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BagsHi all01:08
BagsI've removed the original CDROM drive and installed another, but now I have no CDROM functionality. 01:08
BagsWOuld anyone be so kind as to tell me what I need to do to remove the original device installation and force KDE to discover the new device? 01:09
BagsPretty quiet in here...01:10
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apokryphosnikkia: heyhey :)01:14
nikkiahey apokryphos01:14
nikkiai got assigned my 'next' project today :/01:15
apokryphosturns out I'm probably getting my comp in wo weeks, not tomorrow (or, rather, today)01:15
nikkia(haven't even finished my current one, mind you)01:15
apokryphosoh, fun :|. What is it?01:15
apokryphosYour boss must be a little crazy ;-)01:15
nikkiaapokryphos: writing a graphics API for a strategic partner01:15
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nmorseAnyone else getting BADSIG errors from GPG when doing an 'apt-get update'?01:16
nikkiaboss: 'how long you reckon? 2 weeks?'  me: 'yeah, that sounds about right'  boss: 'ok, i'll tell em 6 then'01:16
nikkiawhen i say 'graphics API' its about 10 functions that interface to Direct3D, that they want01:17
nmorseSo I take it I'm the only one getting these errors?01:19
nmorseIt's the same key signature for each of the four repositories.01:21
nmorsesecurity.ubuntu.org, archive.ubuntu.org, and us.archive.ubuntu.org (both hoary and hoary-updates)01:21
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ilba7rwhat is the command line to logout from x session01:29
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PupenoHow do I make a printer connected to my wife's kubuntu accessible from my computer ?01:38
mike22Pupeno:is it on a network?01:40
Pupenomike22: yes, we are both on the same network.01:41
mike22Pupeno: try http://localhost:67301:44
Pupenomike22: that doesn't work out of the box because kubuntu's cups only binds
PupenoI am not siting on the kubuntu box either (now).01:46
mike22you can manage the printer on a network using cups01:47
mike22you get to it through the web browser at http://localhost:63101:47
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Pupenook, nevermind.01:49
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mike23I see02:00
mike23what is the password for admin tasks under cups iin kubuntu?02:00
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mike23I'm used to linux that has natural root privlidges02:01
mike23root, user name and sudo don't let me in02:01
crimsunuse sudo -s && passwd02:01
crimsunrather, do sudo -s, then passwd02:02
mike22nope 02:03
mike22I'm trying to get into cups02:03
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brk3could someone tell me what argument do you give to dpkg to upgrade a package?02:11
apokryphosbrk3: you'd do that using apt02:12
brk3apokryphos: i already have downloaded the package from a non-apt get source02:13
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brk3so i have it in my home directory02:13
apokryphosbrk3: and you want to upgrade *that* package?02:13
apokryphoswhere would it upgrade from, exactly, if not apt?02:13
brk3apokryphos: its amaork, i downloaded a 1.3 build from the forums02:14
brk3and want to upgrade02:14
apokryphosbrk3: install it like a normal .deb -- it'll do it just fine02:14
brk3apokryphos: hope so02:15
brk3here goes..02:15
apokryphosif you followed the instructions on the forum, then you'd notice they tell you to do that anyhow :)02:15
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brk3dpkg: error processing amarok-1.3_1.3-1_i386.deb (--install):02:19
brk3 trying to overwrite `/usr/bin/amarok', which is also in package amarok02:19
crimsunyou guys just couldn't wait, huh?02:20
apokryphosNever used the deb, but of course I couldn't wait around02:20
crimsunI'm about 99% done building a 1.3 deb02:20
apokryphoscrimsun: any idea if the musicbrainz issues will be resolved in it?02:21
crimsunthere are some .install issues to iron out, but I guess foaming at the mouth works, too ;)02:21
apokryphosplease, please tell me they will ;-)02:21
crimsunapokryphos: no idea, I won't be able to test til I get home02:21
apokryphoshaven't had musicbrainz since... 1.2 beta or something02:21
brk3crimsun: couldnt wait :)02:22
crimsunwell, the hoary musicbrainz don't have mp3 support - is that what you're referring to?02:22
brk3crimsun: hope youir build works better than this one02:22
apokryphoscrimsun: erm, why?02:22
crimsunapokryphos: same reason for gstreamer0.8-mad in universe02:22
apokryphosinstalling from their cvs was hardly a doddle, either; never got round to actually doing it.02:22
apokryphoslibtunepimp isn't in universe?02:23
brk3why are ubuntu updateing their packages only with every release - alot happens in 6 months. are they the only distro doing that?02:23
_martinHi, question: How can i run an application under a different user at startup when all apllications are started under the root account normally02:23
apokryphosbrk3: they're not; you can enable backports and hoary-extras for other packages02:23
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brk3apokryphos: well why dont they have updates of amarok available yet02:24
apokryphoscrimsun: hm, apparently not. If it's in main for amarok... kind of a shame that it doesn't support the files that people will only really use it with :|02:24
crimsunbrk3: updates are only made for security issues and major updates that aren't known to break functionality02:25
apokryphosbrk3: because breezy release has been soon, and it hasn't been out for long at all02:25
brk3_martin: edit the shotcut to run: su user && application02:25
brk3_martin: might work02:25
apokryphoscrimsun: someone should definitely make a universe or hoary-extras tunepimp pack 02:25
crimsunapokryphos: I'm sure you could request one for hoary-extras02:26
brk3apokryphos: but i bet other distros have rpms made already, lemme check mandrake(which i used to use)02:26
brk3i do admit ubuntu probably have a better system of not updateing till they are sure its stable02:26
brk3but still] 02:26
apokryphosbrk3: of course, you can't take one package as representative of their whole updating/backporting02:26
brk3apokryphos: what apt-source should i add for the updates then?02:27
apokryphosbrk3: Kubuntu basically had all the betas out on the day or the day after for the *beta* releases (and the official) of 1.202:27
crimsunbrk3: no, it's completely unfair to look at it that way. I've been making the amarok backport, and I've been EXTREMELY busy lately with my paying job.02:27
_martinbrk3: But then a password is normally asked, right?02:27
crimsunbrk3: you're more than welcome to help with the backport02:28
brk3_martin: not if your root. or are you not..02:28
brk3crimsun: its not your fault, your just doing it yourself. i thought your build is unofficial02:28
_martinbrk3: ah ok, great, i'll try that thanks...............02:28
brk3crimsun: i would help if i had the bandwidth. im only on dialup02:28
crimsunbrk3: it is unofficial02:28
_martinbrk3: What does that "&&" mean?02:28
crimsunbrk3: and 1.3 is too late; upstream version freeze for Breezy/main was quite some time ago02:29
BTJusticeI followed the direction on the first post of this webpage to get my SB Live! 24 sound card to work...02:29
brk3_martin: thats how you execute lots of commands at the same tinme: i.e when your compiling you can go: ./configure && make && make install02:29
apokryphoscrimsun: wow, so not in Breezy at all? :/02:29
BTJusticeBut hte sound is real scratchy and jumpy.02:29
BTJusticeIs there a way to fix that?02:29
_martinbrk3: i found "-c" for running a certain command from su02:29
apokryphoslong freezes02:30
crimsunBTJustice: are you using ALSA directly or via ARTS?02:30
BTJusticecrisum: I have no idea.  I am a n00b, lol.02:30
brk3crimsun: no its just you said its unfair that im asking you to have it built straight away etc when you've been busy, but im not asking you im talking about the official packages02:31
brk3it doesnt really matter02:31
brk3not looking to argue :p02:31
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crimsunbrk3: I know. It was UVF that caught it.02:32
crimsunsee what I said above regarding upstream version freeze02:32
crimsunyou might want to petition Riddell if you feel Amarok 1.3 _must_ be in Breezy, because he'll have to ask the release managers for breaking UVF.02:33
brk3crimsun: so your saying 1.3 wont be breezy??02:33
crimsunin other words, 1.3 needs to fix some long-standing, critical bugs if you want it in Breezy02:34
brk3na, no point in hassling people02:34
brk3that does suck though02:34
BTJusticecrimsun: I just did what the post said to.  It works.  It is just the my sound is really scratchy and jumpy. http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19307&highlight=live+2402:34
crimsunno, you should definitely petition him, brk3 02:34
brk3crimsun: why?02:34
crimsunbrk3: the worst thing that happens is that 1.3 doesn't end up in Breezy. In that case, it'll simply be made available on my shell.02:35
brk3is there a place to put in requests or will i just msg him02:35
crimsunask him. He's away, so just leave him a message.02:35
brk3 /msg is it?02:36
apokryphosthing about amaroK is that many gnome users use it too02:38
brk3hope he gets that02:38
crimsunI will hack on it tonight; in the meantime, I'm going to dinner.02:38
paxare we compaining for amaroK 1.3?02:38
apokryphosI guess it wouldn't bother them as much as they'd have to apt for it anyway02:38
brk3did that msg show up i the chan?02:38
brk3pax: yup02:38
apokryphosbrk3: no02:38
apokryphosanything /msg is private 8)02:38
brk3heres what i said:02:39
brk3hi. just leaving a message to put in a request for amarok 1.3 to be included in breezy. Ive been told that the version freeze has already happened but I think it would be a pity to leave it out, there have been some cool updates. hope you can consider it, im sure its just as stable as 1.2. I would be happy to test it if needs be once I get my hands on a package. Thanks02:39
brk3that be alright?02:39
apokryphossounds fine, sure.02:39
paxno, just send the guy a beer with a note saying (amaroK 1.3 NOW). you get what you want02:40
apokryphosif crimsun has it done properly then it wouldn't even be *that* much of a hassle for Riddell anyhow, I'd guess02:40
brk3i really cant wait. if i just had broadband id download the source and compile it myself, no hassle02:40
apokryphosbrk3: it's not that big, is it?02:40
brk3apokryphos: ah i dunno, i guess not. i just love amarok02:41
apokryphosthough non-broadband is annoying02:41
apokryphosnearly 7 megs02:41
apokryphoswould easily be done over night, of course.02:41
brk3apokryphos: oh you mean the tarball. no its just the kde includes required are 25megs02:41
apokryphosyou'd probably need X includes too etc02:42
brk3wish someone made a kubuntu addon cd02:42
brk3think i have them though02:42
apokryphosbrk3: the .deb really should work though; what's the full error message? 02:43
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brk3apokryphos: the guy who compiled it must have a newer version of libgcc:02:44
brk3 libtag1 depends on libgcc1 (>= 1:4.0.0-7); however:02:44
brk3  Version of libgcc1 on system is 1:4.0-0pre6ubuntu7.02:44
apokryphosmake sure you install taglib either at the same time or first02:44
brk3taglib wont install02:44
brk3any way round it?02:44
=== dargoTC is now known as dargo
brk3i may be able to compile taglib myself02:45
BTJusticeI went to this webpage and followed the directions in the first post to get my SB Live! 7.1 24 to work, but the sound is real choppy and scratchy.  Do I need to change a setting or something?  I use Kubuntu.  The webpage is http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1930702:45
apokryphosI'd probably try a --force-install myself02:45
brk3apokryphos: sudo dpkg -i --force-install *.deb02:47
brk3whats wrong there its not working02:47
apokryphosI think that's it, yes; might be force-overwrite... not sure; check the man page02:47
apokryphosI'm not saying it would necessarily work; just that it's an option02:47
brk3ya il try it02:48
brk3cant find the damn right argument to give dpkg02:49
apokryphosbrk3: you still get an error with --force-overwrite?02:49
brk3il try that02:49
brk3was gonna try --force-depends02:50
brk3may be safer02:50
apokryphosno, force-depends sounds like it02:50
brk3this will prob f**k up everthing :p02:51
apokryphosI doubt it. 02:52
=== apokryphos will bbiab
brk3i think its gona and overwritten a load of arts stuff02:52
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brk3it worked!!!!!!!02:53
brk3dont beleive it02:53
brk3lets see if it will actually play now02:53
brk3plugins may be too old02:53
spermiei just did a fresh install of kubuntu, but net isnt working, how do i fix this02:53
brk3spermie: what do you mean net isnt working02:54
spermiebrk3 it prolly does work i just dont remember how to set it up02:54
brk3but whats net02:55
brk3just not sure to what your referring02:55
=== apokryphos returns
apokryphosbrk3: the Internet :). 02:55
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brk3apokryphos: well your on irc!02:56
brk3apokryphos: did you see the last few lines?02:56
apokryphosbrk3: I'm sure they're probably on another comp02:56
brk3apokryphos: ya my bad02:57
brk3spermie: ok so whats the prob02:57
brk3why wont it work..02:57
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spermiebrk3 the problem is i dont have no net02:59
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ralph1mandb: warning: /usr/share/man/man1/mozilla.1.gz is a dangling symlink03:00
ralph1mandb: warning: /usr/share/man/man1/x-terminal-emulator.1.gz is a dangling symlink03:00
ralph1Hi all: I am seeing these same messages in my root mail. Can some one help me correct the problem. 03:00
ralph1This is after a fresh/clean install of Kubuntu Hoary.03:01
BTJusticeI went to this webpage and followed the directions in the first post to get my SB Live! 7.1 24 to work, but the sound is real choppy and scratchy.  Do I need to change a setting or something?  I use Kubuntu.  The webpage is http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1930703:08
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spermiehow do i configure apt?03:16
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wincidehi all, i cant send anything with dcc or kopete, i've tried opening ports ... i have no firewall but i can't send anything, does someone have an idea??03:23
ralph1I have OpenOffice 1.1.3 and OpenOffice 1.9.118 installed from the script found in tips and coustimizations for Kubuntu Hoary. I fould a script for downloading and installing the latest 1.9.122. The problem is that it requires 1.1.3 to be removed and that wants to delete kubuntu-desktop. Is ther a way to install the latest open office with out destroying kubuntu?03:32
=== pvn [n=pvn@a80-126-12-63.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #kubuntu
pvnhi all03:34
BTJusticeOpen Kynaptic.  Click on EDIT > FIND and seach for openoffice03:34
BTJusticeremove anything checked.03:34
ralph1pvn: hi03:34
BTJusticethat should get rid of it03:34
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pvncan someone help me with a nw802 prob?03:36
pvnh ehe03:36
=== DrMO is now known as DoctorMO
n17r0ff broodje smeren :P03:37
ralph1BTJustice: nope still wants to remove Kubuntu-desktop along with openoffice
pvnja toch03:37
BTJusticeralph1: You removed everything checked when you searched for openoffice?03:38
pvnsomebody got a Trust 120 spacecam?03:38
ralph1BTJustice: NO I checked to remove openoffice 1.1.3 but cancelled to operation when I saw that it also wanted to delete Kubuntu-desktop03:39
BTJusticeI think you have ot uncheck everything found when you search for openoffice in Kynaptic03:40
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flughralph1: seems anything you apt-get remove in kubuntu wants to remove kubuntu desktop03:40
flughralph1: i changed my wallpaper yesterday, boom. apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop03:41
BTJusticeI went to this webpage and followed the directions in the first post to get my SB Live! 7.1 24 to work, but the sound is real choppy and scratchy.  Do I need to change a setting or something?  I use Kubuntu.  The webpage is http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1930703:45
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hater2winwhates the file to edit resolution?04:12
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makkkgood evening/morning/day. I'm more used to ubuntu than kubuntu, but am setting kubuntu up for my girlfriend. Is there a way to install an ethernet connection even though i skipped that part during the installation?04:27
kainoshow wud i view other linux users from out lan network. i can only see computers using windows04:29
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paxmakkk: GUI way, or console?04:32
makkki'm about to re-install, unless you know how to do it04:33
paxmakkk: hehe easy no need to reinstall04:33
makkkok. Great!04:33
paxin console type kdesu kcontrol04:33
