kikobut hey, you can be creating, and add source packages to distributions:-)12:04
bradbwhy can't I have a distro-wide sourcepackage page?12:04
bradb(among the problems created by not having one is that the canonical URL of a distro sp bug is non-obvious [to me, at least] )12:05
kikoyou can12:06
kikohave /distros/ubuntu/+sources/foo12:06
kikoand /distros/ubuntu/hoary/+sources/foo12:07
kikoboth should work, don't you feel?12:07
bradbi think so, yes12:07
kikoI'm not surprised you're running into this..12:07
bradbthe alternative, perhaps, is that i default to the "current release" (i've never liked that name, because to me "current release" means the "currently released" version of the distribution, which right now would be Hoary to me, not Breezy.)12:08
bradbbut every issue keeps raising other issues though too. it's entirely feasible, basic on previous discussions, to have an "open" distro bug task, and also one specifically filed on the .currentrelease. if both have a canonical URL of /distros/foo/bar/+sources/baz/+bugs/42/+editstatus, there appears to be no way to distinguish which one you really mean to be editing.12:10
bradbs/basic on/based on/12:10
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lifelessjblack: I cant see the 'simple proofreading roadmap12:15
jblackYou can't? 12:16
lifelessits not in my INBOX 12:16
lifelessthere is the one that you rewrote, but not the simple proof-read12:16
jblackMessage-ID: <20050829084213.GA4277@merconline.com>12:16
jblackThat has two attachments. A proof of the one I rewrote, and a proof of the one you wrote. 12:16
jblackI'll track the mail12:16
jblackTo: rbcollins@cygwin.co12:17
jblackNo need.12:17
jblackYou should have it12:19
lifelessit takes a bit to bounce via cygwin.com. It would be faster to send to my actual address ;012:19
=== Seveas [n=seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #launchpad
jblackHeh. Finger memory sucks sometimes. Whats your preference? 12:20
jblackrob@robertcollins.net, perhapps? 12:20
jblackOk. I'll try to use that. Polite reminders are in order if I degrade back to old state =)12:21
jblackdid you read the one you got, though? 12:22
lifelessI don't want to use it for the roadmap for a couple of reasons.12:22
lifelessThe first one is that martin and I were both happy with the prior one.12:22
lifelessThe second reason is that its very flamboyant and personal in style. 12:23
lifelessI find those characteristics extremely annoying when reading roadmaps12:23
jblackThe first one is a good reason. The second one I'm not so sure of. People don't buy ideas from robots. 12:23
lifelessthe draft I did is clearly written by a person on the team - its not a robot.12:24
jblackAnd yes, its written in a non-direct personal manner. That was intentional.  =) 12:25
jblackI believe that people get invested in their tools. Theres just as much (if not more) faith in a tool as there is of practical considerations. See: emacs vs. vi, linux vs. xbsd, windows vs. unix... 12:26
jblackGood writing doesn't speak to a group; it speaks to the reader. Its a conversation.12:26
lifelessgood writing is usually targeted to the audience, and the audience is often different for each piece.12:27
=== mpt [n=mpt@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
lifelessthere is a third aspect to this, which is that the draft you did headed back in the direction of the first ones - becoming a why-you-should-use-what-we-are-doing document, rather than a roadmap.12:28
jblackExactly. Thats why I asked those questions last night. I verified the targets. There should be thing there to appeal to people (Theres good feeling for bzr developers/users "YES! You DID make the right choice!", comfort for gnuarch users "You're not screwed, we didn't abandon you" 12:28
lifelessthere is a time and place for advocacy, a roadmap to the community isn't it.12:28
lifelessbzr developers get their good feelings by the fact its slated to be bazaar-2 when it releases - thats about the strongest statement of confidence we can make, and thats where the meaning is.12:30
lifelessbaz 1.x users get comfort from several sources - we've had 'guarateed upgrade path' on the bazaar.canonical.com pages for many many months; the roadmap talks about testing conversion tools and ensuring bazaar-ng has everything they will need to use it as they do bazaar.12:32
jblackI want you to be happy with the one thats released, so go with the one that you believe in. 12:32
lifelessthe former.12:32
lifelessimportant note - the writing in the new one you sent me is good - its just not what I'm looking for in a roadmap.12:33
lifelesscan you resend that proof direct to me, looks like its queued at cygwin.com12:33
jblackIf you're looking for my advice though, I wouldn't go with that one. 12:34
lifelessI understand that.12:35
jblackI just sent you the wrong one12:35
jblackThats yours12:35
jblackLet me send yours with the fixes. :) 12:35
lifelessit came through fine though - much faster ;012:36
jblackAlso, there's two more grammer problems. 12:38
jblackline 11, you need a comma after 'production readiness'. Line 17 should read: 12:38
jblackactively improving, Bazaar 1. Bazaar 1 will have one or two more releases12:38
jblackThe "we" on 16 is ambigious (bazaar team? canonical employed bazaar developers? canonical?)12:40
jblackProbably people will just assume who the we in the document is, and it probably won't cause any problems regardless of which of the three groups they're in.12:41
lifelessok, lets walk through this12:41
jblackThese are just things I noticed. I'll shut up now. :) 12:42
lifelessnono its good12:42
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jblackI see your point about roadmap-jblack though. It does go overboard a little  on over-advocacy. 12:51
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lifelessjblack: so, I've mailed you back an updated draft.01:13
