lamontvim is ftbfs... sys/time.h and time.h exist is the immediate cause04:10
=== lamont files a bug so that jbailey feels wanted.
lamont./normal >normal.dist05:15
lamont*** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (!prev): 0x00021050 ***05:15
lamontjbailey: iproute is still busted...05:15
lamonti386 0.91052106:34
lamontpowerpc 0.90447506:34
lamontamd64 0.89822706:34
lamontia64 0.89411206:34
lamontsparc 0.75834506:34
lamonthppa 0.73236906:34
lamontfabbione: closing in on you.. :)06:34
fabbionelamont: i know :(06:34
fabbionei have all of GNOME FTBFS06:34
fabbioneand i still need to check the c++ abi transition in universe06:35
fabbionethat means i have 600 pkgs still in not-for-us06:35
lamont162 packages more to tie.. :-)06:35
fabbioneand my second buildd died again!06:35
fabbioneso it's hw problem...06:35
fabbionetested 3 kernels on it06:35
lamontyeah - hppa has it a bit easier on c++ transition - if I limit the buildd to just breezy packages, then it'll only build transitioned stuff...06:36
fabbioneyeah i know06:36
fabbionei am pretty sure i did transition everything06:36
fabbionebut i need to double check06:36
=== desrt eyes fabbione
fabbionehey desrt06:38
desrtyou're bad at taking vacation, dude :P06:38
fabbioneno! i have a wife that forgets to turn off the alarm clock at 5:30!06:38
fabbioneshe can fall asleep again06:38
fabbionei can't06:38
desrtand too early to start housework, i suppose06:42
fabbioneshe is sleeping.. i am not supposed to make noise :)06:43
desrti see :)06:43
desrtirc is a good way to do that06:43
desrthave you seen the frogpad?06:43
desrtone-handed keyboard06:44
desrti'm thinking of buying one (or two)06:44
fabbioneno i am actually completing a distupgrade on the first (slowest) of the 2 amigas i have06:44
desrtwhat arch?06:45
fabbionebut i am having some timeout issues with the mirror06:45
fabbioneamiga = m68k06:45
=== desrt doesn't understand the point in having m68k hardware :)
desrtbrb.  testing gdm changes06:46
fabbioneAH CRAP06:50
fabbioneone of the routers on the way is having pkt loss06:50
desrtthere we go07:00
fabbionenope.. too much pkt loss07:02
fabbione 7  pos5-0.2488M.bynxg1.ip.tele.dk (  202.106 ms * *07:03
desrtno.. not packet loss07:06
desrtthat host just has a "one ping packet per ip per day" policy :)07:07
fabbionedesrt: not to disappoint you, but remember that ppc is a processor born on top of m68k :)07:08
fabbionerespect for the grandaddy of your machines ;)07:08
desrtboring :P07:08
fabbioneit's fun...07:08
fabbionedesrt: + there are some benefits in keeping these arches around07:14
fabbionebecause they are still used for a bunch of embedded devices07:14
desrtah ya.. i suppose that's true07:14
fabbioneif you remember.. not too long ago, NASA was searching 8086 on ebay to replace some parts for the shuttle :)07:15
desrti don't remember that07:15
desrtthat's cool, though :)07:15
desrtwell.. i mean07:15
fabbionethere are several reasons to use old processors07:16
desrt8086 elss cool than m68k07:16
desrtbut whatever :)07:16
fabbionethey are very well known07:16
fabbionesuper tested07:16
fabbioneactually m68k >> 8086 :)07:18
fabbionem68k has always been faster than 808607:18
fabbioneup to 68080 that was more or less a pentium 120 or 150 in terms of performances 07:18
desrtwell ya07:58
desrt* > x86 in bang-per-mhz07:58
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=== lamont__ mutters about gcc-3.4 being 7 hours into its build on hppa
dokowell, it builds the cross compiler as well07:00
dokolamont__, lamont, fabbione: you may not want to build the following uploads for sparc and hppa, until the i386/amd64 biarch integration is done07:01
=== lamont__ waits for the list...
=== jbailey [~jbailey@modemcable139.249-203-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-toolchain
lamont__doko: true.07:04
lamont__that does slow it down07:05
jbaileydoko: there/07:06
lamont__jbailey: fwiw, iptables still hates hppa07:06
doko* lamont__ mutters about gcc-3.4 being 7 hours into its build on hppa07:06
doko<doko> well, it builds the cross compiler as well07:06
doko<doko> lamont__, lamont, fabbione: you may not want to build the following uploads for sparc and hppa, until the i386/amd64 biarch integration is done07:06
doko* lamont__ waits for the list...07:06
jbaileylamont__: Joy.  rsync'ing logs to somewhere I can see them yet?07:06
lamont__doko: the following gcc-3.4 uploads?07:06
lamont__jbailey: still blocked07:06
=== lamont__ makes a note to pester the resident muppet
dokolamont__: yes07:07
lamont__elmo: logs@buildd.u.c ready for me yet?  eta?07:07
lamont__doko: will there be -4.0 uploads too?07:07
lamont__and should I just kill the 3.4 build?07:07
lamont__doko: so you're recommending not building gcc-* until you say so?07:08
dokodepends on jbailey 07:08
lamont__what about glibc07:08
dokoyep, maybe stop that as well07:08
lamont__./normal >normal.dist07:09
lamont__*** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (!prev): 0x00021050 ***07:09
lamont__/bin/sh: line 1:  5737 Aborted                 ./normal >normal.dist07:09
jbaileyIs that iptables?07:10
jbailey(I don't know where ./normal might come from...)07:10
lamont__my bad. :-(07:12
jbaileyAnd only dying on hppa? =(07:13
lamont__of course07:15
lamont__the rest of the log is pretty uninteresting, if that helps...07:16
jbaileyNo, it'll mostly be feeding that address into gdb and figuring out what thedouble free is.07:16
jbaileyProbably some define missing for you guys.07:16
jbaileyBTW, libc6-{dev-}amd64 should be ready today.  It all worked well, except that it hardcoded /usr/lib instead of /usr/lib64.07:17
lamont__jbailey: btw, any progress on palo?  I told bame I'd make it good, and then you wanted to play so I didn't do anything, and he should be back soon...08:24
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jbaileyUgh,  INTERP on amd64 seems to be allowed to be either /lib/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 or /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.211:02

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