Tatsterkemik::   I think this is what you asked for    drwxr-xr-x    5 root root 4.0K 2005-05-16 23:15 scsi12:00
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yathd2dchat: I have not done this myself. I thought it might be a shortcut rather than burning a 5.10 CD, but it might not work.12:00
ThreeDayMonkScrawny1: well, I suggest you do what it says!  sudo apt-get install -f12:00
chicken-mangot to go, bye every one12:00
kemikTatster:  go inside the scsi dir and do "ls -lha" again12:01
d2dchatyath, well its doing whatever its doing12:01
hardw1rehmmm jre is gonna take time to download12:01
d2dchatyath, do you know how install xmms?12:01
kemikTatster:  the directory itself seems to have the correct ownership and flags to be modifiable by root12:01
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Scrawny1this is really ticking me off12:01
Tatsterkemik: That listing is here: http://pastebin.com/34114912:02
LinuxJonesd2dchat, =P12:02
yathd2dchat: lemme see12:02
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ThreeDayMonkScrawny1: did you try install -f?  What happened?12:02
Scrawny1same dang error12:02
d2dchatLinuxJones, ;)12:02
SolitaryCriticwho can fix my problem12:03
yathd2dchat: yeah, in sources.list there are 2 lines ending in "universe". You A) uncomment them, B) add "multiverse" to the end12:03
yathd2dchat: then xmms is available12:03
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d2dchatyath, can i do that while its updating?12:03
OwnageLinuxguys how do i get the wine to work12:03
ThreeDayMonkScrawny1: I really suggest that you try using Synaptic instead - it's a bit more user friendly12:03
d2dchatyath, in another terminal?12:03
yathd2dchat: apparently not in 5.10 though... heh12:03
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benplautubotu tell OwnageLinux about wine12:03
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d2dchatyath, o:(12:03
ThreeDayMonkOwnageLinux: maybe you need to drink more of it?12:04
fraggstaI can't get exim4 to deliver to Maildirs on an Ubuntu machine.  How do I make it do this?12:04
yathd2dchat: oh wait. it is there, just no multiverse.12:04
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yathd2dchat: you can edit sources.list now, but don't do any apt-getting till the other stuff is dnoe12:04
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kemikTatster:  weird,, try umounting the device. and then remount with "mount -t ext3 -o rw <insert /dev/here> <insert mountpoint>"12:04
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Scrawny1ok how do I use synaptic to d/l this?12:04
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d2dchatyath, So what exactly do i do?12:05
ThreeDayMonkScrawny1: go to the Gnome menu at the top of the screen (by default) -> System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager12:05
kemikScrawny1:  tried "sudo apt-get -f install" ?12:05
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yathd2dchat: find 2 lines there ending with "universe" and erase # from their beginnings12:05
ThreeDayMonkkemik: he said he tried it12:05
kemikok missed it =)12:05
d2dchatis there a way to edit the file from terminal?12:06
yathnano sources.list12:06
d2dchatah yes! i love that editor:)12:06
nickrudfraggsta, you can use procmail to sort mail into maildirs from exim12:06
d2dchatits been awhile since ive used linux12:06
=== yath beats nano with vi
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=== Velox sighs.
=== ThreeDayMonk beats vi with vim
Scrawny1ok I think I got it guys :)12:07
=== kemik beats vim with gvim
VeloxI'm close to giving up on booting Ubuntu :\12:07
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=== benplaut beats gvim with gedit :P
ThreeDayMonkkemik: I still prefer vim - easier to load files12:07
Scrawny1now do I refresh gnome once it's installed or.....?12:07
d2dchatyath, I pasted you the lines12:07
ThreeDayMonkthe menu?12:07
=== benplaut changes mind
kemikThreeDayMonk:  hm? how do you mean ?12:07
fraggstanickrud: I'm just not seeing any way to actually get dpkg to configure anything to actually *use* maildirs12:07
=== benplaut now beats gedit with mousepad
d2dchatyath, there are 4 lines with 'universe'12:07
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vitriolcan i get the ati drivers with apt-get?12:08
OwnageLinuxhow do u open a chat w/ someone in linux x-chat?12:08
nickrudfraggsta, you don't use dpkg; a sec and I'll post my .procmailrc12:08
vitrioli can't find them with apt-cache12:08
ThreeDayMonkkemik: well, I have the console open in my working directory, and just type vim foo bar baz to edit all the files I want12:08
kemikvitriol:  yes, they're called fglrx12:08
ubotumethinks ati is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI12:08
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vitriolkemik: oh ok thats what i was looking for thanks :)12:08
OwnageLinuxhow do u open a chat w/ someone in linux x-chat?12:08
vitrioland thanks _frank12:08
Tatsterkemik: That worked - so next question is what should I put in /etc/fstab to make this mount available after a reboot?12:08
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kemikThreeDayMonk:  same thing applies to gvim :) (and wnat to open additional files? :e filname1 file2  :) )12:09
kemikTatster:  remove the defaults and add "rw"12:09
benplautOwnageLinux, /msg nick12:09
gakI can't get either the live dvd or cd to boot - cd itegrity checks out fine, md5 is fine, drive works fine for other things, any ideas?12:09
ThreeDayMonkkemik: except I have to move to that directory - with vim I'm already there!12:09
LinuxJonesOwnageLinux, right click their name "Open Dialog Window" but be sure to ask if it's ok to do so before hand12:09
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washo_pelaome voy, gringos qls xD12:09
kemikThreeDayMonk:  no, it should start in the working dir where you opeened it12:09
OwnageLinuxwats dcc chat?12:09
Scrawny1threedaymonk sorry :)12:10
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nickrudfraggsta, I've used this with both postfix and exim: http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/141012:10
kemikor maybe that's a feature in my wicked .vimrc file .. hmmh12:10
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Scrawny1once I get it installed do I refresh gnome?12:10
gakerror on the dvd is "An installation step has failed... The failing step is: Load installer components from CD."12:10
LinuxJonesScrawny1, what's wrong ?12:10
ThreeDayMonkkemik: yeah, that's true, of course, but I would have it open already from somewhere else12:10
OwnageLinuxhow long does the synaptic take to isntall things...?12:10
OwnageLinuxi marked it for instalation but it just turned green12:10
ThreeDayMonkkemik: I prefer to just use screen and vim (with the mini-buf explorer) for everything12:11
ThreeDayMonkOwnageLinux: Apply12:11
LinuxJonesOwnageLinux, you click on apply to download and install the software12:11
kemikThreeDayMonk:  we all have different tastes ;)12:11
OwnageLinuxwhere is aplly?12:11
LinuxJonesOwnageLinux, up top like 3 or 4 buttons to the right12:11
ThreeDayMonkOwnageLinux: try #learning-to-read :-)12:11
nickrudfraggsta, for postfix, you need to make a change to a postfix conf file to enable procmail, for exim it simply works12:11
gmoorei'm trying to ftp a file to my server and i keep getting permission denied. what do i need to chmod the directory?12:11
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OwnageLinuxok thanks :)12:12
fraggstanickrud: aren't I going to need to make fetchmail use procmail?12:12
ThreeDayMonkOwnageLinux: of course... if your language is different...12:12
OwnageLinuxits not... it worked12:12
OwnageLinuxthe upload on linux is so damn fast12:12
kemikgmoore:  depends on the current state of the directory... "sudo chmod -R 777 <dir>" will work for most settings.12:12
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OwnageLinuxi like how linux has its own programs12:13
nickrudfraggsta, no, I did nothing other than add that procmailrc for exim. fetchmail hands off to exim, not procmail directly, if my memory serves.12:13
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OwnageLinuxsuch as aim. msn. yahoo. icq all built into one... that owns12:13
SolitaryCriticguess I'll install vector linux12:13
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nickrudI've used that or a variation for a few years now12:14
LinuxJonesOwnageLinux, yeah it beats having to goto a website and find the file to download :)12:14
chrisis there any way to make the mouse wheel work when I do something other than press it directly down?12:14
Xenguygmoore: chmod 777 is 'wide open' -- I wouldn't leave those permissions like that for long12:14
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LinuxJonesSolitaryCritic, what's wrong ?12:14
benplautis there any way to change the chmod of a folder, and all the folders and files in that folder?12:14
Xenguybenplaut: chmod -R12:14
benplautXenguy: thanks12:14
kemikR is for Recursive12:14
ThreeDayMonkbut don't use x with -R!12:14
=== magnus_ [n=magnus@host-81-191-9-150.bluecom.no] has joined #ubuntu
ThreeDayMonkuse X instead12:15
Xenguyor man chmod =)12:15
gmoorewell the directory is owned by root12:15
kemikx / X? hm12:15
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gmoorei want user 'g' to be able to upload to that directory12:15
OwnageLinuxok i installed wine but i have no clue where it was installed to12:15
gmoorehow would i chmod it? i don't want to do 77712:15
yathWhat about editing fstab so it's loaded for that user12:16
kemikgmoore:  what security do you want ?12:16
yathmounted Imean12:16
kemikgmoore:  "man chmod"12:16
fraggstanickrud: well that didn't work..it picked up a mail and put it....somewhere12:16
greg(was gak) so has anyone ever seen a live cd fail to read once it sucessfully boots?12:16
OwnageLinuxis there a way to search ur system like in windows12:16
LinuxJonesOwnageLinux, for files and such ?12:16
kemikOwnageLinux:  "sudo locate -ucl 0" followed by "locate <file>"12:16
nickrudfraggsta, look at ~, and /var/mail/fraggsta12:16
Xenguygmoore: if you are running an FTP server and yer still learning chmod, I would be most careful :-)  One approach might be to create a 'group', then add your user 'g' to that group12:16
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gregand don't forget updatedb ownage12:17
ThreeDayMonkOwnageLinux: I'm afraid that there's no animated dog, though...12:17
gmooreXenguy: what would that accomplish12:17
kemikThreeDayMonk:  thank heaven for that12:17
sublime_hola gente, estoy instalando el vmware y me pide lo siguiente:12:17
sublime_What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running12:17
sublime_kernel? [/usr/src/linux/include] 12:17
ThreeDayMonkkemik: aye12:17
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kemiki hate those damned "agents"12:17
=== haich [n=haich@97.Red-83-53-125.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
ThreeDayMonkI fucking hate that dog :-)12:17
sublime_puse ya varia cosas pero ...12:17
gregI don't think beagle is ready for prime time yet12:17
sublime_estoy con ubuntu ovbio ... que hay otro ...!!! XXXD12:17
Xenguygmoore: this approach assumes there is a 'group' of users you want to have permission to upload12:17
darkgamer20is there a way to install ubuntu from floppies over the 'net?12:17
kabI am with breezy, and I can't get loopback good, then my gnome isn't working :(12:18
=== thezombiehunter [n=thezombi@c-67-170-93-155.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
kemiksublime_:  english please, or use #ubuntu-es12:18
=== fissy [n=david@whitehillnet.plus.com] has joined #ubuntu
thezombiehunterwhats the link for the uniffical guide12:18
kabHow can I up muy lo?12:18
kemikunless that's italian12:18
sublime_ok , i'm sorry12:18
fraggstanickrud: nope, it's empty12:18
Xenguygmoore: but I'm no expert with ftpd's -- I tend to avoid FTP altogether since I've never needed to mess with FTP services12:18
ThreeDayMonkkemik: now you've insulted the Spanish and Italian speakers!12:18
kemikthezombiehunter:  "google -> ubuntu guide" or www.ubuntuguide.[org,com,whatever] 12:18
kemikThreeDayMonk:  yeah.. im smooth ;)12:18
OwnageLinuxanybody no where wine installs?12:19
=== sarah_ [n=sarah@r4w120.chello.upc.cz] has joined #ubuntu
Tatsterkemik: Thanks for your help12:19
=== surfdue [n=surfdue@user-0c6t1g9.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
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darkgamer20is there a way to install ubuntu from floppies over the 'net?12:19
LinuxJonesOwnageLinux, in console type whereis wine12:19
kemikTatster:  np12:19
nophixdon't use that ubuntuguide too much12:19
nophixit's not so up to date12:19
nickrudfraggsta, hm.12:20
gregonce live dvd is booted base linux - how to get from menu to tty? (to see dmseg error?)12:20
VeloxOdd. My problem is that GRUB appears to not be loading at all, however I opened up VMware virtual workstation, tweaked it to be most like my system, loaded it up and GRUB came up fine.12:20
nophixgreg: ctrl+alt+f1 maybe?12:20
VeloxSo I can run my Ubuntu install just fine from VMware, but not actually booting it.12:20
darkgamer20is there a way to install ubuntu from floppies over the 'net?12:21
nickrudfraggsta, then it's probably in exim's queue. You can install eximon4 (eximon executable) to see what's happening12:21
fraggstanickrud: there's no procmail log file either12:21
=== apokryphos [n=dw@host-87-74-2-212.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu
yathdarkgamer20: I think that is highly unlikely12:21
OwnageLinuxhmmm when i type "whereis wine" it gives me the locations... i look there and no wine file is there12:21
nickrudfraggsta, no from in the Maildir?12:21
darkgamer20yath: how  come?12:21
nophixdarkgamer20: you should try the regular debian12:21
gregactually theres a menu choice once you dismiss the big read read error window12:21
darkgamer20oh ok12:21
fraggstanickrud: nope, I can see where the log file *should* be12:21
gregthanks nophix, though12:21
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nophixgreg: :)12:22
alex__is there a sleep possibility in ubuntu ?12:22
fraggstaI run fetchmail and...nothing goes into exim's queue12:22
gregso lots of "drive not ready for command" errors in dmesg and things like "Buffer I/O error"12:23
gmooreanyone experienced with proftpd? i really need some help configuring it, i've been trying for 2 days :(12:24
Seveasalex__, yes, choose hibernate from the logout menu12:24
OwnageLinuxok i found the wine folder... i have no clue what file to open though12:24
fraggstathis leaves me wondering where my mail actually went12:24
alex__thanks !12:24
=== OwnageLinux :
=== OwnageLinux :ok i found the wine folder... i have no clue what file to open though
nophixgmoore: i'm not experienced, but you should describe your problem directly instead, or on the forums maybe12:24
chrisIs there a way to make my mouse wheel scroll down three lines or so like it normally does?12:25
=== codecaine [n=lee@68-171-213-25.sbtnvt.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
nophixOwnageLinux: typed wine in terminal?12:25
=== mpmc [n=mpmc@cpc4-lich4-4-0-cust1.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has left #ubuntu []
gmoorewell, i can't figure out how to give users permissions at all. eg i made a user 'upload' and i want him to be able to upload and resume uploads in a certain directory, but i can't figure out how to set it up.12:25
OwnageLinuxnophix: yes...12:25
OwnageLinuxnophix: i typed whereis wine12:26
ptlohmm...i'm trying to install vmware and it requires linux source headers set up for current kernel version. i have stock (2.6.10) ubuntu kernel, is there a package providing kernel source(s) / patches from which exactly this image was built?12:26
=== OwnageLinux nophix: u mean just type "wine"?
ptloi don't want to recompile the kernel just so i'd have headers/kernel image in sync12:26
nophixOwnageLinux: yes, "wine iexplore.exe" for example12:26
OwnageLinuxi dont have iexplore on it though12:26
nophixOwnageLinux: well. whatever you need to run12:27
LinuxJonesOwnageLinux, >> http://www.winehq.com/site/docs/wine-faq/index12:27
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fraggstanickrud: seems liek procmail isn't getting used at all12:27
nophixgmoore: for starters, you should have the right permissions on directory12:27
nophixgmoore: with chmod12:27
OwnageLinuxlinux: how do i start wine?12:28
gmoorenophix: i understand how to use chmod in general but i don't know what permissions i need to set12:28
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nickrudfraggsta, eximon is useful; I also looked around on the net in case my several year old solution has been superseded12:28
gmooreif i want to give 'upload' write permissions, how do i do that using chmod?12:28
hardw1reanyone got wine running on the x86_64 system?12:28
OwnageLinuxi type "wine" it installed stuff12:28
fissyin ubuntu breezy, i see that the run application item has been removed from the panel, is that a gnome 2.12 change or an ubuntu change?12:28
fraggstanickrud: yes, eximon is showing me that mail never goes into exim's queue12:28
nophixOwnageLinux: wine doesn't have a gui, what do you want to do with it?12:29
Xenguygmoore: which ftpd are you using BTW?  (Whatever it is, I imagine that the documentation would probably cover that kind of question(?)12:29
LinuxJonesfissy, hit alt + F2 and see if it comes up12:29
OwnageLinuxnophix: play a windows game... nophix12:29
gmooreXenguy: proftpd and no it does not it assumes you know how to set up permissions and user accounts12:29
hardw1reget cedega12:29
hardw1reyou want to goto transgaming.com12:29
=== Badtroll [n=doug@153-3.dsl.scc.net] has joined #ubuntu
hardw1reOwnageLinux ^^12:29
nophixOwnageLinux: just type wine setup.exe or something or get cedega instead, better for gaming12:29
LinuxJonesfissy, maybe it got moved  somewhere else12:29
fissyi don't want it somewhere else!12:30
=== thekman [n=loco4pol@c-24-20-3-136.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jtan325is anyone's aim down?12:30
fissyican bring it up by alt-f2, but i nearly always want to do it with my mouse12:30
OwnageLinuxnophix: i typed "wine" it did something like config it..12:30
jtan325i.e. you can't log in to your aim account?12:30
=== Flonne [n=HamsterX@S0106000f663654db.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== reiki [n=chatzill@24-52-225-13.kntnny.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
nickrudfraggsta, send some mail to your local account directly; this'll keep fetchmail out of the loop. Something should show something in the queue if the mail is stopping at procmail12:31
nophixOwnageLinux: you're not listening12:31
=== OwnageLinux nophix:??
thekmani always see linux screenshots with a toolbar type app on the desktop that shows things like disk usage, volume, network settings etc etc... does anyone know what any type of program like this is called12:31
hardw1reOwnageLinux: goto transgaming.com and get cedega, thats best for windows games12:31
KiraWhen I use ndiswrapper to install a WiFi driver, does ndiswrapper automatically copy the inf file to a new location?12:31
nophixthekman: gkrellm12:31
=== titaniululz [n=garrett@blk-222-179-143.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
OwnageLinuxok hard but i think cedega isnt free12:31
hardw1reno it isnt12:31
hardw1rebut the cvs is12:31
=== ilovetoastmaker [n=ilovetoa@adsl-63-204-105-140.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
OwnageLinuxhard.: wats cvs?12:32
hardw1rebut 40 for a years sub aint bad tbh12:32
OwnageLinuxhard: cvs the pharmacy? lol12:32
benplautcvs is the source code12:32
=== alxarch [n=alex@ipa254.16.tellas.gr] has joined #ubuntu
OwnageLinuxso what can i do w/ the cvs?12:32
hardw1recompile cedega your self12:32
OwnageLinuxbut i dont know how to do that12:32
benplautbut it's not full featured...12:33
ilovetoastmakercan someone help me connect to the internet in the hoary hedgehog release?12:33
hardw1reare you using a router, ppp or cable?12:33
OwnageLinuxilovetoastmaker: your on the internet??12:33
ilovetoastmakerim using...windows12:33
ilovetoastmakerusb 2wire pc port12:33
hardw1reusb adsl modem?12:33
alxarchhi i need some help with my sound configuration(already followed HOWTO in ubuntu starter guide)12:34
fraggstanickrud: looks like debconf has sprinkled "DEBCONF" all over exim.conf, stopping it from working :S12:34
d2dchatim getting ubuntu configuration12:34
d2dchatits asking me for postfix configuration12:34
=== concept10 [n=concept1@c-67-166-167-125.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
hardw1rei cant really help you there, i have an adsl router/modem that my machine plugs into and gets all the info off of dhcp12:34
=== concept10_ [n=concept1@c-67-166-167-125.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
d2dchatwhat type of 'General Type configuration' should i have?12:34
nickrudfraggsta, try reconfiguring, purely as a local mail delivery then, for testing12:34
d2dchat'No configuration'12:34
d2dchat'internet site'12:34
ilovetoastmakerpppoeconf doesnt work either12:34
d2dchat'internet site with smarthost'12:34
Flonned2dchat, if you don't know, go with no configuration and local everything.12:35
fraggstanickrud: dpkg-reconfigure'ing it doesn't do anything12:35
ilovetoastmakeran anyone help me here, or should i go somewhere else?12:35
=== tcwd [n=Edward@MTL-HSE-ppp192649.qc.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
nickrudfraggsta, then, that's debconf, and over my head. Although, last I used exim4, it worked :)12:36
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alxarchI need some help with my sound configuration(already followed HOWTO in ubuntu starter guide). PLZ12:36
fraggstanickrud: then I don't see how I can reconfigure it12:36
=== fissy [n=david@whitehillnet.plus.com] has joined #ubuntu
nickrudfraggsta, a ha! sudo dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config12:37
OwnageLinuxhowcome music player wont play my mp3's?12:37
hardw1reok, anyone here know how to disable sound devices in the asound or reconfigure asound/alsa to use a specific device? already mentioned it earlier but my logitech quickcam has a mic in it, which when plugged in alsa recognises it as a sound device and sets it as default, instead of my actual sound card... any help will be greatfull :)12:37
LinuxJonesOwnageLinux, you need to install mp3 playback codecs12:37
=== dom_ [n=dom@ABayonne-152-1-56-79.w83-193.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
ilovetoastmakercan someone help me connect to the internet in the hoary hedgehog release? I'm using a usb pc port by 2wire. pppoeconf doen't do anything12:38
nophixOwnageLinux: wiki.ubuntu.com is your best friend12:38
crimsunhardw1re: in a Terminal, echo "options snd-usb-audio index=-2" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base12:38
hardw1reoh and wat does the K8 mean in the AMD 64 kernel images?12:38
OwnageLinuxjones where do i get the codecs?12:38
hardw1rethnx crimsun12:39
hardw1rei'll give that a try12:39
Flonnehardw1re, it's optimized for Athlon64 and related chips.12:39
hardw1re(Kernel):[Linux 2.6.10-5-amd64-generic x86_64] 12:39
=== LED_scorched [n=me@] has joined #ubuntu
hardw1rethe K8 is the code name for the Athlon 64's?12:39
hardw1rejust like k6-2, and k7 etc.12:40
FlonneLike those, but not exactly a code name.12:40
ubotuI guess restrictedformats is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats or 'codecs'12:40
Juhazhardw1re, yes12:40
LinuxJonesOwnageLinux, see that webpage ^^12:40
fraggstanickrud: success!12:40
hardw1reah ok, i thought it was relating to the K8T800 chipset12:40
OwnageLinuxjones:the wiki thing?12:40
hardw1reand im using an nForce 3 board12:41
OwnageLinuxhow do u type in red is it /action or /me or sumthin12:41
=== OwnageLinux red?
nickrudfraggsta, I'm using postfix currently, I'm very lucky I remembered that.12:41
LinuxJonesOwnageLinux, yes ubotu is a bot that helps with general information and links12:41
fraggstanickrud: well a bunch of test emails just turned up12:41
=== damok_ [n=damok@d80-170-26-212.cust.tele2.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== Mot1 [n=jesusc@pool-141-150-88-113.nwrk.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
fraggstanickrud: ok, thanks for the help...I need a cigarette (dont smoke, kids!)12:41
OwnageLinuxLinux, ?12:42
nickrudfraggsta, I'll join you :)12:42
=== first is now known as Squall
=== benplaut slaps fraggsta and nickrud
pfpOwnageLinux: usually your irc clients colours the lines that have your nick in them12:42
=== Squall [n=first@] has left #ubuntu []
hardw1recrimsun: not familiar with many of the CLI's yet, but tee, does that right the output of the echo into the alsa-base?12:42
bender_im bord12:42
OwnageLinuxpfp: kewl12:42
crimsunhardw1re: yes12:42
hardw1recool :)12:42
alxarch0wnage there is an entry in ubuntu starter guide on dloading codecs http://www.ubuntuguide.org/#codecs12:43
LinuxJonesOwnageLinux, it's a script that you can call and it will output links to common questions like yours that have been programmed into it by users.12:43
hardw1reanyone tried the 2.6.12 amd64 kernels yet?12:43
OwnageLinuxhard where do i get cedeca or wateva u said12:43
codecaineanyone in here know how to determine the actual port number returned from a passive reply from an ftp server?12:43
alxarchI need some help with my sound configuration(already followed HOWTO in ubuntu starter guide). PLZ12:43
codecainelast two numbers are used to determine port...12:43
bender_where you located?12:43
codecaine227 Entering Passive Mode (69,24,8,40,19,190)12:44
pfpOwnageLinux: indeed, and very handy too on a busy channel like this12:44
gregso the computer will boot from a suse dvd but not a knoppix cd or a ubuntu cd - anyone seen this?12:44
OwnageLinuxpfp: what was indeed a response to?12:44
LED_scorchedi'm not sure how i did it, but in GIMP i lost my layer panel, and cant get it back.  any ideas?12:44
hardw1reok crimsun gonna give that a shot and see if my soundcard still works, gotta reboot tho cause linux doesnt like when i plug my webcam in while its running :P12:45
pfpOwnageLinux: 01:43 < OwnageLinux> pfp: kewl -- which i guess was your response to me telling you about the colour thing :)12:45
OwnageLinuxpfp: yup :)12:45
=== dennis_ [n=dennis@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
=== loupous [n=damok@d213-103-4-153.cust.tele2.fr] has joined #ubuntu
OwnageLinuxanyone know how to open things with wine where do i put the files so it opens them12:46
blkdoes somebody know about the state of keyboard-layouts in breezy? i can't seem to get de_CH working - it is set in gconf aswell as in xorg.conf, when switching from the keyboard-pref.-gui i get an "error activating XKB conf."12:46
benplautOwnageLinux, it should creat virtual drives that give ou al your regular files12:46
OwnageLinuxbenplaut, i think it did...12:46
KiraI get an error message with pon12:47
OwnageLinuxbenplaut, but if i want to play a game on it how will i open it12:47
alxarchI need some help with my sound configuration(already followed HOWTO in ubuntu starter guide). PLZ someone PLZ12:47
pfpOwnageLinux: "wine /path/to/setup.exe"  <- that usually installs the prog. in your "fake C drive" or whatever12:47
OwnageLinuxso i just type "wine /path/to/setup.exe and it will install it?12:47
Kira/usr/sbin/pppd: In file /etc/ppp/peers/dsl-provider: unrecognized option 'wlan0'12:48
pfpshould, with luck :)12:48
=== ramanan [n=ramanan@208-186-183-210.customer.csolutions.net] has joined #ubuntu
ilovetoastmakercan someone help me connect to the internet in the hoary hedgehog release? I'm using a usb pc port by 2wire. pppoeconf doen't do anything12:48
pfpthough gamers seem to prefer cedega over wine12:48
OwnageLinuxpfp: i typed wine /path/to/setup.exe and it just said it couldnt find it12:49
LinuxJonesilovetoastmaker, do you know if your network card has been setup correctly ?12:49
=== TheGnome [n=ray@c-24-128-148-122.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
pfpOwnageLinux: krrhm, you should replace /path/to/..etc with whereever your windows program's installer files are12:49
TheGnomewhere can i get cool desktop wallpaper?12:50
OwnageLinuxpfp: oh lol12:50
LinuxJonesTheGnome, art.gnome.org12:50
=== kafeine [n=kori@] has joined #ubuntu
benplautTheGnome, gnome-look.org12:51
cafuegoKira: I'd expect pppoe to not run particularly well via wireless12:52
OwnageLinuxhow do i compile a cvs? is it hard12:52
ilovetoastmakerlinuxjones:it works on windoze12:52
cafuegoOwnageLinux: /msg ubotu compiling12:52
=== Blissex [n=Blissex@82-69-39-138.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #Ubuntu
=== terrex [n=terrex@84-122-73-155.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
pfpseems ubotu won't listen to unregistered users12:53
OwnageLinuxubotu doesnt answer12:53
ubotuOwnageLinux: No idea12:53
Kiracafuego you don't say...12:53
pfp!tell OwnageLinux about compiling12:53
nophix!tell OwnageLinux about compiling12:54
cafuegoKira: rerun pppoeconf12:54
=== hardw1re [n=hardw1re@host217-43-219-131.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesilovetoastmaker, ok type sudo network-admin and see if your card is listed, if so click the card and hit properties to configure.12:54
OwnageLinuxhow do u make him type stuff to me?12:54
pfpwow, that's not an encouraging advice :)12:54
cafuegoOwnageLinux: /msg nickserv register12:54
nophixOwnageLinux: don't use the bot, use wiki.ubuntu.com12:54
cafuegoOwnageLinux: ubotu only talks to registered nicks12:54
Kiracafuego: and then?12:55
OwnageLinux"ubotu Compiling software when you have no idea what you're doing is _not_ a good idea. You will probably end up breaking your system and you can safely assume nobody here will want to help you after that. If there is a precompiled version, just use THAT instead. Really"12:55
cafuegoKira: tell it about the network interface you want it to use (ethX)12:56
hardw1rehey crimsun thanks mate, that worked a treat :D now i can work on getting my webcam running.... (lol)12:56
OwnageLinux!tell pfp about penis12:56
OwnageLinuxubotu i dunno what is 'penis'12:56
ubotuOwnageLinux: I think you lost me on that one12:56
pfpat least ubotu has some manners ;)12:57
OwnageLinuxbut he doesnt know what a penis is12:57
cafuegopfp: Not encouraging, but essentially correct.12:57
nophixubotu is hetero12:57
ubotunophix: I give up, what is it?12:57
nophixi guess not?12:57
=== freedomjazzdance [n=freedomj@adsl-68-252-248-234.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
pfpcafuego: probably true, yes :/12:57
=== surfdue [n=surfdue@user-0c6t1g9.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== wirwzd [n=wirwzd@c-24-63-233-117.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
freedomjazzdancewhy would my cd get stuck in the drive? its an audio cd12:58
OwnageLinuxafter i tried to install sumthin w/ wine it just stopped the text12:58
pfp... but they have to learn somehow -)12:58
cafuegopfp: source deb is a good start12:58
freedomjazzdanceand cdplayer auto loaded but now wont eject12:58
=== nekohayo [n=nekohayo@ip216-239-83-43.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
cafuegopfp: Then again, windows users don't need to know how to compile CVS office...12:58
nophixfreedomjazzdance: is there a short cut on the desktop?12:58
freedomjazzdanceyeah and when i right click and do a eject... no go error message12:59
=== Grat [n=first@] has joined #ubuntu
freedomjazzdanceand i tried umounting it manually12:59
=== goodwill [n=goodwill@netblock-66-245-193-93.dslextreme.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ubercompuser [n=ubercomp@adsl-218-9-15.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
nophixyes and then?12:59
freedomjazzdanceno go12:59
nophixumount -f12:59
freedomjazzdancesays its not mounted according to mtab01:00
=== surfdue_ [n=surfdue@user-0c6t1g9.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
OwnageLinuxne1 have a pre-compiled cedeca?01:00
=== tahooie [n=tahooie@] has joined #ubuntu
alxarchI need some help with my sound configuration01:00
nophixfreedomjazzdance: you should not have any programs using the cd or being in the same directory01:00
Kiracafuego: but I don't want to use ethx01:00
OwnageLinuxr u guys all on x-chat?01:01
nophixi am, at least01:01
alxarchi am too01:01
=== eric_ [n=eric@ip68-109-3-36.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
freedomjazzdancenophix, im not...01:01
FlonneI'm using my own client.01:01
Grati rather use irssi (or mirc if possible :>)01:01
=== surfdue_ [n=surfdue@user-0c6t1g9.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
VeloxI'm on mIRC right now as I'm working on my Ubuntu install through VMware01:01
freedomjazzdancenophix, still is saying its not mounted01:01
alxarchi want some help01:01
OwnageLinuxne1 have a compiled cedeca?01:01
=== robotgeek [i=venkat@digital.celebris.net] has joined #ubuntu
nophixfreedomjazzdance: you tried umount -f?01:01
=== jtan325 [n=jtan325@D-128-208-151-97.dhcp4.washington.edu] has joined #ubuntu
FlonneWith what, alxarch?01:02
eric_I installed the rt2500 wireless module and I'm trying to get it to autoload at boot time, does anyone know how to do this?01:02
freedomjazzdancenophix, Yes i did01:02
robotgeekeric_: finally , someone with a ralink card01:02
Dr_Melectausis there a GUI for john the ripper?01:02
nophixfreedomjazzdance: what does it say?01:02
Flonnealxarch, what type of card do you have?01:02
Dr_Melectausanyone know if there is a GUI for John The Ripper01:02
eric_robotgeek, indeed, have a question?01:02
cafuegoKira: What port is the dsl modem plugged in to?01:02
Dr_Melectaussorry repeated01:02
freedomjazzdancenophix, says its not mounted01:02
robotgeekeric_: i had to struggle a lot to get it working, now it works great!01:03
gmoorei can't get my proftpd server to follow what i've set up in proftpd.conf, it's only listening to the filesystem permissions. eg i made a group called ftp-upload and a user called upload, with home dir /ftp/upload. documentroot ~ is on so they're locked in there. no matter how i set up <LIMIT>, it only listens to what the directory is chmodded as.01:03
OwnageLinuxhard whats the site again transgaming.com ?01:03
nophixfreedomjazzdance: well, is it mounted?01:03
pfpcafuego: yes, normal people shouldn't have to know about compilers, umounts or anything... maybe some day they won't01:03
Kiracafuego: It's plugged to my wireless access point right now.01:03
eric_robotgeek, cool, mine is working like a charm as well :)01:03
freedomjazzdancenophix,  nothing appears in the usuall mount dir01:03
alxarchi have a soundblaster 24 on my desktop and an intel onboard on my laptop01:03
=== emihatov [n=emihatov@] has joined #ubuntu
alxarchnone of them works01:04
=== emihatov is now known as Bags
robotgeekeric_: i just have a script to up it, turned off network connections on bootup01:04
BagsHello room.01:04
nophixfreedomjazzdance: appears? what does "df" say?01:04
eric_robotgeek, okay, i'm still rather new to ubuntu/debian, how does one edit the services started on boot?01:05
robotgeekeric_: the newer ones from cvs have gotten better and better ..just feels great!01:05
BagsIn KDE, how does one go about changing CDROM devices?01:05
BagsI've removed the original mechanism and replaced it with another and now I have no CDROM functionality...01:05
freedomjazzdanceno cds01:05
cafuegoKira: So why would you need to run pppoe *at all* then?01:05
=== thekman [n=loco4pol@c-24-20-3-136.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
freedomjazzdancenophix, just the usual01:05
robotgeekeric_: okay...many ways to do this, you want to connect your wireless on startup right?01:06
eric_robotgeek, yea, exactly01:06
=== OwnageLinux says does anyone have a precompiled cedega?
