tiris_I guess the problem I run into is...there is a lot of documentation for really new people i.e. here is how to look into the file system and how to change your password but...and there are lots of documents for the people who have been using this stuff for years...but I can't find things that are intermediate.12:07
tiris_@#$& James that only works for the programs offered in the ubuntu universe.12:08
tiris_I think I hit him too hard.12:08
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zakamehey mhz 03:16
mhzzakame: how's it going?03:16
zakamemhz: helping out -motu with mom :)03:17
arkan0xmhz, !03:17
arkan0xmhz, ping 03:17
mhzzakame: whatttt???03:17
zakamemhz: merging/syncing debian back into ubuntu :)03:19
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mhzzakame: and 'mom'?03:19
mhzyour mother?03:19
\shMerge O Matic03:22
\shKeybuks Invention :)03:22
\shhttp://photos.shermann.blogweb.de/main.php/v/ubz/20051031/P1000097.JPG.html <- this is MoM03:22
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=== mhz login' out into a diff WM
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mhzhmmm, the fonts I see to control applications such us Firefox are too big. 04:23
mhztexts are ok, but buttons are too big04:23
=== mhz translating moin.es.po
dabaRhey, what package source are the sources of gnu utils, like cp? coreutils?04:46
dabaR*are they in...04:46
mhzdabaR: hmmm, no idea05:16
dabaRno eh...05:20
dabaRI was wondering, cause I am reading some text, so I wanted to see the sources, how available they are;)05:21
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mhzhighvoltage: I have uploaded my hackergotchi you requested this morning (https://launchpad.net/people/mhz)06:04
mhzjsgotangco: how's it going?06:04
mhzmillions of users satisfied?06:04
jsgotangcopretty good06:05
jsgotangcowhats the use of the hackergotchi?06:05
mhzdon't know.06:06
jsgotangcook i'm going to reboot this machine frist06:06
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mhzjsgotangco: http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/?id=19971221&mode=classic06:18
jsgotangcodeja vu06:19
mhzhahaha, 'deja vu'06:20
mhzincredibly true06:20
jsgotangcoreminded me of my first job06:21
mhzwow! customer service, too?06:22
mhzthis was my 'deja vu' : http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/?id=20020720&mode=classic06:23
jsgotangcomhz, how's the planning for the Edubuntour?06:33
mhzgood and bad06:34
jsgotangcotell me about the bad first06:34
mhzgood= there's a small biz who is willing to help us and is very well related to teachers all over chile (over 6000 teachers DB)06:34
mhzgood= about 25 teachers have seen edubuntu in action, and they've loved it06:35
mhzgood= over 40 students have seen it, and they loved it06:36
mhzbad= Chilean gov. have have signed contracts with MS for schools06:36
mhzbad= Chilean Gov. did not know about edubuntu and started helping Edulinux06:37
mhzneutral= no funds yet to rent a place and demo to lots of people at once (this is cheaper than traveling among schools)06:38
mhzRMP based distro06:38
mhzvery good= my enthusiasm has not lowered06:39
mhzvery good=  we'll kick some butts here06:41
mhz'coz Gov. has no idea how to implement linux on schools06:41
mhzthey have provided some PCs to schools but no training has been effective yet06:42
mhzAbout EduLinux06:42
mhzBased on Mandrake Linux 9.1, EduLinux is a specialized distribution for education and office use. It is aimed at the general public as well as educational and community environments. It was developed and compiled at the Universit de Sherbrooke's Faculty of Engineering and is intended to be easy to use and perfectly adapted to Quebec's linguistic environment.06:42
mhzwhat pisses me off is that in Chile, many claim they have 'developed it'. That is not true, AFAIK.06:52
mhzwell, I'm off to bed07:02
=== mhz slowly walks into the 'envelope'
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Burgundaviabon soir magnon 08:49
magnonbonjour :)08:49
magnonworking at my old junior high today08:50
BurgundaviaI realized this week that my company is not a Free Software company in their bones08:50
magnonedubuntu :)08:50
Burgundaviathey just don't get it08:50
Burgundaviamagnon, you got any code in upstream gnome or fedora?08:51
magnonvery little in gnome, but why so?08:52
Burgundaviajust wondering08:52
magnonnot in fedora08:52
magnonbarely ever used it even08:54
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juliuxhi ogra 02:37
juliuxogra, on which day you will be in essen?02:38
ogradunno, for when are we scheduled ? 02:39
juliuxthe workshop will be at saturday02:40
ograthen i'll be there at saturday02:40
