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NTFS_Virtuall :)12:40
VirtuallFS :)12:40
=== NTFS_ is now known as Ubuntunec
Ubuntunecnado nik pridumatj12:41
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Admin_hi all12:41
Admin_daroff , daroff12:41
Admin_but in this channel we need to talk in English12:42
Ubuntuneci know12:42
Admin_cuz i think that not all people in this channel understand our Crazy Russian12:42
UbuntunecCrazy Latvians who speak russian12:44
Admin_i'm Russian in LV12:44
Ubuntunecits not interesent for other peoples12:44
Ubuntuneci think12:44
=== Ubuntunec is now known as Ubuntutus
Admin_but for other people *12:45
Virtuallwhen the meeting starts, will there be _m or what? (never was on any)12:45
NafalloVirtuall: nope :-)12:45
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NafalloVirtuall: we just hope that everyone plays by the rules in those _open_ meetings :-)12:45
Admin_Democracy ...12:46
Nafalloand most of all: Ubuntu :-)12:46
Admin_ubuntu rlz12:47
Admin_i'm on it now12:47
FSystemAdmin_ translate plz12:47
Virtuallubuntu here, ubuntu there, ubuntu everywhere :)12:48
Admin_Virtuall i , we have UTC +2 ?12:48
Admin_are *12:48
Nafallobut anyways. 3h12m till the meeting ;-). I should see what my gf wanted. bbl12:48
NafalloAdmin_: topic... date -u :-)12:49
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=== mako [~mako@bork.hampshire.edu] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Nafallohi mako! :-)01:01
makohey there01:03
Nafallomako: got time to tell me if anything more is needed on my wiki-page? :-)01:04
comadrejahello mako...01:04
comadrejanice to meet you01:05
makoi might.. we have a few hours.. i'm a bit stressed out trying to get caught up on email and such01:05
Nafallomako: no rush. ogra already approved it. you might wait to approve it "in meeting" ;-)01:05
=== mako nods
makoogra and i rarely disagree01:06
makoat least in this regard01:06
comadrejahey ogra01:06
Nafallomorning ogra :-)01:06
comadrejacould you check mine too ?01:06
ogracomadreja, what should i check... i know your work ;) no need for that ;)01:06
comadrejaoh, thanks. Do you think a link to my resume could be useful ?01:07
comadrejaor is that too much ?01:07
ograon the agenda ? 01:07
ogrado it !01:07
comadrejaoh, nopes, on my wiki page01:07
ograi think the wikipage and the work you did so far are enough for membership...01:08
Admin_hi mako01:08
=== Admin_ is now known as kolcvk
comadrejaawesome, that makes me happy01:08
kolcvkmako : Virtuall & me have founded an Ubuntu LV Team01:08
makokolcvk: cool01:11
makokolcvk: that sounds really great! :)01:11
makokolcvk: do you guys have a site or anything written up ?01:11
Virtuallwe... almost have a site :)01:16
makoVirtuall: :)01:16
Virtuallwe're currently having some little problems with our server, so we can't show it. bu it's blank anyway :)01:18
Virtuall...maybe i'm too stupid, but don't get it how to use rosetta. it says  Sorry, you don't have permission to access this page. ??? :( where do I get such a permission?01:24
mdkeVirtuall, the pages are down right now01:25
ograVirtuall, but initially you should have a launchpad account anyway01:27
ogras/initially/for a start01:27
VirtuallI do01:27
mdkeyeah he will have one01:27
mdkeotherwise it would tell him to login :)01:27
Virtuall Logged in as Danko Alexeyev  01:27
kolcvkits not really done yet01:31
kolcvkbut i think in 24h we can make it01:31
kolcvkmy net lags ...01:40
Virtuallit does :(01:41
kolcvkbut not so terrible as it were01:41
kolcvkright now its little bit faster01:42
=== kolcvk is now known as Admin_
=== Admin_ is now known as kolcvk
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Virtuallbad day bad day :(((02:18
Seveas1:38 and counting...02:22
kolcvkSeveas hi (c) Admin_02:24
Seveaslol :)02:24
=== jani [~jani@iv.ro] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
kolcvkVirt lets just show ETA every 15 mins ok ?02:25
Virtualldamnit... deleted whole off.lv free dns db by specifying wrong WHERE :((( like losing all the source wasn't enough02:26
Virtuallwhy I always think of doing backup when it;'s too late?02:26
slomoVirtuall: because backups are only needed when it's too late? ;)02:28
NafalloVirtuall: cause you're not running backuppc anywhere? ;-)02:28
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Amaranththis'll be the first meeting i make it to since i got accepted as a member (missed that one too)02:48
MezI noticed02:49
MezI forgot the meeting was today02:49
Mezheheh :D02:49
=== Mez has to attend seeing as John cant
Amaranthyou've been replaced with a shell script, how do you feel? :)02:49
=== JanC has to start working at 16h00 CEST, which equals 14h00 UTC... :)
=== kolcvk [~assew@server.off.lv] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
MezAmaranth, the shell script hasnt even been run yet02:51
Mezstill wiaintg on elmo02:51
=== Mez cwies
=== JRe [~jre@adsl-169-178.36-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
MezHey JRe, hows Katapult coming along/02:57
AmaranthMez: we still have an hour02:58
=== REBELinBLUE [~Stephen@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
mdkeso impatient you guys :)02:58
REBELinBLUEhey Mez02:58
Amaranthnah, that's not impatient, this is:02:58
ograAmaranth, get some coffee, its anyway to warm to sleep for you02:59
Amaranthtoo warm?02:59
MezAmaranth, it's in an hour02:59
AmaranthMez: That's what I said. :P02:59
ograAmaranth, didnt you speak about 39C ?02:59
seth_khiya Stephen, guess IPFM got killed eh02:59
REBELinBLUEthat it did seth03:00
Amaranthogra: That's this weekend, it's on 20C right now.03:00
Mezoh, hey seth_k didnt see you hiding there03:00
seth_kso release it under GPL :D03:00
REBELinBLUEthinking about it03:00
seth_ki wubbles you03:00
REBELinBLUEneed to go through and check for IPS code first03:00
seth_kI see03:00
Amaranthbrb, rebooting03:00
seth_kmako, are you up and about yet?03:00
JRehey Mez 03:00
Mezseth, he's around... been idle 3 mins03:01
JReMez: Katapult is under heavy inspection ;)03:01
seth_khence the ping Mez...03:01
makoseth_k: yes03:02
seth_kmako, was needing to talk to you about my signed CoC. I sent you an e-mail a week ago but I'm sure the universe exploded in your inbox due to debconf ;)03:02
=== Amaranth [amaranth@amaranth.user] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Amaranthok, now for morrowind03:03
Amaranthping me if i'm not here for the meeting03:03
ograseth_k, if universe explodes thats a bug, contact the MOTU ;)03:05
Mezogra: exactly what I thought03:05
seth_kogra: well played03:05
MezAmaranth, it wouldnt be the first time you've misse a meeting though (come on - you missed yourself beomcing a member)03:05
Mezbut ogra: I thought it was too cheesy to say 03:06
ograMez, yes, i'm a cheesy guy :)03:06
Mezbut be proud Amaranth you're the only person who got passed as being a memebr without being there03:06
Mezogra: so am i usually - but that's just ... overkill03:06
makoseth_k: that's basically correct03:06
Amaranthi know, stop saying my name please03:06
makoseth_k: i haven't looked at every message i've recieved over the last week03:06
makoseth_k: and i haven't processed any coc's03:06
ograAmaranth, you mean Amaranth 03:07
=== Mez laughs at amaranth
makoseth_k: i'll get to it after the meeting03:07
ogra(to be a bit more cheesy03:07
=== Treenaks wonders why Amaranth would want that
seth_kI understand, mako. Just had some questions about mine since I think I'm a special case... key not signed into the strong set etc.03:07
Amaranthif i have to close this window i'll miss another meeting03:07
seth_kbut thanks03:07
=== ogra wonders why Amaranth picvked this name if he doesnt like it :)
makoseth_k: hmm.. ok. why not?03:07
Amaranthignored, see you in an hour03:07
mdkehe's the only guy who wants to get some work done :)03:08
mdkegood old Amaran_th03:08
ograseth_k, you can let it sign by a notary and fax it03:08
REBELinBLUEhey mdke, thanks for the info you gave Mez 03:08
mdkeor just sign it yourself03:08
seth_kogra, that's what I needed info from mako about, using a notary as a proxy03:08
seth_kmako, I'm in the middle of the desert with no one to sign it for I think 300 miles around... crimsun was going to see about driving through but I think I'm gonna need to do the notary03:09
mdkeseth_k, just sign it by hand and send it by fax03:09
ogramdke how should mako know its the right signature ?03:10
seth_kindeed, that's why I wanted to talk to mako and get info if a notary was needed, if that was good enough proof for a keysigning too, etc.03:11
seth_kbut he said he'd answer my e-mail and all the questions are in there03:11
mdkeogra, i don't know. In my case I included a photocopy of some ID, but I wasn't asked to, so I assume it isn't necessary03:11
seth_kbtw that part of the wiki needs to be updated and expanded, once I finish running the gauntlet I'll have to do that ;)03:11
mdkewhich part of the wiki?03:11
mdkei'll take a look if you like03:12
=== mgalvin [~mgalvin@host-66-202-95-170.spr.choiceone.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
makoseth_k: which desert?03:13
seth_kah, it's not actually on the wiki, it's http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/processes/newmember -- it's unclear that your key needs to be in the strong set for a GPG signature to be sufficient, and it's unclear that you need a notary to physically sign03:13
seth_kmako: Oklahoma :P not quite a desert, but as flat and dry as one03:14
makoseth_k: alright03:14
mdkeafaik you don't need a notary to physically sign the CoC03:14
makoseth_k:  are you looking for maintainership?03:14
seth_kmako: no, I was accepted as a Member at the last meeting, am just looking to finalize that03:14
makoseth_k: oh, then no signed key is required03:14
seth_kmaintainership, somewhere down the road... but not now03:14
makoseth_k: well, we can cross that bridge when we come to it them03:14
makono problem03:14
seth_kthe voice of truth speaks from the dozens of conflicting opinions I've been getting :P thanks mako03:15
=== kinjoo [~kinjoo@83-169-172-144-dynip.superkabel.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
makoso i've been very bad and haven't written up the new meeting minutes yet..03:15
makoseth_k: there has been some confusion03:16
makocan people verify that everyone approved last time is *not* on the agenda again? :)03:16
makothe rest of the agenda looks right to me03:16
seth_knone of those 5 names were on the agenda last time, iirc03:17
=== sistpoty [~stefan@DSL01.] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Mezevening sistpoty :D03:25
sistpotyhi Mez 03:25
seth_kyou people and your evening03:26
=== seth_k got up early to be here, it's not 9:00 am yet here
MezTue Jul 19 14:26:43 BST 200503:26
=== praetorian [praetorian@praetorian.user] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== Alessio [~chatzilla@randaold.abanet.it] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== ozamosi [~ozamosi@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
kolcvk20 mins remaining03:40
Mezkolcvk, we can all tell time :D :P03:41
=== \sh [~sh@server3.servereyes.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Mezwell, at least some of us, last TB meeting everyone thought they were late03:44
Mezbut they were early03:44
=== ozamosi [~ozamosi@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== pef [~loic@erodia.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
kolcvkhi pef03:44
seth_khiya pef03:44
JRehey pef  ;)03:44
JRepef: got your fridge full now ;) ?03:44
pefJRe: nearly ;)03:45
=== ozamosi [~ozamosi@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== \sh is a fool
ogra\sh, no need to say this, we all know it03:45
=== insanekane [~kane@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
seth_kbut we love him anyways ogra?03:46
=== comadreja loves \sh
\sh*blush* 03:46
ograbreezy wouldnt be what it is without \sh ...03:46
\shyes..I should apply for xorg ,-)03:47
=== |rockinnerd| [~chris@adsl-65-43-216-122.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
ograhmm regarding that breezy is a mess i probably should reconsider this sentence....03:47
seth_kREBELinBLUE, are you just here lurking or are you interested in one of the agenda items?03:47
Mezhe's lurking03:47
seth_kgo work on IPFM :P03:47
REBELinBLUEmez said to come :p03:48
REBELinBLUEcan't work on IPFM, I'm at work :p03:48
ograwhat is IPFM ?03:48
\shogra: I'm not at fault...I'm not ,-)03:48
seth_kInvision Power File Manager... except it's not Invision Power anymore...03:48
\shinvisible power file manager?03:48
Mezooh, you're going to need a new name stephen03:49
ograso it manages files for powermanagement ? 03:49
=== ogra wonders which files that might be
\shMez: why? 03:49
Treenaksogra: no, power files03:49
Treenaksogra: ;)03:49
ograTreenaks, where is the difference ?03:49
Mez\sh - I was referring to REBELinBLUE 03:49
=== jani [~jani@iv.ro] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Treenaksogra: yes, power files contain power.. so if you have a lot on your hd, your battery will last longer03:49
\shMez: jesus.../me is written with a before the n03:49
=== |rockinnerd| is lurking
seth_kTreenaks, whoa! that beats the snot out of power cells!03:50
ograTreenaks, hmm, and if i collect enough of them i have the power to become a dictator ? 03:50
=== insanekane [~kane@] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Konversation]
\shogra: sabdfl?03:50
Treenaksogra: not again03:50
mdkeogra, now you're collecting power cells as well as apprentices? we're in trouble03:50
=== seth_k volunteers to be an apprentice... or a power cell...
