slomohi \sh :) how was your flight?12:27
\shgood...but missed my connection flight from ffm to cgn and they lost my luggage then12:27
Lathiatheh nice12:28
Lathiatwin 1312:28
slomo\sh: completly lost or did it already show up again?12:29
\shit was found couple of hours later12:30
slomooh, at least some luck12:31
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slomohmm, brb12:33
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=== Rounin [n=david@fjb-dhcp120.studby.uio.no] has joined #ubuntu-motu
hubhow to I mark launchpad bugs in package changelogs?01:13
LaserJockhow do you get a man page installed using dh_installman?01:36
hubLaserJock: you use cdbs, don't you?01:36
LaserJockhub: I'm not using cdbs01:37
LaserJockdo you have to specify where the man page is?01:39
dredg       dh_installman [debhelper options]  [manpage ...] 01:40
dredgi hate to say 'rtfm' but...01:40
LaserJockdredg: been there, done that, still confused01:40
dredgreally? looks pretty self-evident to me01:41
dredgYou tell it what man pages go in your packages, and it figures out where to install them based on the section field in their .TH line.01:41
dredgand the above synopsis pretty much says 'use: dh_installman manpage'01:41
LaserJockdredg: no, you specify if you don't want to have a man page installed01:42
dredgif you don't want to have a man page installed then surely you don't run dh_installman?01:42
LaserJockcrap, I was looking at dh_installmanpages not dh_installman01:43
dredgsee the Notes bit at the end of the dh_installman manpage01:45
LaserJockdang, still not working01:46
LaserJockok, I have my man page in /debian , is that ok?01:46
dredgdon't think so01:51
LaserJockmaybe the man page has to be in the source directory01:52
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LaserJockugghh, why won't it install a man page?02:14
crimsunis the .TH section correctly formatted?02:16
LaserJockI'm pretty sure it is02:16
LaserJockI compared mine with the one for less and it seemed right02:17
crimsunmake a package.manpages, then02:17
LaserJockcrimsun: yeah, that worked. sweet02:21
hubcan someone review this http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=87602:21
hubit does fix a malone bug02:21
LaserJockcrimsun: does that mean I did something wrong or dh_installman couldn't figure out that my man page was a man page?02:22
crimsunLaserJock: if the man page isn't installed explicitly, you'd have to use dh_installman path/to/foo.1 -p package02:24
crimsunor something similar02:24
=== derekS [n=derekS@cpe-66-108-44-139.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockcrimsun: but is it ok to have package.manpages in /debian ?02:27
crimsunLaserJock: are they upstream's or debian's?02:28
crimsunhub: that -data version dependency looks sketchy02:28
=== zakame [n=zak@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockcrimsun: I made the man page myself02:29
zakamemorning all :)02:29
crimsunLaserJock: then having debian/package.section is fine, yes02:29
crimsundoesn't have to be package.section, of course, but whatever your binary's name is02:30
hubcrimsun: the -data does have the glade files and 2.0.x does not have the same set02:30
LaserJockcrimsun: ok, well I made a patch to put it in the source directory because I thought it might have to go there02:30
LaserJockcrimsun: and then have package.manpages02:30
hubcrimsun: that's why. I'm just fixing the package from Debian02:30
crimsunLaserJock: nope, leave it in debian/ if it's yours02:30
LaserJockcrimsun: ok02:31
crimsunhub: but why does glabels have this: Depends: glabels-data (<= ${Source-Version}) ?02:32
crimsunhub: i.e., a dependency on a -data _lower_ that what you're trying to install?02:33
hubcrimsun: it had02:33
zakamehmmm glabels :)02:34
hubcrimsun: don't know. it is how it came from Debian02:34
zakamecrimsun: it's lower than or equal, actually, probably because -data doesn't change very much02:35
crimsunwhich means if you have Breezy's -data installed, it won't be upgraded. Is that the intent?02:36
zakameseems so02:36
zakamehowever, if changes are made to -data, iirc upstream should be notified about it02:37
hubcrimsun: if it is not upgraded it does not work02:38
hubcrimsun: bug 3993 in malone02:38
hubcrimsun: because the .glade are in the -data02:38
hubmaybe the .glabe shoudln't be in there. I just fixed quickly02:39
crimsunhub: then the <= is wrong02:40
zakameshould then be (= ${Source-Version})02:41
crimsunthe <= makes it so that having glabels-data 2.0.2-3 installed allows a upgrade of glabels from 2.0.2-3 to 2.1.1-202:42
crimsunwithout an accompanying upgrade of glabels-data02:42
crimsun2.1.1-1, sorry02:42
hubcrimsun: gah.... the control on REVU is not the one I have in my Emacs buffer02:42
hubcrimsun: weird02:42
zakamehub: hihi02:42
LaserJockhow do you get dput to include the .orig.tar.gz?02:43
zakameLaserJock: it should, unless its already uploaded, if that's the case, then its a dput -f ...02:43
LaserJockzakame: didn't work for me02:44
hubcrimsun: I'll upload it again02:44
crimsunLaserJock: -sa need to be passed to dpkg-buildpackage02:45
hubI know why02:45
crimsunsorry, my wifi connection is extremely lagged02:45
hubstupid control.in02:45
=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
hubcrimsun: the package I had uploaded didn't have the change02:47
=== bmonty [n=bmontgom@wsip-68-15-230-31.om.om.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
zakamewb bmonty03:05
bmontyhi everyone03:05
bmontyhi zakame03:05
=== minghua [n=minghua@danube.mems.rice.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== zul [n=chuck@CPE0006258ec6c2-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsunlo zul03:13
zakamehey zul03:13
=== bddebian [n=bddebian@pcp08717033pcs.phnixv01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bmontyhey bddebian03:15
bddebianHeya gang03:15
zakamewb bddebian03:15
bddebianHow's it going bmonty ?03:15
bddebianHello zakame03:15
bmontybddebian: good, I got a new family member since I talked to you last :)03:16
bddebianOh yeah?03:16
bddebianBoy or girl?03:16
bmontybddebian: boy03:16
bddebianCool, congrats03:16
bddebianThankfully?  Heh, I got 3 girls :-)03:17
zakamebmonty: wow, congrats :)03:17
bmontybddebian: yeah, I'm not sure I want a girl based on what the guys I work with tell me about their daughters03:17
bmontyzakame: thanks :)03:18
bddebianbmonty: Aye ;-)03:18
=== bmonty [n=bmontgom@wsip-68-15-230-31.om.om.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsunboys and girls are handfuls in their own ways, heh03:22
bddebianHeya crimsun03:22
crimsunheya bddebian, how're things?03:22
bddebianBusy :-(03:22
crimsunyeah, I hear that03:22
bddebianThis "work" stuff is for the birds :-)03:23
dredgcome work here :) we get fed. and beered. and stuff.03:28
=== dredg wanders off for steak
=== Jimbob_ [n=jcape@c-24-14-116-227.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsun(might I add that it's darned difficult to work for that company...)03:31
bddebiandredg: Well hire me then :-)03:32
dredgbddebian: send me your resume/cv03:32
bddebianBah, I have no sk1llz ;-)03:33
crimsunbetter hide your karma then :p03:33
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@S0106000000cc07fc.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsunlo ajmitch03:34
bddebianHeya ajmitch03:34
bddebiancrimsun: I haven't gotten any karma in like 3 weeks :'-(03:34
bddebianSo how was UBZ?03:34
ajmitchoh, it was ok03:35
ajmitchbddebian: got any more laptops? ;)03:35
zakamehi ajmitch03:35
bddebianajmitch: I still have the one I was gonna send ya.  Why? :-)03:35
bddebianajmitch: And why just OK?03:35
ajmitchbddebian: because mine was stolen03:36
zakameajmitch: stolen?03:36
ajmitchthat is what I said03:36
bddebianajmitch: :'-(03:36
zakameajmitch: awww03:37
zulcrappy hotel security03:37
