ograSloMoSnail, i'm working since 7:00 today... not anymore, sorry.... i need some sleep soon12:02
SloMoSnailok, no problem :)12:03
ogradid you link it from the wiki ?12:03
ograi'll look at it tomorrow then12:04
SloMoSnailthanks :) well, i'll go to sleep now... gn8 all :)12:05
|rockinnerd|ive gotta /part, too many windows open. Thank you for all of your advice12:11
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schweebtseng: dude, cowbell?  I must try.12:53
havocis there a website for searching backports?01:05
Burgundavianot until they come on to the ubuntu servers01:06
sn9_apt-cache search01:06
havocbah, don't have a *running* ubuntu server handy ATM :(01:07
Burgundaviawhat package are you looking for?01:07
havocthis one: http://netatalk.sourceforge.net/01:08
havocI need 2.0.x01:08
havochoary only has 1.6.401:08
havocajmitch: morning01:08
Burgundaviabreezy has 2.0.301:09
Burgundaviaif it is not already backported, you can request it01:09
havocBurgundavia: yeah, breezy has what I need, but I was advised not to use breezy sources with hoary01:10
havocchillywill advised against it ;)01:10
havocat this point I'll try it01:10
Burgundaviapull the sources out and build the breezy version in a hoary pbuilder01:11
havocaccording to that the breezy and hoary versions of netatalk depend on different libc versions01:11
ajmitchwhich is why they'd require a rebuild01:12
Burgundaviaif you build your own, you might be able to get around that01:12
havocajmitch: yeah, I kinda guessed that much :)01:12
havocajmitch: chillywilly just stopped by my house for a beer, and I'm givig him shit about it ;)01:12
havoche pretty much sold me on ubuntu, and now it doesn't work ;)01:13
havocalthough this is a strange case01:13
havocfriggin linux fileserver for a mac network01:14
ajmitchseems normal enough to me :)01:15
=== ajmitch hasn't seen chillywilly online for a little while
havocI learned the hard way that you *need* netatalk 2.0+ to server a mix of OS9 and OSX clients01:16
havocstupid Apple :(01:16
ajmitchshouldn't be hard to get 2.0.3 built for hoary01:16
havocajmitch: he says "I am online, just not on the ubuntu channels"01:16
havoche's on #gnue as always01:16
havoche's standing right behind me reading this :)01:16
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ajmitchnot exactly talking there though01:17
havocajmitch: yeah, I have to try it or stick with mandrake-cooker01:17
ajmitchhi bddebian01:17
bddebianHeya ajmitch01:17
ajmitchyou'd run a production server on cooker?01:17
=== ajmitch waves to chillywilly
havocajmitch: have been for a while, several servers in fact01:17
havocajmitch: but I've been on #mandrake-cooker for years and am intimate with all it's problems01:18
havocbut I'd *prefer* to use ubuntu01:18
havocwhich is what I'm trying to do :)01:18
ajmitchgood choice01:19
havocbut I have this nice new 1.2TB RAID 5 machine that I'm supposed to deliver this week that *needs* netatalk 2.0+ on it01:20
havocand chillywilly is not helping ;)01:20
ajmitchhe ought to be able to help01:20
bddebianC'mon chillywilly!!01:20
ajmitchit'd only take a few minutes to setup a pbuilder chroot01:20
ajmitchand I'm sure he's done that before01:20
Burgundaviaajmitch, have you done an MainInclusion reports?01:20
ajmitchBurgundavia: no, I haven't01:20
havocajmitch: I think I'll do that now, lemme re-install hoary on it quick, it currently has mandrake01:21
havocbddebian: yup ;)01:21
havocchillywill is getting on one of my other machines here ...01:21
havoche's drinkin my beer, so he can damn well help me get this running ;)01:22
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chillywillyaaaahh ahaaah01:23
chillywillymaster of the universe or some shit01:23
bddebian"He saved everyone one of us"01:23
bddebianD00d that would be like He-man and stuff01:23
chillywillyI know01:23
chillywillyI fscked it up\01:23
chillywillyhavoc is giving shit about it01:24
bddebianCry havoc and let loose the dogs of war01:24
ajmitchmorning chillywilly01:24
=== havoc used to drink a *lot* in college, hence the nickname
chillywillyhey ajmitchie01:24
ajmitchtook you long enough to get here :)01:24
havoche's a slacker01:25
chillywillythanks a lot havoc01:25
chillywillyyou are withing kicking distance01:25
=== havoc throws shit across the room at chillywilly
ajmitchso how can we help you gentlemen?01:25
chillywillydesparate time call for desparate measures01:26
chillywillyso is there documentation on doing this pbuilder thing?01:26
chillywillycause no, I have never done it01:27
=== chillywilly == slacker
bddebianchillywilly: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowTo01:27
ajmitchthere is, actually01:27
ajmitchthanks bddebian01:27
bddebianGotta be good for something :-)01:28
chillywillyI think that was a 40401:28
bddebianIt's there01:29
chillywillyI don't think you can even get that right bddebian ;)01:29
bddebian https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto01:29
chillywillyis the link'01:29
bddebianHey, I did it from memory, give me a break :-)01:29
chillywillyI am feeling a little buzzed drinking beer on an empty stomach01:30
ajmitchcan't handle your alcohol :)01:30
havochmm, we need food01:32
ajmitchso do I01:32
ajmitch1/2 an hour until lunch for me :)01:32
chillywillydamn upsidedown people01:34
havocok, we'll be back, need to go get another pork chop for chillywill for dinner :)01:34
ajmitchchillywilly: being in the southern hemisphere has no relevance on timezine :-P01:34
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BurgundaviaBurgundavia can I pull crackish ideas like Yast2 from IdeaPool ?02:21
=== jamessan|laptop [~jamessan@c-24-218-220-129.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsunwhere's the NEW queue listed for Ubuntu?02:28
tsengcrimsun: i dont think its web-facing02:30
tsengcrimsun: only elmo facing02:30
tsengcrimsun: oh, will xfce4 be installable on breezy?02:31
tsengi was going to play with it the other day02:31
crimsunjani and I are discussing the Xfce update to 4.2.202:31
sn9_it's not installable right now02:31
tsengi said "will" as in future tense02:32
crimsunthere are a couple issues: we'd like to eliminate as much duplication between os-works and Debian's pkg-xfce, so there are some political issues to resolve (or at least smooth over). But yes, it will be installable in Breezy.02:32
tsengrock on02:34
bddebianDavid Essex02:39
LathiatBurgundavia: yeh, yast2 is totally crack, that'l so never work02:44
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bddebianOK, so I can't use my local apt repository in pbuilder unless I set up apache or some such?03:32
Nafallobddebian: I use apache :-)03:35
Nafallo2 even03:35
bddebianLike I don't have enough crap running on this poor laptop already? :-)03:37
ajmitchit can handle it03:39
ajmitchI had apache, mysql & plenty of other junk running on my laptop03:39
ajmitchit was a little slow ;)03:39
havocchillywilly is stuffed :)03:43
bddebianToo much information :-)03:43
havocwe gave him diner03:43
=== havoc and Wife(tm) are good cooks :)
ajmitchbut the important thing is - did you get pbuilder setup? ;)03:45
bddebianajmitch: What do I need to try to set my Hurd apache box as an apt repository?03:46
ajmitchit doesn't matter if it's hurd or not03:46
ajmitchexcept for stability, of course ;)03:46
bddebianDon't I have to run something to make it "apt-gettable"?03:47
ajmitchand what packages are you wanting to share?03:47
ajmitchyes, you do03:47
ajmitchman apt-ftparchive03:47
havocajmitch: not yet, chillywilly's still eating ;)03:47
bddebianajmitch: That is where I was thinking about sticking my Ubuntu patches since I already have it "available"03:47
havocI think he likes coming over here too much, his wife is gonna be jeleous03:48
ajmitchso he's slacking off on the job again03:48
havocyup :)03:48
chillywillyI ate like a piggie04:16
chillywillybut I feel goooood04:16
chillywillyboth computers have TV tuners04:18
chillywillyI am moving in ;)04:18
bddebianShit zinc-compile depends libgmp3.  apt-get build-dep zinc-compiler "can't satisfy build-dependencies".. Sheesh04:20
havoccan't move04:21
havocmmm, food;  Good04:22
=== robitaille [~daniel@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchbddebian: probably ghc6 related04:23
havoccrap, I think I hit <enter> instead of typing 'server' to install04:23
ajmitchchillywilly: sounds like you'll have to go for a run or something ;)04:24
bddebianajmitch: Sure seems to be04:24
chillywillyajmitch: :P04:24
=== chillywilly watches havoc install again
ajmitchhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUGhc6Transition - zinc-compiler is listed there04:26
bddebianOh WTF.  I was just downloading that04:27
chillywillyall we are is dust in the wind04:27
bddebianShutup Kansas :-)04:28
schweebyou're my boy blue!04:28
chillywillyyou're such a schweeb04:29
chillywillyduuuuuuuuuuust iiiiin the wwiiiiiinnnd04:30
chillywillydah daaah daaaah dah daaaaaaah04:30
ajmitchoh be quiet :P04:31
chillywillyI shouldn't be this loopy on a monday night04:32
teferiwhy not?04:32
chillywillycause my loopiness is mostly stress induced and it's hard to be stressed this early in the week04:32
crimsunoh no it's not04:32
chillywillyalthough havoc has had a hell of a day ;)04:33
crimsuncode review today and tomorrow, so it's hella not fun04:33
bddebianNot if you write decent code04:34
=== bddebian ducks
crimsundecent C code != decent Java code04:34
bddebianIs there such a thing as decent Java code? ;-)04:34
crimsunparticularly when you have to write within historical constraints04:34
bddebianhaskell-utils build-depends ghc6 and ghc6 depends haskell-utils.  Shiiite04:36
crimsunyes, I think ajmitch mentioned that before ;)04:36
=== chillywilly pokes the mirror
ajmitchcalm down man04:41
havocnow we'll see if chillywilly knows his shit or not ;)04:41
ajmitchhavoc: how much beer did you give him?04:41
havoche ate *two* stuffed pork chops :)04:42
=== havoc would much rather be cooking than messing with 'computers'
ajmitchright, so have you built netatalk yet?04:44
chillywillydon't deny your geekness04:44
=== havoc is a food geek
chillywillyquiet you04:44
chillywillysorry that was for ajmitch04:44
havocajmitch: chillywilly is working on it :)04:45
bddebianchillywilly don't do shit04:45
=== bddebian hides
havoche's setting up sources n shit for me04:45
havoccuz I'm lazy, and he's well fed :)04:46
ajmitchwhy hide, bddebian? :)04:46
havocajmitch: are you trying to say that chillywilly is on no condition to chase anyone down?04:46
=== havoc feels like a beached whale ATM
havoca beached whale with beer :)04:47
ajmitchhavoc: no comment04:47
havocthe pork chops were *very* good :)04:47
havocand the Wife made stuffign and veggies w/ a garlic-butter sauce04:48
chillywillyrunning pbuilder04:48
bddebianOK, no source package for unicon-im04:50
ajmitchhavoc: evil man, I only had a small lunch & I'm hungry now04:50
chillywillyit's validating and retrieving a bunch o' stuff04:50
schweebI just ate04:50
schweeband I'm hungry now04:50
=== chillywilly is thirsty
havocajmitch: a lot of our friends have been dropping by for dinner the past year04:52
havocand not just the single ones (as in the case of chillywilly)04:52
ajmitchwell it's a bit ar for me to walk04:53
havocalthough we are on chillywilly's way home04:53
havocajmitch: you're in .nz?04:53
ajmitchyes, I am04:53
chillywillystill going....04:53
chillywillyI have juicy juice04:53
chillywillyit's the juiciest of the juice04:53
chillywillyit's updating a package listing now04:54
ajmitchwe don't need the running commentary :)04:54
chillywillybah, it's using us.archive though04:54
havocsure you do :)04:54
chillywillyyes, you do damnit :)04:54
havocchillywilly's wife is gonna be mad04:55
ajmitchshe probably has dinner cooked for him04:55
chillywillynah too04:55
havocajmitch: ha, no.04:55
chillywillyno she doesn't04:55
chillywillyshe ditched me for one of those women parites04:56
bddebianparites?  Is that like parisites or parity?04:56
chillywillyoh, it'd done04:56
=== bddebian ducks
ajmitchbddebian: sounds french to me04:57
havocbddebian: like Pampered Chef or something04:57
havocalthough I've gone to those type of things with my wife04:57
=== havoc does the cooking in *this* house :)
chillywillyok, this is not the netatalk version we need04:57
