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dilysNew Malone bug 1518 filed on Registry by Christian "kiko" Reis: Product series and branch are being mismatched in the interface12:14
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Landing fix for bug 1514: Error messages in autogen'd forms are in the wrong place. Whack the add/edit forms and widget templates, and add some experimental CSS to style them. r=mpt (patch-2126: christian.reis@canonical.com)12:46
kikowoo woo12:48
kikothanks mpt 12:48
mdkedoes anyone know anything about rosetta? I just sent a mail to the list about a major problem: I can't see longer suggested translations in order to approve them. The longer paragraphs are simply blank12:49
SteveAhi matt12:55
SteveAhalf of the launchpad team are in brazil, working on plans for the next 3-6 months' development.12:56
SteveAhowever, daf and carlos are still working on rosetta this week and some of next week12:56
SteveAi expect they will see your email tomorrow12:56
SteveAthey are both in europe12:56
mdkehi SteveA, thanks for the info :)12:56
SteveAso, it is night there now12:56
mdkei'm in europe12:57
mdkei will bug them again tomorrow :-)12:57
SteveAgeez, man, it's late12:57
mdkecoming on midnight12:57
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Renaming product-portlet-branches according to standard, and removing unused (and misnamed) portlet (patch-2127: christian.reis@canonical.com)01:15
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jblack-=<{[_500_] }>=- syncs!!02:33
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dilysNew Malone bug 1520 filed on The Launchpad by Matt T Galvin: gpg CRC error in Validate your GPG Key email05:30
bob2jblack: good stuff08:10
dilysNew Malone bug 1521 filed on Malone by Daniel Robitaille: Trying to edit a bug generates a system error09:17
carlosspiv, so finally, I broke your branch :-(09:56
spivcarlos: I'm sure it's fairly easy to correct.09:58
spivBut I'll let lifeless diagnose, to be sure :)09:58
carlosI hope it....09:59
carlosspiv, I had problems with transactions with that branch09:59
spivcarlos: Is this part of the channel topic still relevant: "Rosetta is unwell, login before using!"09:59
carlosand had to revert some changes I did to get them running09:59
carlosthanks for pointing me to it. It's not  valid anymore, in fact it was not valid since friday as we had to change the permissions to Admin....10:00
=== ..[topic/#launchpad:carlos] : Discussion with launchpad users and developers. || Includes Rosetta and Malone. || Register for your account on https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/+login
carlosspiv, do you have some time for the transaction problems I had?10:00
carlosspiv, I had to remove some testing functionality to get it fixed10:01
spivYeah, sure.10:03
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carlosspiv, ok, so stub asked us to connect to the database with the user that we use on production10:04
carlosso we can detect missing permissions10:05
carlosbefore moving into production10:05
spivSounds good.10:05
carlosI had to change the way that the db setup is done and I had lots of problems with transactions10:05
carlosspiv, your suggestion fixed librarian transactions10:05
spivUsing LaunchpadFunctionalTestSetup?10:05
carlosbut I'm testing also email notifications10:05
carlosand that does not work10:06
carlosspiv, no, with zopeless10:06
carlosemail notifications is transactional too10:06
carlosso we need transaction.commit()10:06
carlosCan I specify the dbuser with LaunchpadFunctionalTestSetup ?10:07
carlosspiv, if that's possible, that's all I need10:07
carlosI used the zopeless one because it's the one stub told me to use and I thought is the only one that we can use in that case10:08
carlosspiv, also, the functionality is used by a zopeless script so...10:08
spivOk, then the zopeless setup is what you should use :)10:08
carlosI think is better if the tests are executed like the script is10:08
carlosspiv, with that, I cannot get librarian and email working at the same time10:09
dafcan you use ZoplessTestSetup and LibrarianFunctionalTestSetup?10:10
spivWhat's breaking with the email?10:11
spivIs it that it needs the zcml setup?10:11
carlosspiv, the commit does not work so I don't get any email inside the "stub" queue to test 10:11
carlosdaf, I did it, and it works if you don't use transaction.commit() but the zopeless transaction object10:12
carlosdaf, and if you don't want to test email notification10:12
carlosthe problem is that the tests uses librarian and email notification 10:13
dafwhy doesn't LaunchpadFunctionalTestSetup work?10:13
carlosdaf, it works, but to test it correctly, it should be zopeless10:14
carlosdaf, as that code will be executed as a zopeless script10:14
dafcarlos: did you sort out those plural form requests?10:14
dafcarlos: and the pending requests for Czech/Latvian teams?10:15
carlosdaf,dude, I hadn't time10:15
dafjust making sure they're not forgotten10:15
carlosI expended the whole day with the  fucked poimport fixes10:15
carlosI have they marked as pending to answer10:15
dafdo we still have to do DB patches to change plural forms?10:15
carlosso I don't forget them10:15
carlosdaf, yes10:16
spivcarlos: This is poimport.txt?10:16
carlosspiv, yes10:16
spivIt uses LaunchpadFunctionalTestSetup...10:16
carlosspiv, because I need those changes merged into rocketfuel10:16
spivAh, right.10:17
carlosspiv, I had to revert that part of the tests10:17
spivcarlos: You should have added an XXX comment there saying so :P </reviewer>10:17
carlosspiv, I move also the setup and teardown to the .py script instead of having it inside the .txt but I had to revert it too10:17
dafcarlos: why's that?10:17
carlosdaf, because I want that it worked as soon as possible, it took me a week since the review to get it merged!10:18
carlosjust because tests problems10:18
carlosspiv, anyway I'm bugging you today to get that sorted out today O:-)10:18
dafwell, the tests are not perfect, but they work10:20
daffile a bug about it and move on to work on things which are more important10:20
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carlosdaf, I'm doing that already, preparing the language pack for pitti10:27
