carlossabdfl, kiko should we target all Rosetta specs we talked about by phone to ubz like the other ubuntu specs?12:07
kikocarlos, yes, please propose them12:07
sabdflthanks carlos12:07
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Kinnisonsabdfl: bug 3732 I think12:08
UbugtuMalone bug #3732: from launchpad.codestandards import XXX Fix req. for: launchpad (upstream), Severity: Normal, Assigned to: Steve Alexander, Status: Accepted http://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/373212:09
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lifelessstevea ping12:50
lifelessSteveA: ^^12:50
lifelessdo mind12:51
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sivangkiko dude, can you make me drafter for  https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+spec/whats-new/+people, I see it's in need of one01:06
sivang(I couldn't assign myself there)01:06
sivanghmm, I see now we need a way to link between specs not based on dependency but more of a relation01:09
kikosivang, done01:10
lifelesssiving is it in wiki mode ? can you just type the spec name ?01:14
sivangkiko: thank you01:21
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SteveAlifeless: pong01:25
lifelesswas before01:26
lifelesswhen I found you01:26
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lifelessjust FYI, pqm is down01:47
lifelessits not slow, its got a bug with the current merge01:47
lifelessI am investigating01:47
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Kinnisoncprov: 20:30, dinner, meeting in the lobby. Okay?01:49
cprovKinnison: just got dinner, but will be there for sure 01:49
Kinnisoncprov: d'oh01:49
cprovKinnison: no prob01:50
lifelessKinnison: hows the scheduling going?01:50
Kinnisonlifeless: Not a clue, I'm in the lightning talks01:51
lifeless(you are still in there yes ?)01:51
=== jamesh [n=james@] has joined #launchpad
lifelesskiko: ping01:51
kikolifeless, it's going. negotiating.01:51
lifelessif you want me in there, let me know01:51
cprovKinnison: are we going out for dinner or just having it in the hotel rest.01:52
Kinnisoncprov: going out to dinner01:52
cprovKinnison: ok, I'll be there. if you want you an pick the stuff I bring to you from Brazil, room 53801:53
Kinnisoncprov: I'll collect it another time.01:54
cprovKinnison: okidoki, see you in 35 min01:54
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Alinuxhello, I'm interested to translate,ubuntu text installer...what's templates exact name ?01:56
salgado__is pqm stuck again?01:57
=== salgado__ is now known as salgado
lifeless11:47 < lifeless> just FYI, pqm is down01:57
lifeless11:47 < lifeless> its not slow, its got a bug with the current merge01:57
lifeless11:47 < lifeless> I am investigating01:57
salgadolifeless, ta01:57
Kinnisonlifeless: whose merge?01:58
kikolifeless, mpool and I found a bug in merging today too01:58
kikoso perhaps catch up to ensure it's not the same one01:58
lifelesswhat is the bug ?01:58
kikoit seems to conflict when merging branches with different ancestries01:59
kikompool may understand or describe the problem better01:59
Kinnisonciao all01:59
AlinuxI've uploated a .po file , then I refresh pakages % of done translation, and nothing... still shows old resultats01:59
Alinuxhello, I'm interested to translate,ubuntu text installer...what's templates exact name ?01:59
lifelessKinnison: please prod mpool at #bzr02:00
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lifelesswhat the units of a datetime - datetime result ?02:02
Alinuxhello, I'm interested to translate,ubuntu text installer...what's templates or packages exact name ?02:03
lifelesshi Alinux , you may have more luck on #ubuntu-devel, where the developers of the installer hang out02:04
Alinuxlifeless, :) thanks bro02:04
AlinuxAdministrator help needed. debian-installer has not yet been setup for translation through Rosetta.02:08
lifelesscarlos: ^^^02:08
AlinuxI can't translate it... (I'm logged in in lauchpad and I'm administrator of Georgian Translators Team)02:08
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sivanganybody awake ?07:12
cprovsivang: yes, but I hope just for the next 5 min ;)07:43
=== cprov game is over for today ....
