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jjessebesides the email Riddell sent out is there a Kubuntu Breezy release notes?02:59
Riddelljjesse: no, just the e-mail and the Known Problems wiki page03:04
Riddelljjesse: adept has passed new and is currently in main inclusion03:05
Riddelljjesse: so it's still an open question if it'll be in breezy I'm afraid03:05
jjesseRiddell: thanks for both answers03:05
jjesseRiddell should i use kpakcage for the docs ?03:05
Riddelljjesse: no, kynaptic or adept03:05
Riddelladept would be more hopeful03:05
jjesseRiddell: ok 03:05
jjesseRiddell: then i guess i will go to work on cleaning up the release notes 03:06
Riddelljjesse: which release notes?03:06
jjesseRiddell: that are currently in svn03:07
jjesseRiddell: http://ubuntu-doc.ath.cx/kde/krelease-notes/C/kreleasenotes.html  is the current preview03:08
Riddelljjesse: excellent!03:09
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jjesseRiddell: those were written already, i just started looking at it03:09
Riddellnot entirely accurate, but pretty cool03:10
RiddellI need to go to bed but we should look over these at some point03:10
jjesseok i was going to start w/ the basic section on upgrade notes and we can chat about the rest03:11
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jsgotangcomorning people05:00
Burgundaviasalut jsgotangco 05:02
jsgotangcohey Burgundavia what's up05:03
Burgundavianot much05:03
Burgundaviabeen daydreaming/brainstorming about an OEM pack05:03
Burgundaviawhat would need to be in it, etc.05:03
jsgotangcowe're supposed to have an OEM installer right05:03
Burgundaviait would contain cds,docs on how to set up the isntaller, multicast installation, marketing materials, etc.05:04
Burgundaviayes we do have one05:04
Burgundavianot that easy to use currently05:04
jsgotangcoMS has this OEM system builder thing05:04
jsgotangcoi have a pack i can look into it05:04
Burgundaviajsgotangco, sweet05:05
jsgotangcoi haven't really delved into the OEM installer but i can do it this weekend05:05
jsgotangcoLWC has been eating time05:05
Burgundaviathe oem installer is not documented anywhere currently05:05
Burgundaviaapparently there will be a new version that allows running of the oem installer from the regular installer, ala the server install05:06
BurgundaviaI was talking to Kamion about it05:06
jsgotangcofor dapper?05:07
Burgundaviano, for breezy05:07
jsgotangcoyou mean we'll have breezy.5?05:07
jsgotangcooh it will go in then05:07
Burgundaviait is just a minor option to allow easier OEM installs05:08
Burgundaviawe also need a good multicast server implementation for installs05:08
Burgundaviajsgotangco, is this something that you are interested in as well?05:11
=== Burgundavia also wants the pack to take to local computer stores
jsgotangcoi'll look at it later i have a talk in an hour05:12
jsgotangcoyeah LinuxWorld here has been spiffy05:13
=== Burgundavia is jealous
jjessein order to get the validate.sh to work what package do i have to have installed?05:13
Burgundaviaall the big trades shows are back east or in the US05:14
jsgotangcowell there's not much FOSS people here so there's always a core group05:14
jsgotangcobut it has been changing05:14
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alexvHi, I noticed an oddly worded section in Chapter 1 of the Ubuntu Users Guide. There's a line that reads    "If you've reached this page I assume you either heard the news about it and want to install and get it up and running although being not sure how to go about it."     Shouldn't that be "not being sure" instead of "being not sure"?06:12
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Burgundaviabon soir, robitaille 07:49
robitaillehello Burgundavia 07:49
robitaillecool, my wife got a odt document in an email from a friend of her.  that's a first.  I actually had to look it up to figure out what it was07:50
robitailleOOo2 reads it.  Not sure if OOo1 on Hoary can07:51
rob^omg.. life07:52
Burgundaviarobitaille, the new OO1's sould be able to07:53
robitailleyes.  But my wife uses a computer with Hoary.   I'll have to try it out. wikepedia seems to imply only 1.1.5 reads it.07:55
robitaillebut I'm still amaze that she got this format instead of the usual .doc file07:55
Burgundaviaexpect more of them07:56
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Madpilothi all08:38
Burgundaviasalut Madpilot 08:39
Madpilothi Burgundavia08:39
BurgundaviaMadpilot, scorched3d is now installed by has no sound08:39
