Burgundaviamdke, we just probably add a section to UserDocumentation called "working with other OSes12:02
Burgundaviaas there are some other howtos for dealing with macos12:02
mdkemight be worth thinking about merging this page into that guide? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows12:02
Burgundaviaand the RecoveringUbuntu one12:02
|rockinnerd|I dual-boot windows and Ubuntu, so i can test stuff in windows12:02
Burgundaviamdke, that topic is worth its own wiki page12:03
Burgundaviamight be good to have a promient link off of dualboot,though12:03
mdkeBurgundavia, guess so, but the two pages could be integrated somehow12:03
=== mdke nods
|rockinnerd|whoops i repeated myself on the QTparted thing12:03
ChristopherCmolioops its christophercmolik12:05
|rockinnerd|--- My feedback on today's WinXP Home + Ubuntu (warty) live together (on an Amilo L1300 if that matters): This section and below looks ugly12:05
Burgundaviaremove all the comments and integrate them into the text12:06
=== Burgundavia is glad not to have to dual boot anymore. He has been windows free for 6 months and loves it
mdkeme too12:08
|rockinnerd|wish i could be12:08
mdkei think i will need it again soon for work12:08
=== |rockinnerd| slaps my lexmark printer/scanner/copier
mdkesell it!12:09
BurgundaviaI am getting rid of mine12:10
=== |rockinnerd| considers
Burgundaviaall in one means crap for all12:10
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-doc
|rockinnerd|any AIOs that work well with linux?12:11
mdkeciao enrico :)12:11
|rockinnerd|i'm on a, er, tight budget12:11
|rockinnerd|We should delete this page, and split it up into Windows 2k, Windows XP, and Windows 9x/ME, because all of this info is jumbled together, and slightly confusing12:13
|rockinnerd|b/c all of the 3 methods vary depending on one of the 3 oses12:15
|rockinnerd|s/oses/os groups12:15
Burgundaviathe HP everything-is-crap work with linux12:16
BurgundaviaHP is actually funding development for htem12:16
Burgundavia|rockinnerd|, can that be done within a single page, with sections?12:17
|rockinnerd|that works too.  Is there anyway to tell who the main developer of this page is?12:17
Burgundaviayou are now12:18
Burgundaviawiki pages "belong" to nobody12:18
=== |rockinnerd| embraces the wiki culture
|rockinnerd| I intend to finish this once I receive my official Ubuntu CD's, which I will use to do a fresh install.  <== who is this "i"? i wonder...12:19
Burgundaviano idea12:20
|rockinnerd|Disclaimer @ top of page: I intend to split up the page into 3 main groups: Win2k, because it seems different than XP, WinXP, and Win9x/ME Also, the errors will be put into another section of this page. So: Pardon our dust, but remodel we must.12:22
mdkego ahead and wreak havoc12:24
mdkethat "i intend to finish this" has been there for months iirc12:24
mdkebtw I reckon you might find a couple of guides which are helpful for content on the forum12:24
=== |rockinnerd| saves the raw
|rockinnerd|thx mdke12:26
|rockinnerd|as ive said, i dual-boot XP and Ubuntu, so i kinda know how to partition.  I will still look @ that link though mdke12:28
mdke|rockinnerd|, just saves effort to use existing guides, I'm not suggesting you don't know how to do it. Much of our work here at docteam is using material that is already available12:28
|rockinnerd|didn't think you were suggesting though. thanks for the heads-up.12:30
|rockinnerd|well, ive g2g for now.12:31
|rockinnerd|thanks for all the info12:31
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elle_flanehay!!!i really want know how it could be possible to install ubuntu in a external usb hard disk, my computer hasn t internal hard disk, and i ussually works with usb  kanoppix  and start with a cd, but i would like to have ubuntu, i didnt find any driver for do it, some people know anything12:46
mdkeelle_flane, no idea i'm afraid. You could ask in #ubuntu?12:56
