?id=1121796244.240.64136953767608:05
carlosSteveA,  daf, is it related to the menu changes?08:05
=== debian_ [logichackd@hlfxns0146w-142167165044.ns.aliant.net] has left #launchpad []
dafit can't be related related to my menu changes because they're not in production yet08:06
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--production--1.25: Cherry pick patch-2116 (patch-6: morgan.collett@canonical.com, rocketfuel@canonical.com)08:06
SteveAcarlos: yes.  it uses @@absolute_url08:07
carlosdaf, not your latest changes but the ones you did a while ago08:07
SteveAcarlos: it should not use that.  it should use /fmt:url instead08:07
SteveAcarlos: it also means that page is not tested08:07
mptbradb: Yes, there should be a global "Report a Bug" page which lets you specify a distribution or leave it blank08:07
carlosSteveA, yeah, I suppose it08:08
mptdepending on whether you're reporting a bug that's in a distribution or not08:08
carlosSteveA, so the fix is just a template change?08:08
dafand a test08:08
carlosI think I can do fix it as trivial and add a test08:08
SteveAadd a test08:08
SteveAand then do it08:08
carlosdaf, I know ;-)08:09
carlosSteveA, I cannot add a pagetest08:09
carlosif the page does not work....08:09
bradbmpt: what fields would be required on that form?08:09
SteveAcarlos: you can write one by hand.  it isn't hard08:11
SteveAi am just ranting about the TDD mantra08:12
SteveAof test before code08:12
mptbradb: Product/Package, Distro (optional), Title, Description08:12
bradbmpt: why is a form like that necessary?08:17
carlosdaf, I think I get out of ideas to fix poimport.txt tests08:18
carlosdaf, could you try it tomorrow? (or today if you have time)08:18
carlosit's a transaction problem08:18
carlosdaf, the librarian problem disappears if I apply spiv's suggestions, but then, the mail test fails because that kind of commit seems to be invalid in that case08:19
dafcarlos: can you paste a failure message?08:19
carlosdaf, it's either librarian failing to find an alias or the email queue being empty08:20
carlosdaf, more or less is the same error I sent to launchpad yesterday08:21
jameshsalgado: ?08:23
carlosdaf, my branch: carlos.perello@canonical.com--2004/launchpad--LaunchpadPoImportFeedback--008:23
carlosdaf, it's approved to be merged into rocketfuel since last week08:24
carlosby salgado08:24
salgadojamesh, me08:26
jameshsalgado: I made those last few changes to my CalendarSubscriptionSubset branch that you suggested.  Do you want to look over it again, or is it okay to merge08:28
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--production--1.25: Cherry pick patch-2119 (patch-7: morgan.collett@canonical.com, rocketfuel@canonical.com)08:28
dafcarlos: I have a checkout of it08:28
salgadojamesh, it should be okay to merge. :)08:29
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/zope--test--3.0: This is a quick fix to let exceptions be logged for users with non-ascii names be logged. It is not of sufficient quality to push upstream if it is not already fixed there. (patch-16: stuart.bishop@canonical.com)08:29
salgadojamesh, btw, any news on your launchpad--facets--0 branch? did you get Steve to review it?08:29
carlosdaf, I'm reverting the test/librarian setup and teardown changes I did. Moving them from the .py script into the .txt file again just in case that's the problem. IF that still fails it's all yours.08:30
salgadojamesh, I'm asking because I did some foaf-menu related work and that's depending on your branch getting merged08:30
jameshsalgado: I put it on SteveA's queue08:30
jameshsalgado: I should ask him about it (it is a prereq for some of my calendar UI cleanups too)08:31
salgadojamesh, that'd be great. thanks08:31
bradbstub's merge made it in without a reviewer stamp?08:32
=== mdke [~matt@mdke.user] has joined #launchpad
mdkecarlos, switching channel in here as this conversation has got longer than I expected08:32
kikoit's not to rocketfuel, bradb 08:32
kikoerr to launchpad, sorry :-(08:32
carlosmdke, ok08:33
mdkecarlos, is it the same bug as #151108:33
bradbkiko: so the rule is that if you're not committing to launchpad, you don't need a reviewer stamp?08:33
