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SteveAhi jblack 01:01
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RobertC_did the production issue get fixed ?03:29
jblackRobertC?? 03:31
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lifelessjblack: thats my windows xchat client06:20
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highvoltagehi. a local open source news service wants to ask me some questions about the Afrikaans translations on Rosetta.07:47
highvoltagewhich means that I have some questions too, I'd like to give them as accurate answers as possible.07:47
highvoltageanyone here to answer, or should I try the launchpad mailing list?07:47
lifelessdepends on the latency you want08:08
lifelessme, I'd ask here, then the list :)08:08
highvoltagei just sent to the rosetta-users list.08:11
highvoltagei think that's probably more appropriate than the launchpad one.08:11
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MikeManhows it going?08:43
highvoltagevery good.08:44
MikeManso could you tell me please what is launchpad?08:44
highvoltageMikeMan: i think i'll leave that to someone more qualified to answer. hang around, someone should answer that a bit later.08:46
MikeManok then08:49
MikeManthaks anyway08:49
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kikohey hackers02:56
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sivangyo kiko dude03:28
sivangkiko: back in the oven? :)03:28
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=== Kinnison yawns and stretches
\shmorning Kinnison 03:31
sivanghey Kinnison !03:31
sivangKinnison: back at home?03:31
sivangrehi \sh 03:32
Kinnisonsivang: aye, and busy sorting out house stuff :-)03:32
sivangKinnison: yay, meaning you are getting a new house soon?03:32
jameshKinnison: got home okay?03:36
Kinnisonsivang: I have someone coming to view the house tomorrow03:36
Kinnisonjamesh: aye03:36
=== Kinnison slept for ca 13h last night
Kinnisongod I needed that03:36
jameshI got home about 10 hours ago03:37
sivangjamesh: oh dear, were you connecting throw LHR ?03:38
sivangKinnison: cool03:38
=== BjornT just woke up after a nice 16-hour sleep
sivanglol 03:38
sivanghow was the launchpad week? 03:38
jameshsivang: nope.  Montreal -> NY -> LA -> Sydney -> Perth03:39
\shsivang: they were discussing pornlets for launchpad...and do we actually have rocco like guys as launchpad devs? ;)03:39
sivang\sh: what? :-) not sure I follow03:40
sivangjamesh: man, that's 3 too many connections..03:40
\shsiretart: https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+bug/389803:40
UbugtuMalone bug #3898: Introduce Pornlets in Launchpad Fix req. for: launchpad (upstream), Severity: Critical, Assigned to: Nobody, Status: New http://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/389803:40
\shaeh sivang i mean03:41
sivang\sh: what are Pornlets used for? :)03:46
\shsivang: i think this you have to ask Jordi :)03:48
sivang\sh: hehe, ok I will03:48
jameshsivang: distract the user from the main content area.03:48
sivangjamesh: hehe, so he wold not notice any usability issues....that's also a workaround, and rather quick and good one03:49
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Rock_Diamondi have troble in use dual os05:32
Rock_Diamondwould somebody send me bootmagic program?05:34
Ubugtu(help [<plugin>]  [<command>] ) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.05:35
Ubugtu(help [<plugin>]  [<command>] ) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.05:38
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highvoltagemdz: you there? seems like all of irc is quiet. starting to feel very lonely here.09:06
mdzhighvoltage: I am here, but not for long09:12
highvoltagenp :)09:12
lifelesslots of NOISE09:24
lifelesstoo much signal otherwise.09:24
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