mjg59BenC: Hm. You didn't apply the other patches I sent you.02:08
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dilingermjg59: i don't suppose you have any opinions on http://people.redhat.com/mingo/realtime-preempt/patch-2.6.13-rt12 ?05:42
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mjg59dilinger: Not really I'm afraid, now12:43
mjg59Uh, no12:43
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MithrandirBenC: any thoughts on 13834 ?01:05
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Mithrandirapparently, it's turned off, so I should just be able to turn it on.  Does adding modules change the ABI or is that handled automagically?01:26
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lamontwe should really add a .deb that has the abi info in it (or deliver it with the kernel) - that way we don't have to go scraping it when we need it...03:27
lamontof course, launchpad will do that for us.03:28
zulmjg59: i have a laptop here that says its running on battery when its plugged into the wall03:45
mjg59zul: Breezy?03:49
zulnew acpi and kernel i think03:55
mjg59What hardware?03:57
mjg59Can you try with ec_burst=1 ?03:57
fsmjg59: btw, using ec_burst=1 with 2.6.13 on my turion64 laptop fixes the AE_TIME blurb on every acpi access, thanks for the hint03:59
mjg59Hm. We should probably make that the default (it was in Hoary)03:59
fsthe acpi patch for 2.6.12 did not need it, but with 2.6.13 it is needed on both vanilla and acpi-patched kernels03:59
BenCMithrandir: is that still true for -8?04:01
BenC13834 that is04:01
BenClamont: I am adding the gzip's abi file into the kernel .deb's next upload04:02
BenCit's about 57k compressed04:03
lamontBenC: WOOT!04:03
BenCthanks for pushing ia64 through04:03
zulmjg59: hp dv1170ca04:04
mjg59zul: Interesting04:04
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zulim going to get him to do a ec_burst=1 and he will try it later ill let you know04:29
mjg59zul: Cool04:32
zulaieee...need arch ;)04:34
mjg59BenC: Any chance of being able to push out another new kernel in the near future?04:44
jbaileymjg59: I need to push one soonish for the update-initramfs changes.04:49
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mjg59BenC: I've mailed you a tarball. 05:03
BenCmjg59: yeah, hopefully next week05:06
zuli wonder how many drivers dont have hotplug support?05:08
mjg59BenC: Did you get the patches I sent?05:11
BenCyeah, I wasn't able to merge them before doing the upload05:13
BenCthey will be in the next one for sure05:13
zulBenC: i thought there was hotplug support for buslogic patch?05:13
mjg59jbailey: Any estimate on the initramfs-tools upload?05:14
mjg59BenC: Ok, the sky2 driver seems to be a bit flaky05:14
mjg59BenC: http://www.kernel.org/git/?p=linux/kernel/git/jgarzik/netdev-2.6.git;a=commitdiff;h=793b883ed12a6ae6e2901ddb5e038b77d6f0c0ac;hp=d7f6884ae0ae6e406ec3500fcde16e8f5164246005:17
mjg59Supposed to be better, with luck we can get some debug out of it05:18
zulmjg59: the ec_burst=1 makes no difference05:21
BenCmjg59: how can I get just the diff from that URL?05:24
jbaileymjg59: A few hours?  Will that work for you?05:30
jbaileymjg59: I was trying to incorporate your bits with the fact that modalias doesn't detect ide-generic.05:31
jbailey(for chipsets that don't have specific drivers)05:31
jbaileymdz tripped over that last night, and I'm trying to not forcably always load ide-generic, although I might have to even on scsi-only systems.05:31
=== BenC has lost an important file
BenCknew I should have made the wiki page with this on it before I trashed my system05:33
BenCmjg59: never mind, I found the "plain" link05:35
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MithrandirBenC: yeah, appears to be.06:11
BenCMithrandir: no idea how it got turned off06:12