flughdoes my kubuntu live dvd give me the option to install at bootup?04:33
makkkone sec. let it boot :), I was really about to reinstall04:33
paxgo to internet > networking settings04:33
makkkpax, i'm with you nw04:35
paxmakkk: just go to that page it will detect your ethX04:36
makkkpax... it did. i'm trying to enable it... and it enables for a sec, then disables itself. looks like there may be a problem with the adapter04:37
paxmakkk: ok, no problem, let' do it the right way.04:38
paxmakkk: paste your /etc/network/interfaces here http://pastebin.ubuntulinux.nl/04:38
paxmakkk: you have a link yet?04:41
=== dan2 [i=dan@pdpc/supporter/professional/dan2] has joined #kubuntu
dan2this is amazing04:41
makkkpax, one sec. 04:41
dan2nice look and feel and everything04:41
dan2except amarok keeps crashing04:41
makkkI'm typing it since i have no connection to the one that needs it04:41
paxdan2: what ver?04:41
dan2pax: whatever was on the hoary kubuntu cd04:41
makkkpax, do i put my nick in 'name'?04:42
paxdan2: get 1.3 beta it's stable 04:42
paxmakkk: yes.04:42
dan2where do I get that from?04:42
paxwell 'stable' as in doesn't crash 04:42
dan2I'm not going to build it from source ;)04:42
paxdan2: no need, let me get you a link04:43
dan2will it work without upgrading to breezy?04:43
makkkpax, its there04:43
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makkkwhen you're ready04:43
paxdan2: try this http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=297377&postcount=2804:44
paxmakkk: got a link please?04:44
=== Furic [n=Furic@c211-30-113-130.carlnfd2.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
dan2pax: doesn't work because of libgcc104:46
paxdan2: it's somewhere in that thread you'll find a link04:47
paxmakkk: this is what you want in that fine http://pastebin.ubuntulinux.nl/141304:47
FuricI try to play a cd (Ben Lee - awake is the new sleep) in KsCD, The cd skips every few seconds with digital audio extraction, but if i turn that off and use the crappy 8-bit audio of my cd drive it plays perfectly, is this some kind of copy protection? the cd case doesn't mention it actually being an audio cd...04:47
makkkpax, so just change it to that?04:48
dan2pax: I don't see it04:48
paxmakkk: basicaly just add two line 1st: iface eth0 inet dhcp04:48
paxmakkk: and: auto eth004:49
dan2pax: its not there04:49
paxdan2: one sec please.04:49
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@cpc2-runc1-6-0-cust116.bagu.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== IceDC571 [n=chris@c-67-174-197-107.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu is now known as DoctorMO
paxdan2: do you have universe and multiverse enabled in your /etc/apt/sources.list ?04:50
dan2at least universe04:50
DoctorMOcan I install kubuntu from a livecd?04:51
paxok, enable both and install what it's asking you to install.04:51
paxdoc, Live no, get the install CD.04:51
paxmakkk: done copying?04:51
makkkyes. 04:52
IceDC571this channel is alive04:52
IceDC571thats neat04:52
paxmakkk: ok save and then from console: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart04:52
dan2pax: its not available in hoary04:52
makkkpax, thanks04:52
makkki'll try04:52
makkkpax, you04:53
makkkyou're the man04:53
makkkthank you04:53
paxdan2: sure is.04:53
paxmakkk: enjoy Kubuntu.04:53
IceDC571okay so i just installed kde after using gnome, is there an easy way to destroy gnome and similar gtk apps that come with ubuntu?04:53
dan2libgcc1 4.0 isn't04:53
pax!find libgcc104:53
ubotulibgcc1: (GCC support library), section libs, is required. Version: 1:4.0-0pre6ubuntu7 (hoary), Packaged size: 79 kB, Installed size: 160 kB04:54
dan2thats the one required04:54
dan2pax: it was >=4.0.0-1 04:54
dan2pax: the debs are built against breezy04:54
paxah, well I'm sure you'll find more than one thread about amarok 1.3 beta in the forums, just invest couple of minutes there04:54
=== tanghus [n=tol@] has joined #kubuntu
dan2tho the look of kubuntu is hot04:57
paxdan2: http://ninux.net/files/ubuntu.png :D04:57
IceDC571kubuntu looks a lot better on my laptop.. dont know what it is.. i absolutely hate using it with a CRT i guess04:57
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@42dbea42.dsl.aros.net] has joined #kubuntu
paxIceDC571: resolution maybe?04:58
dan2IceDC571: who makes your laptop?04:58
dan2iirc dell puts in 8ms lcds04:58
dan2IceDC571: its probably a lot better on your laptop because it has a much better refresh rate04:59
dan2you can mess with that on your crt tho04:59
ubuntuHmm.. Kubuntu is interesting...04:59
ubuntuNot bad.04:59
dan2rule of thum04:59
IceDC571ubuntu: did you just make the transition?04:59
dan21000/8 == 125hz04:59
dan2125hz is likely to be a hell of a lot faster than your crt05:00
paxhe's 'proly on kubuntu Live, the nickname can tell :)05:00
ubuntu:)  True it is.05:00
ubuntuNever used kubuntu until today.05:01
dan2are any of the ubuntu kernels compiled with software suspend 2?05:01
IceDC571dan2: you cant check if they are?05:01
ubuntuDoes kubuntu live support smp?05:02
dan2IceDC571: well I can, but the one that came with the install definetly doesn't05:02
IceDC571ahh i see05:02
IceDC571well i hear breezy fixed a lot of people's power management problems05:02
dan2I want software suspend 2 because it has suspend to disk (hibernate)05:03
dan2and since suspend to ram is fucked on my laptop05:03
dan2which is due to the radeon not getting shut off properly05:03
IceDC571who makes your laptop05:04
dan2nice laptop05:05
dan2its just a known problem with the radeons05:05
IceDC571yeah.. brb i cant snack on food here05:05
=== BTJustice [n=BTJustic@pool-68-238-1-114.chi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #Kubuntu
BTJusticeMight anyone be able to help me fix a problem with my SB Live! 24 bit sound card?  I have sound but it is real scratchy and jumpy.05:06
paxhave you tried the wiki?05:08
BTJusticeYeah but it wasn't all the helpful.05:08
BTJusticeThis got the sound card to work...05:08
apokryphosBTJustice: it's better to try in #ubuntu for non-kde-related questions05:09
seth_kanyone have any idea on making KOrganizer export to web in any format except HTML? XML, RSS, iCal?05:09
BTJusticeI am using Kubuntu05:10
paxBTJustice: you already have sound so I would try https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoundProblemsHoary and then check kmix settings05:10
apokryphosBTJustice: yes, but it's a non kde-related question; ubuntu uses the same base as kubuntu05:10
BTJusticeI tried asking there and no one answered so I came here.05:10
BTJusticeI'll try that pax, thanks.05:11
=== incubii [i=incubii@iBurst-034.isp.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== wincide [n=nomeansy@17.Red-83-32-120.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== ORiON2012 [n=orion@cpe-70-117-2-253.satx.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
BTJusticeNone of that helped05:21
drawagoatcan anyone here help me to get opengl working on my mobile radeon 9000...?05:24
drawagoative been told that it is supported by the fglrx drivers but i cant get those drivers to work...05:24
=== jsubl2 [n=jsubl2@] has joined #kubuntu
IceDC571ive noticed using kde increases the risk of my cats getting cancer05:26
IceDC571is it true?05:26
paxBTJustice: toying with kmix didn't make the sound quality better either eh?05:26
makkkicddc571, its true. we just burried our cat last week05:27
makkkit was the best day of my life05:27
BTJusticepax nope05:27
BTJusticei have them all at about 70%05:27
=== narg [n=narg@dsl-65-171-97-57.tcq.net] has joined #kubuntu
IceDC571you must hate your poor cat05:28
IceDC571i bet you can still hear it meow while you sleep05:28
makkkcant hate something that doesnt exist anymor05:29
makkkanyway, we're going to get kicked off for being way off topic... i might have more questions as i'm setting things up, so no more cat talks :)05:29
=== dan2 [i=dan@pdpc/supporter/professional/dan2] has joined #kubuntu
paxhmm talking about 'cat' is no off-topic, it's a command.05:30
makkkthat is true05:30
paxin fact, time to run sudo catman05:30
IceDC571that sounds interesting05:31
paxthat's right, info catman05:31
IceDC571well i just ran it05:31
makkkwindows xp home edition sports a brand-new visual design that combines a sleek look, clean lines, and ...05:31
paxgood, your mouse will never work again.05:31
IceDC571you serious?05:32
paxno I'm not.05:32
IceDC571i dont get it, what are the advantages of using catman?05:33
paxread info catman or man catman :c)05:33
IceDC571im reading05:34
IceDC571but i can comprehend it05:34
paxcatman - create or update the pre-formatted manual pages05:34
=== _tiago [n=tiago@] has joined #kubuntu
IceDC571so that means pre-formatted manual pages arent created until i run this command?05:34
IceDC571actually i dont think i need to know what its for since i wont be using it05:35
paxcat pages are generally much faster to  display than  the original manual pages, but require extra storage space.05:35
IceDC571ohh i get it now05:36
IceDC571so it generates cat pages from the original manuals?05:36
=== _dargo [n=dargo@245.Red-80-39-84.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
IceDC571that is neat05:37
=== claydoh [n=claydoh@] has joined #kubuntu
IceDC571you know the little fundraiser circle for freenode doesnt look right in konversation05:39
paxwhat's neat is to be able to read man/info pages in conq :)05:40
IceDC571i never read man pages im so lazy05:41
IceDC571only readme and install pages05:41
BTJusticepax: Might switches have anything to do with it?  I have AC97 In, SPDIF Out, SPDIF In, SPDIF Out, SRC Out, i2s In, i2s Mixer Out05:42
BTJusticei2n In is bright red05:42
BTJusticeFirst SPDIF Out is a dull yellow05:42
IceDC571BTJustice: i doubt it would be a switch if your audio is already somewhat working05:42
paxswitches may have everything with it if your card is digital05:42
BTJusticeall the others are a dull red05:42
BTJusticewell it is either digitial or analog,05:43
paxthat output is enabled?05:44
IceDC571well yeah switches help a lot when you're using digital out05:44
IceDC571but if you can hear any audio from it, i doubt it would be switches05:44
paxyou should try to catch crimsun when he's around, he's the sound specialist05:46
BTJusticeWhy does simple stuff have to be so hard with Linux?  One would think it could automatically use the sound card.  It is made by the #1 sound card comapny.  05:46
IceDC571BTJustice: have you tried compiling one of the latest ALSA sources?05:46
=== BTJustice is disgusted
IceDC571well 24-bit for live is sorta new so it would take them a bit to integrate it to mainstream drivers05:47
BTJusticeIts been out for like almost 2 years now05:47
BTJusticeMine says 2003 on it05:47
IceDC571oh, i havent noticed05:47
paxBTJustice: it's hard because the drivers are made with no support from hardware companies.05:48
BTJusticeYou know, if Linux could simply support all of the hardware that WIndows supports automatically without configuration, people would flock to linux in no time.05:48
paxYou should ask the #1 sound card company to make drivers for linux just like they do for windows05:49
BTJusticelol, yeah with a nice installer05:49
paxsee, this is not linux issue, it's greed issue :D05:50
IceDC571i've noticed the sound with live cards sounds a lot better in linux than it does on windows.. i was shocked05:51
BTJusticeThis i how I got it to work in the first place...05:51
IceDC571and i dont usually notice these things05:51
IceDC571i wish alsa would just release their damn drivers so people wouldnt have to compile from the latest source these days05:54
IceDC571there might be a conflict with the old alsa drivers05:54
BTJusticeCan they be downlaoded?  Someone in #ubuntu said the latest version is like 1.0.9b05:55
BTJusticebut that person left05:55
BTJusticeand this one did too, lol05:55
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LeusCan anybody connect to yahoo via gaim?06:23
makkkleus, yes, i have no problems06:25
makkkwhat version do you have?06:25
LeusI downloaded using aptitude today...06:25
LeusI downloaded gaim using aptitude today...06:26
makkkLeus, go to Help>About06:26
LeusWhat URL do you use for chat room in yahoo?06:31
makkkLues, one way to find them is by going to Tools>Room List06:32
makkkthen choose your yahoo account and click 'get list'06:32
=== claydoh_ [n=claydoh@] has joined #kubuntu
=== IceDC571 [n=Ice@c-67-188-217-5.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
IceDC571wow kde 3.5 is taking like forever to compile06:45
=== fatejudger [n=fatejudg@c-67-169-87-144.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
IceDC571you know what i hate about compiling in the terminal.. there is no percentage completed display06:48
makkkice, so are you one of the developers? 06:50
LeusYou are rigth Ice06:50
IceDC571makkk, no im just trying out the new alpha kde from the source06:53
IceDC571using konstruct to be exact06:53
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BTJusticeI have a SB Live! 7.1 24bit sound card. I used these directions (http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19307) to get it to work, but the sound is really choppy and scratchy. How can I fix that in Kubuntu?07:42
=== makkk [n=mak@adsl-69-208-183-39.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has left #kubuntu []
=== kalenedrael [n=kalene@c-24-4-42-74.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
foodcomanIs there FAQ or Howto for reprogramming what a mouse button does?07:45
=== BTJustice [n=BTJustic@pool-68-238-1-114.chi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #Kubuntu
=== asfafsfasafsfasa [i=Vedu-rek@dzionis.m0.marsatas.lt] has joined #kubuntu
IceDC571BTJustice, any luck asking in #ubuntu ?07:50
=== BTJustice [n=BTJustic@pool-68-238-1-114.chi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #Kubuntu
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transgre1shttp://www.theinquirer.net/?article=25529  <== time for me to switch to bsd it looks like08:29
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Dhraakellianno, it just means that people can't use the term "linux" inappropriately08:31
DhraakellianI don't really know the details of this stuff, but it's a trademark issue, not a copyright or patent problem08:32
Kaiser_awayit's hype :| and it's not realy news. ist just they have started to warn people, wheres before they were letting them geta way with it08:34
Dhraakellianit's just the name though, not the code08:37
=== yudi [n=yudi@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Entonian [n=Entonian@h-68-167-248-130.sttnwaho.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #kubuntu
IceDC571wow kde does take a while to compile08:53
=== john [n=john@ool-44c63ce7.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
johnhey, how do you change the cursor in KDE?08:55
johnlike is it possible to change how it looks?08:55
=== john is now known as arcanistherogue
IceDC571arcanistherogue, i have no idea in kde but i'll look around for you.. i have nothing better to do08:56
arcanistherogueoh, ok08:56
arcanistheroguethanks alot.08:56
arcanistherogueI just wanted something a bit more sleek to go with my Deus Ex wallpaper <_<08:57
IceDC571arcanistherogue, http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/qna/11617.html08:57
=== PieD [n=Pierre@ALille-251-1-23-10.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
IceDC571and goto www.kdelook.org to get themes for it im guessing08:58
arcanistherogueoh ok08:58
arcanistherogueDAMN.  Just as soon as I find an awesome Deus Ex wallpaper, I find another awesome one on KDE Look.08:59
IceDC571kdelook is a pretty good resource for customizing kde, or anything else so keep that in mind09:00
arcanistheroguesay, how do I use SuperKaramba?  I got Karamba and SuperKaramba via apt-get, but how do I run them?>09:00
arcanistherogueAnd holy crap Plasma looks awesome <_<09:01
IceDC571if you cant find them in the app menus you can just type karamba and superkaramba from the run dialog.. that should work09:02
arcanistheroguewhat is the run dialog?  is that in the konsole?09:02
IceDC571well actually i dont know if thats the exact command to type but its usually like that for all other apps09:02
yudidoes anyone here can help me, i have problem with crossover office pre, when i play mp3 in iTunes, the sound didn't come out?09:02
IceDC571its in the menu.. run program09:02
yudidoes anyone here can help me, i have problem with crossover office pro, when i play mp3 in iTunes, the sound didn't come out?09:02
IceDC571im not in kde right now i cant really see09:02
IceDC571yudi, have you tried going to the quicktime settings and setting the sound out to waveout instead of directsound?09:03
yudiok wait09:04
yudidamn... the quick time player opened and when loading, closed it's self :(09:05
yudiit doesn't happen last night09:05
IceDC571well i dont know what to say unless you want to reinstall everything in crossover09:06
yudii can get in to quick time settings09:09
yudithat ask about connection speed, etc09:09
yudithere is no sound out09:10
yudithere's only sound in09:10
