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corey_mdke, shall we chat in here?01:08
mdkeyeah cool01:08
corey_just sent a reply to the lsit01:09
mdkesaw it01:09
mdkeso your idea would be for everyone to be able to edit a development version, on one wiki, and only us to edit a stable version, on another wiki?01:09
corey_that would be a hack while we evaulate a simply cms to replace it01:09
mdkeok that is something along the lines of what we were talking about with henrik all those months ago01:09
corey_by simple, I mean simple01:09
mdkecms to replace moin?01:09
corey_something with wiki-style markup, but some nicer features01:10
corey_I don't think it exists, so it might be a very longterm thing01:10
mdkewell moin is on the main wiki01:10
mdkeso it would be easier for porting01:10
mdkealso, the main website is gonna be on moin so it would make sense to use it01:10
mdkeinfact, moin = cms01:10
mdkeall wikis = cms01:10
mdkeit's a decent idea01:11
corey_it might be driving moin towards features we need01:11
corey_ok, that is good01:11
corey_I was confused by your response01:11
corey_tired, so tired01:11
mdkei don't know if it would work in practise01:11
mdke will be noted at the top of the page). Please see HelpContents for help on navigation and editing or below at Editing this wiki. Please observe the [WWW]  Ubuntu Code of Conduct at all times.01:11
mdkeyeah i've had a long day too01:11
mdkeargh sorry for that paste01:11
corey_it is ok01:11
mdkelemme gather my thoughts01:11
mdkei dunno if trying to maintain two wikis would work01:12
mdkeand it certainly would create problems for users looking for documentation01:12
corey_it would probably be less work that the current one01:12
mdkecorey_, but not less work than having all wiki docs on help.u.c01:12
mdkeeditable by all01:12
corey_a doc.ubuntu.com wiki would have a huge disclaimer on it01:12
corey_ok, it was just an idea, not married to it01:12
mdkesure, neither am I married to mine...01:13
mdkeprobably, either solution is an improvement to the current state01:13
corey_I think maybe moving everything to help for starters01:13
corey_then if it doesn't really work, then we can evaluate further solutions01:13
mdkeif we move the whole thing, then it doesn't work, we're bummed01:14
mdkeoh well01:14
corey_well, we can do an intersection of what is in CategoryDoc and NOT in CategoryCleanup01:14
mdkethat would be a good start01:14
corey_generate a list of that01:15
corey_move that over01:15
mdkewe have a bit of time to think01:15
mdkesee what the devs think01:15
corey_yes, I will generate some ideas at the bof01:15
corey_nothing is going to be decided there01:15
mdkealthough, i would rather have the spec a bit more mature before too many people decide it's a bad idea :)01:15
mdkebut no biggie01:16
mdkethe three names on it carry a far amount of wiki-weight :D01:16
corey_at least one of the three is there01:16
mdkehenrik is gonna be crazy busy now the website has gone down :)01:18
mdkehe said they were gonna do an emergency moin install :D01:18
corey_I think at the end of the day, we will arrive at something we can use01:18
corey_do you live near hendrik?01:18
mdkenot too far01:19
mdkehe is in Oxford, I'm in london, about an hour between em by train01:19
corey_ah, that is why you need him01:19
corey_s/need/have met01:19
corey_hmm, that was an interesting typo01:19
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bhuvananybody having commit access to svn repo. out there ?02:59
mgalvinbhuvan: i do, what do you need committed?03:06
bhuvani wish to know the status of particular patch i submitted to mailing list recently. it's for kreleasenotes.xml03:07
bhuvani fixed the validation issue03:07
mgalvinlooking at it now...03:09
mgalvinbhuvan: committed03:14
bhuvancool, thankx03:15
bhuvanmgalvin: can you elaborate "Document no validates" ?03:17
mgalvinsorry typo: meant, document now validates correctly03:17
bhuvanoh, ok! fine. just send accross a reply to that email, because its open for couple of days03:19
mgalvinyup, sent03:23
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hno73mdke: ping?01:42
=== enrico [n=enrico@debian/developer/enrico] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hno73anybody around who wants to lend a hand in a website rescue opperation? :)01:52