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:BenC] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY | http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/KernelTeam | The kernel is not in, please leave a message after the beep...OOPS, unable to handle kernel paging request | http://people.u.c/~lamont/Archives/kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/ playground: kernel-debian--preX,14--2.6.12
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jbaileymjg59: Around?07:34
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DizietHello.  I have some questions about what make-kpkg ought to do.07:42
DizietI'm trying to fix 15488, which is to do with the compiler that it chooses and the dependencies in the various packages.07:42
DizietWhile investigating, I discovered that apparently our make-kpkg doesn't arrange for it to choose the right compiler.07:43
DizietThat is to say, unpacking a stock and running make-kpkg kernel-image on breezy tries to use the default gcc, ie gcc-4.0.07:43
DizietDo our kernel source packages have something in our diffs to force the choice of compiler ?07:44
zulyes...its forced to use gcc-3.4 afair07:52
jbaileyI remember Fabio saying that.  Using gcc-4 on the compiler is insane right now, I suspect.07:58
fabbioneDiziet: make-kpkg is not broken07:59
fabbionewe force legally the compiler to use07:59
fabbioneusing normal make vars07:59
fabbioneif they want to build with 4.0, it's their business07:59
=== fabbione -> dinner
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fabbioneBenC: ping?08:31
fabbionethe sky2 driver is FTBFS on sparc...08:31
BenCbuilds on amd64, ia64, and ppc6408:31
fabbionejust a sec.. let see if it is only a missing include08:32
fabbionedid you get the other one liner?08:32
fabbionethat one seems to be required after one of the security patches..08:33
fabbioneif you don't plan to upload before monday, we can have more time to look at it08:33
fabbionedrivers/net/sky2.c: In function `sky2_probe':08:33
fabbionedrivers/net/sky2.c:2476: error: `DMA_64BIT_MASK' undeclared (first use in this function)08:33
fabbionedrivers/net/sky2.c:2476: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once08:33
fabbionedrivers/net/sky2.c:2476: error: for each function it appears in.)08:33
fabbionedrivers/net/sky2.c:2482: error: `DMA_32BIT_MASK' undeclared (first use in this function)08:33
BenCis that in asm-sparc64 anywhere?08:33
fabbioneinclude/linux/dma-mapping.h only08:35
fabbionetesting if it is a missing include08:35
BenCdoes it include linux/dma-mapping.h?08:35
BenCother arch's may pull it in from their asm includes08:35
fabbionenot directly08:35
BenCshould be ok to include directly08:35
BenCin fact, it should be correct08:35
fabbionewell i am testing it including it directly08:36
fabbioneyeah that does it08:36
BenCI have a patch for sky2, it may have that fixed already08:36
BenCI'll check though08:36
fabbioneDiziet: the upload you did of kernel-package is WRONG08:38
fabbioneyou must not force gcc-3.4 anywhere08:38
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Dizietfabbione: Yes ?08:38
Diziet(Sorry about my temporary departure.)08:38
DizietI'm not forcing it.  I'm defaulting it.08:39
fabbioneDiziet: you don't default it08:39
fabbionethe default is the gcc compiler in the system08:39
fabbioneyou are breaking a known behaviour08:39
fabbionethe bug is on something completely different08:39
DizietThe default gcc compiler in the system can't compile any currently available kernels, right ?08:40
fabbionethe submitter is telling you that "apt-get install linux-source-2.6.12" should Depends on gcc-3.408:40
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DizietAnd compiling your kernel with 3.4 is unlikely to do any harm ?08:40
Dizietfabbione: Yes, I've fixed that too.08:40
fabbioneand not apt-get source linux-source-2.6.1208:40
fabbioneDiziet: did you commit the change to the baz repo?08:41
fabbioneDiziet: wrong.. gcc-4.0 can compile some kernels08:41
fabbioneit strictly depends on the config and patches you apply to the kernel08:41
