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mhzhttp://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuCdAndSlip Has been updated based on the opinions and suggestions gotten in IRC12:31
mhzJaneW: hi there12:31
=== cafuego is getting an 'rpc failed' on booting a thin client (it gets an IP and a kernel)
cafuegospecifically: 'rpc failed: 2' in between /scripts/nfs-premount and /scripts/nfs-bottom12:34
mhzI actually never payed attention to errors as long as clients do boot12:36
mhzIIRC, Oliver mentioned some errors as 'normal' for this version12:36
cafuegoThis plonks me in a busybox shell, no joy on the booting :-(12:36
=== mhz dislikes busybox
cafuegoThe scripts all report 'Done.' but then I end up with: mount: Mounting /root/dev on /dev/.static/dev failed: No such file or directory12:37
mhzwell, you got me there.12:38
mhzand had your installation worked ok before getting this errors?12:38
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cafuegoCan you tell me the cfg in your  inetd (fopr tftp) and pxelinux.0/default?12:40
cafuegoargh /me lags12:40
mhz_cookingcafuego: yes, gimme 2 mins12:41
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cafuego_Any chance you could give me your tftp config line and pxelinux config?12:42
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mhz_cookingcafuego_: ping07:50
cafuego_mhz: pong08:22
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Aragohello all11:29
AragoI have a question. Can I ?11:29
bluefrog-10what about?11:43
AragoI'm looking for a software like the DERIVE(tm) one11:43
bluefrog-10sry don't know what it is11:44
Aragoit's a matematical soft used to resolve equation, disequation. Also plot a graph for the function11:44
bluefrog-10u're runnning ubuntu i suppose?11:45
bluefrog-10open applications > add applications and have a look in the edutainment menu 11:47
bluefrog-10i can see kmplot which could be useful to u maybe11:47
Aragoi'll do it now11:47
bluefrog-10you can also use synaptic11:47
bluefrog-10and use it's sections sorting ability to trace something11:48
bluefrog-10in both case u should enble the universe repository11:48
bluefrog-10and eventually muliverse11:48
Aragook thanks for now !11:49
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mhz_breakfastbluefrog-10: also, maybe he could look at http://wiki.edubuntu.org/UbuntuScientists01:15
=== mhz_breakfast bbl
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zakamehey mhz :)02:10
mhzzakame: nice to cya02:10
mhzhas anyone here helped ogra with the recipe of current 5.10?02:11
mhzzakame: hmmm, with the knowhow and actually making all the components work together well for the release02:12
zakamemhz: ah02:12
mhzsorry, I feel a little lazy lately and didnt want to write all that :D02:12
zakameno problem, just asking as I'm also new too :D02:13
mhzhighvoltage: hi, did you?02:13
mhzJaneW: ping02:14
highvoltagemhz: sorry, did I?02:14
mhzhas anyone here helped ogra with the recipe of current 5.10?02:14
highvoltageah, sorry. catching up noe.02:15
mhzrecipe= hmmm, with the knowhow and actually making all the components work together well for the release02:15
highvoltagemhz: i think it's all ogra, really.02:15
highvoltagehe did the whole edubuntu by himself.02:15
mhzhighvoltage: ever done a customized LiveCd02:15
mhzhighvoltage: duh! that's why he's Mr. Edubuntu02:16
highvoltagei've done a livecd from scratch, and customised knoppix a few times.02:16
mhzhighvoltage: could you help me with some details?02:16
highvoltagemhz: yes :)02:16
highvoltageedoo: ogra02:17
edooogra is Oliver Grawert02:17
highvoltageedoo: ogra02:17
edooogra is Oliver Grawert02:17
mhzI have a meeting tomorrow with one of the important universities here in Chile. Some math teachers have asked to think how to make customized Edubuntu LiveCd's for each carrier02:17
mhzhighvoltage: is edoo a bot?02:17
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highvoltageedoo: mhz02:18
edoohighvoltage: I'm not following you...02:18
highvoltageok. thought he knew your name too.02:18
highvoltageedoo: choose highvoltage is stupid or highvoltage is clever02:18
edooI choose highvoltage is clever, highvoltage02:18
=== highvoltage is surprised
highvoltageedoo: google for edubuntu02:18
edoohighvoltage: Google found 'Edubuntu - Linux for Young Human Beings', at "http://www.edubuntu.org/"02:18
