TerminXslomo: I can't seem to post a bug to malone regarding my mplayer issues, but I've tracked the problem down to the MAKEDEV v4l in the postinst script12:05
slomoTerminX: why can't you post a malone bug?12:05
TerminXit gives me a 40412:05
slomoTerminX: https://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/+package  <--- get here, enter ubuntu as distribution, mplayer as pacakge name and fill in the other stuff... give me the bug number afterwards ;)12:06
TerminXanyways, the MAKEDEV v4l is wiping out all of my audio related device nodes and replacing them with ones owned by root with group root with permissions 70012:07
TerminXwait, not even 70012:07
TerminX600 ;)12:07
Kamionslomo: (https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+filebug)12:08
slomoTerminX: well, if you can file a bug assign it to me or give me the bug number... i'll write it on my todo list now anyway ;)12:09
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robertjhas there been any discussion about using a user list with gdm?12:14
TerminXslomo: I searched for people to assign it to and it came up with "ewald_dieser@web.de" for "slomo"; is that correct?12:15
=== anavim [n=adamw@nat1.supportsoft.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
TerminXslomo: bug 416612:24
TerminXslomo: however, it's not actually a bug in Ubuntu, it was something on my system, so you might as well just close it ;)12:24
TerminXjust figured it out, heh12:24
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mvoelmo: please sync file (override ok)12:40
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kornitoSeveas: you gotta unban me in ubuntu01:20
kornitoi didn't do anything01:20
Seveaskornito, do not take such issues to #ubuntu-devel01:21
Seveas#ubuntu-offtopic is more appropriate01:21
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\shnow i need mvo to teach me how to create nice gtk UIs ,)01:34
mvo\sh: hello01:35
mvo\sh: glade is a lovely tool :)01:35
=== anavim [n=adamw@nat1.supportsoft.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
\shmvo: ok...then I need some python-glade love :)01:36
\shnaja...das lern ich noch schnell morgen :)01:36
\shmvo: ok..i learn it as fast as possible tomorrow01:36
mvohehe :) that's the spirit!01:36
sistpotyi could only serve you with an gtk-example for python, written directly ;)01:37
mvo\sh: let's get into it tomorrow, I will go to bed very soon 01:37
\shand I hope end of next week we have a nice reportbugs replacement with or without UI for LP01:37
mvo\sh: use "SimpleGladeApp" as the basis and it will be all fine01:37
mvo\sh: *yum* reportbug ... auto-transmiting information like the version of the package that the bug is filed against? that would so rock01:38
siretartsistpoty: \sh: awesome work for today. lets see: http://revu.tauware.de/~sistpoty/MoM/index.py?state=new and http://tiber.tauware.de/~shermann/motu-tools/lpbugs.py in just few hours of work!01:38
\shsiretart: thx to u .. u were the inspiration01:38
siretartmvo: check the that links01:39
siretartmvo: thats not about general bug filing, just to help us to get an overview about what to do about universe merges01:39
\shmvo: which is quite easy to achive..sourcepacke version is not a hard thing to integrate...but the hard thing is to magic regexp search throughout the html source of LP 01:40
siretartmvo: currently malone requires a gpg signature for filing bugs :(01:40
sistpotysiretart: thx :)01:41
\sh"I have many  signatures of my fellow citizens, but the xmlrpc interface is missing" (slighty changed quote out of Fahrenheit 9/11) 01:41
mvosiretart, \sh there has been some talk about a xml-rpm interface, do you know more about it?01:41
=== mvo should go to bed
mvo"xml-rpc" :)01:41
\shxml-rpm ?01:41
siretartmvo: there are xml-rpc interfaces to launchpad, but they are not accessible to the public right now afaik01:42
mvooh, ok01:43
siretartmvo: I think the launchpad guys are quite busy with soyuz right now, so I'd say lets wait for after Feature Freeze and think then about a general and nice to have bugreporting tool01:43
mvosiretart: *nod* 01:44
siretartok. /me needs sleep. urgently. 01:45
siretartgood night, see you tomorrow!01:45
\shi'm testing the close function now01:45
\shand it looks like that this works too01:46
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minghuathe MoM status page is awesome01:46
sistpotythx minghua01:49
\shminghua: it is sistpoty did a good job01:49
sistpotyfortunately i had to hack only pretty few things, as this is basically much of revu2-infrastructure that i misused ;)01:49
\shshit..closing does not work...i don't actually know if its now my fault or the fault of lp01:50
=== Gman- is now known as GmanAFK
minghuasistpoty: good job indeed, it motivates me to do more merge work :-)01:51
=== psusi [n=phreak@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
psusiI'm trying to compile a package from source and the configure script says the c compiler can't create executables... well it can... how can I trace how the configure script is invoking the compiler?01:52
psusiI tried strace -eexecve and -e vfork... no calls01:52
sistpotyhehe, thx minghua... actually my only idea was that i thought that only the scotts logs might lead to confusion01:53
\shmy fault01:54
\shi used the non signed mail text01:54
=== spstarr_home loads eric :)
sistpotyminghua: just because I saw that right now... please use s.th. with "merge new debian version" as bug title for your next merges... that way the merge-tracker will know it's a merge-bug and update the status01:57
\shsistpoty: motu hopefuls will use from tomorrow on (somehow) the lpbugs.py :) which is easier to handle :)01:59
\shsistpoty: we have to push this nifty tool to the universe01:59
sistpotysure thing... I just try to avoid having to manually update status of 30-40 merges in the db when i wake up ;)02:00
\shsistpoty: ;)02:01
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spstarr_homeuh oh, one of the ubuntu mirrors has a bad GPG key02:13
spstarr_home http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com02:13
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spstarr_home\sh: to build eric with whats listed in MoM, dependency for python-qtext -> python2.4-qtext02:25
=== ptlo [n=senko@83-131-72-15.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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\shspstarr_home: as I said, please wait until debian upstream is ready. we will sync asap.  02:28
spstarr_homeim waiting, i was just trying out whats currently in queue :)02:29
\shspstarr_home: if eric is not building because of some dependencies, we will work on it. python-qtext should default to python2.4-qtext02:30
spstarr_homeyeah i fixed that in the patch02:30
spstarr_homethe last thing i need to fix is the default site-packages location (it put it in python2.3)02:31
spstarr_homethen it runs 02:31
spstarr_homeso while i wait for the official build, im good to go02:31
spstarr_homeeric3conifg.debian 2.3 -> 2.4 02:32
spstarr_homeoh even easier then I thought02:32
=== kyncani [n=kyncani@lns-bzn-1-82-250-5-133.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
\shspstarr_home: ?? which eric package are u using?02:35
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\shspstarr_home: ah now02:37
\shaeh no02:37
\shdon't use it02:37
\shdamn...it's broken02:37
spstarr_homea little02:37
\sha little too much02:37
spstarr_homeaside from fixing rules and the location of eric3config stuff ? there's other bits broken?02:38
neuralismdz: ping02:40
neuralisnevermind, he's not here.02:41
spstarr_homefixed that, it now installs to python2.402:41
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spstarr_homeeric3 now needs lua03:15
=== kikidonk_ [n=kikidonk@ip-83-134-2-22.dsl.scarlet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
\shelmo: please remove eric3 from the repositories. eric3 is not used anymore...please please let it disappear magically (no morgue needed) thank you so much :)03:19
\shelmo: eric is replacing eric3 (fyi)03:19
spstarr_homehmm,  my QScintilla is too old03:20
=== chris38-home [n=Christia@LSt-Amand-152-31-26-96.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
\shspstarr_home: a new qscintilla is already in dapper...as the whole python-qt/kde toolchain03:21
spstarr_homeodd, something broke with this build03:21