dafyou got your section filtering thing working?10:29
spivcarlos: Thanks for the description, I'll see if I can make it work.10:30
carlosdaf, yes, two weeks ago, but I hadn't time to test it until gina run, I'm doing it atm10:36
carlosspiv, feel free to ask me anything you need. I will try to open a bug later today with all information I can think on so we don't forget it.10:37
dafcarlos: do you have a test for that?10:37
kolcvkcarlos did you add my acc as LV translator ?10:38
carloskolcvk, no, sorry, I will process all requests today10:38
carlosdaf, I updated the tests, yes, but I think I need some extra sampledata to be sure it's working correctly10:38
dafcarlos: ok -- I would add a new .txt file for it10:39
carloswill do before requesting a code review10:39
carlosdaf, it's part of the language pack export 10:39
dafand make it similar to the poexport-distrorelease-date.txt10:39
carloswhy shouldn't add it to its already existent test?10:39
carlosI added it to lib/canonical/launchpad/doc/poexport-language-pack.txt10:40
dafwell, I guess10:40
dafwe have a bunch of poexport-* files already10:41
carlosdaf, well, I don't think it's a bad thing ;-)10:42
dafbut I suppose it makes sense to extend the existing test in this case10:42
carlosbut having poexport-language-pack.txt and poexport-language-pack2.txt is unneeded :-)10:42
dafI think the style of poexport-distrorelease-date-tarball.txt is what you want10:43
carloswill take a look at it, don't worry10:44
daf(create two PO templates in different sections, do an unfiltered export, then do a filtered export, and check the right files get exported)10:44
mdkemorning guys10:44
dafargh, lag10:44
carlosmdke, morning10:44
mdkehey carlos 10:44
mdkebug #1071 is a major stopper for translating. apparently the workaround implemented on #1036 has not resolved it10:45
dafdid the #1036 fix go live yet?10:47
mdkenot sure, the last comment suggests it would have10:48
dafcarlos knows for sure10:48
mdkeyep :)10:48
carlosmdke, that's unrelated to 103610:48
carlosit's just that we are missing a feature10:48
mdkecarlos, its marked as a dup, dunno who marked it10:48
=== daf breathes a sigh of relief
carlosto show those suggestions10:48
mdkethat's quite a big missing feature. will you unmark the bug as a dup of 1036?10:49
=== daf unduplicates it
carlosnot sure we can do it10:49
carlosbradb-afk, ?10:49
dafcarlos: it's done10:49
carlosdaf, how?10:49
dafgo to the duplicate page and empty the text field10:50
mdkeok so the problem is basically that rosetta can't show suggestions for translations involving more than one line?10:50
carlosoh, that's what I call user friendly... :-P10:50
carlosmdke, right, but the suggestions is there 10:50
dafcarlos: file a bug ;)10:50
carloswill do :-)10:50
mdkemalone is improving fast for usability10:51
mdkestill not there tho10:51
dafcarlos: we need a better way of approving suggestions than copy-and-paste :)10:51
mdkecarlos, so is there any way I can see the suggestions?10:51
=== mdke nods at daf
dafmdke: bradb will be glad you think so10:51
mdkedaf, so can I file a bug on the copy-and-paste thing too?10:51
dafhe's been busy usability testing10:51
dafmdke: yes, please do10:52
daflooks like it hasn't been reported already10:52
carlosdaf, it's part of a spec (translationreviews) that should be implemented post 1.0 so *now* :-)10:53
carlosmdke, not yet, sorry10:53
dilysNew Malone bug 1522 filed on Rosetta by Matthew East: No good way to approve suggested translations in rosetta10:53
carlosmdke, they are stored but not showed10:53
mdkebut we are really gonna be stopped by #107110:54
mdkecarlos, glad to hear it :D10:54
carlosmdke, feel free to send us an email with updates to that spec if you think the usability is not good enough with the descriptions we have there10:55
=== Burgundavia beats his head against a wall
mdkecarlos, as long as the feature comes, I'm sure it'll be fine, not too bothered about usability for that one10:55
mdkeBurgundavia, yo10:55
Burgundaviastupid cached problem10:55
carlosdaf, grr, asuka rejects my db connections10:56
mdkeBurgundavia, you decache your brain by banging it against the wall?10:56
mdkefair enough10:56
Burgundaviano firefox and launchpad10:59
BurgundaviaI viewed a bug not logged in10:59
Burgundaviaand then I logged in10:59
dafcarlos: hmmm :/11:00
mdkecarlos, btw do you think there will be an ETA on the resolution of 1071? just in case you know, if not, no problem11:02
carlosmdke, it's a matter of schedule sometime to fix it11:09
carlosdaf, meeting time?11:10
mdkecarlos, is the schedule publicly available?11:11
carlosmdke, no, we need to do it11:11
dafmdke: we don't have a schedule yet11:11
dafmdke: right now we're focused on polishing up 1.011:12
carlosI think we should be able to fix it this week11:12
mdkeah ok11:12
dafmdke: then we will be meeting in Brazil to plan feature additions for the next 3-6 months11:12
carlosbut it will not be too user friendly as you will need to copy & paste11:12
mdkethat's ok11:12
carlosdaf, I need to delay the meeting 10 minutes11:12
mdkewe just need to see the suggestions, otherwise we can't work11:12
dafcarlos: I'm in the middle of something anyway11:12
dafcarlos: maybe we can meet in 20 minutes or so11:13
carlosok, but in about 45 minutes I will need to leave for one hour or so11:13
carloswow, the X41 is sooo cute11:23
=== mdke wants one
mdkeoh that is the one with a swivelling screen?11:25
carlosmdke, no, it's not the tablet one11:28
carlossame model number, but normal laptop11:28
mdkeyou got one?11:29
dilysNew Malone bug 1525 filed on Malone by Corey Burger: Better default search url11:30
carlosmdke, yep11:30
dafcarlos: meeting?11:37
carlosdaf, sure11:37
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dafbah, no mpt12:42
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  move LanguageNotFound from DB code to interface (patch-2128: daf@canonical.com)01:53
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carloskiko, morning02:05
carloskiko, is stub around?02:14
carloskiko, I don't have access to asuka and thus I cannot prepare the language packs that Martin needs 02:14
kikocarlos, he should be02:15
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carloskiko, ok02:17
