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mhzmoin there12:11
mhzogra: r u available?12:12
mhzJaneW: r u available?12:12
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signifer123wow people talk so much in here...02:23
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mhz_BBSpitux: ping02:37
mhz_BBSpitux: tienes los datos de luis?02:37
pituxque datos02:37
mhz_BBSmail y telefonos?02:37
pituxquieres saber su estado civil?02:37
pituxte los envie en un privado02:39
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pituxping: mhz_BBS02:42
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PygiHello :)07:42
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PygiI was interested if someone may point me to a person I should report to, if I want to help develop Edubuntu07:48
juliuxPygi, than you should wait until ogra is here07:49
Pygioh, main developer or?07:49
PygiI'll wait07:52
Pygithanks for your help07:53
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DarthTodehi there09:20
DarthTodeanyone knows where to find information regarding Linux in Education (for example xx% of schools in x country use Linux, etc) ?09:21
PygiIt seems only me talks, and I know how much schools uses Linux in my country because I implemented it :P09:22
PygiI don't know any stats where you might find :/09:22
jsgotangcoits pretty hard to actually get one unless a local government releases data09:23
jsgotangcounless you're in spain, you'll probably be hard pressed to get actualy usage data09:24
DarthTodeactually I need exact data to convince my company to release a driver for Linux09:24
Pygidriver for what?09:24
DarthTodeinteractive whiteboard09:24
DarthTodevery fashion in schools09:24
jsgotangcothat would be awesome09:24
DarthTodeyeah !!09:24
Pygiwill do a marketing campaign :)09:24
DarthTodei'm the product manager for France09:25
DarthTodein France we use a lot Linux in schools09:25
DarthTodebut impossible to get those bloody exact data09:25
DarthTodePygi --> where are you from?09:25
DarthTodePygi --> oh, Croatia ;-)09:27
DarthTodeI remembered a match between France and Croatia, few years ago, in the World Cup... anyway ;-)09:27
=== jsgotangco would like to go to france sometime
PygiI remember the match too :)09:28
PygiIn Croatia there are like 10 computers in entire school system, and it's some extra group in a gymnasium in Osijek I think...09:29
PygiIn here goverment is not very friendly toward Linux :P09:30
jsgotangco10 computers?09:31
Pygiyup :/09:31
DarthTodePygi --> what a match... ;-)09:32
PygiI meant computers with Linux :P09:32
DarthTodePygi --> wow... only 10... what a pity...09:32
PygiOnly Linux :P09:32
PygiWell, I know...09:32
PygiWe are now working on trying to improve it...09:32
DarthTodejsgotangco --> come and see what beautiful country it is :-)09:32
jsgotangcoDarthTode, yeah hopefully09:32
=== jsgotangco lives in sunny manila (philippines)
PygiI am co-founder of ubuntu-hr team, and coordinator of local Linux community (a little while ago I became one)...09:33
jsgotangcoi have a friend in paris though...09:33
Pygiso now things are going good for us :)09:33
Pygithat's one of the reasons why I wanna help develop Edubuntu 09:33
jsgotangcoPygi, sure we'll need all the help we can get09:34
=== jsgotangco is looking for help in documentation
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=== Pygi is offering help in coding / developing :)
jsgotangcoPygi, what exactly? packages?09:35
jsgotangcoPygi, remember Edubuntu is bsaed on ubuntu09:35
Pygiwhatever it needs :P Yes, I know that it's based on Ubuntu09:35
DarthTodeUbuntu and of course Edubuntu are really awesome09:36
jsgotangcoPygi, i said that because your coding/packaging skills can benefit the 3 projects instead of focusing on 109:36
DarthTodeI love that distribution09:36
=== Pygi offers help in installer :) www.sourceforge.net/projects/crowly :)
DarthTodePygi --> it's really cool to be a co-funder !!09:36
PygiYup, but I don't know who to talk to to become Ubuntu developer :P09:37
jsgotangcoPygi, go to #ubuntu-motu09:37
DarthTodejsgotangco --> a friend of mine is from Philippines, he was always the best in english lesson at school... ;-)09:37
jsgotangcoyou can start by contributing to Universe09:37
jsgotangcoDarthTode, we're pretty good in english09:38
Pygikk, will do for now :)09:38
=== Pygi is afk...will be back in like half of hour...