=== nalioth [~Apple@cpe-66-25-34-88.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
\shI think ogra is mario..03:51
ogramdke, i dont ave this thingie called IPFM03:51
\shjump jump *ping* after 100 powercells a free life03:51
mdke;) @ \sh 03:51
ogramdke, i was just spculating how it works ;)03:51
=== FSystem [sys@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
\shok...max. 15 UTC...i have to leave the office until then *eg*03:52
Mezogra, it's a web based file manager :D which is really good (as long as you remember to chmod things if you upload from the web adn want to play with tehm in FPT03:53
Mez(or run phpsuid)03:53
=== ogra prefers nautilus with sftp :)
Mezogra: but IPFM = great if you're like - on another comp or something03:54
Mezand I prefer konq with fish :D03:54
seth_kfish is overkill if you have a decent server03:54
seth_kkonq + sftp03:54
naliothfish isnt a terminal emulator?03:55
Mezfish = ssh03:55
naliothsorry, another shell?03:56
Amaranthi made it!03:56
=== Amaranth dances
MezAmaranth, you made what ?03:56
Mez(other than smeg)03:56
Amaranththe meeting03:56
naliothhmm, i run fish(shell) not ssh03:56
Amaranthi managed to squeeze in 3 killings beforehand too03:56
=== tseng [~tseng@mail.thegrebs.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
mdkeAmaran_th, the meeting is finished already!03:56
Mezfish:/sourcegu@sourceguru.net :D03:56
=== bddebian [~bddebian@user216-178-65-218.netcarrier.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== Amaranth cries
=== kbrooks [~kbrooks@kbrooks.user] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
bddebianHello folks03:57
Amaranthguys, you can leave03:57
Amaranththe meeting is over03:57
=== ed1t [~Sound@shunat236-250.shu.edu] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Virtuallhope it was a joke?03:57
kbrooksmdke: i'm going to be watching03:57
mdkekbrooks, sup?03:57
=== ed1t pokes nalioth
Amaranthoh, i'm supposed to, like, take part in these meeting now, aren't i?03:58
kbrookshere's my wiki page: wiki.ubuntu.com/KyleBrooks03:58
Amaranthi mean, i did anyway before, but yea03:58
Amarantherr, yeah03:58
MezAmaranth, not really - you just have a vote on new CC members03:58
kbrooksanyone can comment on it in a PM03:58
kbrooksor in #ubuntu03:58
bddebianbrb, grabbing coffee03:58
ograVirtuall, mako opens and closes the meeting, dont worry ;)03:58
Mezkbrooks, are you trying today for membership?03:58
kbrooksanyway, as said before, ill be watching03:59
=== |rockinnerd| is watching the meeting
kbrooksMez: no, and I don't want to yet03:59
Nafalloogra, tseng: you're testimonial persons for me? :-)03:59
=== ed1t sits next to kbrooks
ed1tand watches*03:59
ograNafallo, sure03:59
tsengNafallo: no you suck03:59
Nafallotseng: hehe ;-)03:59
tsengNafallo: ill be giving you a thumbs down03:59
naliothed1t: kbrooks" y'all dont fight over the popcorn03:59
seth_kholy crap kbrooks you killed the Java page!03:59
=== comadreja pays attention
Amaranthoh, my clock is actually on UTC right now03:59
ed1tits already mine!03:59
Amaranthhehe, i was trying to convert04:00
tsengNafallo: yes, if i can be here04:00
=== |rockinnerd| sits at the watching table, with a bullet-proof vest on
mdkekbrooks, i like the Java page, nice one04:00
tsengif not someone can give you a sterling recommendation in my place04:00
kbrooksseth_k: i killed the methods and left only the legal method04:00
nalioth|rockinnerd|: no nomex suit?04:00
Nafallotseng: :-)04:00
makoTue Jul 19 14:00:36 UTC 2005   UTC-004:00
kbrooksmako: you might want to look at my wiki page.04:00
\shthis guy appears just in time04:00
seth_kkbrooks, you killed the link to JavaPackageBuildNewVersions , which has detailed instructions04:01
=== kbrooks sits and shuts up
=== tritium [~tritium@ee213-dhcp-5.ecn.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Seveasmeeting time :)04:01
=== Mez sets mode +m on #ubuntu-meeting
|rockinnerd|<soft laugh>04:01
makokbrooks: what am i supposed to be seeing04:01
makoKamion: around?04:01
SeveasEverybody please state your name for the record and to start the meeting :)04:01
makolet me find the rest of the CC04:01
kbrooksKyle Brooks04:02
Seveasmako, good point :)04:02
=== smurfix == Matthias Urlichs
|rockinnerd|Christopher L. Cmolik04:02
kolcvkKonstantin Kolcov04:02
=== seth_k is Seth Kinast
comadrejaJorge Daza04:02
=== Seveas Dennis Kaarsemaker
sistpotyStefan Potyra04:02
=== Virtuall == Danko Alexeyev
mdkeMatthew East04:02
=== Mez == Martin Meredith
=== \sh == Stephan Hermann
=== slomo == Sebastian Drge
AmaranthTravis Watkins04:02
naliothme is Marek Spruell04:02
makoSeveas: thanks04:02
=== mako is benjamin mako hill
tsengBrandon Hale.04:02
=== JRe == Jean-Remy Falleri
=== Nafallo == Christian Nafallo Bjlevik ;-)
=== ogra is Oliver Grawert
=== tritium is Michael Rimbert
=== Mez slaps Kamion and sabdfl
makowe're still 3/4 members down04:02
=== siretart is Reinhard Tartler
kinjooJosh Kress04:02
=== Seveas just completed a d-i only cluster install system, me is happy </offtopic>
=== ed1t [~Sound@shunat236-250.shu.edu] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
ed1tsorry im on windows heh04:03
=== Riddell Jonathan Riddell
Mezwell we gotta wait for the others anyways04:03
=== Mez sits back and grabs a coke
=== pef is Loic Pefferkorn
=== kolcvk drinks Coffee
=== ed1t grabs his coke from mez
kbrooksMez: movie style, ehu?04:04
=== Amaranth drinks Mt. Dew
=== joolz [~joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Mezkbrooks: popcorn :D04:04
Nafallohmm, to late to make popcorn now? ;-)04:04
=== silbs [~jane@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== ed1t already go his popcorn
=== jsgotangco [~jgotangco@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
\shI could try to upgrade to breezy again?04:04
ograhey silbs 04:04
=== kbrooks steals all the drinks and drinks them all
=== |rockinnerd| heats up my coffee
mdkemorning jsgotangco 04:05
seth_k\sh you don't want to make it Xorg 6, sh 0...04:05
smurfix\sh: after the meeting please04:05
SeveasFinal agenda for today (if the CC shows up) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda04:05
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jsgotangcojust started?04:05
mdkejsgotangco, not yet04:05
\shsmurfix: no not anymore...until I see the light04:05
makoso sabdfl should be able to make it.. elmo should not be too far away either04:05
Mezjsgotangco, we're waiting for the "Council"04:05
Mezmako, and Kamion ?04:05
makokamion has been idle for the last few hours04:05
AmaranthIf they don't show up I say we smack them around awhile. :)04:05
Seveaseverybody who wants to become a member: please prepare a short description of what you did for Ubuntu so far, what you are planning to do and your ideas and visions for Ubuntu04:05
jsgotangcohow about we do a coup04:05
mdkeelmo mentioned he would come04:05
makoat the moment, i'm the only one here04:05
makoyes, elmo should be here04:05
Mezmako, elmo and kamion have been idle for the same amount of time04:06
ograhe isnt04:06
comadreja Seveas: in the wiki ?04:06
Alessiohi allz04:06
Seveascomadreja, no04:06
Mez(near enough)04:06
naliothcomadreja: no for here04:06
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Seveascomadreja, in a text editor, so that you can paste it in here leter :)04:06
janihow do members approved before hoary get accepted into launchpad?04:06
jsgotangcomako: where are you now in this world?04:06
Amaranththey ask? :)04:06
Mezjani, you poke mako after the meeting04:06
Seveasjani, the members get approved in here04:06
MezSeveas, already approved members, before the launchpad group was made04:07
ograSeveas, jani already is approved iirc04:07
SeveasMez, yeah, then poke mako :)04:07
janiI am listed as proposed member in launchpad, but I dunno who accepts us04:07
=== Mez points at mako
jsgotangcojani: sabdfl, mako, etc. in CC04:07
=== bddebian wakes up <-- Barry deFreese
Seveasjsgotangco, afaik only mako does launchpad businesses04:08
janiok thanks, I did not know it was poking drivern, I thaught launchpad was all automatic :)04:08
=== kbrooks types fast
makojsgotangco: i'm in the netherlands today04:08
makoSeveas: i should drop by :)04:08
Seveasmako, cool :)04:08
makoSeveas: i'm in eindhoven04:08
Seveasmako, I'm in Amsterdam now04:08
kbrooksi'm in canada04:08
AmaranthUS :/04:08
Alessiomako :)04:08
Alessioin europe?04:08
Amaranthkbrooks: got a couch? :)04:08
silbsmako: elmo is on his way04:08
kbrooksAmaranth: yes. behind me. sit on it04:09
jsgotangcosilbs: did you get the PDF to print btw?04:09
|rockinnerd|US sry04:09
bddebianUS, PA04:09
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|rockinnerd|US, OH, sewers of cleveland04:09
silbsjsgotangco: no, not yet. But I haven't really looked into it any further04:09
ed1tbddebian where in PA?04:09
Amaranthsewer city, iowa :D04:09
makosilbs: great :)04:09
kolcvkLV , Riga04:09
bddebianed1t: Right next the the Philly airport right now (at work) but live in Schwenksville04:10
=== ed1t is from NJ
Amaranthok, we don't need to know anymore :)04:10
=== Amaranth curses memes
ed1tmy roommate from college lives in PA04:10
ed1trichboro, PA04:10
bddebianWe need the East Coast LoCo ;-)04:10
Seveasbddebian, found one 04:11
janimako do I poke you now or after the meeting re 'proposed members' on launchpad.Also about the fact that I sent a paper GPG fingerprint so that field could be filled in launchpad as well04:11
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Virtualldo we start... today?04:11
mdkehey hno73 04:11
bddebianSeveas: I have been thinking about it04:11
SeveasVirtuall, as soon as sabdfl/elmo/kamion arrive04:11
hno73mdke: hi :)04:11
kolcvkVirt , we need to wait others04:11
ograVirtuall, if the people tat can approve anything are here04:11
tsengbddebian: philly loco.04:11
makojani: i haven't done a full audit to try to bring the website into sync with my file04:11
bddebiantseng: Well that was my original plan but I might be the only member. :-)04:12
makojani: my file is still the official location04:12
\shjust getting another cup of coffee..ogra...if the others are starting...u have my vote+voice04:12
janimako, ok thanks04:12
ogra\sh, take your time04:12
Mezmako, is the LP lsit of ubuntites up to date ?04:12
makojani: the website is just for informational purposes at the moment.. and not guarenteed right04:12
bddebianmako: I'm sure you are swamped but did you happen to get my CoC?04:12
ed1tcan we have East Coast LoCo04:12
Treenaksmako: while you're approving proposed members.. :)04:12
makobddebian: i haven't done coc processing in the last week. i mentioned that earlier in this channel04:12
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tsengthats too wide.04:12
bddebianmako: Oh, sorry04:13
AmaranthSo, is there anything on the agenda that can go on without the full council?04:13
=== bddebian starts LOCOLoCo as in Loco en la cabeza
Treenaksbddebian: how about a PocoLoCo04:13
Kamionsorry I'm late04:13
SeveasAmaranth, not really04:13
bddebianTreenaks: That's a good one04:13
=== |rockinnerd| raises his hand
SeveasTreenaks, eeeek04:13
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=== Mez w00ts for elmo
SeveasTreenaks, memorys of crappy pop-techno band ....04:14
ograyay, elmo :=04:14
Seveashi elmo 04:14
Mez2 down, 2 to go :D04:14
kbrooksalmost here04:14
AmaranthWe just need one more, right?04:14
SeveasMez, you stole my words04:14
NafalloKamion: hi Kamion :-)04:14
=== siretart also fetching some coffee
=== |rockinnerd| is waiting for permission to speak
kbrooksMez: sabdfl, and?04:14
Seveashi Kamion 04:14
siretarthi Kamion, hello elmo!04:14
Nafallohi elmo :-)04:14
kolcvkhi elmo04:14
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|rockinnerd|hi elmo04:14
ed1tbddebian installing...04:14
bddebianed1t: Good luck ;-)04:15
MezI didnt see maion arrive04:15
tsengits time to start guys, its going to have to be alot quieter04:15