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carlosstub, hi02:21
carlosstub, I'm not able to connect to asuka02:22
carlosseems like the db port is closed02:22
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Getting rid of a bogus export in interfaces/translationgroup.py, and removing some unused imports as we go (patch-2129: christian.reis@canonical.com)02:22
cprovsalgado: ping 02:30
salgadocprov, pong02:31
cprovsalgado: are you up for reviews ? there is a quick unicode/pyme change in general section 02:32
Nafallocprov: yay! :-)02:33
cprovNafallo: hey, your fix is coming 02:34
salgadocprov, I don't think I'll have time for it today, but probably tomorrow02:34
Nafallocprov: I saw :-)02:34
Nafallocprov: isn't that worthy of PendingUpload? ;-)02:35
cprovsalgado: ok, let's do in that way, tomorrow isn't a bad ETA 02:35
cprovsalgado: thanks02:35
salgadonp. :)02:35
cprovNafallo: yep02:35
stubcarlos: Looks like asuka is down. I expect it will need Elmo to reboot it next time he is in the data centre.02:37
stubcarlos: oh... no. I'm on.02:38
=== cprov -> afk
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mdkeis it a known issue that bug emails from malone don't get threaded?02:44
mdkeno need to file a bug?02:45
carlosstub, ok, it works now. Thank you02:46
mdkeoh Kinnison i see the bug, was searching in Launchpad when I should have been searching in Malone02:47
Kinnisonmdke: Heh, bug 18102:47
carloslifeless, stub, so, could I count with the patch to cherrypick that I requested yesterday to be done today?02:48
mdkeKinnison, i was looking at #978 meself :)02:48
KinnisonYeah, they're kinda the same bug but not quite :-)02:49
mdke181 is better :D02:49
Keybukkiko: so I'm arriving at 5:10am tomorrow; there'll be someone waiting for me, right? :)02:55
BjornTcarlos: can you please resolve the conflict in your karma-branch, and make sure that all tests pass?02:56
=== mdke spots a calendar in his launchpad profile
carlosBjornT, conflicts? those are new...02:58
carlosBjornT, will do02:59
carlosthanks for the warning02:59
kikoKeybuk, maybe :-P03:00
kikobradb, can you try and get the fix for bug 1335 cherry-picked? it's the sixth dupe...03:01
BjornTcarlos: the conflict was quite minor, the tests are more important to fix, though. (there should be some test failures since you're not constructing SQLObjectModifiedEvent with enough arguments)03:01
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Keybukkiko: heh, well, if I don't show up -- chances are I just slept at the airport03:02
carlosBjornT, hmm, my computer setup is broken with tests so it's normal if I missed something, I will try to fix it later today. Thanks03:02
KeybukI'm not very good at sleeping on plane, and am likely to be not exactly human when I reach Sao Paulo03:03
=== carlos -> lunch
BjornTcarlos: ok, thanks03:03
bradbkiko: the fact that it's been reported so many times is a bad sign :/ at a first guess, it seems to indicate that Malone is not clearly communicating what distrorelease tasks are for.03:04
jameshKeybuk: you'll have a 3 hour bus trip when you get here03:05
Keybukjamesh: I'm aware03:05
bradbkiko: looking at now at what rf patch it was03:05
jameshKeybuk: and the bus route doesn't terminate at sao carlos (so you need to remember to get off)03:06
bradbs/at now/now/03:06
KeybukI'm so doomed03:07
Keybuksomeone book a taxi from wherever it does terminate ;)03:07
bradbstub: any chance of cherrypicking patch-2094?03:08
stubIf you email lifeless and myself rather than yelling it into the ether where it will get lost, sure03:10
bradb:P /me emails into the ether03:11
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mgalvincprov, ping03:25
cprovmgalvin: pong03:28
cprovmgalvin: what's up with your encrypted message ?03:29
mgalvincprov, i'm not really sure, it just gives me that error, i don't think it's gmail but it it might be03:34
mgalvinshould i email you the message so you can see it?03:34
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  copy Domain header from PO template to PO file on export (fixes #5) (patch-2130: daf@canonical.com)03:34
cprovmgalvin: ensure you're not pasting weird chars from gmail into the file 03:35
kikodaf, /wow/, fixes #5 is gnarly03:35
cprovmgalvin: please do it 03:35
dafkiko: that was in the merge summary :)03:35
dafkiko: now, if dilys closed the bug in malone, *that* would be gnarly ;)03:36
dilysNew Malone bug 1526 filed on The Launchpad by Christian "kiko" Reis: Can't supply a tabindex for add/edit buttons in autogen'd forms03:37
mgalvincprov: hmm there where a bunch of ^M's in the file, i removed them, but still get the same error, i am emailing you the file now03:40
cprovmgalvin: dos2unix03:41
mgalvini did it manually03:41
mgalvinthe wierd thing is that elmo just sent me an gpg encrypted file yesterday and it worked fine (with gmail)03:42
mgalvincprov: what is your email address?03:43
cprovmgalvin: celso.providelo@canonical.com03:44
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=== mgalvin sends cprov file
dafkolcvk: around?03:59
=== mpt [~mpt@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
carlosstub, lifeless, please, could you tell me if you will be able to do the production update I asked you today? we are waiting for it to get breezy imported into production so it's a bit urgent and the transaction problem with tests delayed it too much already....04:20
stubcarlos: I'm going to kick off the merges now (yours and brads). I should be able to have production updated in the next hour.04:26
=== palmTree [~chatzilla@] has joined #launchpad
carlosstub, cool thanks04:27
=== palmTree [~chatzilla@] has left #launchpad []
carlosstub, about the migration script that you executed on staging last week, I'm going to add some sync() calls to reduce the amount of memory that it needs04:31
carlosstub, is there anything else I should fix before we test it again on staging?04:31
carloswe should run it on production as soon as possible to fix broken data04:31
stubcarlos: I didn't have any problem with it apart from the memory usage which made it problematic to test.04:32
carlosok, will add the .sync call, I suppose that should fix the memory problem, right?04:33
SteveAif you del things too, that would help04:37