elle_flanethanks i will try01:14
Burgundaviashould I go to town on the IdeaPool?01:16
Burgundaviamdke, others?01:17
mdkeBurgundavia, go right ahead but be aware that I think -devel uses that page quite a lot01:18
BurgundaviaI am removing the things that are already implemented01:18
Burgundaviasuch as services-admin01:18
Burgundaviayast2 port?01:18
BurgundaviaI want section editing01:21
=== jdub_ [~jdub@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== |rockinnerd| [~chris@adsl-69-213-153-238.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
|rockinnerd|hey all01:50
Burgundaviahello again01:51
Burgundaviarwabel, where does one get the .deb file?02:27
HrdwrBoBfrom the transgaming website02:29
Burgundaviabetter make that explicit02:29
Burgundaviaand make it clear that Cedega is non-free02:29
Burgundaviahave you ever done the cedega cvs install?02:32
Burgundaviaa howto for that might be nice02:33
HrdwrBoByeah I have02:33
HrdwrBoBnot for some time though02:33
Burgundaviacan you rough something out at CedegaCVS ?02:33
HrdwrBoBI'll see what I can rustle up02:34
HrdwrBoBmight just be better off linking to http://www.linux-gamers.net/modules/wfsection/article.php?articleid=4502:36
rwabelBurgundavia: either through buying or trhough emule02:36
rwabelburgundavia: or torrent02:36
Burgundaviawe cannot promote illegal methods02:36
Burgundaviabut HrdwrBoB already fixed it up02:36
rwabelexactely, that's why I didn't put it02:36
Burgundaviabut there was no mention of how to get it at all02:37
BurgundaviaHrdwrBoB, sure, link to that02:37
rwabelwill add that02:37
rwabelah already done, thanks02:37
rwabelabout cvs02:37
HrdwrBoByeah I just added it02:37
rwabelI've seen some french howto, I could translate if it's needed.02:38
rwabelbut I've never tried that one out02:38
HrdwrBoBI followed the l-g.net instructions a while back - they seemed to work02:38
HrdwrBoBI've since bought it though02:38
rwabelshall I do the howto for cvs?02:38
HrdwrBoBif you like02:39
rwabelbut there would be no guarantee if it's working...someone should maybe try it then02:39
HrdwrBoBI think it's a tad redundant in addition to the linux-gamers.net howto02:39
rwabelHrdwrBob: have you ever tried to play fifa2005 with cedega? All my games are terrible slow via cedega02:39
Burgundaviamaybe port that howto to ours02:40
HrdwrBoBbasically it would be a reformat and squish into a wiki02:40
HrdwrBoBsince it's under GFDL02:40
Burgundaviaour wiki is actually dual licensed, but anyway02:40
Burgundavianot a major deal02:40
HrdwrBoBrwabel: I've only played warcraft, wow, doom3, GTA:SA and far cry02:40
Burgundaviaubotu in #ubuntu now points to our wiki page02:40
rwabeldoom3 via cedega? there is a native one, isn't it? how about speed?02:40
HrdwrBoBthat was before native02:41
rwabelwe could just put a link to the linux-gamers.net howto in the cedega howto. what do u think?02:41
Burgundaviaalready done02:42
HrdwrBoByeah that's what I did02:42
rwabelgood, thanks02:43
rwabelbtw: are there any limitations?02:43
rwabelI mean in comparision to the subscription one?02:43
HrdwrBoBof CVS?02:43
Burgundaviagtg now, have fun and don't break the wiki02:43
HrdwrBoByeah it doesn't have the functions which make copy protection work02:44
HrdwrBoBand is at least theoretically behind the released version02:44
rwabelyou mean witht he onrmal cedega you don't need the no-cd "cracks"?02:44
rwabelmhh normally cvs is ahead releases :-)02:44
HrdwrBoBrwabel: sometimes you don't need the nocd cracks02:46
rwabelcan I ask you sth about graphiccards02:47
HrdwrBoByeah shoot02:47
rwabelI've a Nvidia 6600GT and get only about 5000 fps with glxgears02:47
rwabeland all games under cedega run terribl02:47
rwabelI don't know if it's the nvidia driver02:48
rwabelunder windows, doom3 runs fine02:48
rwabelnative games like ET runs also fine...but still think my fps are too low02:48
HrdwrBoBhmm not sure02:49