bradbor is it a bug in the reviewer stamp checker?08:34
kikoI think the stamp checker only applies to launchpad08:34
carlosmdke, what? the search form returning zero entries?08:35
carlosmdke, no, it's different08:35
=== mdke files more bugs
carloscprov, debonzi The sourcepackage search form is not able to find the ubuntu-docs packages08:35
bradbdaf: when can we expect dilys to make her triumphant return to bugmail spam?08:36
carlosmdke, that's for soyuz 08:36
carlosmdke, it's not a Rosetta bug08:36
dafbradb: I thought I'd fixed her this morning08:36
cprovcarlos: is it related to the fti stuff ?08:36
bradbhm, it seemed broken to me. i'm filing another bug now, so i guess we'll find out for sure08:36
mdkecarlos, i file the bug under launchpad right?08:37
kikoit's broken, because I filed tens of bugs today and nothing.08:37
carlosmdke, that's ok too08:38
bradb(er yeah, i'm not going to file this bug that i was about to file, because maybe it's not a bug, but dilys is broken, like kiko said)08:39
dafit's probably a procmail thing08:39
mdkecarlos, good, i filed it at #151308:39
dafrather than a Python thing08:39
dilysNew Malone bug 1513 filed on The Launchpad by Matthew East: Search form on distros/ubuntu/hoary/+sources returns no result for ubuntu-docs08:39
dafthere we go08:39
mdkewow 08:40
mdkedilys is cool08:40
carlosmdke, ok, thank you08:40
mdkei have 0 karma08:40
mdkei guess I must have done something wrong :(08:40
dafI think everybody starts off with 008:40
dafwe're still working on the means by which you accumulate it08:41
mdkea while ago i had some more08:41
mdkealso an interesting problem: in my personal settings, I can click in and edit all the boxes except for Wiki Page. In that box the cursor doesn't change and I can't click in it.08:42
bradbmdke: you used to have more than 0 karma? 08:42
mdkebradb, like 60 or so08:43
mdkebradb, now today I filed some bugs and its 0 ;)08:43
bradber, i seem to have lost a lot of karma too08:43
mdkebradb, we suck08:43
dilysNew Malone bug 1514 filed on The Launchpad by Christian "kiko" Reis: Error messages in autogen'd forms are in the wrong place08:44
bradbi'm not 100% sure though.08:44
kikofinally dilys08:44
bradbmpt: i guess the malone front page should have an "About Malone" tab like Rosetta?08:46
bradbhm, about tabs seem to suck though08:46
bradbonce i know what Malone or Rosetta is, i'm never going to go back to the tab again08:46
bradbs/the tab/that tab/08:47
bradbmdke: did you merge accounts or anything? data loss is always worrying.08:48
dafbradb: does that matter? it's not as though the tab is particularly obtrusive08:48
bradbdaf: depends: is tab menu space valuable or disposable to you?08:49
dafit's limited, which is not the same as valuable08:49
bradbright now, it's probably not noticeable one way or the other08:49
mdkebradb, no I've had the same account since I started (gulliver666)08:50
mdkebradb, i've added and removed email I guess, but otherwise I have no idea08:50
dafsalgado might know what's going on08:50
dafI wouldn't be surprised if karma got reset during the overhaul he did08:51
dafsince it wasn't being used for much before that08:51
bradbmdke: when did you last notice that you had a karma higher than 0?08:51
mdkebradb, fraid I can't pinpoint that. I don't check a lot.08:51
salgadodaf, yes, that's right. the karma was started from zero again last week08:52
salgadomdke, don't worry, soon you'll see your karma points going up. :)08:52
=== mdke wipes brow in relief
mdkeso no bug?08:53
carlosbradb, I used to have around 300 points of Karma08:54
salgadomdke, no, take a look at your "Recent Activities" page08:54
carlosI think latest karma changes reset the old values08:54
jblackstub: ping08:54
mdkethe wiki box thing seems to have been reported already at #146208:54
bradbkarma restarted last week and i still have ~550 points? hm.08:54
stubjblack: pong08:55
mdkesalgado, yes the recent activities seem to have been resetted too08:55
salgadomdke, yes, it was resetted, but you can see the bug you just reported there.08:55
salgadoI hope so08:55