SteveAand maybe explicitly tell the gc to run, if you need that04:37
mpttextarea {04:37
mpt    font: 110% "Courier New", Courier, monospace;04:37
mptW. T. F.04:37
kikompt, r=kiko04:37
kikofix it04:37
=== Kinnison ewws
Kinnisonthat'll make it use Courier on my machine :-(04:38
=== mpt gets a system error on http://localhost:8086/products/evolution/+translations
Kinnisonplease can we promote free fonts first04:38
Kinnison"Bitstream Vera Sans Mono", "Courier New", Courier, monospace04:38
kikoKinnison, that's the /current/ situation04:39
SteveAwhat a mess fonts in css are04:39
kikoI'm r=kiko any change to that04:39
mptKinnison: "font-family: monospace"04:39
SteveAkiko: that's "rs" not "r"04:39
Kinnisonmpt: that'd do nicely04:39
kikoI'm in the same room as him :-P04:39
mptkiko, when's the best time for me to do laundry?04:40
mptyou said something about it being noisy04:40
kikoafter 8pm is fine.04:40
kikowe can come back after dinner04:40
mptIf I'm awake enough for dinner tonight04:40
mptI should be, since I slept until 6.30 this morning rather than 5.3004:41
kikompt, you should stop going to bed early.04:43
kikoyou'll never fix your jet lag..04:43
mptAll guarana does is make me want to pee04:45
KinnisonI fixed my jetlag by forcing myself to stay up until midnight and then getting up on time04:45
=== mpt has never before been asked for his SSH password while committing
=== bradb [~bradb@modemcable082.64-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
Kinnisonforgot to do ssh-add ?04:50
mptNo, I never do that either04:51
morgsmpt: you never ssh-add, but never get asked for a password?05:01
morgsHave you moved your .ssh/ ?05:02
stubcarlos: I can't apply your patch cleanly to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--production--1.2505:04
carlosstub, what's failing?05:05
stubThe cronscript and the sample data.05:06
carloshmm, that should not be too dificult to fix...05:07
carlosstub, are you doing the usual production update?05:07
stubcarlos: I'll wait until I can get your patch in there05:07
stubLunch time in Brazil...05:08
carlosstub, same procedure we did last week?05:08
mptmorgs: I think it's because normally in the lifecycle of a terminal my first refuel always comes before my first launch, and refuel asks me for the password so launch doesn't have to05:08
carlosbranch from your production branch and apply my patch fixing the conflicts?05:09
stubcarlos: Yes please. It might involve replaying other patches as required. I can merge that into production, which will also run the tests.05:11
stubcarlos: If we can't do it this way, let me know and I'll rollout rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0--patch-2125 as the next production release (ie. not cherry pick it)05:23
dafsalgado: is there a way of creating a new team without having me as the owner?05:26
salgadodaf, no05:28
=== bradb_ [~bradb@modemcable082.64-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
dafsalgado: ok05:28
dafsalgado: I've noticed an interesting thing05:28
salgadodaf, unless you do it manually, of course. ;)05:28
dafyou can have a team where you are the owner but are also a deactivated member05:28
dafwhich is a bit weird05:28
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-73-155.onocable.ono.com] has joined #launchpad
salgadodaf, there's a reason for us to allow this05:29
salgadoif your team doesn't have a contact address, all notifications sent to your team will be sent to all its members05:30
dafthis is nothing to do with the contact address05:30
dafI think05:30
dafI just don't want to be listed as a member of the Maori translation team just because I created it05:30
salgadoif you're the owner but you don't want to receive notifications, you can leave your team and you'll not receive notifications anymore05:30
dafok, that makes sense05:31
salgadobut even if you're a deactivated member you still have rights over your team (after all, it's yours)05:31
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--production--1.25: Cherry pick patch-2094 (patch-8: brad.bollenbach@canonical.com, rocketfuel@canonical.com)05:31
dafhmm :)05:32
salgadoI have to agree with you that the UI is confusing05:32
dafI get a "Leave..." link even when I've left :)05:32
dafI am deactivated05:33
dafmaybe under "Your involvement", it should explicitly say "You are (not) a member of this team"05:33
kolcvkdaf what you wanted ?05:34
dafkolcvk: I need to know your login information to create the Latvian team05:34
kolcvklogin : kolcvk05:35
kolcvklogin : admin_@off.lv05:35
salgadodaf, that's a bug. I just found what's wrong and will fix it. it's trivial05:35
dafcan I search for people by email address?05:36
salgadodaf, not yet. I started working on this two days ago05:36
salgadobut I don't think it'll get merged soon. :-(05:37
dafno worries05:39
jameshcarlos: I'm going through your rosetta-karma branch05:47
carlosjamesh, BjornT told me that I have some problems there05:47
jameshcarlos: did you test the code?  Don't you need 3 args to SQLObjectModifiedEvent?05:47
carlosjamesh, I have problems with tests in my computer so I missed that from the other errors that are not real05:48
jameshI was more wondering if you just tried to run those code paths locally05:49
jameshnot necessarily the whole test suite05:49
carlosjamesh, I did some testing yes, and the ones I ran worked05:50
carlosat least I saw my karma action list grow05:51
carlosto be sure that it worked05:51
jameshthat's weird then.05:51
jameshbecause the constructor for SQLObjectModifiedEvent definitely takes only 3 or 4 arguments05:51
jameshnot one argument.05:51
carlosjamesh, I copied that code from Malone05:54
carloswell, I think it was not directly malone but the edit/add forms05:55
carloslet me look05:56
carlosjamesh, BjornT: lib/canonical/launchpad/browser/addview.py05:57
jameshcarlos: the editview/addview use ObjectModifiedEvent05:57
carlosline 6405:57
jameshcarlos: that's SQLObjectCreatedEvent05:57
jameshwhich doesn't keep track of a previous state, because there isn't one05:57
carlosok, then I see the problem, I think the actions I tried implied Create more than Add05:58
kolcvkgstreamer will be fully translated in 4h05:58
carloskolcvk, ;-)05:58
kolcvkthanks for membership05:58
=== kolcvk need 2 buy some Fries ...