havocwe need 2.0.304:58
havocfrom breezy04:58
ajmitchchillywilly: now you tell us...04:58
bddebianSo get it :-)04:58
havoctell chillywilly ;)04:58
chillywillywhat's the syntax?04:58
chillywillyneed breezy source?04:58
ajmitchchillywilly: change the deb-src line to say breezy instead of hoary :P04:58
havocwhat file is that all in?04:58
=== havoc should be paying attention
bddebian /etc/pbuilder/apt.conf/source.list I think04:59
havocpbuilder specific thing04:59
=== ajmitch uses /etc/apt/sources.list in the base.tgz
chillywillyI got nothing there, did I miss something?05:00
chillywillycp -ar /etc/apt/* /etc/pbuilder/apt.config/05:00
chillywillyI ran that05:00
chillywillywhere's my chroot source.list?05:00
ajmitchchillywilly: yes, you broke it, you'll have to send the hardware to me for fixing05:00
ajmitchchillywilly: in the tarball... sudo pbuilder login --save-after-login05:01
chillywillyI guess I am blind05:01
havocchillywilly is just being retarded05:01
bddebianchillywilly: You have to do a pbuilder update with --save-changes or whatever the fsck it is05:01
chillywillythanks havoc05:01
havocyou know I'm just kidding :)05:01
chillywillydo I rebuild it then?05:01
chillywillyI changes all hoary to breezy in my chroot sources.list05:02
bddebianHmm zeiberbude:  "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lqt" ??05:02
ajmitchchillywilly: don't do that05:03
chillywillyId id it wrong05:03
ajmitchonly change deb-src, not deb05:03
chillywilly"change all occurres to breezy"05:03
ajmitchyou're not doing a straight breezy chroot05:03
chillywillywhy not?05:03
ajmitchbut you're setting up for the evil of backports05:03
bddebianchillywilly: Sudo pbuilder update --distribution breezy --override-config isn't it?05:03
havocok, starting over :)05:03
bddebianOhh backports05:04
=== bddebian shuts up
=== ajmitch could have put up a package for you quicker than this :P
chillywillywell I followed the howto but those steps need modification05:04
chillywillyfor what I need05:04
chillywillyajmitch: wth man05:04
havocajmitch: but then chillywilly wouldn't have learned anything ;)05:04
ajmitchhavoc: it's far more entertaining this way :)05:05
havocajmitch: *I* think so :)05:05
chillywillyajmitch: so um, now what? change my chroot distro to breezy and run those commands again05:05
chillywillypretty sure I have backports in there05:05
havocbut he's helping me out a lot, so I'll be nice :)05:05
ajmitchchillywilly: ok, the easy way is to grab the source outside of the chroot05:05
bddebianSo why wouldn't zeiberbude be able to find -lqt?05:06
ajmitchor login to it, get the source, build it there05:06
chillywillywait it's not in backports05:06
chillywillynetatalk is in breezy05:06
ajmitchchillywilly: that's why you're doing this :P05:06
ajmitchif it was in backports, you wouldn't need to build it yourself05:06
bddebianDo be do be doo05:07
=== ajmitch has no hoary chroot active to use
ajmitchah, I have a hoary chroot, excellent05:08
chillywillynow I have an error after changing all 'hoary' to 'breezy'05:09
chillywillyE: No such script: /usr/lib/debootstrap/scripts/breezy.buildd05:09
havocthat's not good05:09
chillywillywhat's up with that ajmitchie?05:10
ajmitchyou're doing it wrong05:11
bddebianchillywilly: Did you modify your /etc/pbuilderrc ?05:11
ajmitchI told you not to do that :)05:12
=== anibal [ams@ns1.mssinc.biz] has joined #ubuntu-motu
havoc"I have made it with a woman.  Inform the men."05:13
havocFuturama rules05:13
=== ajmitch said, use a hoary chroot, pbuilder login --save-after-login, update the deb-src line only, apt-get update
havoc"I have made it with a woman.  Inform the men." -- Zapp Branigan05:13
chillywillyajmitch: deb-src in the "real" source.list?05:13
chillywilly"pbuilder login --save-after-login" <-- what's that?05:14
havocfrom the man page for '--save-after-login':05:15
havocthat's it05:15
ajmitchchillywilly: it's called a command to type in05:15
chillywillyok, but a deb-src where? /etc/sources.list?05:16
ajmitchin the chroot05:16
ajmitchpbuilder login gets you into the chroot05:16
chillywillynow I gotcha05:16
chillywillyrunning the pbuilder create again for hoary05:18
chillywillywhat's the path to the source.list after you do the pbuilder login?05:21
chillywillysources.list too05:21
ajmitchsame as always05:22
ajmitchit's /etc/apt/sources.list05:22
chillywillyummm, I have no editor in the path05:22
chillywillybah ;)05:23
chillywillynot found05:23
bddebiannano r0x j0005:23
havoc's the chroot?05:23
ajmitchwhereever it was defined in his pbuilder config05:24
ajmitchchillywilly: once you get everything nicely setup, then you can help out with ubuntu work like you ought to :)05:24
bddebianajmitch: :-)05:25
chillywillythat's the only path I set05:25
havocWTF can't they just call it PBUILDERCHROOT ?05:27
chillywillythat dir is empty05:28
havoctis empty05:28
=== ajmitch wonders if chillywilly has the package built yet
havoccan you symlink out of a chroot'd dir?05:28
havocno, need a hardlink, that's right05:28
=== ajmitch prefers bind mounts
chillywillyhow can I add a breezy line to sources.list if I can't run an editor?05:28
ajmitchwhat is in /bin ?05:29
havocthere is not /bin05:29
havocat least not under /var/cache/pbuilder/build05:29
ajmitchI mean in the chroot :P05:30
ajmitchthe one he should be logged into by now05:30
havocwhere is the chroot?05:30
chillywillyther's no editor in /bin after doign pbuilder login05:31
chillywillyI was logged into it before05:31
chillywillyI just logged in and looked again05:31
ajmitchthis is painful..05:31
ajmitchif you don't have an editor, why don't you install one?05:31
chillywillythere's sed05:31
chillywillyIa m05:32
chillywillyinstalling emacs :)05:32
chillywillyint he chroot05:32
havocinstall vi05:32
ajmitchyay for you :P05:32
havocmuch smaller05:32
chillywillyajmitch: ok, isntalled vim05:33
ajmitchso edit the file05:34
ajmitchyou've used debian for long enough to know where things are :)05:34
bddebianSo why would a package build-depend on libqt3-mt-dev but link with single-threaded -lqt ???05:35
havocajmitch: he's in a semi-food-coma05:35
=== ajmitch thinks using pbuilder was a waste of time
ajmitchbddebian: it needs fixed, perhaps?05:35
havocajmitch: bah, now you tell us05:35
chillywillygotta install quite a few things to get things rolling05:35
ajmitchhavoc: I didn't suggest pbuilder in the first place05:35
ajmitchI don't like using it much :)05:35
havocwho did?05:35
chillywillyfor crying out loud....05:36
havocwhose bright idea was this?05:36
chillywillywhat's the syntax to say I want sources form breexy?05:36
chillywillyand why doesn't the frellin howto tell you how to login to the chroot?05:36
ajmitchchillywilly: pbuilder login is too challenging?05:37
ajmitchI told you the syntax, change the deb-src line05:37
ajmitchsimply changing hoary to breezy in that line05:37
chillywillyI did05:37
chillywillyand I updated05:37
=== ajmitch is still getting his hoary chroot up-to-date
chillywillyapt-get source <package>05:38
chillywillybut won't that pull it from haory?05:38
chillywilly<package>/distro ?05:39
ajmitchwhy would it grab from hoary?05:39
chillywillyit is pulling from hoary05:39
chillywillycause it's a hoary chroot05:39
ajmitchapt-get showsrc netatalk05:39
ajmitchand don't paste it here05:39
havocthe wife called05:40
=== havoc is in trouble now
ajmitchbye havoc05:40
ajmitchit's been nice knowing you05:40
havocno, *chillywilly's* wife called05:40
havocbut she'll blame me05:40
havocfor chillywilly not being home yet05:40
chillywillyajmitch: why would I paste it?05:40
chillywillyshowsrc does not work05:41
chillywillyI've never seen it before either05:41
ajmitchsorry, apt-cache showsrc05:41
havocwell, that05:41
havocs different05:41
ajmitchpeople have a habitual reaction to paste the results of what people tell them to type in05:41
chillywillypasting in IRC is rude05:42
ajmitchif I had a faster connection I'd just build it for you & be done with it05:42
havocrafb.net is nice05:42
havocas is pastebin.com05:42
ajmitchbut my chroot is still uploading05:42
ajmitchsigh, not enough caffiene today05:42
chillywillyso you don't know what I am doing wrong?05:43
havocajmitch: you just want a shell?05:43
ajmitchhavoc: could be good05:43
chillywillybasically you don't know how to do it off the top of your head? :)05:45
chillywillyand you need to just play with it :)05:45
chillywillythat sounds sexual05:45
=== tritium [~tritium@12-208-96-155.client.insightBB.com] has left #ubuntu-motu []
bddebianHaha, lick my balls zeiberbude05:46
havocWTF is zeiberbude?05:46
chillywillyspeak engrish you creaton05:47
bddebianThat's cretin05:47
bddebianI dunno some dumb-ass package on UniverseUnmetDeps :-)05:47
chillywillyI need a nap05:47
havocajmitch: so what's the story?05:48
havochow bad did chillywilly mess things up? ;)05:48
chillywillyhe doesn't know how to do it any better than we do ;)05:48
=== jsgotangco [~jgotangco@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
havoc"We have long since evolved beyond the use for asses."05:50
ajmitchabout to start building it05:51
chillywillyso are you going to tell me how you're doing it?05:51
chillywillyI didn't realize it was like a whole other deb install ;)05:52
ajmitchwe'll wait a few minutes & debs should come out the other end05:53
ajmitchhow fast is the box?05:54
chillywillypurty fast05:54
havocajmitch: cat /proc/cpuinfo05:55
ajmitchI can't, I'm building05:55
chillywillycpu MHz         : 2668.04105:55
=== havoc isn't even sure what the hell it is
ajmitchok, done..05:55
havocit's not mine, so I'm not that concerned05:55
havocajmitch: df -h05:55
ajmitchI thought it might have been a dual-core athlin 64 :)05:55
chillywillymodel name      : Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHz05:55
chillywilly/dev/sdb1             1.1T   33M  1.1T   1% /mnt/raid05:56
chillywillythe chroot is inside that build dir05:57
ajmitchyes, that is correct05:57
ajmitchpackages are in /home/ajmitch now05:57
chillywillyso what did you do to get the sources?05:57
ajmitchchanges the sources.list05:58
chillywillyjust use the a non-chroot deb-scrc line?05:58
chillywillywell tell me :)05:58
ajmitchwell, the deb-src line doesn't matter if you're in a chroot or not05:58
chillywillyok, well I copied the hoary line and changed the distro05:59
chillywillyand then updated05:59
chillywillybut apt-get source netatalk was giving me the old one05:59
chillywillygot rid of/commented out hoary deb-src?05:59
ajmitchI think that it was in hoary-security, in universe06:00
ajmitchor hoary-updates06:00
chillywillythat figured06:00
ajmitchbecause I had to add hoary universe & breezy universe (source)06:00
chillywillyhow did you find it?06:00
chillywillyapt-cache search? apt-cache show?06:00
ajmitchapt-cache policy on my breezy box06:01
chillywillyso can you do something like apt-get source pkg/breezy?06:01
ajmitchyou can, but I didn't need to06:01
chillywillycause breezy pkgs are an "upgrade"?06:02
ajmitchso you can install the packages now06:02
ajmitchand have a working netatalk06:02
chillywillywell the package has dependencies06:02
ajmitchso install them :)06:03
chillywillyya think :)06:03
havocchillywilly is saving my ass here06:05
havocas is ajmitch ;)06:05
havocalthough it's all chillywilly's fault06:05
havocapple services are fucked up06:07
comadrejahello gentlemen06:07
chillywillyok, it's installed06:07
ajmitchnow I expect chillywilly to put in a couple of hours a week helping the MOTUs as payment06:07
comadrejathat would be nice, indeed06:08
ajmitchsince I've spent a few hours helping you today :)06:08
havocajmitch: or better yet he will convince me to do so06:09
chillywillyIa m going home and going to bed now :)06:09
havocajmitch: thanx a lot :)06:09
ajmitchno problem06:09
havocajmitch: we'll be shutting these machines down now06:10
havoc(so log out, please)06:10
comadrejawhich ones, night is young06:10
ajmitchgo ahead06:10
havocjust didn't want your ssh session to hang, I personally hate that06:10
comadrejaused to close a hanging session06:11
havoccomadreja: that may be some useful info :)06:12
havocok, time for me to send chillywilly home to his angry wife :)06:12
havocand for me to go to bed with my angry wife06:13
havocnight night :)06:13
comadrejanite !06:13
havochis wife is gonna be pissed06:19