fabbionealso.. changinc compiler changes the ABI of the kernel08:41
DizietI see.  We had this conversation in #ubuntu-devel because that's where people wanted to talk about it and they said otherwise there.  But they could be wrong of course.08:41
fabbionethat's bad08:41
fabbionethere is only one authority in regards of the kernel and that's the kernel team08:42
jbaileyfabbione, BenC: mkrufky is part of upstream for v4l and dvb08:42
fabbionehey mkrufky 08:42
mkrufkyhow's it goin08:42
mkrufkybear with me, i'm at work.... 08:42
DizietI came here and I asked and no-one answered.  Well, one person did respond to the question I had asked here but they did so on #ubuntu-devel.  But if you're telling me I've done it wrong I'm happy to talk about it and undo it if necessary.08:43
mkrufkyanyhow, yes... jbailey mentioned that there isnt anybody on your kernel team that knows whats going on with v4l / dvb stuff08:43
mkrufkyi'd be willing to help, in this respect08:43
jbaileyAFAIK, anyway. =)08:43
DizietIt seems to me that it is a bug in make-kpkg that you can download a vanilla kernel.org kernel and expect it to do everything for you but in fact it will select the wrong compiler.08:43
DizietWhere `wrong' = `most probably wrong for what you want to do'.08:44
fabbioneDiziet: gcc-4.0 is not a wrong compiler08:44
DizietNote that we are being unusual in shipping with gcc-4.0.08:44
fabbioneno we are not..08:44
DizietSo why should kernel-source depend on gcc-3.4 then if gcc-4.0 is fine ?08:44
fabbioneFC4 is all based on gcc-4.008:44
jbaileyDiziet: If people are building their own kernels, they ought to have some thoughts as to what compiler they're running, etc.08:44
fabbionekernel-source doesn't exists..08:44
Dizietjbailey: I agree with that _more_ if we're talking about kernel-source.deb than if we're talking about using make-kpkg to make an image.08:45
fabbionelinux-source-2.6.12 as package (and not as source) should Depends: gcc-3.408:45
fabbionebecause that's our source with our patches08:45
fabbioneand it in fact needs gcc-3.408:45
DizietSorry, I mean linux-source, not kernel-source.  People keep changing the names of these damn things.08:45
jbaileyDiziet: I'm really hoping that for dapper we make strong statements against people compiling their own kernels..08:45
fabbioneDiziet: you must revert that change...08:45
fabbionekernel-package is not the place where to do that stuff08:46
fabbioneBenC: you must be sure to be B-D on a correct version of kernel-package once Diziet revert08:46
Dizietfabbione: Our source with our patches uses gcc-3.4 by default, right ?08:46
DizietThat is, our patches patch the makefile ?08:46
fabbioneDiziet: yes. that is correct08:46
fabbionecorrect too08:46
DizietSo if you say `make-kpkg kernel-source' from one of our kernel sources you get a linux-kernel.deb which needs gcc-3.4 installed or it will fall over during compilation.  Right ?08:47
fabbioneDiziet: also.. asking on IRC is fine, but give people time to answer08:47
fabbioneit's one line change in linux-source-2.6.12 control file08:47
DizietBut if you say `make-kpkg kernel-source' from a kernel.org kernel you get a linux-kernel.deb which needs `gcc' installed and for `gcc' to work and doesn't care about gcc-3.4.  Right ?08:48
DizietNow make-kpkg is making the control file for this linux-kernel.deb.  How is it to know what to put in the Depends ?08:48
fabbioneDiziet: you are making hell of a lot of confusion08:48
fabbioneDiziet: there is a source called linux-source-2.6.1208:49
Dizietfabbione: Do you want to talk on the phone or something ?  I'm not being deliberately confused here.08:49
fabbioneand a binary package called  linux-source-2.6.1208:49
fabbionethe latter needs a Depends on gcc-3.408:49
mkrufkyDiziet: does this not cover it all?  http://www.us.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch08s05.html.en08:49
fabbionethat's all the submitter is asking08:49
fabbioneDiziet: no, my wife is waiting for me and it's friday night08:50