=== ajmitch is at a friend's place at the moment
bmontydamn, I thought the ajmitch sticker on the bottom of the laptop I just bought off ebay was a coincidence03:37
=== hunger [n=hunger@p54A62D23.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
zakamewb hunger03:38
=== LaserJock [n=LaserJoc@ppp-69-239-159-108.dsl.renocs.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bmontyhey LaserJock03:41
LaserJockhi bmonty03:41
zakamewb LaserJock03:41
LaserJockaren't you supposed to get an email after you upload to REVU?03:41
=== robitaille [n=robitail@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bmontyI don't think so, it just shows up on the page03:43
zakameI've done an upload twice now, and I haven't received any email yet03:43
ajmitchbddebian: btw I'm at a friend's place in the US03:44
ajmitchnot too far from you, anyway ;)03:44
bddebianOh no, not the EVIL US ;-P03:44
LaserJockbddebian: Hi! haven't seen you around for a while ;-)03:45
bddebianHeya LaserJock .  I know been stuck in RL job :-(03:45
bddebianajmitch: Cool, so when you coming by? :-)03:46
LaserJockdoes each upload to REVU have to have a new version number?03:46
=== seth_k|lappy [n=seth@d-ip-129-15-212-149.wireless.ou.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianLaserJock: I dunno :-(03:46
ajmitchbddebian: well since my wallet was stolen too, I'm a little short on $$ :P03:46
bddebianajmitch: Here or in Canuckistan?03:47
zulajmitch: dude you are full of bad luck03:47
ajmitchthe restaurant at the end of the^W^W^Whotel03:47
ajmitchzul: it was in the laptop bag, with my camera also03:47
Arrogancewe don't have theft in Canada.  It must've been a US tourist03:47
ajmitchI was just 1 of 3 to have theirs stolen :)03:47
Kyral....why is everyone looking at me03:48
bddebianMan, that sucks03:48
bddebianHello Kyral03:48
ajmitchbecause you took off awfully quickly03:48
KyralI had an EXAM the next day!03:48
ajmitchno excuse03:48
KyralDamn good excuse when you consider its the class I'm doing worse in03:49
KyralHey bddebian, long time no see03:55
KyralLaserJock, can you have the FlowDevelop devs email me?03:59
LaserJockKyral: do you want something from them?04:06
KyralNah just want to open the channel :P04:06
LaserJockKyral: ok04:07
Kyralhttp://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1931514941/qid=1131419259/sr=2-1/ref=pd_bbs_b_2_1/102-5872496-2897745?v=glance&s=books <---YEA!04:08
Kyralhmm, 10 bucks a book, and 14 volumes...04:11
Kyralhmm :D04:12
KyralIts the ultimate sign of respect for me to actually buy something I already downloaded :D04:12
bmontyis that cartoon pr0n or something?04:14
Kyralvery Ecchi, but not Hentai04:15
KyralIts Manga04:15
KyralLove Hina ranks around one of my favs :D04:15
KyralAlong with Rurouni Kenshin, and the 30 year old Gundam metaseries04:16
LaserJockwhat kind of things can you do when you log in to REVU?04:23
bmontyLaserJock: make comments on your own uploads04:24
KyralYah I need help with that POS Gnome-RDP program04:25
=== StoneTable [n=stone@1380bhost162.starwoodbroadband.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockwell, I made my first upload to REVU today.04:35
bmontynice, which package?04:36
bddebianLaserJock: Nice04:36
LaserJockbut I haven't gotten an email so I can't make comments. Hopefully that will happen sometime soon04:36
bddebianajmitch: How long you going to be in NY?04:36
KyralReally Mitch is gonna be in my state?04:36
bmontyLaserJock: just type your email with no password in the logon and the use the password recovery link04:36
LaserJockbmonty: ahhh04:36
KyralSwing by Potsdam NY on your way south :D04:37
LaserJockbmonty: thanks, that worked like a charm ;-)04:39
bmontyLaserJock: np04:39
bmontythat stumped me for awhile until someone told me how :)04:39
LaserJocknow I just need some reviewers to look at it *hint*04:39
Kyralyah and at FlowDevelop04:40
Kyralthen the MOTUScience team can have its first Releases :D04:40
LaserJockKyral: slomo said he was going to look at it04:41
KyralYah but I'm impatient ;P04:41
ajmitchbddebian: going to be around the state until the 14th or so04:41
LaserJockwell, I know that the MOTU are really busy coming from UBZ and probably have better things to do. But it sure would be nice04:42
Kyralyah ;P04:42
=== Kyral thinks ajmitch wouldn't like to drop in on Clarkson
bddebianajmitch: Hmm, I should try to get the lappy to you while you are here, it would be easier.04:43
KyralI so love developement cycles05:03
Kyralmultiple updates a day, you never know what may break next. Keeps life fun :D05:03
bmontygood night everyone05:04
=== Kyral pokes LaserJock
KyralCheck out the Lintain data for your package05:11
KyralYou can fix it by setting standards version in control to 3.6.205:12
LaserJockwhat about the second one?05:13
Kyraland changing arch to "any"05:13
Kyralor all05:13
Kyralwhichever it isn't now ;P05:13
LaserJockyeah, ok cool05:14
LaserJockI gotta go now. I will c you all later05:14
LaserJockthanks for the heads up Kyral. i will email the FlowDesigner devs for you05:14
KyralI get the pain in the arse NMU errors05:15
crimsunKyral: those NMUs are safely ignored05:23
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=== mode/#ubuntu-motu [+o bhuvan] by ChanServ
=== highvoltage [n=Jono@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
KyralWhat bothers me more is the lintain errors being generated at the build stage05:52
minghualintian errors at build stage?05:53
=== minghua didn't know that could happen
Kyralor like after it was built05:53
Kyralcheckout the Lintian entry at the bottom05:54
KyralI think its generating a lib that I wasn't expecting05:55
minghuaKyral: wow, that's a _lot_ of lintian warnings05:57
minghuaKyral: W: flowdesigner: unknown-section dev05:57
Kyralbut look what was generating most of them05:57
minghuaKyral: this one is easy to fix, it should be either devel or libdevel05:57
Kyralits making a library05:57
Kyralthat I wasn't expecting05:58
KyralE: flowdesigner: no-shlibs-control-file usr/lib/libflow-0.9.so05:58
KyralAnyway I have to go to bed05:59
Kyral8 AM class05:59
Kyralif anyone has any tips on how to fix it, leave it in the Review area for the package05:59
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minghuahi pef08:15
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zakamewhat's up?08:31
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zakamemake hell.o all10:16
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zakamewb hunger11:10
lucaszyga: you subscribed to the debian-ruby ml ?11:11
zygalucas: no I was busy lately and I do little FOSS stuff11:13
zygalucas: can you fwd me the mailing addr so that I can subscribe?11:13
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lucasgo to http://lists.debian.org11:18
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lucaszyga: what's your email ?11:24
lucasI'll Cc you on sthing rubygems-related11:24
Lathiatlathi<t@bur.st tooplease11:25
lucasmail sent11:27
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=== freeflying is away: Away at the moment
zygalucas: got it, thanks11:40
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janimohello all12:34
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hungerseb128: And already back on IRC. That is true commitment!01:25
\shsiretart: ping01:26
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pefcan someone have a look at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=868 ?01:31
freeflyingpef:what's the matter01:32
peffreeflying: just having a look for errors I haven't see01:33
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freeflyingpefdoublecheck that the most recent entry in the changelog01:35
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peffreeflying: seems ok for me01:36
=== jkbys [n=jkbys@218-251-52-236.eonet.ne.jp] has joined #ubuntu-motu
