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marcinhi all12:30
marcinI need some help with emacs packages12:30
marcincrimsun: hi12:30
crimsunI think I'll run away screaming now.12:30
marcincrimsun: hehe :)12:31
marcincrimsun: you don't like emacs? why oh why ;)12:31
marcinheh and he propably is far far away now... no way to ask12:33
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crimsunwtf, did I add gstreamer0.8-plugins as a B-D?01:03
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bmontygood evening everyone02:35
rbelembmonty, good evening ,-)02:44
bmontyseems pretty quiet in here :)02:45
rbelemtoday is friday... i think the people are a bit tired... hehehe02:53
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pefwhere can I find the official documentation about the path of desktop files ? (/usr/share/applications instead of /usr/share/applnk)08:47
pef\sh: morning08:58
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crimsun?? -> mozilla-dev: Depends: mozilla-browser (= 2:1.7.11-0ubuntu1) but it is not going to be installed10:40
siretartfinally a working lyx!11:08
siretartbob2 promised to upload a new lyx version to sid today, I'm using a package from Georg Baum, lyx upstream11:09
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Yagisansiretart: ping11:31
pefsiretart: have you check kile ? ;)11:34
siretartpef: I had a short look at kile, I prefer lyx11:39
siretartpef: in my department, a lot of ppl are using lyx11:39
siretartYagisan: pong11:39
Yagisansiretart: did one of my uploads get nuked ?11:41
Yagisansiretart: according to dput, it went up yesterday, but I don't see it tooday11:41
Yagisansiretart: package was deng-jheretic-tp11:42
siretartI have deng-jheretic-tp in rejected queue11:42
siretartbecause it was signed with a key not in revu keyring11:43
Yagisanshould I reupload ?11:43
Yagisanthat's funny, my key is there11:43
siretartdid you use a different key?11:43
siretartshall I add 4B6E7209, too?11:43
Yagisanthat's my number11:44
YagisanI had an old key, but that sadly is no longer with us11:44
siretartI requeued your upload11:45
siretartok, your upload is now in revu11:45
Yagisanthank you. There should only be one or two more new uploads to go11:45
Yagisanthen I'm finished with what I am sending to revu11:46
YagisanIt's odd my key was rejected11:46
siretartI think they are very similar to packages you already uploaded, yes?11:46
Yagisanbasicall a hexen version of whats been uploaded11:47
Yagisanupstream did a new release yesterday11:47
Yagisanso I need to test, and adjust as required11:47
Yagisanmayby delete obsolete packages11:47
YagisanI feel silly, but when I try to login to revu, it says invalid password11:49
siretartYagisan: try the recover password link\11:49
YagisanI did11:49
siretartstill bad?11:49
Yagisandecrypted fine11:49
YagisanDo I need to be a reviewer to comment on my packages11:49
siretartYagisan: you need reviewer status for commenting other packages11:52
siretartwhats your email again?11:52
siretartit's because of the '_' in your email, wait. I'll fix that11:53
siretartYagisan: now your password works. was a bug in revu11:55
Yagisanthanks siretart.11:56
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nI've just tried the latest opensuse beta and I'm very impressed with its 'Suspend to disk' shutdown/boot feature which has halved my boot time. Will breezy implement this too?12:17
tsengit already does.12:19
ntseng: colony 3 does that?12:19
nLast breezy beta I tried was very unstable- whats c3 like? Useable?12:20
tsengworks for me, your mileage may vary, etc12:20
tsengits much improved12:20
nDoes suspend to disk work under KDE, GNOME or both?12:21
tsengsuspend to disk is in the kernel12:21
n(under colony 3)12:21
\shn: both12:21