mkrufkyoh, oops i misunderstood the problem08:50
DizietI'll revert my change completely and we can talk on Monday.  Would that suit you ?08:50
fabbioneDiziet: revert the changes, because changing behaviour of the kernel build system is bad08:51
fabbionewe can talk again on monday08:51
fabbionebut the submitter is asking something completely different of what you are thinking.08:51
DizietNo, I understand what the submitter is thinking, but I think there is a wider problem and just doing as the submitter asks is at best partial and at worst wrong.08:54
DizietAnyway, the reversion is in ubuntu4 which has just gone out.08:55
fabbioneDiziet: given that you just changed the default behavior for something that is not related to what the submitter is asking, gives me the impression that you don't get the difference08:56
fabbioneit is perfectly normal to build a kernel with gcc-4.008:56
fabbionethat's the default in the system08:56
fabbioneit's our kernel that is special cased08:56
fabbioneand therefor our source takes the appropriate actions to build08:56
DizietWhy is our kernel special cased ?  Because gcc 4 doesn't build it right, right ?08:57
fabbionethanks for reverting the change08:57
mkrufkyvanilla kernel is gcc-4.0 compatable08:57
jbaileyDiziet: gcc-4 still sucks in subtle ways.  We use gcc-3.4 for glibc, too.08:57
fabbioneDiziet: it does build it, but portion of the code is miscompiled08:57
fabbionebecause we do have HEAPS LOAD of external patches required to make our users happy08:57
DizietIndeed.  So if _we_ don't want to compile our kernels with it, why on earth would we make it the default for our users ?08:58
fabbionemkrufky: exactly08:58
=== zooko smiles.
Dizietmkr: OIC.08:58
zookoI think Diziet has a good point there.08:58
zookoBut as I am not a devel, I will not shut up.08:58
=== zooko compiled his kernel on Hoary today...
fabbioneDiziet: gcc-4.0 is NOT the default for our kernel08:58
DizietBut ours users who are compiling their own kernels are likely to want patches, right ?08:58
jbaileyDiziet: What do we care what users do with their own kernels?08:58
mkrufkywhy not just make ubuntu kernel patches gcc-4.0 compatable?08:58
fabbionewe force gcc-3.4 and the use spotted that it is missing a Depends :)08:58
Dizietjbailey: make-kpkg makes a choice about what compiler to use.08:58
jbaileyDoesn't it just default to gcc?08:59
fabbioneDiziet: the choise is also made via environment vars08:59
DizietYes.  Which we've made (in Breezy) be gcc 4.08:59
BenCno, the kernel itself defaults to gcc08:59
BenCmake-kpkg doesn't08:59
jbaileyRight, it's the system compiler.  08:59
fabbioneBenC: we did force it to 3.408:59
Dizietenv vars> Indeed, which still work just fine with my change.08:59
BenCin linux-source08:59
fabbioneBenC: yes. that09:00
fabbioneBenC: yes. that's right09:00
fabbionef the user get his kernel from kernel.org09:00
BenCbut make-kpkg by default just uses what the kernel uses by default, correct?09:00
fabbionehe can compile it with gcc09:00
fabbione(whatever gcc is)09:00
Dizietbenc: That's what I changed and fabbione is disagreeing with.09:00
BenCbut is that a make-kpkg decision, or a kernel Makefile one?09:00
fabbionekernel makefile09:00
BenCwithout user intervention, it lets the kernel source decide, correct?09:01
BenCand, IMO, that is right09:01
Dizietmake-kpkg has code to make the decision but it didn't do anything of any consequence before I changed it.  Right.09:01
BenCbecause some kernel arch's use odd forced CC's09:01
BenClike sparc64 used to force sparc64-linux-gcc09:01
BenCbecause it needed egcs6409:01
DizietIn the kernel makefile ?09:01
BenCyou're change could break that09:01
DizietRight, I see that point now and you are correct.09:02
Diziet(That is, fabbione is correct that it shouldn't do that.)09:02
fabbioneDiziet: happy to see we can agree :)09:02
DizietBut, separately, I don't  think I agree with fabbione and the submitter of 15488.  Sorry :-).09:02
