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ajmitchhello, this channel is just used for meetings :)03:26
ajmitchquestion, support, etc are in #ubuntu03:27
Kader_Turkoow, thnxz =)03:28
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LondonAndrew1losing my connection every 20 minutes at the moment. Argh01:27
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JaneW***Reminder*** Edubuntu Update Meeting in 15 minutes in #ubuntu-meeting01:46
JaneWok is anyone here for the edubuntu meeting?02:00
LondonAndrew1*hands up*02:00
JaneWLondonAndrew1: good, just like our logo ;)02:00
JaneWp.s. are you really drewling? ;)02:00
ograit couls be that i have to run out for a minute or two.... the baker is arriving soon here to bring my bread....02:00
JaneWogra: lol - OK02:01
JaneWyour village sounds very quaint02:01
ogradont laugh.... its 20km to the next baker... and my GF is gone for 2 weeks 02:01
JaneWok, ogra the main focus for the first part of the meeting is where we are with the development...02:02
LondonAndrew12 weeks, will you survive?02:02
JaneW(shame, poor thing!)02:02
ograhehe.... i guess so :)02:02
JaneW(not being totally sarcastic btw)02:02
ograok, do we start with the meeting ? 02:02
JaneWanyway without the development all the other stuff is irrelevant02:02
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JaneWmdz was not happy with progress02:03
JaneWin our last meeting02:03
JaneWhave things improved?02:03
ograi updated the http://edubuntu.org/EdubuntuOneDotZeroRoadmap 02:03
ograto relflect what has been done now...02:03
JaneWnote to all our feature freeze is tomorrow (11 Aug)02:03
JaneWbtw is there an agreed deadline time?02:04
ograi just shrunk the main inclusion reports page ....02:04
JaneWhow far are the reports now?02:04
ograsince it talked about binarys, not source packages... looks way better now02:04
JaneWit sounds like corey has been really helpful with those...02:04
ograits just a matter of time to complete the rest.... i'll make it tomorrow shortly before the deadline... it includes all dependencys now, so there shouldnt be any surprises02:05
ograyes, corey was very helpful02:05
ogramy biggest prob this week was to make tzhe mediawiki packages "right" to not have to have two versions of php or two SQL servers installed... we have a mediawiki package that can do php5 and postgresql... (which are the two tools we use for all other stuff too)02:07
ogra(its unique in the linux world like this....)02:08
JaneWis media wiki ok now?02:08
ogranot completely... but i'll upload the package today... bugfixing will have to go on02:09
ograbut thats ok with the policy... the most important fact is to have a package ready before tomorrow02:09
ograand not to add new features02:09
JaneWok, the main includion reports - do you need more help, or are they taken care of?02:10
ograso even if they are broken... they must be there02:10
ograi think corey is a bit busy with real life... i can need any help i can get02:10
JaneWdo you still have issues with pitti? You siad it was up to him to approve some stuff?02:10
ograbut worst i'll do them alone... the list is really small now02:10
JaneWcan anyone else help ogra with main inclusion reports? Please.02:11
ograyes, gcompris will be the base for a discussion... i'm sure02:11
ograbut thats a thing between pitti any myself...02:11
JaneWogra: since that's a high priority item, when will we know if it's approved or not?02:11
ograand a matter of how many pizza i send him to ignore stuff *g*02:11
JaneWsend lots!02:12
ograif pitti has the time to look at it02:12
JaneWhmmm, how likely is that?02:12
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ograits out of our hands once the reports are finished02:12
JaneWhe's prolly swamped with loads of requests atm...02:12
ograsince he is the one to approve02:12
JaneWok, how can we get the reports finished asap?02:13
ogramost of them he will just wave through....02:13
JaneWthat seems to be in the critical path right now02:13
JaneWI hope you are right02:13
ograas i said, i'll do them tomorrow... i dont see it critical02:13
JaneWyou sure?02:13
ograsince the inclusion wont happen tomorrow... and pitti has no time either....02:13
JaneWmatt is far less relaxed about this deadline that you are ;)02:14
ograits a ting that may happen during the next week02:14
ograyes, but what should i do ? i wont speed up the process now....02:14
ograwe had no chance to test or work on the CD until last week...02:15
ograthe reports will be ready tomorrow... more i cant do...02:16
JaneWis that x problem fixed yet?02:16
ograJaneW, imagine that i have to do other distro work thats unrelated to edubuntu or goals... thta underlies the freeze too02:17