jameshcarlos: well, your karma event listeners are making use of the SQLObjectModifedEvent attributes05:59
kolcvki will be soon05:59
carlosjamesh, I use both06:00
carlosit depends on the action06:00
carlosI hope tonight I will have a computer with hoary ready to use for launchpad so my test problem will disappear06:01
=== lamont__ [~lamont@] has joined #launchpad
carlosKinnison, could you confirm me that gina was executed on production?06:08
carlosstaging server has SourcePackagePublishing table empty06:09
Kinnisoncarlos: stub said he was going to do that once he got to brazil06:09
Kinnisoncarlos: so I assumed it would happen this week06:09
carlosthat means no language packs....06:10
carlosI thought my code was broken as I got 0 pofiles exported...06:10
bradbsalgado: Might you have a chance to look at my one-bugmail-per-recipient branch today?06:10
stubThe gina updates branch is just getting its review finished. We can run her on production after that.06:10
Kinnisonstub: cool, thanks06:11
carlosstub, cool, thanks06:12
=== Kinnison steals his braincell back from carlos
carlosKinnison, ;-)06:13
Kinnisoncarlos: dogfood has a whole bunch of data if you're testing scripts06:14
Kinnisoncarlos: You could write something to xfer rosetta data from staging to dogfood if you wanted :-)06:14
bradbSteveA: ping06:14
carlosKinnison, I can wait until tomorrow, I think it will be faster. but thanks for the suggestion06:15
salgadobradb, yes, I'll have to find some time to look at it today06:17
SteveAhello brad06:18
SteveAi'm about to go get lunch06:18
bradbSteveA: quick q06:19
Kinnisoncarlos: it'd be good to have a bunch of rosetta content in dogfood (I don't know how much is there already)06:19
bradbSteveA: in a "smarter traverser" for /distros/ubuntu/+bugs, what is the object this smart traverser is supposed to return?06:19
dafKinnison: dogfood was used for testing importing everything in Hoary06:19
bradbSteveA: I'm trying to figure out how that can be something other than a BugTaskSubset, or the results of a BugSet.search06:20
carlosKinnison, what daf said06:20
bradbsalgado-lunch: Cool, that'd be great if you can.06:21
carlosKinnison, why don't get a production mirror there from time to time?06:21
bradbSteveA: (I meant to say BugTaskSet.search, not BugSet.search, btw.)06:21
bradbI guess the lunchbell ringeth06:24
Kinnisoncarlos: I guess we could do that at some point soon06:24
Kinnisoncarlos: once I finally get the breezy tracker going though, I'll need to maintain data integrity06:24
carlosKinnison, I thought you are using it only for testing 06:31
Kinnisonnaah, once I start tracking, I'll need the data until breezy releases06:34
lifelessbradb-lunch: indeed, food is here06:34
dafsalgado-lunch: is there a way to delete a team?06:39
carlosKinnison, oh, ok06:45
=== sabdfl [~mark@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
salgado-lunchdaf, no07:05
SteveAbradb-lunch: i'm in a meeting now.  i'll be able to talk with you about this a bit later.07:07
kikojamesh, why do your review mails appear misindented to me?07:11
kikoI realized that I complained incorrectly07:11
kikoI'll show you after the mgmt meeting07:12
jameshkiko: I have no idea what thunderbird did to the indentation there07:17
kikoI use mutt, so I guess you're saying you use tb?07:18
jameshI can see it in the copy of the message I got back on the list07:20
sabdflcarlos: what's up with the breezy import?07:21
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [r=stub]  make sure simple_sendmail encodes the To and From headers properly if the names contain non-ascii characters. (patch-2131: bjorn.tillenius@canonical.com)07:22
carlossabdfl, pending of a production update to get a patch merged, I'm trying to solve conflicts with the production branch so stub can cherrypick it07:22
Nafallothanx BjornT :-)07:22
mptlifeless: /home/pqm/arch/queue/patch.112187451907:27
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-73-155.onocable.ono.com] has joined #launchpad
lifelessfailed cscvs  - resubmit07:29
carlosstub, hi, around?07:31
stubcarlos: yes07:31
carlosstub, ok, so I solved the conflicts without merging any other patch07:31
carlosstub, I did a baz replay of my patch07:32
carlosstub, is that enough?07:32
carlosI'm ready to commit it07:32
stubcarlos: That is fine if you have resolved the conflicts.07:32
stubCommit and give me the branch07:32
bradbSteveA: Sure, whenever you're ready07:33
=== carlos does some tests to be sure he didn't break anythin
stubcarlos: The test suite will be run when I ask for the merge.07:35
bradbstub: My cherry-picked patch hasn't actually been rolled out yet, right?07:38
carlosbradb, blame my patch07:38
carlosbradb, stub got conflicts07:38
bradbThat's what I thought :P07:38
bradbThat's ok, I just wanted to confirm that the fact that the bug was still showing in prod was because the patch hadn't been rolled out yet.07:39
carlosI hope it will be ready to merge in less than 5 minutes07:40
carlosstub, carlos.perello@canonical.com--2004/launchpad--production--1.2507:46
carlosstub, but it's mirroring now and the cacherev will take a while....07:46
stubcarlos: Ta07:46
SteveAKinnison: ping07:47
dilysNew Malone bug 1530 filed on Malone by Brad Bollenbach: DistroRelease tasks are misleadingly presented in Malone07:47
