lamontmake[2] : Entering directory `/build/buildd/isdnutils-3.6.2005-01-03/xmonisdn'01:08
lamontmake[2] : xmkmf: Command not found01:08
lamontdoko: ^^^01:08
danielslamont: that's my problem03:48
danielsxutils shouldn't, er, be empty03:48
danielsbut anyone using xmkmf deserves whatever they get03:48
lamontdaniels: ah, ok07:23
fabbionelamont: i am safe :)07:24
fabbioneit's only a binutils regression07:24
fabbionelibs are all ok07:24
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lamonti386 89.007:39
lamontpowerpc 88.707:39
lamontamd64 87.907:39
lamontia64 87.807:39
lamontsparc 75.007:39
lamonthppa 62.507:39
lamontfabbione: just fyi07:39
=== lamont heads to bed
fabbionelamont: pkg ratio?07:39
lamontinstalled vs total07:39
fabbionenot too bad...07:39
fabbionei have a stall in universe atm07:40
fabbioneand i need to recheck the c++ transition status07:40
fabbionei think i miss something like 19 libs07:40
fabbionethat are FTBFS 07:40
fabbioneso i can't unleash the other 600 pkgs07:40
fabbionei guess the same is for the other arches...07:40
fabbionegood night :)07:41
lamonthppa has the advantage that if I can resolve build-deps using only breezy, then I only get transitioned libs.. :)07:41
lamontand really g'night.07:41
fabbionehehe good night07:42
fabbioneah i can reproduce it in debian too!07:49
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fabbionehey doko08:16
fabbionehttps://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=12822 <-08:19
fabbionedoko: please fix now. kthxbye.08:19
dokohmm, interesting ...08:37
fabbionedoko: it's the one i have been bithing about for a while by now08:38
fabbioneexcept now we have a simple test case08:38
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fabbionedoko: in how long are you going to upload the next gcc-4.0?10:30
fabbionesparc is completling the test case of the 2ubuntu210:30
dokoI can wait for that one to finish, if you want10:33
fabbionedoko: it depends how urgent is your upload.. i don't want to stall it10:40
fabbionebut i would also like to get the new gcc in :)10:40
fabbioneXPASS: 26_numerics/cmath/c99_classification_macros_c.cc (test for excess errors)10:40
fabbionei am here now...10:40
fabbioneno idea how much is left10:40
fabbionei mean in terms of time10:41
fabbionethe machine is not doing anything else.. so i expect not to take too long10:41
dokohmm, about 4 hours?10:41
fabbionedoko: let say that if it doesn't finish within 4 hours you upload?10:42
fabbionewould that be ok for you?=10:42
dokoI'll wait10:42
dokofabbione: how's the 4.0 build going?01:19
fabbioneFAIL: libmudflap.cth/pass40-frag.c (-O3) (test for excess errors)01:19
fabbionedoko: still in the test suite...01:20
fabbionebut only 3 hours passed :)01:20
fabbioneif you need to upload just go01:20
fabbionei will stop this one01:20
fabbionebut tell me now please.. so the buildd can go further with other stuff01:20
dokono, go on01:21
fabbioneok i will let it build...01:21
fabbioneRunning /build/sparcbuildd/gcc-4.0-4.0.1/src/libjava/testsuite/libjava.lang/lang.exp ...01:38
fabbioneit's on java :)01:38
fabbionedoko: it finished the test suite...02:53
fabbioneit's doing something else :)02:54
fabbionei guess installing02:54
fabbionedoko: i am going offline for one hour..02:59
fabbionei really need to crash a bit02:59
fabbioneif when i am back sparc hasn't finished yet, just go and upload ..02:59
dokoyep, I'm not online tonight, will read my backlog03:02
fabbionedoko: it's building the debs now..04:05
dokoso I can upload?04:06
fabbioneno wait.. i need to be upload the debs04:06
fabbioneotherwise katie will REJECT the bin upload04:06
fabbionebut we are there :)04:07
fabbionedh_movefiles: Compatibility levels before 3 are deprecated.04:09
fabbionedoko: you need to check debian/rules*04:09
fabbioneyou are still using old COMPACT levels04:09
dokoI know, I should copy the dh_movefiles code.04:10
fabbionei think you can easily change level04:12
dokono, not for dh_movefiles and wildcards on the command line04:13
fabbionedude.. it's time to split gcc...04:16
fabbionewe did it for xorg...04:16
fabbioneyou can do it for gcc :)04:16
danielsyeah, and look how well it's going for xorg :P04:17
infinityShh, don't discourage him.04:17