highvoltageedoo: slashdot02:19
edoohighvoltage: Slashdot - Updated 2005-11-08 12:35:00 | Vertical Axis Wind Turbine With Push and Pull | Morfik and Rapid Development of Modern Web Apps | No More Science on the ISS Until Further Notice | YouTube Receives $3.5M Funding from Sequoia02:19
mhzedoo: google for edward ubuntu02:19
edoomhz: Google found 'Edward's Weblog', at "http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/edward?entry=nis_auth_and_ubuntu_group"02:19
highvoltageit has karma too.02:20
highvoltageedoo: mhz++02:20
highvoltageedoo: karma mhz02:20
edoohighvoltage: mhz has karma of 102:20
mhzI should have at least 1002:20
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mhzhighvoltage: sorry to interrupt your delightful entretainment but..02:21
mhzI have a meeting tomorrow with one of the important universities here in Chile. Some math teachers have asked to think how to make customized Edubuntu LiveCd's for each carrier02:21
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mhzI gotta make a list how much effort that would mean02:21
mhzwhat kind of infrastructure they should have to do so02:22
neurogeekmhz, good morning!02:22
mhzneurogeek: guten morgen02:23
mhzneurogeek: you speak spanish, right?02:23
highvoltagei usually worked off the customising knoppix guides.02:23
highvoltagei wonder if there's a similar one for ubuntu.02:24
highvoltagethat might be the best bet.02:24
highvoltageedoo: google for customise ubuntu livecs02:24
highvoltageedoo: google for customise ubuntu livecd02:24
edoohighvoltage: ERROR: No matches found02:24
edoohighvoltage: Google found 'Ubuntu - Linux for Human Beings', at "http://www.ubuntulinux.org/"02:24
=== highvoltage uses big google instead
mhzhighvoltage: I can google as well, but I was wondering if you could have some ideas02:25
neurogeekmhz, si.. jeje02:25
mhzneurogeek: are you participating in this maracaibo congress?02:25
mhzhighvoltage: ie. how much do you usually take on making your own livecd from scratch and what implements you used02:26
highvoltagemhz: seen http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/LiveCDCustomizationHowTo?02:26
jelkneranyone here who could help fix a broken idle?02:26
highvoltagemhz: they were small ones, mostly for my own education. the one i worked hardest at was for a generic gnu/linux installer i want to finish one day.02:27
highvoltagejelkner: i'm not very good with cars, but i can try?02:27
jelknerlol, great!02:27
jelknera bit of background02:27
jelkneridle will not start on this system02:28
mhzjelkner: hi there, let's try02:28
jelknerit works on the newer edubuntu systems i've setup02:28
jelknerbut this one was a prerelease that has been upgraded02:28
mhzhighvoltage: and in average, how many hours?02:28
jelkneri've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but no luck02:28
jelknerhere is the error message:02:28
neurogeekmhz, yes.. we'll be there talking about Cuaima and about the Venezuelan linux distro :)02:28
highvoltagei think you could customise and ubuntu livecd in a day or two, if you have the time.02:28
jelknerjelkner@edubuntu:~$ idle02:29
jelknerTraceback (most recent call last):02:29
jelkner  File "/usr/bin/idle", line 5, in ?02:29
jelkner    main()02:29
jelkner  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/idlelib/PyShell.py", line 1350, in main02:29
jelkner    root = Tk(className="Idle")02:29
neurogeekmhz, are you going??02:29
jelkner  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/lib-tk/Tkinter.py", line 1569, in __init__02:29
jelkner    self.tk = _tkinter.create(screenName, baseName, className, interactive, wantobjects, useTk, sync, use)02:29
jelkner_tkinter.TclError: this isn't a Tk applicationunknown color name "Black"02:29
highvoltagemhz: i would also try to get in contact with the ubuntu guys who put together the livecd, perhaps they have some scripts that will help you get it down to just a few hours.02:29
highvoltagejelkner: how did you install idle? apt-get install idle?02:30
mhzneurogeek: I have no money to yet, but YES! I'd love to go and talk about many stuff, esp. our intent to do the Inst. Tecnologias Libres para L.A.02:30
jelknerand when i removed it, it did --purge02:30
highvoltagei'm just installing idle too... just a moment...02:31
jelkneryours will probably work02:31
