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pituxany person speak spanish???01:39
pituxmi english is very bad, sorry01:39
pituxthere are thought a mail list of edubuntu in spanish????01:43
ogrampt, ?02:41
mptoh, just that I didn't see pitux in time, that's all02:49
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mpt_ogra: Let me know when would be a good time to do the tweaks to the gnome-screensaver unlock dialog (sometime between 10 and 14 hours from now, or between 19 and 22 hours from now, would be ideal)03:55
mpt_otherwise I could just put a mockup on the wiki03:55
ograor mail it :)03:57
mpt_ok :-)04:05
ograi must admit that i havent even looked into the code yet, we dropped gnome-screensaver more than a month ago04:10
ogra(around UVF)04:10
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highvoltageogra: i did the rsync, but my md5sum doesn't match the one on the website, is it because my file is called "breezy", and the new one is called edubuntu?07:44
shagagood morning all07:45
highvoltagemorning shaga 07:45
shagaare there still any good enough flash/java-plugins for amd64 platforum? can you tell straight out?07:48
highvoltagei don't know.07:49
shagaokay, I'll find out about it myself once I'm through here in work07:54
highvoltageokay, it's probably supposed to match these md5sums, but it doesn't either: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/edubuntu/daily/current/MD5SUMS08:02
=== highvoltage rsyncs again
Burgundaviashaga, for amd64, there is no Macromedia flash plugin. There are 2 free versions, GPLflash and swfdec (LGPL). Neither work well enough to be replacements for flash08:16
Burgundaviashaga, as for java, the free java stuff has not produced a web plugin due to not yet having done the security stuff08:16
shagaokay, thanks very much.. so I'll stick with the x86-version for now still..08:17
shagathis is not about linux at all(still I'm trying to do this in linux, but it's not the point), but you might know about this. is it possible to go 'back' with firefox without refreshing the page? opera can do that but I just don't support it. ff is quite evil as it does the refresh and jumps on the top of the list you were browsing for example..08:20
shagaI'm trying to google about as I speak08:21
Burgundaviashaga, currently not implemented08:21
BurgundaviaFF 1.5 will do that08:21
shagaas I thought08:21
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highvoltageogra: yay, my md5 sums match08:50
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shagacould you briefly tell me whats LTSP? should I use "workstation" on a CD boot prompt for my own computer which I use just for fun and have a direct connection to web through dhcp..09:45
Burgundaviashaga, ltsp allows thin clients to connect to a central server. The thin clients don't do any of the heavy lifting09:50
shagaoh, that means I should use "workstation" on a prompt for my use09:51
shagagood morning10:18
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highvoltageogra: i got a debconf screen telling me about how the ip address have been set in a preseed file, and that i need to file a bug if i see this dialog. is this a bug?11:36
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spaceyJaneW, just booked my flight to canada :>01:31
ograspacey, yay !01:36
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=== spacey happy
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ograhey jinty  :)01:44
jintyshould we move over here?01:44
ogracurrently i have some other (packaging) bugs to solve with moodle first...01:45
jintyas far as one of the moodle developers told me, moodle can authenticate off a web pace01:45
ograthe problem is, that i want to leave it up to the user to make the moodle configuration, i only create a blank database and moodle has a 3 step webinterface to create the structure in there01:46
jintybasically post a form and grep the return HTML (ugh!)01:46
jintyok no worries, just passing info along which might be usefull01:46
ograi'll investigate if i can set defaults for that interface that point to the schooltool auth01:46
ograjinty, i'll come back to you about that, be sure :)01:47
ograjust let me fix the essential bugs first :)01:47
jintyhe;) I understand01:47
ograsabdfl decided yesterday that we want to go with gnome-screensaver, so now i have to fix that one first ... wasnt planned :)01:48
=== jinty can only smile
jintyhow much time to release01:49
ograoct 13th01:49
ogra4 weeks01:49
jintygood luck then01:50
ograits in good condition already, i just have to split out all the screensavers from xscreensaver to make them available for gnome-screensaver01:50
ograwill you be at UBZ ?01:51
jintydepends if I am sponsored or not01:51