\shn: it worked as well on hoary on some laptops12:21
nright, I'll have to give it a go then!12:22
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=== ivoks [n=ivoks@lns01-0020.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shhey ivoks01:01
=== mez_ [n=Mez@cpc3-lich4-3-0-cust227.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivokswhat's up?01:01
\shhow's life?01:02
ivoksheh... great :)01:02
=== Nafallo feels embarrased
NafalloI got stuck with my head in the rabbitcage :-/01:02
ivoksi met one girl while on vacation :)01:03
\shivoks: only one?01:03
ivoksok, i met couple of them...01:03
ivoksbut this one... huh... i'm in love :)01:03
ivoksbut she's 400km from me :(01:03
\shivoks: east or west?01:04
ivokssouthwest :)01:04
\shcome on...tell us...01:04
ivokscroatia, you silly boy01:04
ivoksthere is no girl like croatian girl :)01:04
\shthat I said to my ZA-indian girl as well01:05
ivoksi see you never were in croatia :)01:05
Treenaksivoks: I see you've never been to Scandinavia :P01:06
ivoksTreenaks: :)) i have expirience with them :)01:06
ivoksTreenaks: i don't prefere blond girls :)01:06
ivokslot's of swedes were in croatia this summer01:07
ivoksand they brought their kids... female kids :)01:07
=== \sh preferes as well black, brown or redheads ,-)
Treenaksdudes, this is #ubuntu-motu, not #ubuntu-mate01:08
Treenaks(in the non-Australian sense of that word :))01:08
Nafallothose are Swedes to ;-)01:08
ivoksNafallo: yeah :)01:08
\shwe have a discussion about logging of the #ubuntu-de channel...because some people doesn't like the way, the logfiles are published via web01:08
Nafallohttp://www.magicalforest.se/tmp/mys.jpg is picture proof of that ;-)01:08
Nafallo\sh: we have that issue on #ubuntu.se to.01:09
\shthey're frightend that anybody can read their words...and this is sometimes ah well...not positive for them ,-)01:09
Nafallo\sh: we just tell them to add it to the agenda for next meeting ;-)01:09
=== ivoks is in love...
Treenaksok.. expect no more useful work from ivoks until breezy+1 release at least ;)01:10
Nafallohehe :-)01:10
=== ivoks is thinking to move from Zagreb to Murter :)
ivoksand there is no ADSL :)01:11
=== \sh is in love as well...but she has to work
\shoh sh*t i have to hang my clothes01:11
Nafalloivoks: then it's dep-wait: adsl :-)01:12
Nafalloivoks: tell the girl that to ;-)01:12
=== Treenaks Suggests: 56k
ivoksNafallo: who is this? :)01:13
ivoksok, i see i have to show you pictures of croatian girls :)01:13
Nafalloivoks: on the picture? :-)01:13
ivoksNafallo: yeah :)01:13
TreenaksNafallo: your link is slow btw (re: your picture :)01:13
=== ogra [n=ogra@p5089CC3B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Nafalloivoks: me and my girlfriend since soon three years :-)01:14
Nafalloivoks: re: swedish girls ;-)01:14
NafalloTreenaks: no shit :-P 430kbit in/out :-)01:14
ivokslol non-blond scandinavian01:14
TreenaksNafallo: I thought Sweden was Bandwidth Paradise01:14
NafalloTreenaks: not for everyone :-/01:15
NafalloTreenaks: my KC can do 8Mbit with best effort, they only sell 2Mbit max for it.01:15
TreenaksNafallo: I can get 20mbit/1mbit ADSL2+ if I want01:15
NafalloTreenaks: baah :-P01:16
Treenaks(I'll probably get 10/1, but whatever)01:16
TreenaksNafallo: I'm now on 2/1 though01:16
NafalloI usually prefer symmetric ADSL though ;-)01:16
Nafalloand this ISP is great, like: do what you want, we won't block no ports.01:17
TreenaksNafallo: SDSL, they only sell up to 2.3/2.3mbit here01:17
Treenaksfor massive amounts of money/month01:17
NafalloTreenaks: it is ADSL, but shaped to 512/512kbit by them and 430/430kbit by me ;-).01:17
Treenakswhy 430 by you?01:17
Treenaksso you always have 82kbit spare/01:18
Nafallothe damn PPPoE will drop on >= 440kbit01:18