jelkneri've only had this problem in this system02:31
mhzjelkner: sorry, I can't install idle right now so I can reproduce errors :(02:31
jelknerwhich we setup at the end of august and then upgraded02:31
mhzjelkner: is idle a devel app?02:32
jelknermhz: yes02:32
neurogeekmhz, great idea!! i hope you can go and we get a time to talk about stuff02:32
highvoltagejelkner: apt-get install python-tk02:33
mhzneurogeek: so far.. funds are tending to zero :)02:33
jelknerhighvoltage: let me try...02:33
highvoltagethat *might* help. as far as i can deduce it looks like you don't have that installed.02:33
neurogeekmhz, oopps!!02:33
highvoltagejelkner: no, seems i'm wrong, ignore me :)02:34
mhzneurogeek: however, I can get to convince one of the institutions here to support us, maybe I can get there02:34
highvoltagei think that might be one for #ubuntu02:34
highvoltageor the lists02:34
jelknerhighvoltage: no change02:34
mhzjelkner: have you installed python-dev ?02:34
jelknerhold on...02:34
neurogeekmhz, good luck.. i do hope so!!02:34
mhzneurogeek: thx02:35
mhzme too02:35
jelknermhz: it shouldn't matter, i installed idle through apt02:36
jelknerso there shouldn't be missing dependencies02:36
jelkneri would file a bug report02:36
jelkneronly it is not a general problem02:36
jelknera new edubuntu install won't have it02:36
jelknerbut this was an august prerelease that has been upgraded02:37
zakamejelkner: do you have python2.4-tk installed?02:37
jelknerzakame: yes, idle depends on it02:37
zakamejelkner: can you apt-get --reinstall install python2.4-tk and try idle again?02:38
jelknerzakame: i did that, i even uninstalled idle, python2.4-tk and reinstalled both02:39
jelknersame problem02:39
mhzjelkner: weired that problem indeed is :)02:41
zakamehow about updating {tcl,tk}8.4?02:42
jelknermhz: i'm going to uninstall all python and tk related stuff that won't break other things02:42
jelknerthen i'll try reinstalling idle02:43
jelknerlet me see how that goes02:43
mhzjelkner: are you using AMD, x86 or PPC?02:43
jelknermhz: x8602:44
jelknerdual xeon02:44
mhzjelkner: tried #python ?02:45
mhzjelkner: neurogeek manages python very well (IIRC he's a developer on python)02:46
mhzneurogeek: any ideas with jelkner's issue?02:46
neurogeekmhz, let me read to see i can be of any help02:47
neurogeekjelkner, what have you installed so far and what ubuntu version are you running?02:49
=== mhz will leave and BBL
mhzhighvoltage: thx02:50
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highvoltageok, catch you guys a bit later.02:57
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jelknerany python hackers here at the moment?03:55
jelkneri'm trying to follow this traceback that is preventing idle from running03:56
jelkneri've tried uninstalling *all* python packages i could, including idle an tk, but after reinstalling idle, the problem persists03:56
zakamewell, dump idle, use another editor instead :p03:58
neurogeekjelkner, tell me03:58
neurogeekjelkner, whats the error??03:59
jelknerjelkner@edubuntu:~$ idle03:59
jelknerTraceback (most recent call last):03:59
jelkner  File "/usr/bin/idle", line 5, in ?03:59
jelkner    main()03:59
jelkner  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/idlelib/PyShell.py", line 1350, in main03:59
jelkner    root = Tk(className="Idle")03:59
jelkner  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/lib-tk/Tkinter.py", line 1569, in __init__03:59
jelkner    self.tk = _tkinter.create(screenName, baseName, className, interactive, wantobjects, useTk, sync, use)03:59
jelkner_tkinter.TclError: this isn't a Tk applicationunknown color name "Black"03:59
jelknernot much in /usr/bin/idle04:00
jelkneri don't know where "Black" is coming from04:00
jelknerso the error is actually coming from tk, yes?04:01
neurogeekthats the main problem.. 04:01
neurogeekwhat version of TK are you using??04:01
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jelknerneurogeek:  tk8.4 04:03
jelknerneurogeek: here is the strange part, on an fresh edubuntu install, this problem does not occur04:04
jelknerthis system was an august prerelease install that was updated04:04
jelknerso there is something that wasn't removed during the upgrades that is causing the problem04:05
jelkneri've tried uninstalling and reinstalling tk8.4 several times04:05