KinnisonSteveA: Yo, I'm just doing a dogfood update then I'll be wandering off. What can I do for you in the meantime?07:47
SteveAso, you are doing a dogfood update07:48
SteveAwhen will it be complete?07:48
KinnisonI'd guess in the next 5 mins07:48
jblackstevea: I pulled in your suggestions for smli. I'm having a bit of a problem with it though. 07:49
SteveAjblack: okay.  we can talk about it after this meeting i'm in07:49
bradbmpt: Have you had a chance yet to do some prototyping of the Google-style bug listing format?07:53
KinnisonSteveA: it should be back now07:54
kikobradb, we have some montreal mockups on that07:54
KinnisonSteveA: was there anything else?07:55
SteveAKinnison: that's it.  thanks!07:55
bradbkiko: yep, i already implemented them too07:56
bradbkiko: i'm more specifically looking for the Plone-style HTML/CSS magic07:56
bradbkiko: you remember? that's what i got yelled at for in Cape Town. ;)07:56
kikothe search results pages?07:56
bradbyeah. at that time i was provided with a bugzilla style html snippet. this time i'm looking for a Plone-style html/css snippet.07:57
=== kolcvk [~assew@server.off.lv] has left #launchpad ["Leaving"]
carlosstub, pqm has now in its queue the change I just did to reduce the memory usage with the migration data script07:59
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: cleanup and portlet love [r=stevea]  (patch-2132: mark.shuttleworth@canonical.com, guilherme.salgado@canonical.com, stuart.bishop@canonical.com)07:59
=== bradb preempts menu work until having a chance to discuss IBugTaskSub removal with SteveA. meanwhile, https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/1334 seems to have become a fairly important usability problem.
jameshkiko: w.r.t. indentation, the indentation looks fine here: http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/launchpad-reviews/2005-July/001347.html08:02
kikogo figure08:02
jameshkiko: the main difference I can see between what thunderbird does and other mailers is that it uses ">" to indent rather than "> "08:02
=== Kinnison heads off then, ciao dudes
sabdflcheers Kinnison, looking fwd to having you here next week08:05
mptbradb: not yet08:05
mptjamesh: Only at levels >1, I think (which is a requirement of the format=flowed RFC)08:06
bradbmpt: ok08:06
mpt(though I'm not defending Thunderbird's implementation of format=flowed, it's hideously broken)08:06
bradbmpt: Do you have any ideas off the topic of your head for a UI for making it quick to take a bug?08:07
bradbtop, even08:07
bradb(likewise for making it quick to Cc yourself on a bug)08:07
mptbradb: For the former, have an "Accept" button08:08
mptinstead of having the "Accept" option in the status menu08:08
Kinnisonsabdfl: I'm looking forward to being back in SC08:08
kikompt, seconded08:08
mptbradb: That would have the additional benefit that you couldn't pretend that someone else was accepting the bug when really they hadn't08:08
=== Kinnison really does head off now
bradbmpt: will the user understand that "Accept" means "Assign this bug to me"?08:09
mptbradb: Ok, call it "Assign to Me" :-)08:09
bradbwhere does the button belong?08:09
bradbi wanna nail a couple of these too-many-click-things today, if I can, while waiting for the menu dust to settle08:10
=== bradb jumps to the bottom of the page to catch up on the discussion
bradb:) :/ :(08:14
bradbi like that idea, but hm, patented one-click technology is shiny too08:14
jameshmpt: it looks like you're right.  So thunderbird is not generating format=flowed text right :(08:15
bradbmpt: would a button be better than a radio button, for that one-click goodness?08:15
bradbsaying either "Assign to Me" or "Reassign to me"08:15
bradbor s/me/Me/, depending08:15
mptbecause it's not a preposition08:17
mptor an article08:17
bradbright, so button or radio button?08:17
mptradio button, on the grounds that you should be able to do other stuff at the same time :-)08:17
bradbfair enough08:18
bradbmpt: same principle for the Cc stuff?08:20
bradber, a button could be useful in that case, perhaps08:21
mptA "Subscribe me" checkbox at the bottom of the list of the subscribers08:21
mptAt least, that would work if we didn't have such a thing as watch subscriptions08:21
bradbif i deleted watch, noone would notice :)08:22
mptIf you think you can, that'd be great08:22
bradbexcept for the people who accidentally used it08:22
bradbI thought it would specifically say "Cc me on this bug", or something08:23
mptotherwise it would have to be a "My subscription:" option menu08:23
mptNone / Watch / E-mail08:23
mpt(again, at the bottom of the subscription portlet)08:23
bradbright...E-mail, interesting...08:24
bradbstub: I wanted to allow BugTask.priority to be null in the db. Is this something I should branch/write one line of SQL/submit for review/etc. or can you be bribed into doing this?08:26
bradbmpt: If it's a checkbox, I'm picturing myself pulling my hair out trying to find the button to click to actuate.08:28
bradbmpt: What happens?08:28
mptbradb: Welcome to Malone08:28
mptbradb: A "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page08:29
bradbmpt: Will a user know that there's a "Save Changes" button awaiting them all the way down near the beginning of the bug discussion?08:30
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Remove some evil code that was depending on SelectResults.__contains__() working for set operations. (patch-2133: guilherme.salgado@canonical.com)08:31
