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spstarr_homeoh we dont have python2.4-sip4-kde3?05:57
spstarr_homeoh thats coming06:02
spstarr_homethat explains why its disabled in the rules file06:02
spstarr_homehaving those .api files would be nice :)06:02
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paulproteus|jhuRiddell, Please ship my patch for http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=18803 ! :)06:50
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janimoRiddell, are you keeping ivman for dapper?11:02
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viviersfi dont think he is11:05
viviersfkde 3.5 supports it by default as far as i know11:05
janimoviviersf, ok then I may hijack it for xubuntu :)11:13
janimobtw was anything wrong with ivman in ligt of your experience so far?11:13
viviersfno major things11:13
viviersfits just it mounts any cd11:13
viviersfand when you like want to erase a cdrw11:14
viviersfits mounted and cant be erased11:14
viviersfthus it gets annoying11:14
viviersfmaby if some1 made that if a format call was done 11:14
viviersfthat it got unmounted11:14
viviersfits all problem i have had with it] 11:14
janimoI wish there was such a tool which worked nicely across all desktops11:19
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Riddelljanimo: I don't think we'll keep it01:05
janimois the kde3.5 way still using HAL?01:06
janimono chance of a common kde/gnome way for this?01:07
janimogoogling for kde3.5 volume manager goves no result, do you have a link to what it will be?01:07
Riddelljanimo: it uses HAL yes01:08
Riddellit's a kded module that monitors media:/ for changes01:08
RiddellJRe wrote it01:08
janimois dbus going to be in kde?01:09
Riddellit's used for media:/ and k3b01:09
Riddellit should replace dcop in kde 4 if anyone gets round to writing it01:10
janimois it this one http://cia.navi.cx/stats/project/kde/kdenonbeta/kvm?01:11
janimosorry for the '?'01:11
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lamontRiddell: breezy-updates has a newer version of kdepim than dapper... is that something you want to drop in dapper, or should I base my dapper upload on that??05:52
lamont(fixing build-deps)05:52
=== lamont decides to actually _look_ at -3 and see what's diff
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Riddelllamont: I'll update dapper today or tomorrow06:03
lamontRiddell: um, ok... I just uploaded -ubuntu4 a few minutes ago, with the build-dep fix06:06
lamontto dapper06:06
Riddelllamont: ok, cool.  I'm packaging kde 3.5 now06:06
lamontpart of me thinks that dapper should have picked the breezy-updates version, rather than breezy version, but that's a katie question that goes away shortly...06:07
=== lamont wanders
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jeroenvrphi folks07:47
jeroenvrphow is packaging doing? ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/unstable/3.5-rc1/src07:47
Riddelljeroenvrp: it's going07:50
Riddellbut we weren't given any warning07:50
jeroenvrpRiddell: allrighty07:50
jeroenvrpno warning?07:50
Riddellwell coolo only put it on the server 24 hours ago, normally we get a week to package stuff07:51
jeroenvrpthat's a shame yes07:51
jeroenvrpallthough I expected allready the 9th07:52
jeroenvrpand asked yesterday in #kde and they said it should be released today07:52
jeroenvrpRiddell: good luck07:54
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spstarr_workdo we have a python2.4-sip4-kde3 package in the works?09:43
Riddellask \sh_away 09:43
seaLneanyone know where breezy.buildd is?  dosen't seem to be in debootstrap10:13
seaLnehmm weird its on one machine but not my home desktop10:14
Riddellshould be in the breezy debootstrap package10:16
seaLneyeah weird10:16
seaLneanyone know what the following means? :10:28
seaLnemake[1] : *** No rule to make target `/config.status', needed by `/Makefile'.  Stop.10:28
seaLnefrom running dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot10:29
RiddellseaLne: what are you building?10:30
Riddelltry running debuild10:30
Riddelltry running   make -f admin/Makefile.common10:31
seaLnedebuild stops with the same10:31
seaLnehmm runing make -f admin/Makefile.common seems to be getting it to do something10:32
Riddellthen run debuild  again after that10:32
Riddell(debuild runs dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot plus some extra checks)10:33
seaLnenice lots of errors: "warning: 'struct QUType_charstar' has virtual functions but non-virtual destructor"10:33