spstarr_homeAttributeError: luaGroupBox03:22
spstarr_hometrying to figure out which python module has this03:22
spstarr_homei think I know why03:25
spstarr_home'ericWizardsDir'      : r'/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/eric/Wizards',03:28
spstarr_home <- wrong03:28
spstarr_homeit got moved to /usr/share/eric/modules/Wizards03:28
=== bmonty_laptop [n=bmontgom@wsip-68-15-230-31.om.om.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
spstarr_homehmm, some of the new patch code breaks.. now i see ;)03:39
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spstarr_homeoh we dont have python2.4-sip4-kde3?05:57
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tkupWhat is the process like of submitting code/programs for inclusion in ubuntu?06:03
LaserJockfor universe packages you can add it to wiki.ubuntu.com/UniverseCandidates06:04
tkupThanks for the link. I just snuck a peek at it. Do you all would rather not deal with small packages (read < 200 lines of code) or should I just put on a flame-resistant suit and dive in?06:07
LaserJockhmmm, you might ask over at #ubuntu-motu, it probably depends on the usefulness, etc.06:09
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:Kamion] : Ubuntu Development (not support, even with dapper) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion | #ubuntu-motu for getting involved in development | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs | Ubuntu 5.10 released: http://www.ubuntu.com/newsitems/release510 | First Dapper CDs: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/
KamionI have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA whether these will boot, install, work, or eat your system06:40
Kamionuse at your own risk, but testing would be nice - I won't be able to test these until Monday06:41
LaserJockKamion: is the live cd any safer than the install cd? Seems like it should be06:45
=== slomo [n=slomo@ubuntu/member/slomo] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KamionLaserJock: I have no information on either. In reality I think neither is particularly likely to actually eat your system, but I have to say that kind of thing just in case.07:06
KamionIf the install CD doesn't install successfully then you can always use the rescue mode it offers.07:06
LaserJockI am downloading the live cd as we speak ;-)07:08
LaserJockI haven't tried a Ubuntu live-cd yet and I am running my Windows laptop this weekedn07:08
Kamionif I had to bet on one working properly at the moment, I'd bet on the install CD; so don't judge Ubuntu by this one if the live CD fails :)07:09
Kamionif you just want something that works, use the released 5.10 live CD07:09
LaserJockyeah maybe, I07:10
LaserJockam in a testing mood though07:10
Kamionok, cool07:11
Kamionyou get to be the first one to test a dapper image, then ;)07:11
LaserJockworking on the universe merge makes me want to try stuff07:11
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infinityKamion : Found the purge bug.  Shouldn't happen again.08:27
infinity(famous last words)08:27
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neuralisinfinity, have a second?08:32
Burgundavianeuralis, think you could extend that server testing framework to laptops?08:34
neuralisBurgundavia, the catalog? sure, easily.08:35
Burgundavianeuralis, then we could do away with the wiki page cludge08:36
Burgundaviaand get a lot more people on with better testing08:36
neuralisBurgundavia, i'm all for it. in fact, there's probably no reason for us not to extend our official certification program to laptops, as well.08:37
Burgundaviacan you do completely automated testing of laptops?08:37
Burgundaviaor do we need a gtk app to say "now press the fn+f1 key"08:37
neuraliscertainly not completely automated, but we can automate what we can, and provide clear instructions on how to test the rest.08:38
Burgundavianeuralis, can you coordinate with mjg59 over what exactly he needs from the laptop testing stuff08:39
neuralisBurgundavia, yes, but that's on the backburner for the time being. servers first, and i won't even implement that until february.08:39
Burgundaviamatthew might even be interested in writing it himself08:40
Burgundaviano fears, laptop testing is a long term thing anyway08:40
neuralisoh, you're talking about the actual testing app. yeah, i can talk to him about it, sure.08:40
=== Kamion_ [n=cjwatson@83-216-156-196.colinw664.adsl.metronet.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Burgundavianeuralis, cheers08:41
neuralisi'll support different hardware classes in the catalog when i write it, so we can do things like 'laptops', 'servers', 'pdas' (for embedded ubuntu), and so on.08:41
neuralisi'll fire off an e-mail to malcolm and see how he feels about laptop certification.08:42
hungerMy Thinkpad runs great since breezy. Hoary was a catastrophy, but breezy is *NICE*08:43
hungerThanks for all the laptop work you guys already did.08:43
neuralisBurgundavia, you worked on the menusrevisited, right?08:43
Burgundaviahunger, you are not the only one who saw a major improvement from hoary to breezy08:43
Burgundavianeuralis, that I did08:43
Burgundaviai wrote most of it08:44
hungerBurgundavia: It basically went from "unusable" to "rocks":-)08:44
hungerBurgundavia: Thanks!08:44
neuralisBurgundavia, i saw a great proposal regarding gnome menus somewhere that i wanted you to look at, let me see if i can dig it up08:44
Burgundaviahunger, my job was purely secretarial08:44
Burgundavianeuralis, fire away08:44
=== hunger hopes his HDD crash sensor will work in dapper.
hungerLet's see whether the kernel devs will get the necessary support into the kernel in time.08:47
=== magnon [n=co@photogeeks/magnon] has joined #ubuntu-devel
neuralisBurgundavia, i can't seem to find it now. although, i did wonder: what happened to the actions menu in gnome?08:48
Burgundavianeuralis, it was replaced by places and system08:48
Burgundaviabecause it contained bits of both08:49
BurgundaviaI saw the proposal for resurrecting it as a true actions menu08:49
BurgundaviaI liked the idea08:49
neuralisi think that might've been what i was looking at08:49
infinityKamion : Dude, ubuntu-desktop became uninstallable like an hour after we built the livecds... TIMING. :)08:49
=== zakame [n=Josh@ubuntu/member/zakame] has joined #ubuntu-devel
neuralisinfinity: can you glance over the rewritten TestingServerHardware spec?08:50
Burgundavianeuralis, that was on desktop-devel08:50
zakamehi all08:50
neuralisBurgundavia, the thing an actions menu is good for is not pieces of 'places' and 'system', but from pulling in the very, very bare minimum from 'applications'.08:50
neuralisBurgundavia, 'write an e-mail', 'surf the web', 'chat with friends', 'edit photos', 'play music', spacer, 'write a document', 'create a presentation', 'create a spreadsheet'.08:52
neuraliswith that there, i'd be a whole lot less concerned about clutter in the remainder of the menus turning off new users (even though it's great that it's being addressed.)08:53
Burgundavianeuralis, that is probably dapper+1 at least08:53
tsengi would say that 4 menus is too many08:53
Burgundaviatseng, I happen to agree with that08:54
=== marilize [n=marilize@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tsengbesides what is the actions bar for vs what is the applications bar for08:54
Mithrandirmy top bar is getting really crowded and there's no way I'd have room for an "actions" menu.08:54
tsengand yes, *I* can understand your distinction08:54
Burgundaviathe thing that would be most logical to remove if we added actions would be applications08:54
Burgundaviaand that is gnome 3 (ie, currently most crack) territory08:55
tsengits still two places to launch an app08:55
tsengif you coddle people too much, there will come a time they want to do something more08:55
tsengand be baffled08:55
neuralistseng, i agree that 4 menus is too much, and i wouldn't want (or use) an actions menu. but it seems it's much friendlier to a new user than having to search for an application through the app categories.08:55
tsengneuralis: it might seem that way in the simplist of cases08:56
Burgundaviathere are a huge number of corner cases that need to be worked out on such a major shift like that08:57
=== hunger thinks that having several ways to access one app is more confusiong than having a biggish menu.