Amaranthwoo, libfaad in multiverse06:23
=== Amaranth hugs MOTUs
Amaranthso...how about gstreamer-faad? :)06:23
ajmitchbbiab :)06:25
chillywillythanks again ajmitchie06:33
chillywillycaroline is not angry though06:33
chillywillyshe's about as far from the opposite as possible *winK* *wink*06:34
bddebianGnight gents, enjoy06:35
bddebianchillywilly: Good to "see" you man06:35
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\shhey siretart09:32
siretarthuhu \sh! hi Burgundavia09:32
\shjesus...I can't even have a profile on a dating community because of my glasses..09:33
\shI'm too stylish for this world, I use linux, and wear blue glasses cause of my eyes09:34
=== pef [~loic@erodia.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shsiretart: are u running gnome? do u have liferea installed?09:36
=== Amaranth [amaranth@amaranth.user] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretart\sh: yes, but I'm still on hoary09:39
\shsiretart: ah..:(09:39
\shI just installed liferea and I didn't see it appearing in the menu09:39
Burgundavia\sh can you test something with totem for me?09:40
\shBurgundavia: sure09:40
siretartI need to finish my Studienarbeit, after that I will send my notebook to repair and when it returns I'll upgrade it to breezy09:40
\shbut i have totem-xine09:40
Burgundaviayou have a mouse with a scroll wheel?09:40
siretart\sh: did you check if this is some sort of panel updating bug? try relogin09:40
Burgundaviaopen totem, click on the volume thingy09:40
Burgundaviaand roll the mouse button up and down09:41
Burgundaviawhich way raises the volume?09:41
\shehe..the wrong way09:41
\shwheel up == decrease wheel down==increase..just like a plane ,-)09:42
\shcan I say: update menus somewhere in the panel menu? or is it not working?09:43
Burgundaviasay again?09:43
\shBurgundavia: as i said, i installed straw and liferea...they should be in applications/Network...but the gnome app menu is not updating automatically.09:45
Burgundaviainterestingly, it seems to work the correct way when the bar is closed09:45
BurgundaviaI have noticed that as well09:45
\shsmeg says, the apps are in the menu, but looking inside the panel app menu nothing is there09:46
Amaranthwhat broke?09:47
Burgundaviathat is a gamin bug09:47
Burgundaviaor maybe a inotify bug09:48
Amaranthnothing is in the panel at all?09:48
Amaranthgamin is b0rked hard core09:48
Burgundaviathere was a patch today for gamin09:48
Amaranthwell, it's not so much gamin as libgnome-menu's use of gamin from what markmc has said09:48
Burgundaviato build against inotify09:48
Amaranthgamin has been broken since hoary09:48
Amaranthi don't know if it worked in warty, i didn't have the menus to work on :)09:49
Amaranthpatch? where?09:49
Amaranth\sh: killall gnome-panel09:49
Amaranththen when it comes back up your new entry will be there09:50
Burgundavia    * build with inotify.09:50
\shAmaranth: no...the new apps are not showing up automatically09:50
Burgundaviagamin (0.1.2-1ubuntu1) breezy; urgency=low09:50
Amaranthi'll have to run a couple tests, see if it still doesn't work09:51
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Amaranthgamin still does not work10:39
Treenaksgamin is teh b0rk10:39
Amaranthi suppose it's time to look at the logs10:40
Amaranthit's either going to be full of rubbish or full of errors about too many things to watch10:40
Burgundavia\sh, already fixed10:45
=== rob^ [~rob@rob-ubuntu.student.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Burgundavia\sh, http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31084510:45
\shBurgundavia: ah...so a matter of time for sync ,-)10:46
Burgundaviaonly in cvs right now10:47
\shcould we backport the patches?10:48
BurgundaviaI would wait until seb128 puts the new version of totem in breezy10:50
Amaranthisn't 1.1.3 the new version?10:51
Burgundaviaand it has that bug10:52
Amaranthok, 1.1.3 is in breezy already10:52
Burgundaviathe fix for that bug is only in cvs10:52
AmaranthI know, but you said wait for the new version before backporting the patch.10:53
BurgundaviaI was saying don't backport the patch, wait for the new versin10:53
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ajmitchBurgundavia: he'll have to pass it by the UVF committee10:56
=== Burgundavia is hoping to pass inkscape 0.42 pass the uvf committe
Amaranthoh dear10:57
AmaranthUVF already?10:57
Amaranthi'm upstream and still working on smeg 0.8 :)10:57
Burgundaviayes, july 7th10:57
ajmitchAmaranth: we can make exceptions10:58
Amaranthyeah, i have a feeling that won't be a problem :)10:58
Burgundavianor do I10:59
\shAmaranth: what if UVF committee is saying no?10:59
Amaranth\sh: I kill.10:59
AmaranthI make smeg not work on Ubuntu and watch users kill. ;)10:59
\shadd menu -> kill -9 110:59
\shchange menu -> rm -Rvf  /*11:00
Amaranthyou can't kill init11:00
\shbut u can try instead of adding a menu ,-)11:00
Amaranthwho do i have to talk to to sync vlc from debian?11:00
\shraise a dialog and say: can't add menu cause init is not dying ,-)11:00
Amaranthgood idea, users will spend all day trying to figure out how to kill init :D11:01
Burgundaviait seems that uvf has been fairly loose right now11:01
Amaranthstarts fairly loose, tightens up as well go11:01
Amarantherr, as we go11:01
Amaranthand afaik universe doesn't freeze until the day the CDs are made11:02
ajmitchUVF applies to universe this time round11:02
ajmitchso new upstream versions have to be approved11:02
ajmitchit's not hard, it's been delegated11:02
Amaranthoh, they want you to fix gcc4 stuff instead of package foo 0.9+ :)11:03
ajmitchogra, dholbach, \sh11:03
Amaranth/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ltheora_pic11:03
Amaranthanyone have any ideas? :)11:03
TreenaksAmaranth: maybe it shuold -ltheora ?11:03
Amaranthyes, that works11:04
Amaranthbut that's a massive patch to vlc :/11:04
ograajmitch, you and siretart as well iirc11:04
ajmitchogra: ok11:06
ajmitchogra: in other news, I'm on the debian mono team now11:06
=== ogra needs to apply to utnubu
=== ajmitch needs to get active in pkg-zope as well
Amaranthutnubu is run by the same guy that things launchpad is canonical's plan to take over the world11:08
Amarantherr, thinks11:08
ajmitchAmaranth: I know..11:08
ajmitchquite funny really11:08
Burgundaviahe is at least trying to bridge the gap11:08
ajmitchbut his issue is more that he doesn't want any strong central control or dependency11:09
ajmitchhe can still use the patches with no problem :)11:09
=== Seveas [~seveas@ksl403-uva-132.wireless.uva.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
JanCAmaranth : I think he wrote that blog article to point to some problems when launchpad/canonical would become the single place to go to for too many open source resources11:30
JanCand I think he exagerated it a bit to make sure everybody would read it  ;-)11:30
Nafalloread Martin F. Krafft's answer :-)11:34
JResiretart: how can i see if i have an access in REVU ?11:36
siretartJRe: ask me ;)12:06
JResiretart: have i an access ;) ???12:07
siretartJRe: what is your realname and what is your keyid?12:07
siretartJRe: write me an email with your keyid and pass12:08
=== siretart is out for lunch, cu later
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comadrejahowdy all12:46
=== ozamosi [~ozamosi@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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JanCwhy is there a new (seemingly incompatible) wx 2.4 in breezy ?   :-/01:27
=== BillGates is now known as HostingGeek
ograwhy incompatible ?01:30
pefhow can I just dl a package (no installation) if it is already installed ?01:31
pefapt-get -d install doesn't works is already installed01:32
Nafallopef: wget? :-)01:32
pefNafallo: consider I don't know the package's uri :)01:32
Nafallopef: w3m? :-)01:33
=== pef disagree
comadrejaaptitude -d <package>01:34
JanCwell, it has another package name to start with   :)01:34
JanClibwxgtk2.4c2 vs. libwxgtk2.4-101:35
ograJanC, so the apps need a racompile (transition) but that doesnt mean its incompatible01:35
ograrecompile even01:35
JanCwell, it will be incompatible until it's recompiled & renamed I guess ?  :)01:36
\shthere was an issue with this01:36
\shdoko had it in his hands..01:36
\shi think01:36
JanCI just found it strange to see it in the archive...01:36
=== jamessan|work [~jamessan@c-24-218-220-129.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pefcomadreja: perfect, thanks :)01:37
comadrejapef : np :)01:37
=== mantass [~Mantas@] has left #ubuntu-motu []
dokosh: yes, a recompilation is needed.01:53
dokosh: but IMO, you should try to rebuild with wxwidgets2.6 anyway01:53
\shdoko: didn't u upload Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 12:54:37 +000001:59
\shSource: wxwindows2.401:59
ogradoko, so when is wx 2.6 supposed to hit breezy ?01:59
dokosh: yes01:59
dokoogra: it's in NEW02:00
ograah :)02:00
dokowhich reminds me to write an email ...02:00
\shdoko: so u recompiled it already ,-)02:00
ograand a MainInclusionRepot i guess02:00
ograReport even02:01
\shactually I refuse to work until X is running again and I can type some at signs again ,-)02:01
\shs/can/able to/02:02
slomohi all :)02:14
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|rockinnerd|has openoffice.org beta 2 been ubuntu-ized yet? as far as i've seen it hasn't.03:02
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seth_k|rockinnerd|, sure. We're up to 1.9.11403:19
|rockinnerd|ah. so its been done.03:19
|rockinnerd|oh breezy03:19
seth_kall development is done in breezy03:19
seth_khoary is frozen and receives only security updates03:19
|rockinnerd|oh. How stable is breezy?03:20
seth_kI'm using it on three boxen03:20
seth_kright now X doesn't work03:20
seth_kbut stability is relative03:20
seth_kI slid back to -36 Xorg and am sitting here until X gets fixed03:20
=== sistpoty [~stefan@DSL01.] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sistpotyhi folks03:24
siretarthuhu sistpoty03:24
sistpotydoes anybode know, if X is fixed in breezy?03:25
siretartI don't think so, there havn't been related uploads in the last days..03:25
ogragood joke03:25
sistpotyk, than i'll sit back and wait g03:26
=== |rockinnerd| will wait for x to (almost) work b4 switching to breezy
ograsistpoty, but we still accept bets ;)03:27
=== ogra votes for -45 to be the first usable version
Treenaksogra: that early? :P03:27
|rockinnerd|Here is my suggestion for breezy (and i put it into the suggestion pool aready): Since ubuntu has GUI -based configuration tools, and Ubuntu is now becoming more newbie-friendly (except for breezy as of know, of course,) we should put in a graphical firewall frontend, like Guarddog03:28
slomohmm... what's the right way to get the types u_int, u_char, u_long in c?03:28
Treenaks|rockinnerd|: or firestarter, but please read the mailinglist thread on -devel about this from a few weeks ago03:28
tsengexcept ubuntu's policy for default install has no open ports03:28
ogra|rockinnerd|, talk to carstenh in ubuntu-devel ... he's the guy working on the firewall bounty03:29
siretart|rockinnerd|: sure, are packages for this already available and usable?03:29
Treenaks|rockinnerd|: in short, "personal firewalls" are useless heaps of monkey dung03:29
sistpotyslomo: #include <sys/types.h> i think03:29
ograTreenaks, yes, thats why we pay a bounty for it :)03:29
Treenaksogra: wow, I'm going to ask the local zoo for some monkey dung then ;)03:29
siretartah. cool03:29
ograTreenaks, lol03:29
|rockinnerd|siretart, as far as i know... there are packages, but i will check03:30
Treenaksogra: where do I send it? :P03:30
Mezcan someone tell me what is meant by the comment03:30
tsengwhich comment03:30
tsengthere are several03:30
Mezthe last one03:30
Treenaksogra: (hmm.. 2 birds with one stone.. what's daniels' address? :P)03:30
|rockinnerd|i'm signing up for revu, how do i send my GPG key to the keyservers? <== this is a n00b question, i know03:30
slomosistpoty: thought that too and it works in a small test but in the package i'm currently fixing it doesn't... hmm...03:31
tsengMez: it means the configure.ac is looking for newer version than you build-dep on03:31
Mez|rockinnerd|, yes, normally, so siretart can grab a copy03:31