salgadoif you can't, then it's a bug08:55
mdkei can08:56
jblackdo you have the time to squeeze in an asci-output sql query? 08:56
mdkebradb, that is some serious karma08:56
=== bradb can walk on water too
jblackAlso, did I ever tell you that you're a super cool dude? 08:57
jblackI'd like product name, length(shortdesc), number of product series and if a product series, and the cvsroot if it has a : in it.08:58
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [r=salgado]  rename CalendarSubscriptionSet to CalendarSubscriptionSubset, and make it an adapter for IPerson (patch-2122: james.henstridge@canonical.com)08:58
jblackoh, and whether or not its enabled, and synced.08:59
jblack(I know that's a tall order, and you won't hurt me feelings if you say "are you kidding?"08:59
SteveAjamesh: we should do an in-person review of the code soon08:59
mdkethanks all08:59
=== mdke [~matt@mdke.user] has left #launchpad []
=== Virtuall [~virtuall@] has joined #launchpad
=== daf goes to lie down again
stubjblack: You want length(productseries.summary) or length(product.summary) ?09:04
jblackproduct summary. 09:04
jblackI'm trying to catch products lacking a description (typically some equivilant of "BLAH")09:05
stubjblack: I can't display what you asked for in a table. Do you mean you want product.name, length(summary), count(productseries), count(productseries with ':' in the cvsroot) ? Or do want product.name, length(summary), count(productseries), cvsroot (which means you get multiple rows per product, and the count(productseries) column irrelevant)09:12
jblackEither way works. The thing I'm after is whether or not there's an attached series that has cvs details.  (btw, did you catch the part about enabled and sync as well?) 09:13
jblackLater on I need to categorize a list of ubuntu package names by determining their state in launchpad. 09:14
jblackWould it be easier if I broke the request up into simpler ones? 09:15
jblack(all products that are enabled, all products that are synced, all products with a a product series that has something 'like' a cvs root, etc) ? 09:15
jblackbeg pardon. s/all products/all products with a product series/g09:16
=== SnakeBite [~SnakeBite@] has joined #launchpad
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Focus name field when creating a new product (patch-2123: christian.reis@canonical.com)09:47
dilysNew Malone bug 1515 filed on The Launchpad by Brad Bollenbach: I want to be able to attach a menu to a specific page...right?10:03
bradbSteveA: ^^ another blocker bug on menus, I think10:04
SteveAbradb: looks rather out of scope for the menus10:11
SteveAbradb: i'll think it over, but really, it is out of scope for what menus are about at the moment10:11
SteveAsee, menus are attached to the currently viewed content object10:11
SteveAnot to arbitrary pages10:11
SteveAif you are trying to stretch the menus beyond what they were designed for, we have a choice10:11
SteveA1. extend the design to accommodate10:12
SteveA2. use or build something more appropriate10:12
SteveAi certainly would not call it a "blocker bug on menus"10:12
bradbSteveA: what do you see as being the solution to the problem?10:12
SteveAcos, if that is the case, i'll have to close it with a "won't fix, out of scope" message10:12
SteveAbradb: i'm not going to be able to look at it for a while.10:14
bradbi can think of ways to solve the problem, but it's all a bit too contortionist for my (and, i think, sabdfl's) taste10:14
=== Burgundavia [~corey@S0106000000cc07fc.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #launchpad
bradbSteveA: sure, i understand that you're busy in .br10:15
SteveAbradb: note also...10:15
SteveAthat menus are selected according to two things10:15
SteveA1. the facet that is selected10:15
SteveA2. the type of object that is the immediate content object10:15
SteveAi don't see (from a brief read of your bug report) what isn't working10:15
bradb#1 might save me10:16
=== bradb tries
SteveAthat's the whole idea, dude10:16
bradbyeah, brainfart10:16
SteveAif you haven't already, read daf's docs10:16