tsengi wouldnt call them corners at all08:57
neuraliswhat if the applications menu only had those choices i listed above, and then a "Show all programs >" entry on the bottom, which expands into the application menu that we have today?08:57
=== doko [n=doko@dslb-084-059-083-210.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
hungerUsers are (usually) not stupid.08:58
Burgundaviaif we are going to switch to that sort of menu, we need to do it cold turket08:58
Burgundaviaturkey, even08:58
Mithrandirneuralis: it would be horrible and I would really, really like to have an option to turn it off.08:58
Mithrandiror, I08:58
Mithrandiror, I'd probably would just remove the whole menu.08:58
Mithrandirand use deskbar-applet instead.08:58
tsengMithrandir: openbox++08:59
Mithrandirtseng: I already use openbox, but that doesn't have a panel thingy.08:59
BurgundaviaI can a menu of the places menu, the actions menu and the deskbar applet08:59
tsengit has a menu08:59
tsengand i know you do :)08:59
BurgundaviaI can see08:59
neuralisBurgundavia, in any case, i'm not happy with these ideas either, but it also seems like there's a better way to do it than we do now.08:59
Mithrandirtseng: yes, but nautilus grabs the root menu08:59
Mithrandirand I like having somewhere to stuff my applets.08:59
neuralisBurgundavia, maybe just killing clutter in the menus will be sufficient.08:59
tsengMithrandir: i remap it to middle click.08:59
marilizehi everybody09:00
zakamehi marilize09:00
Burgundavianeuralis, it is a good start09:00
Burgundaviasalut marilize 09:00
Mithrandirtseng: Alt-F3 gives me deskbar and I can usually just whack in what I want and press enter and it's the right thing.  Hitting keys is easier than hitting stuff on a menu.09:00
Burgundaviamarilize, is it possible to get 100 or 200 cds shipped without their covers?09:00
hungerneuralis: There already is a "debian" menu for "all stuff". Why not keep the normal menus cleaner?09:00
Burgundaviahunger, debian menu is a legacy hack09:01
neuralishunger, ugh. that menu needs to die.09:01
viviersfright, why would it get a : "/dev/initctl not found " error ?09:01
hungerHiding the admin stuff for non-admins is a good step, doing anything more is overkill IMHO.09:01
Burgundaviahunger, then comment with specific reasons why in th appropriate place09:01
=== neuralis has to run out and get groceries
Burgundaviahunger,  I did blog about it09:02
neuralisBurgundavia, i'll mail mjg re: laptop testing later today, and cc you09:02
Burgundavianeuralis, can you email the laptop-testing list?09:03
neuralisinstead of, or in addition to, mjg directly?09:03
Burgundavianeuralis, instead of09:03
hungerBurgundavia: What is the proper place?09:03
Burgundaviahe and I and a lot of others are on the list09:03
neuralisBurgundavia, will do.09:03
=== Burgundavia knew that question was coming
neuralisBurgundavia, i'll probably wait until i hear from mdz regarding the server spec, though.09:04
Burgundavianeuralis, np09:04
marilizeBurgandavia: wow, never asked that  before, I'll have to find out....09:04
marilizewhy dont you want covers?09:05
Burgundaviamarilize, the reason I am asking is for a future project of mine09:05
neuralismarilize, what's the current count on breezy cds shipped?09:05
Burgundaviamarilize, malcolm and I are talking about Ubuntu in library catalogues. The plan as I envision it would be for loco teams to buy dvd cases, print localized inserts and covers and distribute them to local libraries09:06
marilizeBurgundavia: will find out for you.....09:07
Burgundaviamarilize, cheers09:07
marilizeneuralis: not sure, Silbs would have to correct count09:07
hungerBurgundavia: I'll try to remember to comment on that as soon as I can access the page:-)09:07
Burgundaviahunger, welcome to our wiki09:08
neuralis*muttermutter*mediawiki*mutter*. :)09:08
hungerBurgundavia: Not the wiki's fault. I do not have net access from here:-)09:08
hungerAt least not to https sites.09:08
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Burgundavianeuralis, don't I wish09:09
Burgundaviahunger, if you email me your comments, I will but them their09:09
=== Burgundavia is ashamed that he is a native English speaker/writer
magnonbetter than french 09:10
Burgundaviawell, with mistakes like the ones I have been making tongith09:10
hungerBurgundavia: Well, I will have email access once I have web access, too:-)09:12
Burgundaviahunger, ah09:12
hungerBurgundavia: Have you read "The humane interface" form Raskin (the Mac guy)? It is a really cool book.09:12
highvoltageBurgundavia: why?09:13
highvoltagenevermind... /me should read properly :)09:13
highvoltagesome people compare english to windows. it's easy to learn, and just as easy to mess up.09:14
=== hunger never had trouble with windows since about the 95 Version.
hungerThat I switch to linux at that time might have something to do with that.09:17
=== highvoltage never had trouble with windows since the xp version. by a huge co-incidence, this was also the time i stopped using windows.
highvoltagehunger: :)09:17
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sivangmorning all09:45
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janimofabbione, ping10:31
janimojust read you mail re. xubuntu, I must migrate from that old mail address10:32
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janimohey daniel10:44
=== lionel_ [n=lionel@ABordeaux-152-1-71-46.w81-250.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachhey jani10:50
dholbachhow are you?10:50
janimodholbach, fine thanks10:52
janimotrying to get organized :)10:53
janimoit seems unphysiological10:53
janimoand how's DJ-ing ;) ?10:53
dholbachjanimo: excellent, but i still need a table that's higher than usual ones10:55
dholbachjanimo: apart from that, i'm quite happy ;)10:55
janimoor high heels ;)10:55
janimoand a wig10:55
janimoor is that another branch of entertainment ;) ?10:56
dholbachno, you're wrong ;)10:56
janimoare you using headphones or is murphy enjoying it too?10:57
dholbachboth, i use headphones and murphy enjoys over the speakers :)10:58
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Burgundaviawhiprush_, for planet news http://www.tomshardware.com/howto/20051110/index.html11:12
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Mithrandirchmj: please close the merge bugs when you are done with them11:23
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seb128elmo: menu-xdg libbonobo libbonoboui djvulibre syncs please11:55
chmjMithrandir: sure, gonna do that just now 11:55
Mithrandirdholbach: you want dasher, as it's gnome-team now, or should I?11:57
dholbachMithrandir: i can do that11:57
Mithrandirdholbach: coolie11:58
=== Mithrandir looks at boost and thinks "you know it's bad when the ubuntu patch is almost four times the size of the .orig.tar.gz"
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=== vuntz|away is now known as vuntz
=== chmj laffs
highvoltageMithrandir: is there an ubuntu package for dosage?12:02
Mithrandirhighvoltage: no idea, why?12:04
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highvoltageMithrandir: seems that there's a debian package, but not for ubuntu. i'd like to take it for -motu, if no one else is working on a package12:05
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dholbachelmo: can you please sync dasher from sid? ok to override12:12
seb128lamont-away, infinity: please push a rebuild for goffice it broke due to a libgsf soname changes and binary not promoted yet12:13
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chmjelmo: ping - imlib2 sync please, ubuntu override ok 12:23
\shelmo: please sync arpack++ from debian unstable, ubuntu override ok12:29
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\shelmo: please sync aview from debian unstable, ubuntu override ok12:55
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infinityneuralis : It looks okay to me, but ultimately, you want mdz's feedback, not mine (especially since I thought the previous messy/ugly spec was okay...)01:05