robotgeekeric_: services are started/stopped from /etc/init.d, but this is not your problem!01:06
=== SmasSive [n=SmasSito@] has joined #ubuntu
freedomjazzdancehow do you do that grep search?01:06
nophixfreedomjazzdance: i'm out of questions right now :)01:06
cafuegoOwnageLinux: That's payware.01:06
SeveasBags, if no one knows -> try #kubuntu01:07
OwnageLinuxcafuego: Cvs in free... i don't know how to compile it01:07
LinuxJonesOwnageLinux, you should use Linux for a while before you try to get it to run Windows applications :)01:07
freedomjazzdancenophix, how would i search to see if there is an instance of cdplayer running?01:07
OwnageLinuxLinuxJones, why? lol01:07
nophixOwnageLinux: use your warez locations?01:07
BagsSeveas: Thanks.01:07
robotgeekeric_: have u seen the howto on the wiki?01:07
jtan325OwnageLinux, which windows program are you trying to run?01:07
ilovetoastmaker# Appears as ANNA01:07
=== WhyvasMCT [i=WhyvasMc@CPE0011956b6d05-CM0012c90f3c92.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
freedomjazzdancenophix, ps | grep or something01:07
=== velox_ [n=velox@wsu195-111.ctelco.net] has joined #ubuntu
OwnageLinuxjtan325: infantry.01:07
nophixfreedomjazzdance: there is a command (not ps), i just can't remember it now :/01:07
WhyvasMCTanyone know how to hookup a dwl-g122 usb adapter in 6.04 ???01:07
jtan325oh it's a game?01:07
OwnageLinuxit owns01:08
pfpgmoore: are you trying to restrict your users with <Limit>, or give them more rights than the filesystem allows?01:08
LinuxJonesOwnageLinux, because you will just frustrate yourself, Linux has lots of programs that do the same things as windows programs but they have different names.01:08
=== ilovetoastmaker [n=ilovetoa@adsl-63-204-105-140.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has left #ubuntu []
jtan325LinuxJones, but one of the few weaknesses is support for games01:08
OwnageLinuxJones: i'm trying to play a game that only runs on windows01:08
freedomjazzdancenophix, dang... okay!01:08
WhyvasMCTthen install windows01:08
=== thechitowncubs [n=thechito@c-67-175-52-127.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
robotgeekeric_: this link > https://wiki.ubuntu.com//Rt2500WirelessCardsHowTo/01:09
TheGnomeOwnageLinux, then use windows01:09
LinuxJonesjtan325, true but dual booting is a better answer than emulation :)01:09
OwnageLinuxTheGnome: Windows sucks though.01:09
=== iceaxe18 [n=iceaxe18@c-67-183-188-32.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #Ubuntu
=== jedix [n=jedix@CPE0050da1eee90-CM000a73a144c0.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
thechitowncubsHow can i check the status of an ntfs drive?01:09
jedixcan someone help me get the nvidia kernel module working?01:09
TheGnomethere are cool games for linux..........like     Enemy-Territory ....America's Army.......Cube.....Supertux....uhh Neverball01:10
LinuxJonesjedix, did you follow the wiki page ?01:10
=== zerboxx [n=zerboxx@d57-203-244.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
jtan325LinuxJones, I agree01:10
GratTuxracing :P01:10
daggie Linux 99% of the time. the ONLY thing I use 'doze for is gaming.01:10
LinuxJonesjtan325, :)01:10
nophixwhat is the command to use too see what processes are using what devices?01:10
jedixLinuxJones: I followed _a_ wiki01:10
funkyHatOwnageLinux, do you have cedega?01:10
jedixLinuxJones: http://digital-conquest.ath.cx/wiki/index.php/Ubuntu01:10
eric_robotgeek, thanks :)01:10
jedixLinuxJones: what wiki are you talking about?01:10
ubotumethinks nvidia is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia, or quick optimizations https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OptimizingNvidia?highlight=%28nvidia%2901:10
=== factotum [n=mike@71-10-76-202.dhcp.dlth.mn.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
TheGnomeOwnageLinux, what game are you trying to play?01:10
BagsSeveas: I asked, but noone is talking in there...01:10
=== asparagus [n=asparagu@] has joined #ubuntu
TheGnomeBags, whats the question?01:11
factotumanyone know how I would go about doing a color calibration of my monitor??01:11
OwnageLinuxTheGnome: Infantry - kickme.to/infinity-zone  or stationpass.com01:11
robotgeekeric_: so, wep etc etc working fine?01:11
pfpnophix: "lsof" (lists open files, but devices are files too, mostly)01:11
eric_robotgeek, don't have wep setup at the moment, so I don't know, but its working perfectly unenc.01:11
OwnageLinuxfunkyhat: i dont wanna pay for it :\01:11
funkyHatOwnageLinux, get the CVS version of cedega, it's free and legal01:11
=== Fanskap [n=din@81-233-197-124-no88.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
nophixpfp: yes i know, thanks :)01:11
Kiracafuego: because the Wi-Fi access point does not take care of logging in.01:11
TheGnomeOwnageLinux, you dont have to pay.........you just need to know where to look01:12
=== flodine [n=flodine@c-24-4-174-71.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
nophixfreedomjazzdance: try lsof01:12
funkyHati can't help you install it though, i have the paid-for version01:12
BagsTheGnome: I've had to remove the original CDROM drive from a PPC UBUNTU system, and have installed another drive in there, but the system won't mount any CDs now that it's in there...01:12
OwnageLinuxfunky: i have no clue how to install a cvs though01:12
LinuxJonesjedix, there you go01:12
BagsTheGnome: Very very green noob here...01:12
TheGnomeBags, umm..........reinstall01:12
funkyHatOwnageLinux, someone will be able to help you. you could try the #cedega channel01:12
BagsYou're joking, right?01:13
OwnageLinuxfunkyHat: can u compile it for me?01:13
BagsTheGnome: You're joking, right?01:13
TheGnomeOwnageLinux, if you have limewire or gtk-gnutella you can get the .deb version01:13
funkyHatOwnageLinux, i can help you compile it, compiling under linux is incredibly easy01:13
factotumBags, you might need to alter your kernel to include something, or maybe a module, but thats a whole other ball of wax01:13
Kiracafuego: in other words, the Wi-Fi access point does not provide NAT/DHCP functions right now. It's the dsl modem that's serving DHCP.01:13
OwnageLinuxok funkyhat: tell meh :)01:13
TheGnomeBags, yes......but it would work......does it see the drive at all?01:13
zerboxxWhat is a nice torrent program.  I like azureus other than it's memory leak (which I am watching grow as we speak)?01:13
robotgeekeric_: holler if you need help with wep!01:14
=== csenger [n=cs@dsl-084-058-137-158.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
funkyHatok, first, get the source, and use synaptic to install the package called build-essential01:14
nophixzerboxx: bittornado, torrentflux.com01:14
GratOwnageLinux: heres a quick hint: wget http://...../cedega*.deb && : sudo dpkg -i cedega*.deb01:14
=== t4k3r0n [n=t4k3r0n@] has joined #ubuntu
funkyHatOwnageLinux, ^01:14
=== t4k3r0n [n=t4k3r0n@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
BagsTheGnome: How can I tell if it sees it or not? It doesn't mount any CDROM disks...01:14
TheGnomeBags, are you using gnome01:14
robotgeektoo bad ctorrent doesn't work well with most trackers :(01:15
OwnageLinuxGrat: ??01:15
benplautanyone here gotten Crossover Office working in breezy?01:15
BagsTheGnome: No, but I can...01:15
jedixLinuxJones: I don't have the NVdriver01:15
freedomjazzdancenophix, thank you sir, i was able to figure it out with that command01:15
GratOwnageLinux thats a way to install cedega? ;>01:15
factotumugh, fluxbox or enlightenment, i cant decide...gr01:15
OwnageLinuxbut its not a site01:15
robotgeekfactotum: openbox with gnome :)01:15
TheGnomeBags, type        lsmod | grep cdrom01:15
=== La_PaRCa [n=parca@cable200-116-215-9.epm.net.co] has joined #ubuntu
OwnageLinuxGrat:http://...../cedega*.deb there is no site01:15
zerboxxnophix: Have you used torrentflux.com?01:15
freedomjazzdancenophix,  nautulus was usingit, i did >>lsof /dev/hdd01:15
LinuxJonesjedix, go here and follow the directions >> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia01:15
=== darksatanic [n=hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
GratOwnageLinux: maybe google will help you find it? :>01:16
nophixfreedomjazzdance: oh good, thank pfp for that :)01:16
factotumfluxbox it is01:16
eric_robotgeek, okay, thanks01:16
freedomjazzdancenophix, then i had to kill -901:16
jedixLinuxJones: I have01:16
jtan325factotum, good choice01:16
gmoorei can't get my proftpd server to follow what i've set up in proftpd.conf, it's only listening to the filesystem permissions. eg i made a group called ftp-upload and a user called upload, with home dir /ftp/upload. documentroot ~ is on so they're locked in there. no matter how i set up <LIMIT>, it only listens to what the directory is chmodded as. anyone familiar with this?01:16
nophixzerboxx: nah, never tried it01:16
jtan325i've never used enlightenment my self01:16
TheGnomefactotum, they both suck01:16
jtan325but fluxbox was fine01:16
LinuxJonesjedix, ok type sudo modprobe nvidia01:16
jtan325TheGnome, what do you use01:16
factotumits just habit from running slackware01:17
zerboxxnophix: Seems interesting, looks indepth which I like, but I'm not sure how it actually works01:17
nophixfreedomjazzdance: good :)01:17
freedomjazzdancepfp, thanks pfp!01:17
TheGnomejtan325, what do you think?01:17
jtan325fvwm? that's what i use now01:17
jedixLinuxJones: it says the module isn't there01:17
jtan325by far the best so far01:17
=== Fanskap [n=din@81-233-197-124-no88.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
robotgeekzerboxx: thanks for torrentflux, looks good01:17
jtan325or openbox, i tried that too, it was alright01:17
LinuxJonesjedix, you didn't install it01:17
factotumTheGnome: Everything sucks01:17
TheGnomejudging by my name i would say that i am a gnome user ..... lol01:17
nophixzerboxx: it's php, you need a webserver, apache+php+mysql and bittornado01:17
pfpfreedomjazzdance, nophix, you're welcome :D01:17
TheGnomefactotum, have you tried xfce01:17
factotumYes I have01:18
=== surfdue [n=surfdue@user-0c6t1g9.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
zerboxxrobotgeek: You're looking for a good torrent proggy too?01:18
jedixLinuxJones: well, apt-get install nvidia-glx says otherwise01:18
nophixpfp: :)01:18
=== parabolize [n=paraboli@68-69-136-167.clspco.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
TheGnomeBags, did you try01:18
TheGnomeBags, ?01:18
LinuxJonesjedix, did you do an upgrade today for the new kernel ?01:18
=== surfdue [n=surfdue@unaffiliated/surfdue] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
BagsTheGnome: I get CDROM 51004 2 sr_mod,ide_cd01:18
robotgeekzerboxx: i am using the official client, works well on my slow ppc box01:18
jedixLinuxJones: no01:18
=== GreaseMonkey [n=Linux@cpe-24-59-34-66.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
jtan325TheGnome, don't tell me you use metacity01:18
LinuxJonesjedix, apt-get udpate && apt-get upgrade01:19
LinuxJoneserr update01:19
TheGnomejtan325, i sure do..............whats wrong with it?01:19
zerboxxrobotgeek: I was using it, then I switched to Azureus but it has a horrible memory leak (I've gone from using 208 before running it to 274 when it started, to 346 now)01:19
=== herrpoon [n=herrpoon@81-179-79-53.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== TheGnome needs a beer
robotgeekzerboxx: azureus starts, and then crashes...on ppc, java sucks!01:19
jedixLinuxJones: I built my own kernel..01:19
=== newman [n=root@c-24-20-3-136.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
zerboxxrobotgeek: hehe tuchez01:20
LinuxJonesjedix, oh god why ?01:20
=== nophix gives a TheGnome whiskey
OwnageLinuxhow do i identify myself to the robot... i alrdy registered01:20
jedixLinuxJones: because I don't run distro kernels01:20
LinuxJonesjedix, now you have to compile your nvidia kernel from scratch01:20
benplautOwnageLinux, /msg NickServ HELP01:20
herrpoonhi anyone01:20
TheGnomenophix, oooooooo thanks01:20
BagsTheGnome: Is that good?01:20
factotumbuilt your own kernel, jeez thought i was the only one for a minute there01:20
jtan325TheGnome, how can you even diss fluxbox or any other window manager then?01:20
herrpooncan offer some helpl?01:20
jedixLinuxJones: you mean my nvidia module?01:20
LinuxJonesjedix, that's such a 2001 mentality :)01:20
nophixTheGnome: np! :)01:20
LinuxJonesjedix, yes01:21
=== dk156 [n=dk156@pool-71-100-210-236.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
TheGnomeBags, in the term type eject......see if it opens the drive01:21
LinuxJonesjedix, sticking to the ubuntu kernel is strongly recommended01:21
=== liable [n=linux@] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesjedix, for this and many more reasons01:21
jedixLinuxJones: I'm fine with that.. how do I get the source/bin crap?01:21
TheGnomeim on the 686-smp kernel01:21
LinuxJonesjedix, man it takes too long to go through all of that01:21
jedixLinuxJones: is there no wiki on it?01:22
BagsTheGnome: eject: unable to open 'dev/hdb'01:22
pfpzerboxx: i _think_ clearing ~/.Azureus helps with the ram usage a little... altough ~400M mem usage is not uncommon for azureus :(01:22
LinuxJonesjedix, you need with a stock ubuntu kernel you have 2 commands to issue with a custom kernel you need like 10 time consuming steps :(01:22
LinuxJonesjedix, no01:22
OwnageLinuxis there a way to make a dual boot with windows and linux? (not windows xp)01:22
jedixLinuxJones: or even a place I can just get the tgz?  I'm really thinking I should just grab the driver from nvidia.com01:23
zerboxxpfp: I'm just going to use something else :)01:23
TheGnomeBags, yeah its not installed.......did you just put it in and hope it would work01:23
zerboxxpfp: thanks though!01:23
LinuxJonesjedix, just remove the nvidia-glx package and boot into a stock kernel01:23
=== dubnium [n=dubnium@d149-67-185-169.col.wideopenwest.com] has joined #ubuntu
BagsTheGnome: Um, well... ah... yeah...01:23
LinuxJonesjedix, there was a new kernel release today01:23
=== coconut [n=alex@185.Red-80-39-249.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ubuntuuser [n=chatzill@81-179-79-53.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
TheGnomeBags, well in thoery it should......but  hmmmm01:23
TheGnomeBags, are you using kde01:24
herrpoonhi, ive just installed ubuntu on an old compter of mine and would like to view it in a window on my other compter, is this possible?01:24
BagsTheGnome: Yes.01:24
=== black13 [n=black13@m815f36d0.tmodns.net] has joined #ubuntu
nophixherrpoon: yes it's possible, with vnc software01:24
TheGnomeBags, go into control center and into perephrials01:24
BagsTheGnome: I can switch back to GNOME if it helps...01:24
dubniumhello, I am having trouble install apps, the error reads: configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH.. i installed the latest gcc package and still have an issue01:24
herrpoonah ok01:24
TheGnomeBags, see if you can set up your drive trough there01:24
BagsTheGnome: Ok.01:25
nophixherrpoon: i use tightvnc :)01:25
BagsTheGnome: I'll try it there.01:25
funkyHatanyone know a good GUI-based sound recording app similar to audacity, but with alsa support?01:25
=== TheGnome remembers getting flamed by someone who argued kubuntu didnt use kde
pfpherrpoon: system - preferences - remote desktop -> allow other to....01:25
=== pcharky [n=khagen@ip503c6061.speed.planet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== ScislaC [n=scislac@ip70-190-208-208.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
black13has anyone ever had the error "UDF-fs: no partition found (1) Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknonw-block(1,0)"01:26
LinuxJonesblack13, did you compile your own kernel ?01:26
=== helloyo [n=alex@c220-239-14-166.belrs4.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
concept10_funkyHat, ardour01:27
black13LinuxJones yes01:27
zerboxxDoes anyone here use mrtg?01:27
LinuxJonesblack13, man do you HAVE to compile your own kernel ?01:27
jedixLinuxJones: I couldn't help but notic this new kernel is much older than the one I am running01:27
=== OwnageLinux Anybody know if there is a way to dualboot a ubuntu with windows me or windows 2000
helloyoi'm trying to install breezy badger off the cd, but i think there is a driver problem which locks it up, says that it can't use 8139cp and that i should use 8139too instead, but how?01:27
black13LinuxJones not if there is a better way01:27
binacan anyone sugest a good vector graphics animator for linux (pref open source)?01:27
=== OwnageLinux Anybody know if there is a way to dualboot a ubuntu with windows me or windows 2000
=== max [n=max@dsl-084-056-176-018.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuI heard dualboot is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WindowsDualBootHowTo01:28
LinuxJonesjedix, newer mean little if everything works with a stock kernel01:28
black13LinuxJones i can be hard-headed up to apoint but finally i will listen to reason01:28
funkyHatOwnageLinux, yes01:28
=== ElBarono [i=adam@debian/developer/adam] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesblack13, you are on a path that is frought with danger :)01:28
maxsomehow my update button disappeard from my task bar, how can i restore it?01:28
funkyHatOwnageLinux, see what ubotu said ^01:28
jedixthis is retarded.01:28
jedixcan it not just get the package and build the module for me01:28
kemikmax:  if there's no updates it disappears01:28
jedixsweet christ.01:28
=== ksyms [n=ksyms@] has joined #ubuntu
helloyocould somebody give me a hand installing breezy off the latest cd?01:29
LinuxJonesjedix, are you missing any functionality with a stock kernel ?01:29
maxkemik: thanks01:29
TheGnomeok perfect theme........clearlooks with human window boarder and nouveXT icons01:29
jedixLinuxJones: none01:29
=== Motty1 [n=jesusc@pool-141-150-88-113.nwrk.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
kemikmax:  i guess you updated recently?  =)01:29
Motty1 Hi, I have a problem, when I get to the Installer Splash Screen, but when I press enter, I just get a black screen and bunch of lines about my hardware, could someone please help me get this01:29
jedixLinuxJones: except nvidia's crap01:29
maxkemik: yes01:29
TheGnomeso then why the hell compile your own?01:29
=== ilba7r [n=ilba7r@d141-64-4.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuWish i knew, ompaul01:29
black13LinuxJones what were your thoughts?01:29
TheGnomeMotty1, do you have weird hardware?01:30
jedixto remove modules and such01:30
ilba7rwhat is the command line to logout from x session such as gnome, kde01:30
kemikhelloyo:  change hoary to breezy, "apt-get dist-upgrade"01:30
kemikhelloyo:  not that it is recommended, especially not if you need help already01:30
LinuxJonesjedix, the whole point of Ubuntu is so that folks don't have to compile anything, It just works :)01:30
helloyokemik: ok, if you think thats the best way01:30
TheGnomeilba7r, ctrl alt backspace01:30
=== max is now known as __boomer
Motty1no i have normal hardware01:30
=== pinpoint [n=pinpoint@pool-70-104-154-153.lsanca.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Motty1normal dell hardware01:30
TheGnomejedix, sounds like you need to be using gentoo   : )01:31
jedixLinuxJones: I just installed it because mythtv packages existed.01:31
ilba7rThegnome does not always restart and i have to reboot01:31
sambagirl how do you shutdown ubutu?01:31
ilba7rthats why i asked for the command line01:31
helloyokemik, what do you mean? its not recommended to dist-upgrade? i think the installer is just using a wrong driver, but i dont know how to change it01:31
ilba7rshutdown o -h01:31
jedixTheGnome: I didn't say I wanted to compile everything myself, just the kernel01:31
LinuxJonesblack13, if a stock Ubuntu kernel works ok for you and you don't need to compile for extra functionality jsut use the stock kernel. It will create alot of work that is not necessary.01:31
kemikhelloyo:  Breezy is not stable, so it can break your entire system01:31
LinuxJonesjedix, that's fine01:31
kemikjedix:  so download it and compile? ;)01:32
black13LinuxJones unfortunately i need squasfs01:32
Motty1thegnome: i have normal dell hardware... can you help me verify my iso ?01:32
jedixkemik: I did, but the nvidia package won't work for me.01:32
helloyokemik, yeah, i realise that, i can fix quite a few things, but no idea how to change the driver01:32
TheGnomejedix, using the gui log out dont work01:32
TheGnomeMotty1, how do i do that?01:32
kemikhelloyo:  what driver?01:32
Motty1thegnome i dont know im a noob with linux01:32
jedixTheGnome: what?01:33
Motty1TheGnome: Md5 checksum verification01:33
helloyokemik, it comes up with an error that says 8139cp not supported, try 8139too01:33
funkyHatMotty1, are you running linux now? or windows?01:33
sambagirlshutdown o -h01:33
TheGnomeMotty1, using  a microsoft PC ...well dell same thing.....is not always gonna be compatible with linux01:33
sambagirldoes not work01:33
Motty1funkyhat: windows xp sp201:33
Motty1thegnome: oh01:34
=== thomerz [i=thomerz@roXx0r.de] has joined #ubuntu
kemikhelloyo:  perhaps get the driversoftware from manufacturer, compile and then "modprobe"01:34
LinuxJonesblack13, you will be compiling every kernel when a security problem arises and associated modules like 3rd party drivers each time as well :(01:34
=== MrPockets [n=alex@CPE-69-23-87-53.new.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== dgottfri1d [i=dgottfri@067.216-123-231-0.interbaun.com] has left #ubuntu []
sambagirlhow do you shutdown ubuntu to reboot it/01:34
kemikhelloyo:  in worst case scenario you'll have to recompile the kernel aswell :/01:34
LinuxJonessambagirl, shutdown -r now01:34
kemiksambagirl:  "reboot"01:34
MrPocketssystem, log off, reboot01:34
=== decaf [n=mehmet@] has joined #ubuntu
TheGnomeMotty1, try downloading a small linux distro like.......DSL or something...see if that boots01:34
sambagirlwhat cahh ok01:34
helloyokemik, i think i'll wait then... haven't had problems before, so i guess it will be fixed01:34
Motty1TheGnome: im on my laptop sitting next to the comp im trying to put linux on01:35
tristanmikeTheGnome: why are Dells not Linux friendly??01:35
=== RootsLINUX [i=olsen@adsl-66-143-179-137.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
TheGnomeive seen linux on dells before01:35
kemikhelloyo:  but your NIC is not working now ?01:35
=== MrPockets has Ubuntu on his dell
dubniumanyone know how to edit $PATH to contain gcc c complier?01:35
jtan325i'm using linux right now, on a dell inspiron 850001:35
=== RootsLINUX has Ubuntu on his Dell Inspiron 9300, and it works great
TheGnomedells are evil01:36
kemikhelloyo:  i think you can try to get the 8139too source/binary and modprobe it01:36
jtan325dubnium, you shouldn't have to do that01:36
helloyokemik, i am using hoary at the moment, and its working fie01:36
zerboxxDoes anyone here use mrtg?01:36
dubniumhello, I am having trouble install apps, the error reads: configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH.. i installed the latest gcc package and still have an issue01:36
jtan325dubnium, but if you must01:36
tristanmikeYeah, Dells may be evil, but lots of people run them01:36
kemikhelloyo:   oh.. i c.. so why isit complaining? =)01:36
LinuxJonesblack13, all of that stuff is done for you but the nice folks in the Ubuntu devel team. All you have to do is keep your system upgraded regularly.01:36
helloyokemik, the installer stops at something like "Downloading file 7 of 8"01:36
jtan325it would something like "export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/gcc"01:36
=== MrPockets kicks his dell half-breed
=== dgottfried [i=dgottfri@067.216-123-231-0.interbaun.com] has joined #ubuntu
helloyokemik, haha, exactly01:36
jtan325and you'd put that in your .bashrc01:36
dubniumhow can i find the path to gc?01:36
TheGnomehey man I own a dell too01:36
tristanmikewhat would cause the installer to come up with an Installer Screen then after enter not do anything01:36
TheGnomejust not my linux machine01:36
=== ColonelKernel [i=ishai@24-205-124-191.dhcp.hspr.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
black13so i could get a kernel with squashfs support?01:37
jedixLinuxJones: well the stock kernel won't boot01:37
pfpdubnium: what does "which gcc" say?01:37
dubniumi just installed 401:37
tristanmikeTheGnome: I like dells myself, looking into getting their laptop01:38
=== newuser [n=newuser@c-67-160-42-189.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesblack13, what is that ?01:38
LinuxJonesjedix, at what point does it fail ?01:38
TheGnometristanmike, dells used to be good......they have gone downhill with hardware....using the cheapest of cheap components01:38
pfpdubnium: try installing "build-essential" instead01:39
tristanmikeTheGnome: I wouldn't get one for a Desktop, but for a laptop, sure01:39
dubniumk i'll try that01:39
TheGnomejedix, if the stock kernel dont boot how did you compile your own?01:39
=== sambagirl [n=anita@c-24-99-26-225.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== sakon [n=token@nat.wia.cz] has joined #ubuntu
black13LinuxJones (god i love that name) how do i go about getting a 2.6 kernel with squashfs support via the apt-get proces?01:39
sambagirlnice clean machien now01:39
=== decaf [n=mehmet@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
sambagirlwow you should see all the stuff on my desktop my stars01:39
Concord_Dawnanyone know what the traceroute command is in Ubuntu?01:39
=== Kyral [n=Linux@cpe-24-59-34-66.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
velox_The mind boggles. dpkg installing itself.01:40
LinuxJonesjedix, don't forget you modified your xorg config file to load the nvidia modules which aren't on that machine for your kernel01:40
kemikConcord_Dawn:  traceroute? =)01:40
dubniumya that contents looks liek it should work01:40
TheGnometristanmike, yeah laptops are cool01:40
Concord_Dawnkemik, nope.01:40
velox_That has to cause some sort of temporal distortion or something...its like the chicken and the egg.01:40
kemikConcord_Dawn:  apt-get it01:40
tristanmikeTheGnome: I'm touring with an Acting Group in september and I'd like to get a portable Ubuntu01:40
jedixLinuxJones: I didn't say x failed, I said the stock kernel will not boot01:40
jedixTheGnome: it did work01:40
jedixnow it doesn't01:40
sakonhi here  downloaded a theme from gnome-look.com but cant run it  any piece of advice?01:41
zerboxxHas anyone here installed torrentflux?01:41
TheGnomesakon, what theme01:41
sakonsorry gnome-look.org01:41
OwnageLinuxdude u extract it with the archivier zerboxx01:41
LinuxJonesjedix, how did you install Ubuntu without the stock kernel working ?01:41
TheGnomesakon, did you untar it?01:41
jedixIt did work, now it won't boot01:41
sakonhttp://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=23679 this one01:41
zerboxxOwnageLinux: wha?01:41
dubniumpfp, kinda worked but now I get this :configure: error: Library requirements (gtk+-2.0 >= 2.0.0) not met; consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if your libraries are in a nonstandard prefix so pkg-config can find them.01:41
sakonTheGnome: yes i did01:41
dubniumhave anything to do with the other stuff i installed.. should i uninstall it01:42
kemikdubnium:  got the "build-essential" package installed?01:42
TheGnomesakon, your not supposed to..............just leave it tarred and drag it into the themes app01:42
tristanmikesakon: you shouldn't need to untar it01:42
LinuxJonesblack13, I am not sure if you can patch or compile a module for your kernel with that functionality. Maybe you could ask in #ubuntu-devel, Explain your situation and ask for advise...someone may have pitty on you :)01:42
sakonok ok  ill try again01:42
pfpdubnium: you don't have the gtk development pkg installed; prolly you'll need other dev packages aswell01:42
kemikdubnium:  libgtk-2.1-dev perhaps01:43
jedixLinuxJones: it did work.. clearly, but now it doesn't01:43
tristanmikesakon: just open up the themes window01:43
LinuxJonesjedix, what error comes up when it stops working ?01:43
pfpdubnium: install at least libgtk2.0-dev01:43
tristanmikesakon: System-->Preferences-->Theme and "install new theme" and just pick the archive01:43
black13LinuxJones ... ok ill take this tact ... just get the kernel to work first without the udf-fs errors then worry about patching it01:43
kemikdubnium:  libgtk2.0-dev01:43
sakontristanmike: i did some but i get back an invalid format01:44
=== Dime [n=james@dhcp-0-50-fc-c7-90-3.cpe.quickclic.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== lz [i=lz@adsl-69-224-4-160.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
tristanmikewhat theme did you download exactly?01:44
lzis there a tutorial for installing tor onto my newly installed ubuntu?01:44
pfpdubnium: "apt-cache search something dev" to look for other devel packages...01:44
dubniumkemik, seems its not installed, no installing 16 packages01:44
TheGnomesakon, yeah it said invalid format when it was untarred right01:44
=== entropic_ [n=entropic@64-18-106-241.adsl.catt.com] has joined #ubuntu
sakonhttp://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=23679 this one01:45
black13LinuxJones what are the commands to build the kernel?01:45
sakonTheGnome: both01:45
LinuxJonesblack13, you can also request functionality to be added to a stock kernel, the developers are very good about things like that, they want to keep their user base happy :)01:45
=== SnakeBite [n=SnakeBit@] has joined #ubuntu
TheGnomesakon, let me try01:45
sakonTheGnome: untared and tared01:45
sakonTheGnome: ok01:45
LinuxJonesblack13, that's a long process :D01:45
kemikdubnium:  lets hope it works after that then =)01:45
Fanskapconfigure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH01:46
FanskapSee `config.log' for more details.01:46
sakonTheGnome: i already found the problem01:46
jedixLinuxJones: I'd love to tell you but I can't see it.01:46
Fanskapanyone know how to solve this ? trying to compile mysql01:46
dubniumheh thats what im working on fanskap01:46
sakonTheGnome: did not read the description under the theme01:46
LinuxJonesjedix, hit ctrl+alt+F201:47
TheGnomesakon, what does it say01:47
Fanskapi see01:47
tristanmikeTheGnome: it's a .zip01:47
jedixLinuxJones: Kernel panic - not syncing: attempted to kill init!01:47
pfpFanskap: do you have a special reason to compile mysql?01:47
TheGnomeCanadian Grass01:47
nophixFanskap: why compile when there's a package?01:47
kemikFanskap:  got "build-essential" installed?01:48
sakonTheGnome: i have to untar it to the gnome-theme-manager01:48
jedixLinuxJones: the keyboard does nothing at this point.01:48
sakonTheGnome: do u know where this one is located01:48
LinuxJonesjedix, is that one of your old kernels ?01:48
FanskapI want a custom build of php5-apache and mysql01:48
TheGnomesakon, thats not what it says01:48
Fanskapway easier to update if i compile it by my self afterwards01:48
LinuxJonesjedix, maybe that didn't work01:49
lzcan someone teach me how to get tor installed please?  i've done apt-get install tor privoxy but tells me that "/var/lib/tor is not owned by this UID"01:49
jedixLinuxJones: no, I rebooted to go into your suggested stock kernel01:49
pfpFanskap: k, you need to install build-essential then (like kemik said)01:49
lzso should i chown myID /var/lib/tor ?01:49
sakonTheGnome: ok so to the other themes i think01:49
dubniumkemik, pfp, thanx seems to work now01:49
=== velox_ is now known as VeloxS
jedixLinuxJones: and for some reason my working kernel has been removed from my grub.conf01:49
kemikdubnium:  cool :)01:49
sakonTheGnome: or do u mean just a dir with /.themes01:49
Concord_Dawnjedix, you mean menu.lst?01:49
LinuxJonesjedix, you must have had a working kernel after installation01:49
Fanskappfp ahh yeah just thought that out :)01:50
TheGnomesakon, yeah unzip to .themes01:50
jedixConcord_Dawn: they are fucking symlinked01:50
Fanskapthought i had installed that allready but that was on my laptop installation  :)01:50
=== H-2-O [n=Fauler@dsl-084-057-126-115.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
Fanskapgetting tired i guess01:50
TheGnomesakon, i think it is in your home folder01:50
kemikFanskap:  it's only 2am.. the night is young ;)01:50
Concord_Dawnlanguage jedix01:50
=== ColonelKernel [i=ishai@24-205-124-191.dhcp.hspr.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== H-2-O [n=Fauler@dsl-084-057-126-115.arcor-ip.net] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
sakonTheGnome: yeah im trying already01:51
TheGnomesakon, didnt work for me01:51
vitrioli'm having trouble getting ati drivers installed on hoary01:51
jedixLinuxJones: yes I did, but this one clearly doesn't.. and it's listed like 4 times and only memtest86 is the other one01:51
vitriolerror message is: [fglrx:firegl_init_32compat_ioctls]  *ERROR* unable to register ioctl32 001:51
vitriolanybody know a fix for that?01:52
TheGnomevitriol, what did you try01:52
black13LinuxJones what make-kpkg01:52
vitriolTheGnome: well i tried installing them myself from ati01:52
jedixLinuxJones: I am running a 64bit box if that has anything to do with it01:52
vitriolTheGnome: that didn't work :) same exact message01:52
jedixor I was.01:52
black13what about using make-kpkg01:52
sakonTheGnome: for me did not work too01:52
TheGnomevitriol, thats your problem01:52
tristanmikesakon: the themes folder is in your homes directory but you have to "Show hidden files"01:52
vitriolTheGnome: what?01:52
sakonTheGnome: somewhere is a bug01:52
Fanskapkemik, mm not if you're going to a party tomorow :)01:52
=== Wanderer_ [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu
TheGnomevitriol, use the ubuntu video drivers01:53
=== norris [n=norris@user-1120qup.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
sakontristanmike: already did01:53
uboturumour has it, ati is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI01:53
sakontristanmike: did not work01:53
tristanmikesakon: sorry, little behind'01:53
vitriolTheGnome: i get the same error message with the ubuntu ati drivers01:53
TheGnomevitriol, ^01:53
vitriolTheGnome: i tried those first01:53
LinuxJonesjedix, perhaps it would be faster to do a re-install and stick with the stock kernel01:53
sakontristanmike: does not matter01:53
vitriolTheGnome: xorg-drivers-fglrx ;)01:53
TheGnomevitriol, what card u got?01:53
Karhutonvitriol, I get that too01:53
OwnageLinuxGuys do u no where the direct connection feature is on gaim/01:53
tristanmikesakon: you are running Gnome, right?01:53
Karhutonvitriol, But no problems with OpenGL or XV acceleration01:53
TheGnomevitriol, did you edit xorg.conf01:53
sakontristanmike: hope so ;)01:53
Karhutonvitriol, Nor tv-out01:54
vitriolTheGnome: TheGnome well...no i didn't01:54
tristanmikesakon: your not running Kubuntu are you i mean?01:54
jedixLinuxJones: that's the worst idea I have ever heard01:54
=== Ray|v|an-1010 [n=raymanre@] has joined #ubuntu
TheGnomevitriol, there ya go01:54
vitriolTheGnome: since the module isn't loaded there's not much point :(01:54
OwnageLinuxGuys do u no where the direct connection feature is on gaim01:54
kemikany way to mass-rename files? like ABDS to ABDS.mp3 ?01:54
Wanderer_Can someone help a frustrated noob? I can't even get Ubuntu to install, for cryin' out loud!01:54
mirakwhy isn't there an authentication prompt from the shell when you try to do something on which you don't have the rights, just like the GUI do ?01:54
Karhutonvitrol, so I don't see any effects from it :) Using 8.16, or what ever the version was. *16* something :\01:54
TheGnomevitriol, well did you add the module?01:54
sakontristanmike: no01:54
LinuxJonesjedix, or you would boot into your own kernel and undo the nvidia-glx stuff01:54
OwnageLinuxGuys do u no where the direct connection feature is on gaim01:54
vitriolTheGnome: [fglrx:firegl_init_32compat_ioctls]  *ERROR* unable to register ioctl32 0 <<<<what i get when i try to modprobe the module01:54
Fanskapphew.. damn.. seems to take ages to update the freebsd ports collection :)01:54
pfpkemik: "rename"01:55
=== ilovetoastmaker [n=ilovetoa@adsl-63-204-105-140.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
ilovetoastmaker# Appears as ANNA01:55
TheGnomevitriol, hmmm i was just talking to someone who had the same problem01:55
=== surfdue [n=surfdue@unaffiliated/surfdue] has joined #ubuntu
jedixLinuxJones: I have it booting now01:55
FanskapUpdating the ports index ... Generating INDEX.tmp - please wait..01:55
surfduewhat command do i use to findout what is using my sound driver01:55
Fanskapbeen saying that for a while :)01:55
LinuxJonesjedix, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg select vesa as the video card driver and select defaults for everyting else01:55
jedixLinuxJones: but I'd like to get the stock kernel working like you did01:55
surfduelsof .. what?01:55
=== Silmaris [i=vampyre@m28.net81-66-180.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
sakonTheGnome: did u try something new? or did u let it go?01:55
TheGnomeWanderer_, hello01:55
vitriolTheGnome: see, this is what i get when i try to modprobe it: FATAL: Error inserting fglrx (/lib/modules/2.6.11-1-amd64-k8/kernel/drivers/char/drm/fglrx.ko): Operation not permitted01:55
LinuxJonesjedix, well good luck with that01:55
jedixLinuxJones: it is not the nvidia driver that is causing the kernel to not boot.01:56
kemikpfp:  hmm, always use mv.. gotta man that stuff, does it use reg.exps=01:56
=== OwnageLinux Guys do u no where the direct connection feature is on gaim
=== NeoFax99 [n=terry@c-24-10-109-222.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Fanskap is now known as fanskapet
=== pcharky [n=khagen@ip503c6061.speed.planet.nl] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
TheGnomesakon, i just let it go .....im not a fan of that theme01:56