lifelesscan you do a final check for errors and if there are any correct and mail it back to me ?01:13
lifelessI'm going to grab breakfast, bbs01:13
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jblacklifeless: Sent. You should have it by the time you get back.01:36
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lifelessjblack: thanks, incorporated the changes and sent it back02:10
jblackping pong ping pong02:12
jblackThats all I see. Anything left would be subtle that only a suffield would whine.02:13
jblackone very minor02:14
jblack"This is anticipated..." 02:14
jblackThat what? 02:14
jblack(this is like it. The word need to refer to a noun). How about "This process" ? 02:14
jblackI'm sorry. found a second.02:15
lifelessstrike the sentence, replace with 'We expect to release Bazaar 2 in in the first quarter of 2006.02:15
jblackThats good. There's an awkward stentence left ("Before Bazaar-NG is released..."). I can't seem to make that sentence work.02:18
lifelessdelete the 'Before Bazaar-NG is released ' And it works for me02:18
jblackI guess. The problem I'm having with the sentence is that it states that we'll be supporting improvements but we don't be doing improvements.02:19
jblackI suggest:\02:20
jblackCanonical will continue to support Bazaar during the Bazaar-NG development02:20
jblackprocess. Future releases of Bazaar will contain fixes for security and02:20
jblackother bugs but will not generally contain improvements.02:20
jblackThats it. there's nothing else, as I've managed to bruise every surface inch of your baby.02:21
lifelesswhat do you think about keeping in the ==== Bazaar ==== ...  ==== Super Mirror ==== section markers ?02:23
lifelessI felt that the document was changing track and they would help clarify it for readers.02:24
jblackI don't think you'll go to writer's jail for it. Its a bit outlinish for a something in literary form. 02:24
jblackoutline-ish, that is.02:24
lifelessok, lets put them in then ;002:24
lifelessother than that, I'm stoked, thank you !02:25
jblackThen I've done a good job. 02:25
jblackThat pleases me. =)02:25
lifelesslets put it up on the wiki, and mail g-a-u, bazaar-announce@lists.canonical.com, bazaar-ng@lists.canonical.com02:25
lifelessyes you have.02:25
jblackOk. Signed as.... "The bazaar team at canonical" strike you well? 02:26
lifelessjust 'The Bazaar Team'02:28
lifelessfor completeness, send it once to team@bazaar.canonical.com first02:29
lifelesslet aaron/matthieu chime in, so we can sign it 'The Bazaar Team' truely.02:29
jblackexcellent idea02:31
=== stub [n=stub@203-217-37-199.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #launchpad
lifelessstub: gangotri is spewing 200k errors again02:54
=== stub hasn't got to his cron folder yet
lifelessWARNING:root:No header found in this pofile02:55
lifeless00:25:03 ERROR   Got an unexpected exception while importing Template "review-breezy-kdeartwork-1" in Ubuntu Breezy Badger package "kdeartwork"02:55
lifelessTraceback (most recent call last):02:55
lifeless  File "/srv/launchpad.net/production/l02:55
lifelessjamesh: http://www.advogato.org/person/robertc/diary.html?start=4203:04
jameshlifeless: yeah.  I know of it, but haven't used it.03:05
lifelessjamesh: point is, that configs/aliases/externals shouldn't be part of a vcs system :003:07
jameshlifeless: having them handled automatically by "cvs checkout" or similar is nice though03:08
lifelesswell, when you can go 'cm build http://....03:08
lifelessI'm not sure that having the VCS tied to a specific method is good at all.03:09
jameshI hadn't looked at the SVN externals stuff much before writing that article03:09
lifelessscarey huh03:09
jameshhadn't noticed the problems it had if committers used a different repository URI to anonymous users03:10
stubI'm more concerned with creating snapshots - if the vcs make it pretty transparent to checkout multiple trees, then if I checkout a particular revision one day, and then checkout that same revision the next day, I might end up with two different trees because the externals have changed.03:24
stubI think the best way of fixing this is to generate a report at the end of the checkout listing the trees and the revisions that were checked out/updated/whatever. Unlike everything I'm currently aware of where the revisions checked out are buried in the several pages of output 03:27
stublifeless: We have a rollout today - I think there are more rosetta fixes for these spamming scripts.03:28
lifelessstub: when I get around to implementing 'examine' for config-manager python-version, then it will be easy.03:34
jameshfor things like CVS though, it is a bit difficult to identify a checkout with anything other than a date03:37
lifelesswell, within cvs's limits ;.. you can list all the files and their versions03:38
stubJust 'cvs tag 65423' after every commit and you can ;)03:39
lifelessit will just be .. rather verbose03:39
stubI never needed config like stuff in CVS anyway - just always arranged stuff in a tree that let you checkout the part you were interested in, or the entire thing.03:40
=== kiko [n=kiko@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
jblackI seem to be having difficulty getting an import going on roomba.04:55
stubLunch and then rollout. Do you think anyone will notice if I take things down for a couple of hours for a full vacuum?04:59
lifelessyes I think they will05:02
lifelessjblack: care to enlarge on that? or was it just a random statement ?05:02
jblackWell, its been awhile since I've done imports... but I did a sourceadmin on abiword's MAIN branch, added cvs and arch coordinates, left enable unenabled. Went to roomba, did reload, and no abiword.05:03
jblackthe first time i tried, I had set enabled, but went back and turned it off and reloaded on roomba05:05
lifelessyou can't turn enable off once its set05:06
lifelesshang on, I'll go poke the db.05:06
lifelessok, go edit the source again.05:09