MezKamion *04:15
mdkeyeah let's try and calm it down a little04:15
highvoltageelmo: are you really here?04:15
makoelmo: rock out04:15
ograhighvoltage, its only his meeting clone ;)04:15
Nafalloogra: lol04:16
highvoltage<sigh> i think i might have to get an elmo clone. the first one is unfindable. anyone have any elmo hair lying around that i can borrow?04:16
Seveascan't we get an #ubuntu-meeting elma too ;))04:16
ograhighvoltage, voodoo ?04:16
ograSeveas, we have one04:16
ograSeveas, elma is the backend for revu :)04:17
Mezhighvoltage, sladen might04:17
Seveasogra, i know04:17
kbrookshighvoltage: i do ;)04:17
highvoltageogra: we can try that. for now i've got to go home. cheers!04:17
Seveasbut we need one in here ;)04:17
ograhighvoltage, ciao04:17
highvoltagekbrooks: hold that though.04:17
Mezso mako, are we going to start ?04:17
=== kbrooks hands him some elmo hair
Seveasor a maka for the launchpad approvals :)04:17
Amaranthhighvoltage: I've got a 'tickle-me elmo', will that work?04:17
makoMez: waiting for one more04:17
mdketseng, *winces*04:17
kbrooksmako: who?04:17
Seveaskbrooks, The Boss04:17
Mezmako: is sabdfl turning up?04:18
makoSeveas, kbrooks: sbadfl or kamion04:18
Amaranthwe need Kamion or sabdfl04:18
Mezkamion is here04:18
tsengwe have Kamion 04:18
ogramako, Kamion is here04:18
MezKamion sorry I'm late04:18
tsengif people would chill out04:18
tsengwe would've have seen.04:18
Kamionstop the noise please04:18
=== kbrooks chills out
Amaranthok, hush04:18
makoalright then04:18
makoi missed it in the noise04:18
makolets stop that04:18
makoand get to business so we can all go home.. or stay home04:18
makothe agenda is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda04:19
makois there anyone who has an item on the agenda that needs to leave soon04:19
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makoas in *cannot* stay longer?04:19
mdke [15:18]   * kbrooks chills out04:19
jsgotangcoim about to crash04:20
makoalright, lets start from the top04:20
makosmurfix: you around?04:20
makonew loco team leaders04:20
makomdke is at the top04:20
makoalready a member04:20
makoand the italian team already exists04:20
mdkehi all.04:20
makomdke: want to give us a short update the team and the changing roles?04:21
mdkemako, you bet, that's why I'm here04:21
makoplease go ahead04:21
mdkeso basically the Italian team has had some organisational problems in the past, so we have made a massive effort over the last month or so to make a structure which will resist any problems and generally rock. it is sort of inspired by the CC itself04:21
mdkeI made a translation of our wiki page that explains the system04:22
mdkeit can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ItalianCommunityStructure04:22
mdkewe are very proud of it :)04:22
smurfixmdke: Nice page!04:22
makomdke: nice!04:23
mdkebasically we have made a locoteam which resolves problems and attempts to integrate all the various areas of the community04:23
mdkesort of like the CC04:24
\shback 04:24
Seveasmdke, rock on!04:24
makoit would be gthis sounds particularly relevant for larger groups04:24
AmaranthI have a feeling any team large enough to fit into that structure will be using it in a month. :)04:24
=== |rockinnerd| will be right back
smurfixThat about takes care of the "is the Italian team an official LoCoTeam" question. ;-)04:24
makoand i have no problems recommending this structure to others04:24
mdkeAmaranth, thanks for saying so04:25
smurfixmako: +104:25
makofor smaller teams of course, it migth be quite overkill04:25
mdkemako, :) any suggestions to improve are also welcome, naturally04:25
makomdke: i'll take a longer look at it and do that04:25
mdkemako, merci04:25
smurfixmdke already linked it to the LoCoTeamRunning page04:25
makoi'm spending this week catching up from the last 1.5 at conferencers and such04:25
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makook, that sounds great04:26
smurfixnext is DankoAlexeyev04:26
Kamionoverkill> yeah, the only thing I'm worried about there is expanding layers of bureaucracy04:26
makomdke: thanks for all of the hard work.. and for bring it to our attention04:26
smurfixVirtuall: Care to tell us what's happening in Latvia?04:27
makoKamion: yep.. for places where it's not necessary, it neeeded be there.. but it's a good option for probably the largest half-a-dozem teams04:27
smurfixyour locoteam list entry is very new04:27
mdkemako, thanks go to the whole group: i will pass it on :)04:27
Virtuallwhat do you mean - what is happening?04:27
makoVirtuall: what is the current status of ubuntu in latvia?04:27
makoVirtuall: and how is your team going to change it04:27
SeveasI have been talking to one of the LV guys this week: they have created a team this week and want to create an Ubuntu Support center, the plans sound good but work still needs to start if I understood it correctly04:28
smurfixVirtuall: Teams usually consist of more than one person and show some team activity04:28
Virtuallcurrently ubuntu as any other linux distro isn't really popular04:28
Virtuallwe're going to fix it04:28
jsgotangcoVirtuall: because of the popularity of software piracy?04:28
=== terrex_ [~terrex@84-122-73-155.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Virtuallactually, we aim more to popularize linux itself04:28
Virtualljsgotangco, yes, that's too04:29
Amaranthjsgotangco: *cough*04:29
Virtuall"linux is free" isn't an argument here, windows is free too04:29
Virtuallso we'll have to find other ways04:29
=== |rockinnerd| raises his hand to speak
Virtualldemonstrate the power of linux in public and personally04:29
makoVirtuall: that's very common in much of the developing world04:30
Virtuallcreate a webpage04:30
jsgotangcoVirtuall: I can associate with that situation very much the loco team is a great way to popularize free software04:30
=== kbrooks raises his hand to speak
kbrooksMay I comment?04:30
AmaranthJust speak guys. :)04:30
makokbrooks: if it's on topic, just go ahead04:30
|rockinnerd|go ahead kbrooks04:30
smurfixAhem, if you have something pertinent to say, just say it ;-)04:30
kbrooksSeveas: What is the purpose of the Ubuntu Support Center?04:30
Seveaskbrooks, afaik Ubuntu support and linux advocacy04:31
Seveasbut it's Virtuall's team, ask him :)04:31
kolcvkas for "fixing " the Linux situation in LV i can tell you that many offices want to install linux cuz its free04:31
Virtuallwell, yes, of course, support too :)04:31
MezIs it an "online" support centre per se? or like, proper offices ertc04:31
kolcvklike proper offices04:31
|rockinnerd|Alright. I dual-boot windows and ubuntu.  I find that (a) windows has alltogether too many security holes, (b) ubuntu runs faster, and (c) ubuntu seldom crashes.  yes, these have been said before, but i just wanted to offer my opinion as a windows and ubuntu user as to the pros of ubuntu04:32
AmaranthVirtuall: How many people do you have? What is the status of lavtian translation in Ubuntu right now?04:32
VirtuallI think we can support people in any way :)04:32
makolets stay on topic.. we're talking about latvia now04:32
jsgotangcoOT guys04:32
makolets let Virtuall answer questions04:32
kolcvkAmarath we have about 9 people04:32
kolcvkbut they are not regged in Wiki04:32
MezVirtuall, so this is going to be offices etc so you can push things out better to the latvian people? if so - how's it going to be funded?04:33
VirtuallAmaranth, our team currently has 8 members and some are still thinking04:33
kolcvkok sorry04:33
|rockinnerd|mako: i aplogize.  We were talking about fixing linux's image.04:33
Amaranthoh, and i spelled latvian wrong, sorry :)04:33
|rockinnerd|when i started typing my message04:33
Amaranthok, slow down guys04:33
VirtuallMez, explain the question please? :(04:33
kolcvkVirt can i answer ?04:34
Kamion658 translated messages, 55 fuzzy translations, 553 untranslated messages.04:34
AmaranthThe main thing is they have people, translations (?), and a plan.04:34
Virtuallkolcvk, sure :)04:34
makokbrooks: this is for?04:34
Kamion^-- Latvian installer translation state upstream04:34
smurfixVirtuall: Sounds like you have plans and people. I'd like to see them on your LatvianTeam page.04:34
AmaranthKamion: You mean in GNOME?04:34
Virtuall<<< actually it was his idea aboout the team :)04:34
KamionAmaranth: installer != GNOME04:34
kolcvki have an Ltd.04:34
Amaranthoh, i missed that word :)04:34
kolcvkand we can make official Ubuntu Support Center04:34
Virtuallsmurfix, we'll list them on our web, but currently there isn't any04:35
Mezso you plan to fund this kolcvk ?04:35
SeveasVirtuall/kolcvk what are your plans regarding translation?04:35
kolcvkwe will translate the docbook04:35
Mezanyways that's something to be discussed at a later date.04:35
VirtuallSeveas, if you tell me how to start translating, i can start any time04:35
kbrooksmako: what? i simply asked you to see my wiki page because I might be a member one day.04:35
Virtuallcurrently i get "no permission" error04:35
ograVirtuall, rosetta ;)04:35
makokbrooks: completions mistake.. ignore it04:35
kolcvkand we will search some misspelling in the localizations04:35
kbrooksmako: ok, sorry.04:35
ograVirtuall,(if its sorted indeed)04:35
AmaranthAye, it'd be a good idea to go over all of the translations real quick.04:36
makoalright.. lets focus04:36
AmaranthIt looks like they're all stale.04:36
Amaranthok, sorry04:36
makoVirtuall: in terms of your center04:36
makothere are no "official ubuntu support centers"04:36
\shkolcvk: so u think about marketing linux (insert your distro here) in a commercial way??04:36
makothere is no official ubuntu support except the professional support sold by canonical04:36
kolcvkno 04:36
kolcvkoffcource not04:36
Virtuallbut we MAY support people, m?04:37
Virtuallif we wish04:37
makoin general, we try to make it clear to people that locoteams do not represent the entire project04:37
makoand are not the official voice of the ubuntu project04:37
makoin general, probably only the CC as a whole can make decisions in this regard04:38
\shI asked because of the offices and the Ltd. ,-)04:38
ograthey just coordinate local events, care for translation etc04:38
makoso i'm not sure how an official support center would factor in04:38
makothat said04:38
makoif you guys, as ubuntu-lv, wanted to set up an ubuntu-lv support center, that's AWESOME04:38
makoand we would be very supportive of you doing it04:38
kolcvkwe will04:39
smurfixVirtuall: so you should just drop the word "official", but other than that .. go for it04:39
Virtuall:) i'm not really sure about that :) kolcvk decides04:39
makobut if you're going to be charging money and connecting to revenue generation and business, we'd think very very hard first04:39
makoand probably say no04:39
Virtuallanyway it's not today. today we simply want a team04:39
kolcvkmako , no charge04:39
makokolcvk: that sounds great :)04:39
Virtuallok, 'official' >> ''04:39
kolcvktotally free04:39
makoin any case, we can talk about the specifics once you guys know more04:39
makoso, we know a bit of about what you want to do04:40
=== jsgotangco thinks everyone is on crack today
makowant to talk a bit about what you have done so far?04:40
makoit's already been mentioned that you guys may be interested in using rosetta to do translations04:40
makoquickly.. we need to move on04:40
mdke [15:40]  < kolcvk> yes04:40
kolcvkwe have a little plan on 30.0704:40
mdkethis damn laptop04:40
makokolcvk: cool04:40
Amaranthmdke: don't touch the mouse :)04:41
kolcvkit will be a big event04:41
Amaranthan installfest?04:41
Seveaskolcvk, make a report of it and present it on the next CC meeting :) 04:41
kolcvkAmarath we will show the people what is linux04:42
makoand coordinate with me about the cds04:42
makokolcvk: that sounds great :)04:42
kolcvkand why it is free and so great04:42