DarthTodejsgotangco --> I know !!! ;-)09:39
jsgotangcoDarthTode, where are you located?09:39
jsgotangcoDarthTode, there was a query before in the list early in the Edubuntu development cycle about support for electronic white boards...09:40
jsgotangcounfortunately, we don't have open source drivers for those...09:40
DarthTodeactually I'd like to get info as I told you, to be able to develop an opensource driver for our boards09:41
DarthTodeI'm from Paris, France :-)09:41
jsgotangcooh are the teen riots ended?09:42
DarthTodeoh my... not really09:44
DarthTodelast night, cars were burning, and it seems young people shoot with real bullets on the police... amazing...09:46
jsgotangcoi saw it on the news last night...09:47
jsgotangcothings like that don't happen over here, so it can be scary for me09:47
DarthTodeactually it's because of two young who died because they were chased by the police09:49
DarthTodetwo from "da hood"09:50
jsgotangcogang wars09:50
DarthTodeso the others went crazy...09:50
jsgotangcowe don't get riots like that over here09:50
jsgotangcowe do have loose firearms in the city, but people aren't stupid to fight the cops because most of them are armed with automatic rifles09:51
jsgotangcoeven if i have a gun, i don't stand a chance with an M1609:51
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DarthTodeyeah, u right09:58
jsgotangcowell i gotta go09:58
jsgotangcoi'm gonna pick up my wife09:58
jsgotangcosee you later09:58
DarthTodebut cops can't just shoot people like that in France, we're not american...09:58
jsgotangco(nice talking to you too)09:58
DarthTodesee ya mate09:58
DarthTodeyeah, nice :-)09:59
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Pygiback :)10:40
Pygiback :)10:40
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Pygiback :)10:41
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PygiWelcome :)12:38
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zakamehi all02:33
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juliuxhi ogra 02:52
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ograjuliux, http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/edubuntu/edubuntu_talk.pdf03:01
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juliuxogra, nice03:02
juliuxogra, http://www.juliux.de/linux/edubuntuwork1.odt03:02
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lemoncakei need help07:39
lemoncakewhit the installation of edubuntu07:39
lemoncakewho can help me?07:39
juliuxlemoncake, ask and wait07:41
lemoncakewhen i install edubuntu on my pc...in installation it doesn't ask me for the root password07:41
lemoncakei need to install a package07:41
juliuxthere is no root account07:41
lemoncakewith dpgk07:41
juliuxubuntu and edubuntu use sudo07:42
juliuxthe user you have creat by the installation can make everything via sudo07:42
lemoncakeusage: sudo -K | -L | -V | -h | -k | -l | -v07:42
lemoncakeusage: sudo [-HPSb]  [-p prompt]  [-u username|#uid] 07:42
lemoncake            { -e file [...]  | -i | -s | <command> }07:42
lemoncakewhen i write "sudo" in terminal07:42
lemoncakein terminal appear this07:43
lemoncakeif i want to install a package with dpkg 07:43
lemoncakehow can i do this?07:43
juliuxsudo <the programm you want to use with root rights07:43
lemoncakesudo dpkg?07:43
juliuxf.e. sudo dpkg -i ltsp.deb07:43
lemoncakewhen i write in the terminal example: sudo dpkg -i NeroLinux.deb it ask to me the password...i write it..then i say that other process have the lock of the database07:47
lemoncakeehm the it07:48
lemoncakeexcuse me07:48
lemoncakethen it say that other process have the lock of the database07:48
smi|ecan i install edubuntu-desktop?07:48
smi|eon ubuntu07:48
lemoncakejuliux are you online??07:50
lemoncakeit's an emergency because i need to install some packages07:50
smi|elemoncake: whats the matter?07:51
lemoncakemmm read up07:51
highvoltagesmi|e: yes, you can07:53
smi|elemoncake: you want too install a package right?07:53
smi|elemoncake: whats the package called07:53
highvoltagelemoncake: if it says other processes have locked the database, you probably have synaptic or aptitude open somewhere07:53
highvoltageyou need to close them first before you can use dpkg or apt07:54
smi|ehighvoltage: know any wicked programs i should install on ubuntu07:54