highvoltagehno73: can you please join ubuntu-meeting?01:56
highvoltagewe're discussing edubuntu website, moin, and plans forward.01:57
highvoltagei think we need you more than you need us :)01:57
highvoltage(so be warned)01:57
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highvoltagehno73: can i recreate http://gentoo.warthogs.hbd.com:8002/ubuntu/community as a wiki page here:
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jsgotangcowow that's a moin wiki????02:11
highvoltageis that what we should do?02:11
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mhzhno73: what do you need? html 2 moin?02:12
hno73highvoltage: yes02:12
hno73mhz: cool, yes02:12
jsgotangcoerr how do i move from A to B?02:12
mhzhno73: have you ever tried the script html2moin?02:12
hno73mhz: this might be the time :)02:13
mhzw8, I'm about to leave for a Edubuntu Class/Demo for Math Teachers :D02:13
=== mhz getting the script
jsgotangcook moving pages02:14
mhzhno73: http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/HtmlConverter?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=HTML2MoinMoin.py02:16
mhzand at that page, also take a look at http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/HtmlConverter?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=ImportHtml.py02:16
jsgotangcohttp:// done02:16
highvoltagehttp:// done02:17
mhzthe syntax for the first is: html2moin http://thepage.html  mynewpage.txt02:17
jsgotangcook i'll do support02:17
mhzhno73: if you have any questions, i'll be around until 10 more minutes :D02:18
jsgotangcohmm but we won't be able to recreate the plone specific features...02:18
highvoltageand me partners02:18
highvoltageit's painfully slow :(02:20
jsgotangcoit is02:21
hno73jsgotangco: I was working on that, but the sudden Plone breakage has brough it up the schedule a bit02:21
jsgotangcohno73: ok we'll just move content first02:22
hno73I'll ve trying to get some of those things in place now though, esp. the side menu02:22
highvoltageoooh... subpages02:23
pips1mhz, have you used the script before?02:23
jsgotangcohow do you make a subpage that is not in CamelCase?02:23
=== pips1 is trying what the most efficient way to help is
pips1mhz, ?02:24
mhzpips1: sorry, I was on the phone02:24
mhzyes, I have used Html2Moin02:24
jsgotangcomhz: how do you make a subpage by not using CamelCase02:24
pips1mhz, will it create "subpages"?02:24
mhzoh, good question. I have never used for subpages creation02:25
mhzalways used it for each page02:25
mhzI mean, the script is to be used for each page02:26
mhzi don't know about the latter script thou02:26
mhzas I will leave anytime now, what if any of you visit #moin and ask ThomasWaldmann or XorAxAx02:26
jsgotangcohighvoltage: how do you make a subpage?02:27
mhzor any of the gang guys02:27
mhzjsgotangco: ThisWikiPage/thissubpage02:27
jsgotangcomhz: its not camelcase02:27
jsgotangcowell ok02:27
mhztried Html2Moin ThisWikiPage/thispage?02:28
mhzafaik, th scripts should work as long as you specify url pages02:28
mhzyou mean html INTO wiki Duh!!102:29
pips1btw, hno73 is already in #moin02:29
=== mhz slaps himself real hard
mhzjsgotangco: sorry02:29
jsgotangcono we like it hardcore atm02:30
mhzpips1: good02:30
mhz.oO(why is that most of the time hno73 needs help I am on my way out :(  )02:30
pips1jsgotangco, highvoltage are you copying stuff manually now?02:32
highvoltagehno73: any ideas on the table on http://gentoo.warthogs.hbd.com:8002/ubuntu/partners/program? is there a way i can include html in the page?02:32
highvoltagepips1: yes. perhaps i should use the script. what's the package name?02:32
highvoltageor should i download from source?02:32
mhz_gettin_readyhighvoltage: html table should work02:33
mhz_gettin_readyhighvoltage: visit druidwiki.org url for table sample (Raw View text) 02:33
pips1mhz: and at that page, also take a look at http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/HtmlConverter?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=ImportHtml.py02:33
mhz_gettin_readytecnocimiento.cl also uses html table at front page02:34
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mdkehi all, hno73 02:37
jjessemorning mdke02:38
hno73mdke: can you see we are having fun ? :)02:38
mdkeyeah i bet02:39
mdkeget my email?02:39