mdkeawesome kolcvk 04:42
makoit sounds like you guys have some great plans.. i'm looking forward to seeing them blossom04:42
kolcvkthat's why we need more CD's04:42
Virtuallcurrently we simply tell everyone that linux is good and why. actually we were doing it even before we heard of ubuntu04:42
makolet us know what we can do to help04:42
kolcvkgenerally we're running out of CD's (cuz it will be big event , we nee more)04:43
makowe can talk about that later04:43
kolcvkneed *04:43
silbsfyi - LoCo teams planning events may want to consider doing something on 10 Sept - Sofware Freedom Day (www.softwarefreedomday.org)04:43
Virtualllater :) later :)04:43
makosilbs: ++04:43
mdkenice one silbs 04:43
Seveassilbs, /me will be giving a presentation about Ubuntu on SFD :)04:43
Virtuall10.09... /me wrote down04:43
jsgotangcosilbs: ++  our loco team is actually co-sponsoring SFD in Philippines04:44
kolcvkme too04:44
silbsgetting local press (esp if it mentions Ubuntu!) would be great!04:44
mdkemako, sorry i thought about something else I wanted to discuss re: Italy if this item is done04:44
silbsjsgotangco: great. Canonical is sponsoring it too, providing lots of CDs, etc04:44
kolcvkoh , and we have an event on 255 day (sysadmins day )04:44
makomdke: yes, lets do it quickly and try not to be here 2 hours :))04:44
mdkemako, ok04:44
makomdke has the floor04:45
Virtuallkolcvk, what do you think if we contacted, say, LAKA about this? I think they're making some event too :)04:45
AmaranthVirtuall: later :)04:45
Virtuall(we ourselves are still too small to organize something)04:45
mdkemako, we are setting up a domain at ubuntu-it.org and this includes web, wiki and forum. We need a tar of the wiki pages from elmo, but I spoke to him about it and he suggested we talk about it here as he was concerned about wiki splitting04:45
Amaranthwiki splitting bad04:46
mdkei think that it is clear that all locoteams tend to use their own wikis04:46
mdkethis can help because of language things04:46
elmomdke: how so?04:46
silbsmdke: why? (not arguing, just trying to understand)04:46
jsgotangcoits perfectly acceptable especially if there is a language issue04:46
Seveasmdke, hmm, I am right now trying to get the NL wiki integrated in the official one04:46
kolcvkmako : can we get ubuntu-lv.org ?04:46
makosilbs: we have no mechanism to keep them in sync04:47
makokolcvk: talk to sm04:47
Amaranthkolcvk: later :)04:47
Seveaskolcvk, contact smurfix04:47
makokolcvk: smurfix even04:47
mdkebecause it is easier to organise indexs of the pages in a particular language, and also it is important to integrate the local wiki with the local website and forum04:47
mdkesilbs, elmo ^04:47
smurfixkolcvk: sure04:47
jsgotangco(although i've seen chinese wikis about ubuntu and they're totally way out of topic sometimes)04:47
mdkealso, the locoteam can better administrate the wiki04:47
Mezjsgotangco, just liek this meeting ?04:47
tsengwhy cant you make a localized "index" for your stuff on the main wiki04:47
tsengand branch off from that04:48
kolcvkmako : another "support" we have opened a little mirror for ubuntu distrs ,04:48
AmaranthMez: you aren't helping :)04:48
robitaillethe Canadian teams also went throught that debate and decided to have their own wiki for control reasons, and also the 2 languages issue in Canada04:48
Virtuallkolcvk, we already have? k00104:48
mdketseng, anything is possible. However this would rather upset what every single locoteam is doing right now, with some small exceptions04:48
Virtuallyou should at least inform me...04:48
SeveasVirtuall, kolcvk please stay on topic and discuss LV things in private now04:48
smurfixIMHO it makes sense for locoteams to be able to admin their own wiki04:48
silbsmdke: there is a lot that happens in the wiki other than documentation. Splitting them potentially dilutes all the other pieces (art, calendars, dev topics, etc)04:49
kolcvkok sorry04:49
tsengwell your reasons for doing it mentioned so far doesnt seem that convincing imo04:49
tsengare there others?04:49
mdkesilbs, i'm aware of that of course.04:49
Amaranthwell, we're pretty well split right now awyway04:49
Amarantherr, anyway04:49
mdkesilbs, but the Italian section of the wiki is wholly in Italian language04:49
silbsi thought part of the moin switch was to have sections for languages - e.g. /fr, /it, tec04:49
ograAmaranth, sadly04:49
silbsdid that not happen? does that not solve your issue?04:50
Amaranthinstead of seperate wikis we have seperate languages, which is required04:50
Seveassilbs, my idea too, but then all topics would still be in english which sort of defeats translation...04:50
makoalright guys04:50
Amaranthbut things don't get translated in and out of all of the languages04:50
jsgotangcomaybe Henrik can help on that?04:50
mdkesilbs, it didn't happen04:50
mdkeexcuse me, fire alarm04:50
makoi for one am not informed enough about the technical issues involved here with what moin can or can't do or will or will not do to make any sort of informed decision04:50
silbsSeveas: by topics do you mean wiki page titles?04:50
Seveassilbs, yes04:51
makodoes it make sense to have thie conversation on the docteam mailing list and then to get some sort of proposal if anything needs to be changed?04:51
jsgotangcomako: good idea04:51
elmoSeveas: wiki titles don't have to be in English?04:51
Mezmako +1 :P04:51
silbsSeveas: but those don't have to be english (at least that's my understanding)04:51
mdkethe work involved would be incredible04:51
mdkemany other language wikis are not in moin format04:51
Seveaselmo, if you use /it switches it would be like wiki.ubuntu.com/GrubIssues/it04:51
makoi don't see consensus happening on this right now.. it's a good point but i don't think we can solve it right now04:51
Seveasif I understood it04:51
mdkeif we have www.ubuntu-xx.org and forum.ubuntu-xx.org, what is wrong with wiki.ubuntu-xx.org04:51
ogramdke, maintaining many more stuff ?04:52
Amaranthwell, we try to keep everything together as much as possible04:52
makomdke: we do have that in the vast majority of cases04:52
mdkeit helps to integrate the parts of a site04:52
mako*many* locos have their own wiki04:52
ogramuch (grr)04:52
jsgotangcomore DNS entries won't solvethe problem04:52
makobut please, can we have this conversation later?04:52
Amaranthogra: you mean most?04:52
mdkeIMO if you wish to bring locos into the main wiki, you will also have to think about brining them into the static website04:52
ograAmaranth, that anyway...04:53
mdkeso for now, the italian wiki effort dies?04:53
Amaranthok, next item on the agenda?04:53
MezAmaranth, members04:53
=== jsgotangco feels like he's in San Andreas
MezI believe Razor-X is up first, who seems to have slept in04:53
makomdke: my opinion is that it's fine as long as you also push for more global answer/position from the doteam04:53
SeveasKoushikRoy, here..?04:53
smurfixmako: ++04:53
MezSeveas, he isnt here04:53
mdkemako, okay I can discuss it with henrik and others maybe04:54
SeveasStefanPotyra, here..?04:54
mdkeperhaps smurfix will get involved too?04:54
makomdke: yes, make sure henrik is involved04:54
makomdke: and smurt04:54
smurfixmdke: sure04:54
makomdke: and smurfix 04:54
mdkemako, henrik had no objections last time we spoke about it04:54
Seveassistpoty, good, do the 3-line intro please when mako is ready :)04:54
smurfixthough for now I think the Italians should do what everybody else is doing -- no sense in singliing them out for an integration effort04:54
makook.. you guys have your homework04:55
mdkethanks :)04:55
mdkemove on then04:55
makolets move on04:55
sistpotywhat i did: revu with siretart :), trying to help out motu's where i can (ex.: MOTUGhc6transition, http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/details.py?upid=96)04:55
sistpotywhat i am planning: revu2, become a motu04:55
=== mako pokes elmo and Kamion
makoKoushikRoy, yes?04:55
sistpotyand plans: no idea really g04:55
MezKoushikRoy = not here mako04:55
siretartsistpoty also contributed packages and patches to existing packages in universe04:55
AmaranthThis is Stefan Potyra04:55
makook.. Stefan Potyra04:56
bddebiansistpoty: Ohh <OT>, I was palying around with GH6 / haskell-utils last night04:56
Kamionmako: here, just didn't feel I had a lot to contribute to the earlier bit04:56
makoKamion: yeah, i understand 04:56
\shsistpoty: start again ;)04:56
sistpotywhat i did: revu with siretart :), trying to help out motu's where i can (ex.: MOTUGhc6transition, http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/details.py?upid=96)04:56
sistpotywhat i am planning: revu2, become a motu04:56
Seveassistpoty, good stuff04:56
Seveasrevu looks good :)04:56
sistpotythx ;)04:56
Amaranth+1 :)04:56
tsengrevu is one of the best tools the MOTU has04:57
Seveasogra, siretart ..?04:57
siretartabsolutly. sistpoty rocks!04:57
sistpotythx :)04:57
\shhe is integrating very fast and he has knowledge04:57
bddebiansistpoty++ :-)04:57
ograrevu became our central tool in the MOTU world.... sistpoty++++ membrship for 50% of revu04:57
MezMOTU wouldnt be where it si without REVU IMHO04:57
jsgotangcothis is really nice04:57
\shand REVU is HeMans tool 04:57
siretarthangs around in #ubuntu-motu and helps other newbee's in the motu world04:57
mdkegood work sistpoty 04:57
Seveasah, cool04:58
sistpotythx again :)04:58
=== Seveas goes to spam sistpoty soon then
Amaranthaye, sistpoty rocks all around04:58
SeveasAll we need is a CC answer now. Kamion, elmo, mako?04:58
ograKamion, elmo, mako opinions ?04:58
=== Alessio_ [~chatzilla@gw.abanet.it] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== ozamosi [~ozamosi@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Kamionsistpoty: is Haskell a particular interest, or was it just something you stumbled across?04:59
=== mako was just using revu to check it out
ogramako, do you like it ?04:59
sistpotyKamion: not really a particular interest, i was just having a haskell lesson this term04:59
bddebian haskell-utils / ghc6 is jacked (sorry, OT again)04:59
Kamionthe level of enthusiasm from the MOTU cheerleading fraternity makes it difficult to say no ;-)04:59
makoogra: it seems quite useful04:59
ograhe deserves it04:59
sistpotybddebian: let's discuss haskell-utils in #motu later04:59
Amaranthit's sped up the review process _a lot_05:00
bddebiansistpoty: OK, thx05:00
makorevu seems to quite rock.. i'm happy to approve your application05:00
Kamion(which is a serious point actually, I don't know how you guys would behave if you *weren't* incredibly enthusiastic about somebody, because that's all we ever see ...)05:00
ograjust to tell, revu just came out of nowhere it suddenly was there... noone asked for it etc...05:00
Kamionbut by all accounts revu is a very handy tool, so I'm happy with sistpoty for membership05:00
bddebianKamion: :-)05:00
AmaranthKamion: We have a lot of awesome members then, don't we? :)05:00
makowhere is the source to revu?05:00
ograAmaranth, we have :)05:00
jsgotangconice observation05:00
smurfixKamion: I suspect the others don't get to the CC meeting in the first place ...05:00
ogramako, siretart can mail it to you05:01
\shmako: it's in svn and everybody can get it...ask siretart 05:01
siretartmako: we don't have a public svn yet, we will set it up with revu205:01
KamionAmaranth: it's a serious point, if everyone's excellent we have no way to tell what your threshold is05:01
bddebianKamion, smurfix: Well they haven't gotten to me yet ;-)05:01
siretartmako: revu is currently quite a hack, we are working on a clean rewrite05:01
Amaranthaye, they usually only apply because they're good very good things and someone tells them to05:01
ograKamion, more excellent indeed ;)05:01
makosiretart: if you want help with a baz or baz-ng archive.. it might be fun to learn05:01
MezKamion, isn';t excellency good enough for you ?05:01