Wanderer_Can someone help me get Ubuntu installed?01:56
LinuxJonesjedix, I am off for a cig and beer good luck01:56
=== surfdue [n=surfdue@unaffiliated/surfdue] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
tristanmikesakon: i think I have the solution.....01:56
sakontristanmike: yes?01:56
sakontristanmike: tell me pls01:56
=== iainoo [n=iain@213-152-53-18.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
pfpkemik: yep, for example rename 's/$/.mp3/' ~/mp3-blaa/*01:56
tristanmikesakon: go to the Themes selector again01:57
pfp.. to add the suffix01:57
sakontristanmike: ok01:57
kemikpfp:  thx01:57
tristanmikesakon: this time select one of the current themes, whichever one, it doesn't matter01:57
sakontristanmike: ok01:57
=== bijesh [n=bijesh@] has joined #ubuntu
Wanderer_Could some one help me?01:57
TheGnometheme details01:57
TheGnomeWanderer_, whats the problem01:57
tristanmikesakon: now pick theme details01:57
sakontristanmike: ok01:57
ilovetoastmaker(#G010E476RM1) any idea how how to get a usb pc port to work, i need to connect to the internet on linux01:58
sakontristanmike: ah i see01:58
kemikthats a powerful tool. will keep that in mind in the future01:58
syndwhats the irssi command to load scripts01:58
tristanmikesakon: go to window boarder01:58
alecsynd: /script01:58
sakontristanmike: ok01:58
tristanmikesakon: do you see it there?01:58
=== neighborlee [n=neighbor@d23-73.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
TheGnomeWanderer_, you there!!!!!01:59
tristanmikesakon: do you see it??01:59
zerboxxI'm setting up Apache and mysql, and I was wondering if someone can talk to me 1on1 for a minute or two just to make sure I don't mess anything up01:59
TheGnomeWanderer_, if you want help you may have to talk to me01:59
tristanmikesakon: cause I do in mine01:59
sakontristanmike: i do too02:00
Wanderer_I can't get the installer to behave. It gets to the part where I'm supposed to press "enter" and it's supposed to do its' thing. Instead, it gives me loading messages, reboots, and then goes back to the same screen, where I repeat the process, ad infintium.02:00
=== alexarch [n=alex@ipa254.16.tellas.gr] has joined #ubuntu
sakontristanmike: thanks02:00
=== splitta [n=needanew@dialin-168-159.tor.primus.ca] has joined #ubuntu
sakontristanmike: god bless u02:00
sakontristanmike: :)02:00
tristanmikesakon: I spent 3 weeks trying to find my themes when they were here all the time....02:00
TheGnomeWanderer_, what kind of hardware do you have02:00
=== Sly[A] [n=sly@host217-43-247-68.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
sakontristanmike: ah i see02:00
Wanderer_That is, I press "enter" it does that.02:00
tristanmikesakon: It's missleading cause they're not themes, per se02:00
Wanderer_Hardware? What, specifically?02:01
=== jono [n=jono@dsl-80-43-180-93.access.as9105.com] has joined #ubuntu
sakontristanmike: i just spent days setting up a wifi in windows02:01
jonohas anyopne got a working up to date breezy?02:01
TheGnomeWanderer_, what kind of computer do you have] 02:01
=== mike23 [n=mike1@] has joined #ubuntu
sakontristanmike: and in ubuntu it was managed in hours02:02
=== TheGnome needs more beer
vitriolis there and amd64-agp module?02:02
sakontristanmike: or better said minuts02:02
Wanderer_HP with Windows XP OS (SP 02).02:02
sakontristanmike: or better said minutes02:02
=== alxarch [n=alex@ipa254.16.tellas.gr] has joined #ubuntu
fanskapethmm is the dri support broken in the ati driver for mobility chipsets?02:02
tristanmikesakon: I hear that, I feel like I'm an Ubuntu success story, not a problem...just lack of knowlege02:02
=== kove [n=kove@toronto-HSE-ppp4276898.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
vitriolfanskapet: problems?02:02
vitriolfanskapet: i'm having issues too02:02
TheGnomeWanderer_, hardware????????  uhh processer ram that type of thing02:02
LinuxJonesTheGnome, good idea :)02:02
vitriolTrying to register duplicated ioctl32 handler c0246400 < stuff like that in dmesg when trying to load the fglrx driver, fanskapet?02:03
sakontristanmike: but thanks  ill soon come up with another problem ull see02:03
tristanmikesakon: I'm here everyday with problems of my own02:03
fanskapetvitriol dunno just installed the driver and ran the fglrx_gears app02:03
fanskapetbut i guess one should get more fps than ~300 fps?02:03
tristanmikesakon: glad I could help, especially cause the themes thing irritated me for so long02:03
=== ubercompuser [n=ubercomp@adsl-218-9-15.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
vitriolfanskapet: i'd tell you if i could get the driver installed ;)02:04
mike23what is the password for admin tasks under cups iin ubuntu?02:04
alxarchrhx where are you?02:04
LinuxJonesmike23, your users password02:04
=== OwnageLinux [n=matthew@ool-182e6543.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
vitriolscrew it i'm going to try breezy out02:04
=== sockpuppe1 [n=thewarma@] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesmike23, if you installed Ubuntu02:04
mike23negative does not work02:04
sakontristanmike: with the most obvious things are the most problems02:04
fanskapetvitriol :)02:05
Wanderer_Ummm... HP Pavillion PC with Intel Celeron CPU 2.93 GHz 248 MB RAM.02:05
LinuxJonesmike23, so the account that your using was not the one that you created when you installed Ubuntu ?02:05
sockpuppe1if I just compiled and installed JACK, do I have to restart for it to work02:05
tristanmikesakon: murphy's law, if I ever met Murphy, i'd slap him in the face with a Trout02:05
=== BTJustice [n=BTJustic@pool-68-238-1-114.chi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
jonoanyone have troubles with libdri1-xorg ?02:05
TheGnomeWanderer_, hmm that should be fine.........did you download the cd or get it in the mail02:05
tristanmikesakon: and say, "why'd you create so many problematic laws"02:05
mike23it says localhost02:05
LinuxJonesmike23, can you log back in using the account you installed Ubuntu with ?02:06
jedixstill won't boot the stock kernel02:06
mike23but I never gave localhost a user name02:06
TheGnomeWanderer_, oooooo.........did you try hitting f1 instead of enter02:06
sockpuppe1can someone enlighten me02:06
TheGnomesockpuppe1, ok with what02:06
=== lz enlightens sockpuppel
TheGnomeWanderer_, the only thing i can think of...is to google it02:06
mike23I have one user me02:06
LinuxJonesmike23, I don't know what that means02:06
sockpuppe1if i just compiled and installed JACK do I have to restart for it to work02:07
Wanderer_GOOGLE IT ???02:07
sakontristanmike: :)02:07
TheGnomeWanderer_, yes google it02:07
LinuxJonesmike23, waht are you using to try to configure cups ?02:07
sakontristanmike: where are u from?02:07
Wanderer_How would that help me?02:07
tristanmikesakon: the Great White North Canada02:07
=== blrich [n=blrich@c220-239-16-9.belrs4.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesmike23, try sudo gnome-cups-manager02:08
sakontristanmike: u like icehockey?02:08
LinuxJonessakon, all Canadian boys like hockey :)02:08
mike23oh kay02:08
blrichcan someone help? I can't get my webcam recognised. I'm wondering where I should look for drivers or what I should do02:08
=== brk3 [n=brk3@] has joined #ubuntu
tristanmikesakon: i don't think there is a Canadian alive who doesn't like hockey02:08
tristanmikeroad or ice02:08
TheGnomeWanderer_, cuz i have found alot of answers that way02:08
brk3could someone tell me what argument do you give to dpkg to upgrade a package?02:08
=== crlsnr [n=cds210@pool-70-20-113-138.pitt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Mr_Smiley [n=smiley@CPE-144-136-186-183.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
sockpuppe1blrich what camera model?02:09
sakontristanmike: ice02:09
=== milksteak [n=milkstea@60-234-138-71.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
Wanderer_How can I google a problem when I don't know what it is?02:09
gmooreftp question: i got my server set up properly but when i get someone to connect they get "500: Illegal port command" and cannot complete the connection. ideas?02:09
LinuxJonesWanderer_, you ask here :)02:09
tristanmikesakon: ice or road, it doens't matter to us, we do have a summer and still have to play hockey, so road hockey it is02:09
TheGnomeWanderer_, omg ......... just use windows02:09
mike23liuxJones: thanks you da man02:09
sakontristanmike: ah i see02:09
LinuxJonesWanderer_, what is happening that is causing you grief ?02:09
blrichsockpuppe1, it's called amn Omni Golden Eye, but it's just generic I think. It has night vision. Works under windows no problem, just your standard 640x480 30fps webcam02:09
LinuxJonesmike23, have fun :)02:09
sockpuppe1lol, that was so l337 of you lol02:10
zerboxxI'm following a guide to set up apache and mysql, and I deleted my main user (jon) from mysql.user.  Should I worry about adding myself again, or am I ok with just "root"?02:10
LinuxJonesjono, when does next season of LugRadio start up ?02:10
sakontristanmike: so the nhl begins but im not so happy cause all of our good players are going to the oversea leagues02:10
=== kargath64 [n=kargath6@] has joined #ubuntu
crlsnrhi everyone...has anyone been successful with using a WUSB11v2.5 usb adapter in Hoary?02:10
TheGnomehey what is the package i need to get mp3 support in rythmbox?02:10
=== Luna-Tick [n=Luna-Tic@] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuNO SPEAKE ENLISH!, jtan32502:11
ubotuextra, extra, read all about it, restrictedformats is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats or 'codecs'02:11
=== elvirolo [n=elvirolo@lns-p19-3-idf-62-147-131-155.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
mike23anyone looking to use an ncurses great irc client google bnirc02:11
tristanmikesakon: they'll be back02:11
sakontristanmike: wont be such good hockey like it was this year in our first league02:11
=== sockpuppe1 [n=thewarma@] has left #ubuntu []
LinuxJonesTheGnome, >> gstreamer0.8-mad02:11
mike23it works with festival tts02:11
jonoLinuxJones, Oct 24th should be Season 3 Episode 1 :)02:11
Luna-TickHello folks, does anyone here know about silcgaim in Ubuntu?02:11
=== tcwd [n=Edward@MTL-HSE-ppp192649.qc.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
elvirolohi all, could anyone tell me a play of converting mpc files to ogg ? sox doesn't seem to handle mpc files02:11
=== tahooie [n=tahooie@] has joined #ubuntu
TheGnomeLinuxJones, thank you02:11
LinuxJonesjono, I wonder if Breezy Badger release will be mentioned on the show :)02:12
Wanderer_I can't get the installer to behave. It goes to the first screen fine, and I press "enter". It says a bunch of stuff about uncompressing this or that, then says something about the kernel (I can't say exactly what, since the text moves so fast). Then the PC reboots, goes to the first screen, and the whole process starts over.02:12
jonoLinuxJones, heh, I have a hunch it will ;)02:12
tristanmikesakon: no, I hope the salary caps will get groups of players who just want to play hockey and not make a gazzilion dollars, that's when hockey get's good02:12
jonoI am trying to get breezy working right02:12
LinuxJonesjono, BTW I think that is too long of a break !!02:12
brk3do people here hate kubuntu?? Ive just being told you do02:12
=== benplaut [n=benplaut@cpe-66-8-184-56.hawaii.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
elviroloidas anyone ?02:13
crimsunelvirolo: use mpcdec02:13
LinuxJonesjono, I want a weekly fix of lugradio02:13
Gratbrk3 why should we?02:13
crimsunelvirolo: pipe the output to oggenc's stdin02:13
Gratthe only diffrence is KDE02:13
benplautOK, OK, maybe that was a bit excessive02:13
Wanderer_Linux Jones?02:13
=== kwseeker [n=t51a162@tor/session/x-66ff862b7757c93d] has joined #ubuntu
Luna-TickLinuxjones - I don't hate kubuntu, it just doesn't seem to work as well...02:13
sakontristanmike: what are salary caps02:13
benplautinstall Hoary so that crossover office will install, then emulate from within breezy :P02:13
sakontristanmike: ?02:13
fissyhello... i'm using ubuntu breezy and am being driven slowly mad by the panel dying every 5 minutes... is that a known issue?02:13
brk3Grat: no reason at all, just some idiot said ye do02:13
TheGnomebrk3, i dont02:13
tristanmikesakon: it's why the nhl was on strike. A money issue between the players and the owners02:13
crimsunfissy: "breezy".02:13
TheGnomebrk3, i just like gnome better02:14
blrichcan anyone help? can;t get my webcam recognised. lsusb gives this:   Z-Star Microelectronics Corp. Sansun SN-510 WebCam [hv713d]        any suggestions?02:14
fissycrimsun: ?02:14
jonoLinuxJones, heh02:14
kafeinefissy, there is a reason it's refferred to as 'testing'02:14
Gratbrk3: you just tell him that....02:14
brk3Grat: i will :)02:14
fissyso you don't want it fixed then?02:14
TheGnomebrk3, i have found kubuntu to be a little more buggy02:14
kafeineanyone had any luck with ati drivers under breezy?02:14
LinuxJonesjono, :)02:14
fissywhat a ridiculous thing to sy02:14
brk3TheGnome: thats what he said02:14
fissyi know it's the development distro02:14
tristanmikesakon: some teams, don't get all that much money, and therefore can't afford the big players, and since they can't, they fall further and further behind the winning teams.02:15
TheGnomebrk3, but not much at all02:15
TheGnomebrk3, i fixed all the bug by doing some tweaking02:15
crlsnrwho here is good at connecting with wlan?02:15
crimsunfissy: there're quite a lot of things in flux in Breezy. The issue is known. Be patient, or revert to Hoary.02:15
sakontristanmike: ah i see02:15
zerboxxCan anybody here help me with an apache setup? I'm working through the wiki but I'd still like a hand02:15
tristanmikesakon: the salary cap is in place to stop one team from buying up all the good players. Basically each team is allowed to spend "X" ammount on players and anymore than that would have to be negociated02:16
sakontristanmike: its alway about money . so02:16
=== jbull [n=jonah@c-24-34-36-87.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
kafeinefissy, it's actually a known issue of gnome-panel. it does it, every now and then. it happens in hoary, even02:16
sakontristanmike: bill doesnt work for free too ;)02:16
fissyok, all i was wondering was whether i should make a bugzilla post or not crimsun. is there any fix known?02:16
ubercompuserkubuntu has been buggy with the gui... for me. back when i did use it for a week02:16
splittaany showstoppers in colony3 we should know about ?02:16
fissyhmm... not every 5 minutes :D02:16
tristanmikesakon: but the salary cap is to stop the salarys from reaching too high02:16
crimsunsplitta: please read the posts regarding Colony 3 on -users02:16
kafeinefissy, whenever you wonder about some bug like this, and wheter to post it or not, try searching the bugzilla first for this specific issue02:17
tristanmikesakon: the ONLY money Bill ever got out of me was for my mouse and keyboard02:17
kafeineto see it it's reported already or not02:17
fissykafeine: i did02:17
TheGnometristanmike, why did he even get that?02:17
ubercompuseri think kubuntu should create there own release dates and not rely on someone else so they can debugg it and make it run smoother02:17
tristanmikesakon: and that's ALL he will ever get if I can knowingly help it02:17
TheGnometristanmike, lol02:17
fissybut when you don't know more than 'it crashes a lot' bugzilla isn't so helpful02:17
sakontristanmike: we made a joke with a wallpaper out of his new vista02:17
tristanmikeTheGnome: You don't have to give me a papercut, then pour lemon juice on it. I feel dirty enough....02:17
=== gmoore [n=a@blk-222-179-143.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
kafeinebugzilla ain't exactly an example of an user-friend application, true02:18
tristanmikeTheGnome, lol02:18
TheGnometristanmike, well you do have a dell.....which is owned by microsoft02:18
sakontristanmike: its pretty simple Virus Infectin Spyware Trojans Adware  thats all the new OS is made of02:18
tristanmikeTheGnome: I don't own one...yet02:18
Grathehe :>02:18
sakontristanmike: but Vista could be pretty interesting02:18
tristanmikeTheGnome: I had my computer custom built02:19
TheGnomei built mine myself02:19
=== grigora [n=grigora@pcp04400246pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
tristanmikeTheGnome, with Asus and nVidia parts02:19
TheGnomeand it was soo cheap02:19
sakontristanmike: there shouldnt be any foulders but only objects02:19
=== abyss [n=abyss@i528C1C0F.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== Tom-W [n=tom@67-20-184-58.chvlva.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
kafeinei can't see the point in buying a computer built by some company like dell02:19
grigorawhat do I need to do to play a DVD movie with Totem? or is Totem not for DVDs? thanks02:19
kafeineor whatever company it is...02:19
abysslo where i can get an mp3 codec for playing mp3s?02:19
kafeinegrigora, sudo apt-get install totem-xine libdvdcss202:19
tristanmikeTheGnome, Dell is owned by Microsoft??02:19
=== pcharky [n=khagen@ip503c6061.speed.planet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
TheGnometristanmike, they are now02:20
kafeinecomputers are made to be custom built...02:20
kafeinethats the fun in computing, after all02:20
Tom-Wis the 5.10 build allot better than the 5.04 build? I got 5.04 at a local PC shop but I see 5.10 is out02:20
tristanmikeTheGnome, thanx you just settled it for me, i was gonna buy their laptop, guess not now....02:20
=== elvirolo [n=elvirolo@lns-p19-3-idf-62-147-131-155.adsl.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu ["Kopete]
kafeineTom-W, it is not out yet02:20
pcharkyHello there, can anybody help me get the line-in on my SB Aud2 to work?02:20
kafeineit's testing02:20
jbullabyss:  the gstreamer-mad package should do it02:21
TheGnometristanmike, no .... they are still good pc's im sure bill dont get ALL of the money lol02:21
grigorakafeine: thanks02:21
=== ghostdog [n=daniel@c-67-191-249-72.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
kargath64hey, anyone know of any free software that can resize partitions?  I need one to install ubuntu...02:21
Tom-Wis the testing version better than 5.04?02:21
kafeineTom-W, the 5.10 is not out yet. what is out is a testing pre-release02:21
abysshow i can get this? im a little bit new to, old debian user :)02:21
kafeinewell, it is newer, you can count on that02:21
tristanmikeTheGnome, he won't get a penny from me, knowingly, he's condemed OSS since the beginning02:21
kafeinebut it can't par with hoary's stability, yet.02:21
fissyis there likely to be a pre-release on gnome 2.12's release day/02:21
=== brk3 [n=brk3@] has left #ubuntu []
kemikabyss:  apt-get install gstreamer0.8-mad02:21
Gratkargath64: i dont know if its free, but there is partition magic for windows02:21
fissyi've found those releases to be perfectly stable enough the past couple of times02:22
benplautbreezy is pretty stable for me, so far02:22
kargath6490 bucks02:22
abysslol pretty easy the debian way ;)02:22
tristanmikeTheGnome, If I had been aware of Linux earlier, I would've migrated long ago02:22
=== leonel [n=leonel@] has joined #ubuntu
kafeinebreezy's stable for me too:)02:22
Gratkargath64: ah sorry02:22
kargath64can the installer handle partitioning?02:22
tristanmikeI DON'T LIKE BULLIES!02:22
kemikabyss:  ubuntu is sortof like debian, but even easier ;)02:22
kafeineand for a lot of us02:22
kafeinekargath64, yes02:22
TheGnometristanmike, well i dont think bill knew his os would be condemed to virus's and such02:22
kargath64but I lose the data, yeah?02:23
kafeinebut i wouldn't recommend breezy to newbies yet02:23
kafeinekargath64, depends02:23
kafeinewhat exactly do you want to do?02:23
Luna-Tickkargath the installer doesn't really support partitioning... not like Mandrake's02:23
Gratmake a partiton smaller i presume02:23
leonel<kemik> abyss:  ubuntu is sortof like debian, but even easier ;) <-- and with security updates :)02:23
kargath64all I have is a single NTFS partition taking up the whole drive02:23
grigoraon a different note, FYI, the Flash plugin for Mozilla (the package) constantly crashes, but a manual install from Macromedia works fine02:23
kargath64with windows on it02:23
Tom-WVISTA = Viruses, infections, spyware, trojans,adware ?02:23
tristanmikeTheGnome, he probably thought the opposite by keeping it closed, but that's what you get when you try to hide your stuff from the world, they get insulted and do anything they can to find out what's so secret02:23
kafeinethat's gonna need formatting02:23
=== food_CO_man [n=berickso@mcdonaldwhsl.com] has joined #ubuntu
kemikkargath64:  just format it all :)02:23
kargath64ah well02:24
ubotu[dvd]  There are many good free players for linux. Totem is installed in Ubuntu by default add totem-xine and voila! - Mplayer, XINE, VLC (Cross platform) are also very good. gstreamer-totem02:24
abyssand the first who has a stable ppc G3 Xorg graphiccard driver that works02:24
kargath64backups time for me then02:24
Luna-TickIt does work02:24
Luna-TickI did it02:24
tristanmikekafeine, can't he resize the partition??02:24
kafeinetristanmike, mmm02:24
tristanmikekafeine, lol02:24
Luna-TickKarg - just be very careful02:24
TheGnomewhat is the hdparm dma command for dvd?02:24
Luna-Tickdefrag first,02:24
Grati dont thing resizing is possible :>02:24
tristanmikekafeine, ok, Marge...02:24
kafeinei'm not really familiar with ntfs' chances of resizing02:24
abysson debian i had to switch to unstable for xorg use and without xorg my xserver wont work ^^02:25
kafeineeven with win32 software02:25
=== marco_ [n=marco@] has joined #ubuntu
Luna-TickGrat; Kaffeine: it does work02:25
kemikyou can resize a ntfs partiotn with Partition Magic02:25
kemiknot with ubuntu-installer02:25
Luna-TickI did it without02:25
ubercompuseralso gparted02:25
kargath64Luna-Tick: how?02:25
=== jorgp [n=jorgp@bnet-dial-175.bartnet.net] has joined #ubuntu
tristanmikekafeine, the wiki says this... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Installation/I38602:25
=== gerardocb [n=gcontrer@] has joined #ubuntu
kafeinei wouldnt touch no ntfs under linux, no, sirre02:25
LinuxJoneskemik, I thought Ubuntu installer did ntfs02:25
kafeinetristanmike, possible02:25
kafeinentfs is a chimera, anyway02:25
abyssexist in ubuntu a proggie like synaptic on debian?02:25
kafeineit aint no stable standard02:25
kafeineabyss, it's the same, and it's in it02:26
grigorakafeine: I cannot find libdvdcss2? what repository is it from? I have the officially supported as well as the community supported software repositories02:26
tristanmikekafeine, as long as you defrag the piss out of it.....02:26
Luna-Tickgrig: hoary extras02:26
=== kargath64 listens intently
abysskafeine,  i think i will switch from debian to ubuntu generelly02:26
kafeinegrigora, should be in hoary-backports02:26
abyssits really pretty easy02:26
tristanmikekafeine, of course, if you can convince a re-format, then cudos to you02:26
Luna-TickYeah -hoary backports extras02:27
pcharkyHello there, can anybody help me get the line-in on my SB Aud2 to work?02:27
abyssbut whats the root pw? the installer never asked for!02:27
kargath64what's synaptic?02:27
kafeineabyss, you won't feel a big change, it's basically the same, but les packages, better release cycle, awesome community02:27
kemikabyss:  there is none02:27
uboturoot is, like, totally, disabled in Ubuntu, you can read all about it on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RootSudo02:27
TheGnomewhat is the hdparm dma command for dvd?02:27
cyphaseis it possible to start a graphical application remotely, and have the window appear on the computer it's running on02:27
kafeinekargath64, gtk frontend to apt-get02:27
kargath64oh ok :)02:27
=== pschulz01 [n=paul@static-203-87-111-72.sa.chariot.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
kargath64no terminals for me :)02:28
kafeineabyss, it should be your user's pass02:28
abysssynaptic is a Xserver proggie for apt02:28
Tom-Wncyphase are you asking about nx?02:28
vitriol(i'd  like to know that too) ;)02:28
Luna-TickTheGnome: You can set it in hdparm02:28
kafeinetristanmike, a clean format will certainly be less dangerous02:28
kafeinei mean02:28
kemikcyphase:  possibly if you specifiy a running display on the server...02:28
kafeineyou *know* that with formatting everything's wiped out02:28
kemikcyphase:  but im really not sure how ;)02:28
Wanderer_Linux Jones?02:28
=== bored2k [n=raf@196samana87.codetel.net.do] has joined #ubuntu
kafeineand with resizing02:28
kafeineit could happen02:28
cyphasekemik, yea, me neither ;)02:28
Luna-TickTheGnome: http://backports.ubuntuforums.org/02:28
tristanmikekafeine, I mean, that's how i did it, and just left room for the FAT and ext systems02:28
kafeinebut they don't really bother telling you that02:28
vitriolgah where do i get ndiswrapper from?02:28
ubotuit has been said that ndiswrapper is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HowToSetUpNdiswrapper02:29
kemikcyphase:  you could use VNC i guess... ;)02:29
abyssexist divx and similar codec packages?02:29
=== bored2k [n=raf@196samana87.codetel.net.do] has left #ubuntu ["Generic]
tristanmikekafeine, it's the best way, I wouldn't dissagree there at all02:29
uboturestricted is, like, http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RestrictedFormats02:29
LinuxJonesWanderer_, what do you want ?02:29
kemikabyss:  that link, or use VLC02:29
fissyabyss, gstreamer-ffmpeg02:29
pschulz01Greetings.. how do I turn off (remove) a serial port from being used for a mouse?02:29
ubotukargath64: Are you on ritalin?02:29
=== Elsidox [n=Elsidox@CPE-70-94-4-87.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #Ubuntu
kafeineabyss, try your movies with totem-xine, vlc, et cetera02:29
TheGnome setting using_dma to 1 (on)02:29
TheGnome HDIO_SET_DMA failed: Operation not permitted02:29
TheGnome using_dma    =  0 (off)02:29
Wanderer_I posted my problems awhile ago. Did not get a response.02:29
kargath64the bot doesn't like me02:29
kemiktotem should be banned02:29
kafeinekargath64, the bot is stoopid02:30
kafeinedont worry02:30
fissytotem is awesome02:30
TheGnometotem-xine rocks02:30
kafeinehe's just a virgin and he hates us for it02:30
kafeineall of us02:30
jbullWanderer_:  what kind of problems?02:30
Luna-TickTheGnome - the cd/dvd drive is /dev/hdc02:30
tristanmikeWanderer_, did you burn your cd yourself?02:30
Elsidoxcan someone help me? When I run apt-get update I get errors.02:30
Tom-Wncyphase is this what your looking for : http://www.nomachine.com/02:30
=== neuneu [n=human276@ADSL-TPLUS-96-10.telecomplus.net] has joined #ubuntu
TheGnomeLuna-Tick, no mine is hda02:30
Wanderer_No. Got it from a friend who ordered them.02:30
TheGnomeLuna-Tick, sure is02:30
LinuxJonesWanderer_, oh sorry man I didn't see, give me 2 mins to have a smoke and I will help if I can ok ?02:30
ubotuNO SPEAKE ENLISH!, vitriol02:30
vitrioldamn you!02:31
kafeineTheGnome, isnt that some hard drive or something?02:31
=== vitriol *shakes fist*
tristanmikejbull, he is having problems after the Install Splash Screen; reboots02:31
LinuxJonesWanderer_, brb :)02:31
kemikhdX just denotes where on the cable and which controller you've put the drive(s)02:31
=== dimethyl [n=dragon@pcp09527166pcs.audubn01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
TheGnomesda is my hardrive02:31
grigorakafeine: thanks, but I don't know to how add hoary-backports, it's not on the Synaptic's repository list02:31
dimethylhey, does anyone know how i can get transcode binaries installed on ubuntu02:31
TheGnomecuz it isnt IDE02:31
tristanmikejbull, hit's return, and reboots, my friend Mot is having a very similar problem..02:31
pschulz01I would like to attach a device to '/dev/ttyS0' which is not a mouse..02:32
=== ridiie [i=nnnn@cpe-65-28-234-137.woh.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
grigorakafeine: apt-cache search libdvdcss2 can't seem to find it either02:32
kemikhda = primary master, hdb = primary slave, hdc = sec master hdd = sec slave...02:32
TheGnomehda = my dvd drive02:32
kafeinegrigora, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBackports?highlight=%28backports%2902:32
pschulz01.. when I plug ut in my ps/2 mouse get's slow and unresponsive02:32
tristanmikeTheGnome: that seems odd.....02:32
abysskafeine, how about wireless solutions on ubuntu like rt2500?02:32
Luna-TickBut possible02:32
TheGnometristanmike, why?02:32
ridiieanyone have any idea what this means... I got this error when trying to install bootmagic on a fat32 partition. "unable to write bootmagic to MBR, not enough free sectors"02:32
kemikit's not odd, he's put the DVD on primary master02:32
pschulz01Searching through /etc, '/dev/ttyS0' is mentioned in a couple of places..02:32
tristanmikeTheGnome, shouldn't the hard-drive be hda?02:33
kemikand SDA is scsi ?02:33
kemikoh god..02:33
kafeineand grigora, don't even bother with the main backports, use mirrors instead02:33
kemikdoesnt ppl read ? =)02:33
nudnickcan someone help me out with my ubuntu instalation. i'm getting an error while it checks hardware02:33
Tom-Wsda is scsi yes02:33
abysson debian the system freeze if i use the rt2500 driver02:33
Luna-TickTristan - the harddrive is scsi so the first IDE thing that he has is his DVD drive02:33
kafeineabyss, can't help you with that, cause i have no wireless networking stuff around me02:33
pschulz01'/etc/inittab', 'sane.d/dc??.conf02:33
kafeinebut try the wiki and the forums02:33
tristanmikeLuna-Tick, sorry, I missed that, MY BAD!02:34
MrPocketsXMMS was being a douche, so i used the cleint killer to kill it,  how do i re initalize it now?02:34
kafeineand i'm sure there must be someone here who can help you on that one02:34
kemikLuna-Tick:  but it doesnt even work like that, now does it.. if he changes a cable his dvd will be HDC ;)02:34
kargath64so just confirming b4 i quit02:34
nudnick:( anyone?02:34
Luna-Tickthat is true02:34
pschulz01and 'securetty'02:34
kafeineMrPockets, $ xmms?02:34
=== Silmaris [i=vampyre@m28.net81-66-180.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Tom-Wchange the boot oder in the bios , not to boot the cd before hd ???02:34
TheGnomekemik, your not getting it02:34
kargath64what partitioning features does the 5.04 installer have?02:34
jorgpI thought transcode in multiverse, but its not there02:34
tristanmikeTheGnome, nevermind, I missed the part when you said your drive was SCSI, sorry, my bad02:34
MrPocketsnah, i click the icon and nothing comes up02:35
gmooreanyone familiar with ftp servers in linux behind a router? i have mine set up and configured and i can connect internally but others cannot, they get error 425 could not build data connection.02:35
pschulz01nudnick: What hardware are u using?02:35
kemikTheGnome:  im sure i've got it.. take your secondary IDE controller and connect your DVD. it'll be /dev/hdc02:35
Luna-TickKarg: the features are to format the lot or use existing partitions02:35
kafeinekargath64, you can generally re-partition, delete partitions, create new partitions, and erase the entire hard drive02:35
Luna-Tickif I remember02:35
nudnickpschulz01 i'll PM you02:35
Luna-TickOh, okay02:35
pschulz01gmoore: set to connection to 'passive'..02:35
abyssE: Konnte Paket gstreamer0.8-mad nicht finden02:35
Luna-Tickkemik - will changing it to hdc make it easier to set DMA?02:35
=== Silmaris [i=vampyre@m28.net81-66-180.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
kemikLuna-Tick:  no ;)02:36
fissygmoore: do you know how to do port forwarding on your router?02:36
kargath64still feeling nervous02:36
=== pcharky [n=khagen@ip503c6061.speed.planet.nl] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
gmoorepschulz01: he can't connect in pasv either02:36
gmoorefissy: yes and the ftp port is forwarded02:36
kargath64but i'll give it a shot nyway :)02:36
kafeinekargath64, its normal, dont worry02:36
Luna-Tickthen it doesn't help ;)02:36
fissygmoore: and port 20?02:36
kafeineeverything's gonna mess up:D02:36
dimethyldoes anyone know how i can get transcode installed on ubuntu??...or if i can use another package to take divx > svcd ??02:36
gmoorefissy: oh i should forward 20? trying02:36
kafeineok folks, im gonna have some sleep02:36
=== kargath64 smacks kafeine
kafeinegood night all02:36
tristanmikekargath64, good luck, I stared at the partitioning page for 2 days before building up the courage02:36
kemikLuna-Tick:  just thought it should be explained that HDA isnt "the first drive" or something.. it sort or correleates to hardware placing..02:36
=== fhr [n=fhr@85-53-69-204.mad1.adsl.uni2.es] has joined #ubuntu
=== digitalfox|shed is now known as digitalfox
TheGnomewell im typing hdparm -d1 /dev/hda.........is that the right command02:36
gmooretrying now...02:37
fissygmoore: iirc the connection is done on port 21 and data istransferred on port 20... odd, perhaps i'm wrong02:37
LinuxJonesWanderer_, ok back02:37
=== kargath64 salutes tristanmike
jorgpanyone know the apt-get line for transcode for breezy?02:37
grigorakafeine: even after adding [deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hoary-backports main universe multiverse restricted]  to my /etc/apt/sources.conf I still cannot find libdvdcss2. any ideas?02:37
Luna-TickTheGnome - Not sure sorry, I went straight to hdparm, but I believe that there is a wiki page...02:37
LinuxJonesfissy, your right02:37
abysskafeine, E: Konnte Paket gstreamer0.8-mad nicht finden <- you really sure that package was named so?02:37
tristanmikeTheGnome: that'll turn DMA on if it's off02:37
dimethyljorgp, you trying to help me, or u have the same problem?02:37
kafeinegrigora, did you reload your packages before that?02:38
grigorakafeine: apt-get update?02:38
Luna-TickAnyway chaps, I must be off - good luck all02:38
tristanmikeTheGnome: or rather, tell you if it's on or off02:38
grigorakafeine: yes02:38
kafeinegrigora, khm02:38
tristanmikeLuna-Tick, take care02:38
kafeineabyss, yup02:38
=== Luna-Tick [n=Luna-Tic@] has left #ubuntu []
=== fraggsta [n=jrw6@82-32-118-42.cable.ubr03.hawk.blueyonder.co.uk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
kemikTheGnome:  edit your /etc/hdparm.conf and add this:02:38
grigorakafeine: what's khm?02:38
fissyLinuxJones: :) I don't quite understand why though.. other systems manage with just the one port02:38
kemikTheGnome:  wait for pastebin ;)02:38
abysskafeine, okay then it seems to be not in my apt sources02:38
jorgpdimethyl: dont know, I am not sure the repos that transcode is in02:38
LinuxJonesfissy, it's an old protocol02:38
kafeineit's like hm but in a more... kafeine way02:38
gmooreokay my ftp server is running on port 4096 and i have both that and port 20 forwarded to the machine running the server. my friend still can't connect, error 425 unable to build data connection using port, and using pasv he doesn't get a LIST.02:39
kemikTheGnome:  http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/141102:39
TheGnomekemik, no no no02:39
kafeinegrigora, use some of those mirrors http://backports.ubuntuforums.org/url.php02:39
kemikTheGnome:  at least, thats what i've done to enable DMA on my drive02:39
Gratbye guys02:39
kafeineand really, im going to bed, so, good luck to you all02:39
=== Grat [n=first@] has left #ubuntu []
kemikgnite kafeine02:40
kafeineand ill see you tomorrow02:40
tristanmikegood nite kafeine02:40
kemikTheGnome:  tried that ?02:40
fissygmoore: how come you've got it running on port 4096? have you forwarded both ports 20 & 21 to port 4096 because i don't imagine that would work02:40
kafeinenight yall02:40
abysskafeine, where i can download it then if my apt say that it not exist02:40
gmoorefissy: because the server i ran previously on my windows machine was on that port02:40
LinuxJonesgmoore, why not rn your server on the standard port ?02:40
gmooreokay i'll try it02:40
kafeineabyss, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AddingRepositoriesHowto?highlight=%28repositories%2902:40
kemikgmoore:  maybe you shouldnt run the dataport on the same port as control?02:41
TheGnomekemik, i dont want dma on for good02:41
kafeineand good luck, and good night, and whatnot02:41
=== kafeine dies
=== kafeine is now known as k[dreamin]
kemikTheGnome:  oh.. why not ??02:41
jorgpdimethyl: are you having same issue?02:41
gmooreokay when i run it on port 21, i can't even establish a connection locally. the machine doesn't even respond02:41
benplautyou guys know where i can find some 404 page ideas?02:41
tristanmikeabyss, I just check the "gstreamer0.8-mad" package is in synaptic02:41
abysstristanmike, my apt find nothing02:42
kemikabyss:  you've added hoary-extras ?02:42
jtan325anyone notice02:42
kemikabyss:  and done "apt-update" ?02:42
fissydoes the server have its own firewall gmoore?02:42
abysskemik, how? its a fresh ubuntu install (ppc)02:42
tristanmikeabyss, have you edited your sources.list yet??02:42
LinuxJonesgmoore, you realize that Ubuntu servers only listen on localhost by default. (for secutiry reasons)  Did you do any modifications to allow external networks to connect to your ftp server ?02:42
ilovetoastmakersomeone good at ubuntu im me: brianthebumpy02:42
uboturumour has it, repositories is at http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/AddingRepositoriesHowto02:42
TheGnomehda: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B, ATAPI CD/DVD-ROM drive02:42
abysstristanmike, no02:42
dimethyljorgp, yea, i cant get transcode installed02:42
gmooreLinuxJones: i did NOT know that and i have not set it up to allow external connections02:42
jtan325"please don't use breezy yet" is no longer in the topic02:42
ilovetoastmakersomeone good at ubunu im me: brianthelumpy02:42
ubotuhoary-extras is, like, totally, see  http://backports.ubuntuforums.org ; example hoary repo: deb http://ubuntu-backports.mirrormax.net/ hoary-extras main universe multiverse restricted02:42