=== fabbione powers off the sodomotron
=== fabbione powers on the sodomotron again
BenCDiziet: the correct solution is to provide a kgcc symlink to the right gcc to use09:03
BenCand make-kpkg could use that09:03
DizietThat is, make-kpkg can be used _both_ to make linux-source.deb's which contain _our_ kernel sources, and ones which contain _stock_ kernel sources.  Right ?09:03
fabbioneDiziet: i am sure what he is asking because it is confusing.09:03
BenCin that way, each arch can provide it's own, correct and suggested, gcc for the kernel09:03
DizietYes, I know what he's asking but I think it's wrong.09:03
Dizietbenc: Indeed.09:03
mkrufkysodomotron?  sounds like that vehicle that mr garrison created in south park09:03
fabbioneDiziet: it's not wrong and i can prove it :)09:03
fabbionemkrufky: eheh09:03
DizietJust follow my argument for a bit.09:03
BenCIIRC, the kernel even supports that, so make-kpkg might not need to do anything09:03
fabbioneDiziet: we do patch the kernel Markfile09:03
DizietDo you agree with my comment ...both... above ?09:04
fabbioneto use gcc-3.409:04
BenCfabbione: no, we pass env vars, we do not patch it09:04
fabbionetherefor OUR linux-source-2.6.12 binary package needs to Depends on gcc-3.409:04
BenCwe do?09:04
fabbioneBenC: did you make it an env var now?09:04
Dizietfabbione told me we patch the kernel top-level makefile to make it use gcc-3.4.09:04
BenCno, I thought it was09:05
fabbioneyes we do patch it09:05
BenCok, then I am corrected :)09:05
fabbionebecause passing the env var to make-kpkg did fail miserably on some arches09:05
BenCeither way, that's our parogative09:05
DizietRight.  But make-kpkg, as we ship in kernel-package.deb, is not just used by us to make the linux-source.deb in our archive, is it ?  It can also be used by the user, for example to turn a stock kernel source tree into a linux-source.deb.09:05
fabbioneBenC: please just make sure now to bump the B-D on the latest kernel-package09:05
fabbioneDiziet: that's right.. that's why we don't change default behaviour in make-kpkg09:06
fabbioneDiziet: and we do special case directly into our kernel09:06
fabbionemake-kpkg is completely netrual09:06
DizietNo, wait, but 15488 requests that the linux-source.deb that make-kpkg produces should always have a different Depends.09:06
fabbionehe is asking for linux-source-2.6.12 to Depends on gcc-3.409:07
fabbioneShouldn't linux-source depend on gcc-3.4? Not build-depend, but Depend. Since it09:07
fabbioneneeds gcc-3.4 to compile kernel source.09:07
fabbioneread it again..09:07
DizietYes.  Where did linux-source-2.6.12.deb come from ?  It was make by make-kpkg.  The request is to change make-kpkg to make it generate a different linux-source.deb ?09:07
Diziets/was make/was made/09:07
fabbionewe do ship a linux-source-2.6.12 package09:07
DizietYes, but it all came from make-kpkg.09:08
BenClinux-source isn't made by make-kpkg, is it?09:08
DizietThat's why make-kpkg is the thing that's supposed to be changed.09:08
Dizietmdz says `changing the hardcoded dependency09:08
Dizietin kernel-package should suffice'09:08
fabbionePackage: linux-source-2.6.1209:08
fabbioneArchitecture: all09:08
fabbioneSection: devel09:08
fabbionePriority: optional09:08
fabbioneProvides: linux-source, linux-source-2.609:08
DizietBut that's wrong.09:08
fabbioneDepends: binutils, bzip2, coreutils | fileutils (>= 4.0)09:08
fabbioneRecommends: libc-dev, gcc, make09:08
fabbioneSuggests: libncurses-dev | ncurses-dev, kernel-package, libqt3-dev09:08
DizietThat doesn't look like what make-kpkg produces.09:10
fabbionethat's in our control file09:10
DizietOh, no, just a mo, I'm looking at the wrong stanza in kernel/Control.09:11
DizietIt came from this, right:09:11
DizietPackage: =ST-source-=V09:11
fabbioneso one line change there09:11
DizietArchitecture: all09:11
DizietSection: devel09:11
DizietPriority: optional09:11
DizietProvides: =ST-source, =ST-source-=CV09:11
DizietDepends: binutils, bzip209:11