freeflyingpef:dose mixxx included in debian01:38
peffreeflying: yep, but not yet in Ubuntu01:39
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freeflyingpef:would you mind me to reaad your changelog file01:40
zakamehi all :D01:40
zakamecan somebody revu my package? :)01:40
pefzakame: url maybe ? :D01:40
zakamepef: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=86301:41
pefzakame: the diff file contains autotools-dev stuff :/ (Makefile.in, aclocal.m4, etc), and it shouldn't01:42
zakamepef: of course, I updated it :)01:42
zakamepef: its a NEW package, so I have the luxury of building ./debian and updating from scratch :)01:43
slomo_\sh: are bugreports already filed by MoM?01:43
slomo_\sh: or will we got none this time?01:43
\shslomo_: check the bugzille...search for require merging01:45
slomo_\sh: oh, yes finally... :)01:45
\shi'm starting tomorrow with it...after I reaaranged my desk here...01:46
slomo_I'll do some everytime i have some free time ;)01:47
\shwell we don't have much time01:48
slomo_well, i have ~10 "freistunden" per week and a weekend ;)01:49
Nafallowashes and prepare for father's day first :-P01:50
siretart\sh: pong (but I'm at work right now)01:51
siretartmerging bugs at bugzilla?01:52
\shsiretart: did u have a good flight back home?01:52
\shsiretart: yepp01:52
siretart\sh: yeah, it was okay. I slept the way home ;)01:52
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siretartlets check the link on the wiki01:53
Nafalloouch. tinyurl -> topic? :-P01:53
\shsiretart: i missed my connection flight to cologne01:54
siretart\sh: fuck!01:54
siretart\sh: so what happened next?01:54
\shsiretart: and then I had to take the train (they changed the booking)01:54
siretart\sh: even better :)01:54
\shsiretart: and when I wanted to claim my luggage at cologne central station, it wasn't there...they didn't board it on the train01:54
siretart\sh: so did you get your luggage in the end?01:55
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siretartNafallo: done ;)01:56
zakamesiretart: w00t01:56
siretart\sh: is it possible that this is only for main, not for universe?01:57
Nafalloehm, is it just me or is gnome-media version 2.12.O-0ubuntu2 atm? :-P01:57
\shsiretart: does it matter for u? :)01:58
siretart\sh: I'm not in the keyring yet :/01:58
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\shsiretart: only a matter of time...02:00
siretartyeah, I know02:00
magnonI just got up02:00
zakamehi magnon02:01
magnonfunny thing is, it's now 8 in montreal02:01
siretartmorning magnon!02:01
\shmorning magnon02:01
magnonmorning folks02:01
\shlunch time btw02:01
at1asg'mornin' all02:02
zakamemay I pose a motu n00b question: how does merging work? :p02:03
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magnondoes anybody have about 10m$ I could borrow for my competitive ubuntu applestore which I'm having great ideas for this morning? :P02:03
magnonzakame: you take 1 and 2, put them together, hope that it works02:04
magnonin this case 1 would be a debian package and 2 would be ubuntu changes02:04
siretartzakame: by comparing the ubuntu patched to what has changed in debian in that time02:04
siretartzakame: after that, you merge all patches together and prepare an upload. done02:05
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zakamesiretart, magnon : i see.  So changes in debian that aren't in ubuntu get merged in, and assuming all's well, the pkg is injected back into the archive.  Am I correct?02:06
siretartzakame: in principle, yes02:06
magnonyou could always read the mom source code too :)02:07
siretartmagnon: if you could02:07
siretartmagnon: mom is part of hct, which has not been released yet02:07
zakamehow about ubuntu changes that can be useful in debian?  are they forwarded to utnubu?02:07
Nafallodebian bugs02:08
magnonsiretart: oh, dang. forgot02:09
=== freeflying [n=rockie@tor/session/x-9d946054ae5e896a] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shzakame: no..actually u have to file a bug at the debian bts..or wait until the utnubu guys grabbing the patches02:09
dtfHey all, was wonder what the MOTU thoughts are on packaging firefox extensions and themes02:09
zakame\sh: ah02:10
\shdtf: for this...talk to dieziet (ian jackson)02:10
siretartzakame: http://people.ubuntu.com/~scott/ongoing-merge is quite helpful for this02:10
zakamesiretart: checking it out, thanks :)02:11
magnontime for lunch, see you02:11
dtfsh: been talking to him I'm looking to present him with a list of pro and cons for a decision on how to handle installs/update02:12
=== Hirion [n=Hirion@p5487D85F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shdtf: I would like to see this as well...from a developer perspective...02:13
zakamemagnon, siretart, \sh : thanks :)02:14
dtf\sh: ok I'll put together a wiki page with my thoughts and open it for comments02:15
\shdtf: right a small spec :)02:16
\shdtf: s/right/write/02:16
\shdtf: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpecSpec02:16
\shadd this spec url to your LP account02:16
dtf\sh woohoo my first ubuntu braindump02:17
\shdtf: good that I don't have to review it :)02:17
Nafallosiretart: how to make that list show only universe? :-)02:18
siretartNafallo: I think there are now universe packages in that list yet02:19
Nafalloeven more so then :-P02:19
siretarts/now/none at all/02:19
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zakamewb all02:21
\shok...universe should be processed by MoM too02:22
siretartthey are, but I didn't see universe bugs yet02:22
\shtheres no way to file the bugs for universe02:23
siretartwe did for breezy02:23
siretartagainst the UNKNOWN component02:24
\shbtw....anyone who is interessted how MoM is looking....http://photos.shermann.blogweb.de/main.php/v/ubz/20051031/P1000097.JPG.html02:24
\shsiretart: but this time...there is malone02:24
\shgrep http://people.ubuntu.com/~scott/ongoing-merge/LOGS/mom.20051107.log for universe...02:26
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\shand http://people.ubuntu.com/~scott/ongoing-merge/LOGS/mom.20051107b.log02:28
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hungerAnybody got some time to look over some newbies first set of debs later tonight?02:44
hungerThey are not coplete yet, but it would be nice to know whether I am on the proper track.02:44
zakamewb hunger02:45
hungerzakame: Sorry... this ISP really sucks!02:45
hungerCan't keep a connection for more than about 2h at a time:-(02:45
zakamehunger: awww02:46
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=== hunger had to go for the cheapest bidder:-(
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zakamewb thesaltydog02:48
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zakamewb pef03:24
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zakamewb Tonio_03:58
Tonio_zakame: hello03:58
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\shmotus, please read all ubuntu-devel-announce04:11
\shif you are not subscribed do it NOW04:11
\shregarding the CC meeting from today, we have to prospose at least 3 people for motu leadership to the next CC meeting04:12
\shplease read the ubuntu-devel-announce ml04:12
Yagisan\sh: is it in the digest ?04:12
bhuvan\sh: lighting fast04:12
\shYagisan: will be ...sabdfl writes a wrap up for the list04:12
\shso actually we should hold another motu meeting soon04:13
Yagisan\sh: OK, I'll get that soon then. /me heads off to add another list to my bulging mailbox04:13
Nafallo\sh: they don't like ogra and dholbach anymore? :-P04:15
\shNafallo: ogra and dholbach are not the formal leads of motu04:15
Nafalloehm oki...04:15
\shNafallo: they were setup by sabdfl..now we need formal nominations for the official team lead04:16
\shNafallo: everything else you should read of the post on the list04:16
