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Burgundaviasalut robitaille 05:25
Madpilothi all05:25
MadpilotBurgundavia: how's Montreal?05:25
robitailleBonjour Burgundavia.  So how's your french in montreal? :)05:25
Burgundaviarobitaille, haven't spoken a word05:25
BurgundaviaMadpilot, it is good05:25
robitailleget out a bit :)05:25
=== Burgundavia reminds everybody to look that doc specs and comment on them
robitaillewas the spec changed today?05:26
Burgundaviathere are many doc specs05:26
Burgundaviabetterwikidocs is unlikely to get a session05:26
Burgundaviaunfortunately, you cannot currently like a spec to a team, otherwise it would be easy to see all the doc-team specs05:27
robitailledo they give out goodies at the conference?  (still looking for a sticker for my laptop :))05:27
Burgundaviayes, I can get you one05:27
Burgundaviathey gave you losenge-shape Ubuntu: Linux for human being stickers05:28
MadpilotBurgundavia: I'll take a sticker too, if you can. Desktops need decoration too...05:28
robitaillethats's a good idea to be able to links specs to a team.    I wonder if there is an open bug report about that05:28
robitaillebut is currently empty.  I wonder if an admin can add to it05:30
BurgundaviaI can retarget a spec, but taht is useless05:31
Burgundaviawe have been using a lot of gobby here05:32
Burgundaviaso I have been reporting bugs like made on gobby and launchapd05:32
Burgundaviathat is the spec to group linker05:32
Burgundaviaso, the doc specs are:05:33
MadpilotI was just reading the UBZ Lighting Talks page on the wiki - looks like some good stuff05:36
robitailleare the videos up?  we have been promised videos of the LT yesterday05:36
Burgundaviahmm, that is treenaks who is doing that05:37
Burgundaviano idea05:37
Madpilothttp://video.ubuntu.com/ubz/  <-- UBZ vid05:37
Madpilothmmm... +1 to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ExampleContent -- helps solve the "but can I do [x]  in Ubuntu?" questions05:38
Madpilotsomebody should set up torrents for those video files - some of them are fairly large05:40
BurgundaviaI am going to create a page for the DocTeam for dapper05:41
robitailleMadpilot,  download them now before someone put it on planet and the bandwidth goes down...05:41
Madpilotrobitaille: I'm grabbing a couple now - and if someone made a torrent I'd be happy to peer it...05:42
Burgundaviaok, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocteamPlansDapper lists relevant specs now05:52
robitailleBurgundavia,  will scan the specs in that page later tonight and try to comment on the one I haven't commented before tomorrow morning (your time)05:57
robitaillemaybe someone should send an email to the ML05:57
Burgundaviarobitaille, I will do so06:00
Burgundaviaemail sent06:03
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jsgotangcohi all08:23
robitaillehi jsgotangco 08:29
jsgotangcohey daniel how's it going? =)08:29
robitaillefine.   question: if you go to https://launchpad.net/people/ubuntu-doc/+subscribedspecs08:30
robitaillecan you subcribe to specs for the docteam LP 08:30
robitaillesince you are the admin of the LP team08:30
jsgotangcohold on i just noticed that link today08:33
jsgotangco(didn't really see it)08:33
jsgotangcorobitaille, i'm not getting you, i should subscribe corey's bof specs on the ubuntu-doc team right?08:34
robitaillewell, that would be the plan.  Then we go to the LP docteam page, and would be able to see all the docteam related specs in one friendly page08:35
jsgotangcohmm i should add another person to admin the team as well if i'm asleep08:36
robitailleearlier Corey was trying to do this the other around, trying to link a spec to the team (instead of the team to the specs), and it didn't work: https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+bug/3812 08:39
robitailles/other/other way08:39
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rob^hmm how exciting!11:14
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-doc:rob^] : Ubuntu Doc Team - general discussion - backlog at http://people.ubuntu.com/~fabbione/irclogs | Time to start thinking about Dapper | Projects on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocteamProjects | SVN - https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos | Remember the Ubuntu community code of conduct @ http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/conduct first | Read https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/inclusion-of-docs and comment before the 2nd | Docteam meeting this