danielsdoko: btw, we managed to get splitting gcc in as a BreezyGoal.  get to it.04:17
infinityMuch better.04:18
fabbioneFix a typo in gjc translation.. 36 hours of build04:18
fabbionedaniels: look at the positive side..04:18
fabbionenobody can complain about taking 45 minutes to build X anymore04:19
danielstrue dat04:19
fabbionedaniels: next.. you will split the kernel04:19
fabbionei could do it :P04:19
fabbionethat's easy04:19
danielsjbailey gets to split glibc04:19
danielsfabbione: i expect the vm and the fs layers in totally different source packages04:19
danielsand one binary package per module04:19
danielssometimes I get the feeling we've gone a little too far with xorg04:20
fabbionedaniels: i think you did a bit too much...04:20
fabbionedaniels: but packaging vm and fs in different layers.. that's easy :)04:21
fabbionedpkg-deb: building package `lib64stdc++6' in `../lib64stdc++6_4.0.1-2ubuntu2_sparc.deb'.04:22
fabbioneCOME ON!04:22
fabbioneARE WE THERE YET?04:22
fabbione16128 -rw-r--r--  1 sparcbuildd sparcbuildd 16494216 Jul 20 16:19 libgcj6-dbg_4.0.1-2ubuntu2_sparc.deb04:22
fabbione16Mb to debug java....04:22
=== fabbione stops the torrents to upload faster
dokodaniels: BreezyGoal? No, where?04:23
dokomust be a bounty :)04:23
fabbionedoko: seriously.. is it actually possible to split gcc?04:23
dokoI didn't look yet. problem is, that the gcc driver still needs to be able to understand the not-configured languages04:24
dokoso, basically, copy the source, and build different sets of compilers from the packages04:25
dokobut I didn't see that as a breezy goal ...04:25
danielscopying source -> you lose04:26
dokodaniels: no, we do want to be able to keep the system compiler at a defined state, while updating the non-core compilers04:26
danielsthat's your mouth on the left04:28
danielsand a pipe coming out of it04:28
danielsunfortunately I can't represent the illicit substances within, in ASCII04:28
fabbione  100 -rw-r--r--  1 sparcbuildd sparcbuildd    97348 Jul 20 16:27 lib64gfortran0_4.0.1-2ubuntu2_sparc.deb04:28
fabbionei mean...04:28
fabbionewho on earth still uses fortran...04:29
fabbione64 bit even!04:29
danielsway of the future04:29
fabbionelet's rewrite X in fortran :)04:29
fabbionei need to get a shower...04:29
dokoheh, it's not the old 28 years old f77, it's the brand new 10 years old f95 :-)04:29
danielsyou first04:29
fabbionedoko: if you need to go, just put the source on rookery and i will ftp it to jackass as soon as i am done04:30
dokoI'm leaving in one hour04:32
fabbione24623 ?        RN     0:02 python /usr/bin/dput ubuntu gcc-4.0_4.0.1-2ubuntu2_sparc.changes04:35
fabbioneit's dputting... i guess 15 minutes and we are done04:35
fabbionethis is the moment in which IF you upload.. i am will hate you for the rest of my life :P04:35
fabbioneanyway fast shower and back04:36
fabbionedoko: 5 minutes and you should be ok to go04:52
fabbionei am waiting the mail from katie to tell me she loves me a lot04:52
dokofabbione: currently all runtime libs built from gcc-4.0 are linked using -O1. should I disable that for the next sparc build?04:55
fabbionedoko: go ahead04:56
fabbionedoko: i mean you can upload04:56
fabbionedoko: i just added info to the bug..04:56
fabbionei can't see -O1 anywhere04:56
dokofabbione: yes, you can't see it, the runtime libs itself are linked with -O1 at build time04:57
fabbionedoko: let's wait and see what upstream has to say about binutils04:57
fabbionebecause i don't believe it's a gcc problem...04:57
fabbioneand i don't want to workaround it.. i want the fix :)04:58
fabbionedoko: or is this -O1 an ubuntu only thing?04:59
dokono, debian/ubuntu only thing04:59
dokonot upstream04:59
fabbionehm ok05:00
fabbionedoko: let's wait and see a couple of days05:01
fabbionethe amount of pkgs affected is relatively small05:01
fabbioneanyway.. i need to go offline..05:01
dokook, 4.0 uploaded05:02
fabbionedoko: danke for waiting :)05:02
fabbione   * Update to CVS 20050720, taken from the gcc-4_0-branch.05:02
fabbione     - Fix PR22278, volatile issues, seen when building xorg.05:02
fabbionei guess we will expect a -44 :)05:02
fabbionecya later05:03
dokoyep, that was the reason for the quick upload05:03
dokodaniels: ^^^05:03
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