=== mabu [n=mabu@cmb32-29.dial-up.arnes.si] has joined #kubuntu
=== yudi is now known as CyberMad
CyberMadhow to kill an apps?09:18
CyberMadlike a skull mouse pointer09:18
CyberMadhow to kill an apps?09:27
xxenoncan I get firefox to print using kprinter ?09:28
xxenongot it, sorry.09:30
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kainosi need help. i cnt configure samba bec it keeps on coming back to default screen. i have the root prvileges yet i cant configure smb09:49
=== pointwood [n=pointwoo@] has joined #kubuntu
=== CyberMad [n=yudi@] has joined #kubuntu
kainos i need help. i cnt configure samba bec it keeps on coming back to default screen. i have the root prvileges yet i cant configure smb09:51
seaLnehow are you trying to configure it?09:52
CyberMadi already setting my quick time setting and still there is no sound when i play a mp3 in iTunes (CrossOver)?09:52
=== zenfoo [n=zenfoo@ben67-1-82-242-144-89.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
CyberMadi set the sound out to wave09:52
CyberMadRate 44.100Khz09:53
CyberMadRate 44.100kHz09:53
CyberMadsize 16 bit09:53
CyberMadUse stereo09:53
CyberMadBuffer in millisec : 3009:54
CyberMadNumber of buffers in fifo : 9   and i don't choose the "Reverse channel.. blah blah"09:54
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buzis there something wrong with kpdf in the 3.4.2 packages?10:16
buzoccasionally, it just displays garbage or crashes outright when kghostview works just fine on the very same pdf10:17
=== CyberMad [n=cybermad@] has joined #kubuntu
=== r1kzun [n=r1kzun@238-239-90.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #kubuntu
r1kzunany have problem compiling 2.6.11 kernel?10:25
r1kzunit always give me "kernel panic"10:25
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CyberMadcan i use aptitude or apt-get to install Opera?10:30
milksteakdon't think you can10:30
milksteakbut if you get the .deb from www.opera.com10:31
milksteakit's just sudo dpkg -i <deb>10:31
[ITA] MisterXWhere I can find a free linux antivirus?10:31
ralph1Does anyone know if there problems with repositories. A lot of them are failing to connect and let me update.10:33
CyberMadi guess if you already set you file permission correctly, so don't worry about virus10:33
[ITA] MisterXok :)10:34
csenger[ITA] MisterX, there's clamav (open source) and f-prot (free for non-commercial or private)10:34
[ITA] MisterXgui or console?10:34
CyberMadis there any bookmark organizer?10:35
buzwhat bookmarks10:35
buzi mean by what browser10:36
=== [ITA] MisterX is temp. away
CyberMadopera, konqueror10:36
buzno idea, dont use either one10:36
CyberMadit's like compass in windows10:36
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hussamWoot, I finally got my tvtuner working under Kubuntu11:18
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hussamWas starting to think the ubuntu kernel did not support v4l correctly, but then it worked11:23
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tencohow can i install a math font for konqueror?11:54
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tencohow can i install a math font for konqueror?12:03
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tigermbhey i recently got a problem with nvidia12:05
tigermbon gnomemy fps was just fine12:05
tigermbbut somehow on kde it is very low12:05
tigermbsomeone knows what to do?12:05
tencohow can i install a math font for konqueror?12:06
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hussamtenco: there's a font installer in kcontrol under system administration if that's what you are refering to.12:12
tencohussam: i just learned that konqueror cannot display mathml :-\12:12
hussamtenco: then it is a khtml bug12:13
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nI've just tried the latest opensuse beta and I'm very impressed with its 'Suspend to disk' shutdown/boot feature which has halved my boot time. Will breezy implement this too?12:13
PurpleMotionokay, i need 3ivx 4.5 and the latest linux version available is 3.5.. does anyone have any recommendations?12:14
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nikkiaPurpleMotion: best bet is to check if libavcodec supports that version of 3ivx12:20
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CyberMadhow to burn iso in linux?12:27
bz0bhey guys12:28
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CyberMadk3b ? is that the software burner name?12:31
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phreakysis there a gui cvs available for kde?12:32
tencowhere is kmplayer?12:32
spiralphreakys: cervisia, cvs:/ in konqueror12:32
tigermbCyberMad: fire up k3b, iso buring12:32
phreakyscool, tnx spiral12:32
spiralphreakys: ;-)12:32
_stefhello all :-)12:34
tencois there a repository which has kmplayer?12:34
phreakystenco=> not the std universe/multiverse/backport12:35
phreakystry finding a debian package12:35
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_stefI want to reinstall k3b I removed it and want to reinstall again but when I insert the cd the cd is not found. What is wrong?12:35
tencophreakys: but isnt it dangerously to mix debian and ubuntu packages?12:36
phreakysshouldnt be a big problem tenco. ubuntu is debianbased12:37
jpatrick_stef: try apt-get update while the cd is in the drive12:37
phreakysyou could also try converting other packages, like rpms with alien12:37
tencophreakys: i know, debian is the base. but i read sth about that packages shouldnt be mixed...12:37
phreakysalien -d foo.rpm12:37
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phreakyswell, i didnt have problems with it so far. 12:38
phreakysjust be careful ;)12:38
Aapzakgoodday room12:38
CyberMadyes.. i don't have problem with alien command to so far12:38
tencophreakys: is ubuntu testing or unstable?12:38
CyberMadi already converted crossover office pro rpm to deb12:39
phreakystenco, ubuntu is rocksolid :)12:39
AapzakCyberMad: still working on it?12:39
phreakysbut you may want to try kubuntu, if you like kde12:39
CyberMadi install mIRC and right now i use mIRC on linux... there is no problem12:39
_stefjpatrick: I tried thgis but the cd isnt found alway the message that I have to put the cdrom inside12:39
CyberMadbut when i install iTunes, the sounds didn't come out?12:39
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tencophreakys: ah, no. i meant debian testing or debian unstable. i use kubuntu btw, but the most is the same for ubuntu and kubuntu, or?12:40
AapzakCyberMad: you should not be running Linux :)12:40
Aapzakbuy a Mac12:40
tencophreakys: e.g. the base-system: hotplug, hald, etc.pp.12:41
phreakysyea, its it allmost the same stuff12:41
tencoso, is (k)ubuntu debian testing or debian unstable?12:41
phreakysits just that i like kde better12:41
tencophreakys: too12:41
Aapzaktenco: It's not mapped like that12:41
_stef  jpatrick: do you have another idea?12:41
phreakysim not sure about that tenco12:41
tencoAapzak: like what, then?12:42
phreakysit has a newer kernel std though12:42
CyberMadstable or not is depends the kernel12:42
_stef Itried also apt-setup but same result12:42
phreakysdebian still sticks with 2.4 if im correct12:42
CyberMadnot the distro12:42
Aapzakwell, Kubuntu has KDE 3.4.1 or 3.4.2 I believe, that is not in Debian yet, so they build their own packages12:42
CyberMaddistro just package the appz12:42
CyberMadi like simplity of kubuntu12:43
tencoAapzak: and the base-system, is this deb testing or unstable?12:43
AapzakI think the same goes for the base system, you can't relate that 1:1 to a tree12:43
tencoAapzak: ok. so i will wait till kmplayer is in kubuntu, then.12:44
Aapzakthe kernel is newer, the kernel is linux :)12:44
phreakysill try it12:44
AapzakI think most packages come from experimental or self-build12:44
AapzakKubuntu will be faster with releases than Debian, almost always I think12:45
CyberMadtenco why u don't just kmplayer deb package?12:46
Aapzakyeah, or compile it yourself12:46
tencobecause debian and kubuntu is out of sync12:46
Aapzakyou can dl the .deb and try12:46
CyberMadi guess.. you will never find kubuntu goes to package kmplayer in their distro12:46
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tencoi want a reliable solution12:47
_stefthere are some problems with dependecies if you mix12:47
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CyberMadbecause kubuntu is about simplicity12:47
tencoCyberMad: why?12:47
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CyberMadthat's why12:47
AapzakI don't think everyone should stick to whats in the repository, you can always try to install a .deb or compile yourself, no harm in that12:48
phreakysworks fine12:48
tencoperhaps theres a kde skin for mplayer out there :)12:48
phreakyskmplayer installs without problems12:48
CyberMadtry use apt-get or aptitude to install kmplayer (maybe they have)12:48
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phreakysjust install those 4 deb packages12:48
phreakysdpkg -i foo.deb12:49
phreakyssweet proggy btw :-)12:49
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Aapzakkmplayer is nice?12:49
phreakysyea, looks nice12:49
tencoawh, ok. i will try12:50
phreakysnot sure if it adds something to kaffeine12:50
tencoi removed kaboodle, kaffeine and noatun12:50
phreakysah :)12:50
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Aapzakmplayer is much more mature than the alternatives12:50
phreakyswhat about xmms?12:51
Aapzakxmms is good12:51
tencobtw, i dont think that installing 3 different mediaplayers is "simplicity"12:51
Aapzakamarok is rather nice12:51
phreakysits free12:51
phreakysyea, but i prefer xmms12:51
phreakyswith streamtuner 12:52
Aapzakonly thing: it has trouble scanning my music repos. through samba12:52
bz0bcan someone tell me if the sources for ubuntu are the same kubuntu?12:52
Aapzakamarok that is, xmms works perfect12:52
tencoi also use amarok. amarok and mplayer. thats enough12:52
bz0bor are there are others for kubuntu?12:52
Aapzakbz0b: I think they are12:52
phreakyswinamp under wine? :)12:52
tencobz0b: yes, kubuntu is the kubuntu-desktop meta-package12:52
Aapzakplease, uninstall wine12:53
phreakysnot stable?12:53
Aapzakjust use the linux alternatives12:53
Aapzakit's pretty stable, what do you run under wine?12:53
phreakysyea, but some software needs windows12:54
phreakysi try to get used with gimp12:54
Aapzakgimp is perfect12:54
phreakysbut photoshop wont run under linux :)12:54
phreakysyea, i prefer gimp12:54
tencouhm, whats the rep with the debs for mplayer? maqurillia(sp?)12:54
Aapzakphotoshop is too expensive12:54
phreakysi wanna run director under wine12:54
phreakysjust download them, and install locally with dpkg -i 12:55
tencophreakys: ah, thanks12:55
Aapzakgtg now ... bye!12:56
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tencouhm, kpackage needs "su" which doesnt work, since root account is disabled...12:57
_mariowhere can i set the default route for my network?12:57
phreakysyou can enable root account12:58
phreakysor sudo12:58
phreakyssudo dpkg -i foo.deb12:58
_marioi tried to do it with kcmshell kcm_knetworkconfmodule, but after a reboot the default gateway is not there anymore, i need to redo it with route add default gw
tencophreakys: i just want to test the simplicity, ok? :)12:58
phreakyssudo will do12:58
tencophreakys: i know dpkg, apt-get pretty much. i used debian over a year12:59
tencophreakys: but i also want to test kubuntu about useability for "normal" users12:59
phreakysi got used to it in 3 days01:00
tencophreakys: and things like kpackage not working or kynaptic not usable are rather disturbing...01:00
CyberMadwhat is the best e-mail client in linux?01:00
tencoCyberMad: depends01:00
phreakyskynapic works doesnt it?01:00
jpatrickwell I like Kontact :)01:00
tencomutt, Kmail, mutt-ng01:00
tencophreakys: kynaptic is buggy and you dont want to use it to install packages...01:01
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tencophreakys: i cannot handle dialogs01:01
CyberMadthanks.. i will use Kmail then01:01
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phreakysit worked for me. only bug i noticed was the windowheight problem01:02
tencophreakys: e.g. when i tried to install leafnode with kynaptic, it fetched the the package, extracted it and hung forever at configuring01:02
phreakysill try it too01:02
CyberMadlooks like Kmail not installed in kubuntu ?01:02
CyberMador i'm wrong01:02
tencoso i think it doesnt handle dialogs not at all or not very well01:02
tencoCyberMad: its just not in the kmen01:03
phreakyshere it goes :)\01:03
tencoCyberMad: open a konsole and start it from there01:03
phreakyswhats leafnode btw? 01:03
tencothats another thing.01:03
jpatrickCyberMad: It's built-into Kontact01:03
phreakysyea, it hangs01:04
tencoknode, kmail and a bunch of other kde-apps weren't in kmen after install!01:04
CyberMadow so i dont't need to install KMail :) thanks201:04
CyberMad kmen  ?01:04
jpatrickJust use Kontact01:04
CyberMadso if someday i move to other distro, can i backup my contacts, e-mail to other e-mail client ?01:05
CyberMadlike KMail?01:05
jpatrickIt's stored in your $HOME folder01:05
tencojpatrick: uhm, is that intended?01:06
tencojpatrick: kontact as the only programm for kmail, knode etc?01:06
tencophreakys: i said so ;)01:06
phreakysheh, yea. i cant install with apt anymore now01:07
tencophreakys: just kill the waiting dpkg processes01:07
phreakysah, tnx01:07
jpatrickAs long as your home folder is on a different partition :p01:08
CyberMadyes :)01:08
CyberMadjpatrick may i know what partition do you use to mount?01:08
jpatrickYou should be okay01:08
CyberMadi only use 301:08
jpatrickI have 401:08
jpatrickroot, home, swap, swap01:09
CyberMaderr... why swap swap?01:09
nikkiajpatrick, why not just have enough swap to start with :P01:09
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CyberMaddoes 1 swap enough?01:09
CyberMadwhy why why?01:09
jpatrickI have 1GB swap :p01:09
nikkiaaltho, it'd be nice if you could 'raid' swap across 2 or more disks01:10
nikkiajpatrick: i have 4GB01:10
jpatrickI have 128MB RAM01:10
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nikkiai have 1GB of ram, and still find myself using more than 2GB of swap01:11
tencohmpff, kmplayer doesnt work01:11
CyberMadow so the teory of swap is 2x ram is can be expanded?01:12
PurpleMotionnikkia:  what in gods name are you doing?!?01:12
CyberMaddoes it effect much... if i have 256 MB and use 1 GB swap?01:12
nikkiaPurpleMotion: work01:12
=== phreakys [n=phreakys@dsl236-68-100.fastxdsl.nl] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiaCyberMad: its just a guideline, if you need more than 2x ram, you need more than 2x ram :)01:13
PurpleMotionwork that requires 3gb of memory? i find that hard to believe01:13
CyberMaddamn.. can't find anywhere package of cbrpager01:13
nikkiaPurpleMotion: yes, i'm a software engineer, my current project is written in java, and has a little under 1GB of data01:13
PurpleMotionright on01:13
nikkiaby the time you add together emacs, eclipse, X, KDE, java and the data, you get about to 3GB01:14
PurpleMotionTHAT makes sense01:14
PurpleMotionhell eclipse by itself is a memory whore01:14
nikkiaPurpleMotion: i found its memory usage dropped if i only use it for build/run01:14
phreakyswtf, i rebooted my computer, and now the whole kde-desktop is back to zero01:14
nikkiaie, don't ever open a text editor window within it01:14
PurpleMotionright on01:15
nikkiaso i use xemacs on another screen, and just refresh the project to get eclipse to rebuild :)01:15
PurpleMotionemacs is evil01:15
nikkianah, emacs is great, once you're used to it01:15
PurpleMotionid rather use charcoal and a piece of slate01:15
phreakysi got a ubuntu desktop now on kubuntu01:15
phreakyssynaptic instead of kynaptic :S01:16
tencophreakys: ?01:16
PurpleMotionkynaptic is frightening01:16
CyberMaddo you have any good site reference for setting NAT, Proxy (Squid) and Bandwidth Limiter (HTB), i mean step by step tutorial...?01:16
tencoPurpleMotion: jup01:16
phreakysi dont understand :-S01:16
tencophreakys: what have you done?01:17
PurpleMotionphreakys:  youre better off using synaptic in kde than kynaptic01:17
phreakysyea, but all my kde settings are gone01:17
Hobbseesynaptic is way better than kynaptic, in any desktop01:17
phreakyswell, ok01:17
PurpleMotionkynaptic is still in an infantile stage, is NOT EVEN CLOSE to complete, and is downrigth frightening in some of its assumptions :D01:17
phreakysbut it strikes me when such a thing happens for no reason01:17
tencome too01:18
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tencobtw, kmplayer doesnt work01:18
tencoi cant play videos with it01:18
phreakysmaybe need some codecs?01:18
tencoi installed mplayer already01:18
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PurpleMotionwhats wrong with mplayers gui?01:19
tencoits not kde?01:19
_mariowhere can i get spamassassin from?01:19
PurpleMotionoh my god01:19
_mariodo i have to add an additional apt-source?01:19
tencoPurpleMotion: btw, where do i need to install new skins for mplayer into? ~/.mplayer/skins does not work01:20
PurpleMotionit wouldnt01:20
