dilingerBenC: any idea what plans are wrt yaird vs initramfs?12:29
dilingerer, initramfs-tools12:29
BenCpretty sure we are still using initramfs12:40
BenCsmp2up: Dynamically optimizing SMP kernel code for UP operation...12:40
BenCsmp2up: Made 3632 modifications to kernel code.12:40
=== BenC scores one for UP vs. SMP
dilingerBenC: yaird does initramfs as well12:55
dilingeraiui, they're both the same, just implementation differences (and yaird supported old style initrd as well, but i guess that code was recently removed)12:56
dilingerfyi, the page that was just pointed out to me: http://wiki.debian.org/InitrdReplacementOptions12:59
=== dilinger heads home to play w/ his new toy^Wlaptop
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manveruhey guys, somebody knows something about 'nobody cared' oppses?10:01
crimsunthat's too vague10:12
crimsundo you have ksymoops output?10:12
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zuli finally have a git tree going03:27
zuli just need to populate it03:27
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zulBenC: when are you leaving montreal btw?04:38
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zulcool so we can hang out on saturday04:41
zulhey fabbione 04:42
BenCyeah, I'll be here04:42
fabbioneBenC: i am rechecking HWregressions04:42
fabbionewe got some interesting comments from SteveA04:42
dilingerfabbione: do you think the openafs thing is going to happen?04:47
BenCfabbione: cool04:47
fabbionedilinger: the bof hasn't been scheduled at all04:50
fabbionedilinger: we can probably consider it offline04:50
fabbionedilinger: did you actually write a spec?04:50
fabbionethat would help to speed up stuff04:50
dilingerfabbione: yea, i wrote a spec04:52
fabbionedilinger: did you link it to launchpad?05:07
fabbionewell.. that's just the request for it :)05:08
fabbioneit's misssing all the implementation plan & co.05:08
fabbionei can't push it in that stutus05:08
dilingeryea, i linked it to launchpad05:09
dilingeri didn't put implementation stuff into it, since i'd intended to actually discuss that stuff w/ you guys at UBZ :)05:09
fabbionedilinger: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BootingFromUSB05:09
dilinger(note that openafs 1.4.0 was *just* released)05:09
fabbionedilinger: try to make it a complete specs05:10
fabbionebecause i seriosly doubt we can discuss it here05:10
fabbionebut for sure we can evaluate it05:10
fabbioneas drafting etc...05:10
fabbioneBenC: i *think* i did clean HWregression enough to make Steve happy05:12
fabbionewe still have the next hour to look at it05:12
fabbionebut if we can manage to do it faster > teh rock05:13
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