lifelesscheck that enabled is _off_05:09
lifelessthen reload roomba05:09
jblackStill not there05:11
lifelessstub: are you updating at the moment ?05:21
lifeless^^ bustified for me05:21
lifelessnmm bug with importstatus processing05:22
lifelessthough I cant edit the series head05:22
stubI just accessed that page...05:23
=== robitaille [n=daniel@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #launchpad
stubYup - that is dead 05:24
lifelessrenamed it to trunk, no change05:25
lifelessthe error is '  File "/srv/launchpad.net/production/launchpad/utilities/../lib/zope/app/traversing/adapters.py", line 52, in traverse05:25
lifeless    raise NotFoundError(subject, name)05:25
lifelessNotFoundError: (None, 'title')05:25
stubNo the template assumes there is a 'title' property on context/importstatus, and there isn't one05:25
stub(or security declarations were forgotten)05:25
lifelessaw man.05:25
stubShould we add one now and cherry pick it ;)05:26
stubWhat sort of object would context/importstatus be?05:26
lifelessimportstatus is a dbschema05:26
lifelessNULL breaks it. 05:27
lifeless5 works05:27
lifelessjblack: try a reload of roomba now05:27
stubHmm... in general we shouldn't allow NULL for enums, and instead have an UNKNOWN value or similar.05:28
jblackSomething I did? 05:28
lifelessyes, you selected enable.05:28
lifelessI suggest you pickup the doco you wrote before doing an import - you have super-secret-powers in launchpad;005:29
spivstub: Hmm.05:29
lifelessbtw you need to resend the oadmap to the team@ address.05:29
lifelessas you didn't attach it.05:29
jblackoh for crying out loud. Is anything going to work right tonight? 05:29
spivstub: It shouldn't be hard to make EnumCol assert, or at least warn, if self.notNull == False.05:29
stublifeless: So is this a bug we need to fix now, or is it only triggered by.... erm... user error (for lack of a less abusive term)05:29
lifelessits only triggered by something not even god should attempt error.05:30
jblackas a matter of fact, yes. Martin took comand -- 05:30
jblackpardon? I exceeded god powers? 05:30
=== jblack starts moshing around the room, zotting this and smiting that
lifelessyou me bob2, ddaa keybuk all exceed god powers in launchpad05:31
stubspiv: Or I just fix the database constraints - I wouldn't hack it into EnumCol because I don't know if that rule will hold everywhere.05:31
lifelessfor the import area05:31
lifelessstub: one way to be sure that it will ;005:31
stubspiv: In fact, I think we have enumcols that will be NULL if other columns are not filled out.05:31
spivstub: Fair enough.05:31
jblackThat reminds me of the god/devil mode that I wrote into linuxguru.net05:32
stubjblack: How much longer are you going to be on Launchpad for? I can delay the rollout for a few hours if you like.05:33
=== stub isn't really fussed
jblackIf you want to me off launchpad, then I owe you a beer. 05:33
jblackI was just spending my couple hours of gnome imports. I can go back to it later.05:34
jblackstub: iow, I'm off05:38
stubjblack: ok ;)05:38
=== SnakeBite [n=SnakeBit@] has joined #launchpad
stubHehehe.... css caching bugs ;)07:02
stubHave a look at launchpad.net - I had invisible tabs until I shift-reloaded ;)07:03
lifelessspecs doesn't work07:04
spivstub, lifeless: looks like a db permission error?07:05
stubYer - me stuffed up.07:06
stubWorking now. I just updated the documentation for that process but neglected to actually perform it ;)07:15
spivWoo, and we already have an error from googlebot ;)07:16
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=== _Rappy_ [n=hunt-pre@dsl-253-122.monet.no] has joined #launchpad
=== robitaille [n=daniel@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #launchpad
robitailleis it a known problem that an user cannot access his email page using the link/action in the right-hand column of an user page ?  (https://launchpad.net/people/robitaille/+emails)08:06
=== Mez [n=Mez@cpc3-lich4-3-0-cust227.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #launchpad
jameshrobitaille: looks like a bug.  Go "Edit Details" then "E-mail addresses"08:09
jameshthat is weird08:11
robitailleyes saw that.  An user can also click on "Manage" email address on the left-hand side column of that same user page.08:11
stubjamesh: Just someone changed the URLs and forgot to update the actions. There are other actions broken too :-(08:16
stubWhich means I need to sort out some primitive spidering tests08:17
lifelessdid we rollout anything done post-meeting ?08:17
=== stub looks up the details
stubYes - needed to wait for Marks specs branch to land.08:20
=== lifeless hates that magic marker
jameshstub: I think someone screwed up a merge conflict -- iirc salgado moved those entries to a different portlet (the person "edit details" one)08:21
jameshthat's a guess though08:22
jamesheverything below "Show Subscribed Specs" looks suspect08:24
jameshlooks like they were added back with the specs merge (patch-2314)08:29
stubMark strikes again ;-(08:30
=== stub submits a bug report
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Update production database update docs (patch-2325: stuart.bishop@canonical.com)09:26
=== Keybuk [n=scott@syndicate.netsplit.com] has joined #launchpad
Kinnisonmorning launchpadders09:55
=== cprov [n=cprov@haddenham.pepperfish.net] has joined #launchpad
stubcprov: Morning. Just found a present from you in rocketfuel (patch-25-66-0.sql)10:39
=== WaterSevenUb [n=WaterSev@azevedo.astro.up.pt] has joined #launchpad
cprovstub: what do you mean by "a present" ?10:46
stubA database patch that didn't get reviewed (hence the odd number)10:47
=== Seveaz [n=seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #launchpad
=== carlos [n=carlos@243.Red-83-47-24.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Add a missing import and add an __all__ tuple (patch-2326: stuart.bishop@canonical.com)10:48
