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fabbionehey BenC06:31
BenCdid you see the bug where ppc is failing to boot because of unknown root block device (0,0)?06:32
fabbioneBenC: expect a couple of updates soon for OCFS2 and RHCluster suite modules06:32
BenCwell, my ppc is booting just fine, however, my i386 box is showing the same probelm06:32
fabbionei have no PPC :(06:32
BenCbut I think it's initramfs related06:32
fabbioneBenC: i guess that's because initramfs is missing modules06:33
fabbionebut you can check that easily06:33
BenCI can see my ide is showing up06:33
fabbionecompare the modules in the previous working initrd with the one included in the broken initramfs06:33
BenCthing is, I don't have a working one to go by06:33
BenCit never worked on this new box I installed06:34
fabbioneyou could try installing 2.6.10 from hoary06:34
BenCto tell the truth, this is a debian converted to ubuntu box :)06:34
fabbioneto get an initrd06:34
fabbioneand see if that one works :)06:34
fabbioneyeah i am testing some debian -> ubuntu updates scenarios right now..06:34
BenCeverything boots fine with my 2.4 kernel06:34
BenCand if I boot to single I can mount the root fs just fine06:34
fabbionei wonder if that'a a hotplug/udev race in creating the devices before mounting root06:35
fabbioneyou can try this:06:35
BenCis there anything I would need installed that a simple dist-upgrade wouldn't pull in?06:35
fabbioneedit /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/functions 06:35
BenCudev didn't get installed by default06:36
fabbioneBenC: to be sure: apt-get install ubuntu-desktop06:36
fabbionethat will pull in everything06:36
fabbioneat the of load_modules()06:36
fabbione        ide_boot_events06:36
fabbione        scsi_boot_events06:36
fabbionetry to add a sleep 506:36
fabbioneto give time to the devices to settle06:36
fabbioneand regenearte the initramfs06:37
fabbioneit's an attempt..06:37
fabbionei have seen some of these timing issues in non-common setups06:37
fabbionelike /boot on hda06:37
fabbioneand / on USB storage06:37
BenC0 upgraded, 609 newly installed, 5 to remove and 1 not upgraded.06:37
fabbionethe latter takes eons to settle06:37
fabbioneehe not too bad :)06:37
fabbionetime to upgrade? ;)06:38
BenCdon't think I'll be installing ubuntu-desktop :)06:38
fabbioneBenC: well you will need to at some point ;)06:38
BenCthat's not an upgrade, that's all new :)06:38
fabbioneyeah and that can include udev too :)06:38
BenCI installed udev by hand06:38
BenCwhat about ubuntu-{base,minimal,standard}06:40
BenCwhich should I have for a non-X base system?06:41
fabbionethey are a subset of ubuntu-desktop06:41
fabbioneuh.. cant' remember06:41
BenCthe names aren't very telling06:41
BenCbase and minimal would seem to be the same thing06:41
fabbioneDescription: The Ubuntu standard system06:41
fabbione This package depends on all of the packages in the Ubuntu standard system.06:41
fabbione This set of packages provides a comfortable text-only Unix-like06:41
fabbione environment.06:41
BenC-base is obsolete06:42
fabbionei was checking now06:42
BenCok, I'll install ubuntu-standard and ubuntu-minimal06:43
fabbionethe former will pull in the latter06:43
fabbionebut i strongly suggest you to get a clean install too somewher06:43
fabbioneAH COOL06:54
fabbioneit seems they fixed the OCFS2 heartbeat problem...06:54
fabbionei will need to test it absolutely tomorrow06:54
BenCthat require updating the kernel patch?06:54
fabbioneBenC: yes, but i will do it for you06:54
fabbionedont' worry06:54
fabbioneit's a few one liners here and there06:55
fabbionenothing too fancy06:55
fabbionebut i need to test the fix first06:55
fabbioneand today is sunday :)06:55
fabbioneso it will be tomorrow as soon as i wake up06:55
fabbionewhen do you plan to upload the kernel?06:56
BenCwas planning first thing in the morning, but it can wait06:56
fabbioneBenC: hmm i guess it's still saturday there, isn't it?06:56
BenCsat night06:57
BenCoh, I mean first thing monday06:57
fabbioneif so, remember that when you need to bump the ABI like this upload, you need to have at least elmo or mdz or kamion around06:57
fabbioneotherwise the deb will not pass the NEW ;)06:57
BenCI'll email mdz and elmo tonight to let them know06:57
fabbioneok that's perfect06:58
fabbionekeep Kamion in CC too.06:58
fabbionesince he is the one that should do d-i06:58
BenCerrors I get from the initramfs now are failure to mount "/root/dev on /dev/.static/dev"06:58
fabbionebut given that he will be back tomorrow after 15 days of honeymoon, i doubt he will get to that :)06:58
BenCand then failure to "mount /dev on /root/dev"06:58
fabbionethat's clearly udev problems06:59
BenCany directories I need to create that might not be there by default on the rootfs?06:59
fabbioneafaik udev takes care of creating them for you06:59
fabbioneso no..07:00
fabbioneonce you install udev, it's a good idea to reboot, but i guess you have done that already07:00
BenCI can see one problem, and that's that devfs is getting mounted07:10
BenCit shouldn't should it?07:10
BenCoh wait, that's another kernel07:12
fabbionehmm no07:50
fabbionedevfs is not required at all in ubuntu07:50
fabbioneocfs2 crash seems to be fixed in 1.1.208:06
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zulmeh...sk98lin-vendor is not building correctl yet08:17
mjg59BenC: I've just sent you some crack patches08:49
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