=== satafterh [n=robin@fctnnbsc15w-156034081101.nb.aliant.net] has joined #kubuntu
satafterhwhere can I download the lastest stable kernel and what verson would that be??01:21
PurpleMotionbut i just install them system-wide into /usr/share/mplayer/Skin01:21
tencoPurpleMotion: disgusting. capital letters01:21
PurpleMotiontenco:  dont bitch at me01:21
tencoPurpleMotion: its not your fault :)01:21
PurpleMotionI know01:21
PurpleMotionthats why i said dont bitch at me01:21
tencoPurpleMotion: i didnt bitch at you01:22
=== PurpleMotion has a "My Pornography" directory :>
tencoPurpleMotion: with disgusting i meant the capital letter. the capital letter in "Skin"01:22
PurpleMotionI know01:22
tencoha, got a plastik skin for mplayer :)01:22
nikkiaPurpleMotion: that'll make it nice and easy for the FBI to find :P01:23
satafterhI have an amd atlon 2600+ running a 386 kernel, would I notice any differance with a k7 or 686 kernel?01:23
PurpleMotionnikkia:  I'm free, white, and over 21.. As long as they dont yank it over my keyboard, i dont much care01:23
=== phreakys tries reboot
=== pl_ice [n=michal@] has joined #kubuntu
=== phreakys [n=phreakys@dsl236-68-100.fastxdsl.nl] has joined #kubuntu
phreakysnothing changed01:28
=== jbasilio [n=jbasilio@pool-70-20-214-192.phil.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
phreakyshow can a kubuntu distro change to ubuntu suddenly?01:31
jbasilioanyone know how to, by default, start multiple X sessions?01:31
tencophreakys: dont know. is kdm still there?01:31
phreakysyea, kdm is working, but it has the structure of ubuntu now01:31
phreakyssome things are different from kubuntu like the theme manager, packet manager01:32
tencouhm, what session type have you selected in kdm?01:32
phreakysi didnt select anything i guess01:33
tencook, try this01:33
tencolog out, and in kdm select "kde" session-type before loging in again01:33
=== phreakys [n=phreakys@dsl236-68-100.fastxdsl.nl] has joined #kubuntu
phreakyssession type gnome, kde and default01:35
phreakysim running kde now01:35
phreakysits running an ubuntu splash then01:35
phreakysand starts with ubuntu's kde01:36
tencoso no kubuntu?01:36
phreakysnah, its kdeubuntu now01:36
phreakyswell, fine to me ;-)01:36
=== martin- [n=martin@h143220.upc-h.chello.nl] has joined #kubuntu
tencoyou know aptitude?01:37
tencohm, ok01:37
tenco...not ok :)01:37
tencoits a package manager01:37
tencolike synaptic but for the console01:37
phreakysyea, i use apt01:37
tencoand more reliable :)01:37
phreakysyes, true01:38
phreakysmaybe i can reinstall kubuntu desktop settings01:38
tencojust try it with sudo aptitude01:38
tencosearch for sth like kubuntu-desktop01:38
satafterhi am new to linux and i have seen a few people say kde is not stable, i have not had an issue in the month running kubuntu aand gnome is kind of boring looking01:38
=== roguejedix_ [n=roguejed@BSN-77-186-162.dsl.siol.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== pl_ice_ [n=michal@] has joined #kubuntu
phreakyskubuntu desktop was not installed01:39
phreakysi think this happened after i shut down dpkg with killall -9 dpkg01:40
phreakysi guess it will restore the settings now :-)01:40
=== satafterh [n=robin@fctnnbsc15w-156034081101.nb.aliant.net] has left #kubuntu ["Kopete]
=== hussam [n=hussam@] has joined #kubuntu
=== laser_tk [n=laser@a84-230-152-78.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
=== phreakys [n=phreakys@dsl236-68-100.fastxdsl.nl] has joined #kubuntu
phreakysits back01:44
phreakystnx for the tip tenco01:45
tenconp. now you know why kynaptic is evil :)01:45
pl_ice_u guys using mesg by any chance?01:45
phreakysheh :)01:45
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PurpleMotionwhy is it every time someone says 'bible thumper' i hear 'bible humper'?01:51
=== OculusAquilae [n=oculus@p548D1059.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
PurpleMotioni retract that question. i'm going to bed01:51
nikkiaPurpleMotion: i dunno, i think its related to having a 'My pornography' directory :P01:51
=== pv_ [n=pv@jt11-57-1.tky.hut.fi] has joined #kubuntu
PurpleMotionnikkia:  you think the My Pornography Directory is bad.... it's organized by the type of pornography :D I have Sodomy, Menage, Fellatio, Cunnilingus, Lesbian, Threesomes, etc etc etc01:52
nikkiayes, i imagine you would01:53
PurpleMotionover half of it is my wife's you know....01:53
PurpleMotionwell, about half, actually01:53
nikkiaPurpleMotion: don't doubt it, i have a sizable collection too01:53
PurpleMotion;) most people do.. it's just us bold few who admit it01:54
PurpleMotionbut i also smoke weed, drink, and trip whenever i can find a suitable hallucinogen01:54
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nikkiawow, thanks01:56
nikkiayou just reminded me of an album i'm missing01:56
PurpleMotionanytime ;)01:56
PurpleMotionwhat album is that?01:57
nikkiaThe Cars01:57
nikkiabah, its not on the torrent site i use :/01:57
_thiagohey, hi everyone01:57
PurpleMotiontry a different site01:58
PurpleMotionhi thiago01:58
nikkiaPurpleMotion: i only download music in FLAC format01:58
nikkiaso the site i use is pretty much 'it' :/01:58
PurpleMotiontorrentreactor.net, torrentspy.com, piratebay.some_shit01:58
nikkiaeverywhere else tends to be MP3 junk01:58
PurpleMotionlike you can hear the difference01:58
nikkiaPurpleMotion: yes, i can01:58
_thiagowhat is the best multimedia player for kubuntu nowadays?01:59
PieD_thiago: ...01:59
PieDmusic player only : amaroK01:59
_thiagofor video?01:59
nikkia_thiago: most people like amarok, but its lack of anything but mp3 and ogg support is annoying01:59
PieDelse mplayer or kaffeine01:59
PurpleMotionshouldnt that be Kamaro by traditional kde naming convention?01:59
nikkia_thiago: for video, i use xine01:59
PurpleMotionyeah amaroK needs plugins01:59
nikkiaPurpleMotion: well, it is written amaroK *shrug*02:00
PieDnikkia: can't amaroK support wav, wma... ?02:00
PurpleMotionfor video and audio and codecs and whatnot02:00
nikkiaPurpleMotion: it can actually *play* lots of formats with the right backend02:00
PieDusing an engine including that codecs02:00
_thiagothanks, im using xmms for mp3, but im looking foward for a decent video player02:00
nikkiaPurpleMotion: the problem is, it can't hold anything but mp3 and ogg in its collection02:00
nikkiaand the collection is clearly the main reason to use amaroK02:00
PurpleMotionwhich is ridiculous02:00
PieDnikkia: how can't it handle a no-documented format like wma ?02:00
PurpleMotioni love how it sorts02:00
nikkiaPurpleMotion: more so when you realise that KDE itself handles lots of formats, and can extract meta info from almost all of them02:01
PieDhow can you retrieve tags from wma files ?02:01
PurpleMotionnikkia:  so someone needs to light a fire uner the guys ass who writes amaroK02:01
nikkiapied, i don't care about WMA, but there are plenty of documented file formats that it COULD support02:01
PurpleMotioni gotta take a leak, ill brb02:01
PieDsend bug reports02:01
nikkiaPurpleMotion: tbh, given some of his blog, i dunno if its worthwhile02:01
nikkiaPurpleMotion: it might be better off to write an alternative, you only really need a collection manager and let KDE handle playback and getting the meta info02:02
PieDnikkia: it's not better !02:02
=== martin- [n=martin@h143220.upc-h.chello.nl] has joined #kubuntu
PurpleMotionid use mplayer for the backend02:03
PurpleMotionwell except for streaming02:03
PurpleMotionmplayer doesnt seem to stream for shit02:03
PieDamaroK can use xine for the backend02:03
nikkiaPurpleMotion: ffmpeg is another option02:03
PieDand it works perfectly02:03
PieDyou only have to extend their library02:03
PieDis that so hard ?02:04
nikkiaPieD: yes02:04
PurpleMotionit can use gstreamer too cant it?02:04
_thiagoive just installed kaffeiine, and its already crashed...02:04
PieDPurpleMotion: yes, it can02:04
nikkiaPieD: the collection manager is very badly written, IMO02:04
PieDnikkia: you can't even report bugs ?02:04
PurpleMotionnikkia:  have you had a look at the source?02:04
nikkiapied, given that it doesn't recognise 99% of my music, wtf should i run it to run bugs ?02:04
nikkiaPurpleMotion: yes02:04
PurpleMotionthat nasty, eh02:05
PieDnikkia: that's the worst behaviour you could have02:05
PurpleMotionnikkia so write us a new one02:05
PurpleMotionsame basic behavior, proper support02:05
nikkiaPieD: if it recognised most of my music, i would run it, and report bugs, but i'm not running it just to go 'oh look, it doesn't recognise over 50GB of my music02:05
PurpleMotionwe'll all salivate gratuitously towards you for it :)02:05
PieDwhat format is your music ?02:05
PieDyou even didn't say it02:05
PurpleMotionyeah she did02:05
nikkiapied, flac and aac02:05
PieDflac isn't supported by amaroK ?02:06
PieDI believed it was02:06
nikkiapied, no02:06
PieDreport bug02:06
roguejedix_Sure it is02:06
PieDthat's so hard to click on a button ?02:06
roguejedix_My amarok plays flac files just fine02:06
PurpleMotionbut the organizer doesnt list them02:06
nikkiaroguejedix_: plays, or recognises in the collection ?02:06
PurpleMotionthats her point02:06
nikkiaroguejedix_: there's a big difference02:06
nikkiaif i just want to play files one by one, i can use noatun02:07
PurpleMotionI know I would *LOVE* one place to organize all my movies, music, and internet tv and radio stations (both asf and mp3, etc) together02:07
nikkiaPurpleMotion: *nod* what you want, and what i really want, then, is a media manager, rather than a media player02:07
roguejedix_Whoops, my bad then02:08
PurpleMotionbut a media manager that embeds the player02:08
PurpleMotionone interface for everything02:08
nikkiaPurpleMotion: ie, something that can store details, but let something else do the work of playing the media - be it gstreamer, xine, mplayer, kde/arts02:08
PurpleMotionwrite it for me, nikkia02:08
PurpleMotioni'll give you some porn :>02:08
PurpleMotionbut it has to be able to manage streaming audio and video too02:09
PurpleMotionespecially wma/wmv/asf02:09
=== PurpleMotion hearts gstreamer
PieDPurpleMotion: wma and wmv must be banned !02:10
PurpleMotionscrew that02:10
PurpleMotionjust build in support02:10
PieDnikkia: amaroK supports flac in the library02:10
PieDPurpleMotion: that formats are pieces of shit !02:10
PieDyou can't use it on PPC linux for instance02:11
PurpleMotionwhatever, lots of stuff is released in them, therefore i require support. i couldn't possibly care less about peoples opinions over open and closed source formats and codecs, ALL I care about is whether or not it works.02:11
PurpleMotionso take your holy war elsewhere :)02:11
PurpleMotion!start a wm war02:11
ubotufluxbox decimates gnome02:11
PieDyou can't support them without win32codecs02:12
PieDso you can't support them builtin02:12
PurpleMotionand as long as the player looks for those codecs we dont have a problem02:12
PieDPurpleMotion: they was called win32codecs (I don't remember where and when)02:12
PieDand is it legal to use them ?02:13
PieDI'm not sure02:13
PurpleMotiondo I care?02:13
nikkiapied, there's actually little reason why they couldn't work on PPC Linux, via qemu02:13
=== dekar [n=dekar@226.Red-81-37-147.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
PieDyou can't distribute an application if you don't know if it's legal !02:13
nikkiathey wouldn't be fast, but then, the cpu required for decoding wma isn't huge anyway02:13
PurpleMotionsee thats the difference between us, you bother yourself with trivial legalities that will NEVER come into play fromy our own PERSONAL use. I don't02:14
PieDnikkia: do you call that a solution ?02:14
PieDif yes, then I can say all windows apps run on linux02:14
PurpleMotionPieD:  so leave the systemt he way it is. allow for codecs as plugins02:14
nikkiapied, its more of a solution than running around shouting 'they should be banned!' is, when the latter will acomplish nothing, because commercial radio stations will just ignore you and continue to stream .wma02:14
PieDI suppose that's why so much people use MSN : they don't care about licenses02:14
PurpleMotionLOTS of windows apps run BETTER on linux than they do on windows02:14
PieDcommercial radio sends shit here, in France02:15
=== PurpleMotion whistles innocently
PieDand online music "shops" doesn't have any music I like nor firefox support02:15
PurpleMotionnikkia:  if you wrote such an app... multifaceted, even, it would surely replace amaroK and definately make it into the next release of KDE.. you could even piss off the amaroK author by naming it Kamaro ;)02:17
PieDPurpleMotion: KDE cares about legal issues02:17
mornfallPurpleMotion: heh?02:18
=== AnHu [n=anton@mnch-d9ba4476.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #kubuntu
PurpleMotionPieD:  oh gods would you stuff it already. Amarok is COMPLETELY capable of playing EVERY restricted format that anything else is capable of. Besides we're not talking about a player, we're talking about a media manager that EMBEDS the necessary players - EXACTLY as amaroK does, just the author of amaroK was too lazy to write in support for any formats other than mp3 and ogg in the collection...02:19
PurpleMotionamaroK doesnt PLAY anything02:19
PurpleMotionit uses a backend02:20
nikkiaPurpleMotion: correct02:20
PieDyou spoke about builltin support of wma02:20
PurpleMotioni meant the media manager02:20
PurpleMotionsorry to not have clarified02:20
PurpleMotionfor example02:20
PurpleMotionmplayer plays wma with w32codecs installed02:20
PurpleMotionso does xine02:21
PurpleMotionso does gstreamer02:21
nikkiaPurpleMotion: libavcodec can handle some of the wmas too02:21
nikkia(aka ffmpeg)02:21
PurpleMotionyou're in bed with ffmpeg, aren't you ;)02:21
PurpleMotionthis app would simply list and organize my wma/wmv files and play them using whatever was appropriate02:22
PurpleMotionbut it would embed the player02:22
PurpleMotionone set of controls for everything02:22
=== tvo [n=tobi@5354EA9B.cable.casema.nl] has joined #kubuntu
jbasilioanyone know how to, by default, start multiple X sessions?02:22
PurpleMotionnikkia:  thats all fine and good, but under no circumstances should compatibility be comprimised...02:23
PurpleMotionif it plays 'some' wma but not all, there should be a failsafe to check other apps for compatibility before giving up on the format02:24
PurpleMotionthat make sense?02:24
nikkiaPurpleMotion: you'd probably want a way to set the backend per catalog item02:24
CyberMaddamn,.. how to make my vncviewer works with my keyboard too?02:24
CyberMadi use Real VNC02:25
CyberMadand just support mouse :(02:25
nikkiaPurpleMotion: as WMA7 might play better via libavcodec than via w32codecs, for example02:25
PurpleMotionsee, people, Multimedia is my bread and butter. I'm a ginormous media buff. I have every movie within 48 hours of its theatre release, i have every cd on release day, and every xbox game usually a week before it releases02:25
PurpleMotionnikkia:  right on02:25
PurpleMotionI have terabytes dedicated to movies spanning the past ten years02:26
CyberMadi already choose "Accept keyboard events from clients" in Real VNC Server Properties (User-Mode)02:26
CyberMadbut looks like only accept input from mouse :(02:26
PurpleMotionvnc can be fickle02:26
PurpleMotionuse rdp :)02:27
CyberMadrdp must be log off the system :(02:27
PurpleMotioni thought there was a setting for that02:27
CyberMadbecause the windows still running for processing02:27
PurpleMotioni gotta hit the sack02:28
CyberMadyes... i already did02:28
PurpleMotionlater people02:28
CyberMadi already choose "Accept keyboard events from clients" in Real VNC Server Properties (User-Mode)02:28
pl_ice_anyone uses mesg ? between to linux boxes/02:28
PurpleMotionnikkia, it's been a pleasure as always (well, except when you're 'critiquing' my desktop :P~ )02:28
CyberMadpl_ice_ Qnext02:28
CyberMadbut it's slow02:28
PurpleMotionbut thats gotten better too ;)02:29
CyberMadit's support multiplatform02:29
PurpleMotionPieD:  much fun fighting with you02:29
PurpleMotioneveryone else, cheerio02:29
=== P3L|C4N0 [n=gcamposm@] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiasee ya later PM02:29
PieDPurpleMotion: I prefer having fun with my python bot02:29
PieDadding useless (so obligatory) features02:29
PurpleMotion!start a distro war02:29
ubotudebian rules over redhat02:29
PieDthat's what amaroK has and you'll need a lot of time to have it in another player02:30
PieD(lyrics, wiki, cover manager...)02:30
pl_ice_CyberMad , is that a program? or .. ? explain pls02:30
PurpleMotionnone of those are really difficult02:30
nikkiapied, i imagine about 10 people care about wiki support in a media player/manager02:30
PurpleMotionpull covers from cddb these days02:30
CyberMadgoogle it02:30
PurpleMotionuse the same method wmp uses to pull covers02:30
PieDnikkia: no, I really like that support02:30
nikkiapied, as for covers, its not exceptionally hard, i've written such things before02:31
PieDI learn things about the artists I'm listening to02:31
nikkiapied, great, we just need to find the other 9 people then :P02:31
PurpleMotionAHH! I'm not getting sucked back into this...02:31
