jbaileyOh, I see, it's his sparc fun.01:48
jbaileyYeah, I should try to fix that this week.  At least see what the symbol conflict is.01:48
jbaileyThere should be enough of the right people at OLS if I can't answer it myself/01:48
danielsdoko: http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc/2005-07/msg00699.html04:51
fabbionejbailey: you around?06:28
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dokodaniels: yep, I'd like to have a test bot which builds some apps with such a modified compiler ...09:47
dokolamont, infinity: any news about the 4.0 amd64 build?09:47
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infinitydoko : Hrm, did -2ubuntu2 work around the bootstrap issues?01:24
infinitydoko : I kicked off a manual bootstrap build on yellow, and noticed that an automatic build on crested was going just fine..01:24
dokoinfinity: no, it cannot01:52
fabbionesh[22008] : segfault at 0000000000000000 rip 0000000000000000 rsp 00007fffffe00860 error 1402:08
fabbioneld[11285]  general protection rip:2aaaaaaac180 rsp:7fffffbc04f0 error:002:08
fabbionekiko: thanks a lot02:28
infinitydoko : Interesting, cause it's well into the testsuite by now.02:41
infinitydoko : And the chroot wasn't pre-seeded.02:42
dokohmm, which lib32gcc1 was installed?02:48
infinityRather, yes.  Either way, I see no obvious failures, and the suite is so far quite happy.02:49
infinityI assume the gcc summary should be half failures if -m32 was broken?02:50
infinity34629 expected passes, 2 unexpected failures, 1 unexpected success, 97 expected failures, 28 untested, 433 unsupported.02:51
infinityOh, wait.  That was just for unix.  unix/-m32 is still in progress.  But I don't see any failures output there yet.02:51
infinityI'm going to let the manual build run through, just in case the automagic one dies somewhere, but it looks like it'll probably finish, get signed, and upload without my intervention.02:52
infinity(Granted, I had a hand earlier in the day in fixing up all the other build-deps, but that was X breakage, not lib32gcc1...)02:53
dokolooks fine02:58
jbaileyfabbione: I'm here now for a few minutes.03:12
dokoinfinity: what's the state of the amd64 gcc-4.0 build?04:31
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lamontMoved gcc-3.3_1:3.3.6-7 to upload-breezy07:25
=== lamont does a "semi-happy" dance
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lamonthrm.. gonna have to bludgeon that upload a bit, since it has 'libstdc++5' in it...07:42
lamont(and my scripts strip those from the upload list)07:42
lamontand _finally_ gcc-4.0 is trying to build07:42
lamontactually, it appears that nothing in gcc-3.3 Depends: libstdc++5.  kewl07:45
=== lamont hopes that doko doesn't upload a new gcc-4.0 anytime in the next 10 hours or so
dokolamont: desperate hope08:04
dokoI'll have to do that, because seb128 did upload an API incompatible libcairo :-/08:05
lamontI have libcairo1_0.5.1-0ubuntu2 - is the build going to b0rk (and I'll just kill it now), or will it succeed?08:06
lamontand if it'll succeed, will it do so before you upload -2ubuntu3...08:06
dokothe new gcc-4.0 upload will require 0.5.208:07
lamontand besides, you want to wait for infinity to finish amd64, so he doesn't have to hurt you...08:07
lamontand you're sleepy... :)08:07
dokoyep, that's what I'm waiting for08:08
lamontstill rather early in his day for him to be awake08:08
lamonthe was fighting with some underlying libraries as of last night when I went to bed...  dunno where he was before he went to bed.08:10
dokohe said, testsuite was runnign08:11
lamontso does that mean that you expect to upload gcc-4.0 w/in 8 hours?08:12
dokoif infinity wakes up before, yes.08:16
=== lamont kills his gcc-4.0 build
lamontbut no gcc-3.3 upload for an hour or 2, ok???08:19
dokono, no 3.3 anymore08:32
lamontdoko: looking to see what c++ apps I can build on hppa... do you have a list of the build-depended c++libs for each c++app?09:31
dokolamont: no09:32
dokolooking at debian-devel, mfurr did post somethings like this, didn't look, if he was sorting it by lib-dependencies.09:33
=== lamont will check d-0d
lamontdoko: what failure mode would we expect if the apps were built before the libs were?10:02
dokolibgcj doesn't build, so you would have to disable java10:08
lamontdoko: it occurred to me that all of hppa is built after the transition, so if I can meet build-deps with pure breezy, it's OK to build.10:42

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