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Mithrandirfabbione: it appears that davyd has tickled a bug in the 32 bit support code in the kernel.  gdb /bin/ls in a 32 bit chroot on a 64 bit kernel falls over when running the program10:04
fabbioneMithrandir: what kernel?10:05
fabbione.10 ? .12 ?10:06
Mithrandirfabbione: "any".  he can reproduce it using 2.6.12-3-amd64-generic, I can reproduce it using 2.6.10 from kernel.org with a regular debian 32 bit userland.10:06
fabbioneMithrandir: .. what are the symtomps?10:07
Mithrandir(gdb) r10:07
MithrandirStarting program: /bin/ls10:07
Mithrandir(no debugging symbols found)10:07
Mithrandir(no debugging symbols found)10:07
Mithrandir(no debugging symbols found)10:07
Mithrandir(no debugging symbols found)10:07
Mithrandir(no debugging symbols found)10:07
Mithrandir[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled] 10:07
MithrandirError while reading shared library symbols:10:08
MithrandirCannot find new threads: generic error10:08
Mithrandirand then it just hangs.10:08
fabbioneit looks more likely a glibc bug....10:08
MithrandirLD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1 fixes it, so it's probably related to NPTL somehow.10:08
fabbioneblame glibc :)10:08
Mithrandirwell, it's not there on i386, is it?10:08
fabbioneno idea..10:09
fabbioneit works on i38610:09
Mithrandirso it's a kernel bug. :-)10:10
fabbionei suggest you mail Andy Kleen10:10
Mithrandirwill do10:10
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zuljbailey: ping..05:28
zulnevermind he is probably at ols05:30
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surakhello people06:35
surakUbuntu's mailing lists pages ( http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/lists ) lists no page for kernel development. In wiki we find only the kernel-team one.06:45
surakReading http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2005-April/000495.html (regarding vt6410 ide raid controller) , Chuck says "I have looked over the patch and made a diff for breezy."06:54
surakI'm using a breezy live cd from june 28, which reports kernel 2.6.12-2-386, but there is no via92cxxx module on it (just via82cxxx). Where can I look for help on it? I have a spare machine with two 150gb drives on this controller and willing to help testing this driver.06:54
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jammcq_olsfabbione: hey, can we get the FUSE driver added to the kernel package?  We need it for ltsp local device support07:07
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fabbionehi jammcq_ols 07:15
fabbionejammcq_ols: i remember there are 2 drivers similar.. one is fuse and the other i can't remember..07:15
fabbioneone of them has a dead upstream07:15
fabbioneif fuse is the ok one, i can include it yes07:15
fabbionebut i would like you to file a bug or send me an email as reminder07:16
surakfabbione: can vt6410 ide support be included in kernel? there is a patch for via82cxxx in linux-kernel - http://www.ussg.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/0502.0/1870.html07:16
jammcq_olsfabbione: I'm at OLS, and it was mentioned this morning that FUSE was likely going into the mainstream kernel07:18
jammcq_olsI'll file a bug report07:18
fabbionesurak: let me check07:29
fabbionesurak: no. the patch has been submitted a while ago and not included upstream meaning that the patch is not good enough. Also note that the chipset still get to work with the generic driver07:34
surakit is not recognized as a valid drive here in 2.6.12-2 07:35
surakwhich means, I cannot partition it with any partitioning tools found at breezy live07:36
surakWhat can I do to help? Create a module for it and post it for public testing?07:37
fabbionesurak: you can't. the patch is on top of an existing driver. You need to get upstream to apply it.07:37
fabbionei am not going to include patches that are not on the way to upstream anymore07:38
fabbionenot so close to release07:38
surakso, no vt6410 for breezy live?07:38
fabbionedoes it work with the installer?07:38
surakdidn't try it yet. 07:38
fabbionetry with the installer07:39
fabbioneif it can see the controller.07:39
surakbut you can always install on a sata drive and upgrade kernel...07:39
surakany breezy installer? or you mean hoary?07:40
fabbionehoary won't get anything like that07:41
surakok. I'll download one now.07:41
fabbionei am off07:47
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nsillikI have a kernel driver I've written and I need a little help testing, is this the proper place to post an announce?09:14
suraknsillik: just curious: what kind of driver?09:16
nsillikit adds usuability for the OneTouch driver on Maxtor OneTouch drives... it's really a small thing, but it was my first (usable) kernel driver09:17
nsillikit uses the unusual_devs.h file to declare an extra init function for the usb_storage driver, then connects the interrupt endpoint on the hard drive to input, the button can then be programmed using any keybinding software09:18
nsillikeven if you don't have the drive, but have a few minutes to get your eyes on it, to see if you see any obvious errors, the .diff is locate here http://www.ducttape-and-marbles.com/onetouch.diff09:23
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