\shmako: i will give them a lesson ,-)05:01
ograKamion, there is always space to improve :)05:01
Kamionno, I pay a lot more attention to "foo has done x and y and z" than to "foo is great"05:01
Seveasgood call05:02
siretartmako: this is definitly an option, and I will investigate it. unfortunatly, both me and sistpoty will be very busy with university stuff the next approx. 3 weeks :(05:02
AmaranthKamion: That's what I mean. Usually people don't apply unless they've been doing good things and someone tells them.05:02
makolets move on05:02
=== jsgotangco loves the icons
=== ozamosi [~ozamosi@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Kamionsistpoty: (anyway, sorry, this isn't aimed at you, just a long-standing gripe with the membership process)05:02
\shsiretart: I will create a baz archive from svn..:) 05:02
smurfixmako: getting this meeting back on topic seems like an uphill battle today...05:02
=== mako nods to Kamion
Amaranthjsgotangco: GTK stock :)05:02
siretart\sh: thanks!05:02
slomomako: here i am :)05:02
makohey there slomo 05:02
siretartsistpoty: welcome to ubuntu! :)05:03
KamionAmaranth: but different people have different ideas of what good is, depending on their experience, so we need to filter it somehow05:03
Seveasslomo, the 3-line intro please :)05:03
ograyay, sistpoty welcome :)05:03
slomowhat i did: backports, fixes for some universe and main packages. currently working on UniverseUnmetDeps05:03
slomowhat i plan: becoming a maintainer/motu, work in the backports and MOTUMedia teams and help the MOTU whereever possible. also searching for some new areas where i can be useful05:03
slomoideas and visions: help ubuntu to become the best desktop platform ;)05:03
makoslomo: SO PREPARED05:03
=== mako hugs slomo
Amaranthslomo did all the translation infrastructure for smeg for me05:03
kbrooksslomo: ++05:03
jsgotangcoits soo scripted i love it05:03
Mezlol @ mako - I was prepared too - but I never got to use my script before i got said yes to05:03
Amaranthhe went from not knowing what gettext was to a full system that's mostly automated in a week and sent a patch :)05:04
=== hno73 [~henrik@henrik.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Mezslomo's been doing LOTS of good work on backports aswell - near enough all of the PPC stuff (if not all of it)05:04
ograslomo helped a lot in the MOTU world recently, +1 from here05:04
bddebianslomo has helped me a great deal with packaging questions, etc on #motu05:04
Mez+1 from me for backports05:04
makowhat was this translations infrastructure you were creating? we also have rosetta :)05:04
Kamionslomo: what's your perception of how media handling's coming along (in Ubuntu and more generally)?05:04
\sh+1 as well...he's doing quite a lot...and what I saw great work05:05
KamionI know it's not something I generally find myself working with - the installer doesn't have much need of it ...05:05
Amaranthmako: I meant making pot files and mo files and making all strings go through _() and etc05:05
siretartslomo also prepared a lot of patches to packages in UniverseUnmetDependencies, I already uploaded 3 of them. great work!05:05
slomoKamion: i think media handling comes good along in the linux world in the last few years05:05
tsengI've worked with slomo on a few packages, quick learner, nice work05:06
Mezslomo has done approx 20% of all backports submissions05:06
Mezso +1 for me05:06
AmaranthKamion: btw, i have a feeling we've eventually start leveling out once we have enough members to generally handle MOTU things05:06
=== Mez will brb
Amarantherr, we'll05:07
Kamionslomo: any particular goals for the future on that front?05:07
slomoKamion: yes... i plan the inclusion of mplayer and transcode as far as it's legally ok for example05:08
Amaranthwe have mplayer05:08
Kamionwe have those in multiverse; better maintenance would be good, though05:08
=== mako nods.. i've seem some problems
Kamionor at least somebody who generally feels responsible for them05:09
siretartyes, slomo and I are forming a MOTUMedia team for that05:09
=== ozamosi [~ozamosi@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
siretarti.e. giving love to multimedia related packages in multiverse and universe05:09
slomoKamion: they are... ok i overlooked them... but then i'll try the improve these packages ;) and there are currently some packages missing to allow playing of some obscure media formats as monkey's audio for example05:10
=== slomo thought mplayer/transcode only were in backports currently
makoslomo: alright..05:10
Amaranthslomo: and gstreamer plugins :)05:10
Nafalloslomo: true for transcode05:10
ograslomo, everything thats legally possible is fine :)05:10
tsengslomo: do you want to take my gst-plugins-multiverse? :P05:11
slomotseng: sure, when you want to give it away? :)05:11
tsengill talk to you later.05:11
Amaranthok, so...05:11
ograslomo, its already quite good prepared :)05:11
jsgotangcoas long as theres no dodgy formats :)05:11
makook.. i'd like to see some more before i settled on upload rights.. but i'm happy with apporving membership05:12
Amaranth+1 from me, slomo learns quick and has helped out a lot05:12
makoKamion, elmo:?05:12
ogramako, ??05:12
ogramako, i would approve upload rights already :)05:12
makoogra: you've clearly seen more than i :)05:12
ogra(if this were the right meeting)05:13
slomojsgotangco: dodgy as in legally suspect?05:13
tsengogra: id be happy to do that at the next TB05:13
Amaranthslomo: yeah, like w32codecs :P05:13
jsgotangcoslomo: aye we're debating on that issue with docteam05:13
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@f213190.upc-f.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
\shguys...membership for slomo: + or -?05:13
Kamionmako: fine by me05:13
Mez+1 for slomo05:13
Kamion\sh: relax05:13
\shactually...45 mins left..for me05:13
bddebianslomo++ again :-)05:13
Mez(back btw)05:13
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@f213190.upc-f.chello.nl] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Ik]
jsgotangco+1 great work05:14
\sh+1 from me05:14
mdkenice work slomo 05:14
slomoAmaranth: yes, w32codecs would be a timebomb ;) i won't touch it05:14
Kamionelmo: 2 out of 4 votes so far ...05:15
makoalright.. we'll wait for elmo05:15
Mezprefect timing as always elmo :D05:16
Mezperfect *05:16
makoelmo: we'll let you catch up..05:16
makois DankoAlexeyev around?05:16
kolcvki will call him05:16
kolcvkplz wait05:16
makolets move on.. we can come back05:16
ogramako, thats Virtuall05:16
makoChristian Bjlevik?05:16
Nafallohmm, to late to make popcorn now? ;-)05:16
ograNafallo, !05:17
Nafallohmm, that was the wrong paste ;-)05:17
Nafalloso far I've lurked around and helped out where I could. that includes a main upload for smartmontools yesterday (thanx ogra) and current lead for ubuntu swedish translators. I'll try to get my girlfriend to join the artwork team soonish, and she is already translating for us :-).05:17
NafalloI'm involved in ubuntu security and tries to find bugs to squash now and then. this weekend we'll visit Mithrandir to get our keys signed and hang out :-). any questions?05:17
tsengVirtuall: you are next.05:17
=== highvoltage [~Jono@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
SeveasVirtuall, wait please05:17
Virtualli see05:17
tsengNafallo is more like one of two guys on Universe Security05:18
tsengthey rock.05:18
mdkesecurity ++05:18
ograNafallo, is around since quite some time and already helped a lot in -motu05:18
jsgotangcoi'm surprised05:18
Nafallosince warty iirc :-)05:19
ograjsgotangco, =05:19
tsengjsgotangco: that he isnt already a member!05:19
makoNafallo: i've seen you around for some time and am familiar with your work05:19
jsgotangcotseng: aye05:19
makoyour wiki page isn't quite as developed in terms of documenting your contributions to ubuntu in any depth05:19
ograyes, its somewhat late05:19
Kamionhuh, I thought Nafallo was already a member05:19
=== siretart is actually surprised that Nafallo is not a member yet, he is always so helpfull and responsive in #motu, so +1 from me!
=== doko [~doko___@dsl-084-059-078-077.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
makobut since i am alaready faimilar with the work, i'm happy to approve you05:19
Kamion(thus I'm happy to vote for him as such)05:19
ograKamion, make him one, quick :)05:19
makoKamion: that was my reaction as well05:19
Nafallomako: quickly made that one up yesterday night ;-)05:19
makoelmo: ?05:19
NafalloKamion: heh, surprise ;-)05:19
Amaranthi thought so too05:19
jsgotangcothis is a no-brainer for sure05:20
Amaranthhe has been around longer than me and i've been fanboying these meetings since 2 weeks after warty released :)05:20
ograwelcome Nafallo then :)05:20
Nafallothanx guys! :-)05:20
Amaranthcongrats Nafallo 05:20
ografinally you can go for MOTU :)05:20
Nafallothat was a quick one :-)05:20
makoVirtuall: we've already talked to you in some depth05:20
siretartNafallo: welcome to ubuntu! :)05:20
comadreja7ws 705:20
Mezmako, cna I shove the backports down the agenda slightly - I've just got to pop do somehting05:21
Nafallosiretart: I'll send you a REVU-mail soon :-)05:21
\shNafallo: welcome on board ,-)05:21
makoMez: sure05:21
siretartcomadreja: dont paste your passwords in irc ;)05:21
Mezcool, I'll poke you when I'm back mako05:21
Mezshouldnt be more than a few mins05:21
comadrejait was /w(indow)s(wap) 705:21
Nafallothanx again all :-)05:21
makoVirtuall: my general feeling is that unless there is a body of work and contributions not documented on your page, i'd suggest postponing this for a meeting or two until you can get your team off the ground and such05:21
makoVirtuall: i am sure you will be an important contributor to ubuntu.. but membership recognizes a history of substantial and sustained contributions05:22
ograyes, we need some visual contribution... even a small one will do...05:22
makoogra: well, a small one might not05:22
ogradepends :)05:23
=== echylo [~echylo@239-187.245.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
robitailleunless it's a very good small one05:23
Virtuallthe hardest is to find what to contribute :(05:23
jsgotangco1kb worth of contrib? :)05:23
bddebianVirtuall: Amen :-)05:23
AmaranthVirtuall: Once you get your team going and get some translations or something I'm sure it won't be a problem getting you accepted.05:23
smurfixVirtuall: Progress on your support / loco / translation plans will do nicely05:23
makoVirtuall: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate05:23
makostart there05:23
makothat is a very long page with ideas to get started with05:23
Virtualltranslation :) already started05:23
mdke++ good page05:24
AmaranthIf the next meeting is after july 30th you should have something big to talk about. :)05:24
makomdke: i made that one ;)05:24
makoVirtuall: start some of your projects.. your ideas sounds great05:24
makoVirtuall: then come back in a few weeks or months and tell us about them05:25
makoVirtuall: :)05:25
makoVirtuall: sound fair?05:25
SeveasNext up: backports team05:25
SeveasNext up: my call (Freenode Reg.)05:25
bddebianHey :'-(05:25
ogramako, wrt postponing the backports, do we cann the other membership guys05:25
makofreenode reg05:25
Mezam back05:26
AmaranthMez: You're next.05:26
MezI guessed :D05:26
SeveasI have documented it on the wiki, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreenodeRegistrationSpec05:26
AmaranthI've had some discussions with alindeman about group registration for another project.05:26
makook.. an official backports team.. Mez talk make.. i'll read up on the spec05:27
AmaranthBut it looks like the wiki basically covers it.05:27
Mezok, put simply, I've been told that we need to form an official team, Curerntly ou team consists of myself, john Dong, Slomo and Mike Basinger.05:27
=== kolcvk translating ....