=== stub is running the tests to see if it is needed at all
cprovstub: it's still surprising me, I don't remember from where does it comes10:49
stub(poor mans annotate, but I've never actually seen baz annotate finish ;) )10:49
stubIts just work on one of the views. If it is needed it will affect a patch in Kinnisons branch (pending review).10:50
cprovstub: just update RF and saw, it is the repaired pgview.... ohh sorry man, 10:50
stubNo worries. Do you now if it is a needed change?10:50
cprovstub: it affects the soyuz UI for sure, unfortunatelly tests are missing yet 10:51
KinnisonI'll take a look10:52
cprovstub: how does it pass through review process ? 10:52
stubcprov: BjornT would have assumed it still needed to go through my queue. I wouldn't worry about it - it hasn't been a regular occurance.10:53
stubKinnison: I can't see a difference between cprov's rewrite of the view and yours (well - the order of two columns is swapped, but that doesn't matter)10:57
Kinnisonstub: Once baz has finished I'll look and confirm that10:58
Kinnisonstub: I'll update my branch to remove his patch when mine gets applied?10:58
stubKinnison: Hmm.... yes. That would be simplest. Your branch should land soon, or does it still need to run the review gauntlet?11:05
stubSoon as in before next launchpad meeting and the production tagging11:06
Kinnisonstub: I'm hoping it'll land fairly damned soon11:07
Kinnisonstub: It needs to run the review gauntlet and I'm unsure how that is progressing11:07
Kinnisonbut since it contains only those changes necessary to get it working again with the renames, it should be fairly fast to review11:08
stubKinnison: Ok. I'll rename it to patch-25-18-0.sql, which also means I won't acidently forget about it. It looks like there is no clash.11:09
KinnisonIf there's no clash, there's no particular need for me to remove it is there?11:10
Kinnisonit's just a redundant but non-dangerous patch11:10
stubYup. 11:12
stubSo no need for you to do anything11:12
=== Kinnison goes back to preparing stuff for sprinting this week
Keybukwhere are you sprinting too?11:25
Kinnisonsoyuz readiness11:27
KinnisonThe new olympic sport: 45 mile sprint11:28
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WaterSevenUbCarlos, do you know why Synaptic is not yet ready for translation?12:12
carlosWaterSevenUb, is not?12:12
WaterSevenUbcarlos, embarrassment :) I can't find it :)12:13
carlosyou are right12:13
=== carlos looks at the logs
=== Virtuall[BZA] [n=virtuall@off.lv] has joined #launchpad
=== Virtuall[BZA] is now known as Virtuall
carlosWaterSevenUb, it should be fixed soon, we need a small change in synaptic 12:20
WaterSevenUbcarlos, if you remember me afterwards... let me know.12:21
carlosWaterSevenUb, will try to, but my mind is not so good and it does not depend on me, it depends on synaptic maintainer...12:22
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Nafallothanx! I love this new gpg system :-).01:00
Nafallowho should I thank for this? cprov?01:00
=== SteveA [n=steve@office.pov.lt] has joined #launchpad
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cprovNafallo: the LP team, lot of people is releated to this improvement, specially mpt for the new UI style01:11
Nafallooki, thanx all then! :-)01:11
KinnisonI am about to update dogfood, anyone have a problem with that?01:37
Kinnisonanyone know what's happened with https://dogfood.ubuntu.com/ ? 01:59
=== mpt [n=mpt@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
Kinnisonmpt: know what's happening to cause the brokenness on https://dogfood.ubuntu.com/02:01
mptKinnison: Not offhand, though I can probably do a temp fix once I update from rocketfuel02:03
Kinnisonmpt: thanks02:03
mptIt looks like something carlos would understand02:03
mpthttps://dogfood.ubuntu.com/distros/ubuntu/+translations is broken too02:04
mptbut https://dogfood.ubuntu.com/rosetta isn't02:04
mptAttributeError: 'DistroRelease' object has no attribute 'datecreated'02:04
mptHrmm, maybe the dogfood database hasn't been remade?02:05
mptOr is that automatic?02:05
KinnisonIt's automatic02:05
=== salgado [n=salgado@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
=== carlos looks at that page
mptcarlos, you may have noticed that on productoin, the portlet dogfood is complaining about until recently said "Just for fun, here's the overall translation status of Ubuntu", and then didn't have any stats02:10
mptNow production is fixed (it doesn't claim to have Ubuntu translation stats any more), and dogfood is broken 02:11
carlosmpt, didn't know that problem on production...02:11
mptI was going to fix that today for Rosetta 1.0, but someone already fixed it :-)02:12
mptotherwise we'd have had slashdotters laughing at it02:12
carlosmpt, the URL you pasted does not exists on production02:12
carlosyou pasted it linked to dogfood02:13
carlosmpt, the link is broken on production...02:13
Kinnisondogfood just got updated to latest rocketfuel02:13
Kinnisonand now it doesn't work02:13
mptcarlos, the page I'm talking about on production is https://launchpad.net/02:13
Kinnisonit seems to be a rosetta related issue02:13
carlosmpt, https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/02:13
carlosmpt, click over "translations" and you get a 404 error02:13
mpthow did that happen?02:14
=== KillYourself [n=virtuall@blackbox.enio.lv] has joined #launchpad
mptoh, breezy and hoary have translations pages, but ubuntu itself doesn't02:14
mptbut that's a separate problem, I think, carlos02:15
carlosmpt, I know, but just found it :-)02:15
=== Virtuall [n=virtuall@off.lv] has joined #launchpad
mptI need to fix that "System error" text somehow so that people stop pasting it into bug reports02:16
carlosKinnison, I'm not ignoring you, just checking my current tree02:17
=== mpt is updating his tree
mptshould be finished in mere hours!02:18
Kinnisoncarlos: thanks02:18
=== carlos merges too as his local branch works...