LinuxJonesgmoore, that's your problem right there02:43
BTJusticeI went to this webpage and followed the directions in the first post to get my SB Live! 7.1 24 to work, but the sound is real choppy and scratchy.  Do I need to change a setting or something?  I use Kubuntu.  The webpage is http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1930702:43
fissypresumably that's not the problem if it was allowing some sort of connection before on the weird port02:43
kemikabyss:  follow those links02:43
gmooreLinuxJones :)     what next?02:43
=== kwseeker [n=t51a162@tor/session/x-66ff862b7757c93d] has left #ubuntu []
jorgpdimethyl: what repos are you getting it from?02:43
jtan325is breezy "usable" now?02:43
jbullilovetoastmaker:  what do you need help with?02:43
Veloxilovetoastmaker: Please don't spam, it makes us less willing to help :P02:43
fissydoes the pope defecate in forests02:43
=== hardw1re [n=hardw1re@host217-43-219-131.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
tristanmikeabyss, i private messaged you02:43
dimethyljorgp, im not sure, i dont even know a lot about ubuntu02:43
LinuxJonesgmoore, what ftp server are you running ?02:43
dimethylwhich is pissing me off the way the do things02:43
LinuxJonesgmoore, there may be a howto on the wiki02:43
dimethyli just wanna burn a damn svcd02:43
jbulljtan325:  usable as it's ever been...although the cairo recompiles are causing some problems02:43
=== Zipher [n=ubuntu@dhcp-203-34.housing.utah.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== Zipher [n=ubuntu@dhcp-203-34.housing.utah.edu] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
LinuxJonesgmoore, vsftp is the prefered one for alot of distro these days02:44
jtan325jbull, well like i said, "please don't use breezy yet" is longer in the topic02:44
jtan325was that intentional?02:44
gmooreLinuxJones: i spent forever getting this configured, i'd really rather not change now :(02:44
LinuxJonesgmoore, try searching the wiki and see if it comes up with any info02:44
gmoorenothing on the wiki02:44
dimethyljorgp, im gonna keep trying for like a half hour.....pm me if you figure it out and ill do the same02:44
jbulljtan325:  ah, i didn't notice--no idea as to whether it was intentional or not02:44
TheGnomecan someone out there help me with enabling dma?02:45
jorgpdimethyl: ok02:45
kemikTheGnome:  why didnt you want it permanently ?02:45
dimethyllike, am i supposed to add servers to the sources.list?02:45
=== jack|ass [i=jack@osu/cloaked] has joined #ubuntu
=== Silmaris [i=vampyre@m28.net81-66-180.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
jack|assdid hoary become stable?02:45
TheGnomekemik, ok i will try it......what file do i put that in?02:46
LinuxJonesgmoore, although not recommended here is ubuntuguide.org's proftp info >> http://ubuntuguide.org/#installftpserver    It should get you up and running02:46
kemikTheGnome:  /etc/hdparm.conf02:46
dimethylcan anyone tell me why i need the ubuntu install cdrom sometimes when i install packages/02:46
jtan325jbull, what are these cairo problems?02:46
jtan325i'm seriously condsidering upgrading repos to breezy02:47
gmooreLinuxJones: only has stuff that i've already done :02:47
jtan325but i gotta make sure the problems ain't so bad02:47
TheGnomekemik, everything is commented out?02:47
dimethylis it supposed to ask for the cd?02:47
LinuxJonesgmoore, did you restart the proftpd server after making the changes ?02:47
jbulljtan325:  for me, the only problem im having is that evince crashes on startup02:48
=== totoo [n=eeerr@] has joined #ubuntu
gmooreon port 21 it won't even reply locally02:48
=== WhyvasMCT [i=WhyvasMc@CPE0011956b6d05-CM0012c90f3c92.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
kemikTheGnome:  well you add those lines i gave you at the end02:48
=== NatureTruth [n=Choo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== scorpix [n=scorpix@as8-46.qualitynet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== MrPockets [n=alex@CPE-69-23-87-53.new.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
kemikTheGnome:  and yes, my hdparm.conf is full of stuff that's commented-out02:48
NatureTruthhelp!  I need the kernel source for kernel 2.10, how do I install it?02:48
gmoorestarted proftpd on port 21 and typed 'ftp localhost 21' gives me 421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection02:48
=== goodwill [n=goodwill@netblock-66-245-193-93.dslextreme.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== din_bbl is now known as din
Wanderer_Ok. I'm back, Linux Jones. Did you see my problem post back a 1000 lines or so?02:48
=== goodwill [n=goodwill@netblock-66-245-193-93.dslextreme.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== totoo [i=debian-t@tor/session/x-332a7457cb3e7a49] has joined #ubuntu
TheGnomekemik, do i have to reboot?02:49
BTJusticeI went to this webpage and followed the directions in the first post to get my SB Live! 7.1 24 to work, but the sound is real choppy and scratchy.  Do I need to change a setting or something?  I use Kubuntu.  The webpage is http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1930702:49
=== jack|ass [i=jack@osu/cloaked] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
dimethylcan someone please message me their sources.list , mine is fsck'd up02:49
NatureTruthhelp!  I need to compile a new version of Alsa from source and it needs the kernel source, how do I install it?  It's not in synaptic02:50
gmoorelinux would you mind if i pmed you with the server info and you could try connecting? it's possible my friend just has a crappy client or router himself and the problem isn't on my end.02:50
hardw1reapt-cache search alsa02:50
kemikTheGnome:  i'm afraid so, i dont know anyother way02:50
hardw1rein root console02:50
TheGnomekemik, ok brb02:51
kemikTheGnome:  and it'll probably display an error, but DMA will be enabled...02:51
Wanderer_Ohhhhh...Liiiiinnniiix! Lllliiinniiix Joooohnnns!02:51
=== din is now known as din_bbs
jtan325Seveas, or bob2, what's the status of breezy if you guys are there?02:51
LinuxJonesgmoore, I haven't run an ftp server in like 7 years so i wouldn't be much help02:52
LinuxJonesWanderer_, 1 more time :)02:53
gmooreLinuxJones: just want to see if you can connect though and what error you get if any so i can tell if its me or him02:53
Wanderer_My Problem?02:53
LinuxJonesWanderer_, yes02:53
dimethylbt, i keep hitting accept but its not working02:53
LinuxJonesgmoore, It's probably you02:53
LinuxJonesgmoore, can you connect to it yourself ?02:53
=== coconut [n=alex@185.Red-80-39-249.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
gmooreboth localhost (on the ubuntu machine) and network (winxp machine) connect fine02:54
BTJusticePM me02:54
=== brittle [n=brittle@adsl-69-225-69-249.dsl.skt2ca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesgmoore, ok I will try02:54
gmoorealso connecting to my external ip address through the xp machine works as well02:54
LinuxJonesgmoore, are you behind a firewall ?02:54
gmooreyes and the ports are forwarded02:54
=== TheGnome [n=ray@c-24-128-148-122.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
TheGnomekemik, didnt work02:55
kemikTheGnome:  what does "hdparm -d /dev/hda" say ?02:55
LinuxJonesgmoore, 1 sec02:55
TheGnome using_dma    =  0 (off)02:55
kemikTheGnome:  do you have an AMD ?02:56
kemikTheGnome:  there's alot of stuff about your problem in http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-30949.html02:56
LinuxJonesgmoore, I logged in02:56
jedixanyone use transgaming?02:57
kemikTheGnome:  and this thread http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=93238#post9323802:57
LinuxJonesgmoore, it's veryyyyy slow02:57
=== omp342 [n=chatzill@66-215-19-141.dhcp.gldl.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== totoo [n=eeerr@tor/session/x-c644e2b8824dc61f] has joined #ubuntu
gmooredid it work at all?02:58
=== ralph1 [n=ralph1@66-214-31-61.dhcp.lnbh.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
dimethyldoes anyone know what package libz is in?02:58
=== AlohaWulf [n=AlohaWol@cpe-67-49-100-169.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesgmoore, why do you have a .nl ftp site if you have a .ca ip address ?02:59
gmoore.nu, free dns forwarding02:59
=== dabar [n=dbernar1@wnpgmb02dc1-184-152.dynamic.mts.net] has joined #ubuntu
cyphasehow could i find all the symbolic links on my hard drive?02:59
cyphasewould i have to create a custom program?02:59
dabarI just wanted to point out a cindy crawford smiley I just came up with...altho, I am sure it was done before....     :-./   :-.)03:00
zerboxxHow do I install a .deb file?03:00
gmooredpkg -i filename.deb03:00
uboturumour has it, dpkg is the Debian Package Manager: sudo dpkg --install package.deb03:00
dabarzerboxx: cant you install from repositories?03:00
=== cute_bettong [n=shane@24-177-160-171.dhcp.mrqt.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
zerboxxdabar: I should :)03:01
zerboxxdabar: I'm looking for a python file which should be with bitorrent, but it's not03:01
dabarnoone thinks the cindy crawford smileys are funny, or are those common practice?03:01
cute_bettongis there a why to check the integrety  of the ubuntu installed os?03:01
dabarzerboxx: used synaptics search?03:01
=== coconut [n=alex@185.Red-80-39-249.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
zerboxxdabar: yup..pretty sure anyways03:01
=== darkheart [n=darkhear@cpe-24-170-59-251.stx.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesgmoore, have you checked your directory/fiel permissions on your ftp folder ?03:01
Wanderer_I get to the screen where you press ENTER to run the default setup. I do so, and the installer displays stuff informing me that it's decompressing this and that. It then displays a message having something to do with the kernel (I don't know for sure the specific contense of the message due to the fact it dissappears approx. 1.5 seconds after it is displayed). The computer then reboots,...03:02
=== syM [n=syM@jack.nitronet.org] has joined #ubuntu
Wanderer_...rereads the cd, and then plops me down in front of the beginning screen again! It repeats this process ad infintium, until I get too disgusted and eject it from the drive, at which time I reboot and load up Windows.03:02
gmooreyes because i can connect to both the internal network address from the router and the same address i gave you, and both work03:02
TheGnomekemik, found out03:02
dabarI cant believe noone likes the Cindy Crwaford smileys...03:02
=== dabar [n=dbernar1@wnpgmb02dc1-184-152.dynamic.mts.net] has left #ubuntu []
zerboxxdabar: http://www.torrentflux.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=10 I'm on step 4 :)03:02
kemikTheGnome:  good =)03:02
TheGnomekemik, was a problem in my etc/modules03:02
TheGnomekemik, thanks for the links03:02
cute_bettongso anyone know the answer to my question?03:03
kemikTheGnome:  np.. now it's time to sleep03:03
Wanderer_Linux Jones?03:03
sambagirlcube_bettong, if it boots up and you can login i would say it works :)03:04
Wanderer_Mr. Jones?03:04
=== letschatt [n=root@CPE000d3a6e09cc-CM013379905037.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
BTJusticeI went to this webpage and followed the directions in the first post to get my SB Live! 7.1 24 to work, but the sound is real choppy and scratchy.  Do I need to change a setting or something?  I use Kubuntu.  The webpage is http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1930703:05
tristanmikeWanderer_, just wait a sec, he might be reading something03:05
letschatthi guys. can someone personal message me - i am a ubuntu newbie and need some help in compiling a driver03:05
LinuxJonesWanderer_, have you tried to look at your cdrom to see if it's got a scratch on it or maybe the cd is burned incorrectly (there were errors)03:05
darkheartletschatt Driver for what?03:05
letschatti keep getting stdlib.h no such file or directory03:05
letschatti have cpp and gcc03:05
letschattfor my wireless network card03:05
=== ian [n=ian@] has joined #ubuntu
letschatta friend of mine got it working on kubuntu03:06
kemikletschatt is lucky this isnt #debian.. irc'ing as root is forbidden there.. :)03:06
=== tahooie [n=tahooie@] has joined #ubuntu
Wanderer_It was not burned got it from a friend, who got it through the mail from Canonical.03:06
ianhow do i restart my gnome GUI?03:06
kemikletschatt:  get "build-essential"03:06
ianhow do i restart my gnome GUI? or refresh it?03:06
darkheartYeah root is bad =P03:06
letschattyeah i know the rules guys03:06
LinuxJonesWanderer_, were you ever messing about with your systems bios ?03:06
letschattnot a linux newbie but i got soo sick and tired of sudo honestly speaking03:06
letschattis that a package build-essential?03:07
darkheartian If you hit ctrl+alt+backspace it will shut down your X server, but beware, it will close everything.03:07
kemikletschatt:  apt-get that, yes03:07
LinuxJonesWanderer_, have you ever looked around in there /03:07
kemiki've learned to live with sudo actually03:07
iandarkheart: how ill i go back in GUI?03:07
darkheartletschatt Why do you have to IRC with root permissions?03:07
cute_bettongwhat is a bogofilter file?03:07
darkheartian If you are running GDM it will automatically start back up. If not, just type 'startx' at the prompt.03:08
letschatti don't have to but i see right now i was doing a sh*tload of modprobing and makes and stuff03:08
=== cpdiety [n=cpdiety@jpi-min-160-122.dmisinetworks.net] has joined #ubuntu
alecian: to restart X, hit ctrl-alt-backspace03:08
Wanderer_Yeah, but I was afraid to touch anything.03:08
=== OwnageLinux [n=matthew@ool-182e6543.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
letschattand i got sick and tired of not having root to do all this03:08
gmooreLinuxJones i figured out the problem, the machine is sending out its INTERNAL ip address instead of the external one to the client for forming a port command.03:08
darkheartletschatt i see.03:08
letschattanyway that's not what i am here to debate03:08
LinuxJonesgmoore, ohh so it's working now ?03:08
OwnageLinuxGuys do you know how to use the direct connect in gaim or if there is a direct connect in gaim03:08
letschattstarting off 1. can someone give me ONE friggin source that actually works? i can't find any package at all03:08
letschatti can't find build-essentials no candidate03:09
gmooreLinuxJones: no not yet but i know that's the problem now. i need to convince my ubuntu machine to send titaniumone.mine.nu or my external ip instead of
OwnageLinuxGuys do you know how to use the direct connect in gaim or if there is a direct connect in gaim03:09
apokryphosletschatt: it's build-essential03:09
darkheartOwnageLinux Just right click on a contact's name and choose "Direct IM"03:09
tristanmikeWanderer_ are you set to boot from cd?03:09
apokryphos!info build-essential03:09
ubotubuild-essential: (informational list of build-essential packages), section devel, is optional. Version: 10.1ubuntu1 (hoary), Packaged size: 6 kB, Installed size: 48 kB03:09
=== n1xt3r_ [n=kevin@cpe-24-93-127-35.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesgmoore, that's a good start :003:09
apokryphosletschatt: and it's in main03:09
OwnageLinuxdarkheart there is no direct im option03:09
gmooreLinuxJones: do you think editing /etc/hosts would do?03:09
=== gentoo_junkie [n=bob@bwCable1-215.fctvplus.net] has joined #ubuntu
OwnageLinuxwait nvm dark.... thnx03:10
letschattsorry that's what i used build-essential03:10
OwnageLinuxi found it03:10
=== dulouz [n=dulouz@dsl254-119-219.nyc1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
Wanderer_I didn't have to "set" it to anything. It just automatically read the cd on boot up and loaded the begining.03:10
=== dulouz [n=dulouz@dsl254-119-219.nyc1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
apokryphosletschatt: and what's the error?03:10
kemikletschatt:  then your sources.list is fubar03:10
hardw1rewhats the reconfigure command again so then i can reconfigure nvidia when i change my kernel?03:10
LinuxJonesgmoore, honestly I have had too many beer :)03:10
ubotukemik: No idea03:10
ubotusources are at http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/AddingRepositoriesHowto A list of official repositories can be found at http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/96903:10
tristanmikeWanderer_ that could be your problem, in the BIOS, it needs to be set to boot from CD03:10
ubotuhardw1re: Syntax error in line 103:10
letschattE: Package build-essential has no installation candidate03:10
=== regeya [n=shane@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
=== cute_bettong [n=shane@24-177-160-171.dhcp.mrqt.mi.charter.com] has left #ubuntu []
apokryphosletschatt: are you on hoary?03:11
tristanmikeLinuxJones, is that possible?03:11
darkheart!tell letschatt about repositories03:11
=== Freduardo_ [n=Freduard@kotnet-148.kulnet.kuleuven.be] has joined #ubuntu
benplautThe page you thought Ben had in store,03:11
benplautIt never was, or is no more-03:11
benplautQuoth the server, 404!03:11
=== thierry [n=thierry@modemcable211.48-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesgmoore, so your behind a router ?03:11
Wanderer_OK...Let me try that right quick...03:11
benplautthat's what my site was needing :P03:11
apokryphosletschatt: pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list03:11
darkheartletschatt Try installing the repos from what ubotu sent you.03:11
=== ChurcH_of_FoamY [n=shane@24-177-160-171.dhcp.mrqt.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
letschattapork it's big i do'nt wanna spam03:11
BTJusticeI went to this webpage and followed the directions in the first post to get my SB Live! 7.1 24 to work, but the sound is real choppy and scratchy.  Do I need to change a setting or something?  I use Kubuntu.  The webpage is http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1930703:11
apokryphosletschatt: hence I said use pastebin :)03:11
ubotupaste is probably please use http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/ or #flood to paste large amounts of text03:12
LinuxJonestristanmike, yeah maybe03:12
=== glick [n=noobia@cpe-24-193-254-95.ucwphilly.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== |Greg| [n=greg@user-3832.l4a.c1.dsl.pol.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
ChurcH_of_FoamYis it really bad to get errors in the final stages of setup just before ubuntu boots for the first time?03:12
glickhey i have a single server with 1gig ram and an 800mhz cpu03:12
ChurcH_of_FoamYwhen it's downloading things03:12
jtan325more than likely, yes03:12
glickis it ok to put more then one services per machine/03:13
=== Silmaris [i=vampyre@m28.net81-66-180.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
ChurcH_of_FoamYsomething about an early file termination03:13
darkheartglick More than one service?03:13
ChurcH_of_FoamYduring the download procces just before ubuntu boots for the first time03:13
glickdarkheart, yeah running more than one server03:13
fissyare you running the pentagon or your personal mail server?03:13
ubercompusergood html editor?03:14
darkheartglick What kind of server?03:14
glicklike cvs, web, ssh, etc03:14
=== Silmaris- [i=vampyre@m28.net81-66-180.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
letschatti've never used x-chat pokry i've been using linux on and off for 3 years this is my first time full time i also run win 200003:14
LinuxJonestristanmike, I think it's more like a whacky setting in the bios, I did an install for my nephew and a bios reset was all that was needed to get a usb mouse working (I dunno what he did but turned off support I guess )03:14
glickall in one03:14
ChurcH_of_FoamYis there a way to make ubuntu check it's self?03:14
darkheartglick No, that's what Linux is made for =) Running services haha.03:14
apokryphosubercompuser: best IMO is Quanta+03:14
=== Edddie [n=admin@ool-18bc1f4e.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
benplautubercompuser, try bluefish03:14
glickdarkheart, yeah but i mean is it generally to run multiple things on one server03:14
LinuxJonesChurcH_of_FoamY, you mena to make sure integrity of it's files and whatnot ?03:14
ubercompuserall i see is just quanta not quanta+03:14
glickis it a good idea to do so?03:14
tristanmikeLinuxJones, my friend is haveing virtually the same problem but his screen goes to prompt after the Install Splash Screen, no reboot...I can't figure it out03:15
benplautubercompuser, or just use a regular text editor...03:15
darkheartglick Yes, it is no problem to run multiple services.03:15
ubercompuseri would liket something that is dedicate html editor03:15
ubercompuserkinda like dreamweavor03:15
ChurcH_of_FoamYLinuxJones:  yes03:15
darkheartglick Of course, you have to take into account the box you are using and how much service you are providing.03:15
jtan325ChurcH_of_FoamY, bluefish03:16
nudnickanyone looking to help a newb out who is having some hardware compatibility issues with his system?03:16
EdddieHey guys, I just got a new HDD and I was wondering what I have to add to /etc/fstab to mount it?03:16
ChurcH_of_FoamYit's a customers computer i'm putting ubuntu on03:16
=== spermie [n=spermie@69-172-40-18.frdrmd.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
glickdarkheart, wouldnt be much, maybe a couple of people 10 max03:16
spermiehow do i edit apt?03:16
=== surfdue_ [n=surfdue@user-0c6t1g9.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
darkheartglick No problem at all.03:16
surfdue_is there a free graphics program03:17
surfdue_like photoshop03:17
surfdue_for linux03:17
ChurcH_of_FoamYand it's taht box that has errors03:17
LinuxJonesChurcH_of_FoamY, after a fresh install you can install a file integrity checker (aide) then it will go over your system and record md5 checksum's of all your important file that you can check later (via cron job, [mailing your the results] ) to verify your system hasn't been rooted or modified without your permission.03:17
darkheartglick What are the specs on the box?03:17
=== nekohayo [n=nekohayo@ip216-239-83-43.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
ubercompusersurfdue_, gimp03:17
zerboxxI'm trying to install something which requires "btphptorrent.py" but I can't find it on my system, even though I have bittorrent, whats wrong???03:17
surfdue_how do i make it one window03:17
ChurcH_of_FoamYLinuxJones:  ok you have my attention how to do this ^_^03:17
glickdarkheart, 1 gig of ram 850mhz cpu 150gig harddrive space across two disks,03:17
ubercompuseru cant03:17
LinuxJonestristanmike, his video driver is not set correctly03:17
ubercompuserit is designed to only work in mutiple windows. i personally like that03:18
BTJusticeI went to this webpage and followed the directions in the first post to get my SB Live! 7.1 24 to work, but the sound is real choppy and scratchy.  Do I need to change a setting or something?  I use Kubuntu.  The webpage is http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1930703:18
darkheartglick No problem at all. Overkill in fact =P03:18
EdddieHey guys, I just got a new HDD and I was wondering what I have to add to /etc/fstab to mount it?03:18
ChurcH_of_FoamYoh >.< well needless to say the box is sitting next to me on my work table03:18
glickcause i have so many damn computeres i dont know what to do with, i am selling a couple03:18
ChurcH_of_FoamYand i just installed ubuntu and it does have errors03:18
glickcause im moving out of this shithole in 9 months and dont want to lug around 6 computers03:18
darkheartglick Not really overkill, but that would be perfect for everything to run smooth.03:18
=== Silmaris [i=vampyre@m28.net81-66-180.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
nudnickanyone looking to help a newb out who is having some hardware compatibility issues with his system?03:18
darkheartnudnick What's the issue?03:19
=== ep [n=ep@ip68-97-122-98.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
glickthanks darkheart03:19
=== surfdue_ [n=surfdue@user-0c6t1g9.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
darkheartglick Np.03:19
ChurcH_of_FoamYand for my computer what type of card should i get for a wireless router? 801.11B?03:19
nudnickdarkheart. i'm not 100% sure03:20
darkheartChurcH_of_FoamY What kind of wireless connection does your router provide? =)03:20
ChurcH_of_FoamYi want something that won't give me problems03:20
nudnickthats why i need help :o03:20
darkheartnudnick Okay, what are you trying to do, and what is happening instead?03:20
=== Robinho_Peixoto [n=robinho@] has joined #ubuntu
ChurcH_of_FoamYit's a belkin wireless router with 801.11B03:20
LinuxJonesChurcH_of_FoamY, there are good tutorials on aide from google...there is nothing to it really. Update the database after a fresh install , it will spit out a database of your system. Then periodically run a comparison (via cron job) and it will mail the admin a summary of the differnences (if any). Best to search google or check the aide howto.03:20
glicki think you probably want a G wireless card03:20
glickalthough i have a B03:20
ChurcH_of_FoamYok thanc03:20
glickjust dont have the money or desire to buy a new wireless card03:21
jtan325B usually serves the purpose03:21
BTJusticeD-Link DWL-G520 is good wireless card03:21
glickget senao03:21
darkheartChurcH_of_FoamY Make sure you check your router too...See what type it uses.03:21
ChurcH_of_FoamYdoes it work out of the box?03:21
nudnickdarkheart, will you be around tomorrow? turns out its later than i thought and i need to g03:21
=== Wanderer_ [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu
glicki have an engenious card03:21
ChurcH_of_FoamYso the card is dependant on the router type?03:21
LinuxJonestristanmike, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and select vesa as the video driver (accept defaults on everyting else) Then issue the command sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart03:21
ChurcH_of_FoamYglick what kinda card you have?03:21
darkheartnudnick I may or may not (wife gets testy for some reason when I'm on the computer during the weekend =P), but I'm sure someone can help you tomorrow anyway =)03:22
BTJusticeMine did, but I had to do this... http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=5816803:22
Wanderer_TristanMike, It didn't work.03:22
glickChurcH_of_FoamY, senao/engenious03:22
glickChurcH_of_FoamY, netgate.net03:22
ChurcH_of_FoamYok and thats a good card? that works outta the box?03:22
ChurcH_of_FoamYwith ubuntu03:22
glickChurcH_of_FoamY, sorry netgate.com03:22
tristanmikeWanderer_, ummm, same thing/03:23
ubercompuserWOOOOT! quanta is better than when i first played around with it. any idot can figure out how to use it with ease03:23
ChurcH_of_FoamYand what should i look for on the router to help me determine what type of card to get?03:23
ChurcH_of_FoamYbesides brand03:23
=== dfeed [n=james@] has joined #ubuntu
Wanderer_Google it?03:23
tristanmikeLinuxJones, is that at the prompt?03:23
ubercompuserChurcH_of_FoamY, have you thought about using something like smoothwall,ipcop or redwall???03:24
dimethylhey, i am trying to install a special package, and i get this output Depends: libvorbis0a (>= 1.1.0) but 1.0.1-1 is to be installed, how can i get version 1.1.0 ???03:24
ChurcH_of_FoamYi don't even know what those are >.<03:24
tristanmikeWanderer_, did the samething happen?03:24
ChurcH_of_FoamYi'm still learning linux03:24
darkheartAnyone ever have an issue w/ flash and firefox where some flash pages are half greyed out?03:24
dimethylanyone know how i can switch to the more experimental packages in my sources.list?03:25
ChurcH_of_FoamYi love it though it's a 100% better than winsux haxp03:25
tristanmikeWanderer_, and you removed the hard drive completly from start up?03:25
=== ColonelKernel [i=ishai@24-205-124-191.dhcp.hspr.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
darkheartdimethyl I suppose you could add the Breezy repos to your sources.list03:25
ubercompuserChurcH_of_FoamY,  those are firewalls that can be installed on a computer. if you have a spare OLD computer laying around, install it in that and it will be better than any consumer grade firewall!!!03:25
Wanderer_No, I just made it the first thing to boot from.03:25
=== beekay [n=beekay@ool-18bd7d47.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
dimethylthanks darkheart03:26
darkheartIf I was going to create a firewall out of an old computer, I think I would run pf on OpenBSD.03:26
tristanmikeLinuxJones, that command, reconfigure x-server, is that at the promt he gets?03:26
ChurcH_of_FoamYi might have a box for that but i need the router becuase of the computers on my network03:26
ubercompuserand u cant know nothing about linux and use it easily03:26
beekaycan anyone help me with my video card's 3d accel?03:26
dfeedhi all, my system seems to have become confused and is refusing to eject the cd I was playing. Any ideas how I can sort this out without rebooting?03:26
beekayeven giving a link would help03:26
darkheartdimethyl Np, but it may not be that simple..You might want to google that..Could break things if you're not careful.03:26
ChurcH_of_FoamYi not only run customers boxes when i build them i also run my own as well03:26
=== bosewicht [n=bosewich@pdpc/supporter/student/bosewicht] has joined #ubuntu
ubercompuserthe computer that has in intalled would take place of a router03:26
jbulldfeed:  sudo eject /dev/yourcddrive not working?03:26
alecdfeed: when you say eject, do you mean with the gnome menu or with the physical eject button?03:26
ChurcH_of_FoamYhow does that work multiple nicks?03:27
ubercompuserall you need is a CHEAP $20 and less switch03:27
ChurcH_of_FoamYhow does the box act as a router does it have multiple ethernet cards or something?03:27
beekaycan someone help me get my video card's 3d acceleration working?03:27
dfeedjbull: thanks, I hadn't realised I needed to run that as root03:27
darkheartalec Wouldn't it be the same issue either way?03:27
EdddieHey guys, I just got a new HDD and I was wondering what I have to add to /etc/fstab to mount it?03:27
ubercompuserall u need it two03:27
ChurcH_of_FoamYoh wow03:27
darkheartbeekay What kind of card?03:27
ChurcH_of_FoamYthats cool03:27
ubercompuserone goes to the switch and one to the modem03:28
LinuxJonestristanmike, yes03:28
beekayati 960003:28
ChurcH_of_FoamYand this can run on my cablemodem as well?03:28
darkheartEdddie You gotta format it first.03:28
=== DekaPink [n=Nanami@brndmb02dc1-219-224.dynamic.mts.net] has joined #ubuntu
alecdarkheart: no, because if the filesystem is mounted it probably won't let him eject with the physical button03:28
ubercompuserit should03:28
darkheart!tell beekay about ati03:28
ubercompuseras long as it has ethernet03:28
=== gerardocb [n=gcontrer@] has left #ubuntu []
tristanmikeWanderer_, you removed the hard drive completely from the startup options?03:28
darkheartbeekay Read the guide that ubotu sent you03:28
ubuntuuserhi is anyone familiar with installing apache on ubuntu?03:28
ubercompuserdoes it?03:28
ChurcH_of_FoamYthats awsome although i just bought this router brand new in the box for 10.00 and 5.00 s&h03:29
darkheartalec I suppose you're right if he manually mounted it himself.03:29
Wanderer_TristanMike: No, I just made cd drive the first thing to boot from.03:29
ubercompuserok.... what type03:29
ChurcH_of_FoamYand the guy on ebay has like 4 of them left03:29
EdddieI did darkheart but I need to add it to /etc/fstab03:29
ubercompuser( i have a backup router if ipcop goes down)03:29
BTJusticeI went to this webpage and followed the directions in the first post to get my SB Live! 7.1 24 to work, but the sound is real choppy and scratchy.  Do I need to change a setting or something?  I use Kubuntu.  The webpage is http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1930703:30
darkheartEdddie What fs did you format it on?03:30
darkheartEdddie as*03:30
tristanmikeWanderer_, take it out all together, and if it works, when you reboot, go back into the BIOS and put it back to the original configuration03:30
ChurcH_of_FoamYi can do better than that i can give you his email addy cause he told me if i wanted more he'd sell them off of ebay ^_^03:30
Wanderer_OK. I'll give it a try.03:30
tristanmikeI gotta step out for a minute03:31
dfeedalec, darkheart: essentially, what happened was that I had one cd playing, which got mounted at some point. changed it to another with no problems, then when I tried to eject that one (in gnome and through the eject command) it wouldn't let me. running eject through sudo worked though.03:31
ubercompuseri dont want one, i just want to see what u bought03:31
ChurcH_of_FoamYoh ok03:31
=== novakl [i=novakl@osu/cloaked] has joined #ubuntu
darkheartdfeed You don't mount audio CDs, btw.03:31
ChurcH_of_FoamYO_o stupid link is way big >.<03:31
=== n1xt3r_ [n=kevin@cpe-24-93-127-35.columbus.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== b3nw [n=m@242-122.26-24.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
ChurcH_of_FoamYithink it's a nice router (crosses fingers)03:31
dfeeddarkheart: I didn't mean to. Misclicked on the open command in gnome, which seemed to mount it.03:32
ubercompuserNONONONO ChurcH_of_FoamY  throw it OUT the window NOW03:32
darkheartdfeed I see...Well, just for future reference anyway =) It won't play if you mount it.03:32
ChurcH_of_FoamYO_o why?03:32
ChurcH_of_FoamYis it no good?03:32
ubercompuseri had to rma one and it was broken badily and the replacement had the same problem03:32
ChurcH_of_FoamYoh shit03:32
Edddiedarkheart: I just want it to work, I think it's fat32 right now, I'll change it later but can I keep it dynamic?03:33
ubercompuseri could write a book about my expirence with it03:33
ChurcH_of_FoamYi don't think the guy has a refund policy >.<03:33
ChurcH_of_FoamYi thought belkin was a good brand?03:33
darkheartEdddie Dynamic? Not sure what you mean. Do you know which device it is? (/dev/something)03:33
=== b3nw [n=m@242-122.26-24.tampabay.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== FlyingSquirrel32 [n=FlyingSq@ool-4571f2e3.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuI don't know, hardw1re03:34
hardw1rewhats the pkg reconfigure command?03:34
Edddieyes it's /dev/hdb03:34
ubotuhardw1re: I don't know03:34
darkhearthardw1re dpkg-reconfigure03:34
=== Pogopuschel-- [n=zovax@p54AF2ACE.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
kemikNFS uses UDP by default?03:34
ChurcH_of_FoamYso that routers pritty much crap? dam it the only thing i could afford >.<03:34
hardw1reso if i change kernel i need to do dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-kernel ?03:34
hardw1reyou bought a belkin product...03:35
darkhearthardw1re Err..that I'm not sure of. But sounds close to the mark. gonna have to reconfigure something =)03:35
=== hardw1re sniggers
=== svizzero [n=svizzero@host47-114.pool8259.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
gmooreanyone familiar with proftpd+a router? i'm still trying to get it to work. i have the server set to allowforeignaddresses, masqueradeaddress to my ip, and bind to my ip. all needed ports are forwarded, but people who try to connect still get error 425 could not build data connection. what the hell :(03:35
ChurcH_of_FoamYyea cause i can't afford to get a better one and i diden't know >.<03:35
dubniumi have a few shitty belkin peripreals03:35
ChurcH_of_FoamYright now i have a d-link di-604 router03:36
ubercompuserit has locked up many of times, it has make computers dissapear on the network,  wont give me a ip address some times, it would have WEAK  attennas, signal would fluxiuate from high to drop, running as a AP is useless , it is hard to change back to factory settings and most of the times is would not allow for me to login like it would say there was a duplicate admin or wrong password. i would sometimes set the password as 1 and i03:36
ubercompuserwould log back on and it would forget that password.03:36
svizzeroanyone knows how to solve the following eclipse/sun jdk error:03:36
svizzeroActivation.main: warning: sun.rmi.activation.execPolicy system03:36
svizzeroproperty unspecified and no ExecPermissions/ExecOptionPermissions03:36
svizzerogranted; subsequent activation attempts may fail due to unsuccessful03:36
svizzeroExecPermission/ExecOptionPermission permission checks. For03:36
darkheartgmoore Honestly, you'd be better asking that in #proftpd03:36
svizzerodocumentation on how to configure rmid security, refer to: ?03:36
=== n17r0 [n=n17r0@s5590409d.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu
gmooredarkheart: noone is there :)03:36
ubercompusersry bouth the long post03:36
darkheartsvizzero Don't paste in the channel03:36
darkheartgmoore Oh =)03:36
hardw1rewe're using a BT Voyager 240 Router/Modem03:36
=== rob^ [n=rob@pdpc/supporter/student/rob-ubuntu] has joined #ubuntu
=== biscuit_ [n=biscuit@1Cust6643.an3.dca16.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
biscuit_I finally got my internal audio card to work!03:37
darkheartsvizzero Np, next time use #flood or pastebin03:37
=== darkheart congratulates biscuit_
ChurcH_of_FoamYman i can't beleve this whats so bad about belkin i got it becuase the advertisement said it was linux compatable03:37
dubniumanyone know much about bluez (bluetooth) packages? theres an install conflict with bluez-sdp and bluez-utils03:37
=== n1xt3r_ [n=kevin@cpe-24-93-127-35.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
ubercompuserChurcH_of_FoamY, i have a di-604 as a backup under my bed. it has been flawless. HIGHLY recommended03:37
darkheartgmoore Which ports are you using?03:37
=== bosewicht [n=bosewich@pdpc/supporter/student/bosewicht] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
ChurcH_of_FoamY>.< the port forwarding is shot on it03:37