jintythough I havn't asked01:51
jintybut it could be really usefull for me.01:52
ograyes, as well as for me...01:52
ograsince i build a distro around your baby :)01:52
JaneWspacey: cool01:52
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jintyogra: hope you don't do too much building on, as the recent changes in the schooltool unstable branch are, er, extreeme01:55
ograjinty, currently we just want to show it to the world... since we target only one classroom for now, its perfect as a scheduling tool :)01:56
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jintyogra: I am busy building new schooltool packages. Don't you want to send the patch?02:16
ograjinty, is during the day enough ? 02:18
jintyperhaps, doko really wants these new packages02:19
ograok, give me 1h02:21
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ograjinty, mail sent :)02:48
jintythanks!, I'll get it in.02:49
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JaneWer how the hell does flint have post right to Ubuntu Announce and I don't?...02:57
ograJaneW, nobody has02:58
ograJaneW, all posts to announce are moderated02:58
JaneWbut howcome flints message went through and mine didn't :(02:58
ograpoke jdub :)02:59
JaneWogra: omg... read this...03:03
JaneWAt an Edubuntu Summit in July in Australia, educators from every continent came together. Reports from the summit indicate that Edubuntu will soon be found in hundreds of schools across Europe from Sweden to Spain -- in the state of Andalusia the government has chosen Ubuntu Linux for its schools, libraries and all public facilities. In Brazil, Elkner says, more than a million pupils will be using Edubuntu.03:03
ograbut any press is good press ;)03:04
JaneWflint and elkner are like 'pinky and the brain'03:05
ograeven if its a bit strange what he tells 03:05
JaneW'What are we going to do tongiht Brain?'03:05
JaneW'Same thing we do everynight Pinky....03:05
JaneWTry to take over the WORLD!'03:05
dokodo I have to know pinky?03:28
dokohmm, s/pinky/flint/03:29
ogradoko, nope03:29
ograbut i'm pretty sure you'll meet him at UBZ03:29
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JaneWogra: oh yes!03:58
JaneWdoko: he's hard to miss ;)03:58
ograyes, he takes over every room he is in03:59
ograand not only because he's big03:59
highvoltageJaneW: hi there04:05
JaneWhello highvoltage 04:05
=== highvoltage should put on auto-identify
highvoltageJaneW: get my private messages?04:07
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biphello ...04:25
bipis anybody involved with ltsp deployement here ?04:26
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jintydoko: ping (deb-src sid main)04:32
jintyfor a new schoolbell package04:32
jintycould you sponsor it to sid? (needs dpkg-buildpackage options -sa -v1.2.0-2)04:34
dokojinty: thanks04:45
jintyschooltool is still coming04:46
dokojinty: the source still contains the Zope3 source?04:49
jintyyes, the tarball contains it, but it is not used at all by the packages04:49
jintyremoving it from the tarball was too much of a step for upstream04:50
jintysee the dirty hack in rules04:51
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shagaoh, seems that it's already time for a beer04:55
JaneWyep, that's what I am about to do... bye05:04
shaga*waves back*05:09
mptogra: Is uninstalling xscreensaver the easiest way of using gnome-screensaver?05:31
ogrampt, sorry, the package has an error... just testbuilding the fixed version05:32
ograbut you should uninstall xscreensaver anyway... and install gnome-screensaver and xscreensaver-data05:32
mptok, ta05:34
mpt... and then what? :-)05:43
ograthen logout and in again to make sure gnome-screensaver is in your session05:44
ogranow all should work..05:44
mptThe "New updates available" balloon appears on top of the screensaver05:47
mptIs that reported?05:47
ograi think thats an X error05:47
ograyup, there is a bug anywhere for xscreensaver, since it also happens in gnome-screensaver id think its rather X 05:48
mpta bug somewhere?05:48
ograi have to look it up05:48
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mptsorry, I just wasn't sure whether you meant "there is a bug filed somewhere" or "there isn't a bug filed anywhere"05:49
mptEnglish sucks05:49
mptif you know it's already reported, then never mind, I won't report it :-)05:50
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jsgotangcoJaneW_we: we?05:50
ograjsgotangco, she's out...05:51
ogrampt, hmm, i cant find the bug...05:51
jsgotangcoogra: dude, people over here are hyped over edubuntu05:51
jsgotangcomy last presentation was jam packed05:51
ogrampt, http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1494405:52
mptthanks ogra05:52