neuralisinfinity, yeah, i requested feedback from him through launchpad01:06
neuralisjust wanted a sanity check01:06
infinityneuralis : I really appreciate all the work you and HCS are willing to put into this, BTW.01:07
highvoltageg/win 1101:07
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neuralisinfinity, my pleasure. i want us to be an unmatched server distribution.01:09
neuraliswith server-candy, certification and clustering, i think we're getting there.01:10
infinityI don't think that's an unreasonable goal.01:10
infinityWe're pretty much there already, IMO, it's all about the polish required to make sure others agree.01:11
infinity(And widespread testing to find the really embarassing bugs before release...)01:11
Dizietgdk--  #  case GDK_COPY: xvalues.function = GXcopy; break;   etc. etc. etc.01:11
infinityneuralis : Do you have the facilities/expertise to do MySQL stress testing?  I need to make a hard decision on 4.1 versus 5.0 within weeks.01:12
neuralisinfinity, i'm away from cambridge for the next two months, which makes it more difficult.01:15
infinityneuralis : Right, I'll set it up in my living room, then. :)01:15
neuralisinfinity, how do you plan to do it? i do have some very large datasets on hand, but not any particularly complex queries.01:16
infinityneuralis : The biggest issue is finding a mess of rather, uh, messy datasets to shuffle around and attempt to break it.01:16
\shinfinity: mysql stresstesting in your livingroom? wow...01:16
infinity\sh : <shrug>... I'm a hardware nerd.  There's a reason I do server stuff.01:16
infinityneuralis : Massive datasets would be nice.  Nicer if they include insane relations and stored procedures and such.  Nicer again if they come with a chart of the DB I can glance at to construct arbitrarily convoluted and confusing queries. :)01:17
\shinfinity: hmm...8 node cluster mysql installation stresstesting...this in your livingroom.please send pics ,)01:17
infinity(The latter can probably be done randomly, though, and would probably be better random anyway)01:18
sistpotyinfinity: I do have some tough datasets/queries at hand, but unfortunately I don't know if they work with mysql (they where made for postgres/oracle)01:18
infinity\sh : 3-node, probably, but.. <shrug>01:18
infinityseb128 : goffice unbuggered.01:19
infinitysistpoty : In theory, MySQL 5.0 should support pretty much every feature pgsql does (well, more or less), but getting the data from one to the other can be a chore.01:20
=== kikidonk [n=kikidonk@ip-83-134-6-244.dsl.scarlet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
infinitysistpoty : One probably not worth doing, when I can create random tables and relations if I have to.01:21
neuralisinfinity, i think your living room is your best bet. it'd be a lot easier for me to help if i were back in the states. :/01:21
infinityneuralis : No big deal.  The living room and I will have words when I get home.01:21
sistpotyinfinity: I'll take a look at the datasets... iirc i used to have scripts to create plain insert statements, so it might be trivial... (I needed these in both postgres and oracle)01:22
neuralisinfinity, otoh, if you just want a big dataset to mutilate and play with, grab http://download.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/20051105_pages_full.xml.7z (package 'p7zip' to unpack)01:22
=== jinty [n=jinty@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
infinitysistpoty : It's not the insert statements that suck, it's all the incompatibly named types that may or may not be aliased (and, hence, may require rewriting table creation syntax) that can make it a pain in the butt.01:23
infinityneuralis : Yeah, someone mentioned wikipaedia before.  Big dataset, good for testing storage backends and general stability, but not complex enough to be useful for catching corner cases.01:24
infinityneuralis : And I really hope upstream's in a position to pass the former tests with flying colours.01:24
neuralisinfinity, right, but catching corner cases usefully would require some very careful test suite development, i think01:25
neuralisinfinity, i don't think you can easily come up with any test that their QA department hasn't developed and run in-house already.01:25
infinityIncredibly complex relations that are next to impossible to dump/restore + pseudo-random code generation = profit.01:25
=== Diziet runs diff on the output from 3diff.
infinityneuralis : No, I can't come up with ideas they haven't, but I can hit different bugs with sheer luck. ;)01:25
neuralisi'll cross my fingers ;)01:26
infinityMostly, I'm expecting community testers will catch most the hideous stuff in the next month now that 5.0 is GA, but I do want to test ON UBUNTU, for obvious reasons.01:26
neuralisaye. when do you need to decide?01:27
infinityI'm setting myself a hard limit of... Uhh.. "Christmas... ish"01:27
infinityI want to do the final "rebuild the whole effin' archive against the libmysqlclient I want to keep in main" in early January, so it's done before the sprint.01:28
mdkeare you not fixing GOK in breezy?01:29
neuralisinfinity, wikimedia will possibly have have switched to 5.0 by then, and what they lack in relational complexity, they make up in insane usage patterns. i'll let you know if they reach any conclusions about 5.0 before your personal deadline.01:30
neuraliss/have have/have/01:30
=== magnon [n=co@photogeeks/magnon] has joined #ubuntu-devel
infinityneuralis : Cool, thanks.01:30
dholbachmdke: you think i should upload the dependency change to breezy-updates? hrmmm01:30
infinityneuralis : What OS do they run on?01:30
neuralisinfinity, linux. fc mostly.01:30
mdkedholbach, yes, very much so. You may also remember that seb agreed01:31
infinityneuralis : Alright, should be close enough to get a decent view anyway.  I'll still need to do some sanity testing in Ubuntu, obviously.01:31
=== Simira [n=rpGirl@214.84-48-74.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachmdke: will get approval for it01:31
mdkethanks dholbach 01:31
mdkeit's a big blocker for accessibility in breezy01:32
neuralisinfinity, yeah, makes sense. and i have my sights on eventually converting them to ubuntu.01:32
infinityneuralis : A noble goal, but hey, I'm just happy if they're not running WinNT or a commercial UNIX at this point. :)01:32
infinityneuralis : (and for my own selfish testing needs, it's nice that they're running Linux)01:33
neuralisinfinity, it's against policy for them. they do foss only, unless it's absolutely necessary to do otherwise (e.g. their donated sun machine runs solaris).01:34
sistpotyinfinity: http://revu.tauware.de/~sistpoty/for_infinity/database.tar.gz01:34
infinitysistpoty : That's an awfully tiny DB...01:35
neuralisinfinity, you know, you might want to just get in touch with their QA people and ask to borrow some of *their* test datasets?01:36
sistpotyinfinity: well... the tables should be ~1000 entries iirc01:36
infinityneuralis : Yes, I will be doing that too.01:36
infinitysistpoty : Yes, that's tiny. :)01:36
sistpotyinfinity: hehe, but it was big enough for students (that actually had to do these sql-statements) *g*01:37
infinityneuralis : I have open dialogue with MySQL upstream about 5.0 in dapper, so I'll tap whatever resources I can get away with.01:37
neuralisinfinity, great. when asking, offer to receive their datasets under NDA if there's no other way - all we really care about is whether the tests run nicely on ubuntu.01:37
infinityneuralis : <nod>... They'll be more than willing, they seem pretty keen on seeing us support 5.001:38
infinity(To be honest, I'm leaning toward 5.0 too, just cause I don't want to backport security fixes to 4.1 for 5 years... But I'm so not willing to commit without some hard facts)01:39
neuralisyeah, +1 on 5.0 here, for a couple of reasons. 01:40
=== infinity ponders wandering downstairs for his last hotel breakfast...