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rwabelgoing to bed03:39
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Burgundaviarwabel, there is now a CategoryGames08:41
=== jsgotangco [~jgotangco@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
Burgundaviayou running breezy09:39
jsgotangcono im in hoary09:39
jsgotangcowhy is there a showstopper again?09:39
Burgundaviaa minor bug in totem09:40
jsgotangcothis oracle project is eating up a lot of my time lately and i haven't been contributing even *grumble*09:43
robitaillehumm...I still can't run/upgrade Breezy tonight....error 1 when setting up the latest xlibs (but that's OT)09:55
cafuegorobitaille: That's (I think) coz a dir that it wants to delete doesn't exist10:02
=== jgotangco [~jgotangco@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
robitaillecafuego: yes I think I found it: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1274310:09
Burgundaviamdke, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ItalianUbuntuComeMai10:21
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rwabelBurgundavia: ok11:59
rwabelBurgundavia: should I put them in both categories from now on?12:01
mdkehe's not here12:22
mdkerob^, did you get your svn account yet? I managed to talk to elmo yesterday, he apologised and said he would do em last night or this morning12:47
mdkerwabel, ping01:19
mdkerwabel, i was thinking, ImageFiles is not a very intuitive name, maybe we can think of a name which explains a bit better what is in it, what do you think?01:20
rwabelI'll think about it...but I have to go. If you have one in mind, just change it...I'll see afterwards01:44
mdkeah ok cool01:46
mdkeHrdwrBoB, heh, that's why the page name is confusing, its not pictures01:47
HrdwrBoBoh, heh01:48
rwabelneed to change that01:49
mdkedoing it01:49
rwabelotherwise disc image would be ok?01:50
mdkei've named it ManageISOFiles01:51
mdkewhat do you think?01:51
HrdwrBoBah, that makes more sense01:52
rwabelwell the problem is that ISO is one kind of it01:52
=== HrdwrBoB realises what was meant by 'images'
rwabelbut there are many other disc images01:52
HrdwrBoBrwabel: yeah but people know what you mean01:52
rwabelbecause a IMG etc aren't isos01:52
rwabeland disc images?01:52
rwabelmaybe I'll find sth other..I let it go through my mind...later01:53
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Mezwho's John Atkinson02:33
=== |rockinnerd| [~chris@adsl-65-43-216-122.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
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=== robitaille [~daniel@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
rwabelmdke: I would just stay with Manage disc images04:05
mdkerwabel, isn't it disk with a k?04:05
rwabelmdke: you are the englishman :-)04:06
mdkei'm not 100% sure...04:06
rwabelisn't disc british and disk american english?04:07
=== jsgotangco [~jgotangco@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
rwabelmhh wikipedia uses disc04:08
mdkenot sure04:08
rwabelI'm pretty sure that most are using disc04:10
mdken p04:10
rwabelit's harddisk but it's disc04:10
rwabelI was looking on clonecd homepage04:10
jsgotangcoim getting sleepy already04:11
jsgotangcoand im in a shitty dial up in the middle of nowhereland04:11
rwabeldialup...what's thata again? ;-)04:12
rwabelmdke: [[TableOfContents] ]  didn't know about that...should use that in my howto's :-)04:12
jsgotangcoi have off-site work04:13
mdkerwabel, where it helps, sure, use it!04:13
rwabelfor sure in the long howto's with many heading04:13
jsgotangcoi really hate it04:13
=== Skywind_ [Skywind@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
mdkemy god these CC meetings are total crack04:15
rwabelmdke: can you take a look at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VegaStrike why did it parse wrong?04:15
jsgotangcocome on make it start already im getting sleepy 04:16