\shit has to do with membership nominations etc.04:16
Nafallohaven't got it yet :-P04:16
\shNafallo: it's not over yet...04:16
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\shNafallo: it will come :)04:17
zakamewb dholbach04:17
hubhey dholbach04:17
Nafallomorning dholbach :-)04:17
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dholbachhi zakame, hi everybody else04:17
dholbachNafallo: morning... or whatever04:17
\shdholbach: welcome back home04:18
\shdholbach: u just missed a very important decision of the CC04:18
dholbach\sh: which one?04:19
Nafallodholbach: they want to replace you ;-)04:19
dholbachoh nice04:19
\shmembership nominations have to be done by the TEAMs like the MOTUs...we can propose them to the CC or TB04:19
\shbut for this to happen we need a formal team lead of at least 3 ppl04:20
\shwhich has to be approved by the MOTUs04:20
\shuntil the next cc04:20
dholbachit's what we always did in the nominations04:20
dholbachwe always suggested them as a team04:20
dholbacheverybody had his say04:20
\shMember Nominations04:20
\shnot MOTU upload rights04:20
\shbut now, the nominations has to come from 3 ppl out of the team04:21
siretartneed to go now04:21
=== Nafallo gets confused aswell :-P
dholbachit makes sense to formalize it04:21
dholbachbut it's what we always did04:21
dholbachso it's alright for me :)04:21
bhuvan\sh: better suggest to go through the logs :)04:21
\shbhuvan: no...I want to read it as well from sabdfl04:21
siretartdholbach: there isn't that much difference in practical. it formalizes steps in a way to faciliate the nomination by the CC04:22
dholbachyeah siretart, that's how i see it04:22
Nafallolet's see. we need 3 team leaders that can nominate people to become members at the cc?04:22
\sha team lead of 3 lets say it like this04:22
dholbachi'd be fine with 3 people from the team04:22
siretartdholbach: but we need to fix the 3 (maybe 4) ppl who actually do the checking for the nominations04:22
dholbach(and nobody saying 'no' to the nomination)04:23
siretart"fix" in the sense of "make it fix"04:23
\shdholbach, siretart and ajmitch ( my proposal)04:23
bhuvaninteresting :)04:23
dholbachdo we need "leaders" who decide on this?04:23
=== hunger [n=hunger@p54A621F4.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachi shouldn't think so04:23
siretartdholbach: I thought you and ogra are the lead04:23
\shdholbach: formalized leaders..who proposes the nomination towards the CC/TB04:23
siretartbhuvan: please deop yourself, we don't need ops here04:24
Nafallohmm, I'll better wait for that letter :-P04:24
dholbachif we have 3 active people saying that they worked nicely with whoever the new motu is, and nobody stands up and says "no, he didnt do enough", that should suffice04:24
bhuvanok :)04:24
dholbachsiretart: his client makes the problem apparently04:24
\shdholbach: membership..not motu upload rights04:24
siretartdholbach: so he should fix his client04:24
Nafallo\sh: as in ubuntu members, right?04:25
\shNafallo: yepp04:25
dholbachi don't like the idea... i trust any active motu enough to say that somebody else did enough good work04:25
hungerIs there some kind of sponsorship in ubuntu (like in debian)?04:25
\shdholbach: too late04:25
\shdholbach: it's already approved by CC04:25
siretartdholbach: define 'active motu'04:25
zakamehunger: no, but there is revu04:25
dholbachbut everybody should feel free to say "no, not yet", if that's their opinion04:25
siretartdholbach: the proposal is about getting it more formal, you know04:26
dholbachsiretart: i guess you have a gut feeling about everybody, if he's active or not04:26
=== selinium [n=selinium@80-193-16-239.cable.ubr02.sout.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartdholbach: yes, but a 'gut feeling' is not formal in any way04:26
dholbachi don't like policies defining a number of uploads that has to be counted04:26
siretartdholbach: neither do I04:27
=== mode/#ubuntu-motu [+o \sh] by ChanServ
dholbach"visibilitiy and activity" were always words who were good enough04:27
dholbachi absolutely don't inted to change that04:27
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=== mode/#ubuntu-motu [-o \sh] by \sh
siretartdholbach: the point is that the CC wants to improve the current MemberNomination Process04:27
=== herzi [n=herzi@d058241.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbach*nod* sure04:27
=== marcin [n=user@www.e-dev.tele2.pl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachbut numbers or rigid definitions don't help there04:28
siretartdholbach: they do help, if they are sane04:28
siretartdholbach: nobody but you mentioned 'counting uploads'04:28
siretartdholbach: the proposal was that we define a group of motus who have to decide about a nomination. thats all04:29
dholbachthen please help me by giving me a "definition", i could refer to04:29
siretartdholbach: in practice, there is not much difference to the current process04:29
=== mode/#ubuntu-motu [+o \sh] by ChanServ
siretartthe process is to be defined, not the amount of work an applicant has to do04:30
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=== mode/#ubuntu-motu [-o \sh] by \sh
=== siretart wants topic diffs
dholbachfuck... still no motu report04:30
\shme too04:30
siretartanyway, need to go now. CU tomorrow!04:30
zakamemotu report?04:30
dholbachsee you siretart04:30
zakamebye siretart04:30
dholbachzakame: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUReport04:30
zakamedholbach: ooh04:31
hubdholbach: I have updated a couple of packages on REVU, including one to fix a bug in the Debian package04:32
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dholbachhub: nice04:32
hungerHow can I request an "informal" revu? The debs are by far not finished, but I'd love to get some feedback on whether I am on the proper track.04:33
seliniumHi all, Do i need to be able to code python/C++ to be useful in the MOTU?04:33
zakameselinium: desirable, but not really imho :)04:33
sladenselinium: no04:34
=== hunger hopes python is not required! :-)
sladenselinium: FWIW, I hate C++ :)04:34
=== zakame doesn't know much of many languages, just a bit of everything
hubsladen: C++ is nice :-)04:35
seliniumI am a 31 year old PHP programmer, I am about to start learning some python and some C++.04:35
=== hub has to learn Python still
seliniumIs it better to come back to the Motu when I am better equipped?04:35
hungerselinium: IMHO the only way to learn something is by doing it.04:35
dholbachselinium: i think you can learn quite a lot "on the fly" :)04:36
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zakamewb bhuvan04:36
hungerselinium: I am no motu myself, but I'll help if I can:-)04:36
hubselinium: I barely use my programming skill for packaging04:36
zakameselinium: consider it as on-the-job training :)04:36
seliniumok, how do I get onboard. I have signed the CoC and have a GPG....04:36
hungerselinium: You will learn more about shell scripting and autotools than you ever wanted to when packaging;-)04:36
seliniumI have installed pbuilder04:37
hubselinium: is you key signed? :-)04:37
seliniumhunuger, cool! I really want to get my shell scripting up to speed04:37
seliniumhub yep04:37
seliniumhub, i think so...04:38
hungerhub: What does he need a signed key for?04:38
seliniumhub, sorry, the CoC is signed.04:38
zakameselinium: shell and makefiles come in handy :)04:38
hubhunger: authenticate the key for the CoC signature, etc04:38
hungerhub: Isen't it more important to get some debs started? After all you need something to ign:-)04:38
hubhunger: at one point it will be needed. it is not a requirement for REVU04:39
seliniumhub:  6779883A   i think.  https://launchpad.net/people/selinium04:40
hungerhub My key is signed... dunno whether it is signed by anybody known to the ubuntu crowed.04:40