sistpotyI stopped using mysql somewhere at 3.x... so no clue about the latest changes01:40
mdkegeez what sort of crazy network content-filters planet.ubuntu.com01:40
infinitysistpoty : It's grown up a lot since 3.2301:41
sistpotyinfinity: maybe I'll give it a try once i get to it ;)01:41
infinitysistpoty : It's now got every feature under the sun that people kept asking for (stored procedures, subqueries, standard data types, etc, etc), yet somehow maintains the age-old incredible speed.01:42
neuralismysql 3.23 still makes baby cthulhu cry.01:42
infinitysistpoty : Worth giving it a test.01:42
infinityneuralis : I had 3.23 on my colo machine until... Uhh.. 2 months ago.01:42
infinityneuralis : *cough*01:42
=== zakame [n=zak@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
neuralisinfinity, that's very unfortunate.01:43
infinityneuralis : Who needs fancy things like transactions anyway?.. 3.23 was basically a FAT filesystem with a SQL frontend. :)01:43
infinity(A fast one, though)01:44
=== enrico_ is now known as enrico
neuralisinfinity, yep, but i find myisam to be all but horrid in production, except in tightly controlled use cases.01:44
=== pitti [n=pitti@ubuntu/member/pitti] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiGood morning01:45
infinityYo, pitti.01:46
infinitypitti : Heading to breakfast?01:46
infinityThe Last Brekkie.01:46
pittiinfinity: still want to shave, shower, etc.01:46
pittiinfinity: just mail exchange with my gf for now :)01:47
infinityBah.  Cleanliness is for people who don't do software development.01:47
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Simiraah, you're going home today01:48
Simirathese days went so fast01:48
pittiyes, this afternoon01:48
sistpotyelmo: please sync haddock (0.7-1) from unstable ubuntu override ok01:48
sistpotydamn my punctuation *g*01:49
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infinityHas anyone actually tested our Crack of the Day dapper CDs yet?01:50
infinityI'm terribly curious if they.. Uhm.. Boot.01:50
infinity(working otherwise would be even cooler)01:50
seb128infinity: thanks for the goffice build01:54
pittimvo: can you please use -v when you merge packages?01:55
=== poningru [n=poningru@n128-227-34-119.xlate.ufl.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdkeooh dapper cds01:56
mvopitti: ups, yes01:56
mdkeinfinity, are there 3 different dailies for today?01:56
mdkeoh no01:57
mdkejust powerpc in different folders01:57
Mithrandirmvo: I'd appreciate if you would close bugs when you've merged stuff.  I spent some time this morning merging imagemagick because the bug was still open. :-/01:58
mvoMithrandir: I'm very sorry for that. I usually close the bugs, this one must have slipped through :(01:59
seb128pitti: thanks :)01:59
Mithrandirmvo: ok, np.  Slips happen. :-)02:00
seb128pitti: so I don't feel alone to ask people to use -v :p02:00
seb128Mithrandir: have you looked on this weird gtk ia32 hack?02:00
seb128Mithrandir: I've reassigned the bug to you, let me know if that's the wrong place :)02:01
mvoMithrandir: I go over my accepted mails now and check if I forgot any other close02:01
Simirayay! I'm first in the phone support queue02:01
neuralisthere's a phone support queue?02:02
Simirauh, yes...02:02
=== Aegir is now known as Awaygir
neuralisthis is not ubuntu you're talking about, right? :)02:02
MithrandirSimira: you're still going to be home for a while, right?02:03
=== zoe_ [n=zoe@p5112-ipad76osakakita.osaka.ocn.ne.jp] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirseb128: it's probably my bug, yes.02:03
Simirarather my private adsl line02:03
SimiraMithrandir: yes? 02:03
neuralisSimira, ah, makes sense.02:03
MithrandirSimira: goodie, dhl just called and they _still_ had the wrong address, so they'll drop by in a little while.. I might come home soon. ;-)02:03
Simirawrong address? Nonnegata or Holtegata?02:04
Mithrandirthey thought I lived in Holtegaten still.02:05
Simiraahrg... phonesupport....02:05
Simirahow can I step forward in the queue when I'm first...?02:07
seb128do we do sync automatically for <n>build1 versions?02:07
pitti(that's the whole point)02:08
seb128so /me wonders why easytag 1.99.7-1build2 is not updated02:08
seb128debian has 1.99.8 for some weeks02:09
seb128and I've updated to 1.99.9 yesterday02:09
=== zoe__ [n=zoe@p6225-ipad303osakakita.osaka.ocn.ne.jp] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandiriz gtk bug?02:10
seb128Mithrandir: no, it starts with a "e" :p02:12
mvoelmo: please sync debianutils (override ok)02:12
Mithrandirseb128: zpeling iz hard. ;-P02:15
seb128elmo: please sync gazpacho02:17
seb128slomo_: around?02:19
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sivanghmm, there is some kind of a problem with the web site02:22
sivangevery link I click gives me "Site Error"02:22
=== carlos [n=carlos@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangah, it's only some of them now02:26
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Nafallosomeone else experience problems with gksudo on an up-to-date dapper?02:29
seb128not me02:30
dholbachme neither02:30
Nafallonone of you guys is on amd64, right?02:31
dholbachi am02:31
NafalloI have to kill sudo to be able to use X again02:31
NafalloI'll try rebooting, brb02:33
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Mithrandirelmo: can you please sync icu or NEW the binaries?  It seems to be needed for the newer boost.02:37
Nafallonafallo@darkelf:~ $ gksudo echo echo02:38
Nafallosegfault! joy :-P.02:39
Nafalloafter killing a process like this one to make gksudo not steal my keyboard:02:40
Nafallo/usr/bin/sudo -S -p GNOME_SUDO_PASS -v02:40
seb128does sudo work?02:41
seb128ask mvo, he did the syncs02:42
NafalloI kill sudo, which makes gksudo continue and launch stuff with privilegies ;-)02:42
NafalloI'll do :-)02:42
Nafallomvo: ping ^ :-)02:42
mvoNafallo: gksudo fails for you?02:51
Nafalloand it executes things when I kill sudo :-P02:52
=== otavio [n=otavio@unaffiliated/otavio] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvoNafallo: hm, I suspect the build-dep for libgksu1.2 is not strong enough, let me check it02:53
Nafallooki :-)02:53
mvoNafallo: right, it seems like libgksu1.2 already got updated, but gksu is waiting for the libgksuui1.0 sync02:56
mvoNafallo: that makes gksu fail apparently02:56
Nafallothat means I should test it I guess? :-)02:57
mvoNafallo: hm, not a lot to test until libgksuui is updated :)02:59
Nafalloor rather, I'll try it :-)02:59
Nafallobuilding debians libgksuui locally and then update gksu :-)02:59
mvoNafallo: yes, that should work. take the gksu from dapper, it's already (as source) in the archive03:00
Nafallowas just about to ask :-)03:00
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Dizietpref("font.default.ar", "sans-serif");03:28
Dizietpref("font.default.el", "serif");03:28
Dizietetc.   ???03:28
dholbachsetting default fonts for certain locales?03:29
DizietYes.  But why serif for some and sans for others ?03:29
dholbachmaybe certain font sets don't contain the appropriate letters? *shrug*03:30
dholbachor look prettier :)03:30
=== calc [n=ccheney@ip70-185-4-246.ma.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamion_seb128: gdm (and probably others) need to be changed to depend on the new libgsf, if you didn't know already03:34
=== OculusAquilae [n=bastian@p548D1EEA.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
DizietSo, now we have the shiny new feature specs mechanism and everything, supposing I read a spec and want to comment to say `you have forgotten X, which you ought to deal with in way W if you care' ?03:37
DizietBothering the Assignee or Drafter on IRC seems the wrong answer.03:38
DizietAm I allowed to go and add witter to the end of the wiki ?03:38
Mithrandirjust add a comment at the end of the spec03:38
Kamion_if it's cleanly separated (e.g. "== Comments =="), it's fine to add stuff03:39
Mithrandiror hassle the assignee on IRC, I'd say, depending on if you think it'll generate a discussion or not.03:39
MithrandirKamion_: ah, I was just looking for you.  What's a good way to test cloop-utils?03:39
Kamion_usually a good idea to tell the assignee that you've done so since many of us don't subscribe to all the relevant wiki pages03:39
mdkeyou can create a subpage of the spec called "talk" or "comments" and link it from the main page03:39
mdkeif you don't want to comment on the page itself03:39
KamionMithrandir: create_compressed_fs is what the buildds use to build the live filesystem, but I don't really know much about it03:40
MithrandirKamion: it seems to build, and it looks mostly ok, so... I could just upload it and have you or infty yell at me when it blows up.03:41
sivangwe should have some sort of emailing events for the spec tracker..03:41
sivanghey Diziet 03:41
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=== carlos [n=carlos@] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
Dizietsivang: Hello.  How're things ?03:42
=== pitti [n=pitti@ubuntu/member/pitti] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KamionMithrandir: that's one usual technique ;)03:42
MithrandirKamion: and it's because it's used for the generation of compressed fs-es I'm a bit wary of just doing "merge, upload, run away"03:42
sivangDiziet: pretty good, thanks.03:43
Mithrandirbut heck, it's still early in the cycle.  What could _possibly_ go wrong?03:43
Kamion      create_compressed_fs $IMGNAME $COMP > livecd.${FS}.cloop-${fsbs}03:43
KamionMithrandir: ^-- that's the livecd invocation03:43
Nafallofamous last words :-)03:43
Kamion$IMGNAME having been attached by losetup shortly before03:44
Mithrandirit didn't segfault, uploading. :-)03:44
Kamion(well, you probably want to *detach* too)03:45
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=== trulux [n=lorenzo@unaffiliated/trulux] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Diziet comments on NetworkMagic re non-libc readers of resolv.conf.