highvoltageanyone care to take the partnership page? i think i'm just messing up with the table.02:39
jsgotangcoim doing the support atm02:40
hno73mdke: just now. looks like we've got lots of hands on deck though :)02:40
mdkehno73, looks like it's well under control :)02:40
mdkelemme know later how it's going! i'll get home around 7ish02:40
highvoltagewhat's the usage on HTML2MoinMoin? it just shows me some tags from the html file and file not found02:42
pips1highvoltage, don't know... :-(02:42
pips1highvoltage, I think the usage might be in the log of #ubuntu-meeting...02:44
pips1mhz_gettin_ready, ping!02:44
=== mhz_gettin_ready tiding shoes :D
pips1highvoltage was asking how to use your script02:44
pips1highvoltage: what's the usage on HTML2MoinMoin? it just shows me some tags from the html file and file not found02:45
mhz_gettin_readyhmm, ok, i give it a try now...02:45
mhz_gettin_readypips1: which url?02:45
mhz_gettin_ready(not the script url)02:45
pips1mhz_gettin_ready, ask highvoltage, I don't know which page he is working on02:46
mhz_gettin_readyhighvoltage: which url d'u need help on?02:47
jsgotangcohow do you make a TOC?02:47
mdke[[TableOfContents(n)] ] 02:49
mdkewhere n is a number of the maximum level02:49
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mdkefor all levels, ()02:50
highvoltagemhz_gettin_ready: http://gentoo.warthogs.hbd.com:8002/ubuntu/partners/program02:51
highvoltagebrb. other emergencies calling...02:51
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mhz_gettin_readymdke: and you can also ommit (n)03:03
=== mhz_gettin_ready checking ....program
mhz_gettin_readypips1: sorry!03:11
mhz_gettin_readyHtml2Moin url sucked03:11
highvoltagei can second that :)03:11
mhz_gettin_readythis should be using http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/ActionMarket?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=HTML2MoinMoin.py03:12
highvoltagei need to go now, be joining again when i get home, cheers!03:12
mhz_gettin_readythat code shown should have been what we download :)03:12
mhz_gettin_readythat is a real .py code03:12
=== mhz_gettin_ready is copying it to a plain text file instead of downloading
mhz_gettin_readyand of course, add 2.4 instead of 2 to the 1st line :)03:15
pips1mhz_gettin_ready, so you call that script from the command line? 03:16
mhz_gettin_readyyes, as in ./Html2Moin http://...stuff   text.txt03:17
mhz_gettin_readyif you use the py not the html coded download crap03:18
mhz_gettin_ready.oO(no wonder why jerome and highvoltage complained)03:18
mhz_gettin_readypips1: ie.  mhz@b2175:~/OtherPeoplesFiles/xBuntu $ ./HTML2MoinMoin.py http://gentoo.warthogs.hbd.com:8002/ubuntu/partners/program ubuntu_program.txt03:20
mhz_gettin_readyworked nicely for me03:20
mhz_gettin_readyno errors03:20
mhz_gettin_readyjust a little manual editing to check moin syntax is ok03:21
mhz_gettin_readypips1: oh, to make it work, probably first apt-get install python-dev03:24
pips1mhz_gettin_ready, well, it works without python-dev, but the output is a bit strange...03:29
hno73um, it looks like Znarl is getting the Plone site to work again03:29
pips1hno73, that would be good news!03:30
hno73The extra trffic on the wiki server was causing real pain for the main wiki as well03:30
hno73yeah, so were going to switch back to plone03:30
hno73Looks like the crisis may be over (well, let's see)03:30
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
hno73But I still want to move the site to moin very soon03:31
mhz_gettin_readyso no need to convert html to moin now?03:31
hno73because the plone site is still very fragile03:31
hno73the sooner we can get the site ready and working the soner we can actually move03:32
jsgotangcoi got to move some pages from support03:32
hno73so it's not a wasted effort, just slightly less urgent03:32
jsgotangcobut there are a lot of subpages involved03:32
pips1mhz_gettin_ready, I was able to use that script03:33
pips1i.e. I tried it03:33
mhz_gettin_readyany errors?03:33
mhz_gettin_readyi am getting errors03:33
mhz_gettin_readyTraceback (most recent call last):03:33
mhz_gettin_ready  File "./HTML2MoinMoin.py", line 153, in ?03:33
mhz_gettin_ready    main()03:33
mhz_gettin_ready  File "./HTML2MoinMoin.py", line 145, in main03:33
