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Burgundaviarob^, join the club, I did the same thing with my old gpg key03:17
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nickrudanyone working tonight?04:11
Madpilotworking? not really, just passing through04:12
nickrudhi Madpilot04:12
Madpilothi nickrud04:12
nickrudI've actually begun to have some free time recently, so I've been rebuilding some of my old docs on the wiki04:13
nickrudThe thing is, I'm also not sure just where the least effort will get the most results :)04:14
MadpilotYou can always visit CategoryCleanup to see the pages most in need of help04:14
nickrudThat's why I picked the voodoo thing as my learning page, it was in that list. It's a long one.04:15
Madpilotthe whole laptop thing is going berzerk - most of the stuff in RecentChanges is laptops... cool04:16
nickruddon't have one of those.04:16
MadpilotI've sort of "adopted" the Apache pages, and BasicCommands04:16
Madpilotno, just a desktop here too04:16
nickrudI used BasicCommands for cleaning up the aptitude page. I'm also wondering about the style guide.04:17
nickrudand, of course, doc book. Is there a good book on that?04:17
Madpilotno idea, I've barely skimmed the style guide myself, and never touched docbook04:18
nickrudOne thing I've picked up while dabbling in debian is, patches are welcome, and just fixes might get done04:19
nickrudIt's a reasonable attitude.04:19
MadpilotO'Reilly publish a "definitive guide to Doc Book", $36 USD though04:20
nickrudlet's see, $26 in '00, and $36 in '05: cheap docs04:21
MadpilotOReilly isn't cheap, but they're damn good. My (few) O'Reilly books are always in use...04:22
nickrudOne, on bash. It's travelled a lot :)04:22
Madpilotmy O'Reilly CSS book is my web design bible...04:23
nickrudThat's what you do?04:24
Madpilotnot professionally04:25
MadpilotI maintain a couple of relative's websites, and a bunch of my own04:25
nickrudI know that place, I was there a while back. I got paid for fun.04:26
Madpilotyeah, I get paid to experiment with HTML/CSS. nice extra money04:26
nickrudback then, it was forth, believe it or don't.04:27
Madpilotcool. 04:27
Madpilotmaintaining my stepmother's small-business site is more like work, though. I didn't build it, and the code is really, really bad04:28
Madpilot20+ nested tables per page, so any small change takes forever... :(04:28
Madpilotwhat were you programming in forth?04:29
=== nickrud kicks dan, who uses some winki-dink windows web page creator, which cannot accept clean html
Madpilothey, it's Frontpage, or whatever awful Whizzy editor was used on my stepmom's store site! <gag, retch, spit>04:30
nickrudwww.usmisson.org. look at that.04:30
=== nickrud waits with resignation.
Madpilottypo in that URL? get "no such server" here04:31
nickrudas usual04:31
Madpilotwow, what a classic piece of 1997-98 web design! (sorry, but it's true!)04:33
nickrudyou pinned it pretty well, i think.04:34
Madpilotthe construction of the maps is sort of cool - absolutely-positioned divs to get the blinking gifs where they're needed04:34
Madpilotbut those blinking gifs... are blinkin' awful...04:34
nickrudI *always* apologize when I point people at that.04:35
Madpilotactually, as a method of constructing that sort of "imagemap" type thing, the absolutely positioned divs are a good idea04:36
Madpilotit just need a graphics cleanup, badly...04:36
nickrudyeah, it hasn't changed for a long time.04:36
Madpilotlots of websites around like that04:37
Madpilotgreat burst of enthusiasm at the start, then it gathers virtual dust04:37
nickrudIt's work, I'll grant you that.04:37
Madpilotespecially making graphics changes04:38
nickrudGetting that last thing right.04:38
Madpilotgraphics are way, way more work than code04:38
nickrudif you mean creation, it's generally more than work, I think04:38
nickrudI use free graphics, me.04:39
Madpilothome graphics is 1/3rd artistry, 1/3 knowing your program (the GIMP or PS), and 1/3rd code work04:40
nickrudok, it's 2/3's work :)04:40
Madpilotand 3x harder than just coding!04:41
=== mpt runs into a Java applet on usmission.org
nickrudwhich one?04:41
Madpilotone oddity on that mission site is the mix of divs and tables - with no need for tables at all...04:41
mptawww, it does a fancy fade effect04:42
mpthow cute04:42
Madpilota fancy fade effect with really, really blurry graphics04:42
nickrudexcuse me, I have to go load java. be back.04:42
Madpilotand then a huge chunk of text that's actually an image - that's not cool either...04:43
mptAnyone remember Corel Office for Java?04:43
MadpilotCorel what for where? ;)04:43
mptIt took about 10~15 minutes to start up04:44
Madpilotfull Java apps can do that on slow machines...04:45
Madpilotwe use a Java app at work - staff-side at the library - that is glacial to start, even on the new machines we've got04:46
Madpilotit's painful...04:46
Madpilotneed food and drink - bbl04:47
nickrudI hope no one thinks I had anything to do with that site ;P04:48
Madpilotnot your design work, then? ;)04:49
nickrudI couldn't even get the simple pages I wanted loaded onto the site, so no.04:50
Madpilotah well04:51
MadpilotI finally talked my stepmother into letting me rebuild her business site this fall, so it'll be cleaner & faster, both to load and to update04:51
nickrudme, I talked the board into rebuilding my foundation. Now people won't trip. 04:52
nickrudOne more time increment freed :)04:53
nickrudso, I guess I'll look around the cleanup category, and see what I see.04:54
rob^grr@wget segfaulting05:49
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klepas!info gaim09:10
klepasthis is not the cli is it... :-P09:10
Madpilotubotu doesn't hang out here, try the main channel!09:14
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jsgotangco /j05:23
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