ogranot in a state that we'll have a installable ltsp yet02:17
JaneWogra: I do understand that, I really do02:17
ograsome dependencys are missing... daniels told me we'll have a new upload soon02:17
ograso with luck that X problem is fixed tomorrow...02:18
ogra(with luck... i gave up to predict X fixing dates)02:18
JaneWogra: but matt is anxious to see some concrete progress, and I think if we weren't bound to delivery on this, he may have been tempted to defer02:18
JaneWogra: ;)02:18
=== mhz cheers ogra up! (and is willing to test and report)
JaneWmhz: :))02:19
JaneWogra: I understand ow you must feel *I* feel like I have been hit by a bus myself....02:19
ograyes, he should calm down... we'll have it done for preview with a whole month of testing..... breezy bugs will be fixed in breezy anyway... 02:19
JaneWogra: ok I'm gonna trust you that you that it will all resolve in the end...02:20
ograso the stuff to do once its ready will be a fairly small amount of changes...02:20
JaneWbesides getting anxious doesn't help anyway02:20
ograok... i have one seed change proposal mdz would have to approve....02:21
ogra(lets do some real business... )02:21
ograaudacity was included as a sound sample editor... it has a dependency on wxgtk2.4  02:21
ograwe dont like to support the 2.4 version of this library02:22
ograand 2.6 is already out...02:22
ograbut audacity cant work with 2.402:22
JaneWyou mean without?02:22
ograso my proposal is to replace audacity with gnusound02:23
ograerr, nope, i meant 2.6, but similar ;)02:23
JaneWok, does it make much difference?02:23
JaneWusing gnusound?02:23
ogranope... just that all dependencys for gnusound are already in main... its trivial02:23
JaneWok, do you anticipate any objection from mdz?02:24
ograhe didnt like the idea of sound editing at all02:24
ograbut beyond that... nope02:24
JaneWll send him a mail...02:25
ogragreat :)02:26
ograif he wants us to drop it completely i'd be fine too.... sound in ltsp is still an issue...02:26
ograso it would be interesting only for the workstation install, except mdz solves the sound issues...02:26
ograwhich is unlikely to happen in breezy time02:27
JaneWI'll let you know how he responds02:27
ograor put me on cc02:27
JaneWok the issues we had last time02:27
JaneWmediwiki, gcompris, x, classroom tool02:28
JaneWwhere are we on each02:28
JaneWmediawiki fixed, but need sto be approved?02:28
JaneWgcompris need pitti to approve?02:28
ograand the package isnt completed yet... it'll be ready tonight02:28
KamionX should be fixed at next cron.daily, with the exception of amd6402:29
ogragcompris installable...02:29
ograX as i said above.... 02:29
ograand as Kamion says02:29
KamionI'm keeping an eye on it and hurrying through as much as I can02:29
ograclassroom tool is running out of time, but i'll make sure we'll have it in universe02:29
ografor the classroom tool i had no chance to test it in a real ltsp setup until last weekend... there are issues where dont know if they can be solved easily...02:31
JaneWKamion: great thanks02:31
ograbut i preferred to finish mediawiki first and the ltsp testing is quite time consuming... additionally it blockas all my HW i have around, so i cant do anything else during atest02:33
JaneWogra: what does that mean there'll be no classroom tool in the standard install?02:33
ogratime was to short for real tests02:34
JaneWis there nothing we can get in there quickly?02:34
JaneWdoes tuXlabs use something?02:34
ogranothing that works with our implementation of ltap02:34
ogramight be, but likely they modify files you shouldnt modify ... their scripts are quite intrusive02:35
JaneWdamn, this is not wonderful news, I imagine this is quite high on the list of required (or at least desired) tools02:35
ograthe guadalinex tool juan promised me 3 times was never sent... but the put in on gnomefiles.org two weeks ago... its written in gambas which we wont have in main02:36
ogralets see what i can do... but it doesnt work at all currently...02:36
ograKamion, yes :(02:36
Kamionpeople are still writing in BASIC?02:36
ograKamion, they promoted that tool a lot nd it has really nice features... but nobody told us about gambas...02:37
=== _linesca_ [n=kvirc@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
ograthey ported from tcl/tk btw :)02:37
ograJaneW, the prob with such tools is that they are developed for a very special environment... ours is a complete new implementation of such a environment...02:39
ograso its not just "port this over" there are architectual differences you cant work around easily02:39
JaneWogra: ok02:40
JaneWis php still a problem? 4 vs 5...02:40
ograi'll do my best to get something working in universe...02:40
