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shinmenWhy are some of the sources unavailable? (e.g. gnomevfs2, procps) I've been getting them on dapper sparc and on breezy (sparc and i386).12:45
fabbioneshinmen: the sources are only in one place12:46
fabbionethey are not replicated to ports.ubuntu.com12:46
fabbioneonly to archive12:46
fabbioneon ports we expose only the binaries12:46
fabbioneand i am pretty sure they are all there12:47
shinmenHmm. Found it. I'm getting dumber every day.12:50
shinmenfabbione, thanks.12:55
fabbioneshinmen: no problem :)01:12
shinmenI'm already afraid to ask... I might have a faulty installation. But does anyone else get a segfault using pgrep?01:39
shinmenI recomplied procps and not it works.01:40
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shinmenBTW, I tried to start X by hand, then a terminal, and in the terminal I start metacity, gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-panel and nautilus, and the problem that happened before, that some of the gnome daemons cucked up all of the CPU, doesn't happen any  more.05:10
shinmenI don't know mutch about gnome... I've only been using it since I moved to ubuntu, so I don't know if I'm missing any daemons, of if there's a proper way to start gnome, but know I know that the problem is not in the daemons in the packages... it's something else. At least know I have a workarroud for it.05:11
fabbioneyou should try to start via gdm05:55
fabbioneand see if it happens again05:55
shinmenYeap.. I just can't debug it right know... I'm using a propietary software for network monitoring at day, and coding so that nagios can kick it's ass at night :). But I'll try to ASAP.06:38
fabbioneehe no problem06:40

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