Riddellthat's a warning, not an error.  there's a big difference10:34
seaLnek, must be failing on something else then10:35
Riddellif make fails then somewhere there will be an error10:35
seaLneyeah, i'm a bit rusty10:36
seaLnetoken.h:75: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'Memento' with no type10:36
seaLnetoken.h:75: error: 'Memento' declared as a 'virtual' field10:36
seaLnetoken.h:75: error: expected ';' before '*' token10:36
Riddellthat'll be GCC 4 then10:37
Riddelldid you get the source from SVN?10:37
seaLneno tarball10:37
Riddellit should be fixed in SVN for GCC 4, grab the latest version of that file10:38
Riddellit probably just needs a "class Memento;" somewhere at the top10:38
seaLneyep has that in trunk and it now builds10:41
seaLnethanks, i don't think i'd have worked that out10:42
seaLneanother problem i had tho was trying to use cddb, when running debian/rules clean i get:10:46
seaLnedh_testdir: cannot read debian/control: No such file or directory10:47
seaLnei have "DEB_AUTO_UPDATE_DEBIAN_CONTROL := yes" as the first non comment in debian/rules10:47
Riddellget rid of that, it sounds evil10:49
Riddelldo you have a debian/control file still?10:49
seaLneno was trying to use cddb t generate it from debian/control.in?10:50
Riddelldon't, that's evil10:51
seaLnebah, sounded easier10:51
seaLnebah is there a way to get debuild to not try to sign the package?10:56
Riddelldebuild -us -uc10:57
Riddellbut if it fails on gpg that means it's got to the end so it's all good10:57
seaLneyep :)10:57
seaLnei just don't leave my key at work10:57
Riddellyou don't trust the your own computer network?10:58
seaLnei don't want it on backups10:58
seaLnei suppose i could symlink it to the local hard disk10:59
seaLneso if pbuilder dosen't give any errors that the package good for dependancies yeah?11:09
=== seaLne wonders why nothing complained about the change to the sources, i'd not made a patch file
=== seaLne is feeling way too much like a newbie
seaLneanother error:11:12
seaLnekd@napier-01:~/dev/ubuntu/breezy/kcfgcreator/kcfgcreator-0.3.1$ cdbs-edit-patch 01-gcc11:12
seaLneCleaning in directory .11:12
seaLnedebian/rules:45: *** target file `clean' has both : and :: entries.  Stop.11:12
seaLnedebuild: fatal error at line 842:11:12
seaLnecouldn't exec fakeroot debian/rules:11:12
seaLnedebian/rules:45: *** target file `clean' has both : and :: entries.  Stop.11:12
Riddellis there a clean: entry in debian/rules?11:14
seaLneit looks fine11:14
seaLnei included /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/simple-patchsys.mk in debian/rules11:15
Riddelland is there a clean:: entry?11:15
Riddellsimple-patchsys doesn't use cdbs-edit-patch11:15
Riddellyou have to make the .diff file manually11:15
seaLneah right11:15
Tm_TRiddell: any idea how fast will X.org 7.0 have ubuntu packages after release?11:25
Tm_T(RC2 out)11:25
RiddellTm_T: pretty fast11:26
Tm_Tbut not in breezy?11:33
Tm_Tin or to11:33
Riddellno, not in breezy11:35
Tm_TI thought so :/11:39
RiddellTm_T: something you want in it?11:39
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Tm_Tit's new, people say it's better, ofcourse I want it! ;)11:40
Riddellsame old X protocol11:40
Tm_Tno, I don't actually even know what's improved in it, but I like to test new stuff11:40
Riddellserving X just the same since 198511:41
Riddelldapper should be quite safe11:41
Tm_Tnot as borkage as breezy was?11:41
Riddellshouldn't be, no big transitions happeneing11:41
Tm_Tah, good11:42
Tm_Tone more thing, we need newer freeciv packages11:42
Riddellwell, you know where revu is :)11:43
Tm_TI tried compile myself, and tried packages my friend made to sarge:bot say when I try to run civclient "*** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x082cbf40 ***"11:43
Tm_Tdunno is it me or something else11:44
Riddellnot good11:45
Tm_Tnot at all11:46
Tm_Tactually inkscape gave me that couple times11:46
Tm_Thavent tried it since11:46
Tm_Tany idea why that happens?11:48
Riddellcalling free twice on something?11:49
Tm_Thmm, and what's different in kubuntu/my system that causes that? same packages is working fine in sarge11:50
Riddelldid you recompile?11:50
Tm_Tyes, tried almost everything11:51
Tm_TI haven't reinstalled my sytem yet11:51
Tm_Tor standing in my head and praying moon gods11:51
Riddellthey never listen to me11:52
Tm_TRiddell: http://edevelop.org/node/160111:58
Tm_Thmm, strange11:58
Tm_TI might even try that :p11:59

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