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-doc:rob^] : Ubuntu Doc Team - general discussion - backlog at http://people.ubuntu.com/~fabbione/irclogs | Projects on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocteamProjects | SVN - https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos | Remember the Ubuntu community code of conduct @ http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/conduct first | Read https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/inclusion-of-docs and comment before the 2nd | Docteam meeting this
rob^grr again11:17
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-doc:rob^] : Ubuntu Doc Team - general discussion - backlog at http://people.ubuntu.com/~fabbione/irclogs | Projects on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocteamProjects | SVN - https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos | Remember the Ubuntu community code of conduct @ http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/conduct first | Meeting moved to 2300UTC 4 Nov this week
Madpilot2300Z = 1500 local - I'll be at work... too bad11:20
rob^normally 1400, but I'll be drunk on a boat in the middle of the ocean somewhere at that time11:21
rob^that and a few others wanted to see it moved for this week to the new time11:21
Madpilothave fun. 1400Z is 0700 local, so I usually miss those thru not being awake yet. Ah well...11:21
rob^its not that bad, I miss out on CC meetings because I'm at work11:22
Madpilothas the time/date for the next CC mtg been announced? (was TBA last I checked)11:22
rob^well this weeks was an extra one iirc11:23
rob^asking now.. :)11:24
Madpilotstill listed as TBA on CommunityCouncilAgenda11:26
rob^not decided yet11:27
Madpilotthey're monthly or every two weeks?11:27
rob^I think they are on whenever they decide to hold them11:28
Madpilotno regular sked like DocTeam meetings?11:29
rob^not according to their wikipage11:29
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Madpilotah well, I'll just keep an eye open, then, and subscribe to the CC-Agenda wiki page11:30
rob^hi mhz 11:31
mhzhi rob^ 11:31
Madpilotumm - what has happened to "Subscribe" as an option on wiki.u.c?11:32
rob^they made some changes11:32
Madpilotmy subscription list has vanished from my UserPref page too11:32
rob^no trivial changes either11:32
rob^all in a bid to make it faster11:32
rob^it was the sending of emails that was clogging it11:32
rob^groups.google.com is down.. pretty odd11:33
Madpilotthere's been trouble all over the net all evening here - one of the big US backbones has been having some trouble, it seems11:34
mhzMadpilot: Este wiki no tiene activado el procesamiento de e-mails. Contacta el propietario del wiki. Es el quien puede habilitar e-mails o eliminar el cono de "Suscripcin"11:34
mhzthat measn 'email' is disabled from wikiconfig.py11:35
Madpilotmhz: thanks... too bad11:35
mhzMadpilot: maybe they are having trouble with email server?11:35
MadpilotWonder if they can bring it back but disable the option to use * to subscribe to the whole wiki?11:35
mhzmaybe aty a level code yes, but I do not rememeber any option like that to pass it to the wikiconfig.py11:36
mhzaty = at11:36
rob^the best place to ask is #moin11:37
Madpilotyeah. Some warning would have been nice...11:37
mhzBTW, just to show off a little... I translate the es.po file in MoinMoin, so if you find any error, please contact me :)11:38
mhzwhich reminds me that i am late for 1.5 relase translation :(11:38
MadpilotI can't read enough Spanish to tell a good translation from an awful one, I'm afraid ;)11:38
rob^I can't read spanish..11:39
rob^at all11:39
rob^I can read aussie english and translate into normal english though!11:39
=== mhz is relief he can put anu stupidity there in spanish and these doc guys won't notice :D
mhzaussie english needs to be rendered with many resources in my head11:40
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mhzanywasy guys.. i'm off to a very important important gov. seminar in which I hope I can have the chance to bring the Edubuntu subject to the floor11:41
rob^have fun!11:42
Madpilotmhz: best of luck!11:42
mhzsee ya guys, and have a nice day (dai, doi, die, etc)11:42
MadpilotI need to crash, myself. later, all11:42
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jjesseis there a reason "subscribe" is missing for me on wiki pages03:01
jjessemorning judax 03:04
judaxjjesse: Hi03:04
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Burgundaviasalut jsgotangco 03:55