ograTreenaks, hmm, i could look it up somewhere, i'm sure :)03:31
tsengMez: or you dont specify version at all03:31
Treenaksogra: I mean.. he might fix X if we send him monkey dung ;)03:31
|rockinnerd|Mez: how?03:31
Mez|rockinnerd|, gpg --send-keys03:31
|rockinnerd|ah. thanks03:32
=== dave [~dave@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sistpotyslomo: is it an automake package?03:33
davehi! anyone here who is experienced with preseeding of custom ubuntu/debian boot cds ?03:34
|rockinnerd|from carstenh: hi, i'm already working on a new graphical firewall frontend for breezy :)03:35
slomosiretart: yes03:36
slomonarf... i meant sistpoty...03:36
sistpotyslomo: does automake/autoconf build a config.h? i think, automake/autoconf might generate s.th. for types in it03:37
sistpotyslomo: but I'm not really sure if so and how to switch this on/off03:37
siretart|rockinnerd|: I added your key to the revu keyring now. please try to get your key signed03:37
|rockinnerd|define "key signed"03:38
Treenaks|rockinnerd|: GPG key signatures..03:38
Treenaks|rockinnerd|: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keysigning_party03:39
Mez|rockinnerd|, http://www.cryptnet.net/fdp/crypto/gpg-party.html#ss1.203:39
=== ozamosi [~ozamosi@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
|rockinnerd|what does cc mean?03:40
siretartsorry for not respoding quick. /me quite busy03:41
\shcommunity council, carbon copy03:42
\shdepends on the context03:42
pefc compiler, too03:43
Treenakscredit card03:43
\shcommunist center03:43
ogracorpus christi ?03:43
Treenakscounter curse?03:43
slomosistpoty: thanks anyway... the error seems to lie somewhere else ;) argh...03:44
|rockinnerd|doesnt the meeting start in like 17 minutes?03:44
=== ozamosi [~ozamosi@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
|rockinnerd|ive got what cc means in his context03:44
Treenaks|rockinnerd|: community council?03:44
|rockinnerd|carbon copy03:44
|rockinnerd|community council meeting starts in like 15 min right>03:44
|rockinnerd|are people not on the agenda allowed to attend?03:45
ograall our meetings are public03:45
=== ozamosi [~ozamosi@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Treenaksdoes anyone have a link to the "how to set up baz for noobs" thing?03:46
sistpotyslomo: np... btw. i just remembered: it should be #include <inttypes.h> for u_int8_t and companions (which imo refers somewhere to sys/types)03:46
=== bddebian [~bddebian@user216-178-65-218.netcarrier.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
slomosistpoty: also for u_int?03:48
slomohi bddebian :)03:48
sistpotyslomo: dunno, but i think yes03:48
Nafallobddebian: don't forget to show up on CC today :-)03:48
bddebianNafallo: Why, they said two weeks?? :-)03:49
TreenaksNobody knows?03:49
bddebianHi slomo03:49
Nafallobddebian: aha. just read the agenda and saw you're name in the "need to show up"03:50
Nafalloif the meetings is every two weeks still it has to be today :-P03:50
bddebianOh yeah, maybe it has been two weeks.  Sheesh time flies. :-)03:51
ograbddebian, arent you memnber already ?03:52
bddebianogra: No, you said I was just a clown. ;-P03:52
ograno, serious, havent we approved you last CC ?03:53
\shbddebian: where r u on the list?03:53
bddebianogra: No. I didn't expect it.03:54
bddebian\sh: Dunno03:54
ograhmm, i thought we did...03:54
\shbddebian: put urself on the list...guy03:54
ogra\sh, he is03:54
ograthats why i'm asking03:54
|rockinnerd|another n00b question: how do you find out what your own keyid is ?03:54
\shoh yes03:54
\shhe's hiding03:55
pefwhat's the "good" profile to apply as member ?03:55
\sh" I'm basically a "luser" who longs to be a hacker.03:55
ograpef, you mean wikipage wise ?03:55
\shthat's a good start03:55
\shbddebian: nice one .)03:55
bddebian\sh: I'm on there. Under "Needs to show up" BarrydeFreese03:55
|rockinnerd|pef, what have you done to contribute to Ubuntu? name? Interests in open-source software,03:55
\shbddebian: catch u :)03:56
\shbddebian: 3 kids?03:56
pef|rockinnerd|: bugs reports, new packages, packages fixes :)03:56
seth_kbddebian, you coming to -meeting ?03:56
bddebian\sh: Yep03:56
bddebianseth_k: Yep03:56
bddebianThought I need some coffee03:56
tsengoh no, its tuesday03:56
\shbddebian: approved :) the age fits as well03:56
ograpef, look at the DanielRobitaille wikipage, thats an example of a perfect page... (no need to be *this* perfect)03:56
bddebian\sh: Heh03:56
\shogra: we're not alone anymore :)03:56
seth_kwell haul yourself in there, 4 minutes bddebian!03:56
pefogra: will look at this, thanks03:57
|rockinnerd|pef, specifics03:57
ogra\sh, you mean we have another old fart aboard if we approve bddebian ?03:57
\shogra: right...03:57
\shogra: and we can blame him if somethign went wrong03:58
ograhmm, i have to think about that03:58
|rockinnerd|nvm found how to do so03:58
pef|rockinnerd|: 2 news packages, 2 packages fixes, 2 bugs reports to bugzilla, 11 to malone, 2 solved in malone (packages fixes)03:58
|rockinnerd|put it in ur wikipage ^^03:58
Amaranthpef: If you do it fast you could even get member status today, if we have time at the end of the meeting.03:59
AmaranthWhich starts right now, folks.03:59
pefAmaranth: just have to update my wiki page ?04:00
Amaranthpef: And join #ubuntu-meeting04:00
pefAmaranth: already done :)04:00
Amaranthpef: At the end mako will ask if there is any other business, ask then.04:00
pefAmaranth: ok04:01
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|rockinnerd|uh... what is loco?04:15
bddebianLocation I think.  There are teams by Geographical locations04:15
robitaille|rockinnerd|: loco = local community04:17
|rockinnerd|go ti04:17
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pefAmaranth: I don't think it's a good idea to apply now, since nobody asks me to become a member, not enough work ;)05:05
kbrookspef: here, not enough work05:05
Amaranthyou're a good example of some random stranger wandering in05:05
kbrooksno one asked me05:05
havocso there are no 2.4.x kernels for hoary?05:05
havocor am I just being an idiot?05:06
kbrooksAmaranth: heh05:06
kbrookshavoc: there are none05:06
=== havoc thinks 'idiot', possibly
havocbah :(05:06
havocso once again I have a problem :(05:06
kbrookshavoc: WHAT's that?05:06
chillywillydebian always has the lastest 2.4.x kernel in their repo05:06
havockbrooks: have a 3ware 8506-4lp05:06
havocthe 3ware monitoring software doesn't work with 2.6.x05:07
kbrooksyou cant mix debian and ubuntu, chillywilly05:07
chillywillyI know05:07
chillywillythanks for stating the obvious :)05:07
Amaranthyou can if you're fscking nuts05:08
kbrooksi'd like to help with motu05:08
kbrooksogra: leader?05:08
pefAmaranth: what do you exactly want to mean ?05:09
kbrooksi'd like to help with motu.05:09
=== ozamosi [~ozamosi@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
kbrooksHow do I participate?05:09
ograkbrooks, can we talk about that after the meeting is done ?05:09
kbrooksogra: ok05:10
Amaranthpef: You've done some things, have some plans on things to do, and don't have a bunch of cheerleaders (no offense). See if you can get accepted based on a good first impression.05:10
chillywillydo you need to compile it?05:10
chillywillylooks like a binary05:10
havocstupid 3ware binaries won't work cuz they *think* the 3w_xxxx mod isn't loaded, but it is05:10
pefAmaranth: I see, but I prefere being approved not by luck ;) so it will be for later05:11
havocbah, fsckers05:12
havocdid an strace on tw_cli05:12
havocit's trying to open("/proc/scsi/3w-xxxx", O_RDONLY|O_NONBLOCK|O_LARGEFILE|O_DIRECTORY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)05:12
havocwhich only works for 2.4.x05:12
chillywillykernel-source-2.4.27 - Linux kernel source for version 2.4.27 with Debian patches05:16
chillywillythere's also kernel-package that will build a kernel deb05:16
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=== siretart has to leave now, sorry folks!
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tritiumbddebian, congratulations, buddy.  :)06:27
slomobddebian: will you take care of my english as well? ;)06:27
bddebianSure :-)06:27
slomobddebian: congrats btw :)06:27
bddebianAs long as you all watch mine :-)06:27
sistpotyyeah, congrats bddebian06:27
bddebiantritium: Thx06:27
chillywillybddebian: what did you do this time? ;)06:28
bddebianchillywilly: Told them all I would send them OldWorld powerbooks.. ;-P06:28
=== chillywilly thwaps bddebian *hard*
comadrejahmmm after being accepted as a member, what's the process I should follow, regarding keys and all that stuff ?06:29
bddebiancomadreja: Do you already have your gpg key?06:29
=== |rockinnerd| [~chris@ppp-69-214-138-203.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
comadrejayes, and the CoC signed in launchpad...06:30
AmaranthIs your key signed by someone in the strong set?06:30
Amaranthok, you're done06:30
Amaranthit's not?06:30
slomoAmaranth: who is the strong set?06:30
comadrejais not signed by anybody in the strong set06:31
Amaranthslomo: biglumber.com06:31
Amaranthcomadreja: then it's worthless :)06:31
slomoAmaranth: ok, then i'm in the strong set ;)06:31
comadrejacool, what should I do then ? have it signed by sitss, how ?06:31
Amaranthcomadreja: find someone near you on biglumber.com, contact them, buy them a beer or something and have them sign your key06:33
comadrejacool, thanks :D06:34
sivangogra_: so is the glu1 transition no longer rquired? (I recall some talk by daniels about it and not sure the outcome)06:35
sivangbddebian: congrets06:35
comadrejaAmaranth : any of the people in biglumber is good ?06:36
Amaranthcomadreja: any of them should be good, yes06:37
comadrejaAmaranth : cool, thanks06:37
slomowhen they're in the strong set... not everyone on biglumber is afaik06:37
sistpotybddebian: you had fiddled with haskell-utils?06:40
=== robitaille [~daniel@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ogra_kbrooks, soon... let ma have a short rest....06:46
=== DerLandvogt [~Hans@p50892AB5.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== sistpoty got to go now... cya
slomobye sistpoty06:48
=== sistpoty [~stefan@DSL01.] has left #ubuntu-motu []
slomoAmaranth: what's your process on smeg regarding localization?06:50
bddebianDoh, I missed him06:50
tritiumcongrats again, bddebian.  See you all later.06:51
Amaranthslomo: rewriting everything to be super-gnomey which should get rid of a couple strings, i've added some and changed some06:51
bddebianThanks tritium, take care06:51
tritiumyou too.  bye06:51
Amaranthit'll be awhile before i can string freeze06:51
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ogra_bddebian, do you blog ?06:51
ogra_comadreja, do you ? ^^^06:51
bddebianMy life is far too boring :-)06:51
|rockinnerd|" "06:51
slomoAmaranth: fine :) when there's something I can help you with just ask... I've much free time atm ;)06:52
slomobddebian: mine too... but sometimes I write an entry to my blog ;) at least every month one entry... not something usefull but hey... :)06:53
bddebianAnyone familiar with gmake?06:54
slomoisn't gmake the normal gnu make present on maybe every linux system?06:55
bddebianI guess, but I need to patch a Makefile for zeiberbude and it uses gmake :-(06:56
=== |rockinnerd| [~chris@ppp-69-214-138-203.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Leaving"]
slomoit isn't a normal Makefile?06:58
=== seth_k sits and looks for alternative packages to work on, since *none* of his KDE packages will build right now
bddebianslomo: Yes but it doesn't exist if I run cdbs-edit-patch07:04
=== Amaranth goes to lunch
slomowell i've never used cdbs-edit-patch :) is the Makefile created by configure?07:11
bddebianslomo: Nope, gmake07:11
slomoah... qmake not gmake07:13
=== lsuactiafner [~noirrac@tpc-ip-nas-1-p83.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianOhh, hehe07:14
slomowell no idea :) i haven't compiled a qt package since almost 4 years... sorry07:15
bddebianNP.  I assume I should be able to do something to the .pro file that becomes the makefile but it's all greek to me. :-(07:16
chillywillyis there a way to make a quick and dirty package?07:16
chillywillyI'd like to make a package for smartmontools from the CVS source because that version works with the SATA drives on my RAID07:17