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highvoltagesmi|e: many :)07:56
smi|ehighvoltage: give me a list ;)07:56
highvoltageamarok is a nice mp3 / ogg player07:56
highvoltagemplayer-686 is my favourite video player07:56
smi|egot them ;)07:56
highvoltagequanta is my favoutire html editor07:56
highvoltagekuickshow is my favourite image viewer07:56
highvoltageliferea is a very nice RSS feed reader07:57
smi|ewhats a rss feed reader for?07:58
highvoltageit's like an email reader, it "finds" changes in blogs and on news sites such as slashdot,07:59
highvoltagethen it compiles it for you. you can stay up to date very easily.07:59
highvoltageyou want games too?07:59
highvoltagesupertux is like mario bros. very nice.07:59
highvoltagearmagetron is a nice 3d game. so is tuxracer.07:59
highvoltagei should compile a list from my big pc. lots of nice stuff installed there. i'm now on laptop, mostly work stuff here.08:00
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lemoncakeexcuse me 08:05
lemoncakei have a lan08:05
lemoncakewith  a computer that have windows xp08:05
lemoncakeand this computer that have edubuntu 5.1008:05
lemoncakei want to have access to shared folder by windows xp from this computer08:05
lemoncakehow can i do this??08:06
highvoltagehow do you want to share it, do you need to protect it?08:06
highvoltageyou have several options.08:07
lemoncakei have shared some folders in windows xp08:07
highvoltageedubuntu is running a web server, so you could share it through that. 08:07
highvoltageoh, if you want to share both ways, samba is your best bet.08:07
highvoltageapt-get install samba08:07
lemoncakeok 08:07
lemoncakei have installed samba yet08:07
highvoltagei think you can do it in gui, but i only know text mode08:07
highvoltageonce samba is installed, you edit /etc/smb/samba.conf08:08
highvoltagethen you change security = user to security = share08:08
highvoltagethen you add (to the end of the config)08:08
highvoltage[sharename] 08:08
highvoltage  path = /path/to/stuff/you/want/to/share08:08
highvoltage  public = yes08:08
highvoltage  writable = no08:08
highvoltage  browsable = yes08:09
highvoltagethis will create a share that you can access from windows called "sharename"08:09
highvoltagewindows users will be able to access this, but not write it. change writable to yes to change this.08:09
lemoncakei can't modify it 08:11
lemoncakewith gedit08:11
lemoncakewhen i push backspace it does do nothing08:11
highvoltageprobably because you don't currently have permissions08:13
highvoltagehold on...08:13
highvoltagepress alt+f2, then type gksudo gedit08:14
highvoltageenter your password and press enter08:14
highvoltageyou will then be able to open smb.conf and edit away08:14
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highvoltageedoo: ping08:40
edoohighvoltage: what?08:40
highvoltageedoo: ping is <reply> pong08:40
edoohighvoltage: 08:40
highvoltageedoo: ping08:40
edoohighvoltage: sorry...08:40
enychigh: ping08:41
enychigh: ping  seq 108:41
enychigh: ping  seq 208:41
enychigh: ping  seq 308:41
enychmm 100% packet loss ;-(08:41
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highvoltageedoo: ping08:47
highvoltageenyc: :)08:48
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signifer123hey ya'll09:00
juliuxhi signifer123 09:00
highvoltagehi signifer123 09:01
signifer123anyone here successfully covnerted a windows school to linux?09:01
highvoltagei've converted many :)09:01
signifer123complete ms?09:02
signifer123did you find a useful repalce ment ofr integrade or novell09:02
signifer123or wouldi have to write a integrade replacement09:03
enycwhere is high ?09:05
=== enyc in 3vil UK ;-)
highvoltagesorry, friend just came to visit.09:08
highvoltagethis is in RSA09:08
highvoltage(south africa)09:08
highvoltagethe labs here didn't have netware.09:09
highvoltagewhich made it easy.09:09
highvoltagemost of the windows labs were unmaintained, and falling apart.09:09
signifer123any advice anywho?09:09
highvoltagethese schools embraced linux because with it they got a community, something they never had with their windows labs.09:09
signifer123dang it....09:10
highvoltagesignifer123: what are you thinking of doing?09:11
signifer123jsut tryingot get school system to move ot linux09:12
signifer123edubuntu :-P09:12
highvoltagewhich school system? are you an educator?09:12