mdkerwabel, no spaces before or after headings, just a new line after04:16
rwabelwasn't my entery...didn't know that04:19
=== robitaille [~daniel@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
|rockinnerd|<in cc meeting>04:21
rwabeldamn I like our UserDocumentation!04:21
kbrooks<in cc meeting>04:22
jsgotangcodude, you're not in Italy but you're the italian team contact?04:22
mdkewhat can i say...04:25
jsgotangcomaybe i should start the VaticanTeam04:26
mdkesee what I mean about the meetings being crack?04:34
jsgotangcowe have a word for these kinds of people04:35
jsgotangconot so sure how it translates to english04:35
robitaillecrack as being ????04:35
jsgotangcototal crack04:36
robitailleyes a bit chaotic at time04:36
mdkewhat's your word for em?04:36
mdkein tl04:36
jsgotangcomdke: Pasaway04:36
mdkei like it04:36
jsgotangcoif i describe it correctly, its people who go way out of line and yet think they are on topic04:36
robitailleI find these CC more  and more not that intersting....it seems it's 95% approving meebers only, without much content until some squeezed at the time when being just want to go home.04:37
mdkedid you see my 5 minutes in-out italian job?04:37
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jsgotangcothe CC meetings before were quite better04:37
=== robitaille thinks he should go back to his breakfast...his typing is bad this morning.
mdkeyes they were better04:37
robitaillegood wiki page mdke 04:38
mdkethe CC has become the place for people who want to appear important04:38
jsgotangcobut i guess its understandable for a growing project04:38
robitailleI wonder if I should bring up again the question of @ubuntu.com addresses for members...04:39
jsgotangcofor some reason, im beginning to like RHEL day by day (because of my current job)04:39
kbrooksjsgotangco: i agree that everyone is on crack04:40
robitailleI always like the old RHL, just before it turned to fedora; I'm guessimg it's similar. 04:41
jsgotangcorobitaille: RHEL is old fedora, much like how debian describes stable04:42
robitailleexcept for the price of RHEL :)04:42
jsgotangcoat work, where i manage some oracle dbs, we still have rhel 2.1 which is basically rh 7.204:42
robitaillebut did played for a bit with WhiteBox linux.04:42
jsgotangcorh has incredible support though, very professional and at par with that of Oracle's04:42
jsgotangcothese italians...tsk tsk...*wink*04:55
mdkejust because I'm doing it openly04:56
mdkeall the other communities just did it04:57
robitailleat least the italian have a community and a wiki full of content...04:57
=== robitaille tries not to think of the canadian loco team too much
mdkewhat happened to sabmoc04:58
mdkehe was cool04:58
jsgotangcoheck i don't even want to think of ours, i'm the only one who knows how to party04:58
robitaillemdke:  he had some real-life-problems, so more or less just disapeared.  Haven't seem him online in weeks04:59
mdkeah shame04:59
jsgotangcohmm he was enthusiastic about stuff before04:59
robitailleI expect he will be back one day.  the problem had nothing to do with Ubuntu or computers04:59
jsgotangcothis revu tool is really nice...05:02
kbrookswhat is MOTU05:04
jsgotangcoits the people who maintain Universe05:05
jsgotangcoMasters Of The Universe05:05
jsgotangcoand ogra's he-man05:05
jsgotangcowow using GAIM for IRC is nice and really colorful...05:16
jsgotangcounlike what im used to with ERC05:16
kbrooksxchat > gaim and erc on irc05:16
jsgotangcoi rarely use xchat05:17
jsgotangco(rarely even use gnome lately)05:17
kbrooksi like gnome05:17
jsgotangcooh dont get me wrong i like it too...but im a keyboard person so...05:18
robitailletried gaim for irc.  Didn't like it.  Liked xchat as well  But Love irssi.05:19
mdkeits all about irssi05:19
Kinnisonirssi-text is good05:19
kbrooksi like irssi05:23
kbrooksbut console is evil to me05:23
kbrooksi'm sort of a linux newb05:23