=== mpt wishes he'd stop getting spam with the subject line "Read this mail from Mark"
mptgets me every time02:19
carlosmpt, or ask mark to change his name... :-P02:20
cprovmpt: did you have a look on me/launchpad--builddUI--0 ?02:24
=== dand [n=dand@gw.datagroup.ro] has joined #launchpad
mptcprov: No, I got that message yesterday afternoon, anthem wasn't working, and this local machine doesn't have enough RAM for baz02:30
mptI'll look at it once I'm done looking at this dogfood bug02:30
cprovmpt: I understand you reasons, don't need further explanations ;)02:30
cprovmpt: I was just wondering if we can have a short ETA for it, you can answer it later after look on that code 02:32
cprovmpt: anthem env seems to be very sensible to upgrades, still causing trobles until today ... don't forget I read email in the same place you do ;)02:33
carlosKinnison, how could I see the main page used on dogfood/production?02:36
carlosmy local branch has another one02:36
mptcprov: well, at least ssh and baz are working now, that's enough for me :-)02:36
mptcarlos: /real-index.html02:37
carlosmpt, thanks02:37
mptI think the development home page even links to it :-)02:37
cprovmpt: does the situation still so critical like that ? 02:37
carlosmpt, could be O:-)02:37
carlosKinnison, I don't see any problem here02:37
Kinnisoncarlos: if you log into mawson and look in /srv/launchpad.ubuntu.com/dogfood/launchpad02:38
carlosKinnison, the error I see from dogfood does not happens here and the missing method is not missing here02:38
carlosKinnison, that's not latest rocketfuel code02:40
Kinnisoncarlos: really?02:41
=== Kinnison boggles
carlosit is...02:41
carlosthe patchset is the same02:41
carlosbut the code is different :-?02:41
mptall that bazzing for nothing? alack02:41
carlosKinnison, I didn't touch that code so it's a bit difficult that it comes from my local branch...02:42
carlosbut I cannot do a baz diff on mawson :-(02:42
carlosdoing it with my local branch...02:43
KinnisonShould I be merging from you or something?02:43
carlosKinnison, don't think so02:44
carlosI'm using my devel--0 branch that should not have any change02:44
Kinnisonokay, just let me know when you work out what's up02:44
Kinnisonit is confusing me lotsly02:44
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@] has joined #launchpad
carlosKinnison, my local branch does not have any change checking against rocketfuel02:52
carlosKinnison, getting a fresh rocketfuel checkout atm to be 100% sure02:53
Kinnisonokay thanks02:53
kikostub, hadn't we agreed not to place mark's landing in production?03:01
carlosKinnison, is a problem with your tree03:02
stubnot that I recall. I recall not tagging on Thursday because it needed to land.03:02
carlosKinnison, a fresh checkout has it03:02
carlosKinnison, just remove it and get a fresh version03:02
kikostub, shucks. I convinced mark that he shouldn't land it in production, but I guess you went with his initial "wait for landing" request.03:02
kikomy fault, sorry.03:03
=== kiko depresses himself
mptKinnison: fresh rocketfuel worksforme03:06
mpt... too03:06
=== mpt sees carlos got there first
carlosmpt, ;-)03:07
mptHe with the most RAM wins03:07
carlosmpt, the fresh checkout was don on mawson, without any cache revision....03:08
mptkiko: If you have some spare time today from fixing anthem, it's be great if you could look at the SimplifyingMalone spec03:09
=== carlos -> shower
carlosand lunch03:11
carlossee you!03:11
mptSteveA: menus?03:12
BjornTstub: can you please check, in production, if there are any bugs that don't have any comments?03:21
=== WaterSevenUb [n=WaterSev@azevedo.astro.up.pt] has joined #launchpad
stubBjornT: There are none. Every bug has one or more comments.03:26
BjornTstub: ok, thanks03:26
bradbmorning all03:38
=== mpt wonders why "...Administer code of conduct signatures..." doesn't match " <h1>Administer code of conduct signatures</h1>"
cprovmpt: I've gots same problem once .. you probably have the same match twice in the page content .. test-suite gets lost03:46
bradbDon't trust the failure output. Figuring out doctest/pagetest failures takes a sixth sense.03:48
mpt(apart from the fact that Gaim decided to trim the HTML tags from what I just wrote)03:56
salgadoelmo, pqm seems to be stuck again03:56
elmosalgado: kicked03:57
salgadoelmo, ta ;)03:57
SteveAmpt: yeah, can we meet in say 20 mins? 04:00
Kinnisoncarlos: I've just done a fresh checkout of dogfood and it still gives the error04:00
mptSteveA: ok04:00
Kinnisonwhen was staging last updated?04:10
=== edward [i=edward@4angle.com] has left #launchpad []
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Bless accidently applied db patch (patch-2327: stuart.bishop@canonical.com)04:39
Keybukok, this is just freaky ... test cases fail which I swear worked on Friday04:40
Keybukand I haven't touched it since then, honest 'guv04:40
KinnisonWell, I have a situation where a fresh checkout has a / page which crashes on dogfood, but works on staging04:47
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--production--1.30: Cherry pick patch-2326 into production (patch-2: stuart.bishop@canonical.com, rocketfuel@canonical.com)05:06
=== lifeless_ [n=robertc@dsl-] has joined #launchpad
bradb"* Applying 157 revisions ..."05:17
=== bradb tries a fifth time
kikobradb, are you running out of memory?05:31
bradb* Applying 157 revisions ......................................................................................................................................baz: uncaught exception: -1:(unable to fork for patch)05:31
bradb  please report this as a bug to bazaar@lists.canonical.com05:31
bradbneedless to say, on all five tries gnome terminal is all i have open05:31