mhz_gettin_ready    htmldata = urllib.urlopen(sys.argv[1] ).read()03:33
mhz_gettin_ready  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/urllib.py", line 77, in urlopen03:33
mhz_gettin_ready    return opener.open(url)03:34
mhz_gettin_ready  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/urllib.py", line 185, in open03:34
mhz_gettin_ready    return getattr(self, name)(url)03:34
mhz_gettin_ready  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/urllib.py", line 308, in open_http03:34
mhz_gettin_ready    h.endheaders()03:34
mhz_gettin_ready  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/httplib.py", line 795, in endheaders03:34
mhz_gettin_ready    self._send_output()03:34
mhz_gettin_ready  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/httplib.py", line 676, in _send_output03:34
mhz_gettin_ready    self.send(msg)03:34
mhz_gettin_ready  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/httplib.py", line 643, in send03:34
mhz_gettin_ready    self.connect()03:34
mhz_gettin_ready  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/httplib.py", line 627, in connect03:34
mhz_gettin_ready    raise socket.error, msg03:34
mhz_gettin_readyIOError: [Errno socket error]  (111, 'Connection refused')03:34
mhz_gettin_readyconnection refused? why? i dont' get it03:34
Kamping_Kaisermhz, flood, seriously :|03:34
mhz_gettin_readyok, never again03:35
mhz_gettin_readyKamping_Kaiser: I already slapped myself03:35
pips1mhz_gettin_ready, it works for me03:35
mhz_gettin_readygood then03:35
Kamping_Kaisermhz_gettin_ready: just ignore me, I'm just in a mood ;)03:35
mhz_gettin_readyno, I can't ignore you03:35
hno73the srver was taken dow, but is now back up03:35
pips1however, the links are all from the temp server, e.g. http://gentoo.warthogs.hbd.com:8002/ubuntu/community03:35
hno73and http://gentoo.warthogs.hbd.com:8002/ubuntu/partners/program/ actually looks normal now03:36
pips1... so those will all need manual editing ? :-/03:36
mhz_gettin_readyseem so03:36
hno73so, just waiting for https://www.ubuntu.com/ to come back03:36
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pips1oops! Wiki: "The authentication database is temporarily unavailable. Anonymous access only."03:52
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highvoltagehno_away: http://www.ubuntulinux.org points to the plone site.05:58
mdkeyes it is more or less working now06:01
mdkea few dns issues left afaics06:01
hno_awayhighvoltage: yeah the plone server has recovered, sort of06:04
hno_awaythanks to everyone who helped out06:04
hno_awayI still want to proceed with the plone -> moin migration though06:05
hno_awayjust at a slightly less frantic pace06:05
=== jjesse [n=jjesse@mail.ftpb.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
Burgundaviamdke, how do I recover a deleted page?06:33
=== paulproteus [n=paulprot@pool-151-196-244-173.balt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
paulproteusRiddell from #kubuntu says http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=18803 says this is a Doc Team bug.06:35
paulproteusIt's really a pain to have all my users say, "What's this weird error when I open Firefox?  Does it mean Firefox won't work?".06:35
paulproteusNever mind; Riddell tells me it is his responsibility to fix it, just that you guys broke it. :)06:36
=== hno73 [n=Henrik@henrik.gotadsl.co.uk] has left #ubuntu-doc []
mdkeBurgundavia, go to it, then click "information" and revert the deletion06:44
mdkepaulproteus, i'm afraid we didn't package kubuntu-docs06:45
Burgundaviamdke, can you revert this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeamTemplate06:46
mdkeBurgundavia, no06:47
mdkeit doesn't exist06:47
Burgundaviasomeone just deleted it06:48
mdkethat's not possible...06:48
mdkeif it had been deleted, it would be there!06:48
mdkemaybe it has been moved06:48
mdkecould it be this? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/Template06:48
Burgundavialuckily there is an old version available at that page06:50
mdkeoh hang on06:51
mdkei see it06:51
Burgundaviawhatever, I recreated is a redirect06:52
BurgundaviaI need to update the template anyway06:52
mdkeweird that it lost its revision history on deletion06:54
mdkethat shouldn't happen06:54
Burgundaviawe need to turn off deletion06:54
