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sabdflhey kiko12:46
sabdfljust starting work on your present12:46
kikofixing some issues linkchecker popped up12:46
kikointeresting issue though12:47
kikosabdfl, the targets of each Facet link are really non-obvious12:47
kikoI fixed the obvious errors, but the result is very confusing12:47
sabdflremember i was saying that the inheritance idea wasn't as smooth as i'd hoped, in brazil12:47
sabdflthe fact that you can switch context is jarring12:48
kikothe way it should be (IMO)12:48
kikois that we should be under one context 12:48
kikoand then have subcontexts 12:48
kikothat would hopefully cover the depth of rosetta and malone12:49
sabdflit's almost as though, when you mouseover the "Bugs" link, the breadcrumb related to the relevant context should be highlighted12:49
sabdflSOME sort of visual cue as to *what* +bugs you'll be looking at12:49
sabdfli know that's crack12:49
kikothe visual cue I'm thinking of would be clear12:49
kikoProduct: Mozilla Firefox12:49
sabdflbut that's what i found myself looking for - some idea, when i click on the facet, where I'll be12:49
sabdflwe could work that into the page title12:49
kikoand then all the facets would apply to that product12:49
kikoI am unhappy that it doesn't cover series though12:50
sabdflit's not even12:50
sabdflbugs would drop you to product, if you were on translations, which are at a series level12:50
kikobecause we have translations (and at some point bugs) for that series12:50
kikobut calendars would always be for products, I imagine12:50
sabdflwhen we have bug-target-to-series that will be less of an issue12:50
kikobut calendar is still a problem :)12:51
sabdflbut the system will never be n-way symmetrical12:51
sabdfled zacchary12:51
kikosuicide run12:51
kikohow to solve, how to solve12:51
kikowell, be happy you're not the only one worried about that12:51
kikosabdfl, the immediate fix is quite horrific but works12:52
kikocan I send you a patch?12:52
kikowell, for some value of works12:53
kikoit stops us 404ing12:53
sabdflno, land it if you think it's the right thing to do12:53
kikoand takes us to pages12:53
sabdflwith a review ;-)12:53
kikoperhaps not the right pages though12:53
sabdflit sounds non-trivial12:53
kikoI was wanting your review, sneaky man12:53
kikoit's only like 30 lines12:53
sabdfli am working on your gift12:53
sabdflok, privmsg12:53
cprovkiko: I've been working on some facets for soyuz, removing unreacheable links, in fact, creating specific facets classes for items in my domain, looks like we do have a symmetrical problem to solve or workarround.12:53
kikocprov, makes me cry12:54
sabdfli want to create a bounty facet too12:54
sabdfli polished up the bounty system, it's ready to roll now12:54
sabdfljust as a registry12:54
cprovkiko: in which sense ?  I doubt you changed the same pieces I did.12:55
kikocprov, well, the problem is rather difficult to solve. I think it requires some infrastructure12:56
kikoyou shouldn't need to write complex code in the facets12:56
kikothe default handler should search through the parents and decide what/if to link to12:57
kikocprov, can you get me dsilvers' pastebin url?12:57
kikosabdfl, https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/fileA7FOdg.html12:59
kikosabdfl, and I don't even have a hole in the ground <wink>12:59
=== cprov too late
sabdflkiko: do we have a calendar for a *sourcepackage*?01:02
sabdflbugs looks fine01:02
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sabdfljust calendar for a sp has me surprised01:02
sabdflotherwise, looks perfectly reasonable01:02
cprovkiko: do we encourage complex code like that in facets ? I mean, nothing terrible wrong, but aren't we missing something in the facets infrastructure to reach our aims ?01:07
Keybukah, it helps to run "upgrade.py" before "security.py"01:07
Keybukthis explains a lot01:07
sabdflKeybuk: :-)01:09
=== Keybuk shall remember to pop some iraqi banknotes into stub's passport next conference
sabdflthe explosive kind? with the heads on them?01:09
Keybukno, no, just ordinary plain ones from a few years back01:10
Keybuktry getting into a country if those fall out at passport control ;)01:10
cprovehe, time to go. see you.01:10
kikosabdfl, we don't have a calendar for a sourcepackage; then you do IProductOwner that raises a TypeError, which I catch01:14
kikoso we're safe there01:15
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kikosabdfl, should the calendar be the calendar for the distro or distro release?01:16
sabdfli don't know, honestly. none of them make sense as a switch from a pofile01:17
sabdflperhaps these facests should just be disabled01:17
kikoI rather agree to be honest01:17
cprovsomebody knows what this error means: testAnwersOnce (CVS.tests.test_CVS.PServerHelperTest) ... ERROR     (came from PQM failure)01:17
sabdfli often find myself wanting to jump from the product world into the distro world, and not sure what the most efficient route is01:18
kikocprov, an error in cscvs01:18
sabdflcprov: hmm... try again01:18
kikocprov, should be an odd timing issue -- just retry01:18
sabdflsometimes cscvs does weird things with timing of process entries and exits01:18