Burgundaviajsgotangco, take a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocteamPlansDapper03:56
jsgotangcohey Burgundavia how's UBZ?03:56
Burgundaviait is good03:56
Burgundaviathat wiki page lists useful and cool specs03:56
jsgotangcoBurgundavia: can i add you as admin for ubuntu-doc in lp or should i assign other person?03:56
Burgundaviathat is fine03:57
BurgundaviaI do enough stuff in LP anyway03:57
jsgotangco(so that someone in the other timezone can do the lp stuff while i'm asleep)03:57
jjesseis there a reason i can't subscribe to taht page? DocteamPlansDapper03:57
Burgundaviajjesse, subscriptions have been turned off for performance reasons03:58
jjesseBurgundavia: ah cause i love notifications when pages are updated03:58
jsgotangco(sorry if I haven't been doing much i have been adjusting to a new job)03:58
jsgotangcoBurgundavia: can we transfer the quick tour as ubuntu-marketing responsibility?03:59
jsgotangcoBurgundavia: Ubuntu Packaging Guide, maybe can you coordinate with ajmitch about the IntroDeveloperDocs before in UDU04:02
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jsgotangcoBurgundavia: Unfrgiven has made a doc for that (for review)04:02
Burgundaviajsgotangco, IntroDeveloperDocs are the UbuntuPackagingGuide04:02
BurgundaviaI just called it something different04:03
jsgotangcosome of the parts were derived from the NM guide04:03
Burgundaviawhat license is the NM guide done under?04:03
jsgotangcomm i haven't checked when i last read it04:04
jsgotangcoprobabl gfdl04:04
Burgundaviain which case it is about to get relicensed04:04
jsgotangcohenrik is moving the u.c site to moin, collaboration would be much possible in a month or so04:05
BurgundaviaI see04:05
jsgotangcothere was a massive plone failure yesterday, we helped him move some stuff04:05
Burgundaviaoh fun04:06
jsgotangcoi want to ask though, what is your vision of start.ubuntu.com? a static page or will the computer need to connect to the net04:06
Burgundaviastart.ubuntu.com will literally be at start.ubuntu.com04:07
Burgundaviaso yes, the computer will need to connect to the net04:07
Burgundaviathe basic principle is that when someone opens a web browser, they are likely to actually be going to the web and thus have internet access04:08
Burgundaviaand the about ubuntu will soon be an actual program04:10
BurgundaviaI guess we need to decide if we want to maintain the current about ubuntu and ship that as well04:10
jsgotangcoa pygtk app i hope04:11
mptYou know pygtk, jsgotangco?04:11
jsgotangcoi've had experience with it at work, although not extensive04:11
jjessecan i ask why the decision to change from a static webpage to a web site?04:13
jjessefor example, I am a dial up users so i don't have a dedciated net connection at home04:14
Burgundaviajjesse, because static is crap04:14
jsgotangcoBurgundavia: that's not a good answer04:14
Burgundaviajjesse, almost every other browser in existance has a dynamic start page04:14
jjessehowever i use FF to connect to some local apps, why would i want to have to open FF and then stop the page from trying to connect04:14
jsgotangcoCentOS and RHEL still use static start pages04:14
jjessei have the same frustrations waiting for the time sync check to time out upon boot up04:15
Burgundaviajjesse, the time sync thing is probably going to be dealt with for dapper04:15
jjessekonq doesn't have a dynamic web page04:15
Burgundaviain kubuntu?04:15
Burgundaviayes, that is because we also develop that04:15
Burgundavianot really a useful thing to compare to04:15
jjessei open up konq and it goes to /home/jjesse04:16
jsgotangcoactually the konq start page is good04:16
jsgotangco(its no kubuntu start page btw)04:16
jjesseagreed jsgotangco 04:16
jjesseremember not everyone has a broadband connection04:16
judaxjjesse: if you open with web profile though it goes to a static page about konq features04:17
jjessenod judax 04:17
jsgotangcoi'd still suggest a static page but one that isn't long enough to scroll04:17
Burgundaviathere are some minor losses for changing to a dynamic page, but I think the wins are worth it04:17
jjesseexplain cause i ahven't seen any04:17
mptjjesse, if you usually use a Web browser to do offline things, you are in a very small minority, but that's fine, just set your home page to about:blank or whatever.04:17
jsgotangcoi'd still say konq done it right04:18
Burgundaviawe can change the dynamic page without having to ship a new package to all users04:18
jsgotangco(although ff is pretty limited as a web browser so comparisons won't matter)04:19