bradbi'm still not certain that this will fix the problem, but i'm going to make another attempt10:17
SteveAokay, cool10:17
SteveAi have all of these bugs bookmarked for later10:17
bradbyeah, i've skimmed some of menus.txt, if that's what you're referring to. seems pretty, ahem, comprehensive. ;)10:17
SteveAso add any new info to the bug10:17
SteveAbradb: read daf's wiki page10:17
SteveAit explains everything very clearly10:17
bradbok, i'll take a look10:18
SteveAmenus.txt goes into too much implementation detail for what you need10:18
SteveAit is more for maintainers of the menus system10:18
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.5: new build (patch-50)10:27
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.5: baz diff --quiet shows the diff (patch-39: Matthieu.Moy@imag.fr)10:28
bradbdaf: which wiki page did you write on menus, btw? i could find nothing written by you on the lp wiki that matched "Menu" or "Menus".10:30
SteveAit doesn't say the author is daf, because he was a contributor, not the original author10:49
SteveAhowever, daf has been writing and maintaining that page10:49
SteveAbradb: please add a link to that page in menus.txt10:50
bradbah, ok10:51
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Focus name field when creating a new product (patch-2124: christian.reis@canonical.com)10:57
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dilysNew Malone bug 1516 filed on The Launchpad by Brad Bollenbach: Menu API makes it seem difficult to create a custom menu for each of distro and distrorelease bug listings11:16
SteveAbradb-afk: rejected 1516.  see comments for what you need to do.11:22
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Many fixes and tests for the poimport script r=salgado (patch-2125: carlos.perello@canonical.com, andrew.bennetts@canonical.com)11:23
bradb-afkSteveA: Right, good point, I'll make .links a property.11:24
SteveAi think that using a marker interface is much cleaner11:24
SteveAbecause if you make 'links' a property, then 11:24
SteveAyou are spreading 'if' statements throughout the code11:25
SteveArather than making the if statement in one place11:25
SteveAbut, that's just, like, my opinion11:25
SteveAdo you think we'll be able to get rid of the BugTaskSubset ?11:25
SteveAand replace it with smarter traversal?11:25
bradb-afkdepends; how did you want to make the traversal "smarter"?11:26
SteveAmark has already done this for some things, in a slightly verbose way11:26
SteveA my Navigation stuff will make this very easy11:26
SteveAthe idea is, when you have a distro11:26
SteveAand you have a url like .../ubuntu/+bugs/123411:26
SteveAthen you don't actually have a content object for +bugs11:27
SteveAinstead, in the traversal function for a distro11:27
SteveAyou say "if you have +bugs, then 'consume' that part of the URL, and use the next part to traverse to a bug"11:27
SteveAso, no need for the Subset11:27
bradb-afkSteveA: what if it's just /ubunutu/+bugs ?11:28
bradb-afk(ubuntu, even)11:28
SteveA404 is one option11:28
SteveAanother option is you use a particular page template for that11:28
SteveA(to implement that is a tad more complex, but doable)11:28
SteveA(and is supported by the Navigation code)11:28
SteveAso, +bugs would just be a view on IDistribution11:29
bradb-afkSteveA: what if it's /distros/ubuntu/+bugs/+new ? +bugs/+advanced ? +bugs/+index ? this is currently the foundation of our navigation structure.11:29
SteveAa page, with the name '+bugs'11:29
SteveAso, +bugs/+new is just some other template.  maybe it is a "DummyBug".  I'm not sure.  mark has a clear idea where he wants to go with this.11:30
SteveA+bugs/+advanced would be just some page template11:30
SteveAessentially, a view on a distro11:30
bradb-afkdidn't you say that +bugs was itself going to be a page template?11:30
SteveAwhat you get when you go to +bugs is a page template11:31
SteveAthe traversal function knows what to do11:31
SteveAto return the correct object11:31
SteveAwhether the +bugs page, the +bugs/+advanced page, or the +bugs/123 object11:31
SteveAoh, brad, there are about 6000000 new business cards here for you 11:32
