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carstenhhi, how do I escape ^ in the ubuntu-wiki?05:03
robitaillehi carstenh...just replied to you in ubuntu-devel :)05:06
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robitaillethe problem  carstenh had was with a line in the wiki  with two ^ characters; when  moin sees than, then anything between the two ^ is to be superscripted.  Is there any way to avoid that?05:31
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jsgotangcovenda: hey long time no see07:52
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thechitowncubsHello all09:09
Burgundaviathechitowncubs, if you want to jump right in, the wiki always needs work09:09
jsgotangconice nick09:09
thechitowncubsI'd love to help, what pages need assistance09:09
BurgundaviaWikiToDo lists some09:09
Burgundaviapretty much anything needs work09:10
thechitowncubsjsgotangco: was that nick remark directed at me?09:10
BurgundaviaAudioCDBurning is a good example of a simple, well formatted page09:10
jsgotangcothechitowncubs: aye09:10
thechitowncubsHehe, thanks09:10
thechitowncubsI'm not very experienced in wiki editing, i'll take a look at the good pages and take off from there09:11
thechitowncubsthat page doesn't exist im afraid09:12
thechitowncubsI see that the launchpad is coming together, it looks good.09:18
thechitowncubshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDocumentation (added NewUserMultimedia link)09:31
Burgundaviathe NewUser stuff is depreceated09:31
thechitowncubswhat do you mean?09:32
Burgundaviawe are merging that information into existing articles09:32
thechitowncubsShould I remove change?09:32
thechitowncubsIt is a good article, thought it was worth noting.09:33
Burgundaviabetter to merge the data from NewUserMultimedia into the various existing articles09:33
Burgundaviamaybe split the screenshots out09:33
thechitowncubsI'll see what I can do09:34
thechitowncubsI thought the screenshots were a nice touch09:34
Burgundaviathey are09:34
Burgundaviamaybe create a MultimediaApplications page?09:35
thechitowncubsAlright cool09:35
robitailleealier tonight I did a search on the wiki for "test" and "sandbox", and found a few pages to delete.  So much cleaning still to do....09:39
Burgundaviastill need to go through the stuff that has not been touched since the autoimport09:40
robitaillehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/BadContent  is that some sort of moin filtering thing?09:41
robitailleand is there a way to easily search for these pre-autoimport pages?09:42
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BurgundaviaI suspect so09:42
Burgundaviarobitaille, look at the 90 day recentchanges09:43
Burgundaviathe very bottom day is the autoimport09:43
Burgundaviathe adsl-stuff09:44
robitaillehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/WikiTips   delete?  mostly (all?) zwiki stuff09:45
jsgotangcoevil zwiki09:45
Burgundaviadelete all09:46
robitailleit seems part of this group of pages: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WikiHome09:47
Burgundaviashall we create a CategoryArchive or CategoryHistorical for the old developer stuff?09:49
robitailleare you going to put some of the old spec and bof proposals in there?09:51
Burgundaviathe HoaryReleaseSchedule09:51
Burgundaviaand old meeting notes09:51
robitaillesome I already labelled "UbnutuConferences" but they should probably be in an archive section.09:52
Burgundaviathey can be both09:52
Burgundaviapages can have multiple categories09:52
thechitowncubswrong paste09:52
Burgundaviaclean off anything that is not a multimedia application09:53
Burgundaviaeverything above "common multimedia ..."09:53
Burgundaviaand make a link to AddingRepositoriesHowto and RestrictedFormats09:54
Burgundaviaso Archive or Historical ?09:54
robitailleI would  go for Archive09:57
robitailleI'm going for the night... see you tomorrow.10:00
thechitowncubsPage updated.10:01
thechitowncubsBurgundavia: What do you think so I know for further edits10:02
Burgundaviaany idea what language this is? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PouzivatelskaPrirucka10:03
Burgundavianeed to seperate out default for extra10:03
thechitowncubsstumped me10:03
Burgundaviaand make it clear what RestrictedFormats is good for10:04
Burgundaviaand make NewUserMultimedia nothing but links10:07
thechitowncubslinks to?10:10
Burgundaviarelevant for each section10:10
Burgundaviathe screenshots section becomes a link to Multimedia, etc.10:10
thechitowncubsshould Sound Juicer and Sound Recorder be considered multimedia applications?10:12
Burgundaviaand totem10:12
Burgundaviaand muine10:12
Burgundaviaor beep-media-player10:12
Burgundaviabut don't add new screenshots10:12
Burgundaviakeep this page? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ListiQuette10:13
thechitowncubsI'll add new screenshots for programs not within ubuntu, and remove screenshots that ubuntu already has by default10:13
thechitowncubsthat seems logical10:13
Burgundaviadon't remove any screenshots10:15
Burgundaviaas non-ubuntu users might look at the page10:15
thechitowncubsso why wouldn't i add new screenshots for the other multimedia applications10:16
thechitowncubsi'm not seeing the logic10:16
Burgundavianot worth the effort10:16
Burgundaviaas the default theme is likely to change10:16
thechitowncubsAlready been done :)10:16
thechitowncubsI'll see how it looks and change accordingly10:17
Burgundaviaideally screenshots should have one canonical source10:17
Burgundaviahopefully launchpad can provide that10:17
Burgundaviaas we use it in our Quick Guide as well10:17
Burgundaviayou didn't use the default them10:36
Burgundaviathat is fine, as they are likelly to change10:36
BurgundaviaI think Amarok is default for Kubuntu10:36
Burgundaviabut otherwise nice work10:36
Burgundaviaand SJ can play cds in Breezy10:36
jsgotangcohey that is nice10:37
thechitowncubsGlad to be a part of ubuntu :(10:37
Burgundaviawe need something like in launchpad10:37
thechitowncubsI will talk you guys tomorrow I hope10:37
Burgundaviacheers, and thanks for the good work10:38
jsgotangcoWOW a TOC on Moin10:38
BurgundaviaUserDocumentation has it as well10:38
jsgotangcois it manually created (i bet)10:38
Burgundaviawell, a table wrapping the TOC10:38
jsgotangcomoin tables are easy to do though compared to mediawiki imo10:39
Burgundavianot really10:39
Burgundavia{| starts a table10:39
Burgundavia|} ends one10:39
Burgundaviayou have a lot more control with mediawiki tables10:39
Burgundaviaand they look cleaner10:39
jsgotangcoUserDocumentation looks nice10:39
Burgundaviait does10:40
Burgundaviawe just need more content behind it10:40
BurgundaviaI have been adding stuff to the category10:40
Burgundaviaso we can clean it up and add it UD10:40
Burgundaviagnome-app-install looks like it is coming along10:41
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jsgotangcosee you later i got an appointment tonight10:48
jsgotangcosee you guys later11:04
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jjessebig cubs fan?06:51
thechitowncubsya ya06:59
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jjessemy boss is a huge fan, she has season tickets even though she works/lives in west michigan07:24
thechitowncubstell her if she can't make it to a game, i'll use the tix07:31
jjessegrin i doubt that :) i think her son is in chicago and gets the ticks if she can't 07:34
thechitowncubsshes lucky07:34
thechitowncubswhat do you do for a living?07:34
jjessenetwork admin for a bank07:34
thechitowncubswhat OS?07:35
jjessewindows for servers and desktop07:37
jjessean as/400 for bank processing and working on adding linux as i can07:37
thechitowncubsare you working on the wiki right now?07:38
jjessedon't work a lot of the wiki, i work on the docbook side of things07:38
jjesseneed to upload my changes actually for the kdeuserguide07:38
thechitowncubssounds good07:39
jjessegrin and u?07:41
thechitowncubsI just started doing doc work07:42
thechitowncubsi'm starting by helping out on the wiki07:42
jjessecool welcome to the group :)07:42
thechitowncubsthanks, glad to be hear07:42
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