jsgotangcojjesse: i was surprised to see the kquickguide and about kubuntu in konq04:20
jjessei wasnt :)04:20
jjesseso where did this discussion end?04:29
judaxthink it just ended04:29
jsgotangcoor rather we got creamed04:29
Burgundaviajeff waugh was at the meeting, so likely it won04:29
Burgundaviat change04:29
jjessei guess i just don't understand the need for dynamic start page04:29
jsgotangcowell ie has a dynamic start page04:30
jsgotangcoso do opera04:30
jjessegrin i force the start page at ie at work via group policy so its not a dynamic page :)04:34
judaxjjesse: you are a rebel04:34
jjessejudax: i force a lot of stuff via group policy at work, start page, screen saver, background, desktop icons, whocan save things to the desktop :)04:35
jjessei'm a bastard that way04:36
judaxI hear ya, else it will spiral out of control and you will never get to go home04:36
jjessei just wish there was group policy stuff for linux04:37
jsgotangcothat would be neat04:39
jsgotangcoi really don't find adept that intuitive04:40
jjessejsgotangco: i would rather use apt-get from the command line04:40
jjessejsgotangco: did you look at the guide that judax did?04:41
judaxyou do kind of need to have used something else (synaptic, etc.) to get started quickly04:41
judaxotherwise, I can see it being a bit confusing to start04:41
jsgotangcoyes its actually good but my problem is how adept's ui design04:41
jsgotangcothe filter is actually good but i don't think it should be placed at the start04:42
judaxI really like the arrow design for properties04:42
jsgotangcothat's a good one04:42
jjessei do like the preview function04:42
jsgotangcomaybe the search filters just need rewording?04:42
jjessemornfall usually hangs out on #kubuntu and #kubuntu-devel (he wrote adept)04:43
jsgotangcoahh k04:43
jsgotangcoi think its also logical to merge adept and adept-updater04:43
jsgotangcoor make adept-update run at the start04:44
jsgotangcoas a background process04:44
judaxyes, but wasn't the goal there to have an update tool like ubuntu, but it didn't get done04:44
jsgotangcowhat i find it strange though04:44
jsgotangcois that i have to run adept twice to make it invoke kdesu04:45
judaxit does not do that for me04:45
jsgotangcoi can replicate it04:45
jsgotangcoadept-update is actually good04:46
judaxI used to only have kdesu trouble with kate, but that seems to have gone away04:46
jsgotangcothe network setting bug is really annoying04:46
=== judax runs to get more coffee
jjesseworks fine w/ me when i launch adept from the command line via kdesu adept or when i go K Menu System Adept04:47
=== judax has a meeting to attend
jdubjjesse: group policy stuff -> look deeper into gconf :)05:07
jjessegconf?  will have to 05:08
jjesseis there a kde version of it?05:09
jsgotangcoi don't think jdub is the best person to ask that :)05:10
jdubjjesse: gconf is the gnome configuration system05:13
jjesseyeah i saw that from the web page, but what if i don't use gnome, is there something like that for kde?05:14
jdubno, they work quite differently05:14
jdubit was architected specifically for this kind of use case05:14
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bhuvanw.u.c/DocteamProjects. can we provide status/preview links to (doc.u.c/..) if its missing ?05:26
jsgotangcowell the page is terribly outdated atm05:26
Burgundaviabhuvan, that going to be changed after the meeting on Firday05:27
bhuvanoh, ok05:27
jjessewhat time again is the meeting on friday?05:27
Burgundavia2300 utc05:27
jsgotangcosince there's no svn activity at the moment the page isn't going to be too helpful05:27
jjessedang will be at in-laws05:27
jsgotangcoi thought 1405:27
jsgotangco23 is for next next week05:27
jjesse14 will be able to make it05:28
Burgundavianot according to the recent emails05:28
BurgundaviaI can make either05:28
bhuvanDocteamMeetingAgenda says 2300utc!05:29
jsgotangcowhat the heck i thought it was for next meeting05:29
bhuvanseems we have been discussing in our mailing list about having it at 1400utc, but it's not finalized!05:30
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Burgundaviamdke, ping09:27
Burgundaviamdke, never mind09:35
mdkeBurgundavia, :)09:50
Burgundaviamdke, riddel was asking me about translations of kubuntu docs I was pleading ignorance09:51
=== mpt [n=mpt@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
mdkecan I help?09:52
BurgundaviaI think he was wondering whether we used straight gettext or kde-hacked gettext09:53
mdkenormal i guess09:53
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