TreenaksNafallo: ah, then I have a better deal :)01:18
TreenaksNafallo: I get pure ethernet (DHCP)01:18
Treenaksno additional wrapping01:18
Treenaksand soon I'll even get native ipv6 \o/01:19
ivoksok, i'll upload some photos for you :)01:20
Nafalloonly one ISP in Sweden does that to my knowledge, and that's the one that belonged to the state earlier. they really, really, really, really does suck a lot :-). my father had them when I lived at my parents.01:20
TreenaksNafallo: www.xs4all.nl :)01:20
TreenaksNafallo: should be understandable for Swedes :)01:20
Nafallobaah, I need .se ;-)01:20
Nafalloatleast to change to them ;-)01:20
TreenaksNafallo: they offer dialup accounts01:21
TreenaksNafallo: ;)01:21
Nafallohmm, maybe the eight torrents I have running explains why it's a bit slow atm ;-)01:22
Nafallobtw, I have a project from someone ;-)01:24
Nafalloconvert torrentflux from php to python ;-)01:24
ivoksNafallo: http://www.grad.hr/~ivoks/summer2005/img009.jpeg01:36
NafalloI prefer bigger boobs ;-)01:36
ivoksi'm still uploading photos :)01:37
ivokshttp://www.grad.hr/~ivoks/summer2005/img001.jpeg.html - mom from chezh :)01:38
Lathiathaha ivoks01:40
\shivoks: damnit...u r making me horny ,-)01:42
\shem...your pictures01:42
ivoksi? :))01:42
=== terrex [n=terrex@84-122-73-155.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shivoks: the girls01:42
\shdamn..I should write01:42
ivoksbest photos are still to be uploaded :)01:43
ivoksthose from night life :)01:44
pefI have a problem with the path of a desktop file01:44
Nafalloivoks: cute cats :-)01:44
pefwhat's the status of /usr/share/applnk ? is it needed by something ?01:45
\shsometimes from kde01:45
ivoksgthumb is great app :)01:46
Lathiatwtf i just X forwarded soemthing off another box01:46
Lathiatand all the pixmaps are messed up01:46
Lathiatanyway that could be breezys fault?01:46
Lathiathrm worked for the gimp, eog must be broken01:47
=== terrex [n=terrex@84-122-73-155.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== katzor [n=udssr@p54BA1D47.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivoksNafallo: http://www.grad.hr/~ivoks/summer2005/img056.jpeg.html01:53
ivoks\sh: check out that girl with black hair :) http://www.grad.hr/~ivoks/summer2005/img065.jpeg.html01:55
\shivoks: go away ,-)01:56
Nafallolooks Swedish ;-)01:56
=== sistpoty [n=nobody@DSL01.] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sistpotyhi folks01:56
\shhey sistpoty01:56
Nafallomorning sistpoty :-)01:56
ivoksNafallo: there is nothing swedish in her :)01:56
Nafalloivoks: except the looks ;-)01:57
ivokshm, i'll upload them again, but without resizing :)01:57
ivoksNafallo: nope :)01:57
ivoksthis blond one... she's obviusly from chech republic or poland :)01:57
Nafalloto me, any of those girls could have been from Sweden ;-)02:01
Nafallohmm, maybe I should make \sh drool ;-)02:01
Nafallo\sh: http://www.heartland.nu/~nafallo/elin/02:01
\shdid I say, I'm single?02:02
\shand did I say, that I had no *** for over 1 year now?02:02
Nafallo\sh: nope ;-) (some of this I knew anyway)02:03
\shI think I have to catch one of those brasilian chicks walking on the streets in kerpen now02:03
ivoks\sh: go on vacation :)02:03
\shand give them the spirit of god ,-)02:03
ivoksi'm sure you'll get laid in croatia :)02:03
\shNafallo: nice one...:) btw.02:03
Nafallo\sh: one of my best friends :-)02:04
\shivoks: I don't want :)02:04
\shivoks: I'm waiting for my girl :) u see..I'm older and I don't want to do mistakes anymore :)02:04
ivoks\sh: listen...02:05
ivoksi didn't want anything seriuos this summer02:05
\shso..no *** without a marriage02:05
ivoksbut after 2-3 days haning out with this girl, i realized she's great :)02:06
ivoksand we started with a "hi" "hi" "let's have ***"02:06
ivoksso... you never know...02:06