hungerHow does revu work?04:40
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=== Nafallo key is signed by Tollef :-)
zakameselinium: cool gotchi :D04:41
=== hunger started rolling xen debs. Should probably started with something easier;-)
seliniumzakame, :)04:41
seliniumzakame, pixelated a bit on resizing, which is a shame :)04:41
zakameselinium: hmm, didn't notice, it's all fine by me via 1280x960 :D04:42
seliniumzakame, Cool :)04:42
hubhunger: I'm pretty sur your key should be fine with the # of signatures04:42
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dholbachhrm... that crazy nomination thing? was that "decided" today?04:43
dholbachi couldnt find it on the agenda04:43
hungerhub: That key was in the top50 of the most trustworthy keys for a while;-)04:44
seliniumhub: is my key signed?04:44
seliniumhub: how do I tell ?04:44
hubselinium: you should know if it is or not04:44
hubselinium: but I can tell it is not04:45
hubselinium: you need to meet people IRL to have it signed04:45
seliniumhub: ok :)04:45
hubselinium: because they need to check you ID04:45
seliniumOkay, Seveas, nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos all 'know' me from #ubuntu.04:47
seliniumSo what is the next step....04:47
hungerIs it possible to upload something "not meant for use" into revu?04:47
dholbachwhat for?04:48
zakamehunger: hmmm, you could put a comment with something to that effect, but why upload at all?04:48
hungerzakame: Because I need some feedback whether I started on the proper track.04:48
zakamehunger: do you have your own webspace? 'coz if so you could just put your debs there and prolly kindly ask the people here to take a look at it04:50
hungerzakame: I never packaged something before and Xen is a huge beast.04:50
hubselinium: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GPGKey <- explain shortly about signing04:50
hungerzakame: There is a problem;-)04:50
seliniumhub Cheers :)04:50
hungerzakame: ivoks volunteered to host the stuff once it becomes useable. Dunno whether the current state already counts.04:51
hungerI got the apps, hipervisor and libs packaged. I'll start on a kernel patch deb tonight.04:52
zakamehunger: wtg ! :D04:52
seliniumOK anyone near London? :)04:53
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hungerAnyone got a debian kernel patch creation howto?04:56
hungerzakame: Thanks!04:58
zakamehunger: np ;D04:58
zakamehunger: if you use cdbs you can also take a look at quilt :)04:59
hungerzakame: I failed to grasp cdbs, so I settled for a multi.04:59
hungerzakame: Xen's build system is somewhat... inconsistent.05:00
zakamehunger: how come?05:00
schweebcdbs is the only way to fly05:00
=== hunger wonders whether he has to but dh-kpatches at linsprire;-)
\shschweeb: bah05:01
hungerzakame: It is a code dumped together by different groups.05:01
zakamehunger: gaah05:01
hungerzakame: Some use "make all" to build, some "make build" and others go for just use "make install" stupid.05:01
zakamehunger: gaah, no wonder05:03
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zakameschweeb: is cdbs the only way?05:18
schweebcdbs rocks.  it's not exactly required, but it makes life not suck so much05:18
Yagisandholbach: me either. How can they decide on something that wasn't even mentioned it was going to be discussed ?05:19
zakamei see... I've been using Manoj's debian-dir, which according to him is inspired by cdbs05:19
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zakamehmmm which MOTUTeam should I join? :)05:35
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zakamewb LaserJock05:45
=== hunger wonders why the first hit he got on google for dh-kpatches is in linspire's webshop.
hungerWhy would anyone BUY that?!05:45
zakamehunger: buwahaha05:45
LaserJockhi all05:46
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LaserJockwhen the mom log says "created bug ..." where is that bug?05:57
=== jinty [n=jinty@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
slomoLaserJock: in bugzilla05:57
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slomoLaserJock: see topic05:58
LaserJockslomo: not malone?05:58
LaserJockok, thanks05:59
\shLaserJock: i posted the mom logs thx to keybuk06:02
\shLaserJock: grep for universe and we'll get a list....i'll start tomorrow working on the list06:02
hubmom, the robot oil supplier?06:03
\shMoM Merge O Matic06:03
hub\sh: I know. was a joke06:04
hub\sh: for those who know Futurama06:04
\shhub: i know futurama..but I don't like it...even so, i'm a big simpsons fan :)06:05
LaserJock\sh: yeah, I saw the logs, I just didn't know where the bug reports were being sent.06:05
hub\sh: my hostname is "bender"06:05
hub\sh: you know it in English or dubbed?06:06
\shBender is the robit06:06
hub"bite my shiny metal ass ! meatbag !"06:06
hub(that was a quote)06:06
\shi know it only in german...the simpson I watched some seasons in english06:06
hub\sh: maybe it lose a lot dubbed :-/06:06
hubthe Quebecquois version is horrible06:07
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slomoRiddell: ping?06:19
Riddellslomo: hi06:20
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slomoRiddell: taglib needs "merging"... or better, it can be synced with dropping ubuntu changes as debian only has cosmetic changes ;) can you take a short look at it and ask elmo for a sync? (i ask you as taglib is somewhat kde related)06:22
=== Hirion [n=Hirion@p5487D85F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Riddellslomo: will do (tomorrow probably)06:23
slomoRiddell: thanks... no need to hurry... it's only for getting automated syncs again :) and i just wanted to remove some work from you06:25
\shelmo is still at ubz06:25
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hubcan someone archive "http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=841"06:38
hubit is deprecated as Debian synced a more recent version06:38
slomohub: sure06:38
hubslomo: thx06:42
hubI may resurrect it later, I'll see06:42
hubno biggie06:42
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LaserJockI don't suppose there is a MOTU with nothing to do lurking about?07:59
dholbachLaserJock: what are you exactly trying to find out?08:00
LaserJockwell, I was looking for somebody to review an upload to REVU but I don't want to be obnoxious08:01
dholbachwhich one is it? (i can do it in some minutes)08:01
dholbachdo it in some minutes08:03
LaserJockthanks, I know you guys are busy08:03
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dholbachhi herve08:08
=== Calinoursette is now known as Mirno
\shis berlios down?08:20
\shhow is the url for projects on berlios.de? (e.g. the equivalent of sf.net/projects/<projectname>08:22
Amaranthi think it's just developer.berlios.de/projectname08:23
Amaranthi can't get to berlios.de at all right now though08:24
hubcan someone archive http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=878, it has been accepted to the archive08:24
hervehub, yes08:24
herve... or I can't...08:25
hubherve: you can't08:26
hubherve: was more for slomo, \sh, dholbach08:26
herveseems like being reviewer is not enough08:26
slomohub: just tell me the package name in the future ;)08:26
hubslomo: sorry. glabels08:27
hervestrange, it has no advocate08:27
herve*ad* advocate mine ;-)08:28
slomohub: done ;)08:28
slomodholbach: i'll do some reviewing for revu on thursday... are there any priority items?08:29
\shherve: what you can't do...u r motu ,)08:30
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herve\sh, upload in main!08:30
\shherve: ah no :) u can't08:30
dholbachslomo: no, no idea (maybe some that have 1 vote already?)08:30
slomodholbach: ok, i'll do 1-voters and updates first ;)08:31
slomohub: why is autopano-swift for multiverse?08:31
herveha, I can see on dapper-changes that UBZ is over :-)08:32