ChurcH_of_FoamYthats why i'm getting a new one03:38
gmooredarkheart 4096 and it's forwarded by my router03:38
ubercompuseron it di?03:38
=== berny [n=berny@host163.200-43-229.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
=== alec [n=alec@splinter.bowdoin.edu] has left #ubuntu []
biscuit_Does anyone use Linuxant?03:38
darkheartgmoore and you're not running a firewall on your box correct?03:38
ubercompuserhave u set the box to factory defaults?03:38
dfeedChurcH_of_FoamY: I'm still bitter at belkin from having to compile random drivers to get my wireless card working.03:38
gmooredarkheart: fresh ubuntu install so i don't think so03:38
ChurcH_of_FoamYdo you have to use there cards with the router or can i mix and match?03:39
ubercompusermix and match03:39
ChurcH_of_FoamYlike the router and oh say a d-link wireless card03:39
=== guto [n=guto@] has joined #ubuntu
ChurcH_of_FoamYok cool03:39
gmooredarkheart: im on a network and this computer (winxp) can connect to the ubuntu ftp server both internally (192.168.x.x) and externally (24.x.x.x) so the server works... it's just some port stupidity.03:39
ubercompuserwhen i did have a wireless network i have two linksys cards.03:39
svizzeroe : Eclipse project http://www.eclipse.org - latest stable release: 3.1.0; latest development release: 3.2 M103:39
svizzero* Argomento per #eclipse scelto da vektor il Sun Aug 14 18:06:54 200503:39
svizzerosvizzero svizzero anyone knows how to solve the following eclipse/sun jdk error:  Activation.main: warning: sun.rmi.activation.execPolicy system property unspecified...?03:39
=== beekay [n=beekay@ool-18bd7d47.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
beekaythank you very much for that ati fix03:40
ubercompuseri trust wired networks over wireless03:40
beekayhow come so many people complain about it if its that easy to fix03:40
=== neighborle1 [n=neighbor@d23-73.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
darkheartgmoore Okay, this is what I get: 421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection03:40
ubercompuserbut u cant give the belkin a go if u dare?03:40
gmooredarkheart are you sure you used the right port? its not running on 2103:41
=== biscuit__ [n=biscuit@1Cust7177.an3.dca16.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
darkheartbeekay You got it working? =) that's good. People have different setups and get different problems.03:41
=== neighborle1 [n=neighbor@d23-73.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has left #ubuntu []
darkheartgmoore LoL sorry, my mistake.03:41
biscuit__Does anyone use Linuxant?03:41
beekayyes it was so simple03:41
beekaythank you03:41
beekaythat was great03:41
=== Wanderer_ [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu
reikianyone else have Spamassassin working with Evolution? It's kinda slow. Wondering if anyone's found a way to speed it up.03:42
darkheartbeekay Glad you got it working.03:42
Wanderer_It still didn't work, TristanMike.03:42
ubercompuseri swore off belkin network products FOREVER, but there other products are great03:42
darkheartreiki SpamAssassin can take a bit of resource...Do you know how it is called?03:42
Ice9alright, who can help me with my ati radeon 9250 problem? I've tried just about everything to get 3d acceleration working03:42
dubniumi only bought belkin stuff cause it was cheap... you get what u pay for03:42
reikidarkheart: : I know how *I'm* calling it. Not sure I understand your question03:42
=== jono [n=jono@dsl-80-43-180-93.access.as9105.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
darkheartreiki How are you calling it then?03:43
biscuit__Do USB modems work well with linux?03:43
darkheartgmoore I'm getting that build data connection error.03:43
ubercompuseri bought 50ft of belkin ehternet cable and it couldnt be better. but wireless is a different subject03:43
gmooredarkheart:       horror :(03:43
ubercompuseruse ethernet if you can03:43
reikidarkheart: I'm piping incoming messages (using a filter in Evolution) through /usr/bin/spamassassin -P -e --local03:43
ChurcH_of_FoamYwell i found a really good review website for this router and i'm reading it now03:44
darkheartgmoore Hmm...I recall ftp requiring another 'data' port...I think that's what's being blocked. Typically you connect on 21 and the data connection is on 2203:45
ubercompuserwell like i said u can give it a spin and see how it works for you.03:45
gmooreoh god i just checked castaglia's guide03:45
gmooreit seems i've done everything right except this step:03:45
gmoore"However, one big problem still exists. The passive FTP connections will use ports from 1024 and up, which means that you must forward all ports 1024-65535 from the NAT to the FTP server! "03:45
gmoorethat would probably be the cause of my problems. :O03:45
darkheartgmoore LoL...Don't use PASV then, use PORT>03:45
darkheartreiki By slow...how slow is that?03:46
darkheartreiki Or..how slow is slow?03:46
=== hopeng [n=felix@] has joined #ubuntu
biscuit__56k is just a tiny bit slow (Being sarcastic)03:46
darkheartreiki Are you attached to Evolution?03:46
reikidarkheart: takes about 2 or 3 seconds per email when I hit my pop server03:46
gutois there any guy here that has a v2311us laptop?03:47
darkheartreiki That sounds right, depending on how SpamAssassin is check it for spam. Are you using network tests?03:47
gmooreoh god, darkheart i think i may have fixed it. can you try reconnecting?03:47
reikidarkheart: define "attached" to Evolution please03:47
biscuit__guto: Why do you ask03:47
darkheartgmoore Sure thing.03:47
reikidarkheart: it didn't seem to make a difference adding the --local parm. I thought that would tell it to stay local and not go network03:47
gutoi am trying to get my broadcom wireless card working03:47
=== incubii [n=incubii@iBurst-034.isp.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== felesh [n=felesh@137.Red-81-38-69.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
darkheartgmoore I get a "500 Illegal PORT command, ftp: bind: Address already in use", but it's a step forward =) different error.03:48
reikidarkheart: so I'm thinking it's that slow just using --local which it's SUPPOSED to do by default if available03:48
gmooredarkheart: okay i think i just fixed that as well :) one more reconnec03:48
gutobiscuit_, do you have one?03:48
darkheartreiki No, that's not the correct switch to disable network tests, I don't think.03:49
Wanderer_TRISTAN MIKE!03:49
reikidarkheart: but at least it's working... which seems to be a giant step forward. And very simple to implement03:49
=== shazan25 [n=shazan25@] has joined #ubuntu
darkheartgmoore LoL, that actually put it back to step 1, error 42503:49
gmooretry pasv?03:49
feleshi have read in the list of ubuntu that breezy is stable? is true? why in the official web not say nothing03:49
darkheartgmoore Keep trying, you are getting there.03:49
yathfelesh: I had troubles installing breezy.03:50
=== ChurcH_of_FoamY [n=shane@24-177-160-171.dhcp.mrqt.mi.charter.com] has left #ubuntu []
reiki-L, --local                       Local tests only (no online tests)03:50
=== memin [n=memin@adsl-68-74-114-250.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
feleshyath, what problems?03:50
yathfelesh: it's possible that it will work, but it isn't as stable as 5.04 by any means03:50
reiki^^^ from the man pages for spamassassin03:50
darkheartgmoore Btw, try googling for that error and seeing what other people have to say. Might offer some valuable insight.03:50
gmooredarkheart: i've tried, most of the fixes i've tried haven't done anything ;(03:50
Wanderer_Does anyone know where Mike went?03:51
yathfelesh: my particular problem was that I have 2 network adapters on this system, and only one would work, and I chose that one, and then breezy decided to swap them, and so tried to use the inoperative one and couldn't finish.03:51
feleshyath, but is a release candidate or a finished version?03:51
=== chavo [n=chavo@151.sub-70-213-95.myvzw.com] has joined #ubuntu
reikidarkheart: so the parms are ... -P (pipe output rather than deliver it), -e (throw an error), and --local (don't do network tests)03:52
yathfelesh: I don't think that breezy has either of those things. Just test releases.03:52
reikidarkheart:  or at least that's my understanding thus far03:52
yathfelesh: This was with Colony 3.03:52
=== dimethyl [n=dragon@pcp09527166pcs.audubn01.nj.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
darkheartreiki Yeah, that should be correct then...But you might try running spamd and then calling spamc with those switches.03:52
=== alex__ [n=alex@CPE-69-23-87-53.new.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
feleshyath, and why is named colony 3 if is named breezy?03:53
Wanderer_I repeat, does anyone know where Tristan Mike went?03:53
yathfelesh: I don't know, maybe normal folks would call it "alpha 3" :)03:53
=== pobstil [n=luke@] has joined #ubuntu
feleshyath, hahaha03:53
reikidarkheart: ok... run spamd by enabling spamassassin start on boot?  and then replace spamc instead of /usr/bin/spamassassin ?03:53
darkheartgmoore Let's start from an easier step, just set the ftp server up for default ports and see if we can connect from there.03:53
pobstilhow can I set up a user, that can _only_ access his home folder, and nothing else?03:53
feleshshazan25, has you read this? breezy cause problems yet :)03:54
darkheartreiki Well, don't load it at boot yet, just try running spamd, then using spamc instead of spamassassin03:54
gmooredarkheart: okay, i got PASV working. i just don't think i'll get port working :(03:54
reikidarkheart: ok... reading man pages for spamc to get parms right...03:55
darkheartgmoore Still getting 425 error.03:55
gmooredarkheart: port or pasv?03:55
=== boxerboy [n=boxerboy@adsl-221-2-94.rmo.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
darkheartgmoore Err..looked like port actually03:55
gmoorepasv SHOULD work now03:55
=== berny [n=berny@host163.200-43-229.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
=== kaz [n=kaz@] has joined #ubuntu
darkheartgmoore Alright, it works on pasv.03:56
gmooreokay, at least i have a functioning ftp for now :)03:56
darkheartgmoore =)03:56
gmoorecould you also try logging in using other methods besides ftp to make sure that user is secure? im new to both linux and ubuntu and probably shouldnt be trying this at all :)03:57
kazdoes anyone know how to make a downloaded picture file a background file for enlightenment 1703:57
=== Spug_ [n=Spug@ti211310a081-2493.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
boxerboyhi everyone i hear that theres a ubuntu  version 6 comming out is that breezy or is that ubuntu?03:57
=== we0 [n=weo@p5499EA50.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== cansian [n=cansian@] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesboxerboy, breezy is in october03:57
pobstilhow can I set up a user, that can _only_ access his home folder, and nothing else?03:58
darkheartreiki Btw, I asked you earlier if you were stuck on Evolution because the typical way to use spamassassin is to use an MTA that has a spamassassin filter plugged in. It is more difficult to set up though, and mail will be delivered locally on your system after fetching it from a remote host.03:58
=== MrGardenHoseMan [n=hose@] has joined #ubuntu
darkheartpobstil Why would you want to do that?03:58
kazdoes anyone here use enlightenment inside ubuntu03:58
darkheartkaz e16 or 17?03:58
darkheartkaz I have used it before.03:58
reikidarkheart: right now I'm actually shooting for simplicity. Most desktop users won't set up an MTA or know how.03:58
=== zorba64 [n=michael3@dsl-210-211-91-151.qld.veridas.net] has joined #ubuntu
pobstilso I can have my mates connect to my ubnutu server and so I can host their website. But I don't want them to access anything else other than whats theres03:59
=== tanek [n=tanek@h22n1fls34o1104.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
gmooredarkheart: can you try port again? :) last time hopefully (even if it doesnt work ill stop bugging you ;)     )03:59
kazok I need to know how to take a picture I downloaded and make it my background.  I guess things don't work the same in 1703:59
=== ccc [n=ccc@c-ac0f70d5.015-28-6c6b7010.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== GrYpHoN [n=chatzill@stjhnf0123w-142163142144.nl.aliant.net] has joined #ubuntu
darkheartreiki Okay, then you might have to live with that bit of slowness...See, the thing is, I *think* the spamassassin file itself is a perl script (you can check), and hence it's a bit slower to run. The spamd and spamc binaries are compiled C.04:00
=== omaru [n=omaru@] has joined #ubuntu
pobstildarkheart: so I can have my mates connect to my ubnutu server and so I can host their website. But I don't want them to access anything else other than whats theres04:00
darkheartkaz No, things are completely different than previous versions. You really need to read to use e17 in its current state. What you need, you can find at http://get-e.org/04:00
boxerboyi saw a site of desktop themes but they are pics with whoever took the screen shot had other things on it so i guess i leave xfce alone?04:01
kazthank you.....I have it all almost setup completely  I just really like my own backdrops04:01
=== david__ [n=david@adsl-20-188-21.clt.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
GrYpHoNI need some advice.  I am majorly new ti linux.   I have my broadcomm wireless found and loaded the driver using ndiswrapper, but it dosent show in the network area as a network device.  ANy input would be appreciated.  Im LOST!  lol04:01
darkheartpobstil Well, I know what you are thinking, but that kind of undermines a Linux system. Usually people aren't locked into a directory (chroot), because they can't really do any damage if the system has proper permissions.04:02
reikidarkheart: using sudo /usr/bin/spamc -c -e and it's about 5 to 7 seconds per email. This wouldn't b good for anyone who pulls 100 email in a shot04:02
jtan325Gryphon, what does "iwconfig" show04:02
GrYpHoNOnly my loopback04:02
darkheartreiki There's no switch to use only local tests?04:02
reikidarkheart: not for spamc that I can find04:02
LinuxJonesGrYpHoN, I wish I could help but I don't have a wireless card...have you searched the wiki page there is a howto for wireless users04:03
bernyHello is true the lauch of the New Ubuntu 5.10 stable version?04:03
pobstildarkheart, but it would stop my mates from looking at what is in all the other directories, even though they wouldn't. is it possible though?04:03
darkheartgmoore Trying port, sorry for the delay04:03
GrYpHoNI did not know... Thanks mate.  I will check it out04:03
reikidarkheart: I'm going to try adding the --local switch to spamc and see if it has an effect04:03
reikicourse now I'll have to wait for more mail :)04:04
darkheartpobstil It is possible, I believe you are looking to chroot your users. I can't help you specifically, though since I don't know myself...Try googling 'chrooting shell users' or something like that.04:04
darkheartgmoore Still 425 for port04:04
=== jp_ [n=jp@200-85-202-241.bk3-dsl.surnet.cl] has joined #ubuntu
pobstildarkheard, ok thanks04:04
gmooredarkheart: okay, ill just leave it for tonight i guess. thanks for your help!04:04
LinuxJonesGrYpHoN, GL and don't give up ... come back tomorrow if you need help :)04:04
darkheartreiki Okay. If that doesn't help, you may just be SOL for spamassassin. I'm a network engineer and I use it at work to filter out spam in a corporate environment, but on dedicated mail gateways.04:05
reikidarkheart: and an interesting observation... it appears that Evolution runs its junk filter BEFORE processing other filters. So I get messages in Junk folder AND SPam folder04:05
darkheartgmoore =) Okay, hope you get it working the way you want.04:05
=== DonL [n=don@d206-116-131-181.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
Ice9alright, who can help me with my ati radeon 9250 problem? I've tried just about everything to get 3d acceleration working04:06
darkheartreiki You seem like a fellow that does read up on things, so I'm just asking this just in case, but have you tried googling about spamassassin/evolution/slow filtering?04:06
feleshOne question, the Colony 3 is the breezy stable??? or the development brach of Breezy????04:07
reikidarkheart: yeah and everyone that gets this working seems to have the same problem and I've not found a solution04:07
reikidarkheart: but they were using a fetchmail procmail setup. I thought this might be faster because it was simpler. :)04:07
=== oceandead [n=ocean@pcp0010121770pcs.crosky01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
darkheartreiki Wow, that should actually be faster...I mean, the delay will be there but if you have an automated fetchmail to get your mail then procmail to filter it, it should be ready and waiting for you in general.04:08
=== TraceGreen [n=Trace@] has joined #ubuntu
=== D1 [n=ubuntu@pool-71-104-105-237.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== syM is now known as symZZz
D1how do I install NetworkManager on Breezy (Colony3 live cd)?04:09
reikidarkheart: yeah, but that goes against the "simplicity" aspect. I like Ubuntu and what it's offering. The idea of a simple-to-install, non-MS desktop is exciting to me. HAving to make users set up an MTA or fetchmail procmail is too complicated04:09
=== liran [n=liran@] has joined #ubuntu
=== nekohayo [n=nekohayo@ip216-239-83-43.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
jorgpanyone get transcode w/ breezy installed?04:11
dubniumtherees gones my damn belkin dropping my connection... twice today04:11
darkheartreiki Right, I understand what you meant earlier and like I said, you may just be stuck with that delay if you can't find a different method to filter spam.04:11
=== QMario [n=qmario@adsl-69-154-190-185.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #Ubuntu
QMarioHello bob2! :)04:11
tristanmikeLinuxJones, that didn't work, nothing changed, still loads and goes through a bunch of lines of text to fast to see with the last line being "PS/2 mouse device common for all mice"04:13
=== concept10 [n=concept1@c-67-166-167-125.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== dockane [i=7da0b00c@p5084FDCD.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
tristanmikeLinuxJones, the Live CD does the same thing for him too04:13
MrPocketswhats the deal i need to play some games in Ubuntu?04:14
=== pmazer [n=pmazer@r73h69.res.gatech.edu] has joined #ubuntu
pmazeranyone know of a way to stream music from a mac with itunes through a linux box and out speakers?04:16
=== Webby [n=Webby@ool-18b8c5ee.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== liraz [n=liraz@ppp72-78.lns1.mel3.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
ORiONpmazer: I think vlc supports daap04:17
glickMrPockets, thre are generally crappy games for linux04:17
MrPocketsi have a duel boot going, so im not worried about it, but i know Enemy Teratory has linux versions04:18
=== abyss [n=abyss@i528C1C0F.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu
glicki dont miss the games that much04:18
glicksince i mainly use my computer for work and such04:18
glicklistening to music04:18
glickwatchin movies04:18
MrPocketsyeah, im on this damn box 23/704:19
pmazerwhat's the deb package called for daap?04:19
nickrud frozen bubble is nice for stress relief04:19
DonLI downloaded a demo of UT2004 and I can't get too far in that, so I'm happy04:19
ORiONtheres always americas army too04:19
=== jmartini [n=jmartini@h-68-164-161-212.chcgilgm.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
MrPocketsstill clueless on the Bittorrent too, so i use windows to DL my media04:19
lirazMy OO2 fonts are ultra-ugly, OO2 seems to have set up  it's own font rendering thing... all the same fonts like Arial are perfect in the original OpenOffice but in the second one I cant get it the same.04:19
MrPocketsspeaking of, do you know what the plug in is that allows XMMS to play vids?04:20
lirazAny ideas why?.. I am forced to use OO2 for compatiblity reasons with a foreign language04:20
oceandeadbittorrent is just as easy on ubuntu as it is windoze04:20
MrPocketsi dont use bittorrent in windows :-p04:20
ORiONMrPockets: http://thegraveyard.org/xmmplayer.php04:20
oceandeadwell theres lame, amule etc etc for p2p04:20
Ice9alright, who can help me with my ati radeon 9250 problem? I've tried just about everything to get 3d acceleration working04:21
DonLIce9, sorry. I use NVidia04:21
glicki wonder what kina OS and hardware God runs to manage creation04:21
alxarchme too on a x600 mobility04:21
nickrud6502, most likely\04:21
=== remyforbes777 [n=remyforb@cpe-24-209-235-191.cinci.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wanderer_ [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu
=== CircuitRider [n=chatzill@ppp-70-224-9-205.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Kira [i=WinNT@dsl-207-112-57-53.tor.primus.ca] has left #ubuntu []
=== jmartini [n=jmartini@h-68-164-161-212.chcgilgm.covad.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
MrPocketsand last, do you know where i can download custom Icons,  not themes but just single icons?04:22
pmazerORiON, how do i go about setting this up?04:22
ORiONMrPockets: might be something a bit more up to date here: http://www.xmms.org/plugins.php?category=input04:22
=== r4ndy [n=r4ndy@tor/session/x-0860d1bc14b64c7a] has joined #ubuntu
=== MrCroup [n=jmartini@h-68-164-161-212.chcgilgm.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wanderer_ is now known as Wanderer___
MrPocketsi got the first one and deleted it already,  no idea how to install it04:23
=== indie [n=indie@ip70-176-2-65.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Elsidox [n=Elsidox@CPE-70-94-4-87.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #Ubuntu
=== slink [n=slink@pcp02801654pcs.strl1201.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
D1how can I get networkmanager on breezy? Can anyone help me?04:23
ORiONpmazer: setting what up?04:23
D1its not in synaptic04:23
pmazerORiON, daap04:23
=== mario [n=mario@] has joined #ubuntu
indiehow can I download wine from synaptic, the site doesn't explain it all to well.04:24
lirazWelll does anyone know what to do about the Openoffice 2 fonts?04:25
=== jmn_ubuntu [n=ubuntu@hlfxns0148w-142167244226.ns.aliant.net] has joined #ubuntu
oceandeadupgrading to breezy is an interesting experience04:25
ORiONpmazer: I thought you were streaming FROM a mac TO linux, there shouldn't be much setup in linux as long as you've got dnssd setup04:26
jmn_ubuntuguys im a bit of a noob im trying to use cfdisk on unbuntu live and i fatal error cannot open disk drive04:26
jmn_ubuntucan someone help04:26
nickrudare we doing breezy questions now? If so, anyone got a link to start working with beagle?04:26
ORiONaka zeroconf04:26
tristanmikeLinuxJones, excuse me, are you still around?04:27
abysslo exists anyway to hear internet radios?04:27
oceandeaddid you unmount the drive04:27
=== c0rrupt_ is now known as [[c0rrupt] ]
oceandeadi thought zerconf wasnt gonna be ready for a while04:27
jmn_ubuntuwell as far as i can see its not mounted @ all theres no hdd icon on the desktop or in the system menu04:28
=== thoreauputic [n=prospero@wolax8-093.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
QMarioHello thoreauputic! :)04:29
oceandeadim definitely gonna have to do a fresh install of breezy ... cant see any text in firefox04:29
=== dalamar [n=dalamar@12-219-191-102.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicQMario: hi04:30
=== Mot1 [n=jesusc@pool-70-21-194-137.nwrk.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== benjamin1254 [n=benjamin@207-255-165-168-dhcp.wrn.pa.atlanticbb.net] has joined #ubuntu
benjamin1254hey guys sup im havin issues with mozilla firefox it doesent wana start04:31
vitriolanybody know a fix for the breezy 2.6.12 kernel saying that the / partition doesn't exist?04:31
ubotuthanks qmario :)04:31
pobstilanyone know how to chroot a user?04:31
=== raven [n=raven@pcp01006106pcs.ladson01.sc.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
vitriolpobstil: as that user do 'chroot /path/to/place/you/want/to/chroot /bin/bash'04:32
vitrioli think04:32
=== benjamin1254 has sat down to wait for an answer to his question
pobstilok I'll try that04:33
MrCrouppobstil: do you mean put the user in a chrooted jail on login ?04:33
vitriolbenjamin1254: i would answer you if i knew...did you try ps x | grep firefox then kill the pid if running?04:33
MrCroupthen its a bit more complicated that just using the chroot command04:33
=== FR500 [n=andres@143.228.uio.satnet.net] has joined #ubuntu
benplautbenjamin1254, "sudo killall firefox-bin", then try again04:33
vitriolbenjamin1254: thats a long shot that i don't know if it'll help04:33
jmn_ubuntushould i need any extra boot parameters to have unbuntu mount my hdd it doesnt seem to want to04:33
pobstilI thought so, the chroot command doesn't work as the user I want to chroot..04:34
benjamin1254nope i just start on my user account start it up then it blanks out and doesent show up ... plz speek in newbish words cuz i dident understand a word of what u asked04:34
vitriolso...anybody know what the deal is with the breezy 2.6.12 kernel not recognizing the root partition??04:34
vitriolbenjamin1254: sorry :)04:34
FR500i have a cell phone, from the company, it's a crappy kyocera rave, it has this USB cable that allows me to surf internet from the pc, but i don't know how to make it work in linux04:34
MrCrouppobstil: there should be a chroot jail howto and some scripts to assist setting oneup04:34
FR500any idear?04:34
vitriolbenjamin1254: here's another idea: you can delete your firefox profile04:34
MrCrouppobstil: I just don't have them handy04:34
vitriolbenjamin1254: to do that, on a command prompt do 'rm -rf .firefox*'04:34
pobstildo you think you could find them for me? or point me where to look?04:35
vitrioli think it's .firefox04:35
flughor .mozilla-firefox04:35
vitriolif not that, it will be something like .mozilla04:35
MrCrouppobstil: google?04:35
FR500benjamin1254: first try killall firefox-bin04:35
MrCrouppobstil: verily google is your friend04:35
vitriolbenjamin1254: your firefox profile could have somehow got garbled04:35
pobstilhaha true that04:35
QMarioAre you guys already using Breezy Ubuntu?04:35
ORiONQMario: I am04:35
vitriolQMario: i'm trying to04:35
vitriolcan't get the kernel to see my root fs :(04:36
flughI'm waiting for Sleezy04:36
glickUbuntu should claim on its website that its the only linux distro officially supported by Jesus himself! a lot more people would start using it04:36
vitriolso have to use 2.6.1104:36
QMarioORiON, where can I see screenshots of Breezy?04:36
glickflugh, that would be a great name04:36
ORiONQMario: http://www.gnome.org/~davyd/gnome-2-12/04:36
glickwhats this naming after animals crap thats boring04:36
ORiONQMario: that's all it is, gnome 2.1204:36
=== EnsignRedshirt [n=wweckess@cpe-24-59-254-40.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
glickubuntu sleezy slut04:36
glickthat would be hot04:37
EnsignRedshirtHello, world.04:37
flughglick: i'd follow up with a super-secure version code-named 'whore'04:37
=== Wanderer___ [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu
=== skalpel [i=skalpel@adsl-69-153-195-236.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
flughyou know, just cause it'd be 1337 ;)04:37
vitrioli would search the forums over my problem if i could get x working04:37
ORiONQMario: there have been a few threads withSSs in the forums too04:37
vitrioli was counting on that kernel upgrade though04:37
[[c0rrupt] ] the bees are buzzing in the tree to make some honey just for me.04:37
=== ksmurf [n=ksmurf@S0106000c76ba0623.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
EnsignRedshirtHas anyone used a program like photopc to talk to a digital camera with a USB interface?04:38
ORiONvitriol: lynx is your friend when things go wrong04:38
=== robitaille [n=daniel@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
flughvitriol: lynx, or telnet google.com:80 ;)04:38
EnsignRedshirtI get an error "Cannot claim the USB device"04:39
ksmurfIs anyone that is use breezy have the nvidia drivers working?  I need help04:39
ORiONksmurf: yeah, what's wrong?04:39
vitrioltrue i should've thought of that04:39
ksmurfORioN I can't get them working04:39
ORiONvitriol: by the way, are your drivers ok ? :P04:40
benjamin1254should i just kill firefox an reinstall it?04:40
glickflugh, what about the shaved beaver release04:40
ORiONksmurf: that doesn't help much, what kind of errors is X spitting uot?04:40
flughglick: delayed due to the olsen twins growing up too fast04:40
[[c0rrupt] ] Lol04:41
ksmurfORioN I just clean installed Colony3 of breezy because my xorg had a FATAL on the nvidia Driver04:41
=== benjamin1254 stares at the newer pix of marry kate and ashly for no reason
glickgod i hate the olsen twins, their fugly trolls their not hot at all i dont see why everyone is like oooooh the olson twins makeme so horny04:41
[[c0rrupt] ] lmfao04:41
[[c0rrupt] ] ga04:41
[[c0rrupt] ] y04:41
=== Styx [n=mark@] has joined #ubuntu
FR500i get a problem updating my repositories: http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hoary-security/main/source/Sources.gz: Sub-process gzip returned an error code (1)04:42
ksmurfORioN So I'm looking at do the nvidia-glx package if I can04:42
jmn_ubuntuwhat is root pwd fer ubuntu live (hoary)04:43
jmn_ubuntutried that04:43
=== seth_k [n=seth@asmallorange.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== str8edge [i=hidden-u@daisy.evilduckie.com] has joined #ubuntu
ORiONksmurf: Ok, so have you installed the restricted nvidia module?04:43
ksmurfOrion Yes04:43
jmn_ubuntustill not working04:43
cyphasedoes anyone know if breezy is going to support more drivers through ndiswrapper?04:43
thoreauputicjmn_ubuntu: just open the root terminal04:43
StyxHow do I install Java support for Firefox?04:44
=== str8edge [i=hidden-u@daisy.evilduckie.com] has joined #ubuntu
ubotujava is, like, to install Java please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Java04:44
glickdoes anyone here like coding in java04:44
glickam i the only one that hates it?04:44
FR500any repos were i can get the latest "mergeant2?04:44
Quest-MasterMost people here prefer Python04:44
glicki talked to a CE collegue of mine and he was ramblin and raving about how fantastic java is04:45
ORiONksmurf: and the module is loaded?04:45
glicki wanted to back hand him one04:45
pobstilMrCroup: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24575&highlight=chroot+jail  is that what we're talking about?04:45
cyphasePython is great04:45
=== tha_gamemaster [n=tha_game@c-67-169-224-25.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
MrCrouppobstil: yeah that looks like it04:46
=== StrikeForce [n=marc@dsl-202-72-163-232.wa.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
str8edgethoreauputic: how's it going?04:47
pobstilcool thanks04:47
=== blaylock [n=sfv100@culpepper-terayon1-68-69-97-31.chvlva.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicstr8edge: OK - I had some bad news about the death of an old family friend yesterday so I'm not 100%04:47
str8edgethoreauputic: my condolences.04:48
ksmurfhow would I install the module?  Modprobe?04:48
str8edgethe #dashboard channel on gimpnet is rocking tonight!04:48
QMarioIs the Sempron64 a good processor?04:48
ORiONksmurf: lsmod to make sure its loaded, if not modprobe nvidia04:48
ksmurfFATAL: Module nvidia not found.04:49
ksmurfI have to install it first do I not?04:49
ORiONksmurf: then you don't have it installed04:49
=== DonL [n=don@d206-116-131-181.bchsia.telus.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
thoreauputicstr8edge: thanks04:49
ORiONksmurf: apt-get install linux-restricted-modules04:50
ORiONksmurf: you'll need to choose the right one for your arch04:50
=== david__ [n=david@adsl-1-128-31.clt.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Pogopuschel- [n=zovax@p54AF2ACE.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
ksmurflinux-restricted-modules-2.6.12-7-686-smp is what I have istalled04:51
=== crus [n=CrusadeR@CPE-147-10-158-21.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
QMarioIs the Sempron64 a "good" processor?04:51
[[c0rrupt] ] nien04:51
QMarioSorry for asking "twice". :-[04:52
str8edgeqmario: if you can afford the extra $$ for a true amd64, go that way.04:52
EnsignRedshirtAny USB gurus here?  I'm trying to talk to a digital camera.04:52
MrCroupQMario: its evil04:52
QMario Hee hee hee. 04:52
[[c0rrupt] ] 04:52
Ice9how can I get my usb gamepad to work?04:52
QMarioMrCroup, how?04:52
=== regeya [n=shane@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
ksmurflinux-restricted-modules-2.6.12-7-686-smp is already the newest version04:52
ORiONksmurf: have you updated your kernel recently?04:53
ORiONksmurf: without rebooting?04:53
user1anyone using ubuntu on an HP pavilion with the intel 2200 wifi chipset?04:53
ORiONksmurf: make sure you have nvidia-kernel-common as well04:53
ksmurfNo.  This Is a Fresh Breezy Install04:53
ksmurfI do04:53
ksmurfMy kerrnal is 2.6.12-704:54
=== BTJustice [n=BTJustic@pool-68-238-1-114.chi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== titanium [n=a@blk-222-179-143.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== letme0ut [n=david@adsl-20-165-232.clt.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== vader1102 [n=kevin@dsl-72-1-219.243.tel-ott.com] has joined #ubuntu
ksmurfORiON http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/34134404:56
=== EnsignRedshirt [n=wweckess@cpe-24-59-254-40.twcny.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== Discipulus [n=disc@main156.ppp.rockriver.net] has joined #ubuntu
freedomjazzdanceGood night!04:56
zerboxxIf I'm using one program to download torrents, and I want to switch, is it possible to resume the downloads but change programs?04:56
QMarioFreedomjazzdance, good night!04:57
QMarioSleep tight.04:57
glickwow ubuntu is still #1 on distro watch all the other distros are losing to it04:57
=== doko [n=doko___@dsl-084-059-069-234.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
QMarioDon't let the Windows' viruses bite! ;)04:57
=== pjw [n=pjw@c204-204.icpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu
freedomjazzdanceQMario, heehh dont worry i'm using protection04:57
FR500any repos were i can get the latest "mergeant?04:58
BTJusticeMight anyone be able to help me fix a problem with my SB Live! 24 bit sound card?  I have sound but it is real scratchy and jumpy.04:58
=== hardw1re [n=hardw1re@host217-43-219-131.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== bz0b [n=bz0b@ca-glendora-cuda2-c2c-87.arcdca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bluefoxicy [n=bluefox@pcp0012069148pcs.whtmrs01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
bz0bcan someone tell me where to get some good sources?05:00
=== apokryphos [n=dw@host-87-74-2-212.bulldogdsl.com] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation]
bz0bfor my sources.list file05:00
QMarioBluefoxicy, are you "tired"?05:00
=== ptlo [n=senko@83-131-75-97.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #ubuntu
ubotusources are at http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/AddingRepositoriesHowto A list of official repositories can be found at http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/96905:00
bluefoxicyQMario:  bored, deciding if I should put part of my paper on the ubuntu wiki and try to hijack community members and developers to do my dirty work.05:01
QMarioUbotu, tell bz0b about sources.05:01
bluefoxicyQMario: want to make a small backend technology to let applications deliver simple messages to the user05:01
QMarioBluefoxicy, are you being "sarcastic"? :(05:01
=== metis [n=niclucc@d205-206-225-8.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
bluefoxicyQMario:  the major use of course is to bring up security concerns, i.e. explain encrypting e-mail, automatic updates, SPF verification for spoofed e-mails, anti-spoofing bars. . .05:02
pjwHi all, Can I download the ubuntu with sources? Where are sources? I just found binary files :(05:02
bluefoxicyQMario:  nah.05:02
=== kevin06 [n=kevin06@loudsl01-253-101-31.iglou.com] has joined #ubuntu
QMario Ubotu, tell pjw about sources.05:03
thoreauputicpjw: of course - look in /etc/apt/sources.list and you'll see "src" lines there05:03
=== shentu [n=shentu@rapidash-20.dynamic.rpi.edu] has joined #ubuntu
i4hello shentu05:03
metisis anyone familiar with setting up creloaded?05:04
kevin06Is there a simple solution to installing TrueType fonts on Ubuntu? I used the ttmkdir thing that I found a tutorial for, but IO keep getting a segmentation fault. Has anyone written a drag-and grop font solution yet?05:04
=== n1xt3r_ [n=kevin@cpe-24-93-127-35.columbus.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
shentuanybody knows how to avoid into the Gnome GUI after reboot?05:04
thoreauputicpjw: source is available for all packages in main and universe at least05:04
=== GatoLoko^ [n=gollos@74.Red-81-44-189.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicshentu: permanently ?05:04
nickrudkevin06, just drop any ttf font in $HOME/.fonts, and it should be available for most apps05:04
GatoLoko^( Computer Stats ) [ CPU Model: AMD-K6(tm) 3D processo Speed: 451.064 MHz Cache: 64 KB ]  | RAM Usage: 79/384M [|||||||||||]  ( 20.6% ) | [ HD Model: Maxtor 86480D6 Size: 5G with 3G Free ( 60.0% ) ]  | Number of process: 5905:04
GatoLoko^y tu te quejas de tu equipo05:05
BTJusticeMight anyone be able to help me fix a problem with my SB Live! 24 bit sound card?  I have sound but it is real scratchy and jumpy.05:05