Kinnisonbradb: is this preparing the library?05:32
bradbwith two tabs, one of which is IRC05:32
kikobradb, do you have 1gig?05:32
kikothat's the minimum required for current baz + lp05:32
Kinnisonbradb: I.E. is this preparing the revision library cache ready for merging?05:32
bradbkiko: no, 512 megs05:32
kiko1.5 is usually required.05:32
kikobradb, go out and buy some memory.05:32
Kinnisonkiko: I survive very well on 768M05:32
kikoKinnison, obviously you're not a golfer05:33
=== kiko winces at the lost subtlety
kikonever mind05:33
=== BjornT runs lp+baz with 512 megs without much problem
kikobut at async we find we can't really merge with less than 1gig05:33
kikoask mpt...05:33
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Fix https://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/1962 (patch-2328: guilherme.salgado@canonical.com)05:33
Kinnisonbradb: try: baz library-add rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0--patch-<foo> where <foo> is somewhere around 70 revisions after the one it finds in your library05:33
Kinnisonbradb: if that succeeds, then re-try your merge05:34
=== bradb tries
bradbBjornT: "without much problem" eh? heh heh.05:35
kikothere's something magical about that to me05:35
kikobecause I have never managed a merge with 512mb05:35
=== bradb considers Powerbook memory
BjornTbradb: well, i've never ran out of memory. the only problem i have is that it might be slow some times. but since i've started using hard links it's actuall quite fast most of the time.05:37
salgadokiko, I think our problem here is that we don't have swap. 05:37
bradbBjornT: if fl-cow were packaged on ubuntu, i might use hard links too05:37
bradbi'll have to wait until baz is done using me before opening my browser to do some memory shopping05:38
=== kiko [n=kiko@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
elmoerr, guys06:02
elmolaunchpad-error-reports is .5Gb A MONTH06:02
elmoand it's a mailing list06:02
elmowe need to do something to reduce that06:03
SteveAit's internal isn't it?06:03
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  some small packaging fixes to the launchpad buildd (patch-2329: daniel.silverstone@canonical.com)06:03
SteveAi mean, the bandwidth06:03
SteveAi'll mail stu.  he's the custodian of it.06:03
SteveAelmo: is it the disk space that is a problem?06:04
elmoSteveA: more the bandwidth06:05
elmoit's the size of the archive x the number of subscribers06:05
SteveAis it internal?06:05
elmoI'm trying to move it internal, and having problems copying that much data off of rince06:05
SteveAthere shouldn't be many subscribers for it all06:05
SteveAit is heavily based on topics06:05
SteveAa lot of the history can probably be junked06:06
SteveAi'll check with stu06:06
SteveAand get back to you06:06
bradbBjornT: If I try to use getUtility in the tests, it causes other breakage as well (in addition to the task != self breakage)06:42
bradbFailed example:06:42
bradb    related_task.status = ORIGINAL_STATUS06:42
bradbException raised:06:42
bradb    ...06:42
bradb      File "/home/bradb/launchpad-two/lib/canonical/lp/dbschema.py", line 152, in fromPython06:43
bradb        raise TypeError('DBSchema Item from wrong class')06:43
bradb    TypeError: DBSchema Item from wrong class06:43
bradbShould I put the task back to not using getUtility and file two bugs?06:43
SteveAthat'll be a bug06:46
SteveAdbschema is comparing by identity06:46
SteveAwhen it shouldn't be06:46
=== bradb files both bugs while waiting for BjornT to come back
SteveAthanks brad06:50
SteveAbradb: what's the number?06:51
BjornTbradb: hmm. yeah, bugs should be filed. i guess you could either not use getUtility, or use removeSecurityProxy to make the test pass. i'd prefer the latter, since you're testing code that should be able to handle security proxied objects.06:53
BjornTbradb: of course with an XXX pointing to the bug number06:53
Kinnisonbradb: so my suggestion of an intermediate library-add worked?06:55
bradbSteveA: https://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/197106:58
bradbBjornT: ok, I'll use removeSecurityProxy06:58
BjornTbradb: to clarify, removeSecurityProxy for the dbitem bug. self.id != task.id is nicer06:58
bradbKinnison: kind of. I still ended up getting one more unable to fork error06:58
bradbBjornT: ah, ok06:58
=== pump [n=rodrigo@] has joined #launchpad
SteveAbradb: i see the problem.  it is an easy fix, but writing the test is more difficult.07:02
jordicarlos: did you se Steve Michael's mail about zwiki?07:21
SteveAnot steve07:25
jordicarlos: err07:27
jordidoh, steve, not carlos :P07:28
bradbBjornT: You've got mail. Can you confirm that it's ok to merge?07:28
BjornTbradb: yeah, it's ok07:29
bradbgreat, thanks07:29
=== Keybuk beats his head against the wall
KeybukI get it all working, shiny, just right07:32
=== pump is now known as pump_
=== pump_ is now known as pump
SteveA  archive: rocketfuel@canonical.com07:44
SteveA  revision launchpad--devel--0--patch-232907:44
SteveA  checksum file: checksum07:44
SteveAany idea what to do?07:44
jordiSteveA: when someone requests the addition of an app to rosetta, and a product for it doesn't exist, should I create it straight away?07:52
jordifalse alarm, I see it now07:53
=== Keybuk is having a "what the fuck was I on when I wrote this?" moment
jordithe launchpad update removed the handy "my bugs" link from /people/foo08:18
=== dand [n=dand@gw.datagroup.ro] has left #launchpad ["Leaving"]
salgadojordi, really? 08:27
jordisalgado: do you have it?08:28
jordiand I can't remember the url08:28
jordidamn shit08:29
jordiso I find vandalism in a product, and I can't fix it myself.08:29
=== jordi feels a bit useless sometimes.
