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Madpilothi jsgotangco04:04
Madpilotfollowing the latest goofiness on the forum?04:04
jsgotangcowiki stuff04:20
=== jsgotangco just watches and enjoys the view
jsgotangcoi'll look at it again later04:21
jsgotangcomaybe something constructive will happen or maybe not04:21
jsgotangcofoss is hard04:21
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Angelhello from venezuela05:08
AngelIam a recently new user of ubuntu05:09
AngelI say hello05:09
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Kinnisonnight all07:33
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=== Burgundavia saddened by the KDE/GNOME spat fest over the Novell decisions and the GAIM issue that appeared today
highvoltageBurgundavia: what's that?07:43
Burgundaviahighvoltage, you read planet.g and planet.k?07:43
highvoltagesometimes, let me check now...07:43
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rob1anyone know much about xmllint?07:45
BurgundaviaI have heard it is great for toejam...07:45
rob1my xincludes all work fine when building with xsltproc, but xmllint complains when I try to vaildate individual documents07:46
highvoltagegeepers. people seem to be getting more tense.07:47
rob1I'm pretty sure I'm suppose to tell xmllint something, but what I'm not sure..07:47
highvoltageBurgundavia: could you add the edubuntu-doc team to the ubuntu doc team on launchpad?07:47
Burgundaviahighvoltage, hmm, I think I can figure out how to do taht07:48
Burgundaviawith LP I just need to click on enough things enough times and it happens07:48
Burgundaviahighvoltage, I think you have to propose the team to be a member of ubuntu-doc so I can approve it07:51
highvoltagehehe! you figured that out too?07:51
highvoltageok, i'll try that.07:51
Burgundaviawe had some good discussions at ubz about LP and some of the annoying bugs07:51
Burgundaviasadly no forward movement, but I missed the LP stuff which wraps up today or tomorrow07:52
highvoltagei think once they've gotten the dapper ball moving, there will be some more focus on launchpad.07:52
highvoltagei think jordi has been away too?07:52
Burgundaviathe main blocker is da big boss, from what I understand07:53
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highvoltageBurgundavia: i just did it the other way rount (added ubuntu-doc to edubuntu-doc)07:54
highvoltagei'll remove it now.07:54
Burgundaviahow did you do that?07:54
highvoltagewhat you do is, click on add member, and then just type edubuntu-doc as the member name.07:55
Burgundaviahmm, I don't get that07:56
Burgundaviaoh, wait, bloody hell07:57
highvoltagehehe :) more launchpad ui-bugginess.07:58
highvoltagewe're just going to get used to how it works then they're going to fix it.07:58
highvoltageah, thanks.07:58
Burgundaviaif you file bugs on it, they usually get answered07:59
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rob1hi mdke 01:24
rob1grr @ olinks01:25
rob1I got them working, except one I just did refuses to play ball01:26
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rob1man #docbook is going off..01:49
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jjessedid i try and close that bug wrong?03:13
mdkejjesse, which bug?03:16
jjessethe one about backports being up?03:16
mdkeyou mean 18761?03:16
mdkeor 1795503:16
jjesseyeah, the desktop guide is accurate as far as i can see according to the announcement03:16
mdkethe point is that we will need to fix the bug for dapper03:17
mdkeby documenting that backports will not be ready immediately03:17
mdkefollow me?03:18
jjesseah i understand now03:19
jjessei thought that since it was accurate now I would cloes the bug i reported :)03:19
mdkehaving fun rob1 ?03:31
jjesserob1: did you have to change your username from rob~ or something like that03:33
rob1mdke, yeah heh03:40
rob1jjesse, so I could get the hostmask03:40
rob1otherwise I would have to have -caret appended to it03:40
rob1I've got some of the olinks working in the desktop guide, there is one that refuses to work though03:41
rob1I have no idea why03:42
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mdkehello there SteveMyers 04:14
SteveMyersWho's this?04:23
mdkemy name is matt04:26
rob1good night04:29
mdkenight rob1 04:29
jjessenight rob1 04:30
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SteveMyerssorry for the late reply back05:01
SteveMyersMatthew East..Matthew Galvin?05:01
SteveMyersMatt Galvin*05:02
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mdkeSteveMyers, I am Matthew East (you can see who people are by doing the command /whois nickname)05:08
SteveMyersah ok ty :)05:08
jsgotangcomdke: i'd like to have a commit account for bhuvan that ok with you?05:09
jsgotangcomdke: also i'd like to propose that all those with commit accounts in our svn sign the coc in lp05:10
jsgotangcomost importantly if they're already a member of the team05:10
mdkejsgotangco, i approve of giving him access, but we need to work out how we're going to deal with it. I would suggest dealing with new members at team meetings05:10
mdke+1 on the coc05:11
jsgotangcomdke: right, we can discuss that next week, anyways, bhuvan has earned the right so it'll be a breeze for him05:11
jsgotangcodon't how how it applies to the wiki team though05:12
=== jsgotangco just finished his 1st week at new work
mdkejsgotangco, absolutely, he is a good new addition05:14
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jjessei vote for bhuvan to have comitt as well :)05:35
jjesseand +1 for the CoC05:35
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jsgotangcowould it be too harsh if i deactivate those in lp who don't sign the coc in the near future? I'd assume not signing the coc upon request would mean 1) no interest contributing anymore 2) no  interest in such...05:38