CyberMadvncviewer -fullscreen   <- i already use that to get connected to my  windows box02:31
CyberMadis that anything more?02:31
PurpleMotionI promised my childrens I would take them to their friends today and I aim to do so before dark!02:31
CyberMadso i can input from keyboard02:31
PurpleMotion(I like to install vnc on ppls computers when theyre not paying attentiont hen fuck with them while they're trying to work)02:32
PurpleMotionyes, i have way too much free time02:32
=== PurpleMotion is now known as PM-aSeepin
CyberMadcan u input keyboard?02:34
=== hussam [n=hussam@] has joined #kubuntu
CyberMadcan u input character from keyboard?02:38
CyberMadi mean from linux to windows use VNC02:39
=== Bjerrk [n=bjerrk@] has joined #kubuntu
=== hussam [n=hussam@] has joined #kubuntu
BjerrkHi! How long does Kubuntu take to boot? (My brother's getting a new HDD for his birthday, and i'm gonna surprise him by putting Linux on it :). I just happens that he wants a fast booting OS).02:41
=== JensK [n=JensK@p54903EE3.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
jpatrickI takes 2 minutes on my brothers and sister's computer02:42
CyberMaddepends on processor02:43
CyberMadmemory, etc02:43
Bjerrkwhat about on a 2.4 ghz intel p4, with 512 mb's of ram? :)02:43
jpatrickMy bro's computer has PII and 256MB RAM02:44
=== CyberMad on 1,8 GHz 256 MB
jpatrickBjerrk: that's fast02:44
CyberMadtakes 1 mins02:44
Bjerrknice :)... i've heard that Kubuntu is fast at booting...02:44
CyberMadto thw login page02:44
BjerrkIs Yoper faster?02:44
jpatrickIt is02:44
jpatrickYoper, eww02:44
CyberMadquite faster than redhat02:45
CyberMadit depends on what package in other distro you installed and choose as start up service02:45
Bjerrkjpatrick: maybe yoper is eww, but ATM he's using windowsxp home02:45
=== P3L|C4N0 [n=gcamposm@] has joined #kubuntu
BjerrkI find this "my distro is better that your distro"-thing extremely ridiculous. We're all using Linux FFS :D02:46
CyberMadevery distro have own advantages02:47
PieDBjerrk: so every distro sucks since the linux kernel sucks when it's compared with hurd :p02:47
roguejedix_Do I smell BSD coming?02:47
PieDBSD is horrible02:47
BjerrkPieD: NO! Every distro rocks! :D02:47
PieDI can't install it on my computer02:47
PieDBjerrk: even mine ?02:48
BjerrkPieD: i wouldn't know...02:48
CyberMaddo you know any better Yahoo! Messenger client than kopete, because in Kopete i don't which person that "on SMS" or not -_- 02:48
roguejedix_Try gaim02:49
CyberMadplease help me... does gaim better than kopete?02:49
CyberMador do you know anything better?02:50
jpatrickGaim's MetaContact feature is horrible02:50
CyberMadthis is my online internet messenger02:50
roguejedix_Sorry, I don't really understand what you're after02:50
CyberMadand i need the best software of it02:50
CyberMadevery time i send message to my friends.. and i don't that he on SMS, not online :(02:52
CyberMadevery time i send message to my friends.. and i don't know that he on SMS, not online :(02:52
=== Blissex [n=Blissex@] has joined #KUbuntu
roguejedix_Like I said, try gaim. If that doesn't work for you, I'm out of ideas, really02:56
roguejedix_Though Kopete works just fine for me02:56
CyberMadwhere can i get gaim? from sourceforge or just simple from aptitude / apt-get ?02:57
CyberMadok thanks02:58
=== Xk2c [n=Xk2c@dsl-213-023-176-110.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
milksteakgaim's rather nice02:58
roguejedix_aptitude / apt-get02:59
milksteakI've never really liked kopete much02:59
milksteakthis is getting annoying02:59
milksteakvmware refuses to install03:00
CyberMadwhy do you use vmware?03:00
CyberMadfor windows OS?03:00
=== ralph1 [n=ralph1@66-214-31-61.dhcp.lnbh.ca.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
roguejedix_milksteak: Really? I've installed it just fine. My problem was it wouldn't stay installed03:00
milksteakwell using the .tar.gz, I'll run vmware-install.pl03:01
milksteakand it keeps failing to copy services.sh to where ever it goes03:02
milksteakjust then I got the .rpm03:02
milksteakused alien on it03:02
milksteakthen when I go to run03:02
milksteakI get03:02
milksteak/usr/bin/vmware: line 85: /etc/vmware/locations: No such file or directory03:02
milksteak/usr/bin/vmware: line 183: /lib/wrapper-gtk24.sh: No such file or directory03:02
milksteak/usr/bin/vmware: line 183: exec: /lib/wrapper-gtk24.sh: cannot execute: No such file or directory03:02
ralph1Hi all: Is there a problem with the repositories? I tryed to do a apt-get update, but a lot of the repositories look like they are down.03:02
milksteakralph1, mine are working fine03:03
Xk2cralph1, yesterday I had Probs with the Backports Server03:04
ralph1milksteak: mine are not looks like mostly backport repositories but there are othlers also timeing out03:05
Xk2cralph1, after changing this mirrow all worked fine again03:05
=== troglodyt [n=user@204-101-205-72.anikast.net] has joined #kubuntu
Xk2cralph1, now i use: deb http://ubuntu-backports.mirrormax.net/ hoary-extras main universe multiverse restricted03:06
=== equex [n=skldhxr@] has joined #kubuntu
Bjerrkis it possible to Install Kubuntu on PATA disks?03:07
ralph1Xk2c: were you using the planetmirrow.com site03:07
Xk2cralph1, yes I think so03:08
BjerrkAnd if so... What's the procedure?03:08
Xk2cralph1, can't remeber exactly, cause i erased it allready from sourses.lis03:08
ralph1Xk2c: Let me change that and see how it goes than.03:08
Xk2cralph1, ;)03:08
martin-nee some help: I installed a debian package (openmsx). When installing i got some reports about a different libc6 version. I chose to ignore that error and the program works fine. However, when i want to use synaptic package manager he complains about broken packages and with every action wants to remove that packages. Can i somehow let synaptic ignore broken packages?03:11
=== tribe`` [n=tribe@231.Red-217-127-250.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
tribe``yo, anyone knows if i can install a kubuntu live-cd?03:13
Xk2ctribe``, afaik no03:13
Xk2ctribe``, there is an install CD too03:13
ralph1Xk2c: Getting rid of the planetmirrow repositories got rid of my problem. Thanks very much. Now it is onto trying to delete openoffice 1.1.3 which seems to want to take kubuntu-desktop with it.03:13
=== FadedSun [n=FadedSun@] has joined #kubuntu
Xk2cralph1, :D03:14
Xk2cNow it is onto trying to delete openoffice 1.1.3 which seems?? ralph1 why?03:14
Xk2cralph1, i had not this03:14
=== Bjerrk [n=bjerrk@] has left #kubuntu []
=== samuelk [n=samuelk@h141n1fls32o279.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
ralph1Xk2c: every time I have used synaptic, kynapic to try and remove openoffice to indicates that it wants to also remove kunbuntu-desktop. Some one on the channel stated that they had the same problem everytime they try to delete something it wants to delete kunbutu-desktop also.03:17
tribe``ok thx Xk2c, just didnt wan't to download a 600MB file again =p03:18
Xk2ctribe``, ;)03:18
Xk2cralph1, seems to me, that Ooffice is an dependency from kunbuntu-desktop03:19
jpatrickit is03:19
jpatrickI hate that03:19
Xk2cralph1, this means u can't remove Oofiice without kunbuntu-desktop03:19
=== FadedSun [n=FadedSun@] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
jpatrickthen remove Kubuntu-desktop03:19
Xk2cjpatrick, ;P03:20
nikkialol @ NHL 2k503:20
nikkiatwo amazing goals within a minute, one passed to a player then shot between his legs behind him, another where it bounced off the goalies' shoulder into the net03:21
ralph1Xk2c: what I was planning to do was go to termianl apt-get remove openoffice, then restore/reinstall kunbutu-desktop then install the openoffice2 package I have created from the script on the forum.03:22
Xk2cralph1, the only possibilty to accomplish this I konw is: dpkg --get-selections | grep 'install$' | awk '{print $1}' > list.txt03:24
Xk2cralph1, then  aptitude reinstall $(cat list.txt)03:24
Xk2cralph1, but this will reinstall EVERYTHING03:24
ubotuXk2c: I haven't a clue03:24
ralph1Xk2c: But now I am not sure that is wise.03:25
Xk2cralph1, try to instal first openoffice2, then rmove openoffice03:25
=== charlotte [n=charlott@lns-vlq-37-lyo-82-253-96-187.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
Xk2cralph1, have i got u right u like to replace openoffice with openoffice2?03:26
Xk2cralph1 Xk2c: But now I am not sure that is wise. >> It will overright all the changes u made in /etc03:27
Xk2cralph1, ao shuold make a backup BEFOR!!!03:27
=== horus [n=horus@80-218-103-145.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
ralph1Xk2c: The fourm script that created the openoffice 1.9.122.deb stated that openoffice had to be removed before openoffice2 could be installed.03:27
Xk2cralph1, ic03:28
Xk2cralph1, the link to this article??03:28
ralph1Xk2c: one minute let me look it up03:28
Xk2cralph1, ;) sure, no prob03:28
=== charlotte [n=charlott@lns-vlq-37-lyo-82-253-96-187.adsl.proxad.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== eazel7 [n=eazel7@host241.201-252-34.telecom.net.ar] has joined #kubuntu
=== sixfeet [n=tee@p508047B9.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== ToniEisner [n=tonieisn@83-64-120-130.lehen.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #kubuntu
sixfeetnicht da03:35
sixfeet<empty clipboard>03:35
=== ToniEisner [n=tonieisn@83-64-120-130.lehen.xdsl-line.inode.at] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== sixfeet [n=tee@p508047B9.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #kubuntu ["mal]
=== hyperactivecrond [n=chris@adsl-68-76-77-105.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== screech [n=screech@242846hfc51.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== hyperactivecrond [n=chris@adsl-68-76-77-105.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
ralph1Xk2c: Here is the link http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30866&highlight=openoffice the script is on the last page. I have already created the deb but need to remove openoffice 1 before installing it03:39
Xk2cralph1, ic, will read03:39
ralph1Xk2c: oops the script I used is on page 24 of the thread, looks like someone updated the script on the last page03:42
Xk2cralph1, ic03:42
=== dargo [n=dargo@245.Red-80-39-84.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
BagsHi room. 03:44
BagsYou've got a noob here with  a couple of PPC machines with Kubuntu03:45
BagsI can't log into a folder share on the Kubuntu machines with a winXP machine. Any thoughts?03:45
Xk2cralph1, there are also deb's fpr Oo2 in repos03:46
Xk2cralph1, Oo2
=== dargo [n=dargo@245.Red-80-39-84.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
Xk2cralph1, why not use this?03:47
BagsBoth machines are appearing in the right windows domain and I can log into each other Kubuntu machine with the other. 03:48
=== eazel7 [n=eazel7@host241.201-252-34.telecom.net.ar] has joined #kubuntu
BagsI don't think I'm entering the right username and password, but I'm not sure I've set up the permissions and user accounts right...03:48
ralph1Xk2c: was trying to get a newer build I know ubuntu breezy has 1.9.12103:50
=== d [n=d@] has joined #kubuntu
d I'm currently running Kubuntu Hoary w/ KDE 3.4.2. If I upgrade the kernel, will a 'Suspend to disk' option appear under the KDE shutdown menu? What kernel version do I need?03:50
=== pv__ [n=pv@jt11-57-1.tky.hut.fi] has joined #kubuntu
Xk2cralph1, seems I'm one of this lonly hoary stable users  ;P03:51
=== _uwe [n=uwe@p54A439E8.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== richard [n=richard@M1930P026.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #kubuntu
Xk2cralph1, seems i found that script03:53
ralph1Xk2c: That is what I am running, but I have just installed ubuntu breezy on to my test partition. It is impressive, but not KDE. Have not played with it enough yet to see if I can get kubuntu-desktop installed on it03:53
Xk2cralph1, sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop03:54
Xk2cralph1, but ther is a gcc transition right on the way03:55
dDo I need to upgrade to breezy of can I just update the kernel to get suspend to disk?03:55
Xk2cralph1, be careful with this, cause kde depends much on this03:55
ralph1Xk2c: I think so 03:55
=== _uwe [n=uwe@p54A439E8.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
Xk2cralph1, ok our prob is: Oo1 is installed and is an dependcy of kubuntu-desktop, Oo2 can't be installed at the same time, right?03:57
ralph1Xk2c: I think for now I am going to play it safe and see if the 1.9.79 will install and work with my files that were created with a newer build03:58
ralph1Xk2c: yes that is the problem03:58
Xk2cralph1, in breezy repos should be newer version03:58
Xk2cralph1, 1.9.79 is hoary03:58
ralph1Xk2c: that is right03:59
ralph1Xk2c: breezy has version 1.9.12103:59
Xk2cralph1, is there a equivalent of emerge --inject in Ubuntu (from Gentoo)03:59
ralph1Xk2c: no idea04:00
Xk2cralph1, wouldn't that help04:00
Xk2cisn't that the newest version?04:00
ralph1Xk2c: 1.9.122 or 1.9.123 is the latest if memory serves me right, but 1.9.121 is good enough for me.04:01
ralph1Xk2c: maybe the easiest way is for me to boot breezy and pull the files I need to work on from hoary and just be done with it.04:02
Xk2cralph1, Maybe I'm wrong but this will probably not work04:03
Xk2cralph1, u can't use packages from breezy in hoary04:04
ralph1Xk2c: ?04:04
Xk2cralph1, understand u right: You will download the breezy packages and install it in hoary?04:05
ralph1Xk2c: No I was think of booting up my breezy install and move the openoffice files I need to work on from my hoary partition to my breezy partition04:05
=== rpdillon [n=rpdillon@ip68-101-137-145.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
Xk2cralph1, ahhhh ic04:05
Xk2cralph1, jap04:05
Xk2cralph1, but remeber breezy _IS_ testing04:06
ralph1Xk2c: I know but for me on this hardware it seems more stable than my kubuntu hoary install.04:07
Xk2cralph1, ;D04:07
Xk2cralph1, which means Ubuntu Breezy Team made a good job!!04:07
Xk2cralph1, and do not dist-upgrade04:08
ralph1Xk2c: was when I first installed it. Took me days of reading the forums, asking questions and problly over a week of work to get were it worked like it should.04:08
Xk2cralph1, gcc transition!04:08
=== mikl [n=mikkel@pdpc/supporter/active/mikl] has joined #Kubuntu
Xk2cralph1, Ubuntu was for the one distro that were customized the most I liked, than any other else04:09
Xk2cralph1, Ubuntu rocks04:10
Xk2cralph1, good luck :)04:11
ralph1Xk2c: For now I just plan of moveing the one or two files I need to work with. And then play. I like my hoary Kubuntu install, and not too sure I want to upgrade as soon as Kubuntu Breezy comes out.04:11
Xk2cralph1, ic04:11
ralph1Xk2c: Think I will waite a while before I break this install.04:11
Xk2cralph1, *lool*04:12
Xk2cralph1, jap04:12
Xk2cralph1, me204:12
Xk2cralph1, 4weeks or so...04:12
Xk2cand then....04:12
ralph1Xk2c: Outside of some packages I would like to have updated this is my sweet spot.04:13
Xk2cralph1, right now i have the frist Linux installation, that is just right the way i would like to have04:13
Xk2cralph1, and i tried aaaa lot of distros04:13
eazel7do you think it is possible to create a graphical qt frontend for the kubuntu installation as lycoris had?04:13
ralph1Xk2c: And how knows maybe some one on the channel will make me backports of those04:14
=== _uwe [n=uwe@p54A439E8.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
Xk2cralph1, to make a distro is a full time job04:15
Xk2cralph1, i always want the latest version of this or that04:15
Xk2cralph1, but there is also stability and so..04:16
ralph1Xk2c: Me too I have tried them all and moved on frustrated with them all. The closest I came was Kanotix, but it tracks Debian testing too closely, a upgrade on the wrong day can destroy your system.04:16
Xk2cralph1, *lool* ohhhh yes04:16
Xk2cralph1, i know04:16
Xk2cralph1, tried a lot times04:16
Xk2cknoppix is great04:17
Xk2cbut only as live-System04:17
ralph1Xk2c: me too I want stability, but also the latest KDE, Kmymoney2, OpenOffice and Gramps, the rest I do not care about so much04:18
Xk2cralph1, *loooool*04:18
Xk2cralph1, in my opinion Ubuntu does a great job on just right this...04:18
ralph1Xk2c: This is the closest to meeting all my wants.04:18
=== penguinboy [n=penguinb@24-159-145-55.dhcp.smrt.tn.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
penguinboyhey hey hey04:19
Xk2cralph1, yeah ;) that's true04:19
penguinboyhow can I view files with the following extensions:  wmv, avi, mpg, mpeg????04:19
ralph1Xk2c: And a kind soul on the channel was kind enough to backport some packages for me that I really needed and that has kept me here.04:20
Xk2cralph1, :) coool04:20
eazel7penguinboy: look ubuntuguide.org ;)04:20
Xk2cralph1, the community rocks!!!!04:20
ralph1Xk2c: Yes04:20
penguinboywell sure...i was looking for the easy answer!  haha04:20
Xk2cralph1, one for all,all for one04:21
penguinboyAn error occurred while loading http://www.ubuntuguide.org:04:22
penguinboyUnknown host www.ubuntuguide.org04:22
=== ralph1 Kubuntu Rocks !!!!!!!