stubbradb: I can do it, but it sounds like a change that needs to run past the sab08:31
mptbradb: No, but I'm not going to say there should be buttons all over the page08:31
=== SnakeBite [~SnakeBite@] has joined #launchpad
mptbecause that just takes us further and further away from "let me do more than one thing at once"08:31
bradbmpt: What if, for now, the add subscriber page defaulted to Cc and your email address, if you weren't already subscribed to the bug?08:32
bradb(otherwise Cc and empty email address field)08:33
mptbradb: Sure, that'd be an improvement on what we have currently, though still annoying compared with subscribing on the bug page itself08:33
bradbright, I can see the value in subtly moving towards not having to use 8 different pages to edit a bug08:33
bradbdoes this mean moving the comment box to the bottom of the page too? and ordering the comments first -> most recent?08:34
mptIt doesn't "mean" that, but a Save Changes button at the bottom of the page would make a lot more sense if that was the case, yes08:34
bradbstub: True, I'll ping you again on that once confirmed. kiko, do you know if sabdfl confirmed that it's ok for BugTask.priority to be null?08:35
kikoI can ask him08:36
bradbmpt: right, so thanks for the ideas. I'm putting them in motion right now, starting with the assignee bit.08:37
carlosstub, the mirror finished08:37
=== bradb wonders what the *hell* the LP front page is all about. "Old-Style Apps"?
=== mpt should get mpt@canonical.com/launchpad--front-page--0 finished soonish
mptbut remember that the front page you see is not the same as the front page production sees08:40
SteveAstub: your head is leaking08:43
bradbSteveA: should the meeting time be in the topic, btw?08:43
bradbLaunchpad Developers Meeting: $time, etc.08:43
=== mpt gives bradb the job of doing that
=== bradb wondered if the habit was kicked intentionally
=== ..[topic/#launchpad:mpt] : Discussion with Launchpad users and developers. || Includes Rosetta and Malone. || Register for your account on https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/+login || Launchpad meeting Thursday 21st, 1200 UTC / 0900 Sao Carlos
=== Mez [~Mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #launchpad
=== ..[topic/#launchpad:mpt] : Discussion with Launchpad users and developers. || https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/ || Includes Rosetta and Malone. || Launchpad meeting Thursday 21st, 1200 UTC / 0900 So Carlos
mgalvincprov, that worked (just copy&pasting to a file), it seems wierd that the raw email from gmail doesn't work, anyway sorry for the noise, thanks for the help08:51
cprovmgalvin: no worries, email is encoded as quote printable, you can use the raw content directly in most of case, except plain ascii08:52
cprovmgalvin: s\can\can't08:53
mgalvinok, really the wierdness i speak of is that elmo sent me my svn commit access email yesterday and that one worked with the raw email08:54
mgalvinoh well, at least it works ;)08:55
=== carlos -> out
carlossee you08:56
kikobradb, mark's okay with making priority nullable.08:56
stubbradb: do you have code changes to make use of the NULLable priority?08:58
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--production--1.25: Cherry pick patch-2125 (patch-9: carlos.perello@canonical.com, andrew.bennetts@canonical.com, rocketfuel@canonical.com)09:00
bradbkiko: cool09:05
bradbstub: yes09:05
cprovbradb: am I wrong or we don't have links in the row into malone/assigned, it's on_click js ? It means i can't open as new window or tab in firefox 09:07
cprovbradb: wouldn't be nice to have at least the "bug # xx" as a link ?  09:08
bradbcprov: right, it should probably be changed to be consistent with the distro/distrorelease/upstream bug listings09:09
bradbI'll file a bug report for that, if there isn't one already open. Thanks.09:09
=== cprov checks upstream page
cprovbradb: great ! thank you 09:10
bradbno prob09:11
dilysNew Malone bug 1532 filed on Malone by Brad Bollenbach: /malone/assigned should use underlined, non-row-highlighting, non-js links09:14
kikobradb, that page should just use the search widget you're going to provide us09:16
bradbstub: Should I just make funny noises when I'm ready for you to make that change in the DB, so that we can co-ordinate it to actually land without all the tests failing, or is there an even quicker way the db change can be made to happen at the same time that I merge to rf?09:16
bradbkiko: Agreed.09:17
SteveAbradb: i have a space to talk subsets09:28
bradbSteveA: ok, so, here's my question:09:28
bradbtake the URL path /distros/ubuntu/+bugs09:29
bradbAIUI, +bugs is what actuates the smart traverser bit09:29
bradbthe "smart traverser" is this black box that will consume the rest of the URL, and return the right thing, which will then be rendered in the browser, right?09:29
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Reduced the amount of memory needed to run the script (patch-2134: carlos.perello@canonical.com)09:30
SteveAit will consume the very next path step09:30
SteveAif there are further path steps09:30
SteveAthen those will be traversed in the normal manner09:31
SteveAwe're "consuming" an extra path step09:31
SteveAso, the traverser will consume two path steps rather then the usual one09:31