=== GatoLoko^ [n=gollos@74.Red-81-44-189.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
bluefoxicyQMario: eh, I'll make a wiki, someone will delete it if it's ugly :P05:05
metiscan anyone help me with sendmail?05:05
kevin06nickrud, I don't have .fonts. Do I merely have to create it?05:05
nickrudkevin06, yes05:05
shentuhi thoreauputic, not permanently, but I would like to have this option. In fedora, if I set the runlevel to 3 in /etc/inittab, that will be fine05:06
metissry i meant postfix05:06
=== cyphase [n=cyphase@] has joined #ubuntu
=== billytwowilly [n=chris@S01060090f800ae8a.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
nickrudthat ttmkfdir whatever, is very obsolete05:06
benplauthow do i (non-GUIly) install mouse cursors?05:06
=== moogman [n=moogman@dynamic-62-56-36-248.park-s46b.dslaccess.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
[[c0rrupt] ] apt-get install windoz05:07
=== moogman [n=moogman@dynamic-62-56-36-248.park-s46b.dslaccess.co.uk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
thoreauputicshentu: you can either do sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop ,, or edit /etc/X11/default-display-manager and comment out the /usr/bin/gdm05:07
tristanmikeBTJustice, check out this thread and see if it helps....http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19307&highlight=sound+blaster+24bit05:07
FlonneBTJustice, ALSA 1.0.8, which shipped with Hoary, introduced primitive support for those cards in the form of the snd-ca0106 module. ALSA is now up to 1.0.9b, so hopefully, Breezy will improve support.05:07
shentuthoreauputic, many thanks!05:07
thoreauputicshentu: no problem :)05:07
glickwow ubuntu is still #1 on distro watch all the other distros are losing to it05:08
=== juanej [n=juanej@cable200-116-218-242.epm.net.co] has joined #ubuntu
glickwrong active window05:08
juanejhey, how do i go back to metacity... I was using openbox05:09
pjwthoreauputic: but, i would like to download distribution with all sources and to have in a DVD disk, Is any file (.tar.gz) with all sources? English language isn't my first language, so I can make some mistakes in sentences :P05:09
kevin06One more question. When I have a LOT of fonts,. I have been told it slows the system down. Is this true, and is there any simple way to reduce this slow-down?05:09
Flonnejuanej metacity --replace, just like how you switched to Openbox. Or logout.05:09
thoreauputicpjw: hmm - packages.ubuntu.com  , or archive.ubuntu.com05:10
nickrudI've been told it slows down the X startup only, but have no benchmarks05:10
juanejFlonne: but i do that and then next time i log in nautilius doesnt load05:10
juaneji have to open it to see the background05:10
thoreauputicpjw: the packages are on the archive site05:10
=== Styx [n=mark@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
str8edgepwj: head over to the debian site, and look up how to set up a mirror, then use something to burn it to a dvd05:10
str8edgethe debian method for setting up a local mirror applies well to ubuntu.05:11
Flonnejuanej, did you change to Openbox entirely? (Like, did you change from Gnome?)05:11
juanejFlonne: i edited .xinitrc to load openbox when i logged in05:11
=== remyforbes777 [n=remyforb@cpe-24-209-235-191.cinci.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
[[c0rrupt] ] when i apt-get update05:12
[[c0rrupt] ] The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/httpu could not be found.05:12
pjwthank you all05:12
Flonnejuanej, have you tried simply moving .xinitrc?05:12
juaneji remove it, but it doesnt seem to work05:12
str8edgepwj: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Network-Install-HOWTO-8.html05:13
Flonnejuanej, have you tried restarting after that?05:13
=== incubii [i=incubii@iBurst-034.isp.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
str8edgei've been using debian WAY too long.05:13
Ice9how can I get my usb gamepad to work?05:13
str8edgeIce9: what type fo gamepad?05:14
Ice9saitek 250005:14
=== ORiON2012 [n=orion@cpe-70-117-2-253.satx.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== n1xt3r [n=kevin@cpe-24-93-127-35.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
[[c0rrupt] ] The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/httpu could not be found.05:15
vader1102night people05:15
=== sockpuppe1 [n=thewarma@] has joined #ubuntu
=== vader1102 [n=kevin@dsl-72-1-219.243.tel-ott.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
thoreauputic[[c0rrupt] ] : breezy?05:15
[[c0rrupt] ] nope05:15
[[c0rrupt] ] hoary05:15
[[c0rrupt] ] its not actually my pc its a friend im ssh05:16
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@cpe-24-95-110-157.midsouth.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== zahlia [n=flavia@] has joined #ubuntu
[[c0rrupt] ] he just installed it05:16
sockpuppe1thoreauputic i need some help05:16
sockpuppe1if you don't mind05:16
juanejwhen will be breezy stable?05:16
str8edgeice9: usb?05:16
=== jasoncohen [n=jason@pcp0011382713pcs.ebrnsw01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicsockpuppe1: don't we all? *grin*05:16
str8edgejuanej: some time in october05:16
sockpuppe1 error while loading shared libraries: libjack.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:17
Ice9str8edge, yes05:17
=== gadis^^hotlink [n=firza@] has joined #ubuntu
sockpuppe1what should I do to rectify this05:17
thoreauputic!tell sockpuppe1 about ask05:17
nickrudubotu ask is there is no such thing as a stupid question05:17
ubotu...but ask is already something else...05:17
pjwstr8edge: Does Ubuntu have newer packages than the Debian? If it is true, I can't download, because I would like to have the newest software :P05:17
nickrud!tell nickrud about ask05:17
=== zahlia [n=flavia@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[[c0rrupt] ] !kernel headers05:18
ubotu[[c0rrupt] ] : Wish i knew05:18
str8edgepjw: some stuff is newer, depends on what you're looking for. I use debian stable on my server, and ubuntu everywhere else05:18
[[c0rrupt] ] !headers05:18
ubotu[[c0rrupt] ] : Not a clue05:18
thoreauputicsockpuppe1: what are you doing that gives that error?05:18
sockpuppe1trying to run a program called aqualung05:18
str8edgepjw: my ps2 even has debian installed on it.05:18
=== Tennessee [n=chatzill@ppp166-207.static.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicsockpuppe1: how did you install this program?05:19
str8edgeice9: do you see the gamepad activate when you plug it in?05:19
[[c0rrupt] ] !kernel05:19
sockpuppe1compiled it05:19
cyphasebrb, about to install breezy colony 3 on my dev machine :)05:19
str8edgesockpuppel: do you have libjack installed?05:19
TennesseeHi all. I want to make a DVD that will play in a DVD player (i.e. not just a data disc) from an avi. Anyone know how?05:19
sockpuppe1yeah str8edge05:19
thoreauputicsockpuppe1: sounds like the jackd sound daemon is needed05:20
Ice9str8edge, no05:20
str8edgesockpuppel: are you running jackd -d alsa or somesuch before starting aqualung?05:20
QMarioTennessee, this would probably require "illegal" software.05:20
TennesseeQM: Surely the software itself is not illegal...05:20
QMarioImplying libdvdcss2.05:20
Quest-MasterTennessee: QMario you mean?05:21
Quest-MasterOh, never mind05:21
Dimehow do i add commands to my start for my soundcard example modprobe05:21
Quest-MasterIt highlighted me, lol05:21
TennesseeI don't need to rip anything, just write.05:21
str8edgeice9: can you tell me what happens in the syslog when you plug the pad?05:21
sockpuppe1str8edge i dont think so05:21
QMarioTennessee, that is all I know on the topic.05:21
TennesseeSorry Quest...05:21
Tennesseecheers anyway mario05:21
Ice9str8edge, if you can tell me how to get to the syslog05:21
thoreauputicQMario: no, he's *making* a DVD, not decoding one05:21
str8edgesockpuppel: jackd needs to be run before starting any depent apps05:22
QMarioTennessee, that probably won't be what the US or Europe would say.05:22
nickrudDime, you normally you would put any odd modules that hotplug does not load automatically in /etc/modules05:22
sockpuppe1ill try it05:22
EasterSunshineanyone know a good ogg player that doesn't choke on filenames with korean unicode in it?05:22
EasterSunshineand will play files over smb://05:22
QMarioAnyone can lie (not implying that you are a liar). ;)05:22
str8edgethoreauputic: hope you don't mind me jumping in like that!05:22
=== jtan325 [n=jtan325@D-128-208-151-97.dhcp4.washington.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== lkjhg [n=x@60-240-175-245.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuI haven't a clue, QMario05:22
str8edgeice9: start a root terminal05:22
thoreauputicstr8edge: of course not - you seem to know more on the subject anyway :)05:23
ubotuSyntax error in line 1, QMario05:23
ubotumultimedia is probably https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewUserGuideMultimedia05:23
EasterSunshinei'll try totem05:23
sockpuppe1str8edge can I pm you?05:23
str8edgeice9: go for it.05:23
QMarioThen go ahead. ;)05:23
=== jhs2 [n=jacob@adsl-63-192-213-178.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
str8edgesockpuppel: go for it.05:23
Ice9str8edge, what do I type in root term?05:24
str8edgeice9: once you have the root terminal open, type "tail -f /var/log/syslog" (no quotes) and then plug in the game pad.05:24
Concord_Dawnhai everyone05:24
Concord_DawnI'm trying to chroot a user into their home directory.05:24
Concord_Dawnbut, whenever I log into that user, I get an 'Operation Not Permitted' error.05:25
Concord_DawnI've put the chroot command in that users .bashrc.05:25
Dimeok well is there a file like autoexec.bat in windows for linux so it will load on boot up05:25
=== abydos [n=asittler@] has joined #ubuntu
Ice9str8edge, where shall I tell you the output?05:25
gadis^^hotlinkwhat are you looking for05:25
EasterSunshinedime: /etc/modules maybe05:26
nickrudDime no, there is nothing like that (thankfully)05:26
gadis^^hotlinkwhat you mean05:26
=== jsubl2 [n=jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu
Dimewell i dont feel like having to type in modprobe everytime i restart just to get my sound working05:26
Dimecause hotplug didnt find it05:27
[[c0rrupt] ] dime05:27
thoreauputicDime: put the modules in /etc/modules05:27
[[c0rrupt] ] add a startup script05:27
nickrudDime, then, try adding the module you modprobe to the end of /etc/modules, then reboot. see if it works05:27
[[c0rrupt] ] okooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook,05:27
gadis^^hotlinkwhere are you now?05:27
thoreauputic[[c0rrupt] ] : no he doesn't need thatfor modules05:27
Dimethe modules are in ubuntu already05:27
=== [[c0rrupt] ] is now known as c0rrupt
nickrudDime, which modules?05:27
thoreauputicDime: /etc/modules <-----05:28
Dimemodprobe snd-sbawe;modprobe snd-pcm-oss;05:28
Dimemodprobe snd-mixer-oss;modprobe snd-seq-oss05:28
=== karol_18 [n=karol_18@88-29-246-201.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #ubuntu
str8edgeice9: pm me05:28
Dimethose are the commands i need to have ran at start-up05:28
abydoswhat is the package to dpkg-reconfigure in order to modify network settings?05:28
thoreauputicDime: you don't need the modprobe part - just put each module name on a separate line in /etc/modules05:29
thoreauputicDime: to edit /etc/modules do for instance  sudo gedit /etc/modules05:29
=== letme0ut [n=david@adsl-1-163-109.clt.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
Concord_DawnIs there a way for me to chroot a user to their home directory everytime they login05:30
Concord_Dawnvia a startup script or something?05:30
=== redtech [n=redtech@unaffiliated/redtech] has joined #ubuntu
Concord_Dawnabydos, ifconfig?05:30
Dimeok so what would the modules be then05:30
=== crlsnr [n=crlsnr@pool-70-20-113-138.pitt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicDime: yes, just the names you have done modprobe for05:31
Wanderer___Anyone here an experienced Ubuntu user?05:32
Concord_Dawnwhat you need help with?05:32
EasterSunshinewe are gonna need something in the topic to address that question...05:32
=== alie [n=jgee@ftms-kl.ftmsuni.com.my] has joined #ubuntu
abydosConcord_Dawn:  no, it's a meta-type package05:32
=== zerboxx [n=zerboxx@d57-203-244.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Concord_Dawnno, that's the command to modify network settings.05:32
abydosConcord_Dawn:  dpkg-reconfigure xxxx is the typical syntax for calling it, it's like a druid05:32
nickrudDime, I would just add snd-sbawe to /etc/modules, and reboot. the other modules should be automatically added.05:33
redtechI have a little printer situation here.  I'm trying to isntall a 3rd printer and the only selection I have for Manufacture is Raw.  I used to have a ton of Manufactures, what happened?05:33
Dimeok now i have one last question05:33
thoreauputicEasterSunshine: it's like the "any <insert subject> gurus here?" question... ;)05:33
Wanderer___Well, preferably someone who can tell me why it won't install.05:33
Dimehow would i go about getting terminal and gdesklets to start up on start up05:33
BTJusticeFlonne:  I was awy.  SOrry.  Should I upgrade to ALSA b?05:33
Concord_Dawnwhat error do you get?05:33
FR500Dime: in Session properties05:33
thoreauputic!tell Wanderer___ about ask05:34
=== sockpuppe1 [n=thewarma@] has joined #ubuntu
Wanderer___Where you talking to me, Concord?05:34
=== karol_18 [n=karol_18@88-29-246-201.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #ubuntu
nickrudDime, have a terminal open, log out, and select save this session, or some such. gdesklets, I'll never know, unless they get better05:34
Concord_Dawnyes Wanderer___05:34
BTJusticetristanmike: Thos were the directions I used to get it to work, but hte sound is scratchy and jumpy.05:34
=== _tiago [n=tiago@] has joined #ubuntu
EasterSunshinethere are definetely gonna be ubuntu gurus in #ubuntu, not to mention that you don't need to ask if you can ask for help since it says official ubuntu help chan in the topic05:34
=== _maydayjay_ [n=maydayja@ip101028.101.nas.net] has joined #ubuntu
abydosubotu:  tell me about network05:35
EasterSunshinewe already know you are here for help...05:35
Concord_Dawn!tell abydos about network05:35
abydoshe has no idea what network is05:35
tristanmikeBTJustice, yeah, actually I saw that after, sorry05:35
BTJusticeMight anyone be able to help me fix a problem with my SB Live! 24 bit sound card?  I have sound but it is real scratchy and jumpy.05:35
=== Robinho_Peixoto [n=robinho@] has joined #ubuntu
EasterSunshinebtjustice: i had scratchy...i turned 'tone' off in kmix, i never had jumpy05:36
BTJusticeEasterSunshine: Where might I find the tone setting?05:36
Wanderer___Jesus, what did I do to piss ubotu off???05:37
=== bjw [n=bjw@cpe-24-160-75-238.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
EasterSunshinebtjustice: umm try alsamixer, if it isn't there, then sry i don't know. kmix is the only mixer i've ever played with05:37
=== GrYpHoN [n=chatzill@stjhnf0123w-142163142144.nl.aliant.net] has joined #ubuntu
zerboxxDoes anyone here use torrentflux?05:37
EasterSunshineWanderer___: ubotu can't get pissed off...hes a few kilobytes of script05:38
thoreauputicWanderer___: ubotu is the channel bot - he has no emotions ;)05:38
sockpuppe1the php torrent client thinger05:38
MadpilotWanderer___: did you just get asked if you were on crack? ;)05:38
zerboxxsockpuppe1: it's pretty neat, I'm just trying to figure some stuff out that the forums, or readmes just don't tell me :)05:38
nickrudubotu has a very limited range of insults :)05:38
ubotunickrud: Do they come in packets of five?05:38
EasterSunshinein the amarok channel, there is a bot amarok, and everytime you mention amarok, he makes a snappy comment05:38
Wanderer___Huh? Why would I be asked that?05:39
MadpilotWanderer___: it's one of ubotu's standard replies when it has no idea what you're talking about...05:39
EasterSunshinessh...we are confusing Wanderer___.05:39
GrYpHoNAlright, got a question for you linux heads.  I got everything working with my wireless but it dosent look like its scanning for any wireless networks, like the radio is off.  The indicator light dosent come on either.  Its a hp pavillion zv5000 laptop by the way.  Any ideas?05:39
zerboxxEasterSunshine:  heh05:39
glickdamn there is sooo much wisdom in fortune05:39
EasterSunshinessh as in hush, not secure shell05:39
zerboxxEasterSunshine: Why not that too?05:40
thoreauputicWanderer___: if you ask ubotu something he doesn't know, he sometimes asks you if you are on crack :)05:40
BTJusticeMight switches have anything to do with it?  I have AC97 In, SPDIF Out, SPDIF In, SPDIF Out, SRC Out, i2s In, i2s Mixer Out05:40
glickdamn there is sooo much wisdom in fortune05:40
glickwrong window again05:40
EasterSunshineglick: i would rewrite fortune, every now and then it pops out a lame riddle. i never see riddles in fortune cookies05:40
tristanmikeubotu pie05:40
ubotuparse error: dunno what the heck you're talking about, tristanmike05:40
metiscam anyone help me setup my postfix with oscommerce?05:40
tristanmikehaha, no crack for me05:40
=== avadash [n=avadash@c-67-182-248-13.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== nickrud wonders how may ex-crack addicts find that annoying
=== QMario [n=qmario@adsl-69-154-190-185.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has left #Ubuntu []
avadashhey how do i mount a bin/cue/iso file to a virtual cd-rom?05:41
glickDeath before dishonor.  But neither before breakfast.05:41
bz0bhey people05:41
=== blake [n=blake@ras1-72-11-16-76.dial.metalink.net] has joined #ubuntu
bz0bhow do i run a .deb file?05:41
=== linuxn00b [n=xquizit@d66-183-135-155.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicavadash: I've heard "bchunk" can handle bin/cue05:41
ubotusomebody said dpkg was the Debian Package Manager: sudo dpkg --install package.deb05:41
zerboxxbz0b: that's for you :)05:42
abydoshow do you reconfigure the NICs with dpkg-reconfigure?05:42
linuxn00bHi eveyone :) I was wonding is it possible to change the apt sources in the hoary installer?05:42
avadashthoreauputic: thx man05:42
GrYpHoNAny ideas anyone?05:42
nickrudbz0b, you don't 'run' a deb, you install it. I'ts a package of software05:42
=== PurpleMotion [n=jay@cpe-24-26-139-222.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #Ubuntu
bz0bi see thanks guys05:43
str8edgeabydos: use the network control panel under system | adminstration | networking05:43
=== root [n=root@] has joined #ubuntu
=== webby [n=webby@ool-18b8c5ee.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
bz0bnow that i have skype installed, the possibilities are endless05:43
Wanderer___Anyway, the installer goes to the first screen, I hit enter and it spews it's standard compiler gibberish. All is well untill it says :booting kernel", or some such thing. It is then that my computer reboots. The cd then gets reread. And, I'm plopped right back at the screen that I began at. It's like some hellish cyber-version remake of Groundhog Day without the damn groundhog.05:43
bz0bnow if I could only get ventrilo working on linux05:43
=== maximaus [n=max@adsl-1-217-100.bna.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
bz0bthat would make my life a lot easier05:43
rootguys .. have a little problem my etc/apt/sources.list is f..ed up05:43
rootI can't apt-get install anything05:43
bz0bdoes it says something like httpu05:44
PurpleMotionHai, fsckers!05:44
=== kentaur [n=kent@adsl-065-006-206-159.sip.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
nickrudroot, lhttp://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/38 has been a canonical sources.list for a while05:44
rootit always says that theare unmet dependencies ...05:44
thoreauputicWanderer___: remove the CD for the reboot - it is just re-booting the install CD05:44
Concord_DawnPurpleMotion, can you help me with a chrooting problem?05:44
thoreauputicWanderer___: or did I misunderstand your description?05:45
=== PurpleMotion notes the line during the install where it says "remove the CD from your CD-ROM tray, and press return to reboot
rootto make matter worse... it is always the same message.. the same unmet packages for any single package I want to install.. even if they are installed already05:45
=== wongles [i=wongle@dsl-202-45-119-235.WA.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
PurpleMotionConcord_Dawn:  i dont know, whats the problem05:45
linuxn00bso anyone know if it is possible to change the apt sources in the hoary installer?05:45
thoreauputicPurpleMotion: that would require actually reading what the installer says ;)05:45
nickrudroot, how about posting that error message on paste.ubuntulinux.org05:45
bz0bbz0b@bz0b:~$ skype05:45
bz0bskype: error while loading shared libraries: libqt-mt.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:45
bz0bcan someone tell me whaT that means?05:46
str8edgelinuxn00b: if you do an expert install you can. I don't recomend it.05:46
Concord_DawnPurpleMotion, I want to chroot a user into their home directory everytime they login.05:46
PurpleMotionthoreauputic:  fsckin frightening, eh05:46
Wanderer___Which time? when I first stick it in the drive, reboot, then do the enter thing? Or do you mean when it reboots the second time?05:46
bz0bdo i need to apt get something?05:46
Concord_Dawnit's an SSH only account.05:46
Concord_Dawnso whenever they start bash05:46
Concord_Dawnso I put /usr/sbin/chroot ~/ in their .bash05:46
PurpleMotionso you want them to see their home directory as root?05:46
linuxn00bstr8edge, im in the expert install now but I don't know see where I can change it.05:46
EasterSunshineprobably apt-get install libqt-mt05:46
thoreauputicPurpleMotion: yeah - like no-one notices the stuff about root/sudo in the installer...05:46
Concord_Dawnbut I get a "You ain't root biatch" error.05:46
=== omaru [n=omaru@] has joined #ubuntu
bz0bcan someone please tell me what this means?05:47
thoreauputicWanderer___: the installer tells you when to remove the CD05:47
=== xsadikx [n=obsessio@bl5-211-171.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
bz0bexpert install now but I don't know see where I can change it.05:47
bz0bEasterSunshine probably apt-get install libqt-mt05:47
bz0bthoreauputic PurpleMotion: yeah - like no-one notices the stuff about root/sudo in the installer...05:47
bz0bConcord_Dawn but I get a "You ain't root biatch" error.05:47
bz0b* omaru (n=omaru@ has joined #ubuntu05:47
bz0bbz0b can someone please tell me what this means?05:47
bz0b* omaru has quit (Client Quit)05:47
bz0bthoreauputic Wanderer___: the installer tells you when to remove the CD05:47
PurpleMotionConcord_Dawn:  you want them to not be able to access beyond their /home dir right05:47
bz0b* xsadikx (n=obsessio@bl5-211-171.dsl.telepac.pt) has joined #ubuntu05:47
nickrudbz0b, you can usually track down errors like that with non-ubuntu software by searching for the missing file on packages.ubuntu.com05:47
Concord_Dawnpretty much, unless I symlink05:47
=== ws007 [n=ws007@] has joined #ubuntu
PurpleMotionConcord_Dawn:  jailshell05:47
metiscan someone help with postfix05:47
ubotuPurpleMotion: Bugger all, i dunno05:47
Wanderer___No, it doesn't.05:47
PurpleMotionill find it for you05:48
bz0bnickrud, thanks05:48
EasterSunshineconfigure your irc clients ppl...to warn you about pasting multiple lines or something05:48
Concord_Dawnthanks PurpleMotion05:48
=== berny [n=berny@host163.200-43-229.telecom.net.ar] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
Concord_DawnEasterSunshine, mIRC does that after pasting about 5 lines.05:48
tristanmikethoreauputic, he can't even get into the installer05:48
rootthat address does not work05:48
thoreauputicWanderer___: yes, it does - we've all done the install, you know - you'll need to be more precise i think05:48
EasterSunshinemetis: there is #postfix, but they look idle...05:48
xsadikxhow can i change the default gnome menu icon? i downloaded a custom ubuntu icon05:49
PurpleMotionjailer - Builds and maintains chrooted environments05:49
PurpleMotionjailtool - Tool to build chroot-jails for daemons05:49
EasterSunshineConcord_Dawn: you are using mirc?05:49
nickrudroot, sorry, paste.ubuntulinux.nl05:49
thoreauputicWanderer___: are you saying the installer aborts before it even starts?05:49
EasterSunshineConcord_Dawn: if so, it better be on wine05:49
tristanmikethoreauputic, yeah, I've been trying to help to no avail05:49
Concord_Dawnlol, indeed05:49
PurpleMotioninstall jailer and jailtool05:49
Wanderer___It says nothing to me. I guess I was unclear. It gets no farther than "Booting Kernel" before it reboots ad infintium.05:49
=== FR500 [n=andres@143.228.uio.satnet.net] has left #ubuntu []
metishow do u get to these other rooms easter? where do i find these?05:50
thoreauputicWanderer___: is the disk OK? Have you checked the md5sum?05:50
thoreauputicWanderer___: bad burn? mybe?05:50
xsadikxHow do I change the default gnome menu icon?05:50
Wanderer___What is md5sum?05:50
cafuego<heh> That's the first time I've used chmod 405005:50
tristanmikethoreauputic, it's apparently an offical one he got from a friedn05:50
thoreauputictristanmike: ah OK05:50
EasterSunshinemetis: type "/j #postfix" to enter the #ostifx channel, which had 106 nicks when i visited, so i dunno how easily you will get reponse05:50
Concord_DawnWanderer___, it's a string (hash) that represents all of the data on a disc or in a file.05:51
EasterSunshinemetis: sry thats "/j #postfix"05:51
EasterSunshineargh my client wont let me send it05:51
Wanderer___How to check it?05:51
bz0bnickrud, so would i most likely be downloading the libqt3-mt-dev?05:51
Concord_Dawnsearch md5 in the repos.05:51
PurpleMotionEasterSunshine:  there are 431 people in here, and everybody gets help if someones around who knows the answer05:51
rootcan anyone check out my post http:/paste.ubuntulinux.org/141405:51
nickrudbz0b, probably not the dev, that's if you want to compile against libqt3-mt, but you are close :)05:51
EasterSunshinepurplemoon: i know but i thought they would be more familiar with postfix in #postfix05:52
thoreauputicroot: you do know that runing IRC as root is a Bad Thing, don't you?05:52
=== PurpleMotion goes to look at root's paste
tristanmikeConcord_Dawn, if he can't get it installed, how can he get it in the repos?05:52
PurpleMotionthoreauputic:  really? what can you do to him?05:52
Concord_Dawnhe could use the livecd.05:52
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Concord_Dawnsearch MD5 for Windows in google05:53
Wanderer___What exactly am I looking for?05:53
root.. I didn't realize I was05:53
Concord_Dawnand Md5 hashing tool for Windows.05:53
roothold on a sec05:53
Concord_Dawnor whatever your current OS is.05:53
thoreauputicPurpleMotion: I can't - but if his client has any vulnerabilities he's wide open to them05:53
xsadikxcan you guys point me to some tutorial on how to mount ntfs partitions under ubuntu?05:53
Concord_DawnPurpleMotion, I installed those, now what?05:53
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hardw1reis he using the root account?05:53
wjesusaxlI'm back.. I used to be root05:53
=== bz0b_ is now known as bz0b
PurpleMotionchances are about as good as someone catching a copy of your credit card number if you send it unencrypted05:53
EasterSunshinethat reminds me, what package does the command smbmount come in?05:53
Wanderer___I can get to a text file with the name md5sum.txt. Is that it?05:53
nickrudoh, that was you :)05:54
ubotuI heard ntfs is the (N)(T) (F)ile(S)ystem, the filesystem normally used under Windows XP. The Ubuntu installer can safely resize an NTFS partition to create a new partition for you to install Ubuntu. http://www.ubuntulinux.nl/files/winmac_fstab05:54
Madpilotxsadikx: see ubotu above ^^^05:54
Concord_DawnWanderer___, yeah, but you need to check that against the md5 hash generated from the file you have on your HDD05:54
PurpleMotionEasterSunshine:  watch ubotu05:54
PurpleMotion!find smbmount05:54
nickrudwjesusaxl, do as it says, sudo apt-get install -f05:54
Concord_Dawnhard disk drive.05:54
thoreauputicPurpleMotion: *shrug*  in some channels being root is an automatic kick05:54
PurpleMotionthoreauputic:  yeah i know, i always thought thatw as quite gay05:54
Concord_Dawnsearch Md5 for Windows in Google.05:55
wjesusaxlnickrud: I tried that once ... and it wiped clean all my packages05:55
Concord_Dawnand download an md5 hashing tool.05:55
PurpleMotionSearch of 'smbmount' (5 shown; 41 total): (/usr/bin/smbmount) in otherosfs/smbfs ;; (/usr/share/samba/swat/help/smbmount.8.html) in universe/net/swat ;; (/usr/share/doc/samba-doc/htmldocs/smbmount.8.html) in doc/samba-doc ;; (/usr/share/locale/tr/LC_MESSAGES/konq_smbmounterplugin.mo) in kde/kde-i18n-tr ;; (/usr/share/locale/ja/LC_MESSAGES/konq_smbmounterplugin.mo) in kde/kde-i18n-ja.05:55
EasterSunshinePurpleMotion: i'm watching...05:55
nickrudwjesusaxl, ?05:55
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vitriolthe ubuntu forums don't work too well in lynx :(05:55
PurpleMotionit didnt do it in the channel05:55
nickrudwiped clean? I've been saved at every turn by that command :)05:55
wjesusaxlevery single package I insalled was gone05:55
tristanmikeConcord_Dawn, it's an offical cd, not a burned one05:55
=== Chiacomo [n=Check@pdpc/supporter/active/Chiacomo] has joined #ubuntu
PurpleMotionwhats unofficial about a burned cd?05:56
PurpleMotionim pretty sure it has the same license as a stamped one05:56
Concord_Dawnit does.05:56
ChiacomoPurpleMotion: Thanks for your help yesterday -- ended up getting my sound going... :D05:56
PurpleMotionand byte for byte the same data05:56
PurpleMotionChiacomo:  anytime :)05:56
EasterSunshinePurpleMotion: that only gives the paths to smbmnt, not the package05:56
MadpilotPurpleMotion: do "!+find smbmount" or whatever - with the + sign - to force ubotu to post the the channel05:56
PurpleMotionEasterSunshine:  it does holdon05:56
Concord_DawnPurpleMotion, what do I do now with jailer?05:56
wjesusaxlok i'm on that05:56
vitriolanybody used colony 3?05:57
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nickrudwjesusaxl, the only comment I have, is you have some weird sources in you list. I'm pretty conservative about that05:57
PurpleMotionConcord_Dawn:  check the documentation, i guess.. i dont use it so im afraid i wont be much help.. once you get it working thought, you might wish to write a wiki article on it05:57
=== vitriol is wondering how well it works
wjesusaxlit seems to be some packages that go stuck05:57
ChiacomoPurpleMotion: Anytime? really? Sound is working but Audacity can't seem to handle it...05:57
PurpleMotiondunno anything about audacity, what6 is it?05:57
PurpleMotionEasterSunshine:  (/usr/bin/smbmount) in otherosfs/smbfs <-- it's in package smbfs05:58
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thoreauputicChiacomo: audacity has problems with esd - try "killall esd" and run it again05:58
wjesusaxlnickrud: I'm kind a newbie ... not totally05:58
nickrudwjesusaxl, how about posting your /etc/apt/sources.list on paste05:58
ChiacomoPurpleMotion: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ --05:58
Chiacomothoreauputic: Okey dokey... don't restart esd?05:58
wjesusaxlI found one on the web and replace I had..05:58
FR500what is the page for backports?05:59
wjesusaxlreplace what I once had05:59
=== avadash [n=avadash@c-67-182-248-13.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
PurpleMotionoh i have that05:59
wjesusaxlnow it's working05:59
avadashhow do i mount a iso image?05:59
thoreauputicChiacomo: try it without esd and see05:59
PurpleMotiondunno mine worked out of the box05:59
wjesusaxlcan't believe it05:59
Wanderer___No, you guys missunderstood. My friend had extra copies of the official cds he order (ie he order multiple official cds). That's what I'm using  (or trying to use, depending on how you look at it) right know. Oh, I found Md5 Checksum utility for Win32. Is that what I'm looking for in the google?06:00
EasterSunshinePurpleMotion: ah, i thought smbfs was referring to the name of the filesystem06:00
nickrudwjesusaxl, I can, I've been using apt for a long time.06:00
PurpleMotionavadash:  mount -t iso9660 -o loop /path/to/iso.iso /mnt/mount_point06:00
PurpleMotionEasterSunshine:  nope,t hats the package06:00
=== ian [n=ian@] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicavadash: sudo modprobe loop ; mount -o loop /mnt/point file.iso ; cd /mnt/point06:00
ianhello ppl..06:00
wjesusaxlso I have06:00
wjesusaxlbut I didn't trust apt-get install -f06:00
nickrudoff topic, who aptly named apt, anyway :)06:00
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PurpleMotionwhy in gods name are you probing for loop?06:00
iandoes ubuntu..automatically..detect new hardware..installed?06:01
thoreauputicoops PurpleMotion is right, ignore me avadash06:01
PurpleMotionwhat dist doesnt install a loop device?06:01
wjesusaxlbecause it took down all my packages06:01
BTJusticeMight anyone be able to help me fix a problem with my SB Live! 24 bit sound card?  I have sound but it is real scratchy and jumpy.  http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19307 was how I got the card working in the first place.06:01
Chiacomothoreauputic: It's working now, but sounds slow and like I'm in a barrel when I try to record... :P06:01
thoreauputicPurpleMotion: the module wsn't auto loaded here.. YMMV06:01
PurpleMotiononly on linux can sucha fine card sound like total arse06:01
Wanderer___Guys? Is that what I'm looking for?06:01
iandoes ubuntu..automatically..detect new hardware..installed?06:01
PurpleMotionthoreauputic:  oh it doesnt here either, till somethign calls the loop device then it automagically loads06:02
PurpleMotionunloads when you're done too06:02
Concord_Dawnian: yes06:02
=== judax [n=troy@ppp-69-148-19-77.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
PurpleMotionhow do i change _my_ text in x-chat?06:02
thoreauputicPurpleMotion: hmm - OK - last time I did it was on warty, and I had to modprobe it for some weird reason06:02
ianConcord_Dawn: thanks..06:03
Concord_DawnPurpleMotion, can't.06:03
nickrudWanderer___, you06:03
FR500ian: yes, but not all the hw works out of the box06:03
PurpleMotioni dont believe that06:03
=== helloyo [n=alex@c220-239-14-166.belrs4.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
FR500ian: just like windoze06:03
nickrud're using a pressed cd from shipit.ubuntu.com?06:03
tristanmikeWanderer___, no, you would only need that if you downloaded your copy, officals shouldn't need a md5 checksum06:03
wjesusaxlnickrud: what happens when you got into iRC as you are root06:03
helloyoi'm having some difficulty with breezy, my network doesn't work due to a wrong driver i think, how do i configure this?06:03
ianFR500: ok thanks..ill try....i will get back if its does not work..:D06:03
nickrudwjesusaxl, have no idea, I have'nt run as root for anything for a =very= long time06:03
FR500ian: what are you trying to install06:04
wjesusaxlnickrud: someone just told me it was bad06:04
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nickrudwjesusaxl, listen to them. root is for system admin, nothing else. Life occurs as a user.06:04
Wanderer___Yet an md5 checksum this pressed cd has. I'm looking at the file in all its' wierd hexadecimal glory even as we speak (type?).06:04
Webby`Hi, I'm having mouse trouble. My mouse won't scroll. Any advice on how to get this to work?06:04
BTJusticeMight anyone be able to help me fix a problem with my SB Live! 24 bit sound card?  I have sound but it is real scratchy and jumpy.  http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19307 was how I got the card working in the first place.06:05
=== Dr_Willis [i=willis@12-222-84-112.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
wjesusaxlI did know that06:05
wjesusaxlbut I thought it could be risky06:05
vitriolgoing on irc as root as like browsing with internet explorer in windows as administrator06:05
vitriol.....oh wait06:05
Madpilotvitriol: hah!06:05
Wanderer___Hello? Guys?06:05
nickrudI never run windows, so I'll take your word :)06:06
tristanmikeWanderer___, what is you wanted to know?06:06
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Wanderer___I just replied that this pressed cd has an md5sum file.06:06
tristanmikeWanderer___, yes it will have one, the thing is that the download ones may have a corrupt one, does that make sense?06:07
tristanmikeWanderer___, in downloading it, it may get corrupted06:07
Wanderer___hmmm. Yes. So what am I doing wrong?06:07
tristanmikesomeone help this guy get his Linux installed06:08
=== Zero84 [n=Joe@cpe-65-24-30-40.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
nickrudWanderer___, this pressed cd, you boot it, what happens? (sorry, I've been in and out on the channel)06:08
PurpleMotionConcord_Dawn:  go to Settings -> Advanced -> Text Events... ->second option fromt he bottom. chamge C30 to whatever other color you want your text to be06:09
Wanderer___ the installer goes to the first screen, I hit enter and it spews it's standard compiler gibberish. All is well untill it says :booting kernel", or some such thing. It is then that my computer reboots. The cd then gets reread. And, I'm plopped right back at the screen that I began at. It's like some hellish cyber-version remake of Groundhog Day without the damn groundhog. [this is a paste,...06:09
Wanderer___...for conveniency}06:09
nickrudah, I did see that :)06:09
=== willis_ [i=willis@12-222-84-112.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
nickrudWanderer___, so, you put the cd in the tray, reboot the computer, hit enter on the first prompt, and, instead of installing ubuntu, the computer reboots?06:11
PurpleMotionman i can change everythign here06:11
tristanmikecyber-groundhog day without the damn groundhog, that's funny06:11