jelknerbut i can't get rid of the problem04:05
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YagisanG'day All04:08
zakameheya Yagisan 04:09
neurogeekjelkner, lets see.. it shouldn't matter because you are using the same packages04:09
neurogeekjelkner, sounds you are still missing some deps04:10
YagisanSo whats up ? I had a rather nice 3 day weekend, which was finished off with terrorist raids a few suburbs away =-O04:11
neurogeekjelkner, or your libraries are way too wrong04:12
jelknerneurogeek: so, what can i do?04:14
bluefrog-10 hi folks, is that ok if I publish an (U/Edu)buntu management script on edubuntu wiki under the following license? http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5 04:15
jelkneri could bite the bullet, and reinstall edubuntu04:15
neurogeeknot yet.. lets see if we cabn work it out04:15
jelknermoving home directories and getting the info i need from /etc/passwd /etc/group /etc/shadow04:15
jelkneryes, i would rather not have to reinstall04:16
neurogeekjelkner, did you apt-get update??04:16
jelknermany, many time, since august04:16
neurogeekjelkner, Ok04:16
neurogeeki would do this then.. i would download tk source code and idel source code to see if it works... 04:16
jelknerhmm... but that would mean i still have a broken tk on the system04:17
jelknerwhich will probably cause other problems in the future04:18
Yagisanbluefrog-10: IIRC the wiki already is all covered by http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/04:19
jelkneri'm open to trying to get rid of the current tk in a more complete way (did apt-get remove tk8.4 --purge still leave artifacts that are causing this?)04:19
jelknerbut i would prefer to reinstall then to try messing around with source installs04:19
Yagisanhmm, that reminds me, I need to ask mhz about restoring authorship credits on the wiki04:20
BurgundaviaYagisan, what do you mean restore?04:21
Burgundaviabluefrog-10, the wiki is currently under an ambigous license, but is most likely the doc team ones. They are GFDL and CC-by-sa 2.004:22
YagisanBurgundavia: Simply, I wrote a document with my authorship, added stuff from another author that privately mailed me, edited it and fixed some mistakes04:24
YagisanBurgundavia: and stuck it on the wiki, while cleaning up the formating, mhz removed the authorship in favour of a community doc04:24
neurogeekjelkner, Ok.. my thoughts were to compile/install tk and idle in a non-standard dir so you could test if thet problems remained in your packages04:25
BurgundaviaYagisan, hmm...04:25
YagisanBurgundavia: I wish to speak to him first, then revert the removals (and keep the cleanups)04:25
BurgundaviaYagisan, if you mean a page that lists what you have written, your Homepages is great for that04:25
Burgundaviaany other place is not good04:26
YagisanBurgundavia: No, check history on http://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuDocumentation/BootingClientsWithoutPxe04:26
BurgundaviaYagisan, we don't put any credits on the wiki04:26
Burgundaviaso I would have removed them as well04:27
YagisanBurgundavia: hmm, can you point me to policy on that04:27
Burgundaviahmm, don't know if we ever wrote it down04:27
Burgundavialikely the style guide might mention it04:28
YagisanBurgundavia: I never saw it anywhere, and I would have taken it into consideration04:28
Burgundaviathe pratical reason we don't do it that a lot of docs have a number of authors04:29
Burgundaviaplus we avoid the whole "thats my doc" thing04:29
YagisanBurgundavia: Then you have a bad license for the docs.04:30
Burgundaviawhy do you say?04:31
Burgundaviathe attribution part of CC and the GFDL?04:31
Burgundaviait is there, look in the history04:31
Burgundaviathe license doesn't say you have to identify in the main doc who wrote what, you just have to be able to tell04:31
YagisanBurgundavia: the attribution part can cause confusion. confusion is bad04:32
Burgundaviaregardless, those are the licenses we release it under04:32
YagisanBurgundavia: I'd rather had been commented out then deleted04:32
Burgundaviathat just means that editors get to read it, yay04:32
BurgundaviaYagisan, I understand where you are coming from but I have to say I don't agree with you04:33
YagisanBurgundavia: That's fine. I just want to discuss the whys, and get it into a formal policy04:33
