lamontKinnison: that's such an obvious thing in the baz commit --help output...12:05
jameshlamont: less mean than chattr +i12:05
Kinnisonlamont: aye12:05
Kinnisonlamont: and it doesn't deny commits anyway12:05
Kinnisonlamont: it just requires that the user know to do commit --fix12:05
Kinnisonbut it should be enough to persuade all but the most pig headed of tits to work out why it's sealed12:06
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=== ..[topic/#launchpad:SteveA] : launchpad.net -- next development meeting, Thursday 17 November 1200 UTC - 1245 UTC
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=== \sh needs some lp magic brain love
\shif anybody has a clue about the email interface to malone...please look at this bug..https://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/406402:05
UbugtuMalone bug #4064: aria: merge new debian version Fix req. for: aria (Ubuntu), Severity: Normal, Assigned to: MOTU, Status: New http://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/406402:05
\shforget it..02:06
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Kinnisonnight all07:33
=== Kinnison snogs corey on his way out
BurgundaviaKinnison, mmm....07:42
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JJKHello, yesterday (about 9pm GMT+1) I tried to sign up, but I haven't received the email yet (8:50am GMT+1). How long should it take before the email is sent?08:46
JJKTried again, and received the email, so problem is solved.08:49
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matsubaragood morning!12:02
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highvoltagegood morning matsubara 12:47
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\shguys...when I set a bug to pending upload...why is it disappearing from my reported bugs?01:24
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kiko\sh_away, I think we might only be displaying new and assigned bugs02:41
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dseomnis a lp support request a good place to ask for a piece of software to be made?05:14
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mdkedseomn, a bug or a bounty would be more appropriate in my opinion05:20
dseomnwhat should I file the bug under?05:21
dseomnactually, nvm, a bug wouldn't be a good place b/c not many people would see it and the people who would see it would be too busy05:22
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mdkedseomn, email to ubuntu-devel? if ubuntu related05:32
dseomnnope, not ubuntu related05:32
mdkewell then a LP request is definitely not the right place :)05:33
dseomnok, thanks05:33
mdkenot a lot of people use LP yet outside Ubuntu05:33
dseomnubuntu people might be interested, but it's not realted to ubuntu. I want something like http://www.terrasource.net/ but free/libre and for ubuntu05:34
dseomns/for/able to legally work on/05:35
mdkedseomn, sounds nice05:40
dseomnyeah, a lot of the work is there, just not the gui stuff, and I have virtually no gui coding skills05:41
dseomnpovray with some new include files could do a lot of the work05:42
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matsubaraDoes anybody know where is the link to register a new project?05:55
matsubaraI just filed bug 419605:56
UbugtuMalone bug #4196: No obvious way to register a new project Fix req. for: launchpad (upstream), Severity: Normal, Assigned to: Nobody, Status: New http://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/419605:56
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KinnisonHilo all06:41
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Prodigal_Son... I put in my e-mail address to register for launchpad over 24 hours ago, and still have not recieved a registration e-mail, anything i can do about that?09:43
Prodigal_Sonaparently not a friendly crowd :(09:46
=== dseomn loves the famous Prodigal_Son
=== Prodigal_Son chuckles
=== dseomn just has no idea what to do about hius problem
matsubaraYou can try using another e-mail09:47
Prodigal_Soni c09:47
Prodigal_Soni put in 3 different ones09:47
N3twrkM4nI just registered about half an hour ago and it went right through...09:47
=== Prodigal_Son frowns
N3twrkM4nDid you press Enter or Click the Submit button?09:47
Prodigal_Soni clicked on the button09:48
N3twrkM4nSometimes it makes a difference09:48
Prodigal_Sonand i got the screen saying e-mail has been sent09:48
uwsProdigal_Son: Did you kill a goat while registering? And mumbling words of praise to Launchpadtulatalalaebeb when hitting SUBMIT?09:48
N3twrkM4ndid you try using the same e-mail twice?09:48
N3twrkM4nyes goats blood is necessary09:48
N3twrkM4nas are chicken bones09:48