jsgotangcowe all start somewhere05:23
kbrooksseriously :P05:24
jsgotangcoi actually tried running mIRC before when i first started in rh05:24
robitailleconsole is good...the console is your friend always there for you.  I have to reply to Corey's blog one of these days about the console.05:24
jsgotangcoi guess he didn't really get to use DOS back then05:24
jsgotangcoheck we rule back then05:25
robitailleon a more on-topic thing, why is udu wiki staying as a separate wiki for so long?   05:25
jsgotangcowordstar, lotus 123, dbase 3+05:25
robitaillekids nowadays...they don't know anything but XWindows :)05:25
jsgotangcomy cousin used to have a sinclair05:26
jsgotangcothe thing only had like 6kb of memory05:26
robitaillemy first computer was a commodore 64.  But I had many dreams of having of a vic-20 like my cousin05:26
jsgotangcodid you have a trs-80? man everyone i knew who had one can program one-liner games back then05:27
robitaillemy dad had a trs-80 for works;  so I couldn't really play with it.05:28
jsgotangcoits so awesome i bugged my dad to buy me the portable version from tandy back then05:28
robitaillebut we use to code small games for my Texas Instrument calculator.05:28
jsgotangcoi still have it with me but it doesnt work anymore05:28
jsgotangcoin RPN?05:29
jsgotangcoi still have my HP 12C05:30
robitailleof course RPN.  Used to drive my firends crazy since they couldn't borrow my calculator05:30
jsgotangco(actually its my dad's)05:30
robitaillenormal people couldn't deal very well with rpn back then05:30
jsgotangcoyeah but people who still do RPN now are one of a kind :)05:32
=== jsgotangco blames japanese calculators
robitaillemy wife still has a rpn calculator; actually it is the only working calculator in the house :)05:34
jsgotangcorobitaille: see? :)05:35
jsgotangcokbrooks: Reverse Polish Notation05:35
jsgotangcomuseum...it makes me look so old....05:38
robitaillewe are old compared to some the kids in the Ubuntu community :)05:39
jsgotangcobackports stuff05:44
jsgotangcoafaic it should be well integrated into universe in the future05:44
=== mdke declares war on the word "official" and erases all Launchpad "teams"
kbrooksso... i implictly have a rpn05:47
jsgotangconext thing we'll see there will be gang wars05:47
robitailleit was simpler when only main was "official"...anything else (universe, backports....kde...)  was just unsupported and not to be named :)05:48
jsgotangcojiyuu0: do you work with backports on your guide?05:48
mdkejsgotangco, ermm....05:49
jsgotangcorobitaille: i won't be surprised if we'll have our very own marillat in the future05:49
mdkeevery voice in that guide advises the addition of backports05:49
jsgotangcois that so, sorry i only touch universe05:49
robitailleisn't what hoary-extra is?  a marillat closer to ubuntu?05:50
robitaillepersonally I don't even use restricted or multiverse on my machines05:50
=== jsgotangco declares war as well with things official
mdkejsgotangco, even the bit about how to install apache says "add backports"05:50
jsgotangcooh wow we're wild wild west then05:51
kbrooksjsgotangco: i agree with mako05:53
kbrookstalked too long05:53
kbrooksuh, never mind05:53
kbrooks /notice05:53
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jsgotangconice these Nigerian scam emails are getting better05:59
jsgotangcomdke: official is getting ridiculous as days go by06:03
=== rwabel [~rwabel@gw.ptr-80-238-205-70.customer.ch.netstream.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
jsgotangcojeezz i gotta sleep06:11
jsgotangcoi'll see you guys later06:11
jsgotangcothis meeting is taking too long06:11
mdkenight jsgotangco 06:11
mgalvinWOOHOO, commit access :)06:14
mdkemgalvin, :)06:14
mdkego crazy dude06:14
mgalvinoh i will ;)06:15
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mdkethe galvin onslaught begins06:49
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