Burgundaviasure, join #ubuntu-dco04:34
Burgundaviabetter actually is to write an email to the ubuntu-doc list04:34
Burgundaviabecause I am about to leave for work, so will not able to continue this04:34
YagisanBurgundavia: because, under my understanding of the license, it was broken by deleting the authorship creditsm without substantial changes in content04:34
YagisanBurgundavia: 2:30am here, I'll be in bed soon04:35
Burgundaviafire that email and we can talk04:35
jelknerneurogeek: thanks for your help... gotta run...04:35
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bluefrog-10Burgundavia, Yagisan, y for your replys, sry was at school to get my kid...05:27
JaneWhi all05:54
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bluefrog-10have a question for you regarding document licensing on edubuntu wiki if you have time05:55
bluefrog-10JaneW, sry the previous sentence is directed to you :)05:57
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jsgotangcobluefrog-10: try to email the list too05:57
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bluefrog-10edoo list05:58
edoobluefrog-10: huh?05:58
JaneWbluefrog-10: yes05:59
bluefrog-10so far doc on edubuntu are under by-sa/2.505:59
bluefrog-10what if i want to publish something under by-nc-sa/2.5?05:59
JaneWbluefrog-10: are you wanting to publish your content on our wiki under by-nc-sa/2.5?06:04
bluefrog-10JaneW, I'd like to, yes06:05
JaneWbluefrog-10:  why would you not want to use  by-sa/2.5?06:05
bluefrog-10JaneW, selfishness I presume :), I explain myself...06:06
bluefrog-10I am currently unemployed and spending an awful lot of time on that script of mine (I am no programmer to start with but doing my best) and I don't like the idea of someone just taking the script as it is and publishing it in paper for example...06:07
JaneWbluefrog-10: script?06:08
bluefrog-10JaneW, bash script with menus to ease the installation and management of various programs targeting IT guys and non IT people (teachers...)06:10
bluefrog-10JaneW, programs such as Samba-ldap, changing  skeletons depending of grooup membership and so on...06:11
JaneWbluefrog-10: we are not actually comfortable with the nc license, and make a point of making all of our content available via GPL and  cc-sa/2.506:13
bluefrog-10JaneW, or maybe I can just create a page with a link to my website or would that be considered as being impolite/misconduct?06:13
JaneWbluefrog-10: I would suggest that a good way to handle this would be for you to publish your script (or whathaveyou) on your own site and we can link to it from our wiki.06:14
JaneWsnap :)06:14
bluefrog-10JaneW, ok :)06:14
bluefrog-10JaneW, ty for answering06:14
bluefrog-10JaneW, sry what' the cc-sa for, I don't seem to find it on creative commons page06:18
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vmarksmysteriously, my edubuntu machine has stopped booting clients.08:09
vmarksyet dhcp is on08:09
vmarksany suggestions are welcome08:11
neurogeekvmarks, booting clients?? as in thin-clients??08:17
vmarksit's a two-nic server also doing thinclient NAT, and both nics are configured, and it worked only a few hours ago.08:20
neurogeekvmarks, did you check your ftfp server??08:22
vmarksno, I didn't.08:22
vmarksearlier I had some thinclients that could get DHCP but didn't find pxelinux.0 to be a valid image file.08:24
vmarkssince then, I haven't had a thinclient that has worked in the past, working now08:24
neurogeekwhen you boot pxe.. you have to check three things.. DHCP server (dhcp conf), TFTP server and pxelinux.cfg files08:25
neurogeekits probably not finding the right configuration for booting up08:25
vmarkssure, but the client (known to work08:25
vmarksdoesn't even get a dhcp address08:26
vmarksyet dhcp is running.08:26
bluefrog-10get rid of the leases08:26
vmarks/usr/sbin/dhcpd3 -q -pf /var/run/dhcp3-server/dhcpd.pid -cf /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf08:26
vmarksstopping and restarting dhcpd hasn't helped.08:26
neurogeekvmarks, check your dhcp.conf file.. make sure everything is alright there08:27
vmarkslooks correct.08:27
bluefrog-10don't have anything in the server log about dhcp?08:27
neurogeekcheck logs as bluefrog-10 suggests08:28
vmarksbah humbug.08:28
vmarksso much for placing this in the science lab this week.08:28