ogra_kbrooks, re07:17
chillywillywhere can I find info on making a package?07:20
jamessan|workchillywilly: Debian New Maintainer Guide (http://www.nl.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/) would be a good place to start07:22
=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== marcot [~marcot@marcot.user] has joined #ubuntu-motu
marcotWhere can I get doc about joining ubuntu?07:32
Mezogra_, did you get my email07:33
Mezmarcot: joining?07:35
kbrooksi'd like to help with motu.07:37
marcotMez: yes, like, becoming a developer.07:37
kbrooksHow do I participate?07:37
ogra_Mez, very nice wrap up :)07:39
Mezogra_, any comments ?07:41
ogra_Mez, nope, its a fine process description for me...07:41
Mezso you're agreed with everything in there?07:41
Mezincluding having you help review new additions?07:42
marcotIs the joining process similar to debians?07:42
ogra_marcot, not at all :)07:43
ogra_Mez, new contributors you mean... yes.... i dont want to review backported packages please :)07:43
Mezno ogra_ wouldnt expect that :D lol07:44
Mezmarcot, https://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/processes/newmember/07:44
marcotMez: thanks.07:44
ogra_marcot, kbrooks you need to become a member first...07:44
ogra_marcot, kbrooks that means you have to make a substantial contribution to the distro, this can be a howto wikipage, soem artwork, fixing bugs etc...07:45
Mezogra_, think it's worth forwarding that msg to ubuntu-devel?07:46
ogra_after that you sign the code of conduct with your valid and signed gpg key and send it to make... you need a wikipage that describes you and your work for ubuntu...07:46
marcotogra_: hum... ok.07:46
marcotogra_: just like debian.07:46
ogra_after you applied the above steps you set up a link to your wikipage on the community council aganda page for a specific meeting... there you get approved for membership... this process can be done in 1-2 weeks07:47
ogra_marcot, kbrooks thats step 1.07:47
ogra_Mez, sure, send it :)07:47
marcotogra_: Doesn't ubuntu accept all packages?07:48
marcot"Ubuntu does not provide security updates and professional support for every package available in the open source world"07:48
ogra_marcot, nope07:48
marcotogra_: what kind of package is rejected?07:48
ogra_marcot, they at least have to be packaged in a half way sane manner07:48
JanCbadly packaged packages07:48
marcotWith this I agree.07:49
ogra_legally suspectable ones (i.e. lidvdcss2)07:49
marcotI thought that this means not accepting by other reasons.07:49
ogra_marcot, but this sentence rather says we dont support all of the packjages in universe...07:49
marcotIs KDE in ubuntu?07:50
ogra_which is a bit outdated, since there is slowly forming a universe security team07:50
tsengyou can find most of this info on the wiki or asking #ubuntu07:50
ogra_marcot, yes07:50
tsengoh sorry, wrong channel.07:50
marcotogra_: so why is there kubuntu?07:50
JanCkubutnu = ubuntu07:51
ogra_marcot, because they tweak it a bit to be at least half way usable (sorry gnome guy here)07:51
ogra_JanC, is the menu the same in both ? or the app selection ?07:51
tsengyou can install ubuntu-desktop or kubuntu-desktop07:51
tsengthey are just meta packages07:52
tsengall the packages are in one archive07:52
JanCthat's what I mean07:52
tsengthe difference is the installer07:52
ogra_but you also can just install kde on top of ubuntu07:52
tsengon the full install07:52
ogra_and i doubt this is the same as kubuntu-desktop07:52
tsengogra_: no?07:52
tsengi dont see why not07:52
tsengi can install ubuntu server and then install ubuntu-desktop07:53
tsengand get the same thing07:53
tsengwhy not kubuntu07:53
ogra_sure but is kde the same as kubuntu-desktop ?07:53
ogra_i doubt it07:53
JanCat least, it *should* be like that07:53
kbrookskde != kubuntu07:53
JanCif not that's a bug IMHO  :-P07:53
ogra_ok, but moving on with my little intorduction07:53
tsengkubuntu-desktop contains kde07:53
ogra_tseng, sure07:53
kbrookstseng: contains != is the same as07:54
ogra_tseng, kde doesnt contain kubuntu-desktop :)07:54
Mezogra_, sent07:54
ogra_so its not exchangeable07:54
ogra_ok, kbrooks we want you to sign the code of conduct first, thats why you have to become a member before becoming maintainer07:55
ogra_so if youre a mamber, you start working with the guys in here and do some packaging stuff07:55
ogra_easiest is to help with one of the transitions... mostly this requires only some small changes to the package and you learn to know how packages work07:56
ogra_your packages get reviewed and uploaded then...07:56
ogra_if you did this for some time (between 2 and 6 weeks is common) you put yourself on the technical board agenda and appear in the meeting...07:57
marcotIs cinelerra in ubuntu?07:58
ogra_the Tb will ask us motus and vote for you as a MOTU (or not)07:58
ogra_tahst the whole process... if you are fast and already experienced with packaging, you can make it in 4 weeks07:58
marcotHow many developers are there in ubuntu today?07:59
ogra_marcot, is it freely distributable ?07:59
marcotIt's GPL.07:59
ogra_marcot, about 20 canonical employees and about 30 MOTUs07:59
marcotBut it depends on some non-free stuff.07:59
ogra_like ?07:59
kbrooksogra_: ok08:00
Nafalloogra_: those 20 is with or withour launchpad?08:00
marcotsome codec stuff.08:00
kbrookswhat are "transitions"?08:00
ogra_Nafallo, distro08:00
ogra_kbrooks, we switched everything to python2.4 in hoary... so all dependent packages had to be touched once08:01
kbrooksogra_: ok. and?08:01
Nafalloogra_: 10 more than I thought ;-)08:01
ogra_kbrooks, for breezy we have quite more ...08:02
ogra_which led to a rebuild of all c++ stuff08:02
ogra_xorg gets modularized, so packages change names...08:02
ogra_and gl stuff needs transition...08:03
kbrooksWhat does "transition" mean?08:03
ogra_then we always have a list of unmet dependencys to fix08:03
ogra_kbrooks, transitioning a set of packages...08:03
ogra_making the same change everywhere08:03
=== marcot [~marcot@marcot.user] has left #ubuntu-motu []
ogra_thats a very easy task if you did it once you know what to do with the next pkg08:04
ogra_or the next 10008:05
ogra_the most important difference to debian we have is, we have no personalized packages... everyone may touch everything and help out there (indeed we all have preferred packages and ask if we touch a package someone else normally cares for)08:06
ogra_if you package something thats neither in debian nor ubuntu yet, you need 3 reviews of other MOTUs08:08
ogra_and you are the guy who has to care for it further08:09
=== kbrooks understands
Mezogra_, keys in rings, touching other peoples packages...08:15
Mezlol - nvm :D08:15
ogra_something wrong with that ?08:15
MezIT's  just a joke... those things sound rather ... rude08:16
ogra_i mean it really depends on the package you touch, but it can be a awesome experience ;)08:16
kbrooksogra_: ok. i want a small package :P08:16
=== Mez stifles a laugh
=== Mez is working witha large package
Mezand backports08:17
ogra_Mez, about your question about the unmet deps08:18
ogra_i think revu is the right place... if not, put it up somewhere and link it on the wikipage08:19
Mezogra:even if no changes and just a rebuild?08:20
ogra_since you cant upload...08:21
Mezyet :P08:21
Mezogra_, how am I going for MOTUship08:21
Mez(I wanna be man-at-arms)08:21
ogra_MOTUship ?08:22
=== ogra_ thought boat there
=== DerLandvogt [~Hans@p50892AB5.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ogra_Mez, just go on with your packaging and be on the TB agenda next TB meeting ;)08:22
Mezyou mean tuesday ?08:22
ogra_Mez, sure... fix some packages until then and you should be set08:23
Mezbut ogra_ am i ready yet ?08:23
ogra_Mez, the packages will tell ;)08:23
slomoogra_: same for me? ;)08:23
ogra_Mez, its only about packaging :)08:23
Mezlol, most of what I'm doing atm is unmet deps stuff08:23
ogra_Mez, grab one or two more complicated ones....08:24
Mezogra: like php4-universe?08:24
ogra_there is also the GLU transition08:24
=== dredg [~niall@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
MezGLU ?08:24
ogra_or php4-universe :)08:24
seth_kMez, package php5 for breezy, that'll do it :P08:24
ogra_seth_k, php is in main08:24
Mezisnt it packaged alreayd?08:24
seth_kogra_, php5 is? o_008:24
seth_kogra_, news to me08:25
ogra_seth_k, not yet afaik08:25
ogra_seth_k, we wait for debian....08:25
seth_koh okay, that's what I was saying08:25
ogra_seth_k, but it will go to main08:25
Mezogra_, read what seth_k originally said :D Mez, package %Bphp5%B for breezy, that'll do it :P08:25
seth_kah right, 4 won't stay in main?08:25
MezMez, package php5 for breezy, that'll do it :Ptest08:25
Mezogra_, it'll go in main, but there'll be php5-universe too08:26
ogra_seth_k, i dont think we drop packages from main this easily... but thats a mdz decision08:26
=== seth_k needs some packages to work on, all my KDE stuff won't build right now :(
Mezseth_k, tha would be because of daniels08:26
ogra_Mez, dont always blame daniels... we all wanted the modularizaton :)08:27
ogra_its a very important step for X08:27
Mezlol - sorry, other people have been blaming daniels08:27
ogra_yes, he's the guy doing the work08:27
Mezogra_, any idea how long it'll take?08:27
ogra_depends on daniels :)08:28
seth_kAmaranth thought early next week08:28
=== Mez cant wait for breezy
ogra_might be...08:28
=== ogra_ cant wait for X
Mezisnt the version freeze next week ?08:28
seth_kand you can blame daniels once you know how to fix all the stuff he is fixing, Mez :P08:28
ogra_i need a first usable edubuntu CD :(08:28
=== Mez blames seth instead then
seth_kfood time, $3 footlongs at Subway on Tuesdays!08:29
seth_kbye Mez, ogra08:29
Mezogra_, isnt Version freeze next week?08:29
ogra_aug. 11th08:29
ogra_feature freeze...08:30
ogra_version freeze is since some time08:30
ogra_one or two weeks08:30
Mezthere's already beena  Version Freeze?08:30
ogra_UVF, yes08:30
ogra_all new upstream versions need approval...08:31
Mezah, ok, so adding stuff like - new packages = bad?08:31
ogra_new is better then a new upstream version ....08:31
ogra_new packages dont have rdepends, so they might break less other stuff08:32
ogra_but they still need approval08:32
Mezso form now to release is fixing uild-deps etc?08:34
havocok, there is no chkconfig in ubuntu :(08:34
havochow am I supposed to edit services/runlevels?08:35
tsengthere is update-rc.d08:35
havochmm, it doesn't appear to be capable of listing what runs when08:36
havochow can I find out what starts when?08:38
havoclike chkconfig --list on other systems08:38
havocthe wiki is less than informative on this issue08:38
havocor I may just be blind08:38
tsengthe wiki doesnt attempt to document every aspect of the system08:39
tsengfeel free to improve it.08:39
havocI figured that08:39
havocI would have just installed chkconfig and been done with it, but there is no package08:39
tsengchkconfig is specific to redhat08:39
tsengand "derivitives"08:40
havocit seems to be a generic sys08:40
Mezogra_, is there  aquick way to check for unmet deps on p.u.c ?08:40
havocthing though08:40
Mezas in if the package has been fixed or not08:40
tsengwell, debian doesnt use it in any case08:40
Mezcause, usually it shows something about unmet deps (cannot find package)08:40
chillywillyupdate-rc.d is useless08:41
havocso how do I see what is set to start in which runlevel?08:41
ogra_chillywilly, only if you upgrade ;)08:41
havocthere has to be a way08:41
ogra_Mez, it should have a buildX version... and there is a wikipage that lists them ....08:41
ogra_havoc, all runlevels are the same08:42
ogra_havoc, thats not SuSE :)08:42
Mezogra_ I know the wikipage lists them, but where did it get them from?08:42
havocogra_: ok, then how do I see what starts at boot?08:42
tsengMez: dholbach writes scripts to build those lists08:43
ogra_Mez, dholbach has a script... ajmitch might too08:43
ogra_havoc, look in /etc/rcX.d/ ?08:43
chillywillyls /etc/rc2.d08:43
havocgah, that is lame08:43
Mezhow often is that list updated?08:44
ogra_havoc, debian leaves it to the admin to select whats started in which runlevel if he wants to have different ones08:45
ogra_(by deleting the samlinks for example)08:45
havocogra_: I just can't believe there's no app to do it08:45