juliuxwhen your talk is i don't know but i can ask02:40
ograi wouldnt like to stay over night if any possible ...02:41
juliuxi have write something about the workshop here http://www.poweroftwo.de/wiki/index.php/Edubuntu02:41
juliuxis that so ok for you?02:42
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mhzhip allp02:55
mhzogra: hi.02:55
ograhey mhz02:56
mhzogra: how are you?02:56
ograbetter now... had to fight my jetlag the last two days02:56
mhzsorry to hear that :)02:56
ograheh, expected :)02:56
mhzdo you feel home already?02:57
ograafter three days its normally fine again...02:57
ograi catched a cold though...02:58
mhzogra: I will have to analyze the chance to make some edubuntu CDs customized for a couple of universities carriers, and include at least one light desktop and a heavy one + plus some additional apps.02:58
mhzI found a HowTo for Ubuntu02:59
ogra1,49 02:59
ograplus shipping costs03:00
juliuxogra, what do you think about the workshop?03:00
mhzyou germans have lots of stuff!03:00
ograif you ask the guy, he'll probably make DVDs available for 2-303:01
ograjuliux, a bit rough outlined ... did you take in account that a edubuntu server install takes between 1 and 1,5h ? and 95% of the time you will stare at progressbars ...03:02
ograthere is not much to do during install....03:02
juliuxogra, in this time i want to talk with the people03:02
ograand post install you'll have t edit two files03:03
juliuxogra, and what is with a http proxy?, nfs server?, print server??03:03
ograthats simply all... but sure, if you want to talk, thats fine03:03
mhzmy point is that for Chilean and porbably LA educational-tech reality, many people/schools have 1997-8 pcs03:03
ograwe dont ship any yet... 03:03
ograyou dont have to touch the nfs server, it gets set up automatically...03:04
juliuxogra, sure?03:04
mhzogra: so, poviding customzed edubuntu cd's has been asked many times in my so-far 2x meetings03:04
juliuxogra, i didn't want to make a talk about edubuntu i want show them how they can fix there problems, where they find information and doku in the internet03:05
mhzogra: GNOME simply may not be a standard option for us, yet03:05
juliuxogra, this should be a interactive workshop03:05
mhzjuliux: and what do you think about EdubuntuCdAndSlip?03:05
ogramhz, no problem... with a bit of free time and diskspace... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/InstallCDCustomizationHowTo03:05
ograjuliux, what interactive stuff do you want to do if the machines are installing all the time ? 03:06
juliuxogra, i will have more than one machine there03:06
mhzi know. So far, if I do server install, then apt-get edubuntu-server, will this only install LTSP? (so I can ommit Gnome?)03:07
juliuxmhz, i find it not very professional03:07
juliuxmhz, i have tinker on it looks not very good03:07
mhzjuliux: what would you need to make it more professional? suggestions?03:07
ogramhz, should work... you'll need to edit a bit more03:07
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juliuxmhz, my idea is that you have a cd cover for slim case03:08
ograjuliux, thats the official CD sleeve we want to use, whats wrong with it ?03:08
juliuxogra, you didn't can close it03:08
juliuxh have i understand there something wrong?03:10
juliuxthere was some thing in the wiki03:10
juliuxi will search the link03:11
juliuxthis the second one i printet out 03:12
ograthats what were talking about03:12
mhzjuliux: JaneW asked me to desing a very simple CD slip (or case) and a cover. Did you see last week update on it? http://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuCdAndSlip03:12
ogramhz, why did you drop the other CD label ? i liked it more03:12
ograthere were two before the update03:13
mhzthe one with the white world on red background?03:13
ograthe one with the circle of children03:13
juliuxmhz, i have printed it here out and bond it03:13
mhzogra: oh, nope. I can upload it as well (.svg?)03:13
mhzjuliux: ok, what do you think of it?03:14
ograyes, that would be nice :)03:14
mhzogra: this last version is based on the few voting we had03:14
ograoh, did we vote against the other label ? 03:15
=== mhz followed instructions only :D
juliuxmhz, it is to simple if you but it into your bag the cd will not be into the case03:15
juliuxshit my english is to bad03:15
mhzjuliux: why won't the cd stay into the case?03:16
ograif you use the right cardboard, it will stay in the sleeve03:16
juliuxmhz, because it is open, or is this for a cd case? i only put the cd into the paper03:16
ograit was planned to be printed professionally on good carton03:17
mhzjuliux: we used the same model of warty AMD and PPC models03:17
mhzit was open on one side03:17