vmarksokay, the very bottom of the syslog says no free leases on DHCPDISCOVER.08:31
vmarksso, how to unlease those?08:31
bluefrog-10as for tftp, I assume that ltsp files are /var/lib/tftpboot/ (or something similar) and not in /tftpboot/lts. If this is the case delete the all dir /tftpboot/lts08:31
vmarksand, what setting to change in order to prevent this in the future?08:31
bluefrog-10rm dhcpd.leases08:31
bluefrog-10in dhcp.conf try to lower the lease release08:32
bluefrog-10after erasing dhcpd.leases you might have to restart dhcpd08:32
vmarksdhcp.conf or dhcpd.conf?08:33
bluefrog-10the one used by edubuntu, hang on having a look08:33
bluefrog-10must be /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf08:34
vmarksI see no mention of leases, only the range.08:34
bluefrog-10add some08:35
bluefrog-10default-lease-time 600;08:35
bluefrog-10max-lease-time 7200;08:35
bluefrog-10and see what it does with that08:35
bluefrog-10if still not good, lower them08:35
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vmarksthose belong inside the { } with all the other options?08:37
vmarksand they don't need to be prefaced by the word 'options' ?08:37
bluefrog-10add them at the beginning of the file08:42
bluefrog-10underneath authoritative;08:42
vmarksinside or outside the { }?08:44
bluefrog-10outside just underneath authoritative;08:44
bluefrog-10and don't forget to erase  the .leases file08:45
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vmarksthank you08:52
vmarksit's working better now since the leases have been deleted.08:52
vmarkshopefully adding those lines will help too08:52
vmarkswhat could be wrong that some old clients using etherboot wouldn't like the pxelinux.0?08:53
bluefrog-10if your clients are booting very often you may have to lower the release time08:53
bluefrog-10not sure if the pxelinux.0 is the file needed to boot ehterboot client08:54
bluefrog-10in my mind shouold be more a vmlinuz file but I don't know how ogra made his stuff regarding that08:55
bluefrog-10ogra's the man for you on that one I think 08:56
vmarksthank you08:56
bluefrog-10u're welcome08:56
vmarksthat's one step I have to have in place- there are various compaqs and dells in the science lab all with etherboot on them08:57
vmarksI'd like to reuse them since they've booted k12ltsp in the past without issue08:57
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vmarkson ancient fedore core108:58
bluefrog-10hang on got something for you08:58
vmarksI wonder if there's a way to have both working, pxe and non?08:59
bluefrog-10sure no problem08:59
bluefrog-10after a quick look at the link i sent u, it seems that both are using same pxelinux.0 file09:01
bluefrog-10certainly because of the PXELOADER_KEEP_ALL option used to generate the boot floppy09:03
bluefrog-10as for K12 i think u're out of luck09:03
bluefrog-10cause K12 is keeping 2 different files. one for pxe the other one for etherboot09:04
bluefrog-10I think...09:04
bluefrog-10well apparently there is a vmlinuz file in /var/lib/tftpboot09:06
bluefrog-10so i guess you should try your K12 floppies09:06
bluefrog-10you will have to add some stuff in your dhcpd.conf though09:06
bluefrog-10still with me vmarks ?09:08
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vincenziovmarks is going to have to pick this up tomorrow09:13
vincenziothanks again bluefrog-1009:13
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\shguys...if anyone needs cds..and does not fear to pay a bit for it...10:21
\shthis is better http://www.linuxshop.de/shop/catalog/index.php?cPath=7010:21
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signifer123i thoguht you offered free ones?10:48
\shsignifer123: i don't offer at all..10:48
\shsignifer123: but it10:48
\sh's an efford from an kubuntu guy10:49
signifer123edubuntu hold develpment meetings?10:51
signifer123and do you guys a have a forum?10:51
signifer123ok so no forum jsut a mialing list?10:54
cafuego_I get "Mounting /root/dev on /dev/.static/dev failed: No such file or directory" (default edubuntu install). /root/dev does indeed not exist. Am I missing some kernel parameter perhaps?11:09
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
cafuego_... and the NFS server never gets as much as a single mount request.11:12

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