bradbright, and the traverser returns an object which the publisher publishes, right?09:31
bradb(higher-level question leading up to What I Really Want to Know)09:32
SteveAthe traverser returns the next object09:32
SteveAif there are path steps left to traverse09:33
SteveAthen we'll need to do whatever is necessary to traverse those too09:33
bradbright, makes sense09:33
SteveAthe last object traversed to gets published09:33
bradbso, in the URL path example above, what kind of object will the final traverser return?09:33
SteveAthe example /distros/ubuntu/+bugs 09:34
SteveAwhat do you want to show the user if they put distros/ubuntu/+bugs in the browser?09:35
mptBugs that have Ubuntu tasks09:36
SteveAso, a page template09:36
SteveAit can be a view on the Ubuntu distro09:36
SteveAso, you get the view (using the code i pasted to you yesterday)09:37
SteveAand return it09:37
SteveAwhen there is no further path step after +bugs09:37
bradbSteveA: i.e. I don't register a +bugs view on IDistribution in ZCML, right?09:38
SteveAright now, you should register a '+bugs-only' page on IDistribution09:39
SteveAwhen my nav stuff lands, i'll change it to a simple +bugs view09:39
SteveAin your traversal function, you look up the '+bugs-only' view when you have just '+bugs'09:40
SteveAthis is a bit of a hack, but will be easy to refactor to use navigation stuff.09:40
stubbradb: Make your change as patch-25-05-0.sql - I'll pre-approve it.09:41
SteveAbradb: does this make sense?09:41
bradbso, your nav start will be smart enough so that, if a +foo view is registered in IBar then /bars/fnorb/+foo will render that ZCML-registered view, but /bars/fnorb/+foo/something could have in a different way?09:41
bradbSteveA: with your nav stuff, what do i have to do to script the behaviour of the "something" traversal in /bars/fnorb/+foo/something, in this configuration?09:43
SteveAi don't want to discuss that right now.  i want to discuss how to get you doing this now, before the nav stuff lands.09:44
bradbSteveA: ok. i take it this is a more important priority than UI usability improvements?09:44
SteveA1. this will be a quick refactor09:45
SteveA2. if you do it now, then the sab won't get annoyed by it, and start to do it himself09:45
SteveA3. the simplified code left behind will leave you more time for UI improvements in the future09:45
SteveAbradb: okay?09:46
SteveAokay.  cool.09:48
SteveAso, you ought to be able to remove BugTaskSubset09:48
SteveAthere is a remaining question09:48
SteveAshould +bugs appear in the breadcrumbs?09:48
SteveAmpt: ?09:48
mptNo, because it's a facet09:49
mptThe hierarchy shows things up to the facets09:49
SteveAso, when i'm on a distro page09:49
SteveAi get the "Bugs" facet09:49
kikoI've got a bof on that on BrazilTopics09:49
SteveAwhich takes me to that page09:49
SteveAthat's fine then09:49
mptkiko: Why? Does the spec need more examples?09:50
mptIt must be close to being the most example-laden spec in LP history09:50
SteveAsab's going to land a hack that gets rid of certain particular "facet" things from breadcrumbs09:50
SteveAand then my nav stuff will improve on the hack, and vastly improve traversal and breadcrumbs09:50
bradbSteveA: By the way, any news on page titles love? Is this something that's going to take to long to fix while you're in .br?09:51
=== debonzi [~debonzi@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
SteveAi'll try to get to it in some slack time09:52
bradbIf it's a cheap fix, it'd be a wonderful ROI to whip through and be able to fix a bunch of Malone page titles09:52
bradbSteveA: ok, thanks09:52
kikostub, could we not reuse the web cookie mechanism for baz-server/trebuchet?09:53
SteveAweb cookie09:53
SteveAin xmlrpc09:53
SteveAhow about not09:53
kikojust the underlying mechanism.09:53
SteveAwhat problem are you trying to solve?09:54
=== mpt wonders how to stop kiko showing up as "Christian Reis" all the time
kikopersisting authentication state when accessing an xmlrpc server.09:54
SteveAshowing up?09:54
mptin Gaim09:55
SteveAkiko: why do you want to do that?09:55
SteveAkiko: we have a choice of how to do this, but we will want to use a different mechanism to the web logins09:56
kikoSteveA, BazLaunchpadClient.09:56
kikotwo codepaths?09:56
SteveAkiko: two different situations09:57
SteveAtalk to me in person09:57
SteveAafter the break09:57
salgadoSteveA, what's a good time for us to work on getting rid of the *Subsets I have in basicvoting?09:58
SteveAnext session, probably09:58
SteveAalso, i think mark merged the first part of basic voting09:59
SteveAhe and i talked about it, just wanted to get his branch actually merged so he can get on with the specs09:59
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  make task edit pages usable in KHTML/WebCore (bug 987) (patch-2135: mpt@canonical.com)09:59
SteveAseeing as you'll be merging this afternoon, i said "okay"09:59
=== SnakeBite [~SnakeBite@] has joined #launchpad
=== SnakeBite [~SnakeBite@] has joined #launchpad
stubcarlos, bradb: Production has been updated11:08
bradbstub: Looks good, thanks.11:12
bradbkiko: ^^ canonical URL patch cherrypicked11:13
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  fix distro-actions portlet diff3 marker (patch-2136: mark.shuttleworth@canonical.com)11:30

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