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AmaranthWe need lilo to op someone so they can register the channel07:18
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mpathyhi there09:45
mpathyHow do you do? Where are you from? How are you involved into the artwork-team / wanna be involved into it? :)09:53
AmaranthI'm fine. I'm from Sioux City, Iowa, USA. I'm not involved directly and don't wish to be at this time, I just come here to complain about things and try to get them fixed. :)09:55
mpathyI am not really involved right now, but I want to. What are your complaints?09:57
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mpathyhi lukacu 10:02
lukacunot much going on ... huh?10:07
mpathybecause we all working :oP :o)10:21
mpathylucky student you :o)10:22
mpathyi am a little bit confused about this type of working, with mailing lists, irc and wiki.. it seems to me a little uncentralized etc.10:27
lukacume too ... but it is everything new to me ... e.g. this is my first english chat :)10:29
mpathylucky student you :o10:44
mpathyoh sorry10:44
mpathynot again10:44
mpathymy cursor key10:44
lukacuwell ... must go now ... see ya10:45
lukacuhave fun ;)10:45
mpathycu.. i should work too10:45
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lukacuhi :)06:18
googol65i signed into ubuntu-atrwork the last days and need some help06:19
lukacuyes? ... do go on06:21
googol65will u understand me speaking german ? :)06:22
lukaculol ... probably not ... but you can try ... after all i had german lessons for four years .... not that i can remember much ...06:24
googol65ok ill try, so exuse my bad english06:25
lukacuno problem06:25
googol65id like to participate designing icons and backgrounds...are their any rules i have to follow?....like, do i have to use existing themes or icons, or can i do what  i want?06:27
lukacu:) ... there are guides and rules being written by Andy Fitzsimon ... but they are not complete (i think so) ... you can look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IconGuide ... that's for icons ... i do not know about backgrounds06:32
lukacuyou should mail to art team mailing list and wait for the answer...06:34
googol65ok, thanks :)06:35
googol65cya :) 06:38
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wingslinemorning, evening ad g'day everybody06:47
lukacui prefer evening ;) ... hi06:50
wingslinelukacu, where are you from?06:51
lukacuslovenia :)06:52
wingslinecool, originally I'm from romania06:52
lukacuand now you live in ... ?06:52
lukacu:) ... and you know where is slovenia?06:53
lukacuit is not something 'that' obvious ... that is why i'm asking ...06:58
wingslineno not yet :)06:59
lukacuhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slovenia ... you do now ;)07:01
wingslineyeah, i know about slovenia07:01
wingslinemy brother was there07:01
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mpathyis there a icon preview, of that set they plan to do?07:18
lukacudont know ... 07:20
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Nafallompathy: yea. http://andy.fitzsimon.com.au/humility-icons.tar.bz207:57
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mpathyNafallo: ok thanks10:09
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