OculusAquilaepenguinboy: it works for me04:22
OculusAquilaeralph1: it does04:22
=== _StarScream [n=am@81-178-240-82.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== __Ace__ [n=love@h55l211.delphi.afb.lu.se] has joined #kubuntu
OculusAquilaepenguinboy: perhaps http://kudos.berlios.de/kf/kf1.html helps you04:23
Xk2cralph1, ;)04:24
Xk2cralph1, i have installed them both04:24
Xk2cralph1, i use the programms just i like, right away04:24
=== apokryphos [n=dw@host-87-74-2-73.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
Xk2cralph1, doesn't matter to me if kde or gnome04:24
Xk2cralph1, they all work great together (only sidenode kde progs need a bitt longer to load in gnome)04:25
Xk2chttp://liberta.frequence3.net:19000/frequence3.ogg   rocks ;)04:26
ralph1Xk2c: I prefer KDE Programs, but when a Gnome one is superiour, Or a KDE one does not exist for it I use gnome. Just do not like the gnome desktop stuff04:26
Xk2cralph1, ic04:27
Xk2cralph1, was the same for me befor Ubuntu04:27
Xk2cralph1, but since Ubuntu i started to really like gnome04:27
Xk2cralph1, not the the standard ganome04:28
Xk2cralph1, but the customized version from Ubuntu04:28
BagsOk. I've worked it out. 04:28
apokryphosXk2c: is it that customized? Seems fairly standard to me04:28
BagsI need to manually make a sambapasswd file and populate it. 04:28
Xk2cralph1, everything worked for me out of the box04:28
Xk2cralph1, usb sound 04:29
CyberMaddo you where to find debian package? i want to search "cbrpager"04:29
Xk2cralph1, everything04:29
BagsStrange that they give you such a beautiful GUI and then make you use the shell to enable it's functions...04:29
ralph1Xk2c: Perhaps that will happen with me also. After having seen Ubuntu breezy, I am thinking when the time comes. I will update to Ubuntu Breezy and then apt-get install kubuntu-desktop04:29
Xk2cralph1, *lool*04:30
Xk2cralph1, feel free04:30
apokryphosralph1: the time is now ;-)04:30
Xk2cmay the force be with u  ;D04:30
ralph1Xk2c: For me everthing in Ubuntu Breezy works out of the box, but my Kubuntu Hoary to alot of work to get to the same point.04:31
CyberMadhow to get these files?04:31
CyberMadchecking for g++... no04:31
CyberMadchecking for c++... no04:31
CyberMadchecking for gpp... no04:31
apokryphossudo aptitude install build-essential04:31
ralph1Xk2c: some of the time was just learning about ubuntu and finding the knowledge I needed to get it all working.04:32
Xk2cralph1, understand04:33
Xk2cralph1, me204:33
ralph1apokryphos: not so sure of the timeing, maybe by time colony 4 comes out I will not be able to resist04:33
Xk2cralph1, but it is worth the time04:33
apokryphosSure, up to you. It's actually fairly stable now, though.04:33
Xk2cralph1, for me Ubuntu-Gome is standard Deskop and I use some kde apps04:34
Xk2cralph1, never could life without konqueror  ,)04:34
BagsI quite like KDE. 04:35
ralph1apokryphos: From a brief play and install of ubuntu Breezy it does seem very stable, But I am mainly a KDE desktop man and I do not think it is ready in Breezy yet.04:35
BagsI'm a noob, and found Gnome to be a little too foreign to me. 04:35
apokryphosralph1: I am only a KDE desktop man, and kde 3.4.2 is in Breezy now as it is; works fairly fine, since it was only adjusted a little for Breezy04:36
BagsThe accessories in KDE are quite interesting... 04:36
PieDBags: gnome fanatics says KDE isn't for noobs while gnome is because gnome has less options04:36
BagsPieD: Is that right? 04:36
PieDthey say that, but simplicity can be a matter of taste04:36
apokryphosKDE has infinitely more features and better functionality, as far as I've seen. I really think the usability is better; plus the small fact that 99% of my apps are kde 8)04:36
PieDis there a hope to see KDE 3.5 in kubuntu 5.10 ?04:37
ralph1apokryphos: but what of gcc transition which is still on going04:37
_StarScreamPieD: odd how most enterprise distro's ship with KDE :)04:37
PieDapokryphos: yes, off course :)04:37
apokryphosPieD: they're thinking a beta might be in it, yes.04:37
PieDhere 100% of my apps are KDE one :)04:37
Xk2coh man what have i started  ;p04:37
BagsPieD: I found that KDE was quite an exciting UI. Fully featured. Plenty to muck with. Good fun too. 04:37
PieDapokryphos: :)04:37
jpatrick100% KDE here04:37
PieD(I don't know how to translate "ouf")04:37
apokryphosPieD: only use Limewire and Gimp (on rare occassions); otherwise, pure kde.04:37
PieDonly use netbeans, otherwise pure KDE :)04:38
BagsPieD: Gnome is really cool too, don't get me wrong... 04:38
Xk2cralph1, really nice to meet u here04:38
apokryphosStill, I can't help but thinking that "gnome's simplicity" is kind of a quasi-cop-out or just slang for "we don't have as many features"; like, a fashionable way of admitting they don't :|04:38
PieDBags: gnome hides a lot of things04:38
apokryphos[/troll]  8)04:38
Xk2cralph1, interesting conversation04:38
BagsPieD: Right. 04:38
BagsPieD: i wouldn't know. 04:38
nikkiaapokryphos: yeah, except that they HAD the features, and took them out :O04:38
BagsPieD: I'm running it on two machines here now. 04:39
PieDBags: for instance, they're using more and more their registry-like tool : gconf04:39
=== umberleigh [n=umberlei@host81-155-106-66.range81-155.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
CyberMaddamn... :(04:39
PieDI think it's dangerous04:39
CyberMadconfigure: error: Library requirements (libgnomeui-2.0) not met; consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if your libraries are in a nonstandard prefix so pkg-config can find them.04:39
Xk2cheeeeeeello people04:39
apokryphosnikkia: heh; when?04:39
CyberMadis that mean i can't compile the source?04:39
Xk2cthis IS NOT a FLAME WAR!04:39
PieDCyberMad: apt-get install libgnomeui-2.0-devel ?04:39
=== user01 [n=user01@p54BE4CEA.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
Xk2ckde is good04:39
PieD(not sure for the name)04:39
Xk2cgnome also04:39
CyberMadkubuntu is KDE right?04:39
nikkiaapokryphos: the 'simplification' was all part of the migration from gnome 1.x to 2.x04:39
apokryphosCyberMad: correct04:39
PieDXk2c: but KDE is god ?04:40
BagsI've a G3 Powerbook that I"m typeing this on now, and a G4 PowerMac and it's never moved so quickly in it's life! 04:40
Xk2cPieD, see above04:40
CyberMadthen that's gnome.. is that possible?04:40
PieDXk2c: I'm kidding04:40
Xk2cPieD, ;P04:40
apokryphosnikkia: again, to me it just seems that making simplicity as a goal is a way of accepting that they just won't have as many features04:40
CyberMadapt-get install libgnomeui-2.0-devel   <- so how do i know the correct one?04:40
BagsPieD: If I could get a Java plug to work in the web browser, I'd be a happy man. 04:40
nikkiaapokryphos: i dunno, never understood the point in simplifying things04:40
PieDBags: under PPC ?04:40
ralph1Xk2c: nice to have meet you also. What have we started here.04:40
BagsPieD: Yep. 04:40
Xk2cralph1, *LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL*04:41
Xk2cralph1, yes04:41
BagsPieD: I've downloaded and installed the IBM one, but I can't get it to dance. 04:41
nikkiaapokryphos: i mean, i can understand a multi-tiered configuration tool, but removing configuration options/features just alienates people, like me04:41
apokryphosnikkia: that's an error many make; they think many features means a necessary sacrifice for a user. Or that simplicity necessitates better usability04:41
_StarScreamBags: yep, i've got a g3 800 ibook....kubuntu makes OSX look like mollasis04:41
nikkiaapokryphos: i *was* a gnome user prior to 2.004:41
PieDBags: I'm sorry I can't help you04:41
BagsPieD: That's ok. 04:41
Xk2cralph1, an avalanche  ;P04:41
nikkiaapokryphos: then tier the configuration, its not a complicated concept, even most windows apps do that04:41
apokryphosexactly =)04:42
CyberMadE: Couldn't find package libgnomeui-2.0-devel04:42
CyberMadtoo bad04:42
BagsPieD: I'm getting my Silicon Graphics dual PIII machine back next week. I'll stick it on that and be done with it. The Macs go back to being boat anchors again... Sigh...04:42
nikkiaapokryphos: iirc, the other turn off for me for gnome 2.x was when they ditched sawfish for metacity04:42
ralph1Xk2c: seems so, 04:43
nikkiaapokryphos: i enjoyed sawfish, and being able to script your WM in lisp (? i think it was lisp) was a nice feature04:43
Xk2cralph1, ;D04:43
Bags_StarScream: Did you ever get Java working? 04:43
Xk2cralph1, keep on rocking04:43
Bags_StarScream: On the G3? 04:43
apokryphosnikkia: what happened to sawfish?04:43
Xk2chave a nice day u all04:43
nikkiaapokryphos: they decided it was too complex, iirc04:43
PieDnikkia: what can you script in a WM ?04:43
ralph1Xk2c: You too.04:43
nikkiaPieD: quite a lot04:43
Xk2cralph1, bye ralph1 04:43
ralph1Xk2c: bye04:44
Xk2cralph1, happy to meet u04:44
ralph1Xk2c: me too04:44
PieDgive an example ! I don't see anything a script should modify in my KWin04:44
apokryphosnikkia: still, it's interesting being on a distribution where kde is a minority, while kde is the majority in the Linux community. Makes an interesting combination.04:44
=== Xk2c [n=Xk2c@dsl-213-023-176-110.arcor-ip.net] has left #kubuntu ["Tschuuu]
CyberMadapt-get install libgnomeui-dev  i guess this is the right one04:44
nikkiapied, given your attitude today, i really CBA to put effort into it04:44
CyberMadmay i know how do i know the right package... where i have to check it/04:44
PieDand what does CBA means ? (I'm not english)04:45
Bags_StarScream: Did you ever get Java working on your G3?04:45
BagsHas anyone got Java working on a PPC machine? I mean, like, properly? 04:45
umberleighhi. KInfoCenter tells me my soundcard is only available to root. how do i change that so i can actually use the thing?04:46
nikkiabags, i did, once, i had to use the IBM java distro tho, iirc04:46
apokryphosPieD: can't be arsed -- can't be bothered, I presume.04:46
umberleighie. make it available to normal users04:46
nikkiabag, iirc, the trick is to find the distro of java that IBM supply for their linux based POWER machines04:46
PieDapokryphos: thanks04:47
=== hyperactivecrond [n=chris@adsl-68-76-77-105.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
Bagsnikkia: I'm trying that now, but being pretty green, I'm not having any luck with getting it to actually work as a plug in Konquest. 04:47
hyperactivecrondsome 1 gimme an explanation of how kubuntu's kdesu works as opposed to other kdesu04:47
apokryphoshyperactivecrond: it's configured to use sudo instead of su04:48
nikkiabags, i can't remember if i ever tried getting it to work as a plugin, my G3/linux machine was a LAN server *shrug*04:48
apokryphoshyperactivecrond: for opening GUI apps with root permissions, you should _always_ use it04:48
=== LeechJoe [n=LeechJoe@85-124-29-114.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #kubuntu
umberleigherm.... wait. everything seems to be available only to root. okay... scratch that. when i login KDE tells me it can't find the audio device and defaults to /dev/null, also kmix defaults back to using my USB camera/mike instead of my nForce2 soundcard.04:49
=== LeechJoe [n=LeechJoe@85-124-29-114.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
Bagsnikkia: It's wierd... I feel like the PPC machines are in the twilight zone with Java... I would have thought that Java would be easy to port over to the PPC linux distros? 04:50
Bagsnikkia: A bit of a shame. Everything else is just so peachy-keen! 04:50
nikkiabags, who's going to do it? IBM is the only company with a vested interest, and they don't really sell linux desktop machines04:50
nikkiabags, i think blackdown's java works on PPC, but i've never had anything close to success with their java anyway04:51
hyperactivecrondapokryphos: is it possible to configure kdesu to use sudo as opposed to su on other distros running kde 3.4.x?04:51
Bagsnikkia: Ahh, but this is the feel-good world of linux where everything is lovely and free and wonderfully hippy-like... ;-)04:51
nikkiabags, server-side, yes, IBM has an interest in making sure their java runs on PPC, and they have, from what i've experienced, but desktop (plugin) is a different matter04:52
Bagsnikkia: Cool. Ok. I'll keep my eyes peeled for something that works. 04:52
apokryphoshyperactivecrond: yes, you can get the kubuntu patch and recompile04:53
Bagsnikkia: In the meantime, I'll just put OSX on linux on my machine and put Tiger on there and use that when needed... Slow, but there... 04:53
hyperactivecrondso it's not built into kde apokryphos ?04:53
apokryphoshyperactivecrond: there's a link to it on bugs.kde.org; also digged somewhere on the kubuntu.org site...04:53
apokryphoshyperactivecrond: on kubuntu -- it is indeed. Not on other distros though, obviously04:54
hyperactivecrondsomewhere i read on kde.org that it's a new feature of kdesu for 3.4.x04:54
apokryphoshyperactivecrond: no, it won't be like that by default in KDE, for sure; unless it's an option04:56
apokryphosit will always be default in Kubuntu, though, most probably04:56
apokryphosin Kubuntu kde packs, that is.04:56
=== tux [n=tux@home.mescaline.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== smux [n=smux@home.mescaline.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== nikkia scratches her head
nikkiaapokryphos: i wonder if i can convince my boss to buy me that P4D barebones kit i want to upgrade my PC :)05:02
=== P3L|C4N0 [n=gcamposm@] has joined #kubuntu
apokryphosnikkia: without a doubt :P05:03
apokryphosnikkia: what exactly is it?05:04
nikkiaapokryphos: a 3.0GHz P4D, 512MB of ram, motherboard, and case05:04
apokryphosoh, I see. Heh.05:04
EasterSunshinemy clock at the corner of the screen is displaying "new york" wheras before, it would display the date. i think i know what timezone i am in, but i can't find the setting to not show it05:04
apokryphosnikkia: when are those other two arriving?05:05
apokryphosEasterSunshine: set it to local timezone05:05
nikkiaEasterSunshine: right click, select 'show timezone' select 'local timezone'05:05
nikkiaapokryphos: no idea, hopefully next week, if he was telling the truth about ordering them05:05
EasterSunshinenikki, apokryphos: thx, that worked05:05
nikkiaEasterSunshine: np05:05
apokryphosFor anyone travelling, the respective "Lonely Planet" books are excellent to get. Perfect. :D05:07
nikkiaapokryphos: i usually use stephen king books for plane rides05:08
nikkiabut thats cos i can't normally sleep on planes05:08
apokryphosnikkia: hehe, no, those are for telling you about a city/region/country. A "travel guide" type book05:09
apokryphoshundreds of different ones. Got the one for Barcelona today; learning a lot.05:09
nikkiaapokryphos: ah05:09
apokryphoslearning about the foods and stuff so we don't ned up ordering fish and a burger :/05:10
apokryphosThough, I'm sure Wikipedia would've given some good info. This has a lot more info though, at least.05:11
apokryphosI reckon Debian will still be packaging 3.4 when 3.5 is out :|05:12
=== smux [n=smux@home.mescaline.fr] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiagah, editing this artwork is slow work05:14
=== claydoh_ is now known as claydoh
=== AnHu [n=anton@mnch-d9ba4476.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== zxc [n=zxc@tor/session/x-c3e32ec99af1b6b5] has joined #kubuntu