\shoh well...I'm refusing to think about those actions..;)02:07
ivoksNafallo: http://www.grad.hr/~ivoks/summer2005/img095.jpeg.small.jpeg02:07
ivokswell, guys... this is me :)02:07
ivoksthe one in the shirt :)02:07
\shboth are nice ;)02:08
siretarthi ivoks!02:08
ivoksboth are straight :)02:08
ivokssiretart: hi02:08
\shivoks: u should think about going both ways *rotfl*02:09
ivoksno, i'm fine with 3vs1 (where 1 is one man) :)02:09
\shnow we're completly OT02:09
ivoks\sh: http://www.grad.hr/~ivoks/summer2005/img096.jpeg.html - drool :)02:09
\shah come one02:10
ivokswe aren't offtopic02:10
Nafallohttp://www.grad.hr/~ivoks/summer2005/img102.jpeg.html :-)02:10
ivoksthis pictures are uploaded with ubuntu, and web album is created with gthumb :)02:11
Nafalloivoks: is there another way to do it? :-)02:11
sistpotycya later02:11
=== Nafallo uses _only_ Ubuntu :-)
=== ivoks too
ivoksfinally my modem works too :)02:12
ivokslspci told me it's smartlink, so i got my self smartlink drivers02:12
ivoksand, as i said, everything worked, but ATDT and ATDP02:12
ivoksnow... i tried lspci -vvv02:12
ivoksand check out that crap - it's conexant :)02:13
Nafalloivoks: you can package those i386/amd64 drivers for us :-)02:13
ivoksNafallo: i use conexant drivers now02:13
Nafallohmm, oki02:14
ivoksacctually, i install them when i need, and deinstall them after - i get kernel panic with that module loaded02:14
\shit's bad, that my quickcam is not working on linux02:15
ivoksNafallo: http://www.grad.hr/~ivoks/summer2005/img114.jpeg.html02:16
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siretartMez: ping02:25
siretartMez: if you are at it, can you please make proftpd backported?02:27
siretartMez: there are some security issues fixed in the version in breezy, we had yesterday someone concerned about this02:27
siretartok, now back to prepare-party-mode..02:27
\shgoing to sleep at least 2 hours more...laters02:48
TreenaksI have a much beetter pic of Andrew! http://foodfight.org/fotos/2004/12-08%20Ubuntu%20Conference/?img_0001.jpg ;)02:48
Treenaks(re: planet ubuntu)02:48
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tsengim reminded of how ugly this start page is03:43
tsengis someone hacking a new one?03:43
sedakhello motus !03:57
sedakanyone interested in reviewing my package ?03:57
sedakit'll be much fun ...03:57
dsascan someone let me know the approximate final date for having a package included in breezy?03:58
sedakit's a kernel driver, so it'll be better if you had the device03:58
sedakno idea03:58
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alisherhallo, I have a question, is there any possibility to get Gajim jabber client into Universe?07:25
alisherthere is already the package in the debian repositories07:25
=== Arrogance [n=aks@ottawa-hs-209-217-110-104.d-ip.magma.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shalisher: did u read the debian bts?07:29
=== terrex [n=terrex@84-122-73-155.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
hubWperhaps someone should volunteer to fix it07:33
hubWlike alisher :-)07:33
tsengit looks pretty nice07:34
\shI tried it the last time.07:34
\shit build nicely...but running no07:34
\shtseng: u fixed the amd64/ppc ftbfs  as well for mythtv? ,-)07:35
tsengi have no ppc nor amd6407:35
\shtseng: i tried 0.18.1 it ftbfs at the same line on amd6407:36
\shtseng: but mdz told me, that upstream has a amd64 now, and the issues will go in a while ,-)07:36
tsengi wonder if mdz will work on the plugins07:37
\shwhy? we will do it ,-)07:37
\shit's universe ,-)07:37
tsengits a new upstream release07:37
tsengand needs to be completely repackaged07:37
tsenghe is the maintainer07:38
\shtseng: not now...for breezy+1 eventually07:38
tsengwell then the plugins wont work07:38