Kamionwhich one did you need? php5's in main now02:40
ograif my mediawiki packages are ready its not... we'll use php5 and postgresql02:40
JaneWogra: and the other pacakages, I thought you said a lot of them need php4...?02:41
ograKamion, mediawiki isnt supposed to work with php4... i couldnt convince the debian mediawiki team to make their pkg depend on 5....02:41
ograadditional the database is forced to mysql by them... i have postgres/php5 packages nearly done her02:42
ograJaneW, all sorted with this alst remaining package02:42
ogralast even02:42
JaneWok great02:43
ograthe server side looks pretty good already02:43
ograedubuntu-desktop is installable from universe since last weekend...02:44
ograas soon as all apps have moved to main it'll be good to go02:44
Kamionyou should be able to test netboot installs if you boot with apt-setup/universe=true, plus the other Edubuntu preseeds that are on the CD02:45
ograKamion, thanks for that :)02:45
Kamionbeen there since warty ;)02:45
JaneWogra: that 'all' from your side?02:45
ografor now....02:46
JaneWare you still ready for people to start testing away tomorrow?02:46
JaneWplease send a message to the mailing list to that effect if/when you are...02:46
ograhmm... with the option Kamion just pointed out we're ready NOW !02:46
JaneWin that case start testing... NOW02:46
JaneWok so I guess we'll be needing documentation and artwork afterall ;)02:47
Kamionyou can't do all the preseeds easily on the kernel command line though02:47
Kamionwhich makes it tricky02:47
ograplease understand that i'll sedn the instructions for testing after the freeze... i'll have a 48h hacking session after this meeting ;)02:47
Kamionhmm, let me see02:47
LondonAndrew1a sprint02:47
LondonAndrew1you will need bread for that02:48
ograa small one :)02:48
JaneWogra: understood02:48
LondonAndrew1and probably best to get rid of the girlfriend for a while02:48
ograLondonAndrew1, baker still missing ...02:48
JaneWogra: how do you want to receive feedback from the testing?02:48
JaneWogra: do we need a template?02:48
ograLondonAndrew1, as i said, she's away for 2 weeks :)02:48
ograJaneW, yup, that was my plan ... 02:48
LondonAndrew1did you send away because of your commitment to edubuntu ;)02:48
ograi'll write one up after the freeze... and put it on the wiki02:49
JaneWogra: great thanks02:49
ograLondonAndrew1, nope, she's visiting her mother02:49
KamionI can't do the netcfg tweaks this way, but try booting a netboot install with preseed/url=http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/edubuntu/edubuntu.seed or preseed/url=http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/edubuntu/server.seed02:49
JaneWogra: do you want comments posted on the wiki or mailed?02:49
ograboth ? 02:49
Kamionnote that using preseed files you don't control is INSECURE so please don't recommend that ordinary users do this02:50
ograor either of them... as long as the info reaches us02:50
ograKamion, ordinary users shouldnt even test at this stage :)02:50
Kamion(and it's untested)02:50
ograi'm aming for people that can test ltsp... which still requires manual work so far02:50
Kamion(and it will take ages because you'll be fetching the entire world from the archive)02:51
ogranot only the seeds ? 02:51
Kamionnetboot installs fetch everything from the archive, that's kind of the definition02:51
Kamionthe only other alternative is to make cdimage be able to build CDs using universe, which I'm pretty resistant to doing because it has the potential to break mainline Ubuntu CDs in entertaining ways02:52
ogranah, dont do that02:52
ograwe are down to 17 pending inclusion reports (from 35), most of them easily to approve... 02:53
ograso it wont be a biggie te get the remaining stuff in and i'm willing to change te seed for now to exclude our problematic ones and include them later again02:54
KamionX is rather happier now on i386/powerpc, see http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/testing/breezy_probs.html02:54
ograthe only prob i had here were xkb stuff and a missing xinit...02:55
mhzKamion: your netinstall means XP loaded machines will be able to netinstall via LTSP ??02:55
Kamionyou shouldn't need to change the seed anyway, edubuntu-* should only depend on packages from main/restricted02:55
Kamioncomponents = ['main', 'restricted', 'universe'] 02:56
ograif these are solved and the autodetection works, X is done for me02:56
Kamionogra: gah, why did you do that?02:56
Kamionthat's explicitly asking for edubuntu-* to be uninstallable within main02:56
ograbut the things *will* move02:56
Kamionif that were just ['main', 'restricted'] , then edubuntu-* would be installable and you could update it as new components arrived in main02:57