=== robin [n=robin@debian.demon.nl] has joined #kubuntu
apokryphosheh, almost forgot that breezy abandoned kcontrol. I've been still using it05:28
pointwoodwhat is replacing it?05:29
=== zxc432423443 [i=[U2FsdGV@tor/session/x-1995970ed14a07bc] has joined #kubuntu
apokryphospointwood: another system settings tool05:30
apokryphosI'll screeny :)05:30
apokryphospointwood: http://youmortals.com/systemsettings.png05:32
pointwoodthat looks neat05:32
apokryphospointwood: because kcontrol is actually really bad; tree-view isn't perfect; many innovations for it planned in kde 405:32
apokryphossome want to trash it altogether, actually. :/05:32
pointwoodyeah, read that05:33
pointwoodand it is true, it is a mess05:33
apokryphosactually prefer this system settings; much cleaner; more easily accessible05:33
pointwoodit certainly looks like it from that screenshot :)05:33
pointwoodall the talk that's been about kde4, it sounds like it's going to really, really rock05:34
apokryphosIndeed :). It's gonna take some time, but things are looking really hopeful05:34
=== laser_tk [n=laser@a84-230-152-78.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
pointwoodapokryphos: you know alot about multimedia? I got a couple of problems: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=5788105:37
apokryphosI don't unfortunately. Just seems like amaroK is hogging the sound server there, so mplayer can't use it. Not sure actually for what mplayer uses as its sound output05:38
nikkiaapokryphos: by default, oss05:39
apokryphosyou could either setup dmix, or change your sound engine for amaroK 05:39
nikkiayou can use the -ao option to change it tho05:39
pointwoodit seems to use alsa05:39
pointwoodmplayer that is05:39
apokryphospointwood: nikkia here is the expert =)05:39
pointwoodcool :)05:40
=== FireEgl [i=Atlantic@Atlantica.US] has joined #Kubuntu
pointwoodwell, kaffeine uses xine IIRC, amaroK uses arts and mplayer uses alsa05:42
pointwoodI'm confused about all those different engines...05:42
=== smux [n=smux@home.mescaline.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== codomaniac [n=codomani@] has joined #kubuntu
=== codomaniac [n=codomani@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
nikkiapointwood: only xine is an engine, of those05:45
nikkiaalsa is the sound drivers, arts is kde's sound server, and xine is a playback engine05:45
nikkiathe distinction is important, because each level up you go, you get a few more options for audio output methods05:45
=== pv__ is now known as pv_
nikkiafor example, usually, arts is configured to output via alsa, xine can be configured to output to alsa, or to arts05:46
pointwoodI can see that in kaffeine in the xine config, audio is set to auto05:46
nikkianow, ideally, as a KDE user, you'd configure everything to go to arts, and arts to go to alsa05:46
nikkiawhile that works, and tends to work great, it has the drawback that arts introduces some audio latency05:46
nikkiawith xine, you can work around this, you take the value listed as the latency in kcontrol, and feed that number into xine's video/audio sync offset, and it'll play the audio that many mS earlier than the video05:47
pointwoodokay, so it is actually a problem when you want to play a video clip?05:48
nikkiathe latency? yes, it means that the audio will lag behind the video by that amount of time05:48
nikkiaarts uses fairly large buffers by default, and i think the default latency is somewhere around 1/10th of a second, very noticable05:48
pointwoodsound buffer: 232 milliseconds05:50
nikkiayeah, that's nearly 1/4 of a second05:50
=== eggi_ [n=einstein@dsl-084-059-220-076.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
pointwoodokay then, what do you then recommend I do to get as optimal a setup as possible?05:50
nikkiaso, if you configure xine to use arts, and don't change the arts buffers (bigger buffers == smoother playback, but at the price of latency), then you'll want to tell xine to offset its audio by -232mS05:50
nikkiapointwood: really, its very much trial and error, you COULD just tell xine to play by arts, and offset its audio by -232mS, and it'll work, and fairly well, i imagine, those are nice big buffers, so you shouldn't get too many audio artifacts05:51
nikkiapointwood: you will pay the price by a slight pause when you seek a video to some random position, while it starts the audio and fills the buffer, but personally, i consider seeking to random positions in video files so non-routine that its a reasonable price to pay05:52
nikkiaas i said, its trial and error, and depends a lot on your system and what you plan to do, really, you COULD lower art's buffers, but on a slower PC or a PC with a less than great soundchip, that might introduce artifacts05:53
nikkiaand really, unless you need low-latency audio from arts, there's not much point05:53
pointwoodwell, kaffeine has worked resonable well, haven't noticed any artifacts 05:54
pointwoodthe big problem is really with mplayer05:54
nikkiamy setup is a little different... i have alsa<-jack05:54
nikkiathen on top of jack, i have my media players, and arts, but since xine can't play to jack properly, xine goes via arts, with a sync offset matching the combined arts + jack latency05:54
nikkia(effectively, just art's latency, because jack is set to be very low latency (< 4mS)05:55
pointwoodand the fact that it doesn't work when amaroK is started05:55
nikkiapointwood: again, you can configure mplayer to play via arts05:55
pointwoodtrying that now :)05:55
nikkiai believe the output driver option is '-ao artsc' for mplayer05:55
nikkiaand again, you'll want to configure a sync offset to compensate for arts, but i can't remember the command line for that (don't have mplayer installed atm), it should be in the man page05:55
nikkiaonce you've found out the command line option, put that, and -ao artsc  in ~/.mplayer/config05:56
=== jpatrick [n=patrick@180.Red-83-32-111.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
_StarScreamis breezy useable yet?05:56
nikkiathe format is simple, a command line pair per line, so -ao artsc on one line, and the sync compensation option on another05:56
jpatricka bit05:56
nikkiapersonally, i like to put in a resize option using -xy  in there too05:57
nikkiaso that mplayer always scales up smaller videos to that size05:57
jpatricki can't use it :(05:57
_StarScreamjpatrick: how much is broken ?05:57
=== _stef [n=stef@p54ABFB07.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
jpatrickI dunno :-/05:57
=== _antrix [n=antrix@cm173.gamma93.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #kubuntu
jpatrickI can't use it because it's kernel doesn't see my wifi card05:58
=== _antrix [n=antrix@cm173.gamma93.maxonline.com.sg] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
pointwoodcould it be        -autosync <factor>05:58
pointwood"Gradually adjusts the A/V sync based on audio delay measurements. "05:58
_StarScreamjpatrick: you can't re-compile it to have the module you require?05:58
nikkiapointwood: i'd be a little weary of the 'factor' in there, you really want something with an absolute time parameter05:59
nikkiasince you KNOW your offset is -232mS05:59
jpatrickbut it takes 7 hours for me to compile a kernel05:59
nikkia(well, -232mS assuming audio is the track you're controlling, if you're adjusting the video offset, its obviously going to be +232mS :)05:59
=== nikkia presses jpatrick's Turbo button :)
nikkiai don't remember it even taking that long when i was on a 386-40 :)06:00
pointwoodahhh: -delay <sec>06:00
pointwood              Audio delay in seconds (positive or negative float value).06:00
nikkiapointwood: that's the one06:00
nikkiapointwood: since its in seconds, you want -0.23206:00
=== _antrix [n=antrix@cm173.gamma93.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #kubuntu
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jpatrickLast time I compiled a kernel I got kernel panic :/06:01
=== antrix [n=antrix@cm173.gamma93.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiajpatrick: thats because it needs a FPU :P06:01
antrixhi.. need some help configuring network on imac06:01
=== nikkia stops making fun of jpatrick's third-world CPU :)
antrixlspci doesn't list any network cards06:02
=== _marc [n=marc@185.Red-213-98-132.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== _martin [n=martin@ppp-82-135-2-222.mnet-online.de] has joined #kubuntu
antrixhow do i 'dpkg-reconfigure' the network.. like from the install stage06:02
nikkiaantrix: its probably easier to just edit /etc/network/interfaces06:03
=== _martin is now known as DocTomoe
nikkiaantrix: if its not detecting the network card though, i'm not sure what you can do06:03
pointwoodOption -delay needs a parameter at line 206:03
pointwoodOption -ao needs a parameter at line 306:03
antrixnikkia, i don't know what card this machine has06:03
pointwoodI have: 06:03
pointwood-delay -0.23206:03
pointwood-ao artsc06:03
nikkiapointwood: try taking off the - from the start of each line06:03
=== tenco [n=tenco@p549A70C8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiai seem to remember mplayer assumes the option qualifier (-) when reading config06:04
pointwoodalready tried06:04
pointwoodno change06:04
tencohi all06:04
nikkiapointwood: sorry, try 'delay=-0.232' and 'ao=artsc'06:04
=== _paul [n=paul@82-168-79-129-bbxl.xdsl.tiscali.nl] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiamplayer's config wasn't as simple as i remembered :/06:05
pointwoodI think I found it06:05
antrixwhat r u trying pointwood?06:05
tencohow can i add a trashcan to the desktop? i tried new->link-to-url and selected trash:/ but the icon doesnt change when i throw sth in the trashcan06:05
_stefhello tenco: are you located in germany? your address seems from t-online.06:05
tenco_stef: yes06:06
nikkiatenco, there should be a trash.desktop file in ~/Desktop06:06
_stefaha und wo kommst du her?06:06
pointwoodantrix: getting mplayer to work while amarok is loaded06:06
pointwoodbut nikkia is great help06:06
antrixamarok working on arts backend or gstreamer backend?06:06
=== JensK [n=JensK@p54905AD0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiatenco, edit that file, and change 'Hidden=true' to 'Hidden=false'06:06
=== _emihatov [n=emihatov@] has joined #kubuntu
pointwoodmplayer gives me: Could not open/initialize audio device -> no sound.06:07
nikkiapointwood: strange06:07
antrixpointwood, #mplayer -ao arts foo.avi06:07
=== _emihatov [n=emihatov@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
nikkiapointwood: what does artsshell -q status  say ?06:07
=== _emihatov [n=emihatov@] has joined #kubuntu
=== _emihatov is now known as Bags2
Bags2Hello again. 06:08
nikkiapointwood: just the first line, if you want to paste it06:08
pointwoodahh...works now :)06:08
Bags2Can anyone please help me to diable my DHCP server in Kubuntu? 06:08
pointwoodw00t w00t06:08
pointwoodthanks a lot :)06:08
nikkiapointwood: arts tends to go to sleep, and sometimes some clients don't wake it up :/06:08
Bags2How do yo turn the damn thing off? 06:09
Bags2DHCP server? 06:09
pointwoodserver status: busy06:09
tenconikkia: i can see it now in konqueror, but not on the desktop...06:10
nikkiatenco, you might need to restart kdesktop before it sees it06:10
nikkiatenco, easiest way to do that, is to log out then back in06:10
Bags2Oh, ok. 06:10
Bags2I've got it. 06:10
tenconikkia: ok, i will try06:11
jpatrickhow do I know which module I need?06:14
_stefping: tenco06:15
pointwoodnikkia: thx for the help, saved my day :)06:15
nikkiapointwood: np06:16
=== spiral [n=spiral@lafilaire-4-82-224-249-43.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== othernoob [n=othernoo@p54A2D99D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
othernoobhi, does anyone know of a program to convert .ape to .mp3?06:26
=== tenco [n=tenco@p549A70C8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiaothernoob, i don't think you can do it in one step06:30
=== tenco [n=tenco@p549A70C8.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
nikkiayou'll have to decode .ape to .wav, then convert .wav to .mp306:30
=== tenco [n=tenco@p549A70C8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiasince .ape is lossless, its not like you lose any quality doing that, though06:30
=== blueyed [n=daniel@iD4CC1379.versanet.de] has joined #kubuntu
othernoobthat's fine. just want to get rid of .ape ;)06:31
=== tenco [n=tenco@p549A70C8.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #kubuntu ["The]
=== tenco [n=tenco@p549A70C8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiaothernoob: you'll have to find a copy of monkey's audio for kubuntu though, i don't know if its in any repository06:32
nikkia(no reason it shouldn't be, its not a restricted format, afaik)06:32
othernoobthe platform isn't important :)06:34
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=== phreakys is now known as xpnoob
tencoxpnoob: ?06:51
=== umberleigh [n=umberlei@host81-155-106-66.range81-155.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
CyberMaddo you know how to install xchm ?06:55
CyberMadbecause i already use aptitude06:55
CyberMadand there is   "c  xchm"06:55
CyberMadwhat is c mean?06:55
nikkiaiirc, it means its downloaded, but not configured06:57
nikkiawhich usually means there was a failure when you tried to install it, at the configuration phase06:57
=== _codomaniac [n=codomani@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
CyberMadyes,.. i can't install it07:00
=== dan2 [i=dan@pdpc/supporter/professional/dan2] has joined #kubuntu
=== dan2 is now known as dan2_
=== Almindor [n=Almindor@chello085216134152.chello.sk] has joined #kubuntu
Almindormy printer ignores print jobs when there's too much black in the page...07:05
Almindoris there any setting which manages this? it's really annoying07:05
=== sander__ [n=sander__@pool-141-157-248-6.ny325.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
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=== Blissex [n=Blissex@] has joined #KUbuntu
=== dan2_ [i=dan@pdpc/supporter/professional/dan2] has joined #kubuntu
=== _tito [n=tito@32.Red-83-52-167.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== jward [n=jward@c-24-130-207-92.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
_titoalguien sabe como averiguar la clave de su 07:15
=== _jward [n=jward@c-24-130-207-92.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== jward [n=jward@c-24-130-207-92.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
tencohow can i enable underlining of strings like _this_ or _that_?07:15
tencoand bold printing of *bold* and *bla*?07:16
tencoin konversation07:16
=== kinfo [n=kinfo@] has joined #kubuntu
_titohow can i know my su pasword?????07:16
tencothe root account is disabled on (k)ubuntu07:17
tencouse sudo07:17
=== antrix [n=antrix@cm173.gamma93.maxonline.com.sg] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
tencowith your accounts password07:17
=== winnie [n=winnie@] has joined #kubuntu
winniepeut-on parler francais ici ?07:19
_titoto use the apt-get i must be root07:20
_titohow can i do that07:20
=== ant30 [n=ant30@54.Red-80-36-80.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
apokryphos_tito: prefix your commands with sudo07:27