tsengin breezy07:38
\shfor i386?07:38
tsengfor anyone07:38
tsengthey are for 0.1707:38
\shi386 mythtv wrks07:38
tseng0.18 makes all the plugins one source package07:39
tsengneeds to be repacked07:39
tsengand remove all the old sources07:39
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=== highvoltage [n=Jono@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tsengthe ppc log is nice07:40
tseng{standard input}:3378: Error: Unrecognized opcode: `emms'07:40
tsengi wonder how it managed that07:40
\shyeah...and amd64 is much nicer07:40
tsengoh its using ccache still too07:41
\shit's correct07:41
\shand it's ok07:41
tseng{standard input}:15149: Error: bad register name `%'07:41
\shand for 0.18.1 the same error07:42
tsengso this thing is full of x86 assembly?07:42
tsengor something07:42
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=== \sh tries to fix gajim
\shNafallo: pingeling08:39
\shhmmm..does anybody has problems with firefox after libcairo2 update?08:41
\shgajim is running on breezy08:47
sedakno problem with firefox+new libcairo209:07
\shwhich version? i have 1.0.6-1ubuntu709:08
Nafallo\sh: yes honey? :-)09:08
\shNafallo: do some mockups for a good shtoom gnome frontend pls ,-)09:09
Nafallo\sh: dude. feature freeze ;-)09:09
sedak1.0.6-1ubuntu7 too09:09
\shNafallo: for breezy+09:11
Nafallosure, but not now :-). have to clean up in here + rabbit's cage09:12
Nafalloand that probably means bbl as well ;-)09:12
\shNafallo: and join #shtoom :) lowtraffic, but quit interessting ,-)09:13
\shNafallo: we will rock09:14
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comadrejahey \sh09:46
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JanC\sh, when is gajim going to be available in breezy?10:13
=== JanC can't wait ;)
\shI just repackaged 0.8 and have to adjust some things10:15
\shdebian has 0.7*10:15
\shand 0.8 is much better10:15
\shand it's a good start for a combination of jabber and SIP10:17
JanChow does it use SIP ?10:18
\shJanC: via shtoom integration...10:19
\shI  want to have a client which is capable of sharing the roster10:19
\shSIP Express Router can handle this as well...10:19
JanCoh, nice, even if I don't have a headset or microphone  :)10:19
\shJanC: SER has a jabber module..so u can use the SIP contact as jabber contact10:20
\sh(the SIP server needs to have a jabber installed as well)10:20
JanCuhu, I read "SIMPLE2Jabber gateway" on their homepage10:25
JanCSIMPLE is the SIP based IM protocol IBM uses IIRC ?10:25
\shSIMPLE is the standard of aim/irc10:26
JanCI thought that was "OSCAR" ?10:26
\shit's also called simple ;)10:26
\shor yahoo or whatever10:26
\shdoesn't interessed me ;)10:26
JanCso Microsoft is going to use SIMPLE ?10:30
\shsomething like this10:30
\shand SIP is using it10:31
JanCah, and like I thought: IBM Lotus Sametime supports SIMPLE  :)10:31
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\shbut IBM supports as well jabber10:34
JanCtypical for IBM  :)10:40
JanCthey also support Windows & Linux & AIX & ...10:41
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hubJanC: they don't support linux. you can't buy a laptop without Windows10:56
hubJanC: so that's bullshit they support linux10:56
JanCibm doesn't sell laptops...10:56
hubthey do10:56
hubthey still do10:56
hubthey also sell Notes10:56
hubit does not have a Linux client10:56
hubwhatever quality or lack thereof the product has10:57
JanCand they don't have a windows version of "ibm web server"10:57
JanC(which is based on apache btw)10:57
huband they don't sell laptops ?10:57
JanCibm laptops are now sold by lenovo, who can use the ibm brand name for some years...10:58
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YagisanG'day All11:13
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