ogranobody told me i'm restricted with the seed packages 02:57
Kamionyou aren't02:57
ograah, yes... because i didnt expect this lag... the packages are about a month old...02:57
Kamionyes, I updated recently02:57
ograhavig a working X one day before freeze wasnt the plan i think02:58
Kamionmhz: XP has nothing to do with it; it doesn't really interact much with LTSP, although the server install should bring up an LTSP server02:58
Kamionthere are many other things that could have been done while waiting for X (using workarounds such as installing two extra binary packages)02:59
ograhmm, has putty a X export function ? then we could make it work 02:59
mhzKamion: i know.. I meant, machines booting via PXE will be able to actually  netinstall instead of just using LTSP resources?02:59
Kamionmhz: yes03:00
mhzKamion: coool!03:00
Kamionogra: putty can do X forwarding, yes03:00
ograKamion, sure... i'm still learning... its my first own linux release i build... i know i'm responsible for much of this lag, but still i had no base to build on... 03:00
Kamionmhz: there's a netboot.tar.gz in /ubuntu/dists/breezy/main/installer-i386/current/images/ or somewhere like that in the archive03:00
mhzKamion: if thatis so.. edubuntu is solving even more issues here on Chilean schools!03:00
ograand working around such probs is a matter of experience i dont have yet03:01
Kamionunpack that onto somewhere a TFTP server can see, fiddle with the nightmare that is TFTP until the paths all work03:01
ograhmm, XP is lacking nfs support... that chould be a prob in the putti scenario...03:01
JaneWogra: part from feeling pressured and overworked are you happy we are on track?03:02
Kamionogra: I don't mean to run you down, just saying that X breakage which is just due to a couple of missing packages doesn't need to be a blocker03:02
JaneWartwork - if anyone is still waiting...03:02
JaneW 1. wallpaper, need volunteer to help with this.03:02
JaneW 2. Edubuntu Mascot  JaneW will contact Sebastein Loss to see if he is willing to do an Edubutu version of his Ubuntu Mascot  http://sloss.free.fr/CCPapers.html, 'Breezy Goes to School'.03:02
JaneW 3. splash screen, need volunteer to help with this.03:02
JaneW 4. gdm theme, need volunteer to help with this.03:02
JaneW 5. Jonathan to create a flying penguins edubuntu 'please wait' screen. - first version completed.03:02
JaneW 6. Edubuntu web site artwork, need volunteer to help with this.03:02
JaneWanyone want to do 1,2,4 or 6?03:02
LondonAndrew1hello again03:02
ograKamion, i know you dont want to run me down... but i'm realistic... about my doings... there is a log i'd have done different if i knew the processes...03:03
LondonAndrew1I would like to take on 1, 3 and 6, but will have to confirm deadlines to double check03:03
LondonAndrew1if its ok03:03
ogra...or the workarounds03:03
ograand i'm not happy at all  to make mdz unhappy03:03
JaneWLondonAndrew1: go ahead, any input would be wonderful03:03
LondonAndrew1what sort of dates03:04
LondonAndrew1would the artwork be required by03:04
ograthe deadline is on the breezy release schedule... wait a sec03:04
ograSep 29th03:05
LondonAndrew1ok that should be fine03:05
LondonAndrew1Regarding the website artwork?03:05
LondonAndrew1is that the design of the website03:05
ograthat should be ready as well (at least in a preview version) at this date...03:06
ograwe'll ship the preview CD from Sep 1st, so people will pay more attention form this date on...03:07
ograbaker !!03:07
JaneWogra: when would our artwork deadline be? 29 Sept?03:07
JaneWLondonAndrew1: the artwork deadline should be 29 Sept, same as the Ubuntu main artwork deadline (I seem to be horribly lagged - sorry about the disjointed discussion)03:07
LondonAndrew1Jane - the website artwork, does this entail doing the design of the website etc? Does anyone have anymore info regarding what is required03:08
JaneWLondonAndrew1: Jonathan (HoghVoltage) is getting a website set up... you can contact him wrt requirements for that. It should be ready in a week or 203:08
JaneWHighvoltage I mean03:08
LondonAndrew1JaneW, okay thanks will do03:09
LondonAndrew1JaneW, do you have an email address I can contact him by?03:09
mhzI am currently working on a Moin version tuxLabs cookbook03:09
mhzwill that be usefull?03:09
JaneWLondonAndrew1: see www.edubuntu.org he's on the contacts table near the bottom03:11
LondonAndrew1JaneW - Thanks03:12
JaneWLondonAndrew1: jonathan@shuttleworthfoundation.org03:12
JaneWcontender for the longest e-mail address in the world ;)03:12
JaneWmhz: yes of course03:12
ograJaneW, yes, for the distro artwork03:12
JaneWok anything else to discuss? The lag is killing us. Plus time's up.03:13