slomodholbach: and some merges after i'm bored of reviewing ;)08:32
dholbachdoing merges while doing bugs atm08:32
dholbachthat should be a policy: "if you touch a package, see if you can merge it first" :)08:33
slomodholbach: yes, definitly... maybe something to discuss at the next motu meeting ;)08:33
dholbachalthought it should be  a very natural thing to do08:34
dholbachnot a policy08:34
dholbachi like people taught to do the right thing better than a big rulebook08:34
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herveyes, I did it just yesterday08:35
slomodholbach: well, i'm doing it mostly now... (but forgot to do so some times already) ;) but a rule for that wouldn't hurt... we need some kind of reference anyway... not everybody knows everything ;)08:35
dholbachwe'll end up with a big rulebook in the end ;)(08:36
dholbachbut yeah, writing it up, doesnt hurt08:36
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Kyralhey all08:37
slomodholbach: but as a first rule please add a link to the debian policy ;) that would save some work :P08:38
dholbachMortas: UniverseDesktopFileAbsolutePath was your idea, right?08:38
slomoKyral: hi :)08:38
dholbachslomo: diziet worked on the developer docs spec08:38
=== Kyral groans at the time for the next CC meeting
KyralI start vacation that day...08:39
slomoKyral: hehe, you proposed yourself as member? :)08:39
KyralNo, I was gonna see when the meeting was before I did :P08:40
dholbachherve: it's not over yet08:40
KyralI was groaning because I won't be able to this time around again08:40
dholbachherve: only for most of the distro team08:40
KyralI mean I MIGHT get home in time, but I'd need to QUICKLY setup my laptop08:40
slomodholbach: and sadly not for elmo... he has probably 10-15 sync request by me in his mailbox ;) he won't be happy when he looks at his mailbox after ubz08:41
dholbachslomo: i suppose he had worse tasks08:42
herveplus one from me :-)08:42
dholbachwhat syncs are those? some which override our changes?08:43
herveyes, bugfixes merged by Debian for instance08:44
slomodholbach: most of them, yes... the only exception are two (or three?) NEW packages08:44
dholbachslomo: we'd get them in automatically, no?08:44
dholbachslomo: the new ones08:45
slomodholbach: NEW ones? no... at least we didn't get them yet08:45
=== bradb_ [n=bradb@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachwe should get them automatically08:46
hervenot with "ubuntu" in the revision?08:46
dholbachi don't understand08:47
slomodholbach: hmm... afaik the auto syncing only works on packages which are already in ubuntu08:47
dholbachno, don't think so08:47
slomohmm, let's ask elmo ;)08:47
\shthis was a long mail08:47
\shto write08:47
slomo\sh: berlios is up again :)08:48
\shslomo: well...now I don't need it anymore :)08:48
slomook :)08:48
slomobut i still need it ;)08:48
schweebI'm siding with dholbach on this one08:49
schweebI'm under the impression that everything gets synched (except for packages that are intentionally excluded)08:50
slomowell... pitti doesn't know it too ;)08:51
=== ryu [n=chris@p5487C5A2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sladenfunny, lemo is discussing that exact same sisue at the moment on this table08:55
\shsladen: move to this table and write life08:56
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shsladen: it was impressing what u tried at the motu meeting...:)08:58
slomosladen: hehe, it's sufficient when you write down the conclusions ;)08:59
=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@tonio.planetemu.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sladen<elmo> screw you hippie09:02
KyralCan someone help me decipher some Lintain errors?09:05
slomoKyral: sure09:05
Kyralthe errors about shlibs09:06
KyralIts building its own lib that I didn't expect09:07
slomowhiprush: flowdesigner: script-not-executable ./usr/share/flowdesigner/examples/dtmf.n09:07
slomowhiprush: flowdesigner: unusual-interpreter ./usr/share/flowdesigner/examples/dtmf.n #!batchflow09:07
slomoadd overrides for these09:07
herveha, there's some -fPIC missing09:07
Kyralcall the dh_makeshlibs helper?09:08
=== sistpoty [n=sistpoty@DSL01.] has joined #ubuntu-motu
slomouh, i never saw that many lintian errors/warnings at once :)09:08
herve"description-starts-with-package-name" <- this one is easy to fix09:08
sistpotyhi folks09:08
herveand written in the debian policy09:08
slomoKyral: do you call it already? dh_makeshlibs i mean09:08
slomohi sistpoty09:08
hervehi sistpoty09:08
KyralYah I know that, I wanna nail the damn lib error :P09:08
Kyralslomo, no09:08
slomoKyral: ok... first...09:09
KyralBut I can uncomment it in rules :D09:09
slomosplit the package09:09
hervesiretart, ping09:09
slomoKyral: oh wait...09:09
slomowhat is this lib good for? only internal use?09:09
KyralI think so09:09
hervewell, someone else could answer09:09
herveand empty lintian or linda file on revu really means there's no error or warning?09:10
slomoand tell these guys to use SONAME the right way...09:10
slomoherve: yes09:10
Kyralwhats SONAME?09:10
hervethen... woohoo!09:10
slomoKyral: when it's internal only they should put it somewhere else or make a good soname ;)09:11
slomoKyral: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-sharedlibs.html09:11
slomoKyral: this will solve your problems with the libs ;)09:11
Kyralisn't being put under /usr/lib/packagename now?09:11
slomoE: flowdesigner: no-shlibs-control-file usr/lib/libflow-0.9.so09:12
slomoE: flowdesigner: postinst-must-call-ldconfig usr/lib/libflow-0.9.so09:12
slomowhiprush: flowdesigner: postrm-should-call-ldconfig usr/lib/libflow-0.9.so09:12
slomohmm... why does it complete to whiprush?!09:12
slomowhiprush: *test*09:12
slomoxchat autocompletes "W :"09:13
herveslomo, xchat automatic completion09:13
\shxchat is crap with this nick completion09:13
slomoKyral: what are the ? for? ;)09:13
KyralSo should I just patch it?09:13
hubslomo: autpano-sift is restricted by patents in the US...09:13
KyralI didn't know what you were talking about ;P09:13
hubslomo: but if it is fine in universe, it is perfectly fine with me09:13
Kyralslomo, would calling dh_makeshlibs fix this?09:14
slomoKyral: no... package it correctly and tell these guys to use proper soname for their lib in /usr/lib... or put it somewhere else09:14
slomoKyral: partially09:14
slomohub: patents on what exactly? ;)09:14
hubslomo: the SIFT algorithm09:14
slomoKyral: read http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-sharedlibs.html please... there you will find all answers for the libs09:15
hubslomo: the university of British Columbia applied for it in the U.S.09:15
KyralI'm gonna comment out dh_installman09:15
hubslomo: it is mentionned in the copyright file09:15
slomoKyral: why?09:15
Kyralit doesn't HAVE a manpage09:15
slomoKyral: it won't hurt09:15
slomoKyral: better concentrate on the real problems ;)09:15
KyralIt will stop those warnings at the beginnings :P09:16
slomothese warnings are correct09:16
Kyraloh, what is the proper section?09:16
slomoevery binary should have a manpage09:16
\shKyral: write the manpage09:17
slomoKyral: it isn't _needed_ but better to have one09:17
Kyralumm....1) I have no clue how it works09:17
slomoKyral: section would be devel09:17
Kyral2) I have no clue how to write a manpage ;P09:17
\shKyral: ever heard of docbook?09:18
herveKyral, do as I do, copy one and change the text ;-)09:18
slomoKyral: you can convert docbook to manpage via xslt ;)09:18
slomoKyral: but concentrate on the lib issue first please... the other stuff is easy to do :P09:18
\shKyral: so...if you do a clean dh_make call in a stupid dir....then u get a docbook manpage template09:19
\shKyral: which u can change...and translate with docbook2man towards a real manpage...09:19
\shits easy and nice09:19
=== at1as is back.