bradbjordi: click on the Bugs tab dude08:29
jordibradb: those are assigned to me08:29
jordiI want the bugs I've filed08:29
salgadojordi, I can see the links in /people/salgado (the assigned and reported bugs)08:29
jordihmm, I don't see reported.08:29
salgadojordi, the ones you filled are in the actions portlet, in the right side08:30
jordioh, bah08:30
jordiI must be blind08:30
bradbjordi: You want to see reported and assigned all in the same page?08:30
jordisorry, bradb & salgado :)08:30
jordiI should get a pair of glasses08:30
jordican anyone have a look at gtweakui and fix it somehow?08:31
=== lamont [n=lamont@] has joined #launchpad
jordiI still think I could use access to those edits just in case I find vandalism08:31
bradbjordi: What do you want changed?08:32
jordibradb: descriptions08:32
jordihave a look08:32
jordiit's not even funny08:32
bradbIf you can tell me what fields you want changed, with the exact text to put in there, I can change it.08:32
bradbSure, I can see the problem, but I can't write anything much better for gtweakui :P08:33
jordiwell I made something up based on "08:33
jordiThis is a fairly simple project. A collection of simple dialogues as a front end to GConf. We will provide extra configuration settings for GNOME that 'power users' have been requesting since the release of GNOME 2.0. We will adhere to the GNOME HIG"08:33
jordiie "Simple GConf editor"08:33
jordicarlos, is adding the gnome-glossary a good idea?08:34
bradbjordi: I've made it a little better, but the summary and description are the same. If you want to improve the text, just let me know what text you want in what fields (because I know nothing about gtweakui.)08:36
jordioh my, brad. Summary: "gTweakUI is a simple configuration editor for advanced GNOME features."08:39
bradbI was thinking more of a longer description, but hey, I guess less is more.08:40
jordiDescription: gTweakUI is a GConf editor that provides a user interface for some of the advanced GNOME configurations. On GNOME 2.0, some of these configurations are hidden in GConf, and are only available using a GConf editor. gTweakUI provides a friendly and HIG compliant interface to access them."08:41
jordior something like this.08:41
mptbradb: What's the ETA on MaloneBugSubscriptions?08:44
bradbmpt: A couple months, at the earliest, I'd imagine.08:45
bradbFirst there's 1.0, then there's a month of bugfixing/firefighting that follows that. The latter ends up turning into 2-3 months, etc.08:45
bradb(It's possible that it might fit in as part of the firefighting, depending on what the users are saying, I guess.)08:46
=== mpt blinks at "Show Team Hierarchy"
bradb"Sorry, a system error occurred"?08:49
mptyeah, that too :-)08:49
mptbut mostly the idea that that should be on a separate page in the first place08:50
bradbI'm noticing that I'm often using status notes instead of what I should really be doing, which is adding a comment.08:52
bradbEr, I think that's what I should really be doing.08:52
bradbe.g. adding a note giving some context for why I'm marking it "Fixed", which is really a piece of information that in no way needs to be limited to just the task08:54
mptI like that the description is now on the task page08:55
mptbradb: Perhaps your explanation does indeed belong as a status note. If you were mistaken and the bug still exists, the explanation is no longer relevant, so it's right for it to be blown away.08:56
mptLaunchpad is perhaps an unusual case, because it's a single upstream with no distro packages08:57
mptImagine that you were a developer of a product that is packaged in several distros08:57
mptThat you had fixed a bug wouldn't make it fixed everywhere else.08:58
bradbmpt: If, for example, the bug were rejected, and the reason for that rejection explained by the status notes (because it was the easiest place to write the information), what is the reason for that be a "local" piece of data, rather than global to the bug report?09:01
=== Seveas [n=seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #launchpad
mptbradb: Because it's not (very) relevant to other distros09:19
mptMaybe upstream should be a special case09:19
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@S0106000000cc07fc.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #launchpad
bradbSorry, phone. /me ponders09:35
bradbYes, perhaps upstream could be a special case. Perhaps it's not a significant enough problem to worry about right now.09:37
mptcprov: Is there a permission set up for people who are allowed to edit the build farm?09:45
cprovmpt: soon we will have a LP celebrite, I think ... now I require lp.Admin 09:46
=== mdz [n=mdz@ca-studio-bsr1o-251.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #launchpad
bradbmpt: https://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/691 -- is this fixed?10:06
=== j^ [n=nnnj@wg104.waag.org] has left #launchpad [".oO""]
=== x-faktor [i=x-faktor@unaffiliated/x-faktor] has joined #launchpad
jordishouldn't we kind of avoid stuff like this?10:22
jordiisn't "dialogs" namespace pollution?10:23
=== cprov [n=cprov@haddenham.pepperfish.net] has joined #launchpad
jordibradb: thanks for the gtweakup update10:23
bradbno prob10:23
jordisetting up plone for translation might take me like 2 weeks10:24
bradbMatthieu Moy's merge request has been churning for over an hour. Presumably pqm's hanging?10:29
jordican anyone search for "plone" on launchpad to see how many results they get?10:34
jordiI only get one, and it's not plone itself10:34
jordidoh, I really need sleep. projects != products.10:35
jordiplone desktop is registered as a project. weird10:35
bradbelmo: Can you kick pqm please?10:36
=== sabdfl [n=mark@host217-37-231-22.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #launchpad
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bradblifeless_: ping10:46
elmofor once it wasn't pqm's fault10:47
=== netjoined: irc.freenode.net -> kornbluth.freenode.net
=== salgado [n=salgado@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@lns01-0931.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #launchpad
sabdflhey guys, i'm BACK10:50
sabdflkiko: any further review comments on the specmachine?10:50
bradbelmo: thanks10:50
jordihey sabdfl 10:54
jordidamn, where is carlos.10:54
sabdflhey jordi, how's it going10:54
jordiI'm dealing with the zillion po and pot files for plone10:54
jordithey have a "Chinese" (no country) file which is the same as the Chinese (China). I think I should omit it.10:55
jordiBut wanted to check with Carlos first.10:55
jordioh well, they can always add it later.10:55
sabdfljordi: yes, we should have one or the other, not both10:56
jordizh_CN is the standard, so that goes in10:57
=== jordi discovers plone has an uptodate translation which conforms to our standard. Impressive!