kikosabdfl, the most efficient route today is to go to the product overview page and through a portlet :-/01:18
cprovsabdfl: ok, I'll, thanks 01:18
sabdflkiko: not if you want to jump to distro with no Packaging data between that product and that distro01:19
kikosabdfl, if you're happy with the patch, I'll land it. if you want me to disable facets, I can do that too. 01:19
sabdfli want to jump to /distros/ generally01:19
kikosabdfl, ah01:19
kikothat's an interesting problem01:19
kikoI hadn't understood entirely01:19
sabdfli *almost* think we want links to /distros/ and /people/ and /products/ and /projects/ somewhere on every page01:19
sabdflremember the "pillars of launchpad"01:20
kikoI would argue that the frontpage is the way to go01:20
sabdflseen the new one?01:20
kikosabdfl, how do I make it show up01:20
sabdflits a bit busy but will come into focus with some tweaking01:20
sabdfl /real-index.html01:20
sabdflor staging.ubuntu.com01:21
sabdfl [trivial] 01:21
=== sabdfl whistles
kikoportlets are crack though01:21
kikoyou know that by now :)01:21
sabdflnot really... just need a tinge of colour to make them less important than the central page content01:21
sabdflsame for the "most active projects" listing, needs to be slightly "lower" than the core bit01:22
sabdflthe idea is to focus people on the registry, but tease them with translations, bugs, bounties etc01:22
kikowhat about ubuntu?01:22
kikoor the distro world01:23
Keybukif you look at ubuntu you see the "most active package" and "most active maintainer" and stuff?01:23
sabdflKeybuk: could do, nice idea!01:24
sabdfli do believe the portlet on the home page is showing the LEAST active contributors01:25
sabdfllazy fucks01:26
sabdflno, maybe the karma update scripts just haven't run on production yet, so we don't have karma data for anybody01:26
sabdflthe new karma cacheing ones01:26
sabdflmpt: i'm going ahead with your page01:27
sabdflit's a very good start, thank you01:27
sabdfli understand your reservations, but i think we will deal with them one by one01:27
sabdflcalendars should not be using tabs, for a start01:27
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [r=salgado]  Temporary directory for GNUPGHOME and atexit register to remove it on normal termination, removing unused properties, polish on docstring. (patch-2282: celso.providelo@canonical.com)02:15
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ddaaI finally put the CVS parser stuff to the point where I can actually start working on fixing the python import problem...02:48
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kiko-zzzcongrats ddaa03:55
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Keybukstupid question time04:53
KeybukI need to update two tables affected by each other's constraints04:53
Keybukis there a way to do that?04:53
elmoremove the constraints temporarily?04:54
KeybukI thought it'd work like that within a transaction (ie only check the constraints at commit) but it doesnt seem to04:54
Keybukah, SET CONSTRAINTS ALL DEFERRED after the begin04:58
Keybukthough that doesn't seem to work05:00
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Madeyeguys I'm getting this error message while trying to login to launchpad.08:12
MadeyeThe email address 'Jad@php.net', which you're trying to use to login has not yet been validated to use in Launchpad. We sent an email to that address with instructions on how to confirm that it belongs to you. As soon as we have that confirmation you'll be able to log into Launchpad.08:12
Madeyeif there is any admin right now, would they please re-send the confirmation key? and by the way, I have already confiremed, and I have already participated in some translation, so it's abvious its system problem 08:13
BjornTMadeye: didn't you get a new validation email when you tried to login?08:50
MadeyeBjornT, no08:50
BjornTMadeye: strange, you should have gotten an email. i'm not sure what's wrong09:05
BjornTMadeye: the one to talk to is salgado, but he's in Brazil, so he won't be around for a while (if he'll be around at all this weekend)09:06
Madeyehe's the only guy who can help ?09:07
Madeyewhat a dectatorship in an open source movement :-)09:08
BjornTMadeye: i'm sure that other people can help as well (but salgado knows the most about these things), so you could try ask again when some more people are around. i'll try to take another look to see if i can find what's wrong.09:12
Madeyethank you09:18
BjornTMadeye: you could try go to https://launchpad.net/+forgottenpassword and type your email address there. then you should get an email with a link, where you can reset your password. after you've done that your address should be validated 09:24
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  fix bug 1810. (patch-2283: bjorn.tillenius@canonical.com)09:32
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JadBjornT, i've tried, but i havn't got the reset email yet 01:45
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sabdflddaa: rock on. then my weekend present is for kiko AND you02:42
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