AmaranthWhoever the group contact is is intially going to have a lot of work if we want to get cloaks and such setup, after that they're more or less just a communications channel.05:28
MezThe team should be the people that are allowed to poke elmo into actualyl starting the backports process05:28
Amaranthoh, are we coming back to backports?05:28
\shAmaranth: first backports now, then freenode05:28
Mezso far, both myself and John are allowed to (and I've poked elmo, but still to recieve a response) 05:29
KamionSeveas: I'm not sure about the developer/staff distinction in the spec - not speaking for everyone at Canonical, but I think many of us would prefer not to emphasise that distinction05:29
makoAmaranth: please, one at a time05:29
Mezbut this is just the final formalities of allowing others to poke elmo (as far as I'm aware)05:29
SeveasMez, will backports repositories move to *.ubuntu.com ?05:29
ograMez, so jdong is responsive again ?05:29
KamionSeveas: they'll be on archive.ubuntu.com05:29
makoSeveas: yes, eventually05:29
MezJohns' unavailable at the moment due to classes, so he couldnt be here05:29
tsengim also worried about jdongs participation in ubuntu proper.05:29
elmomez: I've been at debconf, I'll deal with it later this evening05:29
tsengwe see much more of Mez05:30
Mezelmo: as I thought05:30
ograi could shed some light on the technical side if someone is interested05:30
mdkei have a couple of questions on backports. 1. will hoary-extras be in the archive.ubuntu.com repository? also 2. is there any plans to integrate with bug reporting facilities, e.g. malone?05:30
ograat least how mdz wants it to be...05:30
\shI have also some objections with jdong...I don't see him around, would like to have more integration with -motu and also in -devel05:30
makomdz, elmo, myself, and sabdfl had busy weeks at debconf05:30
AmaranthI thought jdong was working on ltsp for edubuntu.05:30
tsengalso can MOTUs trigger backports05:30
makomdke: lets not have an indepth conversation on specifics now05:30
ograAmaranth, huh ??05:30
jsgotangcoi don't see why not05:30
smurfixogra: that information might make sense as a wiki page05:30
seth_kcurrently backports has some shady stuff like w32codecs, how will that be handled?05:30
Kamionmdke: what's in hoary-extras?05:31
=== jsgotangco believes Universe can be a backport by itself being community driven
tsengseth_k: ignore what is there now.05:31
ograseth_k, it wont05:31
Amaranthseth_k: That's hoary-extras, that's going to stay seperate.05:31
Mezno shady stuff will be in backports official05:31
seth_kright, thanks05:31
Amaranthseth_k: If it continues at all.05:31
mdkemako, we have some legal issues which are a problem for the docteam right now. The only place we can think of getting guidance is here05:31
mdkeMez, that's all I need to know, thanks :)05:31
ograthe backports will only be triggered by the backports team, the will build automatically from the next versions packages05:31
SeveasMez, what are your plans for hoary-extras?05:31
Mezso far, the only things we are allowed to backport are the things that are in breezy05:31
makomdke: right, buts lets stick to an agneda and do it in order or we're screwed05:31
SeveasMez, because I need freenx from it :)05:31
ograif there are changes to packages, you need a maintainer to make them05:32
mdkemako, agreed, apologies05:32
Amaranthah, that's what it was05:32
makoplease people05:32
MezSeveas, I personally have no plans for it, but I beleive Johns keeping on with the project05:32
makowe're talking aout creating an official ubuntu backports team05:32
makono we all agreed we wanted to do this a few weeks ago05:32
Amaranthok, does anyone not understand what the role of the team will be?05:32
mdkewell if the archive is official, the team should be official too, so +1 from me05:32
tsengmako: so what is the question05:32
kbrooksQuestion: Why create an official ubuntu backports team?05:33
Mezfor anyone who's interested in the technical side, talk to me after: or read http://www.sourceguru.net/stuff/10/chat-with-mdz-log05:33
\shactually the team needs a SPOC05:33
makoso, it sounds like some poeple are basically saying that the backports team hasn't integrated completely into the rest of the project05:33
Mez\sh - SPOC?05:33
jsgotangcowhy can't backports be part of Universe then?05:33
kbrooksIsn't backports already official?05:33
tsengmako: hm05:33
\shSingle Point Of Contact (taking over Ogras Part)05:33
ograMez, single point of contact05:33
Amaranthjsgotangco: you sound like ogra :)05:33
tsengmako: john dong has not integrated. mez and slomo have. it sounds like there could be a legitimate time issue atm for john05:33
Amaranthjsgotangco: That's the end goal.05:33
ograjsgotangco, because its a different project05:33
Mezogra: I would assume that, as people have problems with john at the moment, then the SPOC would be me05:34
\shand for my person, I would like to see someone who is catchable05:34
ograjsgotangco, but since they need MOTU for fixing the packages, they will work tight with us i guess05:34
makojsgotangco: we've had this conversation before.. inot possible right now05:34
Amaranthslomo or Mez, they are both on a lot more than jdong has been05:34
mdkethe team should use the -devel list and malone IMO. a single point of contact sounds good05:34
Seveasmez is catchable05:34
MezAmaranth, I'm the more clued in of both of us05:34
Seveashe is in #ubuntu-nun too often :)05:34
mdke [16:18]  < tseng> Nafallo is more like one of two guys on Universe Security05:34
makosounds other people seemed to raise concern with the quality or the nature of the software being distrbitued05:34
makolike, w32codecs, for example05:34
Seveasmdke, fix your laptop :)05:35
Kamionkbrooks: backports only became vaguely official a few weeks back, and this is part of the process.05:35
Amaranthmdke: don't touch the mouse! :P05:35
\shand Mez is one of the good guys, slomo as well...05:35
mdkesorry again05:35
Mezmako: the point is we're only backporting stuff officially that is in breezy05:35
Mezmako: so if you have issues with quality, poke the devs and MOTU05:35
makoMez: so you don't have w32codecs?05:35
mdkei'm reassured by that statement05:35
Mezmako: w32codecs = in haory-extras05:35
ogramako, the other point is that we dont get pbackporte kernel or libc packages05:35
Seveas...or backport libgcc05:36
Mezand even if it is in backports - then when things are built officially, it wont be able to05:36
makoMez: i think that's splitting hairs05:36
Seveaswhich is there now05:36
mdkeso hoary-extras continues?05:36
\shhmm?? i'm confused...this is governance stuff, right?05:36
ogra\sh, yep05:36
MezSeveas: hopefully the new build system and moving everything official will get rid of that05:36
Mezmdke: Thats' up to jdong, it wont continue officially05:36
AmaranthWhat exactly are we supposed to be discussing here? The structure of the team?05:36
Mez\sh it's meant to be05:36
makoMez: i'm afraid of our group making "official" a repository and a group that is doing things that we all realize are legally dangerous05:37
ograAmaranth, themembers ? the SPOC ?05:37
makoAmaranth: no, the creation of the team right now05:37
\shMez: yes..and I'm afraid that we're talking technical things now05:37
mdkeMez, ok some communication with him would be good then. Otherwise you'll end up "forking" the backports team :/05:37
Mezmako: it's not possibel for the official stuff to make anything dangerous, currently we dont have direct upload, and it's not planned AFAIK05:37
bddebianafk, back in 505:37
\shwell...I think, if it's CCs issue to discuss the creation of the backports team, we should be 05:38
makoMez: what not clear to me is what is official and what is not05:38
Amaranthjdong is leader, Mez is contact05:38
mako\sh: we are05:38
Mezmako: official = on archive.ubuntu.com05:38
\shaware, that a SPOC or team lead which is not there, is a nono...mez and/or slomo are here and are integrating05:38
Mezeverything else != official05:38
makoMez: if that's your definition of official, then there is no need for an official team until you move there05:38
Amaranth\sh: jdong is up for member status05:38
makoMez: if it's produced by the official team, it's official05:38
SeveasAmaranth, he is one already05:38
Amaranth\sh: he is just overloaded with school atm05:38
tsengwe arent speaking about a leader afaict, concerns have been laid out05:39
makoMez: unless they are clearly acting in another capacity05:39
tsengteam +105:39
AmaranthSeveas: not according to the agenda05:39
makowe all agree that there should be a team05:39
MezJohn=  a member05:39
slomoafaik jdong planned to continue hoary-extras as before unconnected to the "normal" backports so there will be no implications imho05:39
Amaranth+1 team05:39
\sh+1 team05:39
SeveasAmaranth, that's my mistake, forgot to take him of that list05:39
Seveas+1 for official backports team05:39
=== Mez is willing to be POC for the backprots team as some people have issues with John
tsengok then, im back to being confused what we are discussing05:40
=== ogra_ [~ogra@p5089DE4A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
makowe have already agreed to create an official backports repository, an official team, etc etc05:40
AmaranthWhat exactly are we supposed to be talking about then?05:40
makoi guess they are looking for formal team recognition right now05:40
=== siretart also has lost the point.
=== cHris^work [~muhh@p548AE588.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Seveasmako, ok, so what is the point in this discussion then...?05:40
=== cHris^work [~muhh@p548AE588.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
makobut, as far as i can tell, there has been no movement into actually making any of the work use the official infrastructure05:40
Mezthe reason this was added was because of mdz's email05:40
MezThe formation of an official backports team should be discussed at the next05:40
MezCC meeting, but in the interest of getting the project going (and testing05:40
Mezthe infrastructure further), but in the meantime, please honor requests05:40
Mezwhich come from john.dong@gmail.com or martin@sourcefrog.net.05:40
=== Kamion gives up on the totally random voting in this meeting
ogra_Seveas, we need a spoc05:41
jsgotangcomartin pool?05:41
ogra_jsgotangco, Mez05:41
Mezmako: we're just waiting on elmo to start building stuff ... before we become official05:41
makoKamion: most of the votes don't matter, i just ignore them05:41
ogra_Mez, you have to trigger elmo for that as i understood it05:41
Kamionmako: I know, but they make scrollback difficult to follow; I'm doing other things at the same time as this meeting05:41
Mezthe point of this is to form a team, and accept people on to that team to give them permission to start the process by contacting elmo05:41
makoso i haven't thought about this too much but here is my position:05:42
makowe've already committed to create a team so i don't think we need another vote now05:42
Mezmako: this is meant to be approving the initial members of the team05:42
makothe official internal team exists when the work is being done internally05:42
ogra_mako, wh leads the team ? 05:42
ogra_mako, to whom do i talk about backports ?05:43
Mezand defining the SPOC05:43
ogra_Amaranth, did we make that official now ?05:43
AmaranthI think that's what we're supposed to be doing right now...05:43
Mezthat's what needs to be decided.05:43
MezSo, for now, we need to agree that the initial team will be myself, slomo, john dong and mike basinger (the people who currently work on backports) and also decide that someone be the SPOC05:44
makoi'm worried about putting you guys on the website when the "official work" and the "unofficial work" is confused05:44
makoMez: teams can decide their own make-up05:44
=== mdke nods
Mezmako: I was referred her by mdz to decide all of this05:44
Mezelmo should have the email regarding it05:44
=== mako sighs loudly
makoMez: like i said.. you guys have a team for weeks05:45
mdkethis obsession with launchpad teams is odd: teams are made up by the people doing the work, full stop05:45
=== mako nods to mdke
Amaranthteams decide their own makeup and leader, i'm not sure what's going on here05:45
SeveasSo if there is nothing to decide/do here, can we move on..?05:45
jsgotangcoi agree05:45
makoSeveas: probably.. lets see05:45
slomomako: what do you mean by confusing official and unofficial work?05:45
ogra_slomo, if hoary-extras stays we have two teams05:46
Mezmako I'm confused by this as much as anyone else :P05:46
makook, please move forward integrating your work into the archive05:46
=== sivang [~sivang@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
makowork with mdz05:46
sivanghi all05:46
makoif there is a specific issue that mdz had, it was never communicated to me05:47
AmaranthIt's going to anger users but I think the point is if you're going to be an official team you really shouldn't be working on hoary-extras.05:47
Mezmako, one sec, lemme point you to the reason this came out05:47
Kamionslomo: official => hoary-backports, unofficial => hoary-extras; the latter has legal problems; many of the same people are doing both and they often get promoted together, so we need to be very clear that they are distinct.05:47
makoKamion: yes.. 05:47
makoand that's *not* the case right now05:47
mdkeit will become clearer once the official backports repo is up05:47
Amaranthnope, people think they get w32codecs from 'backports'05:47
Mezclick on the "expand quoted text"05:48
makoif you want us to say "we aggree that backports are official" i'm going to hold off on this until the official repository is created and this distinction is clear to users05:48
makoif you want my advice, you're smart to stay away from tat stuff yourself05:48
Mezmako: afaik this is just to confirm who'#s allowed to ask elmo to start somethign being backported05:48
Mez(which IMO should go through Tech Board)05:48
AmaranthYeah, you don't need Real, Microsoft, Apple, and etc all coming after you.05:49
ogra_but was pointed to here by mdz05:49
slomomako: i for one haven't touched the critical stuff myself ;) my only upload to extras was a clean package by myself which currently waits for inclusion in universe05:49
Mezyeah, I was pointed here by mdz05:49
makoalright.. 05:49
AmaranthAnd we don't want them coming after you being associated with 'Ubuntu Backports'. :)05:49
makohave john dong talk to mdz to figure out what the problem is05:50
makoMez: in the future, please try to have a better idea of exactly what the proposal is05:50
makothis has been rather frusterating05:50
Seveasmoving on..?05:50
Mezmako: apologies, I was just working on what was said in the email05:50
ogra_mako, even if jdong is the only baclkporter that doesnt work with official people ?05:50
AmaranthSeveas: please05:50
makoogra_: well. lets change that and at least get him to delegate05:50
Amaranthhe is the founder of the project05:51
ogra_mako, i'd love to, but he doesnt show up on any official channel05:51
Amaranthanything else would be 'forking' the project05:51
Amaranthogra_: he is busy with school05:51
makowell, there are a bunch of folks here.. they can get the message to him05:51
mdkeogra_, you can just get the dialogue going on the forums and bring him in here05:51
ogra_Amaranth, yes, but the tech structure is that he needs to work very tight with the maintainers05:52
jsgotangcoeven an email would get across :(05:52
ogra_i dont see that happen05:52
jsgotangcothat is sad05:52
makoif dong is the wr3ong contact, have him delegate to someone else05:52
\shmdke: so whats the problem? if he's reading the forums..5 mins on irc would be enough..I think we have all a life and are bound to some other things..05:52
makothis isn't too hard here05:52
MezI think this should be througn TB if anything,05:52
makolets move on05:52
SeveasNext up: my call (Freenode Registration). I have documented it on the wiki, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreenodeRegistrationSpec and am volunteering to do the work it involves. The matter to decide here is whether we want this or not. If it's decided to do this, we need to know cloak titles too.05:53
makowe've spent *way* too much time on this already05:53
mdke\sh, i agree, i think this problem can get solved by communication. Anyway, next item05:53
=== |rockinnerd| [~chris@ppp-69-214-138-203.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
SeveasAnd if we can finish quickly, i'd be happy, because I kinda have to go soon :)05:53
jsgotangcoi like this05:53
jsgotangcocloaking would be a good bonus too05:54
AmaranthSeveas: This is a good idea. If nothing else it's another perk for joining.05:54
SeveasKamion already expresses his opinion that staff/developers distinction might be bad, so you can skip that part of the spec05:54
=== siretart has to leave now, sorry folks!
