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makxthe initramfs-tools and klibc don't show up in scott's patches list.06:57
makx(been told that it would do automatically after breezy)?06:57
infinitymakx : I need to do some by-hand merging of the Ubuntu<->Debian diffs in initramfs-tools anyway, and get us reasonably in sync.07:59
makxinfinity: there is an bzr archive out there with all that is in debian.08:00
makxbzr branch http://debian.stro.at/bzr-test/initramfs-tools/08:01
infinitymakx : Yeah, I know.  jbailey and I have been discussing it, off and on, including me probably joining in with the Debian maintenance.08:01
makxinfinity: cool08:02
infinitymakx : Not much will be done about it until after I get home from UBZ, though.08:02
makxwhat is UBZ?08:02
infinityUbuntu Below Zero.  The conference we're all at right now. :)08:02
infinityI get home in ~11 days.08:03
makxnice, thought it was for a weekend. :)08:03
infinityAnd initramfs hacking is high on my priority list, both for Ubuntu and Debian.08:03
makxi may need soon newer uploads on debian for initramfs/klibc08:03
makxshall i bug you?08:03
makx(i'm in nm, but can find others in #d-kernel uploading).08:04
infinitySure, just do it via email, I'm not watching IRC much while I'm here.08:04
infinityadconrad@debian.org for Debian stuff.08:04
makxok, do you fetch from debian mentors?08:04
infinityNot generally, but there's no reason I can't.08:05
makxklibc in debian is missing jbailey's jfs patch, had hoped for an quicker upstream integreation.08:05
infinityJust point me at whatever I need to sponsor, so I can do a quick once-over/audit, and I'll make it happen.  (just not today, it's 2am, and I really should sleep)08:05
makxsure, i'll prepare today with my testing and send you mail with pointers to latest. :)08:06
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zulmorning lamont 02:53
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lamontmorning zul02:58
fabbionehey guys02:59
zulhey fabbione 03:00
zulhow goes it?03:01
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fabbionezul: just starting the morning session03:02
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zuljust 3 more days and ill be back wohoo..03:20
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zul_ok im going to throw up a git archive together tonight04:20
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johnmanyone here living in the UK? specifically near York?05:36
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root89can you help with a question on installing kernel 2.6.14?05:43
zul_johnm: all the people in the channel right now are either in montreal or probably not in england05:44
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johnmzul_: thats very true actually, I forgot you were all gonna be meeting up.05:49
BenCwe're all getting drunk and dancing in the hotel halls05:53
BenCoh wait, that's the 14:30 session05:53
chmjlol 06:12
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bhnawhy CONFIG_PREEMPT is not set in the kernel? is there a deb with preemtion enabled?06:59
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zul_BenC: you are doing the charleston wow! 08:14
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