=== lionel_ [n=lionel@ABordeaux-152-1-6-67.w82-125.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== tkup [n=tkup@w-mob101-128-62-85-237.public.utexas.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
DizietNo, just my house network.  xenophobe is the firewall (I'm going to get rid of NAT RSN honest ...)03:52
DizietOops, leaking.03:52
=== lamont [n=lamont@c-24-6-161-44.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@213-202-173-92.bas504.dsl.esat.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionelmo: please sync debianutils03:59
Kamion(ok to override)03:59
=== mpt [n=mpt@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionoh, er, never mind, mvo already requested that03:59
Nafallomvo: works now :-). gnome-python-extras, gnome-system-monitor and gnome-volume-manager had to be rebuilt to get libgksuui1.0-1 in :-)04:02
Nafallomvo: thanks.04:04
mvoNafallo: thanks for testing04:08
mvoKamion: are you back? did you had a good trip?04:09
=== infowolfe [n=infowolf@unaffiliated/infowolfe] has left #ubuntu-devel []
Kamionmvo: still in the hotel, going sightseeing this morning04:10
mvoKamion: have fun then :)04:11
Mithrandirelmo: please sync tspc from unstable, overriding ubuntu changes is ok.04:11
=== Mithrandir kicks bugzilla
=== Simira kickes Mithrandir in direction of the station
=== Kamion raises his eyebrows at Keybuk^WMithrandir
SimiraMithrandir: I'm heading off now04:12
MithrandirSimira: ok, see you in a bit, then.04:12
MithrandirKamion: yeah, I suck at updating the changelog. :-/04:13
=== neuralis [n=ike@hagen.kdb.hr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirelmo: please sync upx-ucl-beta from unstable, overriding Ubuntu changes is ok.04:16
MithrandirKamion: I should probably put a dch --release into the command line.04:16
=== lamont kicks aptitude
lamontaptitude, rpm, and xrdb are main packages that build-depend universe binaries.04:20
smurffreeflying: ?04:22
freeflyingI have sent you a mail04:23
freeflyingsmurf: I'm a chinese ubuntu user04:23
janimoKamion, for starting to build xubuntu dapper dailies where should the seeds be published?04:23
=== jbailey [n=jbailey@modemcable139.249-203-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
freeflyingsmur: have you know our site for ubuntu04:24
mdkefreeflying, go to #ubuntu-locoteams04:29
Kamionjanimo: up to you04:32
smurfmdke: actually, no -- <freeflying> smurf: we have a spec for support CJK user betrter04:32
janimoKamipon, I asked since I assume you run the builds. So any public http will do for you?04:32
Kamionjanimo: (I did say before that you'd have to find another system to build xubuntu dailies on, didn't I? I can help with setting that up, although not this week)04:33
mdkesmurf, :) i thought it was a website thing04:33
janimoKamion, for breezy yes04:33
janimofor dapper too?04:33
Kamionjanimo: I said before that cdimage is maxed out04:33
Kamionfor dapper, we'll see, but I don't want to commit cdimage to it right now04:33
Kamionxubuntu still requires universe, doesn't it?04:33
janimowell for dapper only as I stated in the original question to you04:33
Kamionyes, I understood that04:34
janimothat's another question yes, should I work on a mainpromotion spec for xfce &c o?04:34
janimoright now it universe mostly04:34
slomo_seb128: here i am ;)04:34
Kamionit's not a separate question, because cdimage only builds from main (and I have various reasons for not wanting to change that)04:34
janimoit's a separate question but same answer :)04:35
janimoI did not know that04:35
Kamionyes, main promotion would be good to arrange if you think your team can commit to long-term support for it04:35
janimoxfce has had no security issues in years04:35
=== Hirion [n=Hirion@p5487F7EE.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
\shjanimo: don't say this lighthearted....3 years is a hell a lot of time04:36
janimo\sh, that was even the 3.x series which got rewritten since so no sec issues then at all :)04:36
Kamionhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuMainInclusionRequirements, anyway04:37
\shjanimo: think about this...it will be the first release of xubuntu and already the first release has to be supported for 3 years....which is not easy04:37
Kamionjanimo: also, at present, any extra builds running on cdimage involve a certain amount of care and feeding by me04:38
janimoI started on xfce main inclusion stuff a whle ago04:38
\shanyways..I have to go....later babes04:38
Kamionjanimo: my workload is insane, and I'd rather any extra CD builds ran outside cdimage.ubuntu.com until Launchpad CD building exists and can take some of that workload off me04:38
janimoKamion, is the system going to be more automated in the future? I assume it is hard enough already with kubuntu and edu04:38
Kamionin the future, yes04:39
janimoin dapper timeframe?04:39
janimoI am in no hurry just want to be prepared when/if you are04:39
KamionI mean obviously it's already pretty automated, but I have to fix bugs in CD generation and stuff04:39
Kamionunlikely to be in dapper timeframe04:39
janimoany docs on how I can reproduce what you do locally?04:40
KamionI can give you instructions next week04:40
janimothanks that will be great04:40
Kamiontoday I'm busy sightseeing, packing, and travelling, as soon as I get round to leaving04:40
janimosure np, as I said no hurry, just preparing and planning04:41
janimooh and enjoy your sightseeing :)04:42
smurffreeflying: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/input-methods -- subscribing to that spec and talking to the people mentioned on that page should be a good first step04:43
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ogralamont, around ?04:58
=== mpt [n=mpt@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lbm [n=lbm@x1-6-00-13-10-7a-d1-e4.k233.webspeed.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontogra: yes05:12
ogralamont, could you remove or kick gcompris ? 05:13
ogra(if you can remove all except orig.tar.gz that would be preferred, else i'll wait until the current version built)05:14
lamontogra: I have no archive modification rights05:15
=== Dantis [n=danten@h27n12c1o1049.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #Ubuntu-devel
lamontI can make gcompris try to build somewhere, but that's about it05:15
ograok, then just kick it 05:15
ograthats fine with me...05:15
=== jwsh [n=jwsh@c-65-96-209-153.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mdz [n=mdz@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Robot101anyone know any bug in breezy's xorg with the i810 driver where totem starting up (initialising xvideo?) causes the X server to crash, and then continue crashing every time you start it subsequently until rebooting?05:20
=== ogra grumbles at bootchart.... doesnt work with LTSP :(
=== jsz [n=diego@59.Red-80-36-85.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
highvoltagewhen i install it, it complains that my initrd has changed and it cannot install.05:26
ograhighvoltage, you wont gain anything *if* you install it...05:26
highvoltageogra: doesn't it work with the main ubuntu installation, or doesn't it work in the ltsp environment?05:26
=== jsz [n=diego@59.Red-80-36-85.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== poningru [n=poningru@n128-227-34-120.xlate.ufl.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ogra /var/log becomes r/w too late in the bootprocess05:27
highvoltageogra: really? i was promised i will get screenshots of my boot process in a folder in /var!05:27
jsgotangcoogra: what does it do? creates a chart of the boot process?05:27
jsgotangcospeeds it up?05:27
ograin /var/log/bootsplash05:27
highvoltagewell, i'll have more and more time over the next few weeks. I want to help test things if it's needed.05:27
ograit gives you only a chart of the sigle procs and their time footprint05:27