makoi agree with kamion05:55
makomy feeling is that we should have ubuntite and member05:55
makoand that's it05:55
Seveasmako, ack05:55
sivangmako: I'm not listed as an ubuntu member in launchpad, do I Have to go another approval before ? 05:55
Nafallobye siretart 05:55
\shcu siretart 05:55
slomoby siretart05:55
makosivang: no05:55
Seveassivang, no just poke mako after the meeting 05:55
sivangSeveas: k, cool :-)05:55
Seveasmako, no developer?05:55
mdkesivang, most of us are not approved in that group, don't worry05:55
bddebianBye siretart05:55
makoSeveas: no05:56
Amaranthall developers are members anyway05:56
mdkei like ubuntite and member too, too many labels are bad05:56
sistpotycya siretart 05:56
makoi don't want to create a hierarchy where technical contributions are seen as more valid05:56
makoor more valuable05:56
Seveasgood point05:56
\shi think we should accomplish the view of ubuntu just like it is..there is no difference between members/devs/staff in a public point of view05:56
mdkemako, ++ :)05:56
makoa good translator is just an important a contributor as an uploader05:56
mdkethat is the Ubuntu spirit05:56
kinjoomako: feel free to skip my agenda item (marketing efforts). I have to go soon. Next meeting will be fine!05:56
makoso ubuntite and member05:56
kinjooSO all you guys can go home, too.05:56
AmaranthSeveas: You realize you're going to have a fair bit of work at first, right?05:57
makokinjoo: cool.. thanks for hanging out this long05:57
=== REBELinBLUE [~Stephen@] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Leaving"]
Seveasok, so does the CC want this, and if so, is it ok if I do the work in the beginning?05:57
=== mako is happy with the proposal with that addendum
comadrejawhat about the other items in the agenda ?05:57
SeveasAmaranth, yes05:57
jsgotangcotoo bad i wanted the marketing stuff...05:57
makoplease go ahead Seveas 05:57
makoKamion, elmo ?05:57
AmaranthSeveas: Be aware that you'll probably be waiting 4+ months on this.05:57
ogra_Seveas, just dont miss any channels ;)05:57
elmoI'm not thrilled by use of anything.ubuntu masks05:57
elmoas the behaviour of anyone using those masks _in any channel_ then reflects on us05:58
elmobut *shrug*05:58
ogra_elmo, i think sabdfl agreed to lilo about it last TB ...05:58
kbrookselmo: I agree.05:58
Mezactually, it was last CC05:58
sivangelmo: true05:58
ogra_err, yes, CC05:58
mdkeinteresting point05:58
Seveaselmo, I tend to agree, but members have to sign the CoC05:58
Seveasand members are the Good Guys (imo) :)05:58
elmoSeveas: that relates to Ubuntu, not #random05:58
Mezgood point Seveas, as do ubuntites05:58
sivangSeveas: that doesn't mean they cannot go wild once they signed it05:58
kbrooksSeveas: what if members don't follow the COC?05:59
\shSeveas: it has something to do with: putting someone with *ubuntu mask on a horse...05:59
mdkeit happens...05:59
Seveassivang, ack, but membership and cloaks can be revoked05:59
sivangSeveas: sure05:59
kbrookssivang: sure, but....05:59
Seveasit happens with and without cloaks, I don't see too much difference05:59
Amaranthhow would you know?05:59
kbrookshaving to do that reflects badly on us05:59
makoi don't particularly see the value05:59
KamionSeveas: I think that'd in practice be fairly difficult to do given the rather ephemeral nature of IRC arguments05:59
ogra_guys, i think we already discussed pro/contra cloaking....05:59
smurfixit's a potential trade-off but I still think we should do it.06:00
KamionSeveas: and people wouldn't bother to report it to us, they'd just think "oh, those Ubuntu guys are arseholes"06:00
AmaranthIf someone is in ##php with a user.ubuntu hostmask and is being a prat how are you going to find out?06:00
sivangKamion: exactly06:00
\shgentlemen...i have to leave...sorry..06:00
makoi have no intention to get a cloak.. but i understand others want it06:00
=== ed1t [~ubuntu@shunat236-253.shu.edu] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
\shogra has my voice and vote06:00
sivanglater \sh 06:00
ogra_mako, freenode wants it06:00
Amaranthbye \sh 06:00
bddebianBye \sh06:00
kbrooksAmaranth: yeah06:00
Amaranthfreenode wants a group contact06:00
jsgotangcoi dont have much useof it on my side either but if its offered, let's grab it06:00
Amaranththere is a difference06:00
ogra_mako, as discussed to an extet last meeting06:00
SeveasIf *.ubuntu causes problems this will get reported to freenode staff usually and they have the group contact to talk to06:01
mdkewill it become a status symbol?06:01
SeveasAnd quite frankly I think you are looking at it too optimistic06:02
jsgotangcomdke: it might06:02
smurfixogra_: what freenode wants should be of somewhat secondary importance06:02
Seveaspessimistic I mean06:02
makomdke: it becomes an additional perk of membership06:02
Nafallomdke: not more than @ubuntu.com 06:02
ogra_smurfix, but whatwe agreed about doesnt need to get discussed again06:02
SeveasNafallo, agreed06:02
smurfixogra_: agreed06:02
mdkeNafallo, agreed, they might both become status symbols06:02
Kamionmako: I don't think I'd want anyone as a member who was joining just for the cloak06:02
MezNafallo, but @ubuntu.com isnt in place yet :P06:02
NafalloMez: it will be... some day :-)06:02
ogra_Nafallo, that depends on launchpad...06:03
mdkeKamion, i think that might be a danger06:03
MezI think that having the cloak (and email) is a good way of promoting ubuntu :d06:03
SeveasKamion, /me neither and that doesn't happen too: there have to be contributions before applying06:03
sivangKamion: but members have to proove themselves before being approved as ones06:03
Nafalloogra_: yea, I know :-)06:03
makoKamion: if they were making major contributions in order to get and maintain it, i don't think it bothers me too much :)06:03
Kamionthey just have to get enough people to cheerlead for them </cynical>06:03
=== sivang wishes the emails were already available
Seveaslol :)06:03
bddebianKamion: :-)06:03
Kamionsorry, bitter ;-)06:03
ogra_Kamion, should we rework this process ?06:04
MezKamion: we'd cheerlead for you - but there's nothing to cheerlead you for :d (until they decide to change who's on CC)06:04
sivangKamion: I didn't get no one cheerleading for me :-)06:04
makoogra_: quite possible.. althougght later06:04
=== bddebian cheers for sivang
KamionMez: please don't. :-)06:04
sivangthanks bddebian :-)06:04
=== mako is happy to approve Seveas's proposal for members and members onnly
makoKamion, elmo: y/n/notnow06:04
Mezmako +106:04
ogra_ogra too06:04
Seveasmako, so not ubuntites even06:04
=== Seveas +1's on that
makoSeveas: not at first.. 06:05
jsgotangcoerrmm point of order?06:05
MezI dont think ubuntites should have, cause theyn they'll be using it as a status symbol :d06:05
Mezbut members have to prove themselves first06:05
AmaranthI know of a couple people who are great help in #ubuntu but not members but that can be fixed from this end.06:05
makoplease people06:05
SeveasKamion, elmo, approval/disapproval?06:05
kolcvki've started the translation of gstreamer but it says that i'm not an official translator ..06:05
makowe are 2 hours into this.06:05
AmaranthI was just saying I don't think ubuntites is a good idea06:05
elmoSeveas: dude, with all due respect, AWTY-ing is not overly useful06:05
mdkekolcvk, this is not the right channel06:06
Seveaselmo, hm?06:06
Amaranthok, is this decided?06:06
jsgotangco(yeah i have work in 5 hours)06:06
elmoSeveas: mako already asked us06:06
elmoSeveas: you asking 2 minutes later isn't helpful06:06
ogra_kolcvk, #launchpad06:06
Seveashmm, sorry, missed that :(06:06
KamionSeveas: the sheer painful duration of CC meetings means we have to be doing other things at the same time06:06
=== bddebian hands Kamion a sedative ;-)
elmoIMO, the registration part is fine and we should do it - I'm still not convinced by the cloaking stuff - I don't see any real advantages, and real potential problems - but I'm willing to be overrules on that06:07
comadrejathere should be more and shorter meetings06:07
=== ed1t pokes bddebian
Kamionmako: I'm reasonably OK with it for just members (I have concerns, but I guess we can revisit them if they become real problems); I agree that we shouldn't be just handing out cloaks to anyone who self-identifies as an Ubuntite06:07
Kamionmako: registration seems obviously reasonable06:07
makoKamion: agreed06:08
jsgotangco+1 on registration, details on that will come later06:08
Mezelmo: but the same potential problems would be with ahving @ubuntu.com email addresses - and that's already agreed upon (once the structure is in place)06:08
Seveasok, I'll start up the process then, thank you for your patience06:08
makoSeveas: go ahead with registration and a luke-warm support for cloaks for members06:08
mdkethanks for your work Seveas 06:08
makook.. 06:08
KamionI think people are more likely to be arseholes on IRC than in e-mail in practice ...06:08
Kamionbut we'll see how it goes06:08
AmaranthIt doesn't matter if we don't decide on cloaks right now, getting the group registration done will take a _long_ time.06:08
=== kinjoo [~kinjoo@83-169-172-144-dynip.superkabel.de] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Verlassend"]
makoSeveas: yes.. thanks for your help06:09
makoso.. 06:09
elmomez: people are far less likely to abuse email IME, and when they do, it's far less of an ephemeral thing to deal with06:09
makokinjoo deferred06:09
=== Virtuall [~virtuall@] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
jsgotangcopoor kinjoo06:09
tritiumSeveas, let me know if I can help with any of that.06:09
jsgotangcolet's put him on top of agenda next cc meeting06:09
ogra_mako, member candidates that needed to show up again ?06:09
comadrejathe text ?06:10
ogra_comadreja, tell us about you 06:10
makoJorge Daza06:10
comadrejait's hard to explain in three lines...06:10
sivanghow often CC meetings are held these days?06:10
comadrejaSolving bugs, packaging, helping somehow. Hard  to say without the wiki. I'm planning to do more06:10
comadrejadeveloping, I'm very interested on that as I'm a developer myselft. I'm willing (I enjoy) to keep on using my06:10
comadrejaspare time on that. I see Ubuntu, as the best distribution at the moment, and I'd like to make it even better.06:10
mdkesivang, every 2 weeks06:11
comadrejathanks for giving me a minute, btw06:11
=== mako looks at the wiki page
ogra_comadreja is around in -motu regulary and recently brought us the new kismet package :)06:11
ogra_he also solved a bunch of bugs and packaged/fixed packages already06:12
ogra_so this is a +1 here from my side06:12
comadrejaI'm registered also in launchpad06:12
comadrejaI signed the CoC06:12
comadrejaI'm a member of the ubuntu gnome team...06:13
ogra_MOTUness will depend on him convincing his wife to ubuntu :)06:13
comadrejadon't know, been quite busy with ubuntu lately06:13
ogra_but membership is fine with me :)06:13
comadrejaCan't be she uses yahoo messenger's voice thingy06:13
=== doko_ [~doko___@dsl-084-059-082-233.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
comadrejaWine refuses to run it06:14
makoalright.. these contributions seems quite good06:14
ogra_comadreja, also the new wine pckages we have now ?06:14
makoi'm happy approving comadreja for membership06:14
comadrejahaven't tested the new ones06:14
makoelmo, Kamion: ?06:15
comadrejano so much cheerleading this time :)06:15
=== ogra_ cheers for comadreja
comadrejapeople must be tired :D after all this time06:15
seth_kI've noticed comadreja in -motu a lot; he is always very helpful and knowledgable06:16
=== sivang cheers comadreja
ogra_comadreja, nope, they are just to impressed by your wikipage to speak ;)06:16
=== Kamion locates the wiki page; ack
mdkenice work comadreja, welcome06:16
ogra_welcom comadreja then :)06:16
comadrejathey haven't voted yet, have they ?06:16
ogra_comadreja, they have aked06:17
comadrejaoh, cool06:17
comadrejathanks !06:17
bddebiancomadreja is who?06:17
bddebianAh, thx06:17
ogra_next !06:17
ogra_mako ?06:17
comadrejareally thanks ! :)06:18
Amaranthso...is the next thing figuring out when the next meeting is?06:18
slomocomadreja: hehe, i've overseen elmo's vote for me at first, too ;) btw... welcome :)06:18
smurfixslomo: overlooked ;-)06:18
ogra_mako, bddebian ?06:18
bddebianogra_: Aye?06:19
makobddebian ?06:19
slomosmurfix: thanks ;) *currently improving my english skills*06:19
makoone more person06:19
ogra_bddebian, do your introduction....06:19
bddebianAh.  BarrydeFreese.  And as with last time, I don't necessarily expect induction but here goes:06:19
bddebianWhat I've Done:  Joined NuN and began trying to help in #ubuntu.  Started working on UniverseUnmetDeps.  Updated python-pyrtf for tritium (on REVU). Correct ogra's English.  Still amuse ogra? :-)06:20
bddebianWhat I plan to do:  Like to eventually become MOTU.  Still want to produce an Ubuntu based GNU/Hurd.  Will most likely try to start a USPALoCo team.  Also want to get a PPC back up and going. Generally help out wherever I can.06:20