mdkedeactivating someone is no big deal right now, because no perms attach05:45
highvoltageit would be cool if the team owner could specify a deadline for that.05:46
highvoltagei think two weeks or so would be very reasonable.05:46
highvoltagealthough, many people have problems understanding gpg keys, etc. on the otherhand, there are millions of monkeys that can help on IRC.05:46
highvoltageam I just blabbering again.05:46
=== highvoltage gets back to work
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bhuvani'm making additions to admin guide. any preferred mail server 06:26
bhuvani'm planning to mention about exim4 because it's simple and easy to maintain06:26
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mdkeplease, not admin guide, server guide :)06:27
bhuvanno, i meant admin guide06:27
mdkethe admin guide is not being developed06:28
bhuvanas server guide spec is not finalized, i'm contributing to incomplete admin guide06:28
mdkeit is kinda redundant now we are working on the desktop guide and server guide06:28
bhuvanok, we may ditch admin guide ?06:28
mdkei don't think we will want to release the admin guide with dapper06:28
mdkeit will cause confusion06:28
bhuvantrue, i'll move it off to server guide then06:29
mdkebhuvan, about your question, does ubuntu have a default mail server? isn't it postfix?06:30
mdkeif not, use your judgment and go with whichever you think is better06:30
bhuvancool. not sure whether it's postfix/exim4. i can check06:31
mdkeask in -devel06:31
=== mdke akss
bhuvanbut when we speak about server guide, we need not necessarily strick to default services, right ?06:31
mdkebhuvan, no, i don't think we have to. You can document more than one mail server if you have time ;)06:32
mdkebhuvan, the general message seems to be that postfix is kinda the default, because it was seeded in previous ubuntu releases06:34
mdkebhuvan, perhaps we should avoid exim4 because it is in universe afaics06:37
mdkepostfix is in main06:37
mdkesendmail is in universe06:38
mdkei think we should try and stick to main for the server guide if we can06:38
bhuvanyeah, correct06:38
mdkeis postfix included in ubuntu-server?06:38
bhuvannot sure. but it's mentioned mail server is included in ubuntu-server announce email. so probably it must be postfix06:50
bhuvangood night06:57
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LaserJockmdke: pint?07:26
LaserJockping rather07:26
Madpilot"pint" sounds more interesting :P07:27
LaserJocklol, yeah07:27
jjessetoo bad it isn't time for a pint07:41
LaserJockhave you guys seen https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperDocumentation ?07:52
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LaserJockmdke_: I need to talk to you, got a minute?08:18
mdke_LaserJock, shoot09:17
LaserJockmdke_: I was talking to dholbach and he pointed out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperDocumentation09:19
LaserJockI was going to work on Ubuntu Packaging Guide, but I'm not sure if that would be a duplication of work09:19
mdkeLaserJock, i don't know. I heard the packaging guide was already written09:20
mdkewho is working on that spec?09:20
LaserJockmdke: well, I don't know. Unfgiven was supposed to send either me or you guys his work but I haven't heard from him for a while09:20
mdkeperhaps contact the assignee of the spec?09:21
LaserJockmdke: not sure about the spec09:21
mdkewhat do you mean?09:21
LaserJockwho is working on it09:21
mdkewell look at the spec09:22
LaserJockok, so Ian Jackson is the assignee09:22
mdkeDiziet is working on it09:22
LaserJockthe only problem is that the spec says that they are basicly going to replace all references of Debian with Ubuntu in the Debian Developer Reference09:24
LaserJockI'm not sure if that is the only documentation we want, but I don't know09:24
mdkeperhaps you can discuss it with Ian09:25
LaserJockmdke: have you seen the packaging guide that Unfgiven did?09:31
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mdkeLaserJock, no09:33
mdkeLaserJock, if one is written already, definitely show it to ian so that whoever works on that spec doesn't have to duplicate work09:34
LaserJockmdke: that's the problem, I've never seen it so I don't even know what info its got09:39
mdkebest get in touch with him then too :)09:41
LaserJockwell, I have emailed him and he said that he would have it soon, but I haven't heard from him for a while09:46
LaserJockand he has been ~8 days idle on irc09:46
mdkei don't think I can help much09:55
LaserJockI think mostly dholbach wanted you guys to be aware of  the DeveloperDocumentation spec09:57
LaserJockI was unsure of what I should do09:58
LaserJockI think I will talk to Diziet and see if I can help there and wait to see what Unfrgiven has, and in the mean time I am working on MOTU wiki so I will have plenty to do09:59
mdkecool, good plan09:59
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LaserJockwhat is CategoryCleanup ?10:35
Madpilotstuff that needs cleaning up10:35
LaserJockin what way?10:35
Madpilotvarious things10:36
Madpilotsometimes just editing - grammar, formatting, typo hunting10:36
LaserJockok, so kind of a general wiki todo list?10:36
Madpilotsometimes needs complete re-writing10:36
Madpilotsome of the stuff in Cleanup does not follow Ubuntu's best practices, ie encouraging sudo & GUI tools, that sort of thing10:36
Madpilotgot to go - LaserJock, if you've got questions about CatCleanup, you can ask on the mailing list if there's no-one here10:39
LaserJockk, thanks10:39
mdkerob1, around/awake?11:31
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