highvoltagethen again, my ubuntu is a bit far customised on this laptop, perhaps my charts will be a bit skew.05:28
=== calc [n=ccheney@ip70-185-4-246.ma.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograi'll check if it word with /tmp as target folder, but we'll need to start it later in the bootprocess for sure, so the measuring wont include the initramfs...05:28
ograit works fine on a normal ubuntu/edubuntu ...05:30
ograhighvoltage, try: dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-`uname -r` if the update-initramfs doesnt work05:30
lamonthrm... looks like openssl needs a merging.05:35
=== robitaille [n=robitail@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== _jsg [n=jsg@ipdial-174-130.tri-isys.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
infinitylamont : pitti is already doing openssl stuff, Colin and I had asked him to hold off for a day or two before uploading.05:57
lamontI wasn't planning to do it, just grumbling about it...:0)05:58
lamontI'm fixing kdepim instead.05:58
slomo_hm, will we get debhelper >= 5 soon?06:02
=== lamont wanders off for a bit
=== Znarl [n=karl@bb-82-108-14-161.ukonline.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== spayne|laptop [n=Seb@i-195-137-120-148.freedom2surf.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== gypsymauro [n=ma@host149-59.pool8258.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
gypsymauroI've created an iso apt-cdrom addable with the full italian localization, acrobat reader, skype, realplayer, some games and educational software (600 MB of iso) but I've not a place where to publish it.. it's possible on ubuntu servers or somewhere else?06:28
=== LaserJock [n=LaserJoc@adsl-69-104-122-105.dsl.renocs.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdkedoes Ubuntu have a default mail server?06:32
mdkei mean, is one mail server preferred over another?06:32
BenCI only show one MX record for ubuntu.com06:33
mdkei mean, in terms of software shipping with the distribution06:33
mdkei remember postfix used to be in -base06:34
BenCpostfix is default, I believe06:34
mdkebut now it isn't06:34
ompaulmdke, there is no live one on 5.10 - afik more people are using postfix 06:34
ompaulmdke, check the server version 06:35
mdkei ask in terms of preparing some documentation for dapper06:35
ompaulit may have one in there - but I guess it will have both sendmail and postfix06:35
mdkeshould we prefer a specific piece of software for a mail server, or just pick one we like?06:35
ompaulthere is no default mta you have to get one 06:35
ompaulpostfix is easier for a new user06:35
ompaulsendmail.cf is something I never got to grips with - I have used postfix for as long as it has been an option06:36
mdkeso all the major ones are fully supported, no single one is preferred over others basically?06:36
ompaullet me look at what is in the repos06:36
mdkeexim4 is in universe06:37
mdkepostfix is in main06:37
ompauland sendmail is in universe06:37
ompaulthat says something :-)06:37
mdkeok that kinda answers my question06:37
=== hunger [n=hunger@p54A6232C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdkethanks ompaul 06:39
ompaulmdke, what did I do :-)06:39
=== LaserJock [n=LaserJoc@adsl-69-104-122-105.dsl.renocs.pacbell.net] has left #ubuntu-devel []
mdkehey you helped out06:39
Nafallopostfix is preferred :-)06:39
lamontmdke: postfix is no longer part of the standard install, but it is the default MTA if you install something that wants an MTA06:40
mdkelamont, thanks. is it in ubuntu-server by default?06:40
ompaulmdke,  only if your doing a mail server 06:40
lamontmdke: doubtful06:40
mdkeis there a list of packages on that cd?06:40
lamontpolicy says that you don't ask questions unless grandma will know the answers06:41
lamontand when you install an MTA, you really need some admin-grade answers.06:41
lamontthat's why we dropped it.06:41
mdkefair enough06:41
lamontgrandma doesn't need an MTA06:41
mdkehopefully gran will be able to read our server guide if she wants an MTA06:41
=== Kinnison grins
lamontI'm 90% certain that postfix is on the server ISO, but haven't actually checked.06:41
=== dredg [n=nsherida@216-239-45-4.google.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontKinnison: you highlight on 'grandma'??06:42
Nafallopostfix is in ubuntu-ship, no?06:42
Kinnisonlamont: You don't?06:42
mdkewhat is ubuntu-ship?06:42
Nafallothen it should definatly be in ubuntu-server I belive :-)06:42
lamontmdke: it's the seed that generates what goes on the iso06:43
lamontship: * postfix             # LaMontJones; our chosen mail server06:43
mdkeyou have a WikiName in real life?06:43
Nafallowow. lamont is our mail server :-)06:44
mdkeok anyhow my question has been well and truly answered06:44
mdkethanks all06:44
lamontNafallo: _chosen_ mail server, puhleease.06:44
=== mdke goes to see if ubuntu-desktop is installable on dapper
lamontand the remaining postfix binary debs are in server-seed, which puts them on the server iso.  doc and dev are just in supported.06:45
lamontmdke: wasn't as of last night06:45
mdkenor of this morning...06:45
lamontwell, as of 0615 data-center-time06:45
=== pablof [n=ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Nafalloehm? UTC? :-P06:47
ompaulmdke, on the server iso there is a directory /doc/install/manual/en 06:47
mdkeompaul, i'll see if I can download the iso06:48
mdkeooh so close to installing ubuntu-deskotp06:48
mdkejust nautilus and gdm06:49
Nafallowill be more after the syncs are done ;-)06:49
mdkeoh well06:49
=== mdke wanders off
ompaulmdke, http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/ubuntu-server/5.10/  << may be a useful url for that06:50
=== zul [n=chuck@ubuntu/member/zul] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dilingerwhat does it mean when a bugzilla bug is assigned to debzilla@ubuntu06:54
dholbachor a bug that was imported from debian06:55
dilingerok, thanks06:55
dilingerare there people triaging unassigned bugs?06:56
dilingeror should i figure out who to assign it to? :)06:56
=== herzi [n=herzi@d124138.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachwe have bug days quite irregularly :/06:58
dholbachbut matt is assign-o-matic :)06:58
dilingeri would think they'd be quite important, as they affect hoary->breezy upgrades :/07:00
=== LaserJock [n=LaserJoc@adsl-69-104-122-105.dsl.renocs.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
LaserJockhmm, I can't get dapper-live-i386.iso to burn07:05
LaserJockmd5sum checks  out, it just fails <50% done07:06
=== jlj [n=agp@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== mgalvin [n=mgalvin@cpe-69-205-47-165.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachelmo: could you please sync freetype from sid? ok to override ubuntu changes07:26
=== Danten [n=danten@h27n12c1o1049.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #Ubuntu-devel
=== susus [n=sz@p5089CD03.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
slomo_infinity: be happy :P we can have a new haskell-cabal from debian... should be fine this time but depends on ghc6 << 6.4... shall i sync it or just ignore?07:31
DizietOn dapper, will `gcc' be gcc-4.0 ?07:32
slomo_Diziet: it was 4.0 for breezy already07:32
=== tvo [n=tobi@5354EA9B.cable.casema.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
DizietOh, so it is !07:32
=== carstenh [n=carstenh@p54A6220D.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
DizietBreezy's firefox has a patch to set CC=gcc-4.0 in some of the makefiles.  More the fool me for assuming stuff in the breezy patches was actually needed.07:33
=== anavim [n=adamw@nat1.supportsoft.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Maskie [n=Marius@c1-48-13.wblv.isadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Dizietvanishing exceptions--  #  try { setOKAction(); } catch (exception) { /* keep it set to "OK" */ }07:48
dholbachelmo: please sync netpbm-free from sid, ok to override martin's changes07:49