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=== zyga says morning
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LarstiQmoin lifeless 01:43
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kiko-zzzran ran02:18
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kokethe link in the review box makes the right column too wide03:28
=== jamesh [n=james@] has joined #launchpad
lifelessjblack: the branch listing file will look like this:03:38
lifelesshttp://whynot.launchpad.server.com/ kamion +junk feature203:38
lifelesshttp://not.launchpad.server.com/ kamion +junk feature03:38
lifelessurl, user, productname, branchname03:39
lifelessascii, space delimited03:39
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lifelessstub: ping03:52
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mdzapproximately when will production be available again?03:56
lifelesslet me see03:59
lifelessnot too long, just sorting a small rollout issue04:00
jblack lifless: Thanks04:02
spiv_lifeless: I have the SFTP SupermirrorFilesystemHierarchy stuff working for at least simple stuff on my laptop.04:03
jblackspiv: Are you here? Physicaly?04:03
=== einheit_2 [n=steve@] has joined #launchpad
spivjblack: I said hello to you at breakfast.04:04
jblackI mean are you in this room. :) 04:04
sivangremorning all04:04
jblackOh,k I see you04:04
=== ddaa [n=ddaa@] has joined #launchpad
spivOh, right :)04:05
sivanglaunchpad's down?04:05
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ddaalifeless: mpool: merging my branch with rocketfuel takes approximately ages04:10
ddaaI'm going to get rid of all my history relative to rocketfuel, and save the current branches for you to diagnose the problem later.04:10
lifelessddaa: whoa there 04:11
ddaasorry it's just uselessly slow04:11
ddaacannot put that in the review system, it's going to DoS04:11
ddaaAlready wasted too many hours waiting for that stuff. Cannot afford any more unless you are willing to negociate a few days delay with the boss.04:13
lifelessddaa: please, calma  little04:14
lifelessddaa: whats the current status, what is merged with what, what are the urls ?04:14
lifelessI have a branch with more stuff, should I merge your code into it ?04:14
ddaagot my branch merged with both your bling and rocketfuel in /home/warthogs/archives/david/launchpad/branches04:15
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lifelessddaa: and where are you? there is a lp meeting in Muguete04:16
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mick_homeis there rss and ical support in launchpad somewhere?05:00
mick_homeI'd like to add my dev blog under my "homepage"05:00
mick_homeand i'd like others to be able to subscribe to my calendar05:01
kikomick_home, not yet, though it's a pretty cool idea05:02
mick_homekiko: you the same kiko that I know from moznet?05:02
kikothere can be only one05:02
kikoyeah, I'm there 05:02
mick_homeah cool05:03
mick_homeI'm a bugzilla qa guy ;-)05:03
kikoso jamesh wrote the initial calendar feature05:03
kikoheh, rock on05:03
mick_homewhere can i get the src to launchpad? I'll add ical support (I have experience with it)05:03
kikomick_home, there's no source code publically available yet05:04
mick_homeah ok05:04
kikowhich makes it harder to contribute05:04
mick_homei see05:04
mick_homei'm trying to find a good way to collaborate ClamWin translations05:04
kikoif you're really interested we can get some hoops to jump through05:04
mick_homeand well, it has been a disaster so far05:04
kikoclamwin -- for clamav?05:04
kikotell me about your issue?05:05
mick_homeI'm project admin - and I'm responsible for over 30 guys translating05:05
kikoso what trouble do you have coordinating?05:05
mick_homeit has been hell between the CMS (Joomla), and the other project admin wanting to keep everything at sf.net - currently everyone just emails me the files that they have translated05:06
mick_homeand everyone does "reply-all" to say "I want to work on XYZ"05:06
kikoI see05:06
kikowhy don't you use rosetta to coordinate?05:06
kikoit's quite easy to set up05:06
kikoI can get you some time with jordi to describe how translation teams work05:07
mick_homethere are like 20 files being translated, along w/ the website... which we need to wait for Alex to finish joom!fish (mabelfish for joomla)05:07
kiko20 different templates, then?05:07
mick_homeits just a mess ;-)05:08
mick_homeplus, people are emailing html files back and forth05:08
kikoit doesn't use gettext?05:08
mick_homesince there is no i18n support for joomla yet05:08
kikooh :-(05:08
mick_homeclamwin isn't fully internationalized yet (my fault again)05:08
mick_homekiko: as i said, we need to wait for the next version of Joomla05:09
mick_homeso the new version of the clamwin site will be just english05:09
mick_homewhich sucks but what the hell05:09
mick_homeso, currently people are just translating strings05:10
mick_homesince the gettext thing isn't done yet05:10