DizietRecommends: libc-dev, gcc, make09:11
fabbioneand bang :)09:11
DizietBut if I do that and you run make-kpkg on a stock kernel, it will produce a package with a wrong dependency.09:11
DizietWhy don't we talk about this on Monday.09:12
fabbionehow so? 09:12
DizietBecause it will say  Recommends: ... gcc-3.4 ...09:12
DizietBut in fact the source in it will just use `gcc'.09:13
DizietYou see the Recommends has to depend somehow on which compiler the Makefile is dealing with.09:13
DizietI think it's too late for this conversation :-).09:14
fabbionei disagree09:15
fabbioneor at least partially09:15
fabbioneour linux-source needs gcc-3.409:15
fabbioneand that's a state of facts09:15
DizietLook, I want to have some dinner and I think we should talk about this on the phone 'cos we're going round in circles.09:15
fabbioneother linux-source needs a compiler09:16
fabbioneDiziet: have a good dinner09:16
DizietYou too.  I'll let you go talk to your wife :-).09:16
fabbioneif we can't figure it out, just send the submitter to hell09:16
fabbioneyou want to compile your own kenrel09:17
fabbioneyou must know what you are doing09:17
fabbionehence use the stock kernel09:17
BenCyeah, you have to read the file that tells you what compiler is suggested09:17
DizietWe could just take the dependency out altogether :-).09:17
fabbionei wouldn't even have spend time on that bug09:17
Dizietmdz seemed to think it was important.09:17
BenCtrue, you don't need gcc to use linux-source09:17
BenCit could just be for reading09:17
DizietAnyway _goodnight_ :-).09:18
fabbionemdz, when we are close to release, believes that even libfoobar is important :)09:18
mkrufkyok well i guess u guys are gone.... i'll try to pop into this room from time to time.... I repeat, I'd be happy to help in whatever way you need as far as dvb/v4l kernel stuff09:25
fabbionemkrufky: oh we are spreaded on all TZ09:26
fabbioneand you are more than welcome here09:27
fabbioneif you are a bit familiar with bazaar you can just branch off our tree09:27
fabbioneand we can merge fixes from you09:27
BenCmkrufky: hit the bts, and search the linux bugs :)09:28
fabbione310523     Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe, nForce2                    109:29
fabbione310617     Asus A8V Deluxe, K8T800Pro, S939                109:29
fabbione320931     AMD Athlon64, 3000+, S939, BOX, Venice          109:29
fabbione330055     Promise ATA133, TX2 Controller, Bulk            109:29
fabbione350889     Kingston DDR400, 1024 MB, CAS 3                 109:29
fabbione820137     ThermalTake 680Watt, Dual Fan, ATX2.0           109:29
fabbionemy spare parts have been delivered09:29
zookoI was looking at an A8V today.09:30
mkrufkyah, walked away for a minute and the irc page scrolled back 2 pages09:33
mkrufkyi never used bazaar, but i can always learn09:33
fabbioneBenC: the sparc kernel builds with these 2 fixes09:33
fabbionebut it claims an abi change09:33
BenCcool, they'll be in the next 2.6.12 upload09:33
BenCwhat lines?09:34
BenCare you sure you put the abi files in from 8.12?09:34
fabbionethat's what i am thinking about..09:34
fabbionebut yes i did..09:34
BenCare there a lot of ocfs2 lines?09:34
BenCif so, then I don't think you did09:35
fabbionethey are not ocfs2 related09:35
fabbione-vmlinux sbus_unmap_sg 0x7125562d09:35
fabbione+vmlinux sbus_unmap_sg 0x70da842c09:35
fabbionemost of them are sg related09:35
fabbionei have the feeling that the sg security fix has a side effect on sparc09:36
fabbionethat doesn't on other arches09:36
fabbionei will need to test the same fix in hoary and see..09:36
fabbionebut that's sunday work09:36
fabbioneBenC: do you think you can wait monday to upload?09:36
fabbionebah wife is calling09:37
fabbionelater fellas09:37
zulright im going home09:50
=== zooko is now known as zookofamilytime