signifer123CCPS http://www.carrollk12.org09:13
signifer123not an educator09:13
signifer123student :-p09:13
signifer123the onyl main reason i could show them for switching really is security09:13
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highvoltagehi thomas09:15
highvoltagei think it's excellent that a student is lobbying for linux at school.09:15
signifer123lol, you an educator?09:15
signifer123or admin?09:16
signifer123ohh well i'll need help so i'll pop on..and ask alot of Q's09:16
highvoltagepop in any time.09:17
highvoltagealso feel free to join the edubuntu-devel mailing list on http://lists.ubuntu.com09:17
highvoltagei'm the technical co-ordinator at tsf.org.za09:17
signifer123well that makes it alot easier for you09:18
highvoltagemakes what easier?09:19
signifer123convincing the switch :-p09:19
signifer123tech leader :-p09:19
signifer123so you know of any linux netwares?09:20
highvoltagei think there's a client in universe, but i haven't used it yet.09:22
signifer123well i'll jsut see if wine cna run it...09:23
signifer123brb jumping into edubuntu09:24
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Signifer123do you gyus plan on making themes for gnome and firefox etc...09:27
highvoltagewhat kind of themes?09:30
Signifer123like i guess something laong the lines of what happened to the icons09:31
highvoltageyes. it's likely that future versions of edubuntu will have different themes.09:32
highvoltagesome which are more appropriate for university, etc.09:32
Signifer123k cool09:33
Signifer123to edit icons owuldi ahve to compile it again?09:42
highvoltagemost icons are stored in /usr/share/icons09:43
highvoltageyou can simply replace the icons with other .png files if you want to change it for yourself.09:43
highvoltageif you want to submit it to edubuntu, there might be a bit more work envolved, but we could find someone else to do it too.09:44
Signifer123does that include all apps like firefox is in there?09:45
highvoltagein the gartoon theme, yes.09:46
highvoltagesome themes does not have all the icons, so it will fall back to a default.09:46
Signifer123ok will other apps put thier icon in there too?09:46
Signifer123like if i install glade09:47
highvoltageglade seems to get it's icon there too.09:49
highvoltageare you on an ubuntu / edubuntu box right now?09:49
Signifer123i'm on ubuntu with a vmwared edubuntu09:49
highvoltageok. check the /usr/share/icons/gartoon09:50
highvoltageyou'll see how it works there09:50
Signifer123yeah i see09:50
Signifer123can gimp edit svg?09:51
Signifer123apperntly not nvm09:51
highvoltageuse inkscape for .svg09:53
Signifer123it synaptic won't isntall it :-p09:53
Signifer123dependency errors09:53
bluefrog-10hi highvoltage, by chance do you know how to find by command line in terminal if a ther's a lock on a file pls?09:55
highvoltagewhat kind of lock?09:56
highvoltagelinux doesn't have locks on files like windows does.09:56
highvoltageif you want to know which processes is using a file, you can use lsof09:56
highvoltageex: lsof /dev/cdrom09:56
bluefrog-10sry it's the other way i want.. i explain09:56
highvoltageif it's firefox which has a lock file, it will be in the ~/.mozilla-firefox/profile/xxxxxx dir09:57
highvoltageopenoffice in ~/.openoffice/lock (iirc)09:57
highvoltagesome of the daemons store lock files in /var/run09:57
highvoltagebut file locking per se does not exist in linux, linux is over that.09:58
bluefrog-10while doing apt-get update it's trying to lock /var/lib/dpkg/,09:58
highvoltagebluefrog-10: do you have synaptic or aptidute open?09:58
bluefrog-10and if synaptic is open it's stating that it can't do it09:58
bluefrog-10am wrting a script to automate the install of samba-ldap09:58
highvoltageyes, synaptic puts a lock file in /var/cache/apt/packages09:58
highvoltageand if dpkg sees it there, it refuses to do anything09:59
highvoltageexiting synaptic is the correct thing to do before running dpkg09:59
enycmoo de beep09:59
bluefrog-10and i'd like to have a function which looks if apt-get will be able to lock the dir09:59
enycerr i dont have the edubuntu box atm...09:59
bluefrog-10so in my function I was wondering if there is a way to check by command line if a lock can be put on the dir10:00
enycsombody woth an onstalled edubuntu....  please run 'tuxpaint'  ** using the menu entry ** -- applications >  etc...10:00