havocI guess I'll have to write my own08:46
havochow primitive08:46
Mezaha, found it08:46
chillywillyapt-get install rcconf08:46
havocchillywilly: thanx08:46
chillywillyncurses based interface08:46
havocI don't need curses08:46
ogra_havoc, there is one in breezy... for hoary there was none thats stable enough... additionally i doubt that a normal user should modify bootscripts08:46
havocogra_: no, but as the admin it would be handy :)08:47
tsengthe admin can install it himself08:47
havocinstall what?08:47
ogra_havoc, debian assumes the admin knows the cli :)08:47
havocogra_: chkconfig *is* cli08:47
ogra_havoc, and in the end we derive from there :)08:47
ogra_havoc, rm and ln too ;)08:48
havocogra_: as I said, how primitive :)08:48
havocI'm just gonna write either a bash or perl scrit that is a copy of chkconfig08:48
ogra_havoc s/primitive/kiss08:49
ogra_keep it simple and stupid08:49
tsengwhy would you write your own tool in place of update-rc.d08:49
bddebianBah fscking "real job".  Have I missed anything good?08:49
havoctseng: cuz update-rc.d doesn't do what I want08:49
tsengls does08:49
tsengif you want to reinvent, who am I to stop you08:50
slomoyeah... fixed the sawfish build =)08:50
tsengoh man, sawfish08:51
ogra_slomo, rocking !08:51
tsengi can relive my gnome 1.2 glory days08:51
ogra_tseng, yes, good for sawfish users :)08:51
bddebianDamn, I suck, you rock slomo :-08:52
slomotseng: that was the primary reason why i choosed this before other stuff =) are there currently any sawfish users left?08:52
tsengyou can run it by itself08:52
tsengand it has some funky lisp scripting abilities iirc08:52
tsengthere are some weird people out ther08:52
bddebianThank you, thank you very much.. :-)08:54
slomowell lisp is a nice language :) but not well-suited for anything else than some playing...08:54
slomobddebian: and you don't suck :P08:54
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ogra_slomo, agreed08:56
tsengi could say the same thing about PHP08:56
tsengbut here I sid08:56
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Lathiati recently discovered ruby on rails08:56
tsengi did too08:57
tsengbut im locked into php08:57
Lathiatim not going to evere voluntarily write a php application for a website ever again08:57
=== bddebian recently discovered C ;-P
Amaranthi'd discover it if i didn't hate ruby08:57
Lathiatruby is actually quite nice08:57
Lathiatwhy do you hate it?08:57
Lathiati dunno how it would be for writing real programs08:57
ogra_bddebian, isnt it nice :)08:57
Lathiatbut fo rthis kidn of thing, its fantastic08:57
Amaranthit's python for perl lovers08:57
bddebianogra_: Awesome :-)08:57
LathiatAmaranth: the regex things kinda tol dme that08:57
Lathiati kinda thought that was cool08:57
slomoAmaranth: there's something similar to rails for python: http://www.djangoproject.com/08:57
Lathiatit works a little different08:58
Amaranththat's about the 5th one08:58
Amaranthsubway was the first, iirc08:58
bddebianSo NOW is there anyone around that knows jack about qmake?08:58
LathiatAmaranth: django seems/im todl si the best of the python ones08:58
Lathiatbut it still sucks comparatively08:58
tsengwhat the hell did you just say08:58
Lathiatdjango has the nice idea of an 'admin' separation08:58
Mezaboot is buggered08:58
Lathiatignore what i said08:58
Lathiatas opposed to rails which just has scaffolding08:58
tsengthe scaffolding is the best08:59
tsengyou can do in and customize the code08:59
Mezthe packages it provides arent availeable08:59
tsengto fit.08:59
Lathiatbut yes scaffolding is very cool08:59
Lathiatone major difference is that django uses a database backend08:59
Lathiatrepresenting its objects08:59
Lathiatwhere as rails works around the database08:59
Lathiati prefer08:59
tsengi wouldnt say "around" it09:00
tsengit just puts a nice interface on it09:00
Lathiattseng: yeh but09:00
Lathiatthe stuff activerecord wants you to do09:00
tsengyou can still use sql09:00
Lathiatis for the most part, good design09:00
tseng or override the class09:00
Lathiatand what i was already doing09:00
tsengLathiat: the naming?09:00
Lathiattseng: ya09:00
tsengLathiat: yes, ive not changed much09:00
Lathiatall i did was start putting _ in09:01
Lathiatand stop abbreviating things09:01
tsengi used to do product_id in the products table09:01
tsengnot just id09:01
pefhow should I handle this case ? a program needs another program, but a modified version09:01
Lathiatoh ok09:01
Lathiati always just used id09:01
tsengactiverecord only puts the table name ahead of foreign keys09:01
Lathiatand product_id for the foreign key09:01
tsengnot primary keys09:01
Lathiati already did it that way09:01
Lathiatso thats not a problem for me09:01
Lathiati prefer it that way09:01
Lathiatnever really thought of doing it any other way i guess09:02
Lathiatone thign thats lacking is boolean support in scaffolding for mysql09:02
tsengthats beacause mysql fakes booleneas09:02
Lathiatdespite mysql not having a boolean, it claims to use tinyint(1) as one, but it doesnt work09:02
Lathiatand even in the mjysql adapter there is code for it09:02
Lathiatbut it doesnt recognise it09:02
tsengwell doesnt if (product.bool) work?09:03
tsengits 1/009:03
Lathiatyeh but the yeh but th swcaffolding just prints a number out09:03
tsengworks in php09:03
Lathiatnot that its overly tragic09:03
tsenglike in the admin form09:03
Lathiatjust, it snot supposed to do that09:03
Lathiatin edit, etc09:03
tsengyeah i work around that in php already09:03
Lathiatand it doesnt support ENUM09:03
tsengin the form code09:03
Lathiatwhich im told isnt sql standard but shrug, i think their handy09:03
Lathiatand i assume it doesnt support SETS either09:04
Lathiatbut yeh, overall im impressed09:04
Lathiative got a basic workign site after a couple days09:04
Lathiathad to do a bit of searching to find out how to do a login system nicely09:05
Lathiatmixed and matched from liek 4 documents09:05
MezI cna advocate my own uploads in revy09:06
NafalloUnmetDeps is both build-deps and deps or both?09:06
Lathiatbut yeh, i wen to add a feature to our php stuff today and i wanted to die :)09:06
bddebianNafallo: Mostly deps but I have found both09:06
Amaranthi don't think i'll ever have a use for rails09:06
Amaranthi've got wordpress09:07
Nafallothen network-manager only needs a rebuild :-).09:07
slomoNafallo: i've made a debdiff for that already ;)09:07
LathiatAmaranth: Well, you dont develop ewebsites :)09:07
AmaranthLathiat: Not anymore, thank $DEITY.09:07
Nafalloslomo: hehe, oki :-).09:07
Lathiatdjango was actually the reason i looked at rails again09:08
Lathiatand i really like it now09:08
slomoNafallo: and some packages on that list need some more love than just correcting dependencies09:08
Mezwtf does W: php4-universe source: newer-debconf-template mean ?09:08
Nafalloslomo: like network-manager ;-)09:09
AmaranthMez: get verbose output09:10
MezN:   debconf-updatepo has not been run since the last change to your09:10
MezN:   debconf template(s).09:10
slomoNafallo: sure? it compiled without problems here and was installable... what further problems did you notice?09:11
MezAmaranth, http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/incoming/php4-universe-0507192105/lintian09:11
Nafalloslomo: yea. but it hangs for me. but that's still thom's headache I guess ;-).09:11
Nafalloatleast nm-applet does09:11
AmaranthMez: Do what it says.09:11
AmaranthNafallo: thom doesn't work for canonical anymore09:12
NafalloAmaranth: I know. he might build packages still though :-)?09:12
LathiatAmaranth: oh really?09:12
MezAmaranth am goine, but need to make a build-depends on the package for it thouh09:12
Amaranthnot from the sound of it09:12
Lathiatwhat happened?09:12
Lathiatby the sounds of what?09:12
Amaranthi know he isn't the firefox maintainer anymore so i doubt he'll be working on network-manager09:13
Lathiati dont see what firefox has to do with anything09:13
Lathiatno one wants to touch firefox :P09:13
=== bddebian would if he wasn't st00pid
Amaranthwell, whoever told me firefox needed a new maintainer made it sound like n-m was parentless too09:14
Nafallohmm, network-manager is a breezy goal. that will have to be addressed.09:14
AmaranthNafallo: Thanks for volunteering.09:14
NafalloAmaranth: tss ;-)09:14
slomoNafallo: do you think it's an upstream bug?09:14
\shbddebian: r u member now? *sorryfornotbeingtherethewholetime*09:14
Amaranthseb128 was last to touch firefox09:14
Amaranthhe's screwed :P09:15
Mezhow can i find what package a file belongs to09:15
bddebian\sh: I think so :-)09:15
Nafalloslomo: dunno yet. could be my wlandriver :-/.09:15
AmaranthMez: apt-file09:15
pefMez: dpkg -S or apt-file search :)09:15
bddebian\sh: And no problem, it was a loooong meeting :-)09:15
Amaranth2 1/2 hours09:15
\shbddebian: yeah had to catch the bus home..and tried to go fast as possible back home09:16
slomohmm... UniverseUnmetDeps has to be updated... some of the stuff seems to be working again (without a rebuild)09:16
bddebianslomo: Such as?09:16
\shslomo: yes09:17
slomobddebian: ruby1.9, python-gnome2, snes9express09:17
bddebianAhh, I'm down in the Z's still ;-)09:17
Amaranthah, ruby1.9 how i've missed you09:17
Amaranthi had to install that crack manually from sid to get gnome-art09:18
tsengdoes 1.9 work with rails09:18
bddebian Did you apt-get install crack ?  Did that work? ;-P09:18
Amaranthof course gnome-art isn't all that good...09:18
Lathiat1.8 does ;p09:18
Lathiati should make an automatic unmet-deps thing09:18
Lathiatmight do that tomorrow09:18
Lathiatupdate once a day09:18
tsengdholbach has it09:18
Lathiatoh he does?09:18
Lathiatdoes it put it anywhere universe?09:18
Amaranththere is already an auto uninstallable script09:18
tsenghe made the wiki page09:18
tsengno, it just prints it09:19
tsengand he cut 'n paste09:19
Lathiatwell apt-cache tells you anyway09:19
Lathiatnot like its overly hard09:19
Lathiatjust notice to have it update auto09:19
tsengrunning memtest86 on 2 gigs is painful09:20
Amaranth40 minutes a pass on 51209:21
Amaranthso 2 gig would really suck ass09:21
Amaranth2 passes should be enough though09:21
Nafallohmm, libpgtcl should be replaced with? :-)09:21
tsengthe box is getting a machine check exception09:22
tsengevery day09:22
tsengmy coworker is too impatient to wait for memtest so he is getting quotes on another $20k box09:22
Amaranthsteal box09:23
Lathiathaha tsen09:23
tsengoh you think im joking09:23
Lathiatif hes that impatient he should just get osme new ram first09:23
tsengim not sure its ram09:23
tsengits MCE09:23
Lathiati was thinking that09:23
Lathiatisnt that more like09:23
tsengthe box ran forever on RH7.309:23
Lathiattemperature and things liek that09:23
Lathiatand other random cpu OH NO IM DYING things09:23
tsengit was at load average of 2009:24
tsengfor 3 years straight09:24
tsengthe guy before me thought MRTG was scalable09:24
tsengto 900 hosts09:24
tsengi wrote my own poller, which does it all in ~2 minutes w/o loading the box09:25
tsengand we only draw graphs on view09:25
tsengnot all zillion at once09:25
Lathiatmunin is good09:25
tsengits not.09:25
Lathiathas a graphing/data collection separation09:25
Lathiataltho the on view thing would be an advantage09:26
tsengim sure its great for joe's home network09:26
Lathiati dont think munin will do that09:26
tsengbut my app is alot more complicated09:26
Lathiattseng: well, for 900 hosts, quite possibly not09:26
Lathiatworks for a few hsots09:26
Lathiatwhich even in non home network applications is often suitable09:26
bddebianogra_: Can you get the unicom-im source package for me? :)09:26
Lathiatthe number of hsots i deal with can be counted on two hands09:26
tsengi really need to thread my poller script09:28
tsengit could be loads faster if it would do 2 or 3 systems at a time09:28
tsengright now it just snmpwalk, wait, snmpwalk, wait09:28
tsenglots of wasted time09:29
ogra_bddebian, seems nonexistent here09:29
bddebianogra_: I know :-)09:29
bddebianogra_: zhcon build-deps on it09:29
ogra_bddebian, but you could try unicon ;)09:29
ogra_i.e. unicon-imc209:30
bddebianHmm, dumbass. :'-(09:31
Nafallowhat to do with stuff that's been removed in breezy? :-)09:31
ogra_Nafallo, ??09:31
Nafallobut then again. it's MIA on unstable to :-P09:32