JaneWSame time same place next week?03:13
ogramhz, we'll ship mediawiki... 03:13
ogramhz, will it work there too ?03:13
mhzogra: there should be a purser to do taht03:13
ograJaneW, sounds good... or probably a later time to get mdz in at least one meeting with us03:14
ograso he can point out his concerns03:14
LondonAndrew1JaneW - okay dokes03:14
mhzhowever, MY idea of wiki is to be able to syncronize /data among servers. That IS no possible in MediWiki (AFAIK)03:15
JaneWogra: hmm, ok, 22:00?03:15
ograUTC ?03:15
ograok with me03:15
JaneWok done03:15
JaneWjsgotangco might make that - if he;s an early riser...03:16
ogramhz, with postgresql as backend you can solve it with a central SQL server 03:16
ograi.e. build clusters...03:16
mhzogra: yes...sounds possible03:16
mhzogra: but not for normal standard teachers03:17
ogramhz, depends on the tools you give them ;)03:17
mhzKamion: please let me get this streight... I install Edubuntu in a HD, when it reboots it gets stuck by X server. (and I can't access to the machine because no ALT Fx's work, neither SSH to it)03:21
Kamionmhz: being fixed03:22
Kamionmhz: boot in recovery mode, apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade; that should probably sort it out03:22
mhzso how do I set it up to let me install linux on clients with HD only and able to boot PXE03:22
mhzyou mention something about untaring  pkg into a /dir TFTP can access03:23
JaneWok, I have updated the meeting notes - not a heck of a lot this week.03:23
mhzJaneW: thx03:23
JaneWogra: thanks for your time especially03:23
JaneWand kamion :)03:24
mhzogra: thanks for these lot of extra efforts03:24
mhzyeah ,that too03:24
ograyes, absolutely... thanks Kamion :)03:24
mhzKamion: that doc seems lot easier than some I had read03:25
ogramhz, you want a ltsp install, right ? 03:26
mhzhehehe, ideally yes and if it Edubuntu... betta!03:27
ograso you should be fine with the next edubuntu CD build (tomorrow) if X installs fine then...03:28
mhzogra: thankz03:28
ograyou just have to run ltsp-build-client after the installation and make sure you have a working network connection...03:28
ograadditionally follow this howto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ThinClientHowto03:28
mhzthat sounds simple enough for this humble teacher :)03:29
ograthe first steps of 1. are already done on the edubuntu Cd03:29
mhzI always talk about FLOSS and Ubuntu and Moin using this XP laptop :(03:30
ograyou only need the dhcp part....03:30
ograthen go on with 2.03:30
LondonAndrew1I am currently sorting my spare room up03:32
LondonAndrew1to have a little edubuntu network03:32
LondonAndrew1its all exciting stuff03:33
LondonAndrew1though a new world as I`m only a relatively recent switcher03:33
LondonAndrew1to Linux and Ubuntu03:33
mhzogra: I know why we use MediWiki... another argument of why I am moining tuxlabs cookbook is because mobile users (PalmOne users, example) can't see Mediwiki as well as Moin03:33
mhzLondonAndrew1: welcome back to the real world03:34
ograi cant change the committment to mediawiki, no need to convince me ;)03:34
ograi would have preferred moin...03:34
mhzI get it03:34
mhzI have no commitment to MediWiki so... I can moin everything :)03:34
ograbut our audience we had at the summit didnt... and mediawiki is the wikipedia wiki03:35
ograso if thats what the customer wants, he gets it03:35
mhzplus, when I talk in Peru, I will talk about MoinMoin and Edubuntu. It will be nice to showoff Moin stuff (cookbook)03:35
=== terrex [n=terrex@84-122-73-155.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
ogramoin is available as packge at least ... and even already in main iirc03:36
=== terrex [n=terrex@84-122-73-155.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
hno73LondonAndrew1: I can help with the website stuff too (henrik@ubuntu.com)03:42
hno73I think it was decided to use plone, which we already have a good skin for thatcan be tweaked03:43
LondonAndrew1are there any mock ups yet03:44
LondonAndrew1or any idea of what content we will be putting up03:44
hno73LondonAndrew1: Some early ideas for the header here: http://www.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuWiki03:48
LondonAndrew1thanks have bookmarked03:51
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hno73LondonAndrew1: if you email me I'll send some other images and ideas that I have03:55
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LondonAndrew1hno73 - will do now04:05
LondonAndrew1hno73 - you have mail.04:16
mhzshouldn't we get backt ot edubuntu?04:25
mhzogra: just FYI.. www.merten-home.de/FreeSoftware/media4moin04:34
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