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medicationis anyone running 5.04 amd64 and eclipse?08:39
medicationi haven't set it up yet, but i'm wondering how hard it is going to be08:39
tashiromedication: There exist a problem with amd64 and ppc in the current eclipse package.08:41
man-dimedication: I'm the eclipse maintainer for eclipse and work together closely with the ubuntu maintainer of it08:41
man-dimedication: generally its: apt-get install eclipse-sdk08:42
man-dibut we have a bug on amd6408:42
man-diwill be fixed with next upload for drapper08:42
medicationany suggestions about an IDE then?08:42
medicationright right08:42
=== man-di still uses XEmacs a lot
medicationyeah, jedit and what not08:43
man-diI know its blasphemy but who cares ;-)08:43
medicationjust would like to have my eclipse though :)08:43
man-dimedication: wait a work or use upstream eclipse08:43
=== medication wanders for a minute
medicationyou really think something may be ready in as little as a week or so?08:58
man-diit will be in debian tomorrow08:59
man-diand doko will have time starting tomorrow again to upload it to ubuntu too09:00
man-dithe bug is afaik fixed in the upcoming upload09:00
medicationright on...09:00
medicationi think that i can definitely wait it out then09:00
man-dimedication: or zou download my deb sources and build it yourself09:00
medicationi could do that as well...09:01
medicationwhere would i find them?09:01
man-diand act as a 1st time tester09:01
medicationi could def. do that... unfortunately i don't have a lot of time this week09:01
man-dino problem09:02
medicationbut i could probably give you some basic feedback tomorrow evening at least09:02
man-dithat would be great09:02
medicationi'll see if i can't make some time this evening... no promises though (i'll have to see what the wife has planned)09:03
man-dithx for your help09:04
medicationthanks for your efforts09:04
medicationyou're the one that's actually putting the work in09:04
man-diwe are just selfish and do it for our own09:04
man-diand we only upload it somewhere for backup purposes09:05
man-dibtw:t tashiro is the other main maintainer of it09:05
=== medication nods nods
medicationdo you all usually have more people in this channel or is this pretty usual?09:06
man-diI:m normally onlz in the #debian-java channel09:06
tashiroNo, this channel is really low-traffic09:07
man-didamn US keyboard09:07
=== medication nods nods
man-didebian-java has more traffic and more people09:07

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