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jsgotangcoogra: i actually won an RHCE training and exam voucher05:52
jsgotangcoyeah i was like WTF05:53
jsgotangcoi have till december to use it =)05:54
jsgotangcoogra: people love our theme05:55
gandI've read edubuntu program list with  "Istanbul" (screen session recorder) listed. May I suggest instead "xvidcap" that have also audio recording?05:55
ogragand, we have neither in this release and istanbul will have audion in our next one :)05:55
gandI mean that xvidcap record video and audio in the same time, so you can create a screen tutorial with audio in it05:57
ogragand, you will be able to do that with istanbul too, but without using the commandline05:58
gandWill istanbul have a GUI and audio recording too? (gvidcap has a GUI too) Sorry I'm not update on istanbul.06:00
gandBy the moment Istambul has no audio, will it have audio on next release? I'm looking desperately a screen recorder tool06:02
ograistanbul just adds a red button to your notification area, you click it once, it becomes a play button and records your session, you click a second time and the movie appears on your desktop. the author is working on audion recording, it will be ready for dapper (our next release) i think06:02
ogragand, gvidcap and xvidcap are in universe you can always install them06:03
gandnice thank, http://www.freesmug.org/idojo/06:03
gandyes but I'm on PPC 06:03
gandI've compiled last release of xvidcap from source yesterday, but there are still some problems06:04
gandI've used "wink" for some screentutorial, but wink is not freesoftware :(06:05
jintydoko: I have to patch and re-build schoolbell to fix a problem running the schooltool build time tests. Probably by monday.06:06
jintystill have to do my food money work...06:08
dokojinty: is there anything I can do?06:11
jintythe issue is that the schoolbell setup.py does not install the tests/ftests sub-modules by default06:14
jintyno, I dont think there is much you can do06:15
dokook, so installing them by hand should work?06:15
jintypersonally I would just patch setup.py06:16
jintyactually, I'll give it a try today06:18
jintyby hand?06:18
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dokojust use cp in the rules file06:21
jintyalready made the patch:)06:22
jintynow to put it upstream06:23
=== jinty hates using svn and baz at the same time in different windows
gandI've dowloaded instanbul source, how can I compile it on PPC, readme is empty!06:25
ograerr, its in univers, you only need to install it06:27
ograuniverse even06:27
gandnot in PCC universe :(06:28
ograoh,m i was assiming you run edubuntu breezy, in hoary it isnt there...06:30
jsgotangcoistanbul is awesome06:31
gandis instambul in edubuntu breezy PPC?06:32
gandOnly install, no live, I've to clear my hoary :)06:36
ograjust change your sources.list 06:36
ograafter the upgrade install edubuntu-desktop and you got a edubuntu workstation install06:37
gandsorry, how can I change my sourc.list?06:39
gand I just have to add APT line to the repository?06:43
ograjust change all occurences of hoary to breezy06:43
ograthen run apt-get update 06:43
ograthen apt-get dist-upgrade06:44
gandthank, I'm using synaptic package manager, no breezy occurences listed, how can I change currences from hoary to breezy06:46
ograyou can change the repositorys in the settings menu of synaptic...06:48
gandYes I know, I can add a custom repos.; which APT line I've to add?06:49
gandor also editing file: etc/apt/sources.list06:50
ograyou dont add anything, edit the ones that are there06:50
ograeither one06:50
ograits the same, synaptic is just the gui fo it...06:50
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gandSorry but I've only 5.04 repos. listed, no 5.10 listed in the "add" window.06:54
ograedit the 5.04 repos06:54
gandI've to substitute "hoary" word with "breezy" ?06:57
ograyes :)06:58
ograthat makes it a 5.10 repo06:58
gandthank :)06:59
jintydoko: ping07:36
jintyin the reproitory i mentioned earlier there are new schooltool and schoolbell packages07:38
jintyprobably schoolbell needs the same dpkg opts, buit I'm not sure07:38
jintyI guess I leave it to you from here. But could you ping me as soon as they hit ubuntu?07:39
dokowill do, thanks a lot!07:40
jintythere is an out of tree schooltool dependency (cando) I need to update then07:40
jintyah yes, schooltool -> sid would be nice;)07:41
doko? cando ?07:43
jintyyeah, a grade tracking system built on schooltool;)07:44
jintystill have to file an ITP07:45
dokodpkg-genchanges: warning: missing Section for source files07:46
dokojust added that to the control file07:47
jintywhich section?07:49
gandthanks bye, have to reboot.08:44
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