=== P3L|C4N0 [n=gcamposm@] has joined #ubuntu
tristanmikenickrud, that's what's happening to him06:13
tristanmikenickrud, over and over, if he hit's enter, reboot06:13
pjwConcord_Dawn: i have a beautiful morning :)06:13
nickrudhuh, and it's a pressed shipit.ubuntu.com disk. Some wierd hardware, I think, which I will duck.06:13
nickrudand pass to bob or crimson or someone like that :)06:14
=== PurpleMotion [n=jay@cpe-24-26-139-222.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #Ubuntu
=== willis_ [i=willis@12-222-84-112.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
PurpleMotioni broked xchat06:14
thoreauputicPurpleMotion: wow - how did you manage that ? *g*06:14
PurpleMotionmessin with the text events :D06:14
PurpleMotionbut i fixed it06:14
nickrudWanderer___, sorry, that is just more than I can help with.06:15
tristanmikenickrud, what if the same thing is happening but it quits at the line... "PS/2 mouse device common for all mice"06:15
nickrudtristanmike, again, I'll pass that to the people who actually know the installer. I try to stay within my limits.06:15
tristanmikenickrud, cool06:17
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EasterSunshineanyone here knowledgable about pdf file specification can tell me if it stores a creation time/date?06:17
c0rruptInvalid memory block address.06:18
=== juanej [n=juanej@cable200-116-218-242.epm.net.co] has joined #ubuntu
nickrudEasterSunshine, not really knowledgeable, but, looking at a pdf I created, there's no date in it.06:19
=== ian [n=ian@] has joined #ubuntu
ianhello ppl..06:20
Wanderer___So? What do I do? I think my efforts at attempting an install have been very persistent. Does it end in failure?06:20
nickrudWanderer___, no, drop in and out of this list, and ask again. Better yet, send a question to the ubuntu-users mailling list.06:20
=== mike1980 [i=mike1980@CPE00131066190a-CM000f9f7eea54.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicWanderer___: just a stab in the dark - I think you can switch to tty4 to see error output (alt-F4)06:21
EasterSunshinenickrud: what program did you use to make it?06:21
thoreauputicmight be tty3... not sure06:21
=== l0s3rk1d [n=l0s3rk1d@] has joined #ubuntu
l0s3rk1dhi how can i change my desktop to kde?06:21
=== LaserJock [n=LaserJoc@ppp-69-239-136-157.dsl.renocs.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
EasterSunshinenickrud: i am particulaly interested in those exported by adobe acrobat06:21
=== remyforbes777 [n=remyforb@cpe-24-209-235-191.cinci.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
PurpleMotionsudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop06:21
BTJusticeMight anyone be able to help me fix a problem with my SB Live! 24 bit sound card?  I have sound but it is real scratchy and jumpy.  http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19307 was how I got the card working in the first place.06:22
thoreauputicl0s3rk1d: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop06:22
nickrudEasterSunshine, one I looked at was exported by openoffice. adobe, I don't know.06:22
l0s3rk1dwhere can i get the list of apt-gets?06:22
Wanderer___OK. I will try, try again.06:22
EasterSunshinenickrud: thx anyway06:22
Wanderer___BTW, what does it mean when a file has the extension "gz"?06:23
mike1980Your installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted. This probably means that CD-ROM was not in the drive06:23
mike1980can anyone help me06:24
=== atholas [n=atholas@222-153-15-75.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
=== chris [n=chris@c-67-188-217-5.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== PurpleMotion [n=jay@cpe-24-26-139-222.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #Ubuntu
thoreauputicWanderer___: means it was compressed with "gzio" ( GNU compression tool)06:24
PurpleMotionwhere int he hell is the highlight option?06:25
thoreauputicoops a/gzio/gzip06:25
PurpleMotionto set the color for highlighting06:25
nickrudWanderer___, it's a type of compression, you would use gunzip to uncompress it06:25
helloyohow do i reconfigure my network?06:25
Wanderer___OK.. What's it doing on the Install cd?06:25
nickrudWanderer___, making all the stuff on it smaller, so more will fit06:26
=== Ice9 [n=Ice9@user-11fb34a.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
Ice9how come my cds aren't auto mounting?06:26
Wanderer___ok. Thanks to everyone that helped me!06:26
FR500helloyo: System->administration->networking06:27
=== dubnium [n=dubnium@d149-67-185-169.col.wideopenwest.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ArYO [i=pipknw@ws1.inovasi.melsa.net.id] has joined #ubuntu
mike1980hi guys i am gettin error "Your installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted. This probably means that CD-ROM was not in the drive" any ideas how to fix this?06:28
helloyoFR500, can you do it in the shell? i have installed breezy, but the network is stuffed, so installation doesn't complete06:28
=== dubnium [n=dubnium@d149-67-185-169.col.wideopenwest.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== GrYpHoN [n=chatzill@stjhnf0123w-142163142144.nl.aliant.net] has joined #ubuntu
FR500helloyo: do you use dhcp?06:29
helloyoFR500, yep06:29
FR500helloyo: sudo dhclient interface_name06:29
wjesusaxldo you know what happens.. when I tried to compile a package and it tells me... gcc can create executable files06:29
GrYpHoNAny wireless Guru's here by chance?06:29
FR500GrYpHoN: no guru just ask06:30
GrYpHoNOk, here goes06:30
thoreauputicwjesusaxl: yes - install the build-essential package06:30
=== david__ is now known as omegalima
wjesusaxlthoreaputic: and what does that mean?06:30
Ice9how come my cds aren't auto mounting?06:30
=== codomaniac [n=codomani@] has joined #ubuntu
c0rruptwherd u go06:31
thoreauputicwjesusaxl: build-essential isa package that supplies what you need for basic compiling06:31
thoreauputicwjesusaxl:  make, gcc , g++ etc06:31
FR500helloyo: did it work?06:32
redtechI have a little printer situation here.  I'm trying to install another printer and the only selection I have for manufacturer is Raw.  I used to have a ton of manufactures, what happened?06:32
GrYpHoNCan't get my wireless to work.  All settings appear good, Radio is on, driver is loaded with ndiswrapper.  Had same issue with Linspaire 5.0.  Wireless works fine in Windows.06:32
wjesusaxlit happens when make ./configure06:32
wjesusaxlI mean just ./configure06:32
FR500GrYpHoN: what card?06:32
=== Draucon [n=Draucon@dialup-free-369.nmsu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
GrYpHoNBroadcomm 4036.  Onboard on teh HP pavilion zv500006:32
mike1980is it possible to do a net install with ubuntu?06:32
FR500i think you gotta recompile kernel06:33
=== Xatu [i=dragon@pdpc/supporter/student/user00265] has joined #ubuntu
GrYpHoNI see.  Ok Im extremly new to linux.  What is involved in that06:33
FR500mike1980: there is a PXE boot image that allows you to do that, i don't know otherwise06:33
FR500GrYpHoN: i think there is a guide on the wiki06:33
mike1980<FR500: ok thanks06:33
=== goli [n=sunil@] has joined #ubuntu
=== soda [n=sunil@] has joined #ubuntu
GrYpHoNHummmm will check06:34
FR500mike1980: same as GrYpHoN06:34
=== Linuxx [n=Tuxer_Li@212-95-246-201.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #ubuntu
ArYOI have some problem with apt-get update in ubuntu06:34
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
=== zovirl [n=zovirl@adsl-64-171-187-169.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
Linuxxwho speak Spanish?06:35
ArYOgzip:stdin :stdin not in gzip format06:35
FR500Linuxx: yo06:35
thoreauputicLinuxx:  /join #ubuntu-es06:35
=== La_PaRCa [n=parca@cable200-116-214-183.epm.net.co] has joined #ubuntu
zovirlI'm having problems using dia's command-line export.  It works fine from the GUI, but from the command line (-e option) it prints a bunch of error messages and uses weird random colors06:36
zovirlany ideas why?06:37
Ice9when I try to play a dvd with xine, it says "there is no input plugin available to handle "dvd:/" how can I solve this06:37
=== letschatt [n=llnk@CPE000d3a6e09cc-CM013379905037.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== IceDC571 [n=Ice@c-67-188-217-5.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
letschattwhere's apokry?06:38
letschatti was here a few hours ago desperately trying to get my wireless card working06:38
=== blackened [n=blackene@] has joined #ubuntu
letschatti got that mofo up. but had to boot back into windows because ubuntu slows my computer down06:39
letschatti know i am running a lot of garbage in the background. which stuff is safe to remove06:39
helloyoFR500, sorry, i think the problem is its using 8139cp instead of 8139too06:39
FR500helloyo: lol, what is that06:39
helloyoi think the ethernet driver06:40
=== nbcmayhe2 [n=nbcmayhe@p508F2C99.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
FR500and dhcp wont work?06:40
=== jmet [n=jjjj@2416445hfc251.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== PurpleMotion [n=jay@cpe-24-26-139-222.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #Ubuntu
helloyonope, network doesn't work at all06:40
PurpleMotionthats pissin me off06:40
PurpleMotionxchat crashes every time i update the text events06:41
PurpleMotionthey save06:41
=== str8edge [i=hidden-u@daisy.evilduckie.com] has joined #ubuntu
PurpleMotionbvut it crashes06:41
FR500helloyo: no clue, i'm just an average user06:41
=== misfit_toy [n=guy@cpe-70-112-252-226.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Ice9when I try to play a dvd with xine, it says "there is no input plugin available to handle "dvd:/" how can I solve this06:43
PurpleMotioninstall libdvdcss206:44
uboturestricted is, like, http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RestrictedFormats06:44
=== cafuego is special
=== reka [n=Unknown@] has joined #ubuntu
=== splatg [n=chris@] has joined #ubuntu
=== geppy [n=geppy@c-24-0-85-4.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Madpilotis there anything in Ubuntu that can read .eps files - Encapsulated PostScript vector image files?06:46
=== Ad|Astra [n=deadsy@ool-44c44d30.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
splatgI think that works with eps06:46
nickrudmost anything that reads postscript, i think06:46
PurpleMotionthis is much better now06:46
PurpleMotionI just need to figure out how to change everyone else's channel text06:47
PurpleMotionand add >>'s06:47
Ice9Purplemotion, libdvdcss2 was already installed06:47
rekaMadpilot: gnome-gv is installed by default06:47
PurpleMotionIce9:  I dunno then,t hat was just an educated guess06:47
vitriolwhat?! don't you dare change my channel text.....you insensitive clod!06:47
=== geppy [n=geppy@c-24-0-85-4.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
PurpleMotionvitriol:  more than anything i want to add ">>" between your nick and your text06:48
Madpilotreka: (and everyone else) thanks, I'll check ghostview out06:48
PurpleMotionuh huh06:48
vitriolsorry i don't use xchat or i'd help...06:48
=== vitriol uses irssi through a screen session
vitriol 00:48:54 up 180 days, 14:25,  5 users,  load average: 0.10, 0.09, 0.0706:49
nickrudconsole jockies :)06:49
=== benkong2 [n=benjamin@cpe-024-162-246-046.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== FunnyLookinHat [n=FunnyLoo@harr-b-162.resnet.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu
PurpleMotion6 months old today06:49
PurpleMotionyou must be proud06:49
GrYpHoNI can't find anything that I can understand on recompiling my kernel to allow my wireless work.  Anyone got a reference doc for me?  Having a hard time finding anything in the Wiki06:49
Madpilotthat's a lot of uptime - cool06:49
vitriola friend let's me use his server06:49
vitriolnot my boxen06:49
=== pirving [n=john@pool-70-105-230-175.port.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
PurpleMotionoh, heh06:50
vitriolGrYpHoN: what card is it?06:50
GrYpHoNBroadcom 4306 (rev.3)06:51
vitriolyou need ndiswrapper06:51
=== dubnium [n=dubnium@d149-67-185-169.col.wideopenwest.com] has joined #ubuntu
pirvingMy apt-get is timming out on a poopy server.  Should I just wait for it to finish or ctrl -c06:51
vitriolGrYpHoN: do !ndiswrapper and the bot will tell you where to look06:51
dubniumokay.. so I installed realplayer from the .bin on the website but it will not execute06:51
vitriol!tell GrYpHoN ndiswrapper06:51
vitriolthat didn't work06:52
vitriolwell you know how to do it ;)06:52
Madpilotvitriol: "ubotu tell <nick> about <thing>"06:52
rekapirving: you using mirrors?06:52
vitriolyeah there we go06:52
GrYpHoNI got the driver loaded with ndiswrapper06:52
ubotu[ndiswrapper]  at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HowToSetUpNdiswrapper06:52
vitrioloh :p06:52
=== nmsa_KL [n=seba@] has left #ubuntu []
vitriolGrYpHoN: so whats the problem?06:52
=== Dime [n=james@dhcp-0-50-fc-c7-90-3.cpe.quickclic.net] has joined #ubuntu
splatgdubnium: so all the files got installed?06:53
dubniumthey're all in there06:53
GrYpHoNDosent connect to my wireless.  Works under windows.  Had same issue with Linspire.06:53
dubniumno error messages06:53
=== Ice9 [n=Ice9@user-11fb34a.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
pirvingI'm using a bad mirror06:53
pirvingI guess06:53
pirvingConnection timeout06:53
vitriolGrYpHoN: what does dmesg say06:53
pirvingor something like that06:53
=== Linux_Galore [n=logan1@60-240-126-13.tpgi.com.au] has joined #Ubuntu
vitriolGrYpHoN: immediately after you modprobe ndiswrapper06:54
splatgmmm, in my experience realplayer does do that, you try to launch it and it doesn't do anything and then eventually appears out of nowhere06:54
pirvingthats it06:54
Ice9how come my cd drives aren't auto mounting?06:54
GrYpHoNThats the thing.  I modeprobe and no message comes up.  (Noob here :()06:54
splatgdubnium: can you see its process in the system monitor06:54
hardw1redoes anyone know how to install the nforce1/2/3 drivers for the x86_64 system?06:54
vitriolsounds like you have the wrong driver06:54
=== chavo [n=chavo@15.sub-70-212-27.myvzw.com] has joined #ubuntu
rekapirving: well, i don't know of that site/repo...but it's probably it06:54
=== moquist [n=moquist@pool-68-237-137-146.man.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
pirvingShould I just wait?06:55
Linux_Galorehardw1re: you need the kernel sources06:55
vitriolGrYpHoN: what .inf file are you using?06:55
Linux_Galorehardw1re: package06:55
hardw1reyeah i just apt-get them06:55
hardw1rebut it still says i need them :|06:55
Linux_Galorehardw1re: yep06:55
vitriolGrYpHoN: you can identify it with ndiswrapper -l06:55
rekapirving: what are you trying to get anyway?06:55
GrYpHoNbcwl5a.inf I believe06:55
dubniumsplatg, the .bin is in there "sleeping"06:55
hardw1rebut i can specify the path, but i dont know where that is06:55
vitriolGrYpHoN: ok it sounds like you have the wrong driver06:56
vitriolGrYpHoN: i'm 99% sure your card is supported06:56
pirvingwell, I'm running a ubuntusetup.sh06:56
vitriolGrYpHoN: are you using a 64 bit environment by chance?06:56
GrYpHoNThink?   Hummm.  Alright Ill try to load a different one.  128-bit06:56
pirvingit sucks, but its supposed to get everything setup for me after a fresh install instead of having to go find it all by myself06:56
hardw1re(Kernel):[Linux 2.6.10-5-amd64-generic x86_64] 06:56
Linux_Galorehardw1re: apt will list all the files and paths for any package if you ask it to06:57
vitriolGrYpHoN: another one to try would be bcmwl5.inf06:57
Ice9how come my cd drives aren't auto mounting?06:57
vitriolGrYpHoN: if you do a google search for it, you can find it pretty easily06:57
vitriol(the driver file)06:57
vitrioli would give you a url for it if i were in X :)06:57
hardw1reUnpacking linux-source-2.6.10 (from .../linux-source-2.6.10_2.6.10-34.4_all.deb) <-- that means the source is now on my system right?06:57
splatgdubnium: I'll try installing it and see if it works for me06:57
rekapirving: dunno, just wait i guess06:57
GrYpHoNIm using bcmwl5a.inf now but will try that one.  Thanks06:57
Linux_Galorehardw1re: yep06:58
dubniumi duno if theres a way to remove it... you sure?06:58
=== str8edge [i=hidden-u@daisy.evilduckie.com] has joined #ubuntu
vitriolGrYpHoN: you'll know when you have the right one because when you type 'dmesg' it'll tell you stuff about your wireless card06:58
=== l0s3rk1d [n=l0s3rk1d@] has joined #ubuntu
=== aeruder [i=muncher@ip68-102-201-46.ks.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== psurani [n=psurani@202-149-32-34.exatt.net] has joined #ubuntu
vitriolhardw1re: yes that means you have the linux kernel source....06:59
hardw1reLinux_Galore: whats the apt command to view where the source was install to?06:59
=== troglodyt [n=user@204-101-205-72.anikast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== aeruder sees that the breezy warning is no longer in the topic, is it safe-ish?
vitriolhardw1re: ls /usr/src (it's in there)06:59
hardw1recheers vitriol06:59
=== codomaniac [n=codomani@] has joined #ubuntu
Ice9how come my cd drives aren't auto mounting?07:00
hardw1redo i need to untar it?07:00
splatgdubnium: ok I installed it into a folder on my desktop and it worked07:00
vitriolhardw1re: is it a tar archive?07:00
=== bz0b [n=bz0b@ca-glendora-cuda2-c2c-87.arcdca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
splatghave you tried killing the process and starting it again07:01
=== killfill [n=bob@pc-200-74-17-222.nunoa2.pc.metropolis-inter.com] has joined #ubuntu
vitriolhardw1re: in other words ...does it end in .bz2?07:01
dubniumyou install it as user or root?07:01
vitriolhardw1re: ok, to extract that file you need to do tar -jxf <filename>07:01
splatgjust as a regualar user, try what I did then07:02
=== willis_ [i=willis@12-222-84-112.client.insightBB.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
vitriolhardw1re: why do you need the kernel source?07:02
hardw1reto install the nforce3 drivers07:02
=== vitriol hasn't messed with that
vitriolis this a third party driver or is it in the kernel?07:02
Ice9how come my cd drives aren't auto mounting?07:02
splatgit also looks like it just installs itself into the one "realplayer" folder so you should be able to remove it07:02
hardw1rethis is nvidia's driver, seeing as they make the nforce chipset :P07:03
vitriolhardw1re: i don't know if you need the kernel source07:03
=== reka [n=Unknown@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
vitriolhardw1re: there is a good chance you only need the kernel headers07:03
hardw1renah the installer is asking for the kernel source07:03
hardw1reERROR: Unable to find the kernel source tree for the currently running kernel.07:03
ubotumethinks nvidia is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia, or quick optimizations https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OptimizingNvidia?highlight=%28nvidia%2907:04
dubniumsplatg, did you chmod the installer or just go for it?07:04
vitriolhardw1re: ah well sucks to be you :)07:04
splatgchmod +x first07:04
=== mitch_ [n=mitch@wiley-440-10684.roadrunner.nf.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Furic [n=Furic@c211-30-113-130.carlnfd2.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
splatgthen just ran it from a terminal07:04
=== Gatton [n=me@] has joined #ubuntu
vitriolahh well there you go hardw1re thanks thoreauputic07:04
=== brenner [n=Unknown@] has joined #ubuntu
killfillcould anyone show me a tipical output of "iwlist eth0 scan" please?07:04
hardw1rethats for the graphics itself isnt it...?07:04
hardw1renot for the chipset O_o ?07:05
FuricI need to add the "noapic" kernel option to boot to fix motherboard issues, but whenever i run update-grub or sometimes just randomly /boot/grub/menu.lst gets changed to not have my boot option, how do i get around this?07:05
FuricDo i put it on the # kopt line?07:05
=== jasoncohen [n=jason@pcp0011382713pcs.ebrnsw01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== robotgeek [n=robotgee@ppp-70-251-6-16.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
PurpleMotionthere we go07:08
PurpleMotionwe got some convention up in this biotch now07:08
vitriolupgrading from hoary to breezy is borken...07:08
aeruderhow so?07:08
PurpleMotionyou all have >> after your nicks and before your messages07:08
MrPocketsif i have a pic i want as a splash screen, where do i put it?07:08
vitriolaeruder: can't find my root fs when booting07:08
aeruderi have a hard time believing that is a apt-get upgrade issue07:09
vitriolaeruder: please convince me otherwise :)07:09
=== aeruder is about to start his apt-get upgrade ;)
=== PurpleMotion [n=jay@cpe-24-26-139-222.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #Ubuntu
PurpleMotionboy thats annoying07:10
vitriolaeruder: i dare you to reboot07:10
vitrioli tried running the new kernel it installed07:10
=== Davey|Work [i=davey@] has joined #ubuntu
vitrioland it says it can't find my root fs07:10
vitrioland thats from a server install of hoary07:10
aerudervitriol: yea, that's probably a bug in the new kernel then07:10
vitriolto apt-get dist-upgrade to breezy07:10
aeruderi compile my own kernels, so i doubt i'll have the problem ;)07:11
vitrioldamn you07:11
fabbionevitriol: the problem is initramfs07:11
=== kirtis [n=kirtis@S01060080c828e315.su.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneit's not a kernel issue07:11
vitriolfabbione: is there a fix for it?07:11
=== syncron [n=syncron@] has joined #ubuntu
brenner!tell MrPockets about splashscreen07:11
PurpleMotionubotu, tell me about splashscreen07:11
fabbioneprobably.. it depends from your setup.. file a bug on initramfs explaining all your hw07:11
fabbioneand where root is07:12
vitriolfabbione: do you think i'd have the same problem if i used the colony 3 cd?07:12
PurpleMotionubotu, than you07:12
ubotuPurpleMotion: I'm not sure, is it larger than a breadbox?07:12
PurpleMotionerr thank you07:12
fabbionevitriol: probably the fix is past colony 307:12
fabbioneso either you dist-upgrade from the net07:12
vitrioli don't know a think about initrd's07:12
=== deadshell_ [n=deadsy@ool-44c44d30.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
aerudervitriol: can't you just use the old kernel/initrd ?07:13
vitriolaeruder: yeah but i wanted that new kernel07:13
=== PurpleMotion has to piss
fabbioneor file a bug and jbailey will tell you what to do07:13
=== RIRIA [n=client5@] has joined #ubuntu
vitriolaeruder: hoping it will fix my ati driver problems07:13
=== YDU_RH9 [n=stephen@d220-236-185-212.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
aerudervitriol: well, you could always compile your own07:13
fabbionevitriol: we don't use initrd anymore. it's called initramfs.. a completely new thingy07:13
aerudervitriol: *shrug*07:13
=== locomorto [n=locomort@c220-239-96-41.eburwd5.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
YDU_RH9Anyone tell me the default root password for the 5.04 live CD?07:13
fabbioneeven if they have the same file name in /boot07:13
vitriolaeruder: the last time i tried to compile my own on a debian based system it didn't go well (i've never built kernels before on systems that depended on an initrd07:13
aerudervitriol: there's nothing that depends on an initrd07:14
kirtisYDU_RH9, I think you just do sudo whatever and it lets you w/o a password07:14
=== jmet [n=jjjj@2416445hfc251.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
vitrioloh my mistake07:14
=== entropy [n=davejb@] has joined #ubuntu
aeruderjust compile your ide and filesystem drivers into the kernel07:14
YDU_RH9kirtis: Roger that mate. Ta.07:14
=== jasmuz [n=jasmuz@159sdl30m44.codetel.net.do] has joined #ubuntu
hardw1redoes anyone know if there is an LG monitor driver file for linux?07:14
=== jmark [n=jmark@ppp-067-136-142-071.safepages.com] has joined #ubuntu
aerudervitriol: everything else you can leave as modules, initrd is only used to dynamically load modules that are essential to actually mounting the root fs07:14
vitriolaeruder: oohh...so i just follow the typical make menuconfig;make;make modules_install steps ?07:14
=== jbpunk [n=jbpunk@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Elsidox [n=Elsidox@CPE-70-94-4-87.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #Ubuntu
aerudervitriol: and if you do your own kernel, there is no need for an initrd07:15
aeruderwell, some of them boot with root=LABEL=/07:15
vitriolguess i'll try that then ;)07:15
aeruderthat would have to be changed to the actual device07:15
brennerhardw1re: why?  what probs are you having?07:15
aeruderbecause the initrd handles that too07:15
jmarkis there a way to change the default cd-player application in gnome? so that I can have goobox play my audio cd's instead of the default cd-player?07:15
=== PurpleMotion tests
PurpleMotionwell,t hats weird07:16
=== Ice9 [n=Ice9@user-11fb34a.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
PurpleMotionoh well07:16
=== jocho [n=jocho@pc-200-74-106-109.megavia.pc.metropolis-inter.com] has joined #ubuntu
brennerjmark: sys > prefs > removable07:16
=== BuffaloSoldier [n=user@] has joined #ubuntu
kirtisjmark, yea removable drives and media in system -> preferences.07:16
aerudervitriol: yep, just make sure you get your ide driver in and your root fs filesystem driver (ext3 or whatever)07:16
aeruderand just forget about the initrd ;)07:16
Ice9I have dma enabled, how come dvd playback is choppy with all the players?07:16
vitriolaeruder: ok...great07:16
redtechIm trying to add a new printer, but for some reason the only driver its showing now is Raw.  What did I break?07:16
jmarkkirtis: thanks, checking that now.07:16
aerudervitriol: there's a way to compile your own ubuntuized kernels too07:17
=== Seq [n=chris@CPE0050bf1a898b-CM0011ae907ae4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
dubniumis ubuntu supposed to be on ext3? cause im on ext2?07:17
brennerIce9: you *sure* you have it enabled?07:17
aerudervitriol: and actually have a .deb for it and install07:17
aerudervitriol: although i generally don't worry about it07:17
vitriolaeruder: is that easily explainable?07:17
Ice9yea, it says its enabled07:17
aerudervitriol: no idea07:17
vitriolaeruder: i won't worry about it then07:17
=== GoClick [n=goclick@] has joined #ubuntu
vitriolaeruder: i'm not in X right now so i have to go off of memory07:17
kirtisdubnium, It's probably ext3, some things won't recognize the journal and see it as ext207:17
thoreauputicdubnium: it shows as ext2 on boot - before the journal is started07:17
vitrioli've built a gazillion kernels on LFS and gentoo though so it's not a big deal07:17
brennerIce9: using hdparm -d ?07:18
aerudervitriol: i've never bothered to figure it out, i mean, if you name your kernel sanely in /boot,  and the modules will obviously go into /lib/modules/kernelver, it becomes rather simple to manually remove the kernel ;)07:18
dubniumwhen i set up my partition I may have selected ext207:18
jmarkkirtis: so I just change gnome-cd --unique --play --device %d to goobox --unique --play --device %d07:18
vitriolaeruder: true07:18
=== PurpleMotion [n=jay@cpe-24-26-139-222.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #Ubuntu
Ice9brennder, yes07:18
brennerjmark: you'll have to check the syntax for the goobox command07:18
kirtisjmark, no, probably just goobox.  To see the options open up a terminal and do something like goobox --help and see what options it gives07:18
vitriolaeruder: thanks :) hopefully this will fix my system07:18
=== seth_k_ [n=seth@asmallorange.com] has joined #ubuntu
aerudervitriol: cool, at least you gave me hope of being able to upgrade to breezy ;)07:19
GoClickDoes the amd64 iso work with the new Sempron 64 chips? the md5 of the disk was fine but it pooped installing initrd07:19
jmarkthanks brenner and kirtis07:19
hardw1reright reboot time07:19
=== redeeman [n=redeeman@kaspersandberg.com] has left #ubuntu ["<Inoxor>]
vitriolaeruder: i didn't get errors upgrading, it's just the kernel07:19
=== vitriol *shakes fist* @ kernel
aerudervitriol: yep, cool07:19
splatgdubnum: it shouldn't really matter, ext3 is just ext2 with journalling07:19
aerudervitriol: i generally grab the latest kernel all the time, so i was always too impatient to wait ;)07:20
locomortoGoClick: Just use the i386 edition07:20
locomortoGoClick: its less pain as well (me looks at macromedia)07:20
brennerIce9: dunno, but i'd double check to see if you're enabling on the right device07:21
GoClickWell that's less fun07:21
=== juan [n=juan@] has joined #ubuntu
jmarkit looks like it is just goobox --play07:21
GoClickHow am I supposed to take advantage of the 64bitty goodness? What if I need to calculate imploding stars or something07:21
aeruderdubnium: and it is ridiculously easy to change over to using ext3 if you are on ext207:21
aeruderthere are plenty of guides online about that07:21
aeruder(and vice versa)07:21
vitrioldid somebody say 64bit?07:22
=== vitriol looks around
GoClickvitriol me07:22
vitriolGoClick: you need the amd64 install cd07:22
GoClickI've got it07:22
=== entropy [n=davejb@] has left #ubuntu []
=== Nathanial [n=doode@adsl-68-73-66-198.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
GoClickit poopooed on me while installing initrd07:23
jmarkbrenner and kirtis: it looks like the only thing that needs to be removed is --unique07:23
vitriolGoClick: hoary?07:23
Madpilotsomeone please remind me what the command line for changing permissions is? not chown, but something else...?07:23
=== hardw1re [n=hardw1re@host217-43-219-131.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== jasoncohen [n=jason@pcp0011382713pcs.ebrnsw01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
aeruderMadpilot: chmod07:23
vitriolMadpilot: chmod07:23
jmarkMadpilot: chmod07:23
vitriolone question 3 people answer07:23
Madpilotthanks everyone... :)07:23
NathanialHi I'm trying to make my Ubuntu pc into an FTP server, any easy to use software?07:23
locomortoGoClick: A sempron ain't for computing stuff07:24
vitriolNathanial: proftpd or vsftpd07:24
jmarkNathanial: apt-get install proftp07:24
locomortoGoClick: The diffrence is marginal anyway07:24
NathanialWhere will I find it after installation?07:24
=== arbir [n=arbir4@S01060011953d8506.fm.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
jmarkNathanial: oops forgot the d , proftpd07:24
GoClickvitriol Yeah07:24
vitriollocomorto: you're just jealous of our 64 bit floating point calculations!!07:24
=== vitriol pokes locomorto
=== locomorto has a uber dual opertron workstation :P
NathanialUh where will I find it under after installation? Is it like a program?07:25
=== Klementas [n=lichte@unaffiliated/klementas] has joined #ubuntu
vitriolGoClick: if that happens while you are installing you need to file a bug report :( sorry to hear it's doing that to you07:25
=== navyn [n=navyn@dsl203.wk.net] has joined #ubuntu
locomortoIts where i do all my hard core compilmation07:25
GoClickI may just have to do that07:25
GoClickAlthouhg I'm never a fan of using bugzilla07:25
vitriollocomorto: you using the 64bit ubuntu?07:25
=== vitriol can't afford dual opteron
=== No1Viking [i=micke@h-83-140-111-15.ip.cust.port80.se] has joined #ubuntu
arbiri got the live cd running on my laptop.. but internet does seem to work. i see the network name in the drop down list and i join it.. but i am not able to acquire a dhcp... but if i boot the machine with XP it aquired DHCP perfectly and internet works well. what could i be doing wrong ?07:26
locomortovitrol: yes07:26
vitriolGoClick: you must be using some unusual hardware for that to happen...thats not a very common problem07:26
GoClickvitriol I tried to get the most stock hardware I could, it's an Asus board and a geforce maxtor hd07:27
vitriollocomorto: i just joined the 64 bit club a week ago07:27
=== BuffaloSoldier [n=user@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Klementaswhen I add the ubuntu-calendar packages, isn't that supposed to be some kind of wallpaper for Gnome ?07:27
GoClickpretty common stuff07:27
brennerlocomorto: i'm not that familiar with the amd line...is the sempron the equivalent of a celeron?07:27
locomortosort of07:27
locomortoits a bit more powerfull though07:27
vitriolGoClick: what install cd are you using?07:27
=== steadfast [n=james@] has joined #ubuntu
jmarkNathanial:  http://www.ubuntuguide.org/#ftpserver has a section in it about getting an ftp server up and running07:28
vitriolGoClick: i mean no insult...but you have an amd64 right?07:28
brennerlocomorto: but it's still "below" a regular amd?07:28
GoClickYeah it is07:28
brennerah ok07:28
GoClickOr so the box says07:28
GoClick754pin Sempron07:29
vitriolGoClick: ok. you can use the 386 or 686 install cd and see if those work07:29
vitriolGoClick: ahh!07:29
arbirnobody to help today ? :-(07:29
vitriolGoClick: there is your problem!07:29
Gattondoesn't it just have less cache?07:29
No1Vikinghelloyo, I have a problem regarding language. In X-chat and other few applications my swedish characters do not work. The odd thing is that it works in most of the others like openoffice etc. Any ideas what to do about it?07:29
vitriolGoClick: a sempron is not 64 bit07:29
vitriolGoClick: you need the 686 install cd07:29
GoClickvitriol the new ones are, this one even says it on the box07:29
vitriolGoClick: really? interesting07:29
vitriolGoClick: well the 686 install cd will work for you07:30
aeruderNo1Viking: define "do not work" and you'll get some more help07:30
vitriolGoClick: i've used the 686 cd on my turion07:30
NathanialI installed vsftpd07:30
GoClickBut then I've paid for 32bits I'm not using :P07:30
GattonGoClick, if the cpu is new the 64 bit version may not be designed to work with it yet?07:30
Madpilotarbir: you are coming thru07:30
aeruderNo1Viking: do they not even type into the text prompt or don't send correctly or what?07:30
GoClickGatton could be :(07:30
GoClickOh well07:30
arbirthanks Madpilot07:30
Gattondepending on how different Sempron64 is from AMD6407:30
=== klaym [n=klaym_@a81-197-209-131.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
arbiri am stuck and now i am scared to install Ubuntu on my laptop07:30
vitriolthat blows my mind07:30
No1VikingWell aeruder: I get other odd charachters instead of the ones I print07:30
vitriol...they're making 64 bit semprons now.....07:30
GoClickMostly it was just a way to get my boss to buy me a gig of ram tho too07:31
brennerarbir: define stuck07:31
aeruderNo1Viking: what other apps you have problems with?07:31
arbirMadpilot, can you help me?07:31
GoClickSempron 64 http://news.google.ca/news?hl=en&ned=&q=sempron+64&btnG=Search+News07:31
Madpilotneed a bit of CLI checking before I do something... to add user/write privs to a whole directory, it's going to be "chmod +R u+w", correct?07:31
No1VikingGaim and x-chat are the ones I know I have problems with07:31
jmarkarbir: what is the problem you are having?07:31
GoClickAlthough the first few links there are no good07:31
Madpilotarbir: I missed what your question was, sorry07:31
=== eps [n=ubuntu@212.cust4.qld.dsl.ozemail.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
GattonGoClick, cool. I don't know how i missed that07:32
epsdoes the ubuntu livecd provide a device.map from grub?07:32
aeruderNo1Viking: hrmmm... could be some sort of gtk2 issue07:32
arbiri got the live cd running on my laptop.. but internet does seem to work. i see the network name in the drop down list and i join it.. but i am not able to acquire a dhcp... but if i boot the machine with XP it aquired DHCP perfectly and internet works well. what could i be doing wrong ?07:32
No1Vikingaeruder, yeah might be, dunno07:33
jmarkarbir:the internet works  or doesn't work?07:33
arbirspecifying static is also not helping as i am unable to ping my gateway07:33
redtechIm trying to add a new printer, but for some reason the only driver its showing now is Raw.  What did I break?  *SOLVED*07:33
arbirno jmark it does not07:33
=== Ice9 [n=Ice9@user-11fb34a.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== robitaille [n=daniel@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
Ice9yep, dma is definitely enabled, how come my dvd playback is still choppy?07:34
=== milksteak_ [n=milkstea@60-234-138-71.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
brenner<arbir> .. "but internet does seem to work"...07:34
brennerIce9: what player?07:34
jedixIce9: have support for your chipset?07:34
=== digitalfox is now known as digitalfox|SLEEP
Ice9vlc, mplayer, and xine07:34
jmarkdo you see eth0 when you do a ifconfig07:34
Ice9how do I check support for the chipset?07:34
arbirjmark, yeah07:35
arbiri even see that if i assign it a static ip, its properly assigned07:35
kirtisMadpilot, i think you want chmod -R u+rw dir07:35
jmarkarbir: well, what kinda dhcp server are you using?07:36
arbirbrenner, i am on my desktop now07:36
arbirjmark, i have a dlink router07:36
Madpilotkirtis: thanks, I went ahead and experimented, figured most of it out!07:36
jmarkme too, hehe07:36
=== BTJustice [n=btjustic@pool-68-238-1-114.chi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Elsidox [n=Elsidox@CPE-70-94-4-87.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #Ubuntu
jmarkarbir: probably something setup wrong on the router07:37
=== codomaniac [n=codomani@] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation]
arbirjmark, if i boot with xp it works fine07:37
brennerredtech: well done...how'd you solve it?07:37
Ice9how do I check if I have support for my chipset?07:37
Gattonarbir, so you don't get an ip at all? you are 169.254.x.x?07:37
aeruderGatton: uh, what?07:38
jmarkarbir: yeah, i'm not sure07:38
arbirGatton, with dhcp enabled i dont get an ip at all07:38
arbirif i specify one.. its subnet
Gattonarbir, when you boot the live cd...if you do ifconfig...you are getting what on eth0?