highvoltageenyc: moo to you too10:01
enycdoes the sound work [you should hear a sound when tuxpaint finishes loading icons etc.] 10:01
highvoltagebluefrog-10: a lock can't be put on a dir10:01
bluefrog-10k ty10:01
highvoltageapt-get moo10:02
=== enyc waits ;-)
enyc'''...."Have you mooed today?"...''10:02
=== enyc wonders if somebody here going to try what i suggested ;-)
highvoltageenyc: sorry, what did you suggest?10:04
bluefrog-10highvoltage, i found out what i had difficulty to express... I nedd to check if there is a lock file in the dir...10:04
bluefrog-10i solved my problem10:04
bluefrog-10i tink10:05
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bluefrog-10no wrong, oh well, i'll find out..10:05
enycsombody woth an onstalled edubuntu....  please run 'tuxpaint'  **using the menu entry ** -- applications >  etc... does the sound work [you should hear a sound when tuxpaint finishes loading icons etc.]   ??10:05
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highvoltageenyc: yes, mine works, although i don't have a standard edubuntu installation10:06
highvoltageenyc: is this on thin client or full machine?10:06
enyc''workstation' install ;-)10:07
Signifer123mine runs fine10:08
enycthough i origonally saw the problem on a ubunut breezy box changed to edubuntu10:08
enycseemed that starting tuxpaint FROM the menu seemed to result in it not-working....10:09
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enyc[no sound] 10:09
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enycunder the usual  esd etc.10:09
Signifer123you mean jsut going App>Graphics>Tux Paint10:12
Signifer123works great for me...10:12
Signifer123or terminal10:12
enychmm ok10:21
Signifer123you use dvd?10:21
Signifer123i used the cd to install10:21
enyci had/have a situation where sound not work when startet from menu10:22
enycbut thats on a ubuntu >> edubuntu   migrated...10:25
enyci.e. 'apt-get isntall edubuntu-base'10:25
enyci dont have the udubuntu-box about10:27
enycits out in a nursery place ;p10:27
enycerr edubuntu-box even10:28
=== enyc still getting used to dvorak
bluefrog-10highvoltage, ty for the lsof, had to read again what u wrote me eralier to see that i missed this crucial information for me... :)10:32
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DaSkreechCan I install edubuntu on top of ubuntu base?10:58
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DaSkreechOr rather if I installed ubuntu-minimal could I install edubuntu-desktop and get the same as a default install of Edubuntu?11:01
bluefrog-10I believe that if you apt-get install edubuntu-desktop edubuntu-server, you will obtain what you want, but am not 100% sure11:02
DaSkreechBut this is a school so I'd rather not have anything I don't need to have11:03
DaSkreechAlso it seems that edubuntu does a LTSP install on install would edubuntu-desktop or server take care of that from apt-get?11:04
bluefrog-10edubuntu-server will tell you about depencies11:04
DaSkreechOk So the method is to install ubuntu breezy minimal or base and then apt-get edubuntu-desktop and server11:06
bluefrog-10the best thing is to install from edubuntu install cd11:07
DaSkreechThe compuetr won't allow it11:07
DaSkreechI can't11:09
DaSkreechIt reaches a section of install where it stops and says the computer ran out of space installing to /var11:09
DaSkreechthe computer has 30 Gb free11:09
DaSkreechIf I go to terminal 2 a df shows that everything except the CDrom has at most 33% used11:10
bluefrog-10have u checked the md5sum of the iso?, verify the cd in itself, to do that i think you can type expert at boot and then there should be a "verify cd" option11:11
signifer123that is werid...i installed it on a 4 gig hd11:11
DaSkreechI used the same CD to install to 3 other machines11:11
DaSkreechand I've used multiple CDs they all throw an error at teh same palce11:11
DaSkreechI would suspect the Cdrom drive but Xandros is installed and the same thing happens11:12
DaSkreechit boots up till a certain section then freezes11:13
DaSkreechSo i installed Ubuntu and it works fine11:13
DaSkreechSo I'm going to install ubuntu-base or minimal and apt-get edubuntu11:14
signifer123do you guys have other themes for icons and such other than elementary school style?11:15
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