ogra_and what do you want to do with it ?09:32
Nafalloogra_: dep of pgaccess09:32
Nafalloogra_: so basically replace it with something existing :-)09:33
ogra_hmm,why is it missing in breezy ?09:33
Nafallodunno. probably something to do with pitti and the postgresql-transition :-)09:34
seth_kif I may interrupt, ogra_, things on UniverseUnmetDeps just need a bit of debian/control dependency changing, then a rebuild? (usually)09:34
bddebianseth_k: That has been my experience so far09:34
seth_kbddebian: thank you :)09:34
ogra_seth_k, most of them, yes09:34
seth_kbddebian, glad to have you in members btw09:34
bddebianseth_k: Thanks, glad to be here :-)09:34
bddebian there, whatever09:34
seth_kogra_, and I append build1 to the version? like foo-1.3-2build1?09:35
bddebianseth_k: I have been unless I make a significant change to the source.  But what do I know :-)09:35
seth_kbddebian, :P09:35
ogra_seth_k, if you make changes, raise the ubuntuX number... if you only rebuild add buildX09:35
seth_kogra_, right. Thanks!09:35
ogra_(except it already has a ubuntu version indeed)09:35
bddebianMany (most?) don't have have an ubuntuX version :-)09:36
seth_kmm, that one was lost in translation ogra_09:36
bddebianYeah ogra_, I can't even parse that one to fix it. ;-)09:36
ogra_seth_k, if it already has a ubuntuX version, dont change it to bulidX ;)09:36
bddebianAhh yes09:36
seth_kogra_, ah, now I understand :)09:37
seth_kall right, gonna try one!09:37
Mezogra_, what about ubuntuXbuildX09:37
ogra_Mez, no usecase for that :)09:37
\shmez: nice mail09:38
Mezogra_, wha?09:38
ogra_packages with ubuntuX version dont get autosynced :)09:38
ogra_but packages with buildX do09:38
bddebian I usually use XubuntuBarryKicksAssbuildX ;-P09:38
Mezso we just bump the version number for those?09:38
ogra_so you dont want to change a package to ubuntuX for only a rebuild, else you have to care for it eternally09:39
Mezso it'll try autosync for ubuntuXbuildX09:39
Mezogra_, no, if something already has ubuntuX on it09:39
ogra_no, just raise the ubuntuX number.... for these09:39
Mezand needs a rebuild09:39
\shshort question...09:39
Mezah kk09:39
Nafalloogra_: for packages that doesn't need more than a give-back I ask for such I guess? :-)09:40
\shhow should it really work with the backports..09:40
ogra_Mez, what Nafallo says09:40
\shbuilding from breezy means pulling a bunch of deps behind09:40
\shesp. main stuff09:40
Mez\sh - huh?09:40
ogra_\sh, nope09:40
ogra_\sh, if the transitions were made right this shouldnt happen for a recompile... some will need | clauses in the contol file... but most wont09:41
Mezthe ones that need | clauses will be for stuff like the mozilla-firefox  -> firefox changes09:42
Nafallo| == or :-)09:43
\shand kde3.4.1 e.g. will pull in the complete new xorg structure09:43
\shright now riddell is tightening the build-deps...09:43
ogra_yep xorg will be a prob...09:43
\shbut we have to tighten them :(09:43
MezI'm getting some weird errors with aboot09:44
\shpython2.3/2.4 stuff is not so wild doing a backport...09:44
\shbut everything what depends on xorg (which is really a monster)09:44
seth_kbut modularization rocks, so it's worth it09:45
\shseth_k: again..we need to leave hoary in state like it is..without changing hoary to breezy ,-)09:45
Mezso we can make the build deps right throuh for the xorg changes right?09:46
Mezso the build deps will work with them09:46
Mezis there no way to like - d a subclause?09:46
Mez(bla | bla, bla, bla, bla09:46
\shso a lot of changes has to be done for debian/control e.g.09:47
Mez\sh, which will need to be done anyways ne?09:47
\shMez: yes..for breezy sure..but I'm talking really now only for haory-backports...it means, they should build on breezy first time, and secondly they should cover nicely hoary09:48
\shso the changes main and universe are doing have to build on breezy (1. prio) and those changes should apply easily for hoary (2nd prio)09:49
\shand when I see the problems right now with xorg (as a monster example), we have to be very very careful09:50
Mez\sh, with the backports stuff, we can go change it :d09:50
\shthe I read the mail completly wrong09:50
Mezand with the xorg stuff, that's all got to be done for breezy, so if we change the Build-Depends so it'd work for hoary too09:50
Mezthey will be automatically backported from breezt (or current09:51
Mezdistro +1) and if they do not build from scratch, the changes to make09:51
Mezthem do so will have to be made and put into breezy, so that the09:51
Mezbackport will build from breezy.09:51
Mezso we have to change breezy to get it to work for breezy and backports09:51
Mezthough, the build-deps for this is going to be interesting09:51
seth_kMez, does backports plan on servicing all Ubuntu versions that are still supported, or just the latest stable release09:52
Mezseth_k, that hasn't been dsiscussed yet09:52
pefdoes anyone know where is the libaa transition ?09:52
\shMez: means, that we have to provide a bunch of meta compatiblity packages09:52
Mezbut a good point09:52
Mez\sh, not really no09:52
Mezgive me an example of why that'd need ot be done09:53
ogra_Mez, in any case it wont get easy for you guys to convince maintainers to make the changes for you.... \sh is right... all are focused on their next release09:53
Mezogra_, yes I know- hence why we become MOTU09:53
\shMez: check the xorg packages right now (even if they are borked)...it doesn't match only 1/4 of hoarys xorg09:53
Mezso sutf fin universe can be done easily09:53
Mezhuh \sh?09:53
\shMez:  as I said, right now we're having problems with some kde stuff..so we're tightening the build-deps to packages which are not in hoary09:54
Amaranthbut then mez has to go and reexpand them so they build on hoary09:55
\shAmaranth: that's what I said with meta compatiblity packages..without breaking the structure of hoary09:55
Amaranthi dunno...09:56
Amaranthyou might want to talk to mdz about that09:56
MezI cant see why things will neccesarily break the structure, if the build-dpes cna be changed, they should be ok09:56
Amaranthhe is the one that setup how backports work09:56
Mezunless I'm missing something09:56
\shmoment I'm searching for an example :)09:56
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\shargl..getting chroot to work again :(09:57
slomoMez: i don't see the problem as well...09:58
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\shlets say arts (again kde bla)..build-deps on libxrender-dev10:04
MezCan anyone tell me what's going on here -> http://pastebin.com/31649310:04
Mezok \sh10:04
Mezwhats the problem10:04
Mezwith that10:05
\shu need linux-libc-headers10:05
\shMez: check the deps of it..apt-cache show libxrender-dev..and check the deps again..10:05
Mezcheck the deps of what10:06
\shfck..forget it10:06
\shdaniels is good ,-)10:06
Mez\sh - so i need to build-depends on it10:06
Mez\sh, no try and explain :D10:06
\shok...libxrender-dev pulls ins (on hoary) render-dev10:06
\shfor breezy but: x11proto-render-dev10:06
\shin hoary add a pulling x-dev10:07
\shin breezy: only x11proto-core10:07
\shactually I'm not sure, if x11proto-render-dev deploys those files render-dev is deploying10:08
Mez\sh start again with that one10:08
\sharts build-depends on libxrender-dev10:08
Mezsay arts depends on libxrender-dev10:08
\shno build-depends..10:09
Mezthats what I meant10:09
Mezso the packages exist in both vesions - yes?10:09
Mezso,, it should pull in the version from hoary if it's the backport being built10:09
Mezit wont pull in the breezy version10:09
Mezif it depends on the breezy version then it should build-depends on >=breezy version10:10
\shand now we're going to the interessting part10:10
Mezwhich is ?10:10
\shright now, breezy version of arts is tightend to breezies version of libxrender-dev (cause of some problems during xorg trans)10:11
\sh(not only arts but also qt etc.)10:11
Mezhow is it "tightened"10:11
\shwe are versioning the build-deps..libxrender-dev (>= 0.9.0-0ubuntu5),  libxcursor-dev (>= 1.1.4-0ubuntu3) e.g.10:12
chillywillywake up ajmitchie10:12
Mezso it does depend on breezy versions yes?10:12
Mezyes, it depends on breezy versions,10:13
Mezbut It'll compile with lower versions... yes?10:13
Mezso the build-deps is wrong, it should be >= lowest version it'll work with10:13
Meznot >= lowest version you want it to work with10:13
Mezunless it NEEDS to be that version for a SPECIFIC reason10:14
tsengyes Mez10:14
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=== Mez is confused
Meztseng: yes to what10:15
tsengyes to10:15
tseng< Mez> unless it NEEDS to be that version for a SPECIFIC reason10:15
\shoffice phone sorry10:15
Mezbut, as far as I can see, that doesnt NEED to be that version - it will work fine with ther versions10:16
tsengmake it the lowest possible10:16
tsenglike, by reaing configure scripts10:16
Mezyeah, but \sh is saying that they're not doing that - they're tailoring it to work with breezy only :d10:16
Nafallohmm, shouldn't ${shlibs:Depends} resolve libdc0-dev to libdc0c2 ?10:16
Mithrandirif the shlibs file is correct, yes.10:17
|rockinnerd|how does one write a debconf?10:17
NafalloMithrandir: where can I find that file then? :-)10:17
Mezsorry, still confused: wtf is with http://pastebin.com/31649310:18
ogra_|rockinnerd|, ask Mithrandir he just came back from one ;)10:18
ogra_|rockinnerd|, kidding indeed, look at the debian new maintainer guide...10:18
|rockinnerd|kinda figured10:18
MithrandirNafallo: /var/lib/dpkg/info/libdcc2.shlibs, iirc.10:19
=== Mithrandir tickles ogra_
Mezaw ... cuteness10:19
NafalloMithrandir: so it's in the libdc0 source package then? :-)10:19
Mezogra_, do you agree that build-deps should be >= for the lowest version they'll build with, and not, (unless needed0 chanegd to be >= the version for that distibution release10:20
MithrandirNafallo: yes10:20
NafalloMithrandir: thanx. I'll probably can afford beer in the weekend ;-)10:21
ogra_Mez, since we support backports now that should be helpful ;)10:21
Mithrandirnafyay beer.10:21
tsengyay, irssi10:21
ogra_Mez, and its a debian policy anyway iirc ...10:22
\shogra_: but since we have problems on the buildds it's this way ,-)10:22
\shbut i think it will change anyways10:22
\shsorry..problems in da office...they lost a bunch of ppv services10:22
\shso forget what I said...and lets try the adv10:23
|rockinnerd|its not in this page: http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/10:23
|rockinnerd|s/it/debconf howto10:23
=== Mez has no idea how to fix this : http://pastebin.com/316493 please, someone give me an idea
\shMez: did u read the website?10:23
bddebianMez: You added linux-libc-headers?10:24
Mezbddebian, I just tried to build from the current version10:24
ogra_|rockinnerd|, there are some good examples how to build a package in there as well as a description of the debhelper scripts...10:24
|rockinnerd|ah. thanks10:24
\shMez: hmmm..linux-libc-headers?10:24
Mez\sh no such package10:25
bddebianw00t, another build10:25
ogra_|rockinnerd|, also see the PbuilderHowto on the ubuntu wiki and tseng wrote an awesome debdiff howto10:25
tsengi wrote a dpatch howto10:25
tsengshould i write debdiff?10:26
bddebianIf I had to change build-depends, I should increment ubuntuX right?  Or add ubuntuX if it doesn't exist?10:26
ogra_(typing while eating here)10:26
Mezit depends on linux-kernel-headers10:26
bddebianogra_: :-)10:26
seth_kbddebian, that's what ogra said methinks10:26
Mezbddebian, yes10:26
tsengdpatch 15 17.4 %10:26
tsengdpatch is the number one google result to my blog10:26
tsengevery month.10:26
tsenghm im like #510:27
Mezto be fair10:27
Mezaboot = broken in warty hoary and breezy10:27
ogra_tseng, you should add a hint to the required dpatch build-dep ;)10:27
tsengogra_: yes10:27
\shMez: looks like it's something like a compat include thingy10:27
Mezbroken in all versions10:27
Mez\sh I've no idea what that means?10:28
tsengMez: fix it, dude10:28
Meztseng: I've no idea how to10:28
\shMez: read the doc file from this webpage10:28
ogra_Mez, look at the buildlogs ;)10:28
chillywillyif someone made a package from a cvs version what would be the proper version number?10:29
chillywillyor a convention that is commonly used, rather10:29
\shkeep in mind10:29