jedixI can't make it through an install without a kernel panic07:38
arbirGatton, no i only see IPv6 values there07:38
=== SavantEdge [n=NKK@dialpool-210-214-12-113.maa.sify.net] has joined #ubuntu
SavantEdgehi, I need some help....07:39
Gattonarbir, are you able to see your router? i guess not if you get no ip though07:39
jedixcorrection, I can't make it through an install without many kernel panics.07:39
Gattondamn peculiar07:39
arbirno Gatton i cant ping anything at all :-()07:39
redtechbrenner, I made a mistake and changed the cups data directory in the cups.conf.  I should be slapped07:39
MadpilotSavantEdge: just ask your question; no need to ask to ask...07:39
aeruderwhat network card?07:39
arbirGatton, let me try to aquire DHCP again07:39
=== scumbo [n=roberts@dsl-220-253-67-72.NSW.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Gattonarbir, maybe take eth0 down and back up. ifdown eth0  ifup eth007:40
arbiraeruder its the intel wireless card that comes with the dell inspiron 930007:40
brennerredtech: lol, well you fixed it didn't you?  it's all part of the learning experience. :)07:40
=== kevin06 [n=kevin06@loudsl01-253-101-31.iglou.com] has joined #ubuntu
arbirGatton, let me try that... let me go up and see what my laptop is upto07:40
arbirBRB in 2 ins07:40
BTJusticeI have a SB Live! 7.1 24bit sound card.  I used these directions (http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19307) to get it to work, but the sound is really choppy and scratchy.  How can I fix that in Kubuntu?07:41
=== Klementas [n=lichte@unaffiliated/klementas] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
SavantEdgeWhen I download themes for GTK, where do they wind up?  They don't seem to automatically appear in Theme Preferences.07:41
Ice9how do I check if I have support for my chipset?07:41
kevin06I have some stupid questions for anyone familair with Webmin. Am I correct in assuming a Master Zone is equal to a domain? And that a "slave" zone is equal to a sub-domain?07:41
redtechbrenner, indeed07:41
brennerjedix: while you wait, search the forums for the errors you are getting07:42
kirtisSavantEdge, Depends, if it's a simple theme without a seperate engine you can usually install it from the theme selection place, otherwise you'll probably have to do the old ./configure; make; make install07:42
Ice9how do I check if I have support for my chipset?07:42
=== syncron [n=syncron@] has joined #ubuntu
=== drewbian [n=drewbian@203-206-190-16.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
brennerIce9: from the wiki: "Most systems newer than 3 years support DMA"07:43
jedixbrenner: I would, but I'm installing using a tv and can't see the exact text output.07:43
SavantEdgeWell, I got them with Synaptic...I don't know where it puts them though for me to browse through with Theme Preferences07:43
Ice9yes I know, I have dma enabled, according to everything07:44
Ice9I just don't get why everything is so choppy07:44
kirtisSavantEdge, Oh, well it's probably in /usr/share/themes/ but it should be showing up.. maybe a logout/login is required?07:44
Ice9its not just dvds07:44
jedixIce9: check what modules are loaded07:44
Ice9like when I minimize a window or something07:44
jedixIce9: lsmod07:44
Ice9its choppy too07:44
GattonSavantEdge, maybe check ~/.themes?07:44
syncroni'm having some problems with accessing files in my ntfs partition...07:44
=== BT_Justice [n=BTJustic@pool-68-238-1-114.chi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
brennerIce9: system specs?07:45
Ice9jedix, what am I looking for?07:45
jedixIce9: and are you using hardware acceleration in playback?07:45
=== Vedu-reklameris [i=Vedu-rek@dzionis.m0.marsatas.lt] has joined #ubuntu
=== aeruder [i=muncher@ip68-102-201-46.ks.ok.cox.net] has left #ubuntu []
jedixIce9: sec07:45
BT_Justice.nick BTJustice07:45
Ice9brenner, its a p4 3.06 ghz, 3 gigs of ram07:45
=== BT_Justice is now known as BTJustice
=== edu_bcn [n=edu_bcn@] has joined #ubuntu
=== aeruder [i=muncher@ip68-102-201-46.ks.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== GregAsche [n=greg@CPE-24-163-214-72.mn.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
brennerIce9: heh, probably not a problem then07:45
SavantEdgeGatton, umm, ~ means /home, right?07:46
Gattonright. do you have a .themes in home?07:46
aerudercould someone please kickban Vedu-reklameris, he is using the channel for spam on exiting and entering07:46
brennerSavantEdge: /home/<username>07:46
Ice9yea, thats why this is driving me so crazy07:46
Ice9and it took me forever just to learn how to enable dma, and its not even the problem07:46
jedixIce9: see if generic something or other is loaded07:46
GattonSavantEdge, make that /home/username   but you probably figured that :-)07:46
brennersyncron: what problems?07:46
syncroni mounted my windows partition to /media/windows but when i try and play some mp3 files, they crash my media player07:47
SavantEdgeWell, nothing in ~/.themes, but there's stuff in /usr/shar/themes, so I'm fiddling with that now.07:47
brennersyncron: what media player?07:47
Ice9jedix, there's no generic anything07:47
syncronoh xmms and beep media player07:47
brennersyncron: have you changed the output plugin to esoudn or alsa yet?07:47
syncroni tried copying the files over to /home too07:48
syncronoh, no i haven't07:48
brennersyncron: it's a sound system "problem"07:48
=== umboto [n=narutard@c-24-0-10-139.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
brennersyncron: lot of people experience it with those 2 programs07:48
umbotohey can someone kick the bot?07:48
brenneri.e. problem was xmms/bmp, not your partition07:48
aeruderhe's in the process07:48
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@206.cust6.qld.dsl.ozemail.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
aeruderumboto: i'd give it 5 seconds07:48
umbotothat Vedu-reklameris  person is a bot07:49
umbotoadvertising crap07:49
umbotowhen i joined07:49
jedixfuck, this install won't complete07:49
aeruderumboto: yes, i know07:49
GoClickGrrrr so mad, I feel bad to because while I sit here now burning my 15th Linux CD in the last 2 days I KNOW it's costing a lot of money :P07:49
aeruderumboto: there are several people (including me) reporting him to staffers07:49
GoClickWe should have just bought a Dell :P07:49
aeruderhe'll be gone as soon as they setup the k-line ;)07:49
umbotohey um..anyone here having a problem with firefox?07:49
umbotofor some reason every other reboot, firefox won't display07:49
umbotoi just get a starting firefox on the taskbar07:50
aeruderumboto: run it on the console and see if any messages are printed07:50
umbotoand then it just exits07:50
No1VikingWhat to do to get daemons, that I dont need, to not load when I boot again?07:50
umbotoi tried07:50
brenneraeruder: weird, i haven't noticed him/her doing anything wrong. :-/07:50
aeruders/console/in a terminal/07:50
umbotoand it did nothing07:50
=== Elsidox [n=Elsidox@CPE-70-94-4-87.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #Ubuntu
SavantEdgeanother question, I'm trying to install a program which needs GTK+, which I thought was already installed by default on Ubuntu, but when I run ./configure, it reports its not.  Where can I get it?  (Program is gnome-mud-0.10.7, if it helps)07:50
GattonGoClick, what kind is it?07:50
aeruderbrenner: it is on join/part07:50
syncronwhere can i change the plugin? sorry i'm a new linux user07:50
brenneraeruder: when 'it' joins, parts?07:50
kirtisSavantEdge, you need the developer package..07:50
aeruderbrenner: no, when you join/part07:51
umbotoi tried running firefox in console with firefox %u07:51
aeruderit spams ya ;)07:51
brennersyncron: ctrl+p07:51
SavantEdgeah, ok07:51
umbotoand it just likes thinks for a minute07:51
umbotothen goes to the next line07:51
umbotowith no errors07:51
=== prodi_g [n=prodi_g@brown-1205.brown.rice.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== aeruder cheers
umbotoim like hmm07:51
Madpilotscratch one spammer...07:51
brenneraeruder: ah, ok. :)07:51
syncronk thanks07:51
=== arbi2 [n=arbir4@S01060011953d8506.fm.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ian [n=yella@] has joined #ubuntu
GoClickSo I'm getting fairly familiar with Linux installing I must say I hope Ubuntu doesn't start getting installer envy because for it's pretty face installing Fedora is no fun07:51
bjwanyone else getting this07:51
bjw"Launching HTTP Cleaner"07:52
Ice9anybody have any ideas why my video is so choppy? I have dma enabled07:52
arbi2is back07:52
No1VikingAnother Q: What to do to get daemons, that I dont need, to not load when I boot next time?07:52
arbi2cant get my wireless networking to work07:52
thoreauputicumboto: just type "firefox" without the %u07:52
GoClickThe only thing I think I'd really like is some sort of thing to let me know it hasn't crashed, something spinny in the corner07:52
syncronme neither, what kind of wireless card do you have?07:52
umbotoi also tried that07:52
kirtisNo1Viking, cd /etc/rc2.d/ and rm the links that you don't want.  Or if you have breezy use services-admin07:52
=== BTJustice [n=BTJustic@pool-68-238-1-114.chi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
locomortoNo1Viking delete/move the script from /etc/init.d07:52
jmarkIce9: mine is too, not sure why, though i'm on a slow machine by todays standards07:52
umbotobut don't worry guys it only happens every other reboot07:52
=== hgoiio [n=hiioo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== fortyoz [n=david@tibas-a338.racsa.co.cr] has joined #ubuntu
arbi2syncron, its the one that comes with the dell inspiron 9300. i think its an intel card07:53
umbotowhich i can't find out what causes it07:53
Ice9jmark I'm not...lol07:53
brennerNo1Viking: as in services?07:53
syncronah, i have an inspiron 600m07:53
No1Vikingbrenner: yes07:53
=== hgoiio is now known as GLADIS
fortyozHow do i make it so when my gf logs in with her username, everything is in spanish? the default system language is english07:53
umbotonext time ill just restart x instead of rebooting07:53
jmark<-- suffering from puter envy07:53
brennerNo1Viking: you can install rcconf or one of the other apps like it to easily disable/enable those07:53
arbi2syncron, the best part is.. it works well when i boot with XP07:53
arbi2syncron, and also in ubuntu.. i see the wireless network name07:54
=== Kamping_Kaiser [n=Kaiser@ppp240-242.lns2.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
No1VikingTake the services away since I dont need, for ex postfix07:54
ubotubum is probably a graphical BootUp Manager; see http://www.marzocca.net/linux/bum.html07:54
thoreauputicNo1Viking: ^^^ see ubotu07:54
arbi2syncron, but i cam unable to aquire a DHCP07:54
BTJusticeI need help with a SB Live! 7.1 24 bit sound card.  I used these instructions to get it to work (http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19307), but the sound is choppy and scratchy.  How can I fix this?07:54
=== hardw1re [n=hardw1re@host217-43-219-131.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
jedixthis sucks, I can't get the installer to finish07:55
GoClickjedix where is it quitting?07:55
jedixand this is the computer with the cd burner so I can't burn another iso07:55
=== Je_eR [n=Je_eR@] has joined #ubuntu
ianhow long does it usually take to get GAIM updates into ubuntu?07:55
=== joolz [n=joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== milksteak [n=milkstea@60-234-138-71.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
jedixGoClick: 16% of the grub install07:55
GoClickarbi2 we can see you07:55
jedixdetecting other operating systems07:56
GoClickjedix what kind of hardware?07:56
arbi2thanks .. i got kicked out and lost my arbir nickname07:56
GoClickDo you have any other OSes?07:56
jedixGoClick: amd64 sata drive07:56
=== dmccauley [n=d3mi4n@adsl-144-67-233.ard.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
jedixI think the problem is that it sees the xfs partitions07:56
arbi2any idea if i can make my wireless card to work ?07:56
jedixbecause it crashed earlier when I tried to mount those in the partition section07:56
GoClickarbi2 do you have a driver disk?07:57
GoClickOr some sort of driver from the manufacturer?07:57
=== izette_ [n=izette@pool-71-240-133-48.hrbgpa.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== esc_ape [n=esc_ape@ppp-68-250-77-10.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
arbi2arbi2, no.. i dont and GoClick Ubuntu has recognized my wireless card07:57
jedixGoClick: nope07:57
GoClickMy experiance so far with WiFi under Linux is that it's spotty at best if you don't have drivers directly from the manufacturer07:57
izette_How do I install an older kernel in ubuntu? 2.6 kernels break my Rio50007:57
jedixGoClick: two xfs partitions and two ext307:58
GoClickarbi2 what's it NOT doing then?07:58
arbi2if i can see the wireless network name in the drop down07:58
arbi2GoClick, its not able to ping my gateway07:58
arbi2i cant get to the net07:58
GoClickCan you get an IP from the DHCP server?07:58
brennerian: if you're talking about main, universe and multiverse, afaik, security updates only....not sure about backports and extras though07:58
arbi2dhcp does not aquire addy07:58
=== Tom-W [n=tom@67-20-184-58.chvlva.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
jedixGoClick: maybe I can use a live cd to boot and debootstrap07:58
ianbrenner:  there's a remote crasher in 1.407:59
GoClickjedix that's an idea07:59
GoClickI'm not a grub expert so I won't be able to help with that persay07:59
GoClickI'd probably just install all over07:59
Ice9anybody have any ideas why my video is so choppy? I have dma enabled08:00
GoClickarbir by chance are you trying to use an open key in a shared key system?08:00
=== psurani [n=psurani@202-149-32-34.exatt.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tom-Wplaying from hd or cd ?08:00
psuraniguys, i installed wget, now how to start it ?08:00
brennerian: what version is in bp?08:00
=== Flying-Penguin [n=flyingpe@pool-71-103-176-196.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
arbi2GoClick, nothing like that.. i just got the router a couple of days back. its running totaly insecure08:00
GoClickpsurani wget http://wwww.example.com/file.ext08:00
=== jsubl2 [n=jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu
brennerpsurani: *chuckle*  you need to learn the syntax08:01
Gattontype wget lol08:01
=== milksteak [n=milkstea@60-234-138-71.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
GoClickand it works under Windows right?08:01
psuraniGoClick, theres not GUI for wget ?08:01
Madpilotpsurani: "man wget" will get you the wget manual08:01
brennerpsurani: or you could use gwget2 for a very limited GUI interface08:01
GoClickwget isn't exactly a gui kinda thing08:01
=== jmark_ [n=jmark@ppp-067-136-142-047.safepages.com] has joined #ubuntu
psuraniGoClick, , does wget support resume for downloading ? even if PC gets rebooted by mistake ?08:01
GoClickit just for downloading one or two files off http08:01
=== linnuxxy [n=linnuxxy@] has joined #ubuntu
GoClickpsurani HTTP does NOT support resume of any kind08:01
GoClickAtleast not vanila HTTP08:01
BTJusticeI need help with a SB Live! 7.1 24 bit sound card.  I used these instructions to get it to work (http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19307), but the sound is choppy and scratchy.  How can I fix this?08:02
psuraniGoClick, , in windows we have few download managers that support resume for both http and ftp ?08:02
thoreauputicGoClick: rubbish - wget -c will resume from a n aborted download08:02
GoClickyes but it's not part of the HTTP 1.1 spec08:02
Madpilotpsurani: I think firefox's dl manager supports resuming; I know that Opera's dl manager will08:02
brennerpsurani: in linux distros, we have many :)08:02
GoClickI refuse to support crazy crap like that08:02
GoClickIt defeats the point of standards08:02
ianbrenner: bp?  umm, I'm not sure, I'm using 1.4 and there's no option to upgrade08:02
brennerian: backports08:03
GoClickarbi2 you might wanna look into using the Network's nickserv08:03
izette_does ubuntu have something similiar to backports.org08:03
ubotubackports are applications with newer versions on a stable distributions. Ubuntu backports can be found in the hoary-backports section08:03
=== thevy [n=thevy@] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuhmm... repos is at http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/AddingRepositoriesHowto A list of official repositories can be found at http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/96908:03
=== LaserJock [n=LaserJoc@ppp-69-239-136-157.dsl.renocs.pacbell.net] has left #ubuntu []
psurani!uname -a08:04
ubotuI don't know, psurani08:04
brennerheh, bettter link :)08:04
arbi2GoClick, what is that08:04
Madpilotizette_: see the bottom of the AddingRepos page08:04
psurani!uname -a08:04
=== koke [n=koke@dsl-roigw1l33.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
PurpleMotionuname -a:08:04
PurpleMotionLinux psilocybin 2.6.10-5-686 #1 Fri Jun 24 17:33:34 UTC 2005 i686 GNU/Linux08:04
GoClickarbi2 go /msg nickserv help08:04
Madpilotpsurani: you're not in a terminal windown, you know...08:04
psurani!uname -a08:04
ubotupsurani: Are you smoking crack?08:04
psurani!uname -a08:04
thoreauputicpsurani: umm - why are you asking the bot to give kernel info?08:04
Gattonpsurani i think you want to type that in your terminal not here heh08:05
esc_apeanyone have the problem with gaim where it appears & then quickly disappears when you click on it?08:05
GoClickarbi2 it's great for killing your old ghosts once you get it figured out08:05
psuraniwho is ubotu ?08:05
ubotuThaaat's me! I'm a bot, not a human. I'm sometimes the most coherent poster on #ubuntu! For more, ask me about "add". You can browse my brain on http://ubuntu.cc.com.au/08:05
=== odyssey23 [i=odyssey2@bppp-p-144-138-48-195.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Tom-W! cat /proc/pci :-)08:05
arbi2GoClick, yeah rigght...08:05
ubotuNo idea, Tom-W08:05
Gattonarbi2, if you're registered you can use a recover command to get your nick back08:05
arbi2is sleepy now08:05
odyssey23hey guys i'm looking at getting into ubuntu....08:05
Gattonhmmm i don't think i'm registered come to think of it08:05
arbi2cant figure out his wifi network08:05
=== pauldaoust [n=paul@S010600400559f412.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
GoClickarbi2 what do you mean yeah right?08:05
=== PurpleMotion gasps
PurpleMotionnot registered08:06
PurpleMotionhow dare you08:06
=== thevy [n=thevy@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
GoClickodyssey23 what are you wondering?08:06
esc_apeodyssey - I'm a new to ubuntu as well08:06
arbi2GoClick, i meant that i did see that today and i registered with a password08:06
odyssey23can anyone email me a user manual?08:06
arbi2GoClick, i need to do some more rtfm08:06
odyssey23hey esc_ape :")08:06
=== zaphod_ [n=Agrajag@66-215-172-61.dhcp.snbr.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
arbi2GoClick, and right now. i am dead tired :-(08:06
pauldaousthey, folks, you know those crappy new audio chipsets whose volume controls are entirely software-based (and thus are only supported with the Windows drivers)?08:06
=== PurpleMotion is downloading 11.6gb of stargate SG-1 *uNF* complete seasons 1 - 7 :D
Gattonam now!08:06
Madpilotodyssey23: http://wiki.ubuntu/com - have a look around there08:06
pauldaousthas anyone devised a workaround for these chips so that you can control the mixing from Linux?08:06
=== zaphod_ is now known as Agrajag
PurpleMotionMadpilot:  said http://www.ubuntu could not be found, please check the spelling and try again08:07
pauldaoustwow, that made everyone go real quiet ^_^08:07
odyssey23 i had it on me new (well bought a ebay comp... small but new for us lol) comp but couldnt work it out so i'm getting a full version off a distributer but i couldnt work out how to install a modem :(08:07
GoClickPurpleMotion I'll be sure to let the authorities know :P08:07
arbi2bye all08:07
Tom-Wis it like the ndisrapper driver for a soundcard?08:07
DekaPinkCan I set xchat to auto-accept file transfers? :308:07
PurpleMotionGoClick:  I got a number for them around here somewhere, holdon while i check08:07
BTJusticeI need help with a SB Live! 7.1 24 bit sound card.  I used these instructions to get it to work (http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19307), but the sound is choppy and scratchy.  How can I fix this?08:08
MadpilotPurpleMotion odyssey23: sorry, typo. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/08:08
brennerpauldaoust: if it helps, i've heard of the issue, search the wiki and forum while you wait08:08
pauldaousttom-W: I doubt there's anything like that; I think ALSA is a different fish from modem drivers... although I suspect it's not too hugely different.08:08
GoClickPurpleMotion isn't it 1-800-YAY-DMCA heh?08:08
odyssey23ohh thanx i'll look at that :)08:08
pauldaoustbrenner: thanks; I'll check it08:08
PurpleMotionbut considering the quality is less than tv (80mb per 42min episode) and the fact that im not distributing them, i would imagine they'll tell you to bugger off08:08
psuranigwget2 supports resume, even if PC reboots by mistake ????08:08
ubotupsurani: Are you on ritalin?08:08
psurani!mad ?08:08
ubotuWish i knew, psurani08:09
brennerpsurani: depends on where the file is hosted08:09
pauldaousttom-W: I think these chipsets are a hack, their Win drivers are a hack, and... well, I'm looking for another hack from Linux ^_^08:09
Madpilotpsurani: if you've got it installed, go to a terminal and type "man gwget2"08:09
brennerpsurani: some sites disable resuming08:09
pauldaoust* for Linux, not from Linux08:09
crimsunBTJustice: did you try plughw:0,0?08:09
thoreauputicpsurani: search in synaptic for Downloader for X - you might be happier with that08:09
Gattonwhat? ubotu doesn't have the sum of all human knowledge? ;)08:09
odyssey23has anyone got the user manual/guide file they can send me so i can do some reading up on it also?08:09
psuranihow to make gwget a default dl manager ?08:09
thoreauputicpsurani: or just type  sudo apt-get install d4x08:10
=== corvus [n=corvus@londonderry-cuda2-68-171-163-109.lndnnh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
pauldaoustI'm all excited; I've been commissioned to deploy a Linux network for a local private school with a limited computer budget.08:10
BTJusticecrimsun, I never ehard of it but will try08:10
brennerodyssey23: all online afaik08:10
PurpleMotionGatton:  i was surprised at how little ubotu had...08:10
PurpleMotionubotu, tell Gatton about yourself08:10
GattonPurpleMotion, i suppose it's up to us to add?08:10
=== GLADIS [n=hiioo@] has joined #ubuntu
PurpleMotionsure is08:10
jedixGoClick: my knoppix doesn't seem to support my hardware08:10
pauldaoust(well, maybe 'commissioned' is bending the truth... more like, I convinced the principal to try out Linux because it would cut down maintenance)08:10
crimsunBTJustice: are you using ALSA directly or arts/esound?08:10
BTJusticecrimsun: Where do I do that at? It doesn't work in the terminal.08:10
Madpilotodyssey23: there really isn't one user manual that's emailable. start at www.ubuntu.com and check around08:11
brennerodyssey23: there aren't any hard-copies of manuals/guides.08:11
jedixI'm back to trying to get ubuntu to take off the install cd08:11
BTJusticecrimsun: As far as I know ALSA08:11
GoClickWGET does support resume, it's that the resume methods aren't always supported by servers08:11
thoreauputicPurpleMotion: ubotu is still a young bot with much to learn ;)08:11
odyssey23ohh so the disc itself dosnt come with one?08:11
crimsunBTJustice: lsof /dev/dsp* /dev/snd/*08:11
PurpleMotionthoreauputic:  agreed08:11
=== azriel0184 [n=monoxide@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
=== odyssey23 might get very confused and lost i think :*(
=== Madeye [n=Jad@] has joined #Ubuntu
brennerpauldaoust: crimsun might now of your issue...he's the sound guru in here08:11
Madpilotodyssey23: there's a Ubuntu Help thing in the install, but the wiki and here are frankly better!08:11
=== Husam [n=husam@cpe-24-30-148-39.san.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Gattonodyssey23, i doubt it. the wiki and forums are very helpful08:11
pauldaoustbrenner: funky!08:11
=== Husam [n=husam@cpe-24-30-148-39.san.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
azriel0184is it possible to get something to run very early in the boot up procedure? (before mounting local file systems)08:12
Gattonubuntuguide helped me out a lot too but i don't know if that info is getting old?08:12
BTJusticekmix    8543 btjustice   10u   CHR  116,0      8588 /dev/snd/controlC008:12
SavantEdgeright, so I'm trying to do ./configure again after downloading some of the packages it mentions, and now it ends with this:08:12
SavantEdgechecking pkg-config is at least version 0.9.0... yes08:12
SavantEdgechecking for GMUD_CFLAGS...08:12
SavantEdgechecking for GMUD_LIBS...08:12
SavantEdgePackage libgnome-2.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path.08:12
SavantEdgePerhaps you should add the directory containing `libgnome-2.0.pc'08:12
odyssey23ohh ok so sorry (i know i might sound simple) but wiki is a different version of ubuntu?08:12
SavantEdgeto the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable08:12
SavantEdgeNo package 'libgnome-2.0' found08:12
SavantEdgeconfigure: error: Package requirements (libgnome-2.0 >= 2.0.008:12
SavantEdge                        libgnomeui-2.0 >= 2.0.008:12
SavantEdge                        vte >= 0.10.2608:12
brennerSavantEdge: DON'T paste08:12
SavantEdge                        libglade-2.0 >= 2.0.1) were not met.08:12
SavantEdgeConsider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you08:12
pauldaoustcrimsun: are you familiar with the issue involving these stupid new audio chipsets and their stupid mixers, that seem to be controllable only by the Windows driver? it's almost like a winmodem for the sound world :)08:12
SavantEdgeinstalled software in a non-standard prefix.08:12
SavantEdgeAlternatively you may set the GMUD_CFLAGS and GMUD_LIBS environment variables08:12
SavantEdgeto avoid the need to call pkg-config.  See the pkg-config man page for08:12
thoreauputic!lart SavantEdge08:12
=== ubotu resizes SavantEdge's terminal to 40x24
Madpilotodyssey23: no, the wiki is that URL I gave you earlier - wiki.ubuntu.com08:12
=== Je_eR [n=Je_eR@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
SavantEdgemore details.08:12
SavantEdgeCould someone tell me what that means?08:12
crimsunpauldaoust: depends on the chipset and thus, driver08:13
odyssey23ohh k... loading it now... :)08:13
MadpilotSavantEdge: it means that you need to use pastebin, please!08:13
SavantEdgewhats pastebin?08:13
Ice9"/usr/bin/dpkg-buildpackage: line 175: fakeroot: command not found"how do I fix that?08:13
ubotuwell, paste is please use http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/ or #flood to paste large amounts of text08:13
thoreauputicSavantEdge: given that you just spammed the channel, I doubt many people will want to help08:13
azriel0184is it possible to get something to run very early in the boot up procedure? (before mounting local file systems)08:13
pauldaoustcrimsun: ah. so some of these crappy new chipsets have ALSA drivers that software-control the volume?08:13
MadpilotPurpleMotion: one URL is probably enough... ;)08:13
odyssey23GREAT thanx... :)08:13
PurpleMotionMadpilot:  just being anally thorough08:14
odyssey23be back soon... i'll go have a look :")08:14
crimsunBTJustice: ok, so you're using ALSA directly. Try telling amarok to use alsasink device=plughw:0,008:14
=== odyssey23 away
psuraniguys, how to install emule in ubuntu ?08:14
crimsunBTJustice: (presuming you're using the amarok-gstreamer engine)08:14
crimsunpauldaoust: certain ones are limited by hardware design, yes08:14
BTJusticecrimsun: How do I do that plese?08:14
GoClickwhen you install Ubuntu 5.04 what's the default root password?08:14
MadpilotGoClick: no such thing08:15
ubotumethinks root is disabled in Ubuntu, you can read all about it on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RootSudo08:15
PurpleMotionGoClick:  there isn't one, look what ubotu said08:15
MadpilotGoClick: see ubotu ^^^08:15
GoClicksounds good to me08:15
crimsunpauldaoust: where the underlying hardware supports multiopen and the manufacturer has provided specs, full hardware accel is available in the ALSA driver08:15
ubotupsurani: Bugger all, i dunno08:15
BTJusticeGreat lightning storm.  I'll probably lose my power.08:15
GoClickThis is a very good idea08:15
Gattonpsurani, try sudo apt-get install amule08:15
crimsunBTJustice: I presume you use Amarok?08:15
pauldaoustcrimsun: oh, so maybe the problem isn't in the chipsets; maybe it's in the driver, which could still be alpha?08:16
psuraniGatton, ahh thnx08:16
pauldaoustcrimsun: actually, I've disabled the sound card in the BIOS so I'd have an easier time installing and using a PCI sound card... so I can't go 'lspci' to find out what sorta chipset I have. I guess I'll have to wait another day ^_^08:16
odyssey23WartyWarthog - Version 4.10. Previous stable release; supported until April 2006. (BugTracking)08:16
odyssey23HoaryHedgehog - Version 5.04. Use this if you want the most stable Ubuntu system. (BugTracking)08:16
BTJusticeamaroK 1.208:16
odyssey23ohh crap sorry :(08:16
=== odyssey23 blushes
Tom-Wemule is only win-32 so you would need wine08:16
pauldaoustcould try amule...08:16
ubotuMadpilot: Not a clue08:16
crimsunpauldaoust: it depends on the chipset(s) - which are you wanting to use with Ubuntu?08:16
GoClickIs there an easy way to add more refresh rates to the resoltion configuration thingy?08:16
PurpleMotionubotu, emule is one of the lowest quality P2P programs available. People should take a look at LimeWire (http://www.LimeWire.Com), but if you MUST use eMule, the website is: http://www.emule-project.net08:17
ubotuokay, PurpleMotion08:17
=== dayat [n=client5@] has joined #ubuntu
brenner!tell GoClick about fixres08:17
crimsunBTJustice: ok, do you have amarok-gstreamer installed?08:17
ubotuThaaat's me! I'm a bot, not a human. I'm sometimes the most coherent poster on #ubuntu! For more, ask me about "add". You can browse my brain on http://ubuntu.cc.com.au/08:17
Gattonodyssey23, you are getting hoary 5.04 right?08:17
BTJusticecrimsun: Let me look.08:17
MadpilotPurpleMotion: there is amule for Gnome - I assume that uses the emule network things?08:17
PurpleMotionMadpilot:  it's the mule engine that sucks08:17
=== Madpilot knows zip about filesharing crap...
PurpleMotionMadpilot:  limewire is 1000% better08:18
pauldaoustcrimsun: like I said, it looks like I disabled the onboard sound in the BIOS, so I can't find out :) guess I'll have to deal with it later.08:18
psuraniThe following packages have unmet dependencies:08:18
psurani  amule: Depends: libglib1.2 (>= 1.2.0) but it is not installable08:18
psurani         Depends: libgtk1.2 (>= 1.2.10-4) but it is not installable08:18
psurani         Depends: libwxgtk2.4 (>= but it is not going to be installed08:18
psuraniE: Broken packages08:18
ubotupaste is, like, please use http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/ or #flood to paste large amounts of text08:18
psuraniwhat to do in this case ?08:18
ubotupauldaoust: I give up, what is it?08:18
Madpilotpsurani: do you have the Universe & Multiverse repos installed?08:18
pauldaoustubotu: just trying to confuse you ,that's all ^_^08:18
ubotupauldaoust: Do they come in packets of five?08:18
_frankpsurani: did you install stuff from debian?08:18
PurpleMotionpsurani:  try: sudo apt-get -f install amule08:18
psuraniMadpilot, yeah08:18
pauldaoustubotu: only on Wednesdays.08:18
ubotupauldaoust: I don't know, could you explain it?08:18
pauldaoustubotu: nm08:19
ubotupauldaoust: Did you get hit by a windmill?08:19
Gattonpauldaoust, having fun? ;)08:19
ubotuYou can play with me on #debian-bots without being banned.08:19
i4is there anyway to gleam someones ip from an instant messenger?08:19
BTJusticecrimsun: No it is not installed.  I ma installing it now.08:19
pauldaoustmy word... I'll quit while I'm behind ^_^08:19
psuraniPurpleMotion, , it didnt helped08:19
brennerthoreauputic: *thank* you, :)08:19
psuraninot from debian08:19
PurpleMotionpsurani:  dunno then. dont install from debian archives ;)08:19
psuranii m in ubuntu08:19
_frankpsurani: did you install stuff from non ubuntu repositories?08:19
pauldaoustGatton: immense amounts of fun. It's sad, though, because you can't say you're screwing with the bot's mind, because it doesn't have one.08:20
azriel0184is it possible to get something to run very early in the boot up procedure? (before mounting local file systems)08:20
BTJusticecrimsun: Done.08:20
brenneranyway, too busy for my liking...later08:20
odyssey23gatton i donno? how do i do that my friend has the ubuntu free version he got posted to him08:20
crimsunBTJustice: now in the Engine preference for Amarok, make sure you have the gstreamer engine selected08:20
PurpleMotionodyssey23:  ubuntu is free.08:20
Madpilotpauldaoust: you can /msg ubotu <whatever> and have fun in private without being kicked from the channel...08:20
Madpilotodyssey23: Ubuntu is always free.08:20
pauldaoustMadpilot: okay, okay... I'm sorry; I've just never talked to a bot before so I got a little too excited.08:20
odyssey23i knw its great.. :")08:20
Gattonodyssey23, you can download the iso from ubuntulinux.org. I'm assuming that's what you want to do right?08:21
BTJusticecrimsun: The only one there is aRts Engine08:21
odyssey23my friend was sent about 10 copies free to disrtubute so i'm going to get that cd off him..08:21
jedixthe install cd can't handle xfs it seems08:21
crimsunBTJustice: is there a blank selection? The gstreamer engine is mistitled08:21
Gattonodyssey23, got it. yea they send out free cds. so you don't have it yet?08:22
odyssey23its on another machine and well wehn i had it on i couldnt get the modem to work... so i put fedora core and that confused me more so i'm going back to ubuntu as i would reslly like to go linux08:22
odyssey23as microsoft are scammers08:22
PurpleMotionubotu, start an editor war08:22
ubotukate is better than xemacs08:22
BTJusticecrimsun: I have it on the list now and selected.08:22
crimsunjedix: in what way? It detected my XFS partitions just fine.08:22
odyssey23will get it tonight08:22
=== IronMan_ [n=tux@] has joined #ubuntu
PurpleMotionis emacs ever better than anything?08:22
PurpleMotionI can't imagine it being worse than vi08:23
jedixcrimsun: it fails to mount my xfs partitions and throws an oops08:23
Gattonemacs is better than papyrus and a sharp rock08:23
IronMan_viw is better08:23
crimsunjedix: Hoary?08:23
odyssey23gatton: so is the one you mentioned on that cd?08:23
Tom-Wtry Xemacs08:23
MadpilotPurpleMotion: check the syntax of that ubotu command... ;) emacs only appears in the right-and side of the "is better than" line...08:23
jedixcrimsun: I think so08:23
crimsunBTJustice: ok, now choose customsink, and in it, type: alsasink device=plughw:0,008:24
=== IronMan_ [n=tux@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
PurpleMotionhow do you check the syntax?08:24
ubotuwell, list is you can see a list of things I know at http://ubuntu.cc.com.au or https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbotuUsage08:24
Gattonodyssey23, depends on how old it is. if he received it recently it should have hoary 5.04 on it which is what most of us are using08:24
i4would it be strange to have port 631 open on my computer if i do not have a printer installed?08:24
Gattonit's the latest stable release08:24
MadpilotPurpleMotion: ^^^ it's searchable, just search for editor or something08:24
crimsunjedix: what does the kernel log say? (alt+F[34] )08:24
odyssey23and easier to use?08:24
Gattonodyssey23, 5.04 = april 2005 as you might have guessed08:24
Gattonodyssey23, i think it's just about the easiest linux i've ever used08:25
=== GLADIS [n=hiioo@] has joined #ubuntu
Chousukei4: not if you have the printer server installed.08:25
odyssey23ok great...thats my cup of tea lol08:25
Gattoni was using suse 9.2 before ubuntu and that was a very nice distro also08:25
thoreauputici4: no - it's just listening on the loopback interface08:25
Gattonodyssey23, i hope you don't have any modem issues. i had no hardware troubles at all when i installed. everything worked.08:25
BTJusticecrimsun: I only have osssink, autoaudiosink, gconfaudiosink, and nassink.08:25
Madpilotodyssey23: the download page is here: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/download/08:25
odyssey23if he has an older version do the newer ones (waiting for that in the mail) update automatic?08:25
jedixcrimsun: I just rebooted to try amd64 install08:25
Gattoni had a few glitches but between the wiki, forums and this channel everything got worked out08:26
jedixthat worked before08:26
thoreauputici4: it isn't open from outside, in other words08:26
jedixbut I don't want to run 6408:26
Gattonodyssey23, not auto but you can upgrade the whole distro i believe08:26
odyssey23well to be honest i couldnt even work out how to install a modem *blush*08:26
Gattonodyssey23, understandable. linux isn't always forgiving when things don't work08:26
odyssey23ok :)08:26
crimsunBTJustice: you can use gconfaudiosink. Be sure you configure that, though, using gstreamer-properties.08:26
odyssey23i fell a lil better lol08:27
Gattonodyssey23, one nice thing is that if you get a hold of the live cd you can test everything before you install08:27
odyssey23but to give it credit i didnt spend much time with it... got a little "i cant do this" and bummed out too soon :)08:27
BTJusticecrimsun: IF I select that, how do I get to gstreamer-properties?08:27
odyssey23yeh? that would be much better for me08:27
crimsunBTJustice: execute it from a Konsole08:27
odyssey23get warmed to it before i dive in... thats a good idea!:)08:28
Madpilotbe back in a bit, I've got to shut down to plug a hard drive in... first downtime in 10 days... :(08:28
PurpleMotionMadpilot:  how would i teach it one of those? i try to and it says "What are yout alking about?"08:28
Gattonodyssey23, yea you can boot the cd and it will detect all your hardware. you can go online etc all running from cd. no installation08:28
Madpilotodyssey23: some stuff that worked after install didn't work on the LiveCD for me - it's not perfect, but it's very very good08:28
crimsunBTJustice: ('gnome-media' package)08:28
=== eps [n=ubuntu@206.cust6.qld.dsl.ozemail.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
BTJusticecrimsun: I use Kubuntu with Gnome.08:28
MadpilotPurpleMotion: "ubotu <something> is <blurb about something>"08:28
odyssey23ohh ok...thanx for that madpilot :")08:29
BTJusticecrimsun: I use Kubuntu without Gnome.08:29
crimsunBTJustice: otherwise, you can also test using aplay: aplay -Dplughw:0,0 /usr/share/sounds/foo.wav08:29
thoreauputicPurpleMotion:  ubotu <keyword> is <explanation or link>08:29
PurpleMotionyeah i got that, holdon08:29
odyssey23thats a reall good idea... ok another question is:08:29
Madpilotbe back in a bit...08:29
odyssey23my comp is 6 gig HDD, 450mz , pentium II and 205 mb ram... will it work on that?08:30
thoreauputicodyssey23: yes08:30
odyssey23(i know stone age size comp lol... all we could afford)08:30
psuraniguys, i lost my sources.list data :( what to do now ?08:30
Gattonodyssey23, it won't be a speed demon but it will work. ubuntu is one cd install so it's not huge08:30
aeruderodyssey23: it'll work great08:30
=== tim [n=tim@cpe-66-67-139-238.rochester.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== bjw [n=bjw@cpe-24-160-75-238.houston.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Gattonodyssey23, i haven't tried it on older hardware but so far what i've heard has been positive08:30
odyssey23even with the extra packages?08:30
thoreauputicodyssey23: I got ubuntu installed on a pentium 200mmx 64MB RAM :)08:30
PurpleMotion!start a distro war08:31
ubotuhmm... start a distro war is ubuntu is better than suse08:31
Gattonodyssey23, you mean the extras cd? or packages from apt-get?08:31
odyssey23what size HDD?08:31
BTJusticecrimsun: /usr/share/sounds/foo.wav: No such file or directory08:31
PurpleMotionill fix it08:31
aeruderodyssey23: you won't be able to install every package of course08:31
=== tim_ [n=tim@cpe-66-67-139-238.rochester.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
aeruderodyssey23: but 6 gigs is more than enough08:31
crimsunBTJustice: foo is a placeholder for a real filename08:31
=== Ad|Astra [n=deadsy@ool-44c44d30.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
Gattonpsurani i will miss you08:31
thoreauputicodyssey23: that computer has enough space and RAM - it won't be fast but OK08:31
PurpleMotion!start a distro war08:31
ubotuPurpleMotion: I don't know08:31
odyssey23i mean the basics... programs to burn cd's, office, photo upload ummm webdesign08:31
thoreauputicodyssey23: sure08:32
aeruderodyssey23: yea, you shouldn't have any problem, might get a bit tight on the disk space depending on how much you use in your home dir08:32
odyssey23its gotta be better then win98 on a 2 gig and god knows what ram etc lol08:32
azriel0184is it possible to get something to run very early in the boot up procedure? (before mounting local file systems)08:32
BTJusticecrimsun: It played, but it is really scratchy and poppy08:32
crimsunazriel0184: where would the data originate, from the initramfs/initrd?08:32
=== logical_mark [n=markgree@24-179-47-209.dhcp.leds.al.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
ColonelKernelanythings better than win98 on a 2g08:32
crimsunBTJustice: try ALSA 1.0.10rc1, then08:32
odyssey23yeh tight on space huh?...mmm how come i have all that on a 2 gig with win 98 and still have like a gig left?08:33
crimsunBTJustice: you'll need to do a cvs checkout of alsa-driver08:33
aeruderColonelKernel: when i set up my partitions, i setup winxp, win2k and win98 with 2.5 gig parts08:33
odyssey23lol my point :P08:33
aeruderColonelKernel: it wasn't pretty :)08:33
azriel0184from /sbin08:33
=== ColonelKernel turns green and runs to the bathroom
crimsunazriel0184: if you haven't mounted /, how are you supposed to grab something from /sbin ?08:33
BTJusticecrimsun: http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-doc/doc-php/template.php?company=Creative+Labs&card=Sound+Blaster+Live+7.1.&chip=SB0410%2C+P17&module=ca010608:33
logical_markHey guys. Ubuntu modified my master boot record to use grub as my boot loader. How do I tell grub I want windows xp to start at the end of the countdown and not ubuntu08:34
ubotuubuntu is better than yggdrasil!08:34