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== zyga [n=zyga@2-mi2-1.acn.waw.pl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128Kamion: will do the changes for libgsf, thanks08:04
slomo_seb128: ping08:04
seb128slomo_: pong08:04
slomo_seb128: ;) you asked me 8 hours ago if i'm there... is it still relevant? ;)08:04
seb128slomo_: probably not08:05
slomo_seb128: ok :)08:06
slomo_seb128: i talked with lool today about getting wavpack in debian... the only issue now seems to be unknown patent situation... nobody seems to know if there are patents on it or not, even the author doesn't...08:07
DizietWahey!  I found a useful patch in our Firefox which _isn't_ in 1.5 beta !08:09
=== _thierry [n=thierry@modemcable002.65-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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slomoelmo: please sync gv, gtksoureview-sharp, gtksourceview-sharp2, seahorse from debian/unstable and avahi from debian/experimental... ubuntu changes can be dropped for all08:29
_thierryseb128 : just added the patch for malone bug #3941, if you want to apply it...08:39
=== arc_ [n=arc@203.Red-217-126-206.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Terminando]
slomoelmo: thanks :)08:47
=== janimo [n=jani@Home03207.cluj.astral.ro] has left #ubuntu-devel []
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mvoMithrandir: around?09:11
=== pitti [n=pitti@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
slomoelmo: please sync dnspython from debian/unstable09:23
Chipzzhmm nm that09:29
=== doko [n=doko@dslb-084-059-081-212.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== zeedo [n=zeedo@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachgood night09:40
pittinight dholbach 09:40
pittidholbach: see you in .de :)09:40
dholbachyou visit me? :)09:40
mvoinfinity: could you please kick the gksu build? the dependencies should now be available09:40
pitti99.5% of the way09:41
dholbachhaha :)09:41
dholbachright... see you then :)09:41
pittidholbach: but I will certainly haunt you at some day09:41
dholbachbe sure to do that :)09:41
=== blueyed [n=daniel@pdpc/supporter/active/blueyed] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== bmonty [n=bmontgom@wsip-68-15-230-31.om.om.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
LaserJockDiziet: ping?09:49
=== tashiro [n=stephan@p213.54.197.98.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Keybuk [n=scott@modemcable139.249-203-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
NafalloKeybuk: hi! care to sponsor an upload? :-)10:05
KeybukNafallo: hmm?  what is it?10:06
Nafalloadded libxext-dev as build-dep :-)10:07
KeybukI don't think I've ever used that ...10:09
NafalloI just fixed it cause kismet needs it ;-)10:09
=== poningru [n=poningru@pool-68-238-172-88.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Nafallo(libmagick9-dev that is)10:10
slomooh, it's really the 9-one... i need it too ;)10:10
Nafallo... and the pressure builds up ;-)10:11
tashirodoko: I'm really sorry about what happened. I hope that you weren't offended by me or man-di. And if yes, then please accept my apologies. This was just a slip-up and some misunderstandings.10:17
NafalloKeybuk: so. do I have a sponsor? :-)10:21
KeybukNafallo: I'm not going to be home until Tuesday, so you'd have a long wait10:22
NafalloKeybuk: ah. I'll see if I can find someone else then :-)10:23
slomooh no... pitti wanted to merge openssl and now he's gone and i need it :(10:26
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@213-202-173-92.bas504.dsl.esat.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
slomoinfinity, lamont-away: please give-back gtksourceview-sharp, gtksourceview-sharp2 and seahorse10:36
=== henriquemaia [n=henrique@cb-217-129-168-181.netvisao.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== _thierry_away [n=thierry@modemcable002.65-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Konversation]
=== zyga [n=zyga@2-mi2-1.acn.waw.pl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zygahello even10:48
slomoKamion: can you look at openssl and get this synced? pitti has already written in the corresponding bugreport that it can be safely synced... i need it for another package :/10:56
=== camilotelles [n=Camilo@20132194128.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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Nafalloelmo: please sync kazehakase from unstable (ubuntu override okey)11:14
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dilingergrr.  galeon in breezy crashes a lot :/11:22
HiddenWolfdilinger, isn't galeon dead?11:24
tsengHiddenWolf: long term, maybe11:24
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dilingeri just need to write my own browser, that's all11:25
HiddenWolfdilinger, fix epiphany so we can all ditch firefox. ;)11:25
dilingeri don't consider epiphany to be fixable11:30
wasabi_what's wrong with it?11:30
wasabi_i love it. ;)11:30
dilingerthe emacs keybinding stuff is the first thing that comes to mind11:31
slomoelmo: please sync gmime2.1 from debian/unstable... ubuntu changes can be dropped11:31
tsengslomo: they can?11:31
tsengslomo: i thought you just said the b-d was still messed up11:32
slomotseng: they can... did you look at what we've changed? only cosmetical changes to build-depends and updated to upstream11:32
slomotseng: they are... but it doesn't break the package... it only pulls in too many packages which are not needed11:33
tsengworks for me.11:33
tsenglets lart someone11:33
tsengwith cli policy11:34
slomoyes... will you do it or shall i? ;)11:34
tsengprobably should be a bug11:34
=== tseng works on that
tsengcan i file a bug against a source package?11:36
NafalloSimira: yay! :-)11:36
tsengPackage: gmime2.111:36
=== tseng hates debugs
NafalloSimira: btw, signatures? :-)11:37
slomotseng: sure... but the debian bts i annoying ;)11:37
slomothey need some kind of webinterface to fill bugs11:37
\shsimira: rock11:37
tsengslomo: er11:39
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tsengslomo: the latest only depends on cli-common and mono-mcs11:39
tsengslomo: http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/g/gmime2.1/gmime2.1_2.1.17-2.diff.gz11:40
tsengslomo: am i missing something?11:40
slomoBuild-Depends: debhelper (>> 3.0.0), libglib2.0-dev, gtk-doc-tools, autotools-dev, docbook-utils, zlib1g-dev, cli-common [i386 powerpc amd64 ia64] , mono-mcs [i386 powerpc amd64 ia64] , mono-gac [i386 powerpc amd64 ia64] , libgtk2.0-cil [i386 powerpc amd64 ia64] , gtk-sharp2-gapi [i386 powerpc amd64 ia64] 11:40
slomoStandards-Version: 3.6.211:40
tsengwe are not looking at the same package I think11:40
tsenglook at my link11:41
tsengoh im a tool11:41
tsengfirefox doesnt break lines11:41
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tsengits scrolled way off to the side11:41
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SimiraNafallo: mission complete11:56
mdkenice photos11:56
NafalloSimira: yay! gothcat to? :-)11:57
mdkemaybe someone has said this before, but \sh must be the most laid back guy ever11:57
mdkegoing by the photos :)11:57
tsengmdke: prost!11:57
mdkebless you11:57
SimiraNafallo: yup11:57
=== jdub wonders why osdir did a screenshot tour of dapper now
NafalloSimira: *hugs* :-)11:58
tsengjdub: have they screenshot toured FreeDOS yet?11:58
\shmdke: WH12:00
mdke\sh, the shades, they are so cool12:00
=== \sh is drunk ever
mdkeand you always seem to be wearing them in the photos i've seen12:00
\shthanks to ogra12:00
\shand carnival12:00
=== Nafallo tries to run gpg -L 509CBA71 ;-)
\shjdub: not only your luggage as exrtreme hazard alike12:01
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sistpotyelmo: please sync hmake (3.10-1) from debian unstable, ubuntu override ok12:02

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