bddebianIdea and future:  If I make it to MOTU, I would like to get a better handle on packages brought into Universe and such.  For example many of the zope-* packages haven't had upstream updates in over 4 years and have very few downloads.  Is it worth spending the effort to fix or to even have it in the repos?06:20
bddebianOh yeah, and maybe make a better wiki for myself. ;-)06:20
ogra_+1 from me for teaching me grammar.... (and a bit for the packages he touched already)06:20
sivangbddebian: I can help with that, I already have one happy customer - tseng :-)06:21
bddebiansivang: Thx06:21
Mez+1 for IRC based support06:21
sivangbddebian +1 for me knowing him back then form debian, and being very helpful with all sorts of debian questions.06:21
Kamionbddebian: at some point I need to hook up with you/somebody and do Hurd installer hacking06:22
tritiumbddebian, has done a great job in updating packages for me in my absence06:22
Kamion(in today's "insane" category)06:22
ogra_Kamion, ubuntu hurd ? :)06:22
bddebianKamion: I'm game.  I wanna set up an FTP box and buildd but I am considering moving jobs so I have been holding off :-(06:22
makoKamion: is that a position?06:22
Amaranthogra_: Ubuntu GNU06:23
Kamionmako: hmm?06:23
makoKamion: is that an approval?06:23
ogra_Kamion, we're waiting for a ack or nack :)06:23
Kamionogra_: in all seriousness it's not remotely ready yet; I found that while hacking on installer stuff for it06:23
Kamionoh, yeah, ack bddebian06:23
ogra_Kamion, next year, for sure *g*06:24
makoelmo: bddebian ?06:24
bddebianOh man and I made a crack about Elmo's World.. :)06:24
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ogra_yay bddebian 06:25
mdkenice work bddebian 06:26
Amaranthbddebian: You're my official 'orga translator'.06:26
bddebianWow, thanks folks.06:26
bddebianAmaranth: :-)06:26
ogra_finally someone who cares about my grammar all the time06:26
Amaranther, ogra_ 06:26
=== Amaranth needs to sleep soon
sivangogra_: not that bad as I see it :-)06:26
bddebianNo, definetly not bad06:26
ogra_sivang, but sometimes i need correction :)06:26
makonext meeting is two weeks from today06:26
makoaugust 2nd06:27
=== sivang wants to express his joyfulness for attending a partial CC meeting
ogra_thanks mako 06:27
comadrejathanks all06:27
makoat say, UTC20?06:27
Kamionworks for me06:27
Nafallohehe. I hope I can get my girlfriend to be a member by then ;-)06:27
sivangmako: could be good06:27
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ogra_sounds good06:27
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makook.. sounds good06:27
comadrejamuch better06:27
Amaranthworks here06:27
makosee you all later06:27
mdkethanks mako06:27
=== mako hits the gavel
Nafalloworks for us :-)06:27
ogra_have a nice time in nl mako 06:27
=== |rockinnerd| wants to thank every1 for letting him stay thru part of the meeting
bddebianThanks again folks06:27
Amaranthmako: Can I PM you about my key?06:27
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Nafallothanx all :-)06:28
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naliothAmaranth: why not in channel? i have a key question, also06:28
Amaranthwell, basically, i still don't have it signed06:28
naliothAmaranth: and your key question may answer my key question06:28
=== seth_k too
slomothanks all :) btw, mako? is my signed CoC in launchpad ok for membership?06:29
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sivangmako: I just also would like to ask about my membership status in launchapd...that's all :-)06:29
Amaranthmako: You said there was an alternative method of getting my CoC signed?06:29
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naliothsivang: mako stated earlier that he is behind on housekeeping at launchpad06:30
sivangnalioth: ah ok06:30
naliothAmaranth: find a notary, with a copy of your passport/drivers license and key fingerprint06:30
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naliothAmaranth: you can send the notarized copy to me or make or whomever06:31
AmaranthI guess I'm not going to be a MOTU though. :/06:31
naliothAmaranth: it won't be "careful checking" but it will be signed06:31
Amaranthoh, you mean my gpg key06:32
=== Amaranth is half asleep
AmaranthS!2 signed or whatever?06:32
naliothAmaranth: whatever the level is (i dont know all!that fanciness06:32
seth_kyes, S!206:33
seth_knalioth, S! is "no answer" S!1 is no checking, S!2 is some checking, S!3 is careful checking06:33
naliothi take it S!1 is "careful checking"?06:33
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Amaranthand i'll be able to be in MOTU and all that with this?06:33
seth_knot with nalioth's !2 methinks06:33
=== mako is off to make dinner
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ogra_Amaranth, http://www.cs.uu.nl/people/henkp/henkp/pgp/pathfinder/mk_path.cgi?STAT=A2D06936&STATS=statistics06:34
seth_kI think you need 3 marginals or 1 careful06:34
ogra_Amaranth, if you can get *any* path to me your key is fine06:34
naliothAmaranth: so mail copies to bunches of people06:34
Amaranthogra_: I cannot get any path to anyone that's not S!2.06:34
Amaranthnalioth: ok06:34
ogra_nalioth, mailing doesnt work06:35
ogra_nalioth, you need to meet in person....06:35
AmaranthIf I can't be MOTU with this I won't even bother.06:35
naliothogra_: so i am confused, then. where does the notary and copies come in?06:35
ogra_nalioth, ah, sanilmail is something else06:35
AmaranthI thought the whole point was that the notary verifies your identity and then you fax/mail that to someone.06:35
naliothogra_: yes, that is what we are discussing06:35
ogra_nalioth, i thought you seak about email06:36
naliothAmaranth: you can mail to me, if you wish06:36
ogra_Amaranth, right... i was mislead06:36
Amaranthok, so how many of these to i need?06:36
ogra_Amaranth, 106:36
Amaranthnalioth: you can get me to ogra_?06:36
ogra_nalioth, whats your id ?06:36
naliothhang on06:37
ogra_nalioth, is it uploaded already ?06:37
ogra_(it needs to be on a keyserver to mak a trustpath)06:38
naliothogra_: yes to the us servers06:38
ogra_nalioth, when ? they all get mirrored regulary06:38
nalioth<1 week ago06:38
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ogra_nalioth, hmm06:39
ogra_doesnt look like it already is around... weird06:39
naliothi upped to the US servers and some1 in -nun found it there06:40
seth_ki found it in the US server06:40
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ogra_nalioth, seems the us server doesnt get mirrored into the stron set or something... hmm06:41
naliothwell let me up it to another one, any suggestions?06:41
ogra_thats what the error page shows on the trustpath server ...06:42
ogra_so try it there06:42
ogra_many people in ubuntu use this tool... so you should be fine with this server06:42
seth_kmako sure runs away quickly... /me hopes he replies to my e-mail06:43
naliothseth_k: don't hold your breath06:43
ogra_seth_k, mako is traveling a lot currently...06:43
ogra_seth_k, which always distracts a bit from mail reading ;)06:43
seth_kyep, indeed06:44
ogra_and given that mako is likely to recieve more then the 400 mails/day i get....06:44
Amaranthhe said he had < 1000 to read on the lists alone06:44
Amarantherr, > 100006:44
kbrooksmeeting done?06:45
ogra_kbrooks, yes06:45
naliothok i'm having a case of the dumbass, how do i create an armored key?06:45
seth_kso like gpg --export-keys -a you@domain.com06:46
seth_k--armor works too06:46
kbrooksmeeting done? anyone know?06:46
seth_kand to a file, do gpg --export-keys -a you > blah.asc06:46
comadrejawhat is the strength a key has to have ?06:47
nalioth--export-keys invalid option06:47
ogra_comadreja, must be signed by one in the strong set06:47
seth_ksorry, just export06:47
comadrejaogra_ I meant in bits06:47
seth_kcomadreja, use a 1024/2048 key methinks. Everybody else does06:47
comadrejaogra_ ok06:47
comadrejaogra_ btw, the strongh set, anyone is biglumber is in the strong set ?06:47
comadrejaogra_ there are some people from madrid06:48
ogra_nope, anyone who is signed and uploaded on a keyserver... if you can find a trustpath (of any lenght) to a ubuntu maintainer, you should be fine06:48
naliothok uploaded to the .nl site you sent06:49
ogra_hmm, might take some time until its registered... i still get an error06:49
Amarantheveryone in biglumber is supposed to be in the strong set06:49
Amaranthand that trustpath site hasn't updated since the 10th06:49
MezAmaranth, not neccesarily, they juts want to sign :d06:49
Mezbut MOST people are in the strong set06:50
comadrejamy key is already registered in a keyserver...06:50
ogra_comadreja, id ?06:50
naliothseth_k: what site did you find my key on? (and it's trail of ink?)06:51
seth_knalioth, wwwkeys.us.pgp.net methinks06:52
ogra_comadreja, hmm, unsigned..06:52
comadrejaogra_ remotely signing is not possible right ?06:53
ogra_comadreja, nope06:53
comadrejaogra_ even if I send passport or something alike ?06:53
comadrejacopies, of course06:53
AmaranthS!2 signing is possible with a notorized letter, but not preferred06:53
naliothcomadreja: yes, it is, if you get a notary and have them notarize a copy of your passport and fingerprint06:53
ogra_comadreja, that works... we have a notary process for that06:53
Amaranththat's only if you have no other way06:53
comadrejaI'll find another way06:53
ogra_nalioth, i found your key, it isnt singed yet06:53
naliothbut as mentioned, it's not as 'strong' as doing lunch06:53
ogra_nalioth, so there cant be a trustpath yet...06:54
Amaranthnalioth: You're not signed? :/06:54
ogra_oh, it s signed... but by someone who isnt signed either06:54
naliothAmaranth: i am signed, just can't seem to get the key propagated06:54
naliothogra_: not so, the guy has may sigs on his key (most of em debian devs)06:55
ogra_nalioth, i see... i can get a path to him but not to you...06:55
naliothperhaps he hasnt signed yet, or his key i signed is on the US server?06:56
ogra_^^^^ but thats how it should look like if a key is in the strong set06:56
=== nalioth is confused easily with this gpg stuff
ogra_nalioth, he has signed, his key is appearing at your ring...06:56
ogra_ok, anyways, i need a typing break06:57
=== nalioth is confused
Amaranthso nalioth will eventually be able to get me to you06:57
naliothmez found my key and the guy who signed could be traced back to Mez 06:57
ogra_Mez, might be a delay in propagating it...06:58
ogra_err nalioth ^^^06:58
smurfixogra_: Lately I've seen signature propagation times that were nearly instantaneous06:59
naliothso which server should i upload to in the future? i plan on traveling around and getting sigs from various users06:59
smurfixmaybe re-upload both keys to a different server?06:59
ogra_smurfix, ah, that might it be then06:59
smurfixnalioth: I usually use subkeys.pgp.net06:59
naliothdid the .nl server get it?06:59
naliothsmurfix: ok. add that to my gpgrc or something?06:59
ogra_smurfix, my key is propagated anywhere, nalioth just uploaded additionally to the .nl server07:00
smurfix.gnupg/gpg.conf:keyserver subkeys.pgp.net07:00
ogra_nalioth, i guess its just delay... dont worry, the sign you have is very strong07:00
naliothAmaranth: guess you can do the post thing then, if ya want07:01
elmo(btw you can use keyserver.ubuntu.com these days)07:01
Amaranthnalioth: got a fax machine? :)07:02
naliothAmaranth: nope, but i can access one07:02
Amaranthi could probably get it faxed this weekend07:03
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=== Amaranth goes to lunch
naliothwell i'll just upload to the 2 keyservers recently mentioned in here07:10
naliothand we'll see07:10
naliothy'all can find me in #ubuntu, or -nun07:10
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Mezogra_, "his key appears in your ring" ??? 07:16
=== bddebian is the KEY MASTER
ogra_Mez, nalioths keyring: http://pgp.surfnet.nl:11371/pks/lookup?op=vindex&fingerprint=on&search=0xF0EE0D7C07:17
ogra_there is one signature07:17
Mezyeah :D 07:17
MezI know07:17
MezI was just commenting on your choice of words07:18
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Seveasbddebian, there?07:45
Seveashi :)07:45
SeveasI missed the last part of the meeting07:45
Seveasdid your application get covered?07:45
bddebianSeveas: Yes, thank you07:46
Seveasyou got accepted?07:46
Seveasnice :)07:46
Seveasfinal question: new date is Aug 2 22:00 UTC?07:46
bddebianSeveas: I think so :)07:47
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ogra_Seveas, 20:0008:00
sladenwin 3808:00
kbrooks2:00 08:06
kbrooks:| thats lunch08:06
ogra_<mako> august 2nd08:07
ogra_* sivang wants to express his joyfulness for attending a partial CC meeting08:07
ogra_<ogra_> thanks mako 08:07
ogra_<comadreja> thanks all08:07
ogra_<mako> at say, UTC20?08:07
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Seveasnice :)09:09
Seveasthat means no midnight meetings09:09
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