sabdfljordi: nice progress on zope3 translations at https://launchpad.net/products/zope/+series/zope3.1/+pots/zope11:01
jordilots of purple11:01
sabdfljordi: have you seen the breezy launchpad integration?11:01
sabdflhelp -> translate this app?11:01
jordinot yet, I haven't tried a breezy CD yet11:02
jordiI've seen that in screenshots though11:02
sabdfli think it's going to be a big driver11:03
jordiyeah, it solves the "where and who to file bugs against" very trivially11:03
jordisabdfl: I haven't been able to contact the xfce guys yet. What should I do abotu that request (one language team wants to import it all to translate xfce to their language)11:06
jordiI wanted to tell the xfce guys in advance, just in case they have something to say11:06
sabdfljordi: always a good idea to let them know that we are importing, and to import everything that's been done upstream11:06
kikosabdfl, I do have some; I'll mail them out tomorrow; we migrated our server, anthem, to hoary and I'm still picking up the pieces11:08
kikoshould be wrapped up shortly though11:08
kikowhat an upgrade11:09
jordiyay, plone done11:10
jordithat took a while11:10
jorditoo fast11:11
jordiI'm getting a system error with plone11:11
jordiI'm a dork11:11
jordirosetta didn't like a bzipped tar named tar.gz :)11:12
jordisabdfl: the last pending request I can see in the list archive is gnome-glossary, which I'm not sure about11:13
jordisabdfl: do we want to import that?11:13
jordikiko: can you have a look at the error log for me?11:14
jordihttps://launchpad.net/products/cmfplone/+series/main/+pots/plone/+upload is erroring when I upload a big tarball11:14
jordia .tar.bz2 nearly 2megs big11:14
jordiis there a size limit or something?11:15
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [r=BjornT]  implement MaloneSearchResults (currently exposed only on the sp bug listing) (patch-2330: brad.bollenbach@canonical.com, mpt@canonical.com)11:17
lifelessbradb: pong11:17
jordikiko: upload went ok with a (much bigger) tar.gz. Something's wrong with tar.bz2 I guess.11:17
sabdflanybody running lp on breezy?11:17
sabdflany issues to know about?11:17
sabdflversion management?11:17
bradblifeless: n/m, elmo kicked pqm for us ;)11:18
jordikiko: if you can confirm it's related, I'll file a bug11:18
kikosabdfl, mpt's trying at least11:18
kikojordi, it's a bug11:18
sabdfljordi: there's no size limit11:18
kikojordi, file it and I'll paste in a traceback11:18
kikoit's  a pretty weird one11:18
kiko    *  Module tarfile, line 916, in open11:18
kiko      return func(name, "r", fileobj)11:18
kiko    * Module tarfile, line 996, in bz2open11:18
kiko      raise ValueError, "no support for external file objects"11:18
kikoValueError: no support for external file objects11:18
jordiwhile I do: can anyone tell me what's the active tab for https://launchpad.net/products/cmfplone/+series/main/+pots/plone/+upload ?11:19
jordiif it's "Bugs" too, I have another bug to file. Sigh :)11:19
jordikiko: https://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/198211:20
jordi1982, the Spanish Football Championship :)11:21
kikojordi, it is bugs11:21
jordikiko: ie, bug?11:21
jordithere goes 198311:23
jordiok. So now I need 3 more bugs to get 1986.11:23
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=== salgado [n=salgado@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
bradbsalgado: you might find https://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/1981 interesting11:23
salgadobradb, I saw it already. thanks for reporting. :)11:25
bradbno prob11:25
salgadoI'll talk to mpt to see what we can do. that team page really needs some love11:25
jordikiko: just wondering, what's in that bug that makes it priv?11:27
salgadocprov, have you seen https://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/1979 ?11:27
cprovsalgado: yes I have, no clue atm11:28
sabdflstub: is name required to be ascii?11:28
salgadosabdfl, yes, the valid_name() function enforces that, IIRC11:28
bradbdef valid_name(name):11:29
bradb    pat = r"^[a-z0-9] [a-z0-9\\+\\.\\-] +$"11:29
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@lns01-0931.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #launchpad
ivokssalgado: ping11:32
salgadoivoks, pong11:33
ivokssalgado: i reported #197911:34
=== SnakeBite [n=SnakeBit@] has joined #launchpad
ivoksso if you have any questions, i would be glad to help11:34
=== zyga [n=zyga@chello084010207057.chello.pl] has joined #launchpad
salgadooh, the gpg key problem.11:38
zygaare there any problems with lanuchpad?11:38
zygaI've uploaded several translations two days ago and they were not commited yet11:39
salgadoivoks, let's see if cprov can help us11:39
zygano notification, no nothing11:39
salgadocprov, about that bug I pinged you, is there anything else that you want to know?11:40
cprovivoks: your GPG key id ?11:40
jordikiko-phone: now it's failing with a tar.gz apparently11:45
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Get read of **kw magic in PersonSet.newTeam(), some other tweaks in browser/team.py, fix https://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/1902. r=kiko (patch-2331: guilherme.salgado@canonical.com)11:49
jordikiko-phone: fuck... I didn't notice the plone data I was given included an en.po. Can those 4 en.po's get removed?11:49
kiko-phonejordi, hmm, you'll need to ask carlos/stub for that part.11:51
jordicarlos: I'd like to remove en.po from the 4 cmfplone templates.11:51
ivokssalgado cprov bye... i need some sleep :/11:51
cprovivoks: so do I, I'm utc 11:51
ivokscprov: utc+2 here :)11:52
cprovivoks: it's probably in you key, missed subkey 11:53
cprovivoks: I will discuss your situation with the gpg gurus, perhaps they will have a solution11:54

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