mick_homei have other build problems because of a change in python's wxWidgets binding05:11
mick_homebut thats another story05:11
mick_homekiko: the biggest thing that people want from me is a dev blog and a way to collaborate translations easily w/ launchpad05:12
mick_homesince noone except me knows how to use cvs05:12
mick_homekiko: so rss support would be nice 05:12
mick_homeif you have any suggestions, comments etc. come on in to #clamwin and also let me know if I can actually help with launchpad development 05:15
mick_homebut it looks like launchpad has problems of it's own :-)05:16
mick_homesee ya05:16
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highvoltagedid launchpad just change to a new version?05:24
Mithrandiris there any reason why the "needs discussion" flag seem to have been reset?05:28
kikoMithrandir, for your spec?05:30
Mithrandirkiko: yes, examples are media-integrity-check (I just reset it)05:33
kikoMithrandir, uhm, hmmm. stub, what did mark's landing change in terms of the database?05:33
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carloslifeless, hi, around?05:36
carlosmpool, or you?05:36
highvoltagenew launchpad is nice05:37
kikoMithrandir, was it simply reset, or is setting/unsetting it broken?05:38
highvoltagehehe. if i toggle the order of "category" in launchpad it moves 'Total' with it05:39
=== robitaille [n=robitail@ubuntu/member/robitaille] has joined #launchpad
Mithrandirkiko: it was reset.05:42
Mithrandirkiko: changing it again seems to work05:42
kikoMithrandir, argh.05:43
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LarstiQlaunchpad feels faster, but that could just be my connection05:51
stubkiko: Karma and spec stuff05:56
salgadostub, we're getting timeouts sometimes, with https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/filemgVhCp.html06:02
salgadocan we optimize it?06:02
stubsalgado: I'll have a look in  a tick06:03
=== ddaa [n=ddaa@] has joined #launchpad
lifelesscarlos: yes06:11
lifelesskiko: ping06:11
carloslifeless, well, It's just that I'm trying to get a full checkout with bzr and seems like takes ages without any kind of feedback06:13
carloslifeless, scott told me that's normal and that it should take one hour and a half or so06:13
lifelesscarlos: are you using the recipe on MoveToBazNG wiki page ?06:13
carloslifeless, no https://wiki.launchpad.canonical.com/RocketFuelSetup06:13
carloslifeless, as it's a fresh checkout06:13
lifelesscarlos: have a look otn MoveToBazNG06:14
carloslifeless, thanks06:14
carloslifeless, hmm, the commands are the same06:15
carloslifeless, my problem is with cm.py build lp-configs/configs/canonical.com/launchpad/development06:15
lifelessyes, but there is an rsync recipe on movetobazng06:16
kikolifeless, pong06:16
lifelesswhich is much faster06:16
carloslifeless, I only have a 'launchpad' directory with a .bzr subdirectory inside that seems like didn't get any new information since 10 minutes ago06:16
lifelesskiko: you have conflicts issues? want to look at them with me ?06:16
carloslifeless, ok06:17
kikoyes, shortly.06:17
kikolifeless, hang on06:17
kikofinishing my current session06:17
lifelesscarlos: the new info goes into .bzr/weaves and .bzr/revision-store06:17
carloslifeless, those are empty (ls -la says they are empty)06:18
lifelesscarlos: probably still downloading inventory weave then, its 30Mb06:18
carlosthat's why I wonder if the checkout is not working06:18
lifelesscarlos, patience!06:18
carloslifeless, yeah, I only have 14MB06:18
carloslifeless, ok...06:18
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erchacheany admin of launchpad here?06:22
kikowhat's up?06:22
erchachekiko: do you speak spanish?06:22
erchachecarlos perello esta aqui?06:22
spivcarlos is around somewhere...06:23
carloserchache, I'm Carlos Perell06:23
erchacheen privadito06:23
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\shguys...short question...do u have any possibility to export the LP user auth db somehow to LDAP?06:30
spiv\sh: Mmm.06:31
spivWe don't have that at the moment.06:31
spivPotentially we could hack something up.06:31
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\shspiv: it was just an idea that i had yesterday when I read jdubs default content spec06:32
spiv\sh: got a link to that?06:32
\shspiv: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/example-content06:33
\shspiv: the important stuff was the "do some random accounts on a jabber server" ,) which could be solved, if we provide an ubuntu jabber service, combine it with a ldap auth server06:34
spivJabber doesn't inherently require ldap though.06:35
spivI suspect it would be easier to make the jabber server talk xml-rpc to our existing authserver than try to make our auth database fit sanely into ldap.06:36
\shspiv: well...depends on the implementation...06:36
=== smi|e [n=smi|e@unaffiliated/smile] has joined #launchpad
spivI think it would be possible to do LDAP (e.g. using the ldaptor library for Twisted), but it would be a fair bit of work.06:36