\sh   there are lots of 2.4 kernel compatibilities included10:29
\shactually linux-kernel-headers are not anymore in /usr/include/linux/* right?10:30
Mezogra_, it built successfully apparently10:30
bddebianSo if I "fix" a package on UniverseUnmetDeps, just post a debdiff somewhere??10:30
seth_kchillywilly, foo-0.cvs+YYYYMMDD is what I see a lot10:30
ogra_Mez, didnt you say it was broken ?10:30
seth_kbddebian, methinks move it into a tablerow like the others and post a debdiff link10:30
bddebianseth_k: Well I have been moving them.  Obviously you aren't reading my posts.. ;-P10:31
Mezogra_ on p.u.c the source package says it provides 3 packages, but only one of them exists10:31
ogra_Mez, so something didnt build ... look in the build log why this happens....10:32
Mezogra_, accoring to the build log10:32
Mezit built10:32
ogra_all three packages ?10:32
MezIt builds them seperately?10:33
MezI cant see any erros10:33
ogra_you said it builds three binarys from one source...10:33
slomoMez: in the buildlog there's only the -cross package10:33
ogra_and only one is there10:33
\shMez: what says the control: how many packages are in there10:34
seth_kbddebian, have you ever had this happen where you change build-depends only, and the debdiff is hundreds of KB?10:34
ogra_so two havent build ... the log shows you why10:34
\shseth_k: autoconf/automake stuff10:34
Mez3 packages iun control10:34
chillywillythanks seth_k10:34
seth_k\sh, is that okay? or is something wrong10:34
bddebianseth_k: I'll tell you in a second :-)10:34
Mezand slomo yeah ti says that, but 3 are in control10:34
=== Panzerboy [~NoName@panzerboy.user] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shseth_k: check the rules..normally u will see something like autoreconf bla10:35
ogra_Mez, so the other two dont get built10:35
\shMez: where r the buildlogs?10:35
Mezogra_, but the whole thing bombs out for me10:35
seth_k\sh, and what do I do with that?10:35
\shseth_k: is there something like autoreconf?10:35
Mez\sh http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/a/aboot/0.9b-3/10:35
Mezaboot conflicts aboot-cross10:36
seth_kin debian/rules, there is no autoreconf, \sh10:36
\shdpkg-genchanges: warning: package aboot-base in control file but not in files list10:36
\shdpkg-genchanges: warning: package aboot-base in control file but not in files list10:36
Mezmine wont even build thgouh10:37
Mez(prob cause it's for alpha arch)10:37
\shseth_k: ok...is it doing something like copying config.guess/config.sub in the clean: target? or is it calling aclocal,automake,autoconf,libtoolize in configure target?10:37
=== chesty_ [~chesty@unconcerned.org] has joined #ubuntu-motu
MezUbuntu doesnt support alpha arch doe sit?10:38
seth_kah, there you hit it \sh, it is copying config.guess and config.sub10:38
Mezogra_, that would be why then - aboot is an ALPHA only program.10:38
\shseth_k: where? clean target?10:38
Mezogra_, how do you kill it from ubuntu10:38
Mezogra_, it's just wasting space10:39
seth_kthat's correct, \sh10:39
bddebianHow the hell do I do a debdiff if I can install nor build the original??10:39
ogra_Mez, morgue... we have a wikipage for that....10:39
\shseth_k: which package btw?10:39
seth_k\sh, torcs (racing simulator game)10:39
seth_kbddebian, you can debdiff against .dsc files, so just apt-get source the original10:40
=== plugwash [plugwash@p10link.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianseth_k: Ahh, thx10:40
bddebian<-- bonehead10:41
=== Mez adds to morguecandidates
\shseth_k: ok..10:41
Mezso, the morgue is where old packages go to die?10:41
\shseth_k: move the part beginning with: ifneq "$... from clean target to configure target (just before the ./configure call)10:42
\shactually to config.status target ;)10:42
seth_kjiminy \sh how do you KNOW this stuff :D10:42
\shmy sphere of glas told me that ,-)10:43
Mezseth_k, you get to know thiese things10:43
\shseth_k: actually...it can be something else10:43
\she.g. it calls autoconf stuff during make...dynamic generation of an example source e.g.10:43
=== rtcm [~jman@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shthere are some nice packages who are doing this10:44
\shi think mysql-admin or mysql-control-center is one of it..10:44
slomogn8 all10:45
seth_k\sh, would you like to peek at the debdiff to decide? (Only if you have nothing else to do, otherwise I just let somebody who knows more do it)10:45
seth_kbut if you have time I enjoy learning :)10:45
\shseth_k: yeah...let me have a look on it...10:46
bddebianLater slomo10:46
bddebianslomo: Congrats again ;-)10:46
seth_kbye slomo, look forward to seeing you around10:46
seth_k\sh http://sethkinast.com/ubuntu/breezy/torcs/10:46
=== blueyed [~daniel@iD4CC1949.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shu have one of those packages10:47
\shok..first of all10:48
\shmove this config.sub/guess stuff to config.status target10:48
\shlet it build10:49
\shafter u take the debdiff10:49
\shremove from the debdiff the first part from diff -u torcs-1.2.2/src/doc/torcsdoc.conf torcs-1.2.2/src/doc/torcsdoc.conf10:49
\shto diff -u torcs-1.2.2/debian/changelog torcs-1.2.2/debian/changelog10:50
\shthis line u r not deleting ;)10:50
\shso ur debdiff is starting with diff -u torcs-1.2.2/debian/changelog torcs-1.2.2/debian/changelog10:50
seth_kokay, I understand10:50
\shit's creating some autoconf crap during the make10:50
\shthat's really scary sometimes10:51
=== Mez is confused
comadrejahowdy all10:51
Mezdepends on a package that never existed10:51
bddebianHeya comadreja10:51
seth_kokay, that makes sense \sh -- hi comadreja10:51
\shMez: ocaml-nox-3.08.3 is the package (virtual)10:52
comadrejaseth_k bddebian Mez... :) I'm still trying to get my key signed10:52
\shcheck the ocaml source package...10:52
bddebiancomadreja: :-)10:52
comadrejaI have some debian friends, maybe it'll do the trick10:53
bddebianWouldn't my change to the control file for build-deps show up in the debdiff??10:53
seth_kokay \sh, it did not like me moving that ifneq stuff to config.status (right before ./configure) and the build bombed10:53
bddebianDamn is it busy in here today.. :-)10:53
Mez\sh, but if you look, it depends on ocaml-nox-3.08 [not powerpc]  and 3.08.3 powerpc10:53
\shseth_k: it should have any whitespaces in front of it ;-) just move it and put it just like in the clean target10:53
bddebianbrb "smoke break"10:54
\shMez: yeah..ocaml is a pain10:54
\shit shouldn't10:54
seth_kah, no whitespace... sorry about that10:54
seth_kbuild again10:54
Mezshou;ld I just change that to one depends on 3.08.3 ?10:54
\shMez: w8 i just touched an ocaml package last time10:55
\shbuild-depend on ocaml and depends on ocaml-nox10:55
\shBuild-Depends: debhelper (>> 4.0.0), ocaml, m4, gawk | awk, dpatch, g++-3.410:56
\shDepends: ocaml-nox, ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}10:56
\sh(example in findlib)10:56
\shI don't know if it matches yours10:56
MezBuild-Depends: debhelper (>> 4.0.0), ocaml-nox-3.08.3, ocaml-findlib, libocamlnet-ocaml-dev (>= 1.0-1), libxstr-ocaml-dev (>= 0.2.1-10), libequeue-ocaml-dev (>= 2.1-2)10:56
MezBuild-Depends: debhelper (>> 4.0.0), ocaml-nox-3.08.3, ocaml-findlib, libocamlnet-ocaml-dev (>= 1.0-1), libxstr-ocaml-dev (>= 0.2.1-10), libequeue-ocaml-dev (>= 2.1-2)10:57
MezDepends: ocaml-nox-3.08.3, libocamlnet-ocaml-dev (>= 1.0-1), libxstr-ocaml-dev (>= 0.2.1-10), libequeue-ocaml-dev (>= 2.1-2),10:57
\shtry it with ocaml-nox10:57
\shbut put a g++-3.4 in b-d10:58
Mezocaml-nox (>= 3.0.8)   ??10:58
\shah no10:58
\shit will pull 3.4 anyways10:58
\shjust do it with ocaml-nox10:58
Meznot a >=3.0.*?10:58
Mez8 *10:58
\shjust ocaml-nox ,-)10:58
Mezocaml needs a rebuild10:59
Mez -> Considering  libocamlnet-ocaml-dev (>= 1.0-1)10:59
Mez      Tried versions: 0.98-410:59
Mez   -> Does not satisfy version, not trying10:59
MezIt didnt build for i38610:59
\shping doko11:00
\shok..time for me to go to bed..:(11:02
\shcu tomorrow gentlemen11:02
seth_kowch, just missed him11:02
seth_kdebdiff is 6.3 Kb now though :P11:02
bddebianCan someone look at this if they get a second? http://pastebin.ubuntulinux.nl/68211:06
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-73-155.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianOhh, hmm11:07
seth_kbddebian, that doesn't show the change you made in debian/control, so something is fishy11:08
bddebianseth_k: That's what I thought11:08
bddebianAhh, now I see why :-)11:09
seth_khmm... uptimed built with no changes on my box, does that mean it just needs a rebuild?11:10
bddebianShould we always update Standards to the latest?11:11
seth_khmm, uptimed *installs* with no issues. I wonder why it's in the unmetdeps list...11:11
bddebianseth_k: Did you try it in pbuilder? :-)11:11
bddebianHeya ajmitch11:11
seth_kbddebian, of course, I use nothing but pbuilder11:11
bddebianseth_k: Ahh, you are better than me then :-)11:12
seth_kblame Mez11:12
=== bddebian blames mez
bddebianseth_k: Have you been updating standards to 3.6.2?11:13
seth_kbddebian, nope. But don't you even think about taking my word for anything :P11:13
seth_kI'll deny it all11:13
ajmitchbddebian: if you upgrade standards, do you go over the policy checklist? :)11:14
Mezwhat package is phpize part of ?11:14
bddebianUhm, sure, of course ;-)11:14
ajmitchgood to hear :)11:15
bddebianI need a better testing methodology11:17
=== ajmitch would hate to think that people change the policy version without reading what the policy changes are
=== bddebian wonders if anyone actually reads the policy
=== ajmitch hopes so
havocajmitch: all that work last night was for nothing :(11:19
havoccuz 3ware sucks11:19
ajmitchhavoc: why was it for nothing?11:20
bddebianOh fux, I didn't change from unstable to breezy11:20
havocajmitch: *need* to run 2.4.x, and the boot drive was an SATA11:20
havocajmitch: need 2.4.x cuz the lame ass 3ware array monitoring binaries for this card need 2.4.x11:21
havocI am not pleased11:21
ajmitchyou can't run it just as a software RAID setup? :)11:21
havocack, *that's* evil11:21
seth_kbddebian, your constant modified swearing gets kind of old tbh...11:21
seth_kto be honest :P11:22
bddebianYou would prefer I really swear?11:22
ajmitchnope, it would be preferable if you didn't at all :)11:22
havocsmall words, small mind ;)11:22
bddebianSomething like that11:23
havocso anyway, I'm not sure I can/should put ubuntu on this particular machine :(11:24
havocchillywilly tried building a 2.4.x kernel from deb sources, but that didn't go so well11:24
havoc(oh, and I swapped out the SATA boot drive for an ATA one already)11:25
havocand chillywilly ate my leftovers :(11:25
ajmitchthere's always sarge11:27
havocajmitch: yeah, I had mentioned that, but chillywilly said it sucks ;)11:27
chillywillyno I did not11:27
havocI could use a testing release too11:27
chillywillyhow do you know that the kernel didn't puke just because of the SATA boot drive?11:28
havocchillywilly: I don't11:28
havocajmitch: I did back up your netatalk packages though11:28
chillywillyajmitch: you ever get that msg from me about removing some stuff from your #dotgnu log for me ;)?11:28
=== slomo [~slomo@p5487CB0F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Mezclick the buildlogs11:41
Nafallog++: g++: No such file or directory11:41
Mezthey dont exist11:41
Nafallojoy! :-P11:41
Nafallohmm, easy to workaround though :-)11:45
bddebianCan I override a dput on a local apt repository?11:45
bddebian-f ?11:45
ajmitchbddebian: what do you mean by override?11:46
tsengdput local-apt foo.dsc11:46
tsengyou should alwayhs put the archive explicitly anyway11:46
bddebianI already uploaded it but I forgot to change the distro in changelog from unstable to breezy11:46
bddebianSo I rebuilt it but now it says it's already uploaded11:46
ajmitchthere will be an package_version.upload file in the local dir11:47
bddebianNM, it appears that -f worked.  Thanks11:47
ajmitchevening tseng11:47
ajmitchso you saw that meebey recruited me11:49
seth_kif I have a package that build-deps on xlibs-dev, how do I find out which of the new packages it build-deps to?11:52
seth_ksince xlibs-dev got split into 15 packages or something11:52
bddebianBah, I'm heading home.  Later folks11:54
ajmitchbye bddebian11:55

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