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judaxsorry, just playing06:13
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jsgotangcohey all10:19
rob^what do people think about gnome-app-install?10:43
jsgotangcowhat about it?10:48
rob^well, its ok, but one can't install all applications available10:49
rob^which is a problem as the FAQ Guide is written with Synaptic in mind10:49
jsgotangcohmmm its much more comprehensive in colony 310:50
jsgotangcobut not as complete with synaptic10:50
rob^yeah, thats what I'm looking at10:50
rob^for instance, it doesn't have ssh10:50
rob^or openssh10:50
jsgotangcoits mostly desktop apps yes?10:50
jsgotangcoyou can probably include it, but say that its mostly desktop apps and that synaptic is more comprehensive 10:52
rob^I find it kind of stupid that it doesn't include all apps ala synaptic10:52
rob^and the design of it is shocking10:53
jsgotangcowell it was developed with a gnome mindset for sure10:53
rob^they should have taken synaptic and improved it with the icons and stuff instead10:53
jsgotangcohmm you can do a request to mvo and probably merge it in the future if its possible10:54
jsgotangcoafter all he maintains synaptic at the moment10:54
rob^yeah, maybe I might make a few suggestions10:55
rob^its very annoying that all the categories and apps all appear in the same section10:55
rob^they should have split it10:55
rob^well, I'll check out how many apps gnome-app-install can install10:56
rob^hopefully its all of the desktop apps we have10:56
rob^then just use apt-get for the server stuff10:56
jsgotangcoany big change in synaptic will affect other distributions for sure :)10:57
rob^I don't see the need for both though10:57
jsgotangcorob^: does au use an american keyboard or a british one?11:00
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jsgotangcohi all anyone awake :)03:15
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mvirkkilHi all.09:33
mvirkkilBeen gone a while.09:33
mvirkkilTravelling and sick.09:33
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