ubotu[root]  disabled in Ubuntu, you can read all about it on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RootSudo07:27
othernoobmmh.. why does * not want to work when there are numbers involved..07:27
=== stibby [n=sbcl3@pcp0010580302pcs.coatsv01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== tenco_ [n=tenco@p549A4DC9.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== _root [n=root@cqs93.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
_titoCould not mount device.07:33
_titoThe reported error was:07:33
_titomount: no se puede encontrar /dev/hda5 en /etc/fstab o /etc/mtab07:33
=== lussiejo [n=lussiejo@modemcable106.151-203-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #kubuntu
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=== KWizzard [n=wizzard@chello085216170248.chello.sk] has joined #kubuntu
=== _matthew [n=matthew@host81-154-132-90.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
_matthewhowdy anyone here know much about nph cgi scripts?07:53
=== boga [n=boga@CPE0011095f2041-CM00e06f240dd8.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
bogais it possible to have my cdroms auto-mounted? if so, how?07:54
Tm_Tautomount :/07:54
Tm_Tboga: does fstab say anything to you?07:55
=== FireEgl [i=Atlantic@Atlantica.US] has joined #Kubuntu
bogaTm_T: yes, it only mentions the device (cdrom)07:55
Tm_Tuhm, ok07:55
bogabut I'd like the cdrom to be auto-mounted on insertion07:56
Tm_Tdoes it have "user,ro,auto"  in <options> part?07:57
bogano...it has "noauto" is that what I have to change to "auto"?07:58
Tm_Tuhm, no, that's not te pont, sorry07:58
Tm_Ttoo much windows to me :/07:58
Tm_Tno, keep tat noauto07:58
Tm_Tuhm, it was amd daemon!07:59
Tm_TAutoMountDaemon, amd07:59
Tm_Tgot t?07:59
bogaAutoMountDaemon? so is that an app to install?07:59
Tm_Tyes, I think so =)08:00
Tm_Tam-utils to be presice08:01
Tm_Tjust "sudo apt-get install am-utils"08:02
Tm_TI think that'll do it08:03
=== LeechJoe [n=LeechJoe@85-124-29-114.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #kubuntu
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KWizzardhey, where I can get Ubuntu T-shirt? :D08:06
umberleighwhere's grub.conf? i can't seem to find it08:07
KWizzardthx >D08:07
Tm_Tumberleigh: somewere in /etc ?08:07
Tm_Tpointwood: but where's kubuntu T-shirts?!08:08
umberleighi've just moved from gentoo, where it was in /boot/grub/, but it's not there and find /etc/ -name grub.conf doesn't give any output08:08
pointwooddunno - he asked for ubuntu shirts :)08:08
=== Aapzak [n=quido@ip44-163-173-82.adsl2.versatel.nl] has joined #kubuntu
KWizzardKubuntu would be good too, but there are only white, I wanna black :D08:09
=== taw [n=taw@pa76.chojnow.sdi.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
tawhow do i install the polish language pack ? installer asked me if i wanted to download it, but the network wasn't configured at that point08:10
Aapzakgood evening08:10
KWizzardtaw, open kynaptic application, and download it08:11
tawdownload what ?08:14
Tm_TI might even buy one ubuntu mug =)08:15
=== Mr`Simpatia [n=Kubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
tawthe things called language-pack-pl and language-pack-pl-base are installed, but the msgs that were in polish in debian are in english, and accented characters are all misdisplayed08:16
=== Mr`Simpatia [n=Kubuntu@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== othernoob is now known as other|pissed
Tm_Ttaw: ok, and what "locale" says?08:18
taw locale08:18
tawsome shell utils seems to have polish text, but kde is all in english08:19
KWizzardso just change your locale setting in KDE Control Center08:20
tawbut the display of accented characters is broken in shell08:20
=== F_for_Fragging [n=sander@a82-92-1-250.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #kubuntu
tawoh, it only lets me use "US English" 08:21
xpnoobis there a way to see what aps run on which port?08:21
KWizzarddo you have KDE?08:22
Tm_Ttaw: install kde-language packs too =)08:22
=== CyberMad [n=yudi@] has joined #kubuntu
KWizzarddownload kde-i18n-pl08:22
Tm_TI don't understand why US English is default08:23
KWizzardwhat should be default? Polish? :D08:23
Tm_Ten_GB ofcourse08:24
CyberMadplease help me, i can't install tightvnc server on my linux box08:24
tawKWizzard: the language chosen in the installer08:24
KWizzardoh, yes08:24
=== _ubuntu [n=ubuntu@Ottawa-HSE-ppp3653470.sympatico.ca] has joined #kubuntu
CyberMadwhere i install from aptitude and search for new package tightvnc-server08:24
Tm_Ttaw: too easy =)08:25
CyberMadthere is letter c in front of tightvnc-server package and i press + but didn't effect anything08:25
=== _tito [n=tito@32.Red-83-52-167.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
CyberMadi try install from debian package and there is an error too08:26
CyberMadyudi@earth:~/Backup$ vncserver08:26
CyberMadCouldn't start Xvnc; trying default font path.08:26
CyberMadPlease set correct fontPath in the vncserver script.08:26
CyberMadwhat's wrong is this?08:26
other|pissedmmh, why does * not work when there are numbers involved? for example lame -h -b 192 *.wav won't work (the wavs are 01-filename, 02-filename, 03-filename...)08:26
=== I_Eat_Plastic [n=ph3r@pool-71-240-173-175.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
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=== tenco [n=tenco@p549A46ED.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
ChewieIs anybody having trouble with the media:/ kioslave not detecting pendrives in breezy?08:29
=== dawg [n=dawg@68-235-46-141.clvdoh.adelphia.net] has joined #kubuntu
tawstill, why are the fonts screwed up ?08:31
=== KaiL [i=kl@p548F6D23.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== redguy [n=mati@ajf123.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
mornfallso, what should i implement next? :-)08:36
Tm_TChewie: breezy == unstable08:36
=== _codomaniac [n=codomani@] has joined #kubuntu
mornfallcurrent state of affairs: http://web.ekhis.org/adept.html08:40
=== _codomaniac [n=codomani@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
martin-Need some help: got an ATI all in wonder with TV functionality. i downloaded tvtime but now i need to choose the device somehow. Anyone knows what to do?08:44
=== taw [n=taw@pa76.chojnow.sdi.tpnet.pl] has left #kubuntu ["Client]
=== trog|odyt [n=user@204-101-205-72.anikast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== taw [n=taw@pa76.chojnow.sdi.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
tawwhere are the fonts for kubuntu ? packages for neither mstcorefonts nor xfonts-*-transcoded exist08:52
=== beniamino [n=beniamin@adsl-67-120-104-88.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
xpnoobi just installed squirrelmail with apt. how can i enable it for my webdirs?08:55
xpnoobit installs all files outside the www dir08:55
_titohow can I install rmp one08:58
xpnoobalien -d foo.rpm ?08:58
=== beniamino [n=beniamin@adsl-67-120-104-88.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== JensK [n=JensK@p54903168.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
_titoand then to install a dev file09:00
_titodeb sorry09:00
xpnoobdpkg -i bar.deb09:01
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_titoi installed lmule but i cant fintd it09:12
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=== mikonian [n=Mikus@S01060010dca58c20.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
mikonianhi folks! how do i restart KDE?09:49
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tawwhat music/movie players are there for kubuntu ?10:52
pointwoodamarok or juk for music10:54
pointwoodwe have a fan :p10:58
claydohyou betcha10:58
pointwoodI like it too :)10:58
claydohok what s the good cd ripper?11:00
=== grimse [n=grimse@p5481F1BD.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
tawa lot of packages that i use on debian are not available from kubuntu repositories11:00
tawlike mc, mutt, or mplayer11:01
tawor anything ruby-devel-related11:01
pointwoodyou need to add universe11:01
tawis it anything more nontrivial than a recompile ?11:02
pointwoodcheck the ubuntuguide11:02
tawouch, no libnet-irc-perl11:04
pointwoodagain, add the extra repositories and I bet it's there11:06
claydohit is :)11:07
=== gsuveg [n=gsuveg@254-087.adsl.pool.ew.hu] has joined #kubuntu
gsuveghow can i add new wm into kdm ?11:07
gsuvegwhere ?11:07
=== gdh [i=foobar@80-192-144-33.cable.ubr04.pres.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== _franz [n=franz@toronto-HSE-ppp3985086.sympatico.ca] has joined #kubuntu
_franzHow are you every body11:12
=== _peter [n=peter@cbo166.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
_franzHy Peter11:13
_franzHI sorry11:13
_franzHow are you?11:14
_peterhave to go :/11:15
_franzno it's ok of course11:15
_franzi am not french11:15
bz0bcan someone help me really quick?11:15
=== orkid [n=mike@toronto-HSE-ppp4020538.sympatico.ca] has joined #kubuntu
=== _peter [n=peter@cbo166.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
_franzbz0b:  yes?11:15
=== c0rrupt_ [n=joe@cpe-69-207-74-118.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
_franzwhat can i help you if i could11:16
bz0bim trying to install my wirelesss driver11:16
bz0broot@bz0b:/usr/src/madwifi-cvs-20050814# make && make install11:16
bz0bMakefile.inc:94: *** KERNELPATH must be defined.  Stop.11:16
bz0bi get that errr11:16
gsuvegbz0b: have you installed the kernel src ?11:16
bz0bapt-get right?11:16
_franzi have no problem with my centrino 11:16
bz0bdo i need to apt-get something?11:16
_franzwitch brand is your card?11:17
=== jsubl2 [n=jsubl2@] has joined #kubuntu
bz0bits a dlink dwl g63911:17
bz0bits a dlink dwl g630* revision 211:17
bz0bits a dlink dwl g630* revision c*11:17
_franzdlink has no driver fr linux?11:17
bz0bnot sure do they?11:18
bz0blet me look at their site11:18
_franzubuntu detect me my dlink router11:18
_franz(i can speak french if you are french )11:18
bz0bje ne parle francais :-)11:19
bz0bJe ne parle francais11:19
gsuveg_franz: how can i add new wm into kdm ?11:20
bz0bJe suis d'American11:20
_franznew wm?11:20
gsuvegbz0b: beszeljunk inkabb magyarul.11:20
_franzbz0b:  ok je suis Canadien lol11:20
gsuveg_franz: windowmanager 11:20
bz0bI barely no french11:20
bz0bI took a class on it for 1 1/2 year11:21
_franzoki we speak our language 11:21
gsuveg_franz: i need put icewm into kdm, but i dont find it11:21
_franzi was born in France11:21
bz0bi see11:21
_franzI have double Nationality11:21
_franzgsuveg:  you did'nt find with apt?11:21
_franzi download some codec 11:22
gsuveg_franz: i need fresh from src11:22
=== seth_k [n=seth@d-ip-129-15-213-244.wireless.ou.edu] has joined #kubuntu
_franzbut i am really new in linux so i don't now all things11:22
bz0bso can someone help me? or are we going to sit around and talk about what other languages we  can speak?11:23
gsuvegbz0b: install the kernel source11:23
bz0bwhat is the apt-get for it?11:23
gsuvegand maybe you need recompile whole kernel ;)11:23
_franzsorry bz0b  i don't now 11:23
bz0bis it linux-source-2.6.1011:24
=== BTJustice [n=BTJustic@pool-68-238-1-114.chi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #Kubuntu
bz0bi am doing that now11:24
bz0bthank you guys11:25
bz0bI was about to ndiswrapper11:25
BTJusticeI had a Creative SB Live! 7.1 sound card, but it gave me so many problems that I got rid of it.  I just put my old Creative SB Live! 5.1 sound card back in.  What do I need to do to get it to work in Kubuntu?11:25
BTJusticeI type alsamixer and nothing comes up11:26
_franzSound and linux is always a problem, skype doesn't work in my computer because he doesn't found ma sound cart11:27
bz0bim still getting the error root@bz0b:/usr/src/madwifi-cvs-20050814# make && make install11:27
bz0bMakefile.inc:94: *** KERNELPATH must be defined.  Stop.11:27
=== my8os [n=my8os@ppp56-203dynamic.chania.acn.gr] has joined #kubuntu
gsuveghave you installed the kernel src ?11:27
gsuveghow look the /usr/src ?11:28
gsuvegls -l /usr/src11:28
=== martin- [n=martin@h143220.upc-h.chello.nl] has joined #kubuntu
bz0bi see11:28
bz0bit only gets the source11:29
bz0bi have to install it?11:29
gsuveguntar ?11:29
bz0bi am doing it now11:29
bz0bafter i untar it do i have to install anything too?11:29
bz0bomg how big is this kernel source it is taking forever to unpack11:30
gsuvegmaybe a symlink11:30
bz0bok done11:30
gsuveghow look the /usr/src ?11:30
bz0broot@bz0b:/usr/src# ls11:30
bz0blinux-source-2.6.10          madwifi-cvs-20050814.patch11:30
bz0blinux-source-2.6.10.tar.bz2  madwifi-cvs-20050814.tgz11:30
bz0bmadwifi-cvs-20050814         rpm11:30
bz0broot@bz0b:/usr/src#      11:30
_franzbye bye everybody11:31
bz0bok gsuveg so?11:31
gsuvegln -s linux-source-2.6.10  linux11:32
gsuvegin usr/src11:32
=== KaiL [i=kl@p548F7A8C.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
bz0broot@bz0b:/usr/src/madwifi-cvs-20050814# make && make install11:33
bz0bMakefile.inc:122: *** KERNELCONF: /usr/src/linux/.config does not exist..  Stop.11:33
bz0bnew error11:33
gsuvegyes :)11:34
=== static_ [n=static@adsl-209-30-116-92.dsl.tulsok.swbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
gsuveggo into linux dir11:34
gsuvegmake menuconfig11:34
bz0bwhere is the linu dir11:34
bz0b ok11:37
bz0bi am in the menuconfig thing11:37
bz0bits like this blue thing poped up11:37
bz0bwhat do i do here?11:37
=== othernoob [n=othernoo@p54A2FD86.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
gsuvegthis is the prob11:37
gsuvegi dont know tthe default kernel config of ubuntu11:38
=== my8os [n=my8os@ppp56-203dynamic.chania.acn.gr] has joined #kubuntu
gsuvegi dont know kernel config/install ?11:38
bz0bany ideas11:39
bz0bshould i go to #ubuntu?11:39
BTJusticeI had a Creative SB Live! 7.1 sound card, but it gave me so many problems that I got rid of it.  I just put my old Creative SB Live! 5.1 sound card back in.  What do I need to do to get it to work in Kubuntu?11:45
BTJusticeWhenever the sound system starts, I get this error:  device /dev/dsp can't be opened.11:45
=== sobersabre [n=bilbo@l192-115-16-116.broadband.actcom.net.il] has joined #kubuntu
sobersabrehello... is there a ready amarok 1.3 package for hoary ?11:47
bz0bgsuveg, ok i saved the new configurations11:47
gsuveggo into module dir11:48
gsuvegand test ;)11:48
bz0bwow so many erros11:50
roguejedix_Quake 3: Arena Source has been GPL'ed11:54
=== roguejedix_ is now known as Rogue_Jedi_X
JeffAMcGeeIs there a way to make konversation not say "joe has joined this channel" or "joe has left this server"?11:54
Rogue_Jedi_XThink so11:55
gdhprefs - behavious -= chat window - 'hide join/part...'11:55
Rogue_Jedi_XI really should learn to type faster11:56
BTJusticeI had a Creative SB Live! 7.1 sound card, but it gave me so many problems that I got rid of it.  I just put my old Creative SB Live! 5.1 sound card back in.  What do I need to do to get it to work in Kubuntu?11:57
BTJusticeWhenever the sound system starts, I get this error:  device /dev/dsp can't be opened.11:57
BTJusticealsamixer brings up nothing11:57
=== claydoh [n=claydoh@] has joined #kubuntu
JeffAMcGeegdh: thanks12:02
=== confrey [n=dario@ip-130-93.sn1.eutelia.it] has joined #kubuntu

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