Burgundaviaand tha tis phone08:39
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TreenaksIs there a reason that the entire changelog, the Creative Commons license and the GFDL are in Rosetta for the FAQ Guide09:32
BurgundaviaTreenaks, hmm09:32
Treenaksbecause those licenses have official translations.. and re-translating is pointless09:32
BurgundaviaTreenaks, I have no idea09:33
TreenaksBurgundavia: so, who do I talk to to get it fixed? :)09:33
BurgundaviaTreenaks, mdke is probably the best bet09:34
TreenaksBurgundavia: ok09:34
Treenaksmdke: are you reading this? :)09:34
=== Treenaks waits for the planet to align ;)
BurgundaviaTreenaks, mdke should come online soon. Is 8am where he lives09:39
TreenaksBurgundavia: 8:39 probably then :)09:40
=== Treenaks skips pag 15 of GFDL
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Treenaksmdke: also, commands shouldn't be in there ("sudo apt-get update" is the same everywhere.. some placeholders may not be, but you could mark only those commands)10:01
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mdkeTreenaks, hello11:04
Treenaksmdke: hi :) did you read the backlog11:04
mdkesome of it11:04
mdkethere is not a lot we can do11:04
Treenaksmdke: Well, especially the part about there being too many strings (i.e. the entire GFDL and CC licenses) in rosetta11:05
mdkei think the licences should be left in english11:05
Treenaksmdke: can't you mark stuff as "don't put in rosetta" ?11:05
mdkeTreenaks, not to my knowledge11:05
Treenakssounds like a wishlist item then ;)11:06
mdkebecause we expand the identities in the documents, it means that the licences went in there11:06
Treenaksmdke: it also means that everyone will have to skip ~ 10 pages of licence crap to get to the actual document text11:07
Treenaksmdke: which sucks :)11:07
mdkei'll ask around and see if there is anything we can do11:07
Treenakscool, thanks11:07
mdkeTreenaks, if they mark the licence crap as translated (copy over the English) then they won't have to skip it11:08
Treenaksmdke: true..11:08
mdkeTreenaks, ok I'll let you know11:13
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dandis there a deadline for ubuntu-doc translation freeze?04:06
mdkesooner the better of course04:07
dandok, so we can be sure that any corrections done today will be included in the release04:07
mdkethat is correc04:07
dandk, thanks!04:07
mdkesignificantly later than today in fact04:08
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mdketranslations are looking good for about-ubuntu04:24
mdkea lot of templates have just 1 translation outstanding however :/04:24
Treenaksmdke: yes, the translator-credits04:24
Treenaksmdke: which should be automatic04:24
mdkeTreenaks, actually that is not the outstanding voice for all the templates04:25
mdkeon some it is though04:25
mdkeTreenaks, so that should be automatic eh?04:26
mdkewhat can we do to fix that?04:26
Treenakspoke launchpad people :)04:27
=== Treenaks off
mdkeTreenaks, can't the translators fill it in themselves?04:28
mptmdke: No, because "translator-credits" is a single line, so Rosetta thinks it should be a single line, but the "translation" needs to be multiple lines, one for each person04:36
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mdkempt, hmm, is this a bug with our template, or with rosetta?04:44
mptbug in Rosetta04:44
mdkempt, can you think of a workaround?04:44
mpt<a href="https://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/116">https://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/116</a>04:44
mptoh, silly Gaim04:44
mdkeok got it04:45
mptnot that I know of04:45
mdkek thanks04:46
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jsgotangcohey all05:50
jsgotangcojbailey: dude i won an RHCE training and exam pack06:14
jbaileyThe exams are apparently really hard.06:14
jbaileyHave a huge practical component06:14
jsgotangcoyeah well i have the end of the year to take it anyways06:14
jsgotangcojbailey: it'll help for sure06:14
jbaileyLike 3 months?06:14
jbaileyThat's brutal short.06:15
jsgotangconot possible?06:15
jbaileyIt's possible, sure.06:15
jbaileyJust a bit presumptuous that yo uhappen to have time free RIGHT NOW, DAMMIT06:15
jbaileyNovell and Cisco voutures are usualy good for a year.06:15
jsgotangcoahh well LinuxWorld over here was pretty cool..actually very good for a first effort06:16
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jsgotangcogood night07:52
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