mhzso yes, it may drop03:17
juliuxmhz, yes and in my bag it drop out if i go with it to university03:17
mhzI have same problem03:17
mhzbut again, they said "cd slip, just like the one we used before"03:18
juliuxmhz, i think i would be better if there is a cd cover for a slim case, so you can use very cheap slimcace blank cd 03:20
ograif we ever ship it, we wont do that in a plasic case03:20
mhzjuliux: besides the fact that cd will drop, what do you think about the colors, images, layout, etc?03:20
juliuxmhz, that is ok03:21
mhzplastic is not environment friendly :)03:21
juliuxmhz, but it would be nice if there is also a black/white version03:21
mhzjuliux, the good thing then, if you like the stuff on it, you get the SVG and can copy/paste onto a cover for any purpose :)03:21
juliuxmhz, because then you can print it yourselfe on your home laserprinter03:22
mhzgood point03:22
juliuxmhz, we did it so the last years with gnome live cds in germany03:22
mhzthat's why the CD cover (the adhesive round stuff, for our understanding, not the cardboard) is Red and White so you can easily play with the colors03:23
ogra*shudder* 03:23
ograwhy not take a color laserprinter ? 03:23
ograif you dont have one, go to a copyshop03:24
juliuxogra, becaue the moste people have a no color laserprinter03:24
mhzjuliux: hence, the edubuntu logo and words are all white03:24
ograhaving B/W covers looks unprofessionally cheap03:24
mhzand the background is only plain red03:24
juliuxogra, it is very expensive if you make a color copy at the copyshop03:24
mhzthis way everybosy can play with colors of their choice03:24
juliuxogra, one din a 4 site cost 70cent03:24
ograhow much ? 50ct ? 03:24
ograoh, so only 35ct for one then...03:25
juliuxogra, and on one din a site are only on!!!! cd cover03:25
juliuxogra, if you use silmcases 203:25
juliuxogra, if you have time please check http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Edubuntu03:26
ograanyway, this design was thought for sipped CDs where we wanted to have it printed professionally... its easy to switch to b/w with gimp and its a SVG so youcan rip the elements apart as you like03:27
juliuxbut this is also work, and i didn't will do this if i only want to print out some cd's covers03:28
juliuxfor a fair03:28
ograso just print them as is...03:28
ograif you dont want to take the two clicks in gimp to make it a grayscaled image, just print the color version with a b/w printer... i doubt you'll see much difference03:29
juliuxyes it isn't very much work but if you do that for edubuntu,ubuntu,kubuntu,xubuntu it is a lof of time03:30
juliuxand it is double burden03:31
juliuxthere will be more than on who want to have a b/w version03:31
ograif you think so...03:32
juliuxyes i think so03:32
juliuxso i have to go to my salsa session03:32
juliuxcu 03:32
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mhzhighvoltage: hi03:38
=== mhz is uploading work v1 so ogra and others can make their own diff
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mhzogra: http://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuCdAndSlip has been updated with your request03:52
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mhzi know. So far, if I do server install, then apt-get edubuntu-server, will this only install LTSP? (so I can ommit Gnome?)03:59
mhzogra: you responded that 'yes'. But this mean LTSP will be ok?04:00
mhz(i can add applications, np)04:00
highvoltagemhz: i think edubuntu-server also installs stuff like schooltool, etc.04:01
highvoltagei think what you're looking for is ltsp-server-standalone04:02
highvoltageafter installing that, you need to run ltsp-build-client as sudo/root.04:02
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\shogra: ping04:13
mhzhighvoltage: i am loking for NOT to install GNOME, only. I mean, I need to use anything on edubuntu  + some applications, BUT gnome04:13
ogra\sh, morning04:14
ogra\sh, did you just call ?04:14
\shogra: which is the truth :) I just got up _again_.04:15
ogra(i was to slow)04:15
\shogra: yes..04:15
ogracalling back04:15
\shforget it04:15
\shi'll shower and bring a black barcadi with04:15
ogracoke is already here ;)04:16
\shi found the one yesterday during shopping at hit..they had it for 10 eur on special04:17
magnonmhz: what kind of desktop DO you want?04:26
mhzmagnon: i'll have to take care of my daughter's lunch now..04:32
mhzmagnon: however, I am planing to have Fluxbox, WindowMaker or IceWM + KDE04:32
mhzplus edubuntu base applications and some specific apps. depending on each carreer04:33
mhz+ plus some study guides04:33
magnoninstall ubuntu-minimal, edubuntu-server04:34
magnonthen if you can live with xfce, xubuntu-live04:34