BurgundaviaI would support turning off deletion completely until we sort out the issues06:55
mdkeyes, we could set up a deletion request page06:55
mdkedeletion can be turned off and only enabled for certain users06:55
mdkelike on the Italian wiki :)06:55
mdkeBurgundavia, so how did BetterWikiDocs go down?06:58
Burgundaviawe didn't end up talking about it06:58
BurgundaviaI hope to push it onto the agenda, but I am not hopeful06:59
mdkeah fair enough06:59
mdketime to go home07:01
mdkesee ya later07:01
jjessei'm working on bug#18803 (http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=18803) and is there something different between the package ubuntu-docs and kubuntu-docs that would cause the problem to happen07:13
Burgundaviakubuntu-docs is probably shipping a about-kubuntu and ff is looking for about ubuntu07:17
jjessehmm kubuntu-docs does create the whole folder ubuntu-artwork07:18
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=== pips1 [n=philipp@] has left #ubuntu-doc ["Leaving"]
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mdkejjesse, the ubuntu-artwork index.html in the ubuntu-docs package is a symlink to the index.html provided by ubuntu-docs iirc, perhaps kubuntu-docs is disturbing that08:30
=== mpt [n=mpt@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
jjessemdke: ok... so how would i fix it?08:32
mdkei don't know08:32
mdkeRiddell did the package so he will be able to fix it i'm sure08:32
mdkeor did someone else do it?08:33
=== Mez [n=Mez@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
paulproteusjjesse: dpkg-divert08:38
paulproteusjjesse: I'm the reporter of that bug.08:39
jjessepaulproteus: i saw that from the addition to the bug08:39
paulproteusCool. :)08:39
jjessepaulproteus: if i'm slow to respond its cause i'm at work :)08:40
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
paulproteusjjesse: The difference is that kubuntu-docs is doing dpkg-divert to move index.html away.08:46
jjessepaulproteus: i don't know enough about packaging to help fix the problem08:47
mdkejjesse, why did you get the job of fixing it?08:47
paulproteusjjesse: Let me see if I can make this cleaer.08:48
jjessemdke: i just started to look into it08:48
=== paulproteus apt-gets source kubuntu-docs
jjessemdke: and i think i got assigned it ?08:48
paulproteusI assigned it to Riddell.08:48
mdkei bet riddell could fix it in 10 seconds08:48
jjessei pinged riddell on #kubuntu-devel08:48
mdkegood plan08:49
mdkefirefox has required that file since warty08:49
paulproteus./debian/preinst:       dpkg-divert --package kubuntu-docs --add --rename --divert /usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/index-ubuntu.html /usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/index.html08:49
paulproteusThat's in the package.08:49
paulproteusAnd it shouldn't be.08:49
paulproteusRemoving that line from preinst solves this problem.08:49
mdkeit is probably intended to move away about ubuntu and fails to replace it with about kubuntu?08:50
paulproteusmdke: Probably.08:50
paulproteusmdke: My hope is for a fix to get into breezy-updates.08:50
jjessepaulproteus and mdke  its over my head sorry :)08:51
mdkepaulproteus, i have no doubt that will happen :)08:51
paulproteusmdke: Thank heavens. :)08:51
mdkebut Riddell will need to fix it08:51
mdkeno one here knows the kubuntu-docs package except for him08:51
paulproteusmdke: Heh, okay.08:51
jjessepaulproteus: did you add  what you wrote here into the bug?  Mez on #kubuntu-devel is looking into it08:52
paulproteusjjesse: I'm about to.08:53
mdkedon't forget that /usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/index.html is a symlink in ubuntu-docs08:53
jjessemdke: you are correct08:53
paulproteusmdke: Even if you're right, I don't see how it's really relevant.08:59
mdkejust in case it was relevant09:00
paulproteusmdke: Okay :)09:00
mdkeotherwise, there would be no reason for Riddell to blame us :)09:00
mdkeso perhaps it is related09:00
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=== rob^ looks
paulproteusrob^: It would indeed rock if someone fixed that bug. :)10:03
robitailleI'm confused...who is gabe?  (from that email on the mailing list)10:05
mdkerobitaille, looks like spam10:06
robitailleyeah...that was I thought so.10:10
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