\shwuahhahah....the earth is falling down09:19
slomoKyral: or look for example at my cowbell package... manpage in docbook-xml is there... and xslt call09:20
\shnoone there to hold the earth09:20
slomo\sh: ?09:20
slomo\sh: ah... lol =)09:20
\shslomo: atlas said he's back09:20
\shso he's not holding the earth anymore09:20
\shslomo: bah...history :)09:20
=== Hirion [n=Hirion@p5487D85F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
slomo\sh: history? mythology :P09:22
\shslomo: actually it was "Hercules" ,)09:22
dholbachLaserJock: done09:23
slomodholbach: you can assign avahi (including service-discovery-applet) bugs to the avahi team :)09:23
dholbachslomo: sorry... do you reassign?09:23
slomodholbach: already done ;)09:24
dholbachrock on09:24
slomodholbach: the 3 sda bugs will be solved with the next release... probably only waiting for avahi 0.609:25
=== minghua [n=minghua@danube.mems.rice.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivoksso, UBZ is over and it's time to work again09:27
ivoksguys that were at UBZ: are there any special news others should know? (i was quite busy these days and didn't read -devel carefully)09:28
ivokshm... looks like i'll be your black sheep this release :)09:29
hervehello ivoks09:30
ivokso, hi herve09:30
ivoksi hear a lot of news from france... you guys are making tourists reconsider their trip to french alps :)09:30
\shivoks: what do u want to hear? that we decided that ivoks is doing all merges?09:30
\shthat ivoks will get main upload and is doing all distro work?09:30
ivoks\sh: huh... that would the end of ubuntu :)09:31
\shivoks: well...no09:31
\shivoks: actually we have 6-8 weeks from now for new things and merges09:31
herveivoks, we have the best internet access anyway ;-)09:32
\shivoks: then we have UVF and bugfixing09:32
ivoksso, this is shorter for dapper09:32
ivoksherve: :)09:32
herve\sh, you mean I have 6 weeks to get my package in dapper?09:33
ivoks\sh: thanks for the info,09:33
\shivoks:the open development yes...the bugfixing is at least 1 week longer so dapper will be released one week later then normal, and dapper+1 release schedule will be decreased by 1 week09:33
\shherve: yes09:33
\shherve: but if they're not bringing in new main lib deps which are not there after 6 weeks...then we can do some special treatment09:33
\shthe plan is, to stay with the main release schedule09:34
\shat least for this release09:34
\shbut ubz was more...I love now having wifi09:34
ivoks\sh: more?09:35
=== mode/#ubuntu-motu [+o Mirno] by ChanServ
\shMirno: u don't need op status09:35
herve\sh, more wired?09:35
slomosistpoty: will we also take languages like nemerle? ;)09:35
=== mode/#ubuntu-motu [-o Mirno] by Mirno
\shherve: well...it was interesting to meet the other guys like ajmitch and sladen and siretart09:36
\shand koke09:36
Mirno\sh: I needed it on another channels. an how did I get op here ?09:36
\shand and and09:36
\shMirno: don't ask me..ask lilo09:36
ivoksMirno: we don't get op here09:36
ivoksMirno: we trust each other09:37
dholbachyay! :)09:37
dholbachit's the hug day again ;)09:37
Mirnoivoks: I uses /chansevr op all to op me on my channels (I needed to change some mods) and it oped me here .. I suppose you have a very low access level here09:37
=== gerald [n=gerald@p548EE3CD.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Mirnosorry anyway09:38
herveno problem09:38
sistpotyslomo: sure, why not09:39
slomosistpoty: fine... i love this language =)09:39
slomosistpoty: and i created a ml page09:39
sistpotyslomo: as long as no other team wants to take care for a language, why not list it there ;)09:39
sistpotyslomo: cool :)09:40
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dholbachslomo: want to have zeroconf bugs there too?09:40
slomosistpoty: i'm the maintainer of one ml and the nemerle package ;) so no one else will care probably09:41
slomodholbach: when it's avahi related yes... otherwise no09:41
slomodholbach: but better ask Lathiat09:42
at1asWhere do I post bugs for Universe (like transcode)/09:42
=== at1as is back.
dholbachi'll assign it to motu, nevermind09:42
at1asor xvid?09:42
dholbachat1as: http://launchpad.net/malone09:42
slomoat1as: malone... and assign to motumedia09:42
slomosistpoty: did you already had a look at nemerle?09:43
sistpotyslomo: not yet09:44
slomosistpoty: write it on your todo list ;)09:44
crimsunat1as: what's wrong with transcode?09:44
sistpotyslomo: sure... will do :)09:44
slomosistpoty: nemerle page created :)09:50
=== sistpoty looks
sistpotyslomo: good work :)09:51
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slomosistpoty: thanks :)09:55
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Kyralit said something about compiling with -fPIC09:58
elektranoxhello, I want to make a package suggestion for Dapper Drake and the UbuntuUsers.de Team send me to you...09:59
slomoKyral: what?09:59
slomoelektranox: tell us more :)09:59
Kyralwhen I hit the deb with lintain -vi09:59
Kyralsaid something about "Compiling shared libs with -fPIC09:59
slomoKyral: ah yes... libraries have to be compiled with -fPIC... look at that page i've given you one hour ago and read it :P10:00
Kyralcan I make a suggestion that Lintain on REVU be run with -vi?10:00
crimsunKyral: yeah, you should - in fact it's a must for most non-i38610:00
elektranox@slomo: I found a package for communicate with an calculator from Texas Instruments in Ubuntu, but no for an calculator from Casio :(10:00
Kyralcrimsun, I'm not the maker ;P10:00
slomoelektranox: is there already an app which does this?10:01
elektranox@slomo: yes, it's aviable at sourceforge:10:01
slomoKyral: tell them to fix -fPIC and soname ;)10:01
KyralHows about I also attach the output from Lintain?10:01
slomoKyral: that doesn't hlep them probably...10:02
slomobut do it ;)10:02
KyralIt can explain somethings better than I can10:02
slomomaybe... and give them the url to the libraries page in the debian policy ;)10:03
KyralThrowing the book at them?10:03
LaserJockdholbach: thanks for reviewing my package10:03
slomoKyral: only that one page :P10:04
KyralLaserJock, I'll handle the ChemPaint package10:04
herveKyral, no, gently passing the book several meters trought the air :-)10:04
lfittlelektranox: That one is already listed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UniverseCandidates10:04
Kyraland ask the FlowDesigner devs to email me10:04
slomoKyral: and consider packaging http://cafix.sourceforge.net/ =) should be an easy one10:04
Kyralslomo, only if you take GNOME-RDP off my hands10:05
at1ascrimsun: I'm having a bad time importing xvid, using any of ffmpeg, xvid or divx.10:05
LaserJockKyral: ok, just check to make sure Debian doesn't have it first and nobody is working on it for Ubuntu. Seems like there might have been10:05
=== at1as is back.