uwsFRESH chicken bones09:48
uwsvery important09:48
dseomnProdigal_Son: did you check the mail server logs (if it's your server)?09:48
N3twrkM4ncall your ISP and have them check your mail logs ;-)09:48
Prodigal_Sonit's a yahoo account, and my school account09:49
N3twrkM4nYahoo takes a while for some things09:49
N3twrkM4nI had a RR account used and they usually go through quickly09:49
Prodigal_Sonfigured my school account should go in09:49
N3twrkM4nmy school e-mail is slow as hell09:49
=== uws thinks something must have gone wrong with the goat and the chicken bones
N3twrkM4nsend a message one day, maybe get it the next09:49
=== N3twrkM4n thinks he didn't use enough blood
dseomnProdigal_Son: try again while chanting "42! 42! 42! ..."09:50
N3twrkM4nhow long have you waited for the e-mails?09:50
Prodigal_Son24 hours09:50
dseomnif this were #musicbrainz I would say try bribing sabdfl with chocolate09:50
N3twrkM4nhard saying09:51
N3twrkM4ncould be a fluke09:51
N3twrkM4nmaybe you typed the e-mail addresses wrong all three times?09:51
N3twrkM4nMavis Beacon would know09:51
N3twrkM4nI'd wait, to see if you get some kinda error in your mail in the next day09:52
N3twrkM4nor try to have a friend sign up and see if he/she can signup09:52
matsubaraProdigal_Son: maybe you can check if Yahoo isn't filtering it as spam...09:53
dseomnif it is, you need dance with a piece of ham while clicking submit09:53
N3twrkM4nham and pineapple...09:54
N3twrkM4nwith those aewsome cherries09:54
N3twrkM4non 350 for 3 hours09:54
dseomnno, ham is the opposite of spam09:54
dseomnwho cares about the actual food, the digital stuff is what counts!09:55
N3twrkM4ndigital ham?09:56
N3twrkM4nwith cherries and pineapple?09:56
dseomnerr... suuure09:56
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Prodigal_Soni checked my bulk mail10:02
N3twrkM4nthe suspense is killing me10:02
Prodigal_Soneven my college account didn't get the message10:03
uwsxnand :P10:04
uwsnand is enough10:05
dseomnxand isn't real, and neither is xnand (it would be nxand if it were real anyway)10:05
uwsor xor10:05
uwsehm, nor10:05
uwsnand and nor are both logically complete, right?10:05
=== Keybuk [n=scott@modemcable139.249-203-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
dseomnA nand B = not (A and B)10:05
uwsdseomn: I know10:06
matsubaraProdigal_Son: I have to go, ask kiko when he's around. He might be able to help you.10:06
=== Prodigal_Son nods at matsubara
uws and  are also complete10:07
Prodigal_Sonok, another side note... which of the iso files would i need to download for an amd athalon processor based PC10:07
uwsProdigal_Son: just i386?10:07
dseomnuws: I thought  was used in logic, not 10:08
Prodigal_Sonubuntu-5.10-install-i386 ?10:08
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Prodigal_Sonwhat are the torrent, list, and manifest files for?10:10
dseomntorrent is for downloading with bittorrent10:10
dseomnlist is the list of packages IIRC10:10
dseomnmanifest is some english info IIRC10:11
uws is used in my course and it's dubble-headed counterpart (bi-implication), dseomn 10:11
Prodigal_Sonah, so the only one i actually need is the install-i386.iso, correct?10:11
dseomnyes, but if you have a torrent client, the torrent might be faster10:12
Prodigal_Soni'm running winxppro if that tells you anything.... (no clue what a torrent client is)10:12
dseomndon't bother with it then10:12
Prodigal_Sonubuntu will be my first experience with a linux base10:13
dseomndo you have broadband?10:13
dseomngood, downloading cd images over dialup takes days10:13
=== Prodigal_Son smirks
Prodigal_Sonatm it says there's about 6 hours left for the image10:14
dseomnI have dsl now, but when I first started with *nix (freebsd 4.9 and fedora core 1 IIRC) it took about 2-3 days per image10:14
dseomnnow it takes about 2-4 hours10:14
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Prodigal_Sonwish my t3 would speed up some... stupid campus firewalls11:06
mdkei wish my 256kbit would speed up11:07
NafalloI wish my 24Mbit would run full speed some time :-P11:08
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exarkunHow come launchpad and bugzilla.ubuntu.com don't have a single-sign-on system?11:09
=== sfeehan [n=sfeehan@pool-64-222-103-115.burl.east.verizon.net] has joined #launchpad
mdkeexarkun, because bugzilla is on the way out11:12
mdkeit isn't worth it11:12
exarkunGood answer11:15
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=== Prodigal_Son yawns, waiting for 5.10 to download
=== poningru [n=poningru@pool-71-243-235-153.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has joined #launchpad

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