bradb-afkand the context in whatever page template gets returned would always be something like an IDistribution or IProduct?11:32
bradb-afkSteveA: +1.514.963.2567? i beg they put the 1 in front this time (it was my fault that it was missing last time.)11:33
bradb-afk(but not my fault that i got so many! :P)11:33
kikostill wrong11:33
SteveAyou have 6000000 still wrong cards11:33
bradb-afkshit, and i *changed* the wiki page11:33
bradb-afklike, long long ago11:33
SteveAbut this was a reprint11:33
bradb-afkin a galaxy far far away11:34
SteveAbecause many of the cards were messed up11:34
SteveAso, we get a reprint of the same as the first time.  no changes.11:34
bradb-afkoh well11:34
bradb-afkSteveA: this "smarter" traversal thing sounds interesting. i think it'd be interesting to see someone code it up and see if it'll actually work (with menus, etc.)11:35
SteveAmark has already used it11:36
carlosdaf, so, finally, I was able to merge the poimport branch11:36
bradb-afkSteveA: I was thinking more specifically of Malone's existing pages, but seeing an example would be insightful.11:36
carlosdaf, but I had to disable the connection as a the poimport user as stub asked11:36
SteveAit works well11:36
carlosstub, around?11:36
SteveAbradb-afk: i'll land my navigation stuff soon, and you can use that11:37
SteveAthe sab will love you for getting rid of BugTaskSubset11:37
SteveAand i could show you how to do the required code right now11:38
bradb-afkwith your nav stuff?11:38
SteveAjust with a normal traversal function11:39
bradb-afkare you talking about returning ViewPageTemplateFiles, essentially?11:39
SteveAthe nav code makes it a breeze11:39
SteveAbut you can do it now11:39
SteveAno, i'm not11:39
bradb-afkok, where's an example?11:40
SteveAi don't know right now11:40
bradb-afkok, GIVE me one then! please.11:40
bradb-afkyep, i'm there11:41
SteveAso, you see what he's done for +lang11:41
bradb-afkyeah, was just looking at that11:42
SteveAthe issue is that it is quite messy to do this right now11:42
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/sqlobject--test--0.6: Fix SelectResults.__contains__() to work with set operations (UNION, EXCEPT, INTERSECT). r=spiv (patch-31: guilherme.salgado@canonical.com)11:42
SteveAthe one thing you can't see there11:42
bradb-afkSteveA: indeed it is :)11:42
SteveAis how to return a page for +bugs11:42
SteveAyou should be able to do this with11:43
SteveA from zope.component import queryView11:43
SteveA page = queryView(obj, name, request)11:43
SteveA if page is not None:11:43
SteveA      return page11:43
SteveAand where 'name' is going to be something you calculate from '+bug' and the actualy name (like '+advanced'), so like '+bug/+advanced' or '+bug+advanced' or '+bug(+advanced)'11:45
SteveAthe latter two cases are if for some reasong '+bug/+advanced' doesn't work11:45
SteveAwhen you register the page in zcml11:45
SteveAdo you get what i mean?11:45
SteveAyou're looking up a page actually called '+bug/+advanced' as its nmae11:45
bradb-afki kind of see what you mean. i haven't yet grasped how this simplifies things vs. IBugTaskSubset though.11:46
SteveAwell, mark dislikes xxxxSubset code11:46
SteveAand, with the nav code, it gets *really* simple11:46
SteveAif you can refactor it to this now11:47
SteveAthen it can be easily refactored to nav code later11:47
SteveAand you'll save the sab doing it for you11:47
=== SteveA --> spec writing
bradb-afkright, i have to leave right now, but i'll look at this tomorrow again. it's possible that it might help make my +filebug problem go away (if it makes it a lot easier to do +bugs/+new then the menu work is a lot easier to hook up.)11:49
=== bradb-afk & # afk, really
=== mdke [~matt@mdke.user] has joined #launchpad
mdkecarlos, still awake?11:57
mdkeor anyone else with rosetta. I need to approve some translations made by people who are not in a translation team. Do I have to copy and paste from the "suggestions" box, or is there a proper way to approve the translations?11:58
jblackanybody have the time to provide a pre-review review? 11:58

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