\shspiv: jabberd2 can do some xmlrpc magic auth, for sure, but it's not what we would use...06:37
\shspiv: have to check if ejabberd (erlang stuff) is able to do some xmlrpc magic06:37
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salgadoKinnison, does gina stores information about the Uploaders field somewhere?06:41
fabbionempool: ???06:41
fabbionekiko: ping?06:41
kikofabbione, pong?06:42
kikosalgado, we don't store it separately, but we do store it with the DSC text.06:43
fabbionekiko: we can't find mpool for the LP bof.06:43
kikois there something important to consider there?06:43
fabbionekiko: do you know where he is?06:43
kikofabbione, I'll find him for you.06:43
fabbionekiko: thanks06:43
kikoI've pushed him your way, he was just outside the door06:44
salgadokiko, how hard do you think it is to store this information?06:50
highvoltageLaunchpad is going down for maintenance NOW!06:50
kikosalgado, not hard, but we need to change the schema for it06:50
bradbSteveA: do you have a patch for that login bug which causes the "The requested page is protected. You will need to login." message?06:54
SteveAyes and no06:54
SteveAi have a patch for the error page being unhelpful06:54
SteveAwe need to work on a spec for exactly how to solve it, next week06:54
SteveAhang on06:54
SteveAi'm talking about a different error06:54
SteveAthat's a stub error06:55
SteveAstub stub stub stub stu06:55
stubBug # ?06:55
bradbi don't know that there's a bug open for it06:56
SteveAno bug, no cookie06:56
=== bradb opens one
bradbstub: oh, no, it's already open. #3588.06:58
stubBug 358806:58
UbugtuMalone bug #3588: I'm told I have to log in, right after I've been logged in Fix req. for: launchpad (upstream), Severity: Normal, Assigned to: Steve Alexander, Status: New http://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/358806:58
carlossabdfl, I suppose is ok to use chinstrap to convert our old bazaar branches if pqm's queue is empty, right?07:04
SteveAcarlos: better to do it at night07:05
SteveAthere are new requests coming in every so often07:05
SteveAif you need a specific branch, the convert that branch07:06
carlossalgado, ping07:13
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carloslifeless: I got an error migrating a branch: https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/fileUHxqFM.html07:18
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kikosalgado, did the converstion stop running?08:41
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smurfixAm I doing something wrong, or do I just not have the rights to change specs' status in launchpad yet (I'm a reviewer)?08:56
=== smurfix is now known as smurf
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jameshlifeless: ping?09:08
salgadokiko, yes09:10
salgadolifeless, salgado@chinstrap [salgado] $ /home/warthogs/source/bzr.integration/bzr baz-import-branch guilherme.salgado@canonical.com/launchpad/13/smallfixes guilherme.salgado@canonical.com/launchpad--smallfixes--13 ../rocketfuel09:11
salgadobzr: ERROR: Parent of "/home/warthogs/archives/salgado/guilherme.salgado@canonical.com/launchpad/13/smallfixes" does not exist.09:11
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jameshkoke: why don't you like blue?09:12
kikolifeless, fun for the world09:12
lifelesssalgado: mkdir .../1309:13
lifelesskiko: ?09:13
lifelessjamesh: pong09:13
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jameshlifeless: I got a UnicodeEncodeError when trying to commit after merging from rocketfuel.  Any ideas about how to debug that?09:15
jameshhttps://launchpad.net/products/bzr/+bug/3823 <- the exception details09:15
UbugtuMalone bug #3823: UnicodeEncodeError from "bzr commit" Fix req. for: bzr (upstream), Severity: Normal, Assigned to: Nobody, Status: New http://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/382309:15
lifelessjamesh: can you chat with mpool ?09:16
lifelessor abentley09:16
Mithrandircould we have something else than yellow on white for "Needs review"?  It's a bit hard to read.09:25
kokejamesh: actually I like blue, it's just to be consistent with the distro09:27
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stu1SteveA: Where are the page tests for the login machinery, in particular the 'you don't have permission so here is the login form' bit10:35
Kinnison        return sorted(bpklist, key=lambda a: a.binarypackagename.name)11:14
Kinnisonoh dear god11:14
SteveAremember that sortKey() stuff that was specced a while back?11:15
KinnisonCan we have it please?11:16
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elmowhere's this moin patch?11:59
spivelmo: I have it.12:01
spivelmo: mirroring it to chinstrap atm.12:01
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spivelmo: It's andrew.bennetts@canonical.com/moin--MoinLaunchpadAuthentication--0--patch-45.  There's a patch-46 improves the comments slightly.12:02
spivelmo: mirrored.12:03
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