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persiaI'm tracking down an issue with malone bug #379, and believe that the issue is in the kernel rather than gnome-volume-manager.  Specifically, I've seen an error message of the form "Apr 13 10:18:57 localhost kernel:  /dev/scsi/host5/bus0/target0/lun0: p1" when attempting to mount IDE devices.  Could someone suggest activities which would allow me to confirm this for reassignment?10:21
BenCnothing really bad about that kernel message10:31
BenCis that the entire kernel message?10:31
BenCand what exactly is the problem, are the disks not mounting?10:32
persiaBenC: On my workstation, I am only successsful mounting /boot about 10% of the time: the rest of the time I get an error like the above.  In Malone bug #379, the reporter complains that g-v-m doesn't work because their USB drive doesn't mount: looking at the errors reported, it appears they are encountering the same issue.10:33
BenCI don't think they are10:36
BenCthe above line isn't an error, it's a line showing the partitions for the drive10:36
BenCthe USB drive not mounting _may_ be a kernel bug, but you'd need more info, like does the kernel see the drive?, can you mount it manually (using the mount command), etc.10:38
BenCif it mounts manually, and just g-v-m doesn't mount it, then it's not a kernel bug10:38
BenCif it can't be mounted manually, and the drive actually contains a legitimate filesystem, then it may be a kernel bug10:38
persiaBenC: That's what I thought, but it only appears on my workstation when the mount fails, and never during a USB hotplug mount with g-v-m, so I'M wondering if the reported bug is really with g-v-m, as I've seen the same behaviour external.10:38
BenCpersia: it's like that some USB drives (and some hotplug drives) do not have partitions10:39
BenCso you wont always see that line10:39
persiaBenC: Also, my workstation has the error on /boot, which never fails to boot, and works fine when it mounts, but as I mentioned before, sometimes I have to run `mount /boot` 10 times.10:39
BenCit's definitely not an error message10:39
BenCpersia: what type of drive is /boot?10:40
BenCcould just be a bad harddisk10:40
BenCand what sort of error does it say when it fails?10:40
persiaBenC: OK, I can accept it's not an error message, but it's the only mesage reported when I cannot mount.  It's flash on CF, mounted through an IDE interface.10:40
jbaileyWhat's the difference between generic.ko and ide-generic.ko?10:41
BenCthat line is just the IDE rereading the partition table on insert10:41
persiaBenC: No error is reported, but the partition map is shown in the logs, and reported if I mount from a root login (as opposed to sudu)10:41
jbaileymdz has a device that doesn't use  a chipset specific driver and it doesn't seem to have a modalias file pointing it to something useful.10:41
BenCjbailey: does hotplug handle "IDE class" devices with ide-generic?10:44
BenCmight take more than just a modalias entry for that10:44
jbaileyFor SCSI/SATA/IDE, usually it does a pass over the PCI bus, which then opens up /sys/bus/scsi or /proc/ide10:44
jbaileyThen we can walk those busses and figure out sd/sh/ide-disk, etc.10:45
jbaileyide-generic is a bit quirky because you always have to load it with IDE devices, but it *also* will take over those ports if no other ide chipset driver has grabbed it.10:45
jbaileySo it has to be loaded last.10:45
jbaileyThe problem is that because it's the generic one, it seems like it's just supposed to be used if you had an IDE chipset for which you have no other driver.10:46
jbaileySo I'm trying to figure out how to detect that. =)10:46
jbaileyI think the problem here is that because it's a generic catch-all driver, but each group will write their own chipset for it, there's no PCI ID that could be matched against.10:49
jbaileyI wonder if there's some sort of device class I can check against.10:49
=== jbailey wanders off to fetch a rental car for Angie.
mkrufkyok im goin home.... tty guys later11:55
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