KyralI think I checked Debian10:05
Kyralwtf is Cafix do?10:06
slomoKyral: casio calculator interface ;)10:06
slomoKyral: i won't touch gnome-rdp... upstream has to fix that mess and we can talk about it again... did you already mail them?10:07
KyralI'll work on it once FlowDesigner gets done10:07
elektranoxthe text says ubuntu - nobody Oo10:07
Kyralslomo, nope10:07
KyralI don't think English is upstream's first language either10:07
KyralTried to go to the website to see if I could find anything, its all in a language I don't know10:08
slomobut they speak english ;)10:08
crimsunat1as: "a bad time" isn't exactly precise10:09
crimsunat1as: what precisely is the issue?10:09
=== Kyral thinks he should put a "Packages I'm working on" section in his Wikipage
KyralLJ, have you been in direct email contact with the FlowDesigner devs?10:12
lfittlslomo: I could try to package libcafix & gcafix, I have enough time to do it10:12
Kyrallfittl, I can do it10:12
KyralI need the experiance under my belt ;P10:13
slomolfittl: fine :)10:13
slomothere are enough packages to do for all of us :P10:13
lfittlKyral: me too ;)10:13
slomojust look at universecandidates10:13
LaserJockKyral: I just emailed the two authors and cc'd it to you10:13
Kyrallfittl, its all yours ;P10:14
=== Kyral looks at the calendar
KyralI believe becoming an Ubuntu Member would be a nice xmas gift ;P10:14
elektranoxlfittl: if you want i can test the packages for you ^^10:15
KyralJust gotta keep at it :D10:15
hervereviewing packages is good too ;-)10:15
KyralYou need to be an Ubuntu Member (and MOTU?) to do that10:16
lfittlelektranox: thanks that will help, just give me some time to do the packaging work ;)10:17
slomoKyral: he means "real" testing, not reviewing ;)10:17
KyralDuring December Break, you know I'll be hyperactive in packaging10:18
Kyralalong with learning Python10:18
elektranoxlfittl: no10:18
elektranoxlfittl: i only want to test if the package run10:18
elektranoxlfittl: but my english is so bad, that i can't say it so well :P10:19
slomoelektranox: you're german?10:20
elektranoxslomo: yes10:20
slomoelektranox: hehe, you can almost speak german here :P but only almost ;)10:21
sistpotydas ist nur ein geruecht (that's only a rumour) ;)10:22
elektranoxmh gut zu wissen ^^10:22
sistpotybut be kind and use english ;)10:23
herveKyral, I can help for Python :-)10:26
slomoherve: you will learn python for him? ;)10:27
KyralWell, I cleaned up Flowdesigner as much as I could10:27
Kyralnamely my typos in control ;P10:27
\shwhat was that? deutsch hier? german here?10:28
herveslomo, I'm confident he could ask me a question I can't answer!10:28
LaserJockwhat do I do about a menu icon that is not in xpm format?10:28
slomo\sh: klar doch ;)10:28
slomoLaserJock: convert to xpm or ignore the warning as nobody still uses xpm ;)10:29
hervethere's even a certain browser that will soon display 24-bit png with alpha channel :-)10:30
LaserJockslomo: well, dholback made a comment about it when reviewing my package. I would rather not mess with the authors files. hmmm10:31
slomoLaserJock: put a converted xpm file in debian/ and install it from there by hand10:32
LaserJockslomo: ok, and not install .png at all?10:32
slomoLaserJock: install both10:32
LaserJockoh, ok10:32
slomoand use the xpm for the menu file (not the .desktop file, the other one ;) )10:33
LaserJockok, makes sense10:33
LaserJockis it possible to reupload an updated version of a source package while keeping the version number the same. I hate having bump up the ubuntuX number everytime I fix a typo10:35
LaserJockor is that motivation to not make any mistakes ;-)10:35
=== Kyral scratches his head
slomoLaserJock: for revu?10:35
LaserJockslomo: yes10:35
hervenight all10:36
Kyralis there anyway I can apply the Ubuntu Kernel patches to the 2.6.14 kernel?10:36
sistpotyLaserJock: sure, that's no problem... as long as the latest ubuntu version is lower10:36
slomoLaserJock: you can upload the same version multiple times to revu (but only to revu!)10:36
slomoLaserJock: dput -f bla.changes if it tells you it's already uploaded ;)10:36
LaserJockhmm, I have been having problems doing that. It also complains about needing the .orig.tar.gz when I have already uploaded it. maybe I am doing something wrong here10:37
LaserJockdo you need to reupload the .orig.tar.gz for every ubuntuX version?10:39
KyralSo no one knows where I can get the Ubuntu patches to the kernel?10:39
LaserJockslomo: oh, ok I thought since the source hadn't changed it wouldn't need to.10:40
crimsunKyral: eh?10:40
crimsunKyral: linux-patch-ubuntu-2.6.1210:40
Kyralfor the 2.6.14 ;P10:40
crimsunthe git tree is public10:41
Kyral...and how do I use that? :P10:41
KyralScore debpacks for GIT ;P10:44
Kyralso this is the 2.614 kernel + patches?10:44
=== highvoltage [n=Jono@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsunit's a live snapshot of the tree10:48
Kyralthe vanilla kernel tree?10:48
=== Kyral shrugs
KyralI'd love it if I found a way to compile the NVidia drivers and the Madwifi driver for my Wireless card into the kernel10:55
slomogn8 everybody11:00
elektranoxslomo gn911:00
dholbachgood night, everybody11:00
highvoltagegoodnight, dholbach11:01
sistpotygn8 dholbach11:01
elektranoxKyral: the madwifi driver is already in ubuntu Oo11:01
=== highvoltage is off to bed too
dholbachnight guys11:01
sistpotygn8 highvoltage11:02
Kyralelektranox, not in the vanilla 2.6.14 kernel11:02
Kyralwhich is why I wanted to know if I could apply the Ubuntu kernel patches from 2.6.12-9 to 2.6.1411:02
elektranoxmh I tried one time to install the madwifi driver by hand...11:04
KyralModule-Assistant helps11:04
Kyralbut I'm trying to have a completely integrated kernel11:04
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=== felipe_ waves, "Hello!"
\shgood night motus.11:10
sistpotygn8 \sh_away11:10
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felipe_How much time of your week does it takes to be a MOTU of a single pakage?11:23
schweebyou don't get assigned specific packages, generally11:24
schweebexcept for the teams11:24
schweebyou put in how much time you feel like putting in11:24
felipe_schweeb, So....where can I try to see if I can do it before enrroling in a team?11:26
schweebyou don't even have to join a team11:26
PygiHello people :)11:27
schweebbut, check malone for bugs in universe packages, then submit to REVU11:27
felipe_Well the wiki web page says I should enroll at launchpad with the motu team...11:27
schweeber, after fixing it of course11:27
PygiI need one info from you if possible11:30
elektranoxhello, is here a python freak?11:31
Pygiwhat do you need from python?11:32
PygiHow can I become a motu? I need to become one because I have recently started one project with matt galvin11:32
Pygithanks for answe11:32
felipe_schweeb, how do I search for bugs specific to universe packages?11:32
schweebgood question11:33
schweebhaven't found a good way myself yet11:33
Pygischweeb: :/11:33
elektranoxPygi, I have a package wich is not compatible to breezy11:33
Pygigah, python package?11:33
elektranoxit consists of different python scripts and a glade prject file11:34
Pygigah :/11:34
elektranoxmy problem is the depending...11:35
PygiI would look at it, but don't have the breezy installed right now :/11:35
Pygimaybe you could send it to my mail so I'll have a look at it?11:35
elektranoxwait I give you a download link ^^11:36
Pygigah, please send it to my mail11:36
Pygi I don't have time to download right now ^^11:36
=== sistpoty is off to bed
sistpotygn8 folks11:37
elektranoxthen please help me only with this line:11:37
elektranoxDepends: ${misc:Depends}, ${python:Depends}, python-gnome2, python-glade2, visualboyadvance11:37
elektranoxhow can I say to use python2.311:37
elektranoxand not python11:37
elektranox*the line is in debian/config ;)11:38
Pygiis that game boy emulator or something like that?11:39
elektranoxits called gnomeboyadvance11:39
Pygigah :P11:39
elektranoxmy problem is that the script want to use python, wich links to the wrong python...11:41
Pygihm, do you have file with .py extension?11:42
elektranoxyes some full dirs :s11:42
Pygigah :/11:42
Pygiok, here what you'll do :)11:43
elektranoxthe most are the config files for the emulator11:43
Pygiopen each script with text editor, and on the first line you'll see path to python interpreter11:43
Pygiyes, and edit the path to the python interpreter that works11:45
Pygiyou did it?11:48
Pygidoes it work?11:48
elektranoxI have to repack it11:49
elektranox(it's my first time so wait a bit ^^)11:49
Pygikk :)11:50
Pygiyou alive? :)11:58
elektranoxyes i install pbuilder11:58
Pygilet me know if it worked11:59
elektranoxi will do ;)11:59
Pygisend me a mail11:59
Pygicause I think I'll be off11:59

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