mhzso, we'll endup having Edubuntu Server/Desktop LiveCD/ready to be installed04:34
mhzxfce is also a good alternative04:34
ograxubuntu-desktop rather ;)04:34
\shit's not even in main see -devel04:35
mhzso far, I am trying to get some performance stats considering current standard 1997-8 PCs (which many schools and students have)04:35
mhzonce we have that, then we'll have to define at least 2 WM's04:35
mhz(DVD is not an oprion for us BTW)04:35
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highvoltagewow. a spectacular storm just broke loose here. thunder, lightning, huge raindrops, the works.04:54
highvoltagevery nice.04:54
highvoltageescpecially since it's so hot.04:54
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lmjhi there06:09
lmjyou still there06:22
lmji'm from finland and was wondering about hardware requirements for clients...06:24
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juliuxogra, pls query me if you have time08:32
highvoltageogra: is diskless fat clients still planned for dapper? i can't remember finding any specs on it.08:36
ograhighvoltage, nothing beyond the specs on launchpad is planned for inclusion (teachertool probably=08:46
bluefrog-10ogra sry to bother, is it possible to attach a file on wiki?08:53
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dnBis there a way to upgrade from ubuntu 5.10 to edubuntu 5.10?08:56
bluefrog-10apt-get install edubuntu-server I believe08:57
dnBthanks :)08:57
dnBmy edubuntu install disc is givin me poo, so ill do it that way08:57
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ograbluefrog-10, sure, look in the actions menu09:08
ogra(the pulldown)09:08
bluefrog-10ok ty09:08
bluefrog-10have made a bash script with menus to install/configure apt-proxy, samba-ldap, have to finish menu to manage samba-ldap user...09:09
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bluefrog-10it's not aimed obviously to IT linux people but to people who want to set up an authentication server without hassle09:10
bluefrog-10and manage it afterwards (as in add remove people09:10
highvoltage\sh_away: ping ping ping09:10
ograhighvoltage, he'll be here soo, just unpacked his laptop09:12
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
highvoltageogra: you guys live close to each other?09:13
\shhighvoltage: ogra told me you pinged me?09:14
highvoltageso i have.09:15
highvoltagei downloaded the motu-tools,09:15
highvoltagehold on, sorry, i found tfm09:16
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=== Lord_Athur [n=alejandr@pc-126-38-214-201.cm.vtr.net] has joined #edubuntu
Lord_Athurcould anyone tell me what does wizzy mean?09:28
Lord_Athurdoes this corresponds to an animal?09:28
Lord_Athuror is a trademark09:28
ograwizzy ??09:29
Lord_Athuryes someone told me something using this word09:29
Lord_Athurbut I don't understand09:29
ograme neither :)09:29
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Lord_AthurI've changed my repositories from hoary to brizzy (or sth ) for install edubuntu09:31
Lord_Athurbut I could not09:31
Lord_Athurafter upgrade the system09:32
Lord_Athurthe graphic envioment did not run09:32
Lord_Athurogra, do you know anything about?09:33
ogratry loggong in on the console and run: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg09:35
Lord_AthurI'll do this in my other PC09:36
Lord_AthurI see you later09:36
=== dnB [n=dnB@24-205-181-251.dhcp.wsco.ca.charter.com] has joined #edubuntu
dnBhi, im trying to do a netboot of edubuntu, however when i apt-get install tftpd-hpa apache2 dhcp3-server09:36
dnB, dhcp fails to start09:36
ograwhy do you install these manually ? they are in the default install ...09:38
dnBim using a tutorial :) never tried to netboot before09:38
dnBmy cdrom on the other desktop i am trying to install edubuntu to is having issues, so im attempting to netboot it from my ubuntu machine, any ideas?09:38
ograwhich tutorial09:39
ogranote that edubuntus ltsp is a completely new implementation09:40
dnBim installing it workstation09:40
ograah, ok09:40
dnBi have an ubuntu machine with an edubuntu .iso09:40
dnBtrying to get it on my other machine with broken cdrom09:40
ograthere is aq official installer manual...09:41
ogradunno, have to dig for it09:41
dnBi dont get what aq is :)09:41
ogratypo :)09:42
dnBah ok09:42
dnBi felt lost09:42
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dnBHiveDrone, im attempting to netboot install edubuntu, is there already an edubuntu pxelinux.0 or do i need to use the one for ubuntu 5.10 and then apt-get edubuntu?11:18
